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tv   Fox Morning News at 4A  FOX  June 15, 2016 4:00am-5:01am EDT

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>> two breaking stories from overnight, right now firefighters are battling a massive fire at a local supply store. plus, five people shot in a late night shooting. who officials think may have been involved in the shooting in wilmington. >> hear more from patience carter about the night she nearly died. >> another developing story out of orlando, child missing feared who have been taken by alligator, the latest on the investigation next. good day everybody, it is wednesday, june 15th, 2016. three big national stories coming out of orlando in just the last week. >> unbelievable.
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grand for i had yan is the location where this alligator snatched this two year old, right basically on the grounds every disney world? >> unbelievable, never heard of such a thing, all right, sue, so much to get tonight let's start with the weather first thing. >> another tranquil morning out, there our temperature at the airport as you walk out the door is 64 degrees, 5-mile per hour winds, change winds direction though, west southwest winds. that means slightly higher humidity today. sun rides, a 52:00. fifty-four in lancaster, six of zero in ill with inning in n to, and dover, and 16 in wildwood, as we get started this morning. winds are rather callment. but the wind direction is in the process of changing, so we have a few southwesterlies out there. but no big deal. cloud cover around, no rain, none in the forecast, it was a tremendous tuesday, with a high again of 78 degrees, just like monday, and today we're
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going to go with a eight out of ten with increasing clouds as the day goes on. we've got high temperature of 82 degrees, but it will be clouding up. we will talk about the chance every rain tonight and tomorrow coming up in the seven day forecast. it is 4:02, look who is back. >> i'm back. good morning, everybody, 4:02, great to be back, good weekend down the shore, getting back at it, though. live look at the ben franklin, no problems at all come fog downtown philadelphia. looking good there. and we still got a closure on the vine expressway, crews have been working and loving the overnight temperatures, little cooler than normal, but shutdown on the vine expressway between the schuylkill and broad street until about 5:00 or so. use anyone of the number streets offspring garden or south. otherwise, we're in the 50's, blue route, the schuylkill, i-95, looking good, there is some construction crews north on 95 right at cottman, both the market frankford and the broad street subway using buses until 5:00. chris, lauren, back to you.
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>> right now emergency crews working to get a commercial building fire under control in lansdale, pennsylvania, the blaze started around 11:30 last night, the intersection of mitchell and west fifth street. fire moved to up two alarms just before midnight. not aware of any injuries at this time. >> and we're following breaking news this morning out of wilmington, delaware, five people recovering in the hospital after police say they were injured during a shooting. >> police also tell thus happened around 9:15 last night along elm and south van buren street. steve live outside police department headquarters, with more on this, steve, good morning. >> the headline is everybody's okay. one just has a graze wound, nobody's shot seriously, if you can believe. that will that's hard to say, not shot seriously, because when you are shot, i would call that pretty serious. fortunately, all five just with minor gunshot victims, according to the police here. this happened in the hedge ville neighborhood, and this is the third shooting within the past week in the same neighborhood, two shootings right on one of the streets within two consecutive nights.
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so, they don't know if this is al retalatory, whatever, but the problem is it happens right in prime time. it is summertime area. and that is why you had three of the five being people under 18, one as young as 13 years old, shot, so always sad when kids out playing on summer night getting caught in crossfire, so that's the story, chris, lauren, more violence here on the street of wilmington, and, fortunately, no one killed. >> steve keeley, thank you. the other big story, another national story, out of orlando yet again today. >> two year old missing at walt disney world reportedly dragged into the water by alligator, the orlando says deputies searching the water after the child disappeared around 9:30. the story is developing, stay with fox 29 on tv and on line for any update. >> ii never thought in a million years that this could happen. i never thought in a million years that my eyes could
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witness something so tragic. >> we're hearing from a local survivor of that orlando shooting, days leading up to the mass shooting at the night club. communities around the world coming together to honor those lost those still fighting for their lives. >> candles lit in collingswood community, a community shattered by the deadliest mass shooting in us history. the latest on the investigation, learned omar mateen was a regular, and reportedly had profiles on gay dating apps. >> sources tell fox news mateen's wife new for plans about possible attack and did not alert authority before the shooting. forty-nine people died, more than 50 other were injured, this morning, 27 survivors are still in the hospital. >> two of the survivors from sunday's bloody massacre who are also from philadelphia spoke for the very first time since the shooting in public, both still in the hospital recovering. >> one survivors patience carter said what started as the best night of her life quickly turned into the worse.
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our very own dave kinchen here to explain what happened. >> we're telling the story of our very own intern patience carter told her story to the world as she shed so much more information on this shoot that took 49 lives, sitting in her hospital bad, staff wheeled her out into an auditorium where she spoke with local national and international media about her harrowing ordeal, although harrowing doesn't begin to describe t she said she was thereon vacation with friends, got excited to going to pulse night club, which had high rating in orlando, but she said that great night turned into the worse ever, being held hostage for three hours, and she also watched the death of her good friend, akira murray. >> i could see my best friend on the floor, and akira just looking lifeless, and at that pointy was just like i really don't think i'm going to get out of here, you know, and i made peace with god within myself, i said, you know, god, if this is time, if this is
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moth time to go, if this is how i have to go, just please take me, like i don't want any more shot. so i was just begging god to just please take me and i just wanted to close my eyes and just let him just literally take the soul out my body, was begging god to take the soul out of my body. didn't want to feel any more pain. i didn't want any more shots. >> most compelling interview i've ever heard. this is her friend 18 year old akira murray youngest of the victims, and of the people who died and this is her picture when she graduated from west catholic prep just last week. now, patience also said she believed akira was talking to someone else and at least one other person had to be involved. we were all griped by every word that patience spoke at that press conference, as we watched it live here at fox 29. you will hear more from her clouding a touching poem that she wrote on the guilt she feels for surviving when so many died. back to you. >> dave, thank you so much. we will talk to someone this morning an expert about
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survivors guilt and how you live with that. >> very interesting she came out, first thing she wanted to share was that poem. >> tough time for her. the family of the philadelphia teen who died in the orlando massacre has a warning to her to loose -- look to go help that family. >> the family of akira's said those wish to go donate to the family can head to any citizens bank location and ask to donate to the akira fund. >> make sure to stay with fox 29 about the developing, full coverage include shall patience carters' moving poem about her guilt of making it out that far nightmare alive, all, there on >> a woman who philadelphia police found handcuffed and murdered yesterday morning in fairmount park has been identified. couple on their way to work officials say spotted the body around 8:00 a.m. just off the 5300 block of georges avenue. investigators have identified the woman as 26 year old toy
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carter bryant from chester, said she has been in a struggle may have been tortured before killed. people who live nearby are in complete shock. >> just not the kind of place where murders and stuff like that or dumping bodies, i'm sorry for her family, that's all. >> police say they have notified her family. >> the search right now on for the person who shot a 17 year old outside upper chichester church yesterday. he was hit multiple times in the leg, but managed to walk to his house, which is pretty close by. his family then called police, investigators say the teen isn't cooperating but they believe the shooting happened in a parking lot, where shell casings were found, police looking for two men who fled in the in a silver sedan. so they basically sped off. no motive yet of the shooting. teen in stable condition at local hospital. >> another teenager fighting for his life after being stabbed in west philadelphia there is happened about 4:00 yesterday afternoon, on the 4900 block of walton avenue. the 17 year old victim had
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stab wounds to the chest, ribs, and thigh, police sources tell fox 29 i was arguing with another teenager when a man in his 30's came around and stabbed him. so far they have not found that suspect. >> funeral services for christina grimmie will be held later this week in her hometown in new jersey. >> authorities say christina apparently had no personal connection to the man who shot her then killed himself after being tackled by her brother. a viewing will be held friday at fellowship alliance church in medford. memorial service will then be held there friday night. christina grimmie only 22 years old. christina lived in evesham township, small community about 20 miles from here in philadelphia, so, she moved to los angeles to follow her dreams of being a performer. >> 4:10 this morning. another survivor spoke at the same hospital news conference as patience carter. had just moved from philadelphia to orlando in
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october. how able to escape after he had been shot. >> meantime at 4:11, guy walked into a local restaurant and said he was atelier fighter, claimed he was there to help protect people. people say it was all a lie. what he did next that has police now on the look-out. bob kelly, welcome back. >> 4:11, we go for a ride, hold on, tailgate interesting. let me hit the brakes. can't tailgate. up and over the walt whitman bridge. schuylkill expressway looking good at the moment coming into downtown. we will check the jam cams, sue's got your hump day forecast when we come right back. smooth feet that they can't help but touch. discover their secret with product of the year winning amopé pedi perfect extra coarse electronic foot file with diamond crystals. it removes even heavy callouses revealing soft, beautiful feet. and now try the new amopé pedi perfect wet & dry rechargeable foot file. it works on both wet or dry skin. feel it yourself!
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>> we start out with a first look at what the weather will be for good day drives in you friday morning, mayfair, at the corner of frankford and cottman. i'm sure you her that's where we'll be. don't be alarmed, could be couple of sprinkles, stray shower, mostly cloudy skies, and temperatures in the 60s. now, some of the computer models are saying there won't be any rain. so i'll just prepare you for the worse case scenario, that the rain will linger, rain will start late tonight. we have warmfront headed our way. but today we should be a dry day for us, with a high of 82 degrees. it won't and ten, like yesterday, because the clouds will start to increase later on, 644 degrees, in philadelphia, right now, 60 in wilmington, only 43 mount pocono. sixty in dover. and 61 in wildwood, as we get started, some of our winds still out of the north, beautiful morning, very chilly, up in mount pocono, as
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it is supposed to be. but some of our winds have switched to souter errly and southwesterly, and that means a little bit more humidity today than what we had monday and tuesday of this week. so looking at mostly cloudy skies, just few cloudy should say around, and then mostly cloudy skies out to the west. you see little area of rain just south of pit burying, and that's not expected to make it here, but this area of rain around chicago, that is what we're expecting tonight into tomorrow morning. so, as we look at the future cast, we see a lot of clouds by the end of the day today, but the showers moving in overnight, and into thursday, on and off. now there is computer model just has us cloudy friday morning, so hoping that's the one that turns out to be accurate for our celebration of northeast philadelphia on friday morning. remember, the hot weekend? it was distant, more distant memory now, because we got to 78 degrees yesterday, and on monday. and today, not bad at all. with 82 degrees, 75 on
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thursday, with showers moving in and hopefully some sunshine before the day is through. and should be out of here by friday. as we look at the weekend, well, we've got a gift for your dad for fathers day, looks like pretty decent day, with a high in the 80s, seasonable temperatures, sunshine, looking good, we don't heat up until the middle of next week. all right, there is your gift, bob kelly, sunshine, it is free. >> little cat nap out on the deck. good morning, 4:16. live look at i-95, northbound, still working at cottman avenue. a ton of overnight construction, all over the place, you know the normal spots, 422, 95, the schuylkill, the vine, even here, on the 42 freeway, they're working pretty much from the black horse pike all the way up in toward 295. so, just be careful as you head out the front door, nothing major going on, no closures because of accidents or anything. you got construction here, repaving of 202 right near the 30 bypass.
4:17 am
the schuylkill expressway as we go for a ride, leaving south philly, coming into downtown, right at the vine street expressway, again, all lane closed on the vine from broad street overthrew the schuylkill expressway. so it is until about 5:00. and use spring garden, south street, or that 30th street interchange, the market frankford and the broad street subway, they are using shuttle buses until 5:00 this morning, and otherwise we're in good shape on all of the major roadways, and looks like we will have nice day to fly in and out of philadelphia international airport. chris, lauren, back to you. >> thank you so much, bob. more survivors are speaking out about the terror they experienced inside the orlando night club shooting. angel santiago moved from if the to orlando late last night. omar mateen shot him twice. >> bill anderson explains how he escaped. >> i was bleeding, my friends jeff was bleed ago lot. i was on the grounds in a pool of blood. i wasn't sure whose it was. >> for hours angel santiago
4:18 am
described being in a bathroom stall with as many as 15 people, many like angel had been shot, some he said obviously deceased, other trying to figure out a way to escape the club. >> i had to drag myself out of the bathroom, toward the bar area where i was initially until i actually saw like the face after police officer. so when finally saw an officer i had my cell phone in my hand and i started waiving the light so he could see me. >> even after he got out, angel santiago told a story we've heard numerous times since this mass killing took place, victims as loot concerned about their friends as they were about themselves. >> i was jug telling him my friend was shot, there were several people there who i believe are dead, and there are at least 15 people in there. like we need your help. we need someone to go in there. >> surrounded by friends and family, angel expressed thanks that the friends he was with that night survived, condolances for those that lost their lives, and gratitude, along with admitted shock, that he lived to share his story.
4:19 am
>> i'm just grateful to be alive because after seeing what occurred, i don't even know how i'm alive today. >> both patience carter and angel santiago were remarkably composed and sprong based on everything they've been through, still they have a long road to recovery. his friends and family have created a go fund me account to help with medical expenses. we ' put that up on our fox 29 facebook page to help that healing process. in the news room, bill anderson, "fox 29 news". and you can watch that entire press conference with both angle santiago and patience carter on our website >> camden contagia has ruled interview between detective and local father a cured of killing his young son can be entered as evidence in his murder trial. attorney for david creato junior attorneys misled his client, never told him he was a suspect in the death of his three year old brandon. camden county superior court
4:20 am
judge said creato appeared more than willing to cooperate with investigators. creato's pile now set to start october 3rd, has pleaded not guilty to murder and child endanger. charges in the death of his little boy. >> on the hunt for a man who impersonate add firefighter and got away with about $500, this man caught on surveillance camera last friday at the pop popeye restaurant, investigators say he walked in telling people he was thereto replace a fire extinguisher, the man seemed to have key information, was an allowed to extinguishers in the back, left two receipts, after being paid in cash he went to his car to get the equipment and never came back. >> everything was just clicking so fast, like he knew, like he knew the boss' name, he just new everything to say, like everything was just, there he didn't stutter, he didn't bling, he didn't flinch, anything. >> if you recognize the man you are asked to call philadelphia police. >> closing arguments are over in the corruption trial of
4:21 am
representative chaka fattah. jury had soon get this case monday and tuesday, defense lawyers argue the government cherry pick evidence to smear fattah and others, used illegal campaign loan for his failed for race of philadelphia. if a a's lawyers say he was not behind setting up the loan, claim his name appears no where on document or emails, linked to that deal. after the judge instruct the injury think morning, deliberations will begin. >> this week is the pinacle, the golfer's dream, the us open being played right here in pennsylvania. >> and we have a local guy playing in the tournament this year from drexel. >> phillies finding it hard these days to win. they have accomplished a streak that's hard to do. howard eskin with more on this coming up in sports. we want them to win. your winner, if you have these numbers by the way. alright guys, we've brought you to this construction trailer to talk about trucks today. which truck brand offers engines with best in class v8 towing
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>> good morning, i'm howard eskin, phillies had minor league call up, and his day was over in the third inning. let's go toronto. it was zach, up from the minor league, his parent came in for the game, and but not seeing good thing, with the phillies down one-nothing, kevin in the second inning, makes it two-nothing. let's go to the thirds inning. the score is five-nothing, zach still in, but the bases loaded, josh, that's not a
4:25 am
good pitch. that will bad pitch went out grand-slam, nine-inning. gives up nine runs, phillies lose it 11 to three: us open starts this thursday on fox. yesterday players got in their practice rounds. team lost thursday morning, bubba watson tees off 7:51, also in the morning, roy mcelroy at 8:24. followed by george spieth at 8: 35, jason day at 2:20, and the local guy, chris crawford, from drexel at 2:42. that's sports in a minute, i'm howard eskin. >> looking forwards to. that will should and lot of fun. >> covering breaking news this morning, commercial building on fire in lansdale. the reason this fire is taking firefighters more than four hours to put it out. the worst thing about toilet germs?
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they don't stay in the toilet. disinfect your bathroom with lysol bathroom trigger... ...lysol power foamer... ...and lysol toilet bowl cleaner. they're approved to kill 50% more types of germs than leading competitors. to clean and disinfect in and out of the toilet... lysol that. firefighters battling massive fire, the fire now burning for more than four hours, what's inside the building that may put a hamper on that to put the fire out. >> more breaking news, five people rush to the hospital after late night shooting in wilmington. the breaking details on this story live. >> and, also, braking overnight ... a parent horror unfolding right before their eyes. a toddler missing dragged into a lagoon by an alligator at disney world. plus:
4:29 am
>> i never thought in a million years that this could happen. i never thought in a million years that my eyes could witness something so tragic. >> the face of bravery. our own intern, patience carter, describing in detail the night she nearly died. the first-hand account of the orlando massacre from one of our own. good day everyone it is wednesday, june 15, 2016. she spoke yesterday about 1:15, spoke for about a half hour, and we learned from what she said so much more about what happened at 2:00 sunday morning in orlando. >> still gives me the chills when you think about it. >> we all in the news room after live news conference, we know patience, she was an intern last summer, again, this summer, a great young lady, and we're hoping for her speedy recovery. 4:30, lets guess to sue serio on this wednesday. >> another tranquil morning to get us started at 64 degrees at the airport, 5-mile per hour breeze out of the west southwest, relative humidity 67%, not bad at all.
4:30 am
sunrise time 53:00 it, just about an hour from now, it will be official, but it starts it get light before then as you know. once again with less than week until the official start of summer, tees are the longest days of the year. and boy, if we had two nice ones to enjoy, yesterday and the day before, at 58 degrees in trenton right now, 55 in reading, 43 in mount pocono, 61 degrees in wildwood. those are your current temperatures, we expect some sunshine to start today. mixed with clouds, throughout the afternoon, then eventually clouding up, but we get to high of 82 degrees. sunset time is 8:31. so, that's what we are talking about, nice long days, there is some rain in the forecast, so we'll let you know when it begins, and more importantly, when tends, coming up in the seven day. just ahead. bob kelly, nice weekend? >> yes, thank you for not rain at all down the shore over the weekend. 4:30, good morning on a wednesday, still working here along route 202. this is an i have will look, 202, right in malvern, chester county, down to one lane here
4:31 am
as you work your way through the bypass, looking good on the freeway for the gang coming in toward philadelphia. out of south jersey into problems there. again, watch it as you work your way through 202, and even coming off of the bypass here, out of downingtown, again, the construction crews probably going to hang in there until about 5:00 or so, the schuylkill looking good. no problems leaving south philadelphia, looking good heading in toward center city. but the vine expressway, still closed between the schuylkill and broad street until about 5:00. so coming into the city you can use vine st. local, anywhere in the area of the ben franklin parkway, again, hot bed of construction until about 5:00. and until 5:00 both the market frankford and the subway using shuttle buses, mass transit otherwise looking good. chris, lauren, back over to you. >> right now, emergency crews work to go get a commercial building fire under control in lansdale. the blaze started around 11:30 last night, this is at the intersection of mitchell avenue and west fifth street. fire officials say the fire
4:32 am
grew larger before midnight ksg industrial, incorporated building, not aware of any injuries at this time. >> 4:32, breaking news out of wilmington, search on for the person responsible for shooting five people. >> luckily, they are expected to be okay, they're recovering in the hospital this morning. let's get out to steve keeley live in wilmington with the latest development, hi, steve. >> reporter: the problem for the police here is they've been going to the same neighborhood repeatedly over the past week, it is always bad looking at the video when the evidence mark ers hit double digits, and notice the one on the far right, number 16. this makes three shootings in the same hedge ville section of wilmington in just four days. one of the streets, where two of the five people shot lays night were found on is the same block where 24 year old man was shot the night before on monday. he was hit in the shoulder and just on friday, another teenager, a boy, shot in the stomach in that area. all seven are now stable, most of the seven said to be under 18. one as young as 13. so chris, lauren, police
4:33 am
shutdown several blocks last night as they investigated the latest shooting, and hope to deter any more. >> thank you so much, steve kylie. now to developing story out of orlando. >> two year old is considered missing, at walt disney world, reportedly dragged into the water by an alligator at the grand floridian report. reports deputies searching the water after the child disappeared around 9:30 last night, we understand his dad dove into the water and tried to rest he will with the alligator to save his son to no avail. of course, this is a developing story, stay with fox 29 on television and of course on line for updates. >> emotional words from a survivor of the mass shooting at the orlando night club. >> ii never thought that million years that this could happen. i never thought in a million years that my eyes could witness something so tragic. >> and her account reveals new details about the shooter omar
4:34 am
mateen. communities all around the worlds coming together to honor those lost and pray for those who are still fighting for their lives. >> candles lit in collingswood, new jersey, in support after community shattered by the deadliest mass shooting in us history. here is the latest on the investigation. we've learned that omar mateen was evidently a regular at the pulse night club and reportedly had profiles on gay dating apps. >> sources also tell fox news mateen's wife new about plans for a possible attack and did not alert authority before this shooting. forty-nine people died, more than 50 others were hurt, and this morning, 27 survivors are still hospitalized. >> of course this ask emotional day of testimony, not testimony, this is emotional day of describing the scene from one of our own patience carter, an intern here at fox 29. dave kinchen of course we all know her, boy, it was sure compelling what she had to say yesterday. >> yes it, really was. and compelling doesn't even begin to describe it, this is a survivor's story, like one you have not heard before.
4:35 am
you will definitely want to stick around for every word of what she had to say, bob? >> dave, a chance to work with patience out of west philadelphia remote there, just few weeks ago. so schuylkill expressway, no problems at the moment, east or westbound. that closure still in effect on the vine. sue is standing by with your wednesday forecast. we'll grab a cup of coffee and come right back.
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>> welcome back, 4:37, effect and shock every every massive shooting in orlando consideration still be filth around the area, two of the survivors spoke yesterday for the first time, both have ties to philadelphia. >> yes, one of those survivors, patience carter, said what started as the best night of her life quickly turned tragic. dave kinchen here with more details on what patience had to say yesterday. >> yes, always compelling when these tragedies hit home, and it really does here for the fox 29 family because our very own intern, patience carter told her story to the world and really shed new light on the orlando club shooting that took 49 lives and injured so many more. she was sitting in her hospital bed, when medical staff wheeled patience into an auditorium to speak with local, national and international media about that night of terror. she was on vacation with friends. she says she was excited about going to the pulse night club which had high ratings in orlando after they found it on line. but soon, she would be held hostage for three agonizing hours in a bathroom, hearing
4:39 am
gunshot after gunshot, seeing the suspect's weapons out of the corner of her eye, even watching her friend and philly native akira murray die. >> he was like bamm, so with my face under the stall, looking, i could see him put down his machine gun and try to -- could you hear him trying to click and fix his handgun. so time goes on and people's phones are going off, people are obviously calling, and before he came back in, akira was on the phone talking to her mom, and everybody was asking for people to come and get us and help, and come, you know, safer us, basically. >> the gun jammed, some probably thought they could make a break for it but they couldn't, there was another weapon. that's 18 year old akira murray right there, in her graduation gown, she just graduated from west catholic prep just last week. she was the youngest victim in of those who died in this ray
4:40 am
tack. now, patience says she also believes the killer was talking to someone else and that there was at least one other person who had to be involved. now we were all griped by every word patience spoke, and you will hear more from her including a poem that she wrote on the guilt that she feels for surviving when so many people died. chris? >> unbelievable. dave, thank you. president obama issuing some harsh words, days after the shooting, in orlando, and most every those directed at one person. >> and disney worlds stepping up to help the victims in need. the big pay-out they just handed that may help those most affect in the this tragedy.
4:41 am
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>> just some clouds around our area this morning, looking out in the western start of the state, do you seep, some showers, now, there is pittsburgh, and here is oakmont, why do he would zero do we point that out? a sign of the us open which start tomorrow, already, some showers around this morning. and there is some thunderstorms in the forecast, possibly, for tomorrow, at least some showers, so it will be casino of soggy on the course if you're following that you will be able to for some days including tomorrow here on fox 29. some early showers on friday, but looks pretty nice for saturday and sunday, if you are headed out to the western part of the scare. 64 degrees where we are right
4:44 am
now in philadelphia, 55 in reading, 54 in red willing, 606 in wilmington, 06 on dover delaware, six is degrees in wildwood. not much after winds out there at all, very tranquil morning, just 5 miles an hour out of the southwest which means with southwesterly win we will get tad more humidity today than we had the past couple of days, still won't be too sticky this afternoon we will get a lot of cloud cover as you see here in the fox future cast, by this evening, and just before sunset. then you see on and off showers, maybe even pop up thunderstorm in the offering for thursday, tomorrow. here's friday morning. and we're looking at just cloud cover. that's good thing. because we have good day drives you to northeast philadelphia, the chan every maybe sprinkle two is all we have in the forecast for that. soar we ' in good graces perhaps with everybody else here for friday morning. what a delightful couple of days we've had weather wise, 78 degrees on monday and yesterday. today, we are thinking 82, 75
4:45 am
and the showers on and off, through thursday, 79 degrees starting off with clouds, maybe sprinkle, and then head taught sunshine in the afternoon, then on our way for a fantastic weekend, with mid 80s, on saturday, and sunday, heating up to 90 degrees on tuesday. and here's a look, look down the bottom of the summertime seven day forecast, because we put the shore temperatures for you, as we get ready for, i know, oh, you're impressed? yes. so -- >> i'm not paying extra for that, a.m.y? >> well, there is a little surcharge, but it is worth it. we will be in the 70s, along the shore. >> look at sue working with her graphics over there, new graphics app. >> listen, i have dave warren on it. >> 4:45, common, pick it up, get on out of here. let's go, we have got work to do. we cut off their coffee supply, in more donut for the penndot crew. there they go, the ramp to 95
4:46 am
at cottman avenue now open after the overnight construction. live look at the freeway, the 42 freeway, tell you what, if you are headed down the shore this weekend, what a hot mess, i came back yesterday, the atlantic city expressway, ramp, to the garden state parkway, still only one lane open. you would think that at interchange that they're trying to work to improve the traffic congestion, would be ready for the summer commuters. be ready on a friday afternoon, they're going to be headed down the shore still only that one lane there. now, starting to see some volume pop here eastbound on the schuylkill expressway between conshohocken and gladwynn there. no problems on the blue route, at the moment, we got that fire that we just mentioned up in lansdale, at fifth and mitchell. so there will be some local detours, and i think this is first week we will see some unusual traffic patterns, as all of the kids or mostly all of the kids are out of school. so that will push aside the school buses, the school administrators won't have to head to school, so we'll see
4:47 am
some just like i always like to say the globe globe, shake it up little bit as we get ready for the summertime traffic patterns, the schuylkill as i mentioned, westbound, no delays, as you work your way out toward conshohocken. and both the market frankford and the subway using shuttle buses until 5:00. chris, lauren, back to you. >> thank you so much. we showed you earlier in the newscast, two of the survivors shot inside the orlando night club spoke yesterday for the first time, both had philadelphia ties, one of them an intern here at fox 29. >> that intern patience carter described the horror that night and before she did she red from a poem about survivors guilt and here it is. >> the guilt of feeling grateful to be alive is feeling heavy. want to go smile about surviving but not sure if the people around you are ready. as the worlds mourns, the victims killed, and viciously slain, i feel guilty about screaming about my legs in pain because i could feel
4:48 am
nothing, like the other 49, who weren't so lucky, to feel this pain of mine. i never thought in a million years that this could happen. i never thought in a million years that my eyes could witness something so tragic. looking at the souls leaving the bodies of individuals, looking at the killer's machine gun throughout my right per few, looking at the blued and debris covered on everyone's faces, looking at the gunman's feet under the stall as he paces, the guilt of feeling, lucky to be alive is heavy. it is like the weight of the ocean's walls crushing uncontrolled by levies, it is like being drug through the grass with a shattered leg and thrown on the back after chevy, it is like being rushed to the hospital and toll
4:49 am
you're going to make it when you laid beside individuals who lives were broughtly taken. the guilt of being alive is heavy. >> of course our thought and prayers remain with patience, her family, everyone affected by this otrocity, we're in constant communication with her, and of course keep you updated on her recovery. >> she was so strong on that 30 minute she spoke on live television, and then after she then broke down, we had that, we carried that for you here on fox 29. and i can't imagine not only the shock that she is still in, just at that point it happened two and a half days ago, but then she is recovering from surgery on her leg, she was shot in both legs, one shattered her feel or. >> right. >> then the bullet kept going, hit her other leg. she in horrible pain, family now hopeful have i on their way to surround her, i believe her brother lives in the carolinas, and will be at her bedside at least was last night and hopefully today.
4:50 am
so much going on in florida. and the walt disney company is donating $1 million to the one orlando fund. that mondayly go to non-profit in the community supporting those impact dollars by the weekend shooting, also, going to step further with matching dollar for dollar donations made by company employees. disney wormed resort is providing complimentary accomondation action of family and friends of victims. >> speaking from the white house, president obama said it is time for change in the u.s. the president coming down hard on the gun lobby urging congress to finally pass gun legislation, the president also calling out republicans who he says are using dangerous rhetoric to feed into terrorist's hands. >> reinstate the assault weapons ban, make it harder for terror cents cents to use these weapons to kiss us, otherwise despite extraordinary effort across our government, by local law enforcement, by our intelligence agencies, by our military, despite all of the
4:51 am
sacrifices that folks make, these kind of events are going to keep on happening. >> republican national committee says none of that would have prevented the attack from happening. >> we will continue to follow this story on air and on line at keep you updated with the very latest information. >> this morning hearing for the justify niles charged in the death of delaware high school student amy joyner francis. sixteen year old amy joyner was beaten and killed inside school rest rom in the howard school of technology. incident over a boy, two teenage earth charged with third agree criminal conspiracy will be tried as juveniles. they could face up to one year behind bars, another young lady is facing homicide charges. >> philadelphia native kevin heart making headlines this morning, oh, not how he wanted to either. what happened inside his california home that is costing him half a million dollars.
4:52 am
4:53 am
4:54 am
good news for iphone users, the days of pre-loaded apps are now over. >> apple made big announcement you'll be able to delete those pre loaded apps you never use. number of new features available, you will not be able to delete some like phone, camera, because they're too inter-connected with the system to be un inch style, but other cool things that i saw coming up.
4:55 am
>> you know what i saw on social media all the time, stain gram is awesome, is kevin hart. great photos every day, we woke to up some disturbing news about the philadelphia native, though. >> yes, burglars broke into his california home taking more than half million dollars worth of items. los angeles police say the crime happened over the weekend. the thieves stole items including judy, clothe, watches, all totaled more than $500,000. we have learned no one was home at the time of the break-in. right now, authorities are investigating surveillance cameras, from the home, for possible leads into the suspect. the break-in comes days before the philadelphia native's latest film, intelligence with duane barack johnson appears in theatres friday. >> poor guy. >> i mean, you are targeted, you know what you are going after. >> any time you hear about that, inside job, someone new that kevin hart had to have lived there, right? we'll see. now to very exciting announcement. >> mayor jim kenney names this
4:56 am
year's marion anderson award recipient, for for the awards are in honor of philadelphia opera singer of course, marion anderson, the legend. it is for artists whose work has contributed to our society, and improve our world. for the first time since 2008, more tan one person being hon orders at the awards, comes at real important time. >> this year's ceremonies particularly special as it comes just two months after it was announce that marion anderson will be memorialized on the newly designed back of the 5-dollar bill along with other civil rights leaders. marion anderson's talent as local list always surpassed by her dedication by fighting for the right of all americans. >> the award takes place in november. >> recovering, two breaking news stories, five people returned to the hospital after a shooting. >> and a breaking story out of orlando, a child missing, a two year old, feared to have been taken by an alligator, the latest on the investigation next.
4:57 am
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4:59 am
>> we're covering two breaking news store thinks morning, five people are shot in wilmington, three of them under age, and a fire in lansdale. threatening everything in its way. plus this. >> the guilt of feeling grateful to be alive is heavy. want to go smile about surviving but not sure if the
5:00 am
people around you are ready. as the world mourns, the victims killed anniversary slain, i feel guilty about screaming about my legs in pain. >> poem about survivors guilt from our own patience carter, an intern here at fox 29. she one of the victim in the weekends' night club shooting in orlando, the struggle right now in light of this unimaginable tragedy. plus the one person police say new about the night club attack, but did nothing about it. >> and the most magical place on earth, becomes site of patient's worse nightmare. dragged into the water by alligator. >> much more on that in just a minute, first, good day, it is wednesday, june 15, 2016. >> before we get to all of the big stories, let's start with weather, sue serio, wednesday, hump day, moving toward the week end. >> another day will be pretty nice. just going to go


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