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tv   Fox Morning News at 5A  FOX  June 14, 2016 5:00am-6:01am EDT

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surrounding the shooter, why frequent patrons say he was no strange tore that night club he targeted. >> much more on the chilling details about orlando coming up this morning on this tuesday, two days after. it is, june 14th, 2016. perhaps only good news this morning is the weather. sue, great yesterday, even better to day. >> i'll tell you if you go outside and take a walk, walk the dog, just clear your head which is the perfect weather for it yesterday and another one today. if you didn't get outside today is your daze. it is another day of ten out of ten and low humidity. 46 degrees in mount pocono. fifty-eight in allentown. we're in the 50's in trenton and pottstown. mid 50's in philadelphia, wilmington, dover, wildwood is at 66 degrees. hardly a cloud in the sky and wind coming from the northwest which means that dryer air, which means lower humidity. so, it is another day to enjoy because we don't get too many low humidity days in june around here.
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things will be warming up a little bit starting tomorrow. 64 degrees with the 12-mile an hour breeze out of the north. 48 percent relative humidity and 5:32 is your sunrise time. it is flag day to day. it will be just about perfect. we have a high of 80. sunset time 8:31. that takes care of your tuesday, minute after 5:00 o'clock, bob kelly has another take off so we will check traffic for you and this time of the day it is pretty much all about the construction. this is, a situation on ben franklin bridge, first of all, smooth sailing if you went in or out of new jersey this morning. construction is on route 202 southbound between route 401 and route 30. blocking the left lane right there, bright lights are on and a quick remind ber the saint anthony's italian festival in wilmington. largest in the country. it is happening all week long through sunday. lots of traffic delays on church and ninth street your parking at the waterfront and shuttle bus you to the
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festival later today. chris and lauren. >> thanks very much. search is on for driver of the car after a young woman kill in the hit and run on roosevelt boulevard late last night. >> officials say her body traveled 200 feet when that he car slammed into her. steve keeley on the scene, steve, good morning. >> reporter: here's the problem. i mean this road is worst engineered road of all time. look down here, chris, stay with me here. this is the boulevard here, outer lanes where a vehicle, white or silver van was going. now watch this car on the far right. this is the crosswalk here. the problem is, this car, making the right, right where this van did that hit, do you see it climb through the crosswalk. pedestrian also has the light. that is the problem w that vehicle have seen me walking in the street? that is how the girl got hit. she had the light. so did the van. van is supposed to stop. you are doing 40 miles an hure but witness is going way over the speed limit when they hit the girl crossing the cross
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walk. >> when she got hit the impact, caused her to come out of her footwear, without of her slippers, they are still on the highway, and her cell phone, which she had in her hand is broken and also on the scene and the earrings that she was wearing were actually torn from her ears and they are also laying on the highway. so she was hit with such impact it caused her body, to travel about 200 feet north after being struck wye the striking vehicle that witnesses believe was going at a high rate of speed. >> chris and lauren here's awful statistics, this now makes seventh deadly hit and run in 2016, almost double number, four by this time last year, arrests made in only two of these seven hit and runs we have covered so far in 2016. just awful. i don't even want to get in the statistics on admiral wilson boulevard.
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i will tell you this that you already know if you watch is every day this is the deadly road for pedestrians and drivers in america. >> unbelievable. when will they change it because that was really, really poignant how you you showed us, on live television, how that woman would never seen that car coming if she had again the right of way but the car did too. >> yes, even if you got the light, just standing here on the sidewalk we have seen people killed, but she was on the phone too but she's watching light. you can't guarantee you will be safe and everybody willow bay traffic laws. traffic has green light, the white pedestrian body in the light. if you are crossing the way we are going your back is to the traffic you will in the see somebody flying off of the boulevard on to adams avenue. witness say going way faster then 40. >> there it is, right there. >> steve, thank you. 5:04 the time. of course we are turning our attention to the orlando
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nightclub shooting. nation still in shock after one gunman killed 49 people and hurt more than 50 others. new details are still coming out but here's what we know right now. late last night authorities released final name of the 49 people killed in the attack. almost all of the victims are young adults. all of them have been removed from the nightclub now. investigators say there is no evidence that the the shooter was direct by isis, fbi is looking into whether he also, scouted out disney world for a possible attack. among those killed promising student athlete from west catholic prep from here in philadelphia. eighteen year-old akyra murray she graduated just last week and set to go to mercyhurst college on a full athletic scholarship for basketball. with akyra her cousin and our fox 29 intern patients carter recovering from an orlando hospital. >> we have learn that the victims from the philadelphia area went to orlando for a family vacation. >> three women decided to go out on a town saturday night to go dancing. night out with the girls turned into a bloody massacre.
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parker from southwest philadelphia lived to tell bit after being shot in the stomach. she spent three hours as a hostage inside pulse nightclub during the worst mass shooting in u.s. history. >> he had hostages in the bathroom. the hours i laid in blood. i got peoples body fragments on me. somebody's face was blown off. >> police broke through a wall to rescue parker and her cousin, akyra murray and fox 29 intern patients carter but it was just too late for mur hoy died later at the hospital. her family is in orlando waiting to meet with the fbi. >> akyra mother spoke to fox 29 about her daughter strike her as a shining star. dave kinchen is now in west philadelphia with more on that part of the story, dave. >> reporter: we're right outside west catholic prep and we understand that this school is very close in terms of the community and students and staff. you can imagine what they are dealing with even in the summertime here.
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the parent and agony finding out that one of the students graduated just days ago, 18 year-old akyra murray, one of the 49 people victims killed in the pulse nightclub shooting this past weekend this that night of terror we are told she was held hostage for three hours in panic and fear. she died after taking a bullet to the arm. her mother tells thaws she was an academic an athletic all-star graduated third in her class just last week. our team in orlando spoke with her heart broken family. >> sad, disbelief; hurt. >> she was on the phone with me and my mom screaming i have been shot, i'm breed ago lot, i need to you get here now. as a kid i have always protect my sisters and my cousins. i'm the only boy in the my family. i always protect all of my cousins, my girls. >> everybody to know her just to know who she was all about loving person and trusting and warm person she was.
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nobody ever forget what she tried to accomplish in life. >> meanwhile in center city akyra's basketball teammates were very emotional as an vigil held at philadelphia city hall, vigil attended by thousands. a akyra was planning on attending mercyhurst college on a full athletic scholarship, and she had just signed a letter of intent, so very heart breaking indeed, and the family also said that the fbi has not given them the clearance to see akyra's body just yet because the investigation continues and of course that just adds to the stress and heart break. undoubted for that family. >> yes, undoubted is right, dave, thank you. fox 29 intern patients carter was wounded in orlando. she was shot in the leg at pulse nightclub when that shooter opens fire. her family tells us she underwent surgery and is now in stable condition. patients spoke with fox 29 human resource director last night. >> patients was in surgery last night until about 2:30 a.m. her aunt indicated that she
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may have been shot near her niece as we said it was likely knee surgery. i believe that is the extent of her physical injuries. the emotional jurist obviously going to be deeper than that. >> and of course, all of us here at fox 29 are praying for patients's speedy recovery. this morning we are learning new details about the gunman omar mateen who attended pulse nightclub before the attack and used a gay dating and chat app. >> patrons say mateen there a dozen times. they saye either sat by himself or he got really drunk. investigators looking at reports that he visited other gay clubs as potential target. one regular at the club said that mateen messaged him on and off for about a year before the shooting, using the gay dating app jack. there is word he pave may have scouted another florida pack. there are reports, including one from the wall street journal, that man teen id
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downtown disney. report sites sources and fbi says they are still working to confirm this. other publications claim that he had recently visited the park with his wife. our coverage continues on line from the newest information about the shooting and victims, to a slide show coming out of orlando just go to fox well, developing news out of pennsauken where a bicyclist was killed after being hit by a car. that person hit at intersection of route 130 and north park drive just before 11:00 last night. investigators shutting down the the area to traffic while they investigate. authorities say cyclist died at the scene but they have not released any other information. more developing news this morning a car slams right into primeaus hoagies on third and south street. we're told the driver ran up on the sidewalk, hitting four people, who are standing in front of the building. all four suffered minor injuries, and the storefront was damaged, in word on what caused the driver to lose control. coming up at 5:11 on this tuesday morning. still ahead remembering a rising star from south jersey an entire community showing up
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for cristina grimmie what her brother told the crowd he remembers the most about his late sister. president speaking out in the wake of the mass shooting in orlando, tough conversations he says it is time for us to all start having.
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we do. >> beautiful live pictures. >> yes, today is the day to go outside for a lot of fun, a ten, right sue. >> that is right, and here's the thing about june in philadelphia, it is very rare that we see low humidity days but today will be another one. it is pretty warm on saturday and sunday, we have 92 other than saturday. ninety on sunday. no heat wave. yesterday we made it to 78 degrees. today we will be around 80. pretty close to normal for this time of the year. it is a lovely start to the day, we're in the 50's to the north. fifty-eight allentown. fifty-seven pottstown. trenton 59. sixty-four in the city. cool spot is mount pocono at 46, and it is 0 degrees milder in wildwood. we're at 66 degrees. we have another day with a land breeze at the shore. we have 7 miles an hour wind in mount pocono, 12 miles an
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hour in philadelphia fact that these breezes are coming from the north is what brings down dryer air when we see southeasterly wind. that is when it gets more humid. we have some cloud around showing up on our satellite picture, but no precipitation, and in expect today, quick look at the future cast shows plenty of sunshine throughout the day, sun doesn't set until 8:30. we have time to enjoy it outside. we have some clouds increasing tomorrow, by 4:00 in the morning, on thursday, showers will be a approaching. it looks lick they will be with us by noon at the latest but this particular model shows clearing out thursday evening, and then hopefully will not trouble us on friday morning for good day drives you in northeast philadelphia more on that coming up. sunny, nice in center city. down the shore again a land breeze with a high of 75 and pocono mountains sunny and pleasant with a high of 7o it doesn't get much better then this your flag day is 80 degrees. eighty-five tomorrow.
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cloud, showers, on thursday, and then perhaps lingering into friday morning and then so far it looks pretty good are for the weekend including fathers day on sunday with a high of 80 degrees. that is your seven day forecast. taking a look at traffic, starting off on what is now turning into a sunny tuesday morning. the construction just pick up on the schuylkill eastbound, vine street ramp, so it is smooth sailing there. i-95 east, in delaware county, looks very good there. and speed are running normally every place else this morning. manayunk community remembering those slain in orlando, bells at saint timothy's ringing dozens of times once for each life taken in the deadliest mass shooting
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our country has ever seen. gloucester township community doing what they can to help victims of the or land owe attack. camden county college student staff and neighboring donating blood for victims. red cross says while they don't usually give blood to the orlando area this time they are assisting hospitals in that area in response to the shootings. philadelphia's inter faith community came together to condemn violence in orlando. >> muslim, jewish, christian leaders as well as city officials and members of the lb gt community speaking yesterday at friends center on cherry street. the theme, stopping all hate, including the scapegoating of american muslims. lb gt leaders say it is important to recognize their community was targeted. >> we're part of this society. so we're christian, so are jews and muslim community. we all have to learn to live together. >> i said no, we will not write a time we will be loud, and show our pride and fight to make it a whole community, not just separated by hate.
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>> the conference was hosted by care, the council on american islamic relations. our coverage continues on line, for very latest information, on the victims, slide show of the images coming out of orlando just go to fox life of singing sensation cristina grimmie was remembered with hundreds gathered for a hometown vigil monday night. she was gunned down after a concert in orlando during a fan meet and greet friday night. she he was a you tube sensation and finalist on the voice in 2014. she graduated from cherokee high school and attended fellowship lines chapel in medford. before she and her family moved out to los angeles. those who knew her spoke well of the aspiring star. >> when you lose a shining star that was 22 years old, who had her entire life ahead of her and living her dream because she work so hard for it it is devastating to all of us. >> her funeral will be in medford at fellowship alliance
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chapel and her coach from the voice adam le vine has offered to pay for her funeral. closing arguments continue in the corruption trial of the u.s. representative chaka fattah. >> no comment. >> that was our jeff cole, and he asked chaka fattah why not take the stand in this case. you can see fattah ignored him as he enter the federal courthouse in center city. government says fattah stole tax grants and campaign money to pay his part for one million-dollar illegal campaign loan. defense argued there is no evidence that fattah knew of the illegal loan and claims he is innocent. now that case of someone throwing a bottle at first base man ryan howard. police say sidney smith of wilmington delaware turned himself into south detectives on friday. the 21 year-old was issued a citation for disorderly conduct and released. howard was not actually hit by that aluminum beer bottle which was thrown by the way on
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june 4th. still ahead a local police department is trying out body cameras, but this is just a test, the trial period, that has to be finish before every cop in this department suits up. and we continue to follow breaking news this morning, a woman is dead after being hit by a car what officials say that she was doing moment before the accident happened. >> winning lottery numbers, here they are.
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back at 5:23. you can see people around the world are coming together to show their support for the victims in orlando. this song was the vigil of thousands of people in london before a moment of silence and then a balloon release, one for each of the victims. and in paris the eiffel tower lit up in rainbow colors yesterday american flags and sea of rainbows draped on city
5:24 am
hall. post message u.n. centered around weapons and how easy they are to get. president obama met with security officials at the white house to discuss the tragic massacre in orlando. >> sit ago long side vice-president joe biden, james comey and jay johnson, the president expressed his condolences to the victims and their family. then president obama said it is time to have some tough conversations about access to guns in this country. >> under florida law, but it does indicate the degree to which it is not difficult for them to obtain these kinds of weapons. >> the president says that investigators will look to find out what the motivations were of the shooter, and they are considering all possibilities. coming up on 5:25. pennsylvania governor tomorrow toll wolf will be spending time at home over next couple taste to recover from a cancer
5:25 am
fighting procedure. the undisclosed treatment is part of his prostate cancer fight. this is video from when he made the announcement he did have cancer alongside his wife. according to a statement released by governor's office wolf will undergo outpatient procedure today and will spend all of tuesday and wednesday resting at home and will return to work on thursday. >> chester police department launching a body camera program, group of the ten officers has volunteered to wear cameras during the trial period. this process will allow them to try out different models and brands of cameras. it is until a pilot program but mayor says he hopes it will bring transparency and trust to the chester community. >> our goal here is concerning public safety, it is to better serve and protect all of our residents. we strongly believe that creating and engaging in new practices will create a level of transparency and credibility between our community, and police department. >> the cost to outfit the entire department with body cameras is between 70 and 100
5:26 am
grand, the city is working now to raise those dollars. remembering the victims of the tragedy in orlando, one of the youngest a philadelphia teenager who graduated from high school, just last week be. plus steve keeley following more breaking news right now, steve, good morning. >> reporter: yeah, never ending tragedy that is known as the roosevelt boulevard takes another life, and another fatal hit and run, they are up 75 percent, deadly hit and runs here in philadelphia so far in 2016 (vo) we went to hollywood to ask
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if america's favorites - burgers, tacos and chili could taste just as great made with turkey. thousands stepped into the jennie-o tasting booth to find out.
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with just one bite, they knew. now it's your turn to make the switch. breaking news a woman killed after being hit by a car overnight. the driver fleeing the scene. why police are hopeful they can track down her killer. a driver loses control of the car, slams in the south street storefront and then hits four people, the condition those four people are in right now. i seen him peak under the stall and look me in my face and from then on i thought my life was over. >> terrifying moments, for a local with man held hostage during the orlando nightclub shooting, what happened when she came face-to-face with the killer. good day, it is tuesday, june 14th, 2016. >> we will get to the very
5:30 am
latest details coming in and a lot has happened overnight, latest from the orlando massacre but first lets get to sue serio and talk about the weather. a lot of kids have about one more week of school left, sue. >> true. we have a gorgeous sunrise as you can see in this picture of the dome of the basilica out there this morning. another pretty sunrise and i mean by two minutes, a look at the platt bridge right there, just a gorgeous sunrise this morning. it is flag day to day. so if you are off or if you have sometime and a lot of ceremonies happening here in olde city including the betsy ross house around 10:00 o'clock i believe they will raise the flag there. woman of the home who made the first flag. bus stop buddy is celebrating with a nice start. temperatures in the 60's. there are kids still in school. quite a few. 46 degrees in mount pocono. fifty-nine in trenton. sixty-four in philadelphia. sixty-four in wilmington. sixty-six in wilmington.
5:31 am
wind are out of the north keeping humidity down, but still breezy but not as windy as it was yesterday, just a few cloud around as we showed you and 64 degrees with 48 percent relative humidity. 5:32 it is now official sun rights 80 degrees is our high with sunny skies throughout the day 567:89:31 is the time. minute before sunrise. we will look at traffic to get you started on your tuesday morning. happy to report that there are no incidents out there this morning. so we will just check volume for you. here's the boulevard heading in the city. volume picking up a little bit but smooth sailing right now and on the schuylkill near conshohocken, everybody is moving just fine. another reminder that we have the copa america mens international soccer tournament happening at lincoln financial field tonight, 8:00 o'clock, chile verse panamas we expect traffic delays because that is pretty popular and it is and
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happening tonight. sue, thank you. nation still in shock after one gunman killed 49 people and hurt more than 50 others. new details are still coming in but here's what we know right now. late last night authorities released final name of the 49 people killed, in the attack. almost all of the victims are young adults. all of their bodies have now been recovered and removed from the nightclub investigators say that there is no evidence that the shooter was direct by isis. the fbi is looking into whether he also scouted out disney world for a possible attack. one of the youngest victims killed inside that night club 18 year-old akyra murray from here in philadelphia we are hearing from her devastated mother on the phone with her as she dying in the nightclub. dave kinchen standing live in west philadelphia, dave. >> reporter: just a devastating development. she was also with her cousin who was shot in the stomach and with patients carter, one of our interns, all there, when this took place.
5:33 am
here at west catholic prep this is where akyra murray graduated just last week, just days ago, 18 year-old akyra murray from philadelphia one of the 49 victims killed in the pulse nightclub shooting, in that night of terror she was held hostage for three hours inside that club, in panic, in fear, she died after taking a bullet to the arm. she was an academic, athletic all-star graduating third in her class, our team in orlando spoke with her heart broken family. >> sad, disbee leave, hurt. i want have been to know her. just to know what she was about. just to know the loving person and trusting and warm person that she was so nobody ever forgets what she tried to accomplish in life. >> reporter: in center city akyra's basketball teammates were emotional at a vigil held at city hall. akyra was attending mercyhurst
5:34 am
college on a full athletic scholarship. meantime her family tells us that the fbi has not allowed the family to see her body because the investigation is still ongoing and again while akyra died her cousin was shot in the stomach, and talk to our chris o'connell. also, of course, patients carter, our intern, was shot in the leg and is in stable condition but still dealing with emotional scars undoubted here, back to you. >> all right, dave kinchen, thank very much. 5:34. we have more breaking news out of northeast philadelphia a woman hit by a car on the roosevelt boulevard and adams avenue as police are searching for that reek will involved. >> they say with man was violently thrown by the car hundreds of feet away. that is where steve keeley is in northeast philadelphia with more on the story, hi there steve. >> reporter: wild intersection here, like most are here on the boulevard. it is out are lanes of the north bound boulevard right where adams intersects with adams and somerdale.
5:35 am
the problem is cars are going northbound and so are pedestrians if they are walking parallel to the boulevard. you see this crosswalk here crossing adams but it is walking with the boulevard. so problem is, both the boulevard northbound traffic and the pedestrians going north on the boulevard have the light at the same time and that is likely what happened. so here's our video. you can see the violent accident scott small the inspector on duty overnight told us how rough it really was, when this happened just before midnight. >> she was walking on the crosswalk. she was talking on the phone. she had the green light according to the witness and when she was crossing the outer lane at adams, a vehicle going north on the boulevard just exited and was going north east on adams avenue struck the female. her body went on to the hood of this vehicle, and she hit
5:36 am
her head on the windshield and her body was lifted and traveled about 200 feet in a northern direction after being struck and that is where she landed on adams avenue at the boulevard. >> reporter: then out of her shoes, earrings and still not identified at last check with police, chris and lauren. she had her phone but she had no identification on her and that smashed phonies all they can go on if they can trace that back the two phone company and phone number. >> steve keeley, thanks very much. pennsauken new jersey a person riding a bike was killed after being hit by a car. sky fox over the scene on route 130 and north park drive before 11:00 last night. investigators shut down area to traffic while they investigated. authorities have in the released information on the victim. car slammed into primeaus hoagie on third and south street in philadelphia the driver ran up on the sidewalk hitting four people standing out front, a all four had minor injuries and the storefront was damaged. in word on what cause that had
5:37 am
driver to lose control. 5:36. man sold the orlando shooter his weapon is speaking out and why he says he did absolutely nothing wrong. >> i thought my life was over because not long after that he said something about him having enough bombs to take out a city block. coming face-to-face with the gunman straight ahead.
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money last night. eagles signed fletcher cox to a six year extension. i never thought it would be a problem even when he stayed way from voluntary mini camps. he finally came in last week for mandatories. the numbers i reported two months ago, fletcher cox deal six years, 103 million but most important number is guarantied money, 63 million-dollar. it is the highest guarantied money for any defensive player for any non-quarterback in history. fletcher cox still young at 25 years old. phillies to toronto seventh inning, phillies up one to nothing. ryan howard is dh, still only hitting 153. phillies go on to beat toronto seven to nothing. nba draft, week from thursday, 76ers had duke's brandon ingram in town for a work out. i would take ingram with the first pick but i'm's hearing sixers will take lsu ben simmons even though he will in the come in and work out for the sixers. that is sports in a minute. i'm howard eskin. before tip off of game
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five of the nba finals the teams paused for a moment of silence for victims of the orlando shooting. >> thank you. once action started calves not going town without a fight begins the warriors in the nba finals. lebron james and khiry irving carried the calves, each scoring 41 points in game five. goal even state was without suspended forward dray green and lost a center, final score cleveland 112-golden state 97. calves now going to game 2346 cleveland this thursday and if the warriors win, they will take the championship. >> yeah, you know gold up state wanted to finish them off on home court, and then you get king james in the zone, 41 points. >> it could get interesting. >> yeah. >> 5:41 this morning. terrifying moments for a local woman held hostage
5:42 am
during orlando nightclub shooting, what she says that the gunman said, moments after coming face-to-face with him. man: life gets so busy with work, and it's really hard to just kind of put that all aside and sort of focus on having fun or playing, even. hey, playing is a lot of fun. ♪
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every friday through july 22nd we are taking over a local town. get ready northeast philadelphia. we're coming on friday. we're going to be live from 7:00 to 10:00 at cottman. >> the best parties you can
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win the car. sign up to win a brand new mazda cx9 go to fox and click on the contest page on the home page, we will pick a final list once a week and final show give away. >> here we are over the next several weeks, big finally is friday july between the second at dell music center in fairmount park and see who wins that brand new mazda cx9. >> this week we're in northeast philadelphia. >> correct. >> that is nice. >> yes. >> go ahead. >> no, you go. >> let's go on. >> i was like, okay. i will have a forecast for you tomorrow for that because we're still waiting to see what happens. you know who is visiting today is weekend wendy and she's here to tell but flag day celebrations here in olde city, all right. i don't know what is going on with that but anyway, 10:00 a.m., at the betsy ross house, things kick off and whole lot of other free events going on.
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we will tell but them as soon as we get things straight with our graphics this morning. 58 degrees in allentown. sixty in reading. sixty-six in wilmington. 66 degrees in dover. wind are coming out of the north and northwest, that is why it is not humid out, enjoy it, that doesn't happen too often around here that we have low humidity, another day just like yesterday, average high 83 degrees and boy did we go above average over the weekend both days in the 90's, unexpectly warm but 78 degrees and delightful yesterday. we another boot toy day with a ten out of ten. sunny and nice for your flag day. we have a lot going on around independent mall. once we head out of the betsy ross house go down to the constitution center because it is also anniversary of the you had army. that is being celebrate today as well right here in olde city philadelphia. so phillies coming back to play the blue jays in canada playing them today. they will come back tomorrow and play blue jays. 85 degrees. watch out for rain on thursday, maybe friday morning
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and then the weekend is, so far, so good for fat thers day on sunday. that is your seven day forecast. let's check traffic on this tuesday morning. we have an incident to tell but that happened out in pottstown this morning. we understand it is a motorcycle crash right around route ten at county line road, so traveling around there it is going to definitely slow you down. looking at some volume this morning we will go to the schuylkill expressway right around spring garden, you see sun glare, just starting as sun gets higher in the sky but so far so good everything moving well and route 42 in new jersey same thing there everything is moving fine with you volleys picking up this morning, chris and lauren. 5:47. capture a man accused of killing three other men in west virginia. police say pennsville township new jersey say that three two-year old eric shoe, was taken into custody in chester county early this morning, and police issued an alert on
5:48 am
their facebook page late last night saying they were looking for shoe who used to live her. she's accused of shooting three men to death in west virginia. we're learning more information about the victims in the deadly nightclub shooting in orlando. a promising student athlete from west catholic prep high school in philadelphia 18 year-old akyra murray, graduating just last week and set to go to mercyhurst college on the full athletic scholarship for basketball. with akyra her cousin and our fox 29 intern patients carter who is recovering in an orlando hospital. >> we have learn that the victims from the philadelphia area went to orlando for a family vacation. >> they decided to go out on the town saturday night to go dancing and that night the out with the girls turned into a bloody massacre. parker from southwest philadelphia lived to tell bit after being shot in the stomach. parker was held hostage inside bathroom of pulse nightclub for three hours. she said she will always be haunted by look in the killers
5:49 am
eye. >> i seen her peak under the stall and when i thought my life was over because he said something about him having enough bombs to take out a city block. >> police broke through a wall to rescue parker and her cousin akyra murray and patients carter but too late for mur hoy died later at the hospital. >> patients carter was listed shot in the leg at pulse nightclub her family says that she underwent surgery and in stable condition and of course all of us here are praying for her speedy recovery. the owner of the florida gun store where authorities say the orlando shooter bought his weapons is speaking out, saint lucy shooting center owner ed henson said he sold 29 guns omar mateen legally in his store. he bought a handgun and long gun a week apart according to the owner. authorities combed the inside as part of the ongoing investigation into that shooting. the store owner said he followed the law when selling the guns to mateen. >> this man held multiple
5:50 am
security licenses. he had an armed and unarmed license. he passed the background check that every single person that purchases a firearm in the state of florida under goes. atf confirms that the guns were purchased legally m teen had in criminal history. despite being on the fbi radar he was legally allowed to purchase those firearms. the daily news, shows mike, that the writer here, was able to buy a gun legally in just seven minutes. >> ar15. >> exact replica, same gun that was used in the massacre. >> the gun that killed our 18 year-old west philadelphia graduate we were just talking about akyra murray lost her life, just because she wanted to go to that club in orlando, we will talk to the principal of her west philadelphia high school come up after 7h this morning and get his thoughts. new details emerge about the shooter, you have talk about
5:51 am
over last couple, and he was going to this club for maybe three years before he killed everybody and was using some gay apps like jack and grinder apparently. by the way, it is the army's birthday today. >> wow. >> so what would we do. >> have a party. >> there will be some cake. why not have jen fred and robert irvine. >> yes. >> have of restaurant impossible fan, repel down our building. >> really. >> if you want to see these two repelling down our building, and some of the army guys and girls will repel, face down. >> jen has to be careful because last week she documented it on facebook. >> before the segment she had a black eye. >> we will get the other eye to match the left one.
5:52 am
>> sure, she will look like a panda. >> we will see new eight minutes exactly for "good day philadelphia". >> see you in a bit. still ahead here on our show, vigils held to honor those killed after the orlando nightclub shooting and this morning we will tell you how some here at home are unite go to show their support.
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boy george is five years old today. this huge strong from the cross dressing star of the 1980's. we will show you a picture of wilmington. the as world mourns victims of the deadly terror attack in orlando, florida, vigils popping up all across the delaware valley this was held in wilmington. a couple dozen people lighting can also and laying flowers for the dozens of lives lost. landmarks around the nation honoring victims of the deadly shooting, new york city empire state building and other sky scrapers lit in the rainbow colors in memory of the dozens killed and hurt. in the seattle a rainbow flag on the top of the space needle has been lowered to half staff.
5:56 am
flag is on top of the attraction to mark gay pride month. >> ♪ people all over the world are coming together to show their support for the victims in orlando. vigils of thousandsness london before a moment of silence and balloon released one for each of the victims. in paris eiffel tower lit up in rainbow colors. yesterday american flags and sea of rainbows draped on city hall, pope's message to the u.n. centered around weapons and how easy they are to get. next up on good day we will continue to honor those who lost their lives in it or land owe nightclub including a stand out athlete from right here in philadelphia a. plus breaking news a woman killed after being hit by a car overnight, the driver taking off, why police are now hopeful that they can track down her killer.
5:57 am
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well, again, yes again another deadly hit and run on the boulevard. it claims the life of the young woman. we have a car description and we will give it to you. i seen him peak under the stalls and look me in my face and for a mini thought my life was over.
6:00 am
>> chilling word from the local young lady held his stage at orlando nightclub shooting, in a bathroom with the what the gun man said to her as she waited desperately to be saved. >> what part of this society, some christians, jews, muslim community, we all have to learn to live together good this morning we will honor dozens of people simply out to have a good time when they became victims of the deadliest mass shooting in american history. new information generating questions about his sexuality. the shooter that is. >> there he is. all right. trying to make this a good day, everybody. it is tuesday, june 14th, 2016. if memory serves that means it is flag day. >> sure is, 238. >> birthday of the flag. >> the flag was made a block away here on third street. >> that would be at betsy ross house good exactly right. >> guess is what happening at


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