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tv   Chasing News  FOX  June 14, 2016 12:00am-12:31am EDT

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>> now, on chasing news. >> the deadliest terror attack in american soil since 9/11. >> i'm here in new jersey try to learn more about the orlando shooter, omar mateen, the home .. at me is where his ex-wife family lives. >> did he seem close to his faith? >> have no comment. >> i checked in at the lgbtq headquarters, club paradise, my question was if the gay
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community that it was a direct attack on them? >> no matter where you are, who you are, and active you are, and active terrorism can happen at any moment. >> music flowing through the air, incredible concert. it is a ridiculous. were all out for the second annual sunset park puerto rican day parade. they joined us and were in their element. >> many of us were shocked wake up on sunday morning and learn of the deadliest terror attack on american soil since 9/11. forty-nine people perished in a horrific attack in a gay nightclub in orlando, florida. we have team chaser coverage, and i know know everyone has a bit of the story to a and on, from the fbi angle to the local angle. i want to start with diana who is in edison, diana is diana is out in front of the family home of the terrorist
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first wife. >> that's right. i am here in edison, new jersey trying to learn more about the orlando shooter, omar mateen, who carried out the worst mass shooting in u.s. history. the home .. of me is where his ex-wife's a family lives. they used live in new jersey briefly before meeting and marrying mateen in 2008. they then later moved together to florida. they were together only for a few short months before her family discovered the abuse and obsessive control had overheard. >> the abuse allegations, said true? >> yes, that's true. >> that's her brother, confirming the abuse allegations. he and his parents allegations. he and his parents live in this home .. of me in new jersey. i asked him his relationship with his ex- brother-in-law. did he find his former brother-in-law to be close to his islamic faith and did he think his behavior was completely out of character for him? >> not this behavior. but i don't know. >> did he seem close to his
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faith? >> his faith, no comment on that. >> his uncle also speaking with me briefly on sunday, confirming also that this is a very stressful time for the family. >> diana, i understand and also that the first wife is moved on and is engaged to be married again. >> yes, she is engaged in living in colorado. >> she's okay. she has a fiancé in their planning to get married. >> the uncle did say also, we never thought we'll be in the situation, we never thought that's what happened to us. so you have to have sympathy to them. they're just as much victims as the rest of the people that they. >> diana. tamara has more details come out about the dead from this awful terror attack, you are chasing the local angle where there are victims right in our viewing area. >> as we continue to get updates on the victims of the attack in
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orlando, we have learned that several of the victims actually had connections to new york and pennsylvania. authorities have confirmed that henrique, and akira murray were all killed in the attack. what we know about them is that henrique was a 25 euro man from brooklyn, he grew up in williamsburg. he was williamsburg. he was attending nursing school while working as a social worker with the elderly. mercedes, she is 26 years old years old and was born in queens. she moved down to florida when she was a child. she she studied literature at valencia college and had an interest in party planning. and and then there is akira murray. she graduated from west catholic prep high school last week it was his star player on the best vaulting. there's also been one more victim of this, young woman and her name was keisha, she was shot in the leg and she lives in philadelphia. she is also 29. >> it hit so close to home. it's
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one of the eerie things i heard heard coming out of this is when some of the first responders reported that they sounds he could hear as they were cleaning up her cell phones that were ringing of the victims. i don't know if you heard that, it's so horrific. i will tell you this, think you're getting as much sadness and thoughts and prayers as you are getting anger. people saying that we are outreach. this can happen. >> one positive thing that is coming out of this, is that yesterday when is on facebook for example, i got pop up left and right for my friends in florida saying, this person registered safe, facebook has no put in this material where you can go online as a here i am, and safe. so that your family and friends, etc. that we have to do that, but is something coming out of these tragedy. >> allison your chasing the second local connection to this terror attacks. >> marcus duane robinson who allegedly inspired the shooter to carry out this attack was a vicious homophobic rhetoric, he used to be a new york resident was part of the notorious allie bob gain.
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perpetrating bank robberies in the 1990s. robinson was imprisoned for most of the last few years and just recently released and authorities have detained him. i will be looking further into the connection between robertson and the orlando shooter. >> i got the chance to speak with daniel who is a lawyer for marcus duane robinson, and he he said his client never met mateen, the shooter and have no contact with him and mateen was never a student. >> i can categorically say it is natural. >> will have that full interview for you tomorrow and chasing news. >> hank, on the other end of the story people are grieving, members of the community that you caught up with. >> i checked in at new jersey lgbtq headquarters last night, club paradise in asbury park
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just to see what, if anything was going on. the club had a candlelight vigil at nine p.m., here are some of the photos for that for the orlando victims. the mood was understandably somber. >> i just want to give my heartfelt sympathy to the victims and their families and to everyone that has been touched by this terrible tragedy. it goes beyond orlando. >> everyone i spoke with new what had happened. people were talking were talking about it in their own circles in their own ways or not at all. i wondered whether part of my question was whether the gay community figured this was a direct attack on them or the public at large. the point seen moot by the time i got there, it turned out -- >> you hear somethings about what his feelings were, what about the gay lesbian community, but in retrospect, it's a strike against all americans because no matter where you are, no matter who you are, an act of terrorism can happen at any moment. >> as glad as i was to talk to connie and the others about it, came away with more questions than i did answers. all i know is that in my gut,
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this seems like the problem is going to get worse before it gets better. >> you chase down governor christie who had some words to say about this terrorist attack. >> ever since the orlando shooting, there has been a huge division in the country with liberals calling for more action on gun control and conservative saying that this is about isis. about radical islam is him. so to get to the bottom of it i chased it to new jersey and post that question to governor christie. i've caught up with him at his car. >> i just want to ask you to think of the gun control issue or isis? the orlando shooting. >> he did not want to get into this political melee going on right now. but inside this event which was scheduled for business leaders, governor christie was willing to talk a little bit about the tragedy. >> i'm not saying a word, closing her her eyes, pretending that something else, pretending it's not as bad as it is, and making san bernadino go away, it's not going to make orlando
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go away. or the next city where murder is done by terrace. >> he said that people understand the ideology of terrorism. >> there's something about radical islam, the hate women, they hate jews, they hate catholics, and they hate homosexuals. they make that very clear. >> and governor christie said that he is not going to be the type of politician that just talks about the victims and does nothing about it. >> does he give anything specific though in the event? was it just a couple couple of talking points. >> the event was for business leaders and it was just talking about the economy of new jersey and creating jobs in the private sector. he did take time to talk about the tragedy. >> high-speed chase. >> a man from everett, washington was on his way to work on friday morning when he caught a meteor question to the
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sky. luckily he had his gps car camera on and it caught the site they said the meteor did not enter the earth's atmosphere but it made one heck of site. >> recorders were the vein of my elementary school existence. but maybe if they taught us how to do this with them things would've been different. check out how this guy uses his recorder to beatbox. ♪ ♪ >> a five-year-old girl had a fairytale ending and she was surprised by her adoption here with some disney princesses. so after daniel and her family were seated in the courtroom, the judge upper starts to dress up like snow white. >> i try my best to be a princess too. but we'll see if you recognize what i am. >> shortly after she has a couple more violent and her caseworker came up with the idea and her adoption was finalized on june 8. she had been in foster care with
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that family since march 2014. >> [applause]. ♪ ♪ >> the voice star and was
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>> we understand how fleeting life can be andnd enjoy every minute and that you have. hug your kids, tell them that you love him because you never know that days going to calm. >> she went to high school where i did at cherokee high in new jersey, you definitely heard the name christine grammy and if not i'm sure you've heard her since then. >> she has been all over the music scene since she left this town in 2012. i graduated in turkey in 2002, she left a couple years early to chase fame in los angeles. the voice star and youtube sensation was gunned down in cold blood following her own
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concert in orlando on friday night. she was 22 years old, years old, she was with her family signing autographs after the concert went to a 7-year-old kevin james opened fire, killing her. >> the suspect is not from orlando, the suspect the suspect traveled to orlando, apparently to commit this crime. >> according to police statement, her brother marcus tackled him and during the struggle he shot himself and ended his own life. marcus broke his silence on his sister's death and an emotional facebook post on sunday. partly it read, christine was more than my sister, she was a partner in life, superstar, goofball, introverted, and a friend to everybody. genuinely, but above all, she's my baby low, she is my baby sister. now grimmie was never chasing start on but it found her, she started started posting very emotional cover songs in high school and she gained a lot of attention. she had over over 3 million followers on youtube. while she was in this town.
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the whole world got to find out who christina grimmie was, shortly thereafter thereafter she made waves on nbc's popular talent show, the voice. ♪ >> she was a megastar on adam levine's team and ended up finishing third that year during season six. since then, she is open up concerts for her mentor, superstar, selena gomez. [inaudible] >> i actually got the opportunity to sit down with the town's mayor, mayor randy brown of new jersey. >> she became a star, but possibly the most unassuming, nicest, young person i've ever met in my ten years. >> i was actually lucky enough to me christine and her family
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she had visited chop wise in philadelphia. and spent extra time with all the kids. this was this was way before the voice even happen. she was just always a sweet girl and my heart goes out to her family. >> this is described as a dark side of fame. possibly the motive behind the field shooting of christina grammy. but it could happen to anyone. it could even happen to those who least expect it. >> there's no way to describe the feeling that someone is watching your every move. it's excruciating, it's exhausting, is scary. >> new yorker said that she was put up by the ex-husband when her 17 year relationship. >> we met in college between sovereign junior year. he got got a job where is working which was a pizza place, convenient store.
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we had a lot of fun. in fact we're pretty inseparable once we started dating. i didn't want to got with him at first and then after the first date i was smitten. i never got thought it would get to the point it did. went to a, to be and then on down the line and i never dreamed that he would stalk me. i never dreamed that he would say crazy things to mere tax me 90 times text me 90 times in a row. >> it is all happening too often, growing tremendously due to the advancement of technology. just ask the detective who has seen it all too often. >> stocking is taking a different turn. used to be someone would have to camp out in front of his house, that was considered stocking back then. stocking hours knowing some of the remove and infiltrating their life and knowing where they're going to be tonight aware they were yesterday and who they are with. it has change the environment. >> what if this happened to you? you find yourself walking in manhattan and you see someone following you and you just don't know where to turn, while the detectives took me out on the
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streets of new york and he showed me his tricks of the trade. >> as a solo person following you in conducting their and surveillance on you, you can use a building like here in manhattan, there's a front entrance and rear entrance, you can easily walk through and whoever is following you will follow you into the building to determine what you're going to do there. as they continue continue on, you can just stop right outside and see that person is. if they keep on walking then you can go the other way. >> of course you want to limit the amount of information that you put on social media which you might think is obvious. but people put what they're eating for lunch, or if if they're going on vacation. >> people need to realize that they need to limit the amount of exposure that they put out there about themselves. you have to put restrictions. >> there has to be a fine line between pursuit and stocking. people pursue people there interested in, and at what point did he say crosses the line?
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>> the victim has to say the minute that you say no and that is and abided by, you have a stocker and then you cross the line. >> what does that include though? does that include repeated postings on a wall or does it have to cross the line to something physical? >> it doesn't matter. if it is unwanted attention and you say stop it and the person doesn't stop it, that is when you begin to have a stalker on your hand. >> you talk about unwanted attention crossing the line is in you have a stocker on your mind but between that what the law recognizes be as harassment is huge. there's there's a great area where police can do anything because following someone is a crime, post and while not a crime. >> that's why people hire investigators. >> the second annual sunset park puerto rican day parade. >> were to make up for it happened.
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>> coming up next. >> celebrate greatest british inventor, guest star. >> way to you see ♪
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>> to celebrate a youtube channel reaching 3 million subscribers, crazy british inventor built a dust star consisting of 5000 fireworks and one really big boom. >> puerto rican day parade, you were there. >> your like you came home. i wish everyday was a puerto rican day parade. congress beaten and bands playing. >> music flowing through the air, incredible costumes.
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[inaudible] >> it is read dick you list. >> all out for the big show on a sunday afternoon for a sunset park a spectacular big time they came and were in the element. >> nicole drops into dance mode at a heartbeat. johnson was in his element as well. pm ample more than 40 years, johnson knows the heartbeat of a puerto rican culture is its music. >> it's how w6
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>> if you had half as much fun i think it would probably the answer you can't beat a good time. >> it was so much fun, we're dancing. >> how did you get on the floor? >> i have to write up on there and danced with a lady. >> i am writing on the float with these lovely ladies. we are about to take off and head. >> people were waving plagues,. >> as somebody who lives in new york city, the puerto rican day parade is a day you get out of new york city because it is it crazy mayhem. to me it was a nightmare and and i'm so glad i wasn't there. >> you run like hell, i'm going to jump in with both feet and swim around for a little bit. to jump in with both feet and swim around for a little bit. i liked it.
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