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tv   Fox Morning News at 5A  FOX  June 15, 2016 5:00am-6:01am EDT

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people around you are ready. as the world mourns, the victims killed anniversary slain, i feel guilty about screaming about my legs in pain. >> poem about survivors guilt from our own patience carter, an intern here at fox 29. she one of the victim in the weekends' night club shooting in orlando, the struggle right now in light of this unimaginable tragedy. plus the one person police say new about the night club attack, but did nothing about it. >> and the most magical place on earth, becomes site of patient's worse nightmare. dragged into the water by alligator. >> much more on that in just a minute, first, good day, it is wednesday, june 15, 2016. >> before we get to all of the big stories, let's start with weather, sue serio, wednesday, hump day, moving toward the week end. >> another day will be pretty nice. just going to go with ten
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again. we tried to be conservative with our ten's, but yesterday, and the day before, just ideal. today we will see increasing clouds, as the day goes by, so, we'll go with a eight for you, tranquil start this morning, we have 62 degrees at the airport. calm winds. 78% relative humidity, 5:32 your sunrise time, so very close to that happening. 43 degrees in mount pocono, we have mostly 50's to the north of us, and to the west of us, 53, out there, in lancaster, 62 as we said here in the city. fifty-nine atlantic city, millville at 52 degrees to start your day. not much of a breeze out there, at all, unlike the past couple of days when it was quite breezy, but we do have just some clouds around, means filtered sunshine, we get started this morning, juan the area of rainout to the west, doesn't look like it will make it here, keep an eye on it just the same. many degrees yesterday, where the average high was 83, it was so pleasant, especially, because the humidity was low. now with the clouds around,
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little bit more moisture in the air, a tad more humid today. nothing oppressive. 82 degrees, seasonable high temperatures, sunset is not until 8:31. bob kelly, the first day of summer monday. so these are the longest days of the year. >> you got it, yes, especially first day back like vacation, tough get to go sleep last night, i know i'll be tired later today, and the kids going to the baseball game. how is the weather going to be at the phillies game tonight? >> pretty good. >> there you go, good to go. 5:02, live look at route 202 in the heart of the construction zone. down to one lane here northbound for the gang leaving west chester, heading up in toward king of prussia. hello camden, new jersey, live look at the admiral wilson boulevard, working your way in from the airport circle, and the background there, heading up in toward the ben franklin. no problems or delays at the moment. some slow going in the work zone here on the turnpike, between that slip ramp there at route 29 over toward valley forge, fire location in
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lansdale, with some local detours this morning, at fifth and mitchell. be prepared for, that firefighters throughout walt any alarm blaze, route 101 trolley using shuttle buses today beginning of track work, and also, dining under the stars, there, in media, on a wednesday night. both the market frankford and the subway started rolling trains, beginning just few moments ago, and mass transit reporting no delays. chris, lauren, back to you. >> following breaking news out of wilmington, delaware, five people recovering in the hospital after police say injured during shooting. >> this happened about 9:30, along elm and south van buren streets. steve keeley live with this. good morning. >> reporter: well, last night's shooting was the third shooting incident in the same neighborhood, just since friday. a teenage boy was shot in the stomach on friday. then a 24 year old man shot in the shoulder, monday, just knit before, last night, on
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the same block, that two of the five shot last night were found by police. it is called the hedge ville neighborhood. and police hedge their bets to prevent further violence last night, closing off many of the street in that area to ease both tensions and fears. chris, lauren, all seven people shot most of them teenagers are stable, the same sadly can't be said for the hedge ville neighborhood of wilmington. >> so sad. >> emergency crews work to go get commercial building under fire in lansdale. blaze started around 11:30 last night at the intersection of mitchell avenue and west fifth street. officials say the fire grew largest just before midnight. not aware of any injuries at this time. >> more than 50 officers right now, are searching for two year old boy, who is dragged into a lagoon by alligator right there on the disney world property. the grand floridian hotel. boy's family is on vacation
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from nebraska, waiting in a lake last night, when he was attack by this alligator. father tried to jump in and wrestle with the alligator to save this boy. but was unsuccessful. court to go authorities this attack happened where no swimming signs are posted. the alligator's estimated to be between four and 7 feet long. it is exact size not known. unbelievable that another potential tragedy happened in florida this week. >> yes, and speaking of tragedy, in florida, let's talk about this new details about the days leading up to the mass shoot nag orlando night club. investigators who have spoken with the gun and mast wife are looking into whether the two of them were recent lit at or outside the club he attack. the officials had been toll omar mateen and his wife had been at the pulse night club before, use mag attorney's phone to see if he had visited the club. sources tell fox fuse mateen's wife did know about plans for this possible attack, and did not alert authority before the
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shooting. >> forty-nine people died, more than 50 others were hurt. we understand 53 is the number of survivors in this attack who were shot. we know 27 survivors are still in the hospital right now. two of the survivors from sunday sheeting spoke for the first time both from philadelphia, both still in the hospital recovering. >> one of them patience dart err is a intern here at fox 29, dave kinchen with more on what she had to say yesterday. dave, what can you tell us? >> patience told her story to the world, and shed new light on the orlando night club shooting, and she heard chilling words from the suspect leading to a possible motive here and more details on that medical staff wheeled pain nina auditorium to speak with reporters about that night of terror. she said she was on vacation with friends, excited about going to the pulse night club which had high ratings on line. but soon she would be held hostage for three hours in a bathroom hearing gunshot after gunshot, watching a friend die. we are learning more about why the shooter may have attacked
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based on what she overheard. >> to hear him talking to 911 saying that the reason why he is doing this is because he wants america to stop bombing his country. and from that conversation, from 911, he pledges allegiance to isis, and he started speaking in i believe after he got off the phone with 911 he started speaking in arabic. >> just horrifying. meantime this is her friends, 18 year old akira murray who is the youngest of the victims to die. she is pictured here at her west catholic prep graduation, just last week, patience also said that she believed that the killer was talking to at least another person on the phone that someone else had to be involved. of course we've been griped by every word that she spoke from that press conference, she wrote a poem on the guilt of surviving when so many other died. you will hear about that later in this morning news, as well, lauren? >> dave, thank if you. of course you heard small piece of the poem, she wrote
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about survivors guilt. later today we will talk to licensed therapist, clerical worker, hash out dealing with the guilt and the grief. >> the family of the philadelphia teen who died in the orlando massacre has a warning for those looking to help the families, a mother of 18 year old akira murray, patience's friend, said they've in the dollars several fake go fun me pages set up in their daughter's memory. the daughter -- the mother said those wish to go donate money to the murray -- murray family, head to any citizens bank location. >> women who philadelphia police found cuffed and murdered in fairmount park has been identified, couple on their way to work spotted the body around 8:00 a.m. yesterday just off the 5300 block of george avenue. investigators have identified the woman as 26 year old toy carter bryant from chester. they say she had been in a struggle and may have been tortured before she was killed. people who live nearby are in shock. >> this is not the casino of place where murders and stuff like that, or dumping bodies,
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sorry, for her family, that's all. >> police say they have notified her family about the death. >> funeral services for singer christina grimmie will be held later in her hometown every new jersey. >> voice star shot to death after she signed autographs. christina apparently had no personal connection to the man who shot her and then killed himself after being tackled by her brother. a viewing will be held on friday at fellowship alliance chapel in medford. memorial service will be held there friday night. christina grimmie only 22 years old. >> lived in evesham township, small community 20 miles here from philadelphia, her and her family moved to los angeles to pursue her dreams. >> atlantic city most spectacular casino flop will begin to not only reopen under new ownership, view gambling as tiny piece of the action, but they're just happy it is re-opening. >> right. the own here bought revel for $28 million said nine the hundred hotel rooms will be open soon. they will be occupied mostly
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by guests of a company he's hiring to operate the casino, which he hopes to have open by late august. 5:10 this morning, everyone loves a god cup of joe. is that caffeine give you the boost you need? when expert say it is time to leave the coffee alone and get a good notation sleep. >> fat chance.
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morning full of adventure once again here in the studio, if you only new. we have few clouds around this morning. but, we should see some sunshine to start your day, it will be pretty cloudy for the game tonight. headed to the phillies game, playing the blue jays again, but this time, we're at home. last night they were at home. and, well, they won. now, we will hope to change that tonight. we will have 78 degrees with mostly cloudy skies when the game begins at 75:00 -- 7:05, winds seven to 10 miles per hour, pretty comfy night, even though it won't be sun when got game begins. rat the rain not expected to begin until after midnight. 62 degrees in philadelphia, right now, 53 in lancaster, 43 in mount pocono, we have 60 degrees in dover, delaware, 63 in wildwood, winds are calm
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starting to change direction, the reason we bring that up, we've had low humidity past couple of days with southwesterly wind, we could see just tiny bit more humidity, but it doesn't look like it will be a big deal. so sunny skies to start today. according to the fox future cast. clouding up by the end of the day, sprinkle or two, in the morning, and then some thunderstorms possible in the afternoon tomorrow. friday morning, looks like this computer model, mostly cloudy skies, we have the chance of the odd shower or two on friday morning, but we should see sunshine by the afternoon, headed into fathers day weekends pretty good weather. so let's get to the seven day forecast, start with 82 today, 75, much cooler tomorrow with the showers around, friday's high of 79, and we have sunshine, emerging in the afternoon, after morning clouds on friday. maybe stray shower. then we get 82 degrees on saturday, 84 for fathers day, sunshine, your gift for dad, heating up, 90 degrees on
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tuesday, before some thunderstorm hits, thunderstorms hit, and then at the shore, temperatures in the 70s, 76 degrees your average temperature, most of your shore points today. >> i like your little bucket and shovel gear there. you need like one of those america backseats, though, to put it to carry everything back. maybe one of the sands art with the wheels on it, to lug everything back, good morning, everybody, 5:15, on a wednesday, back at it, already, hump day. live look at the schuylkill expressway, no problems or delays at all, art museum there in the background, and all of the new building that's going underway here in center city. looking good. open for business on the vine street expressway. back to both directions open as you work your way between the schuylkill and broad street. so we're ready for a morning rush hour, one left over crew out here, along 202, right near the bypass, little slow going through the work zone along the turnpike between route 29 and valley forge. some detours around a multi alarm fire in lansdale there
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is morning, at fifth and mitchell. then later today watch for crews working along this stretch of 322, right at route 452 there in the heart of as ten, delaware county. looking for something to do with the kids today? chris murphy. >> do i have to or can i go golf? >> no, no golfing today. >> oh? >> the kids want to go to the italian festival, come on, take them down there, you got parking at the waterfront, the saint anthony's italian in the heart of wilmington all the way through this weekend, and the 101 trolley is using shuttle buses between orange and providence. a combination of track work and tonight's that dining under the stars in media. chris, lauren, back over to you. >> thanks so much, bob. prep obama addressed the nation, didn't minutes words about how he feels in the wake of the orlando shooting. >> the president calling out republicans who he says are using dangerous rhetoric to feed into the terrorist hands. >> that's the key they tell us. we can't beat isil unless we
5:17 am
call them radical islamists. what exactly would using this label accomplish? what exactly would it change? would it make isil less committed try and kill americans? >> so why is president braham barack obama saying this? well, donald trump has criticized the president for not using the term rad cam islam. trump responded by once again calling the president soft on the issue. >> once again, we've seen that political correctness is deadly. they doesn't want to talk about the problem. >> and i watched president obama today, and he was more angry at me than he was at the shooter. >> well, trump continues to call for ban on imigrants from countries with the history of terrorism, presumed democratic
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nominee hillary clinton also criticized trump's plans saying that type of ban would not have prevented what happened this past weekend in orlando. >> the shooting was born in america. >> philadelphia police on the hunt for a man who impersonated firefighter and got away with nervily $500 there is man caught on surveillance camera last friday at the popeye restaurant west lehigh safe. investigators tell us he walked in, saying he was thereto row place the fire extinguishers. the man seemed to have key information about the owner and everything else, and was allowed to examine the the extinguishers in the back, then left two receipts. but after he got paid in cash, what do you think he did? yes, he went out to his car and took off and never came back. >> everything was just clicking so fast, like he knew, like he knew the boss' name, he just new everything to say, like everything was just, there he didn't stutter. he didn't bling. he didn't flinch, nothing. >> hey, if you recognize the guy give police a call. >> police in chester county
5:19 am
accuse the man murdering three people, the shootings happened in west virginia but the suspect fled to our area. the 32 year old one time did live in pennsville township salem count which his mother. the manhunt stands three state, laced about eight hours, police say the fatal shootings happened over a property dispute. >> 5:19. this morning, hearing scheduled for the juveniles charged in connection with the death after delaware high school student, amy joyner francis. police say 16 year old francis was beaten and killed inside a school bathroom in the howard high school of technology back in april. now, officials say the incident was over a boy. two teens are charged with third agree criminal conspiracy and will be tried as juveniles. they could spend up to one year behind bars, and another young lady, facing homicide charges. >> a camden county judge has ruled interview between detective and local father accused of killing his young son will be interred as evidence in his murder trial. attorney for david creato argue that investigators
5:20 am
misled his client, never told them that he was a suspect in the death of his three year old, camden county superior court judge john john kelly said however creato appeared more than willing to cooperate with investigators, his trial now set to start on october 3rd. he's pleaded not guilty for murder around child endangerment charges in the death that far little boy. >> all right, we all love coffee specially at 5:20 in the morning, right? but is the caffeine what you need or more sleep? we'll have the latest. >> taking over local town, coming to you this week, we will be riff from 7:00 to 10:00. at cottman avenue in mayfair. >> you can win an in you car, sign up on our website win brand new mazda cx9. when you go to our home page, you'll see little red thing there, see, end tow win. click on that. we'll have big give away coming up. but first, here is a not a
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opiat, two thirds more likely to die specifically from heart related complications compared to that other group. >> this might be the no duh story of the day. you need more sleep. not even caffeine will help. here is the deal two. cups of coffee a day does boost your energy and performance, did you know scientists found the effect only valid up to two, what does this mean? only up to two night bad sleep? defined by re searches up to five hours of sleep a night. found after three consecutive night of restricted sleep caffeine lost its effect. i get it, so in other words, it can offset your lack of sleep but only to a point. yes, 5:24, exciting announcement for the city of philadelphia. mayor jim kenney names the year's marion anderson award recipient. >> give it up, awards in honor of the opera singer marion anderson for artists whose work has contributed to our society and improves our world. for the first time since 2008 more than one person is being
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honored at the awards, and it comes at a very important time. >> this year's ceremony particularly special it comes just few months after it was announce that marion anderson will be memorialized on the newly designed back of the 5-dollar bill along with other civil right leaders. marion anderson's talent as a vocalist only surpassed by her dedication, to fighting for the right of all americans. >> this gala takes place in november. >> let's head to steve keeley now covering a developing story for us out of wilmington. steve, good morning. >> yes, four days of violence for the police here at headquarters, to deal with and sort out in one neighborhood, seven shot, mostly teens, none arrested, no guns recovered. so dave, the bad folks doing bad things are still on the street and still armed. >> they are, and you know, talking about a survivor not just a survivor by our intern patience cart here says the gunman in orlando spoke to her and the other victims
5:26 am
directly, what she says he toll her after the break.
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spokesbox: ♪ go paperless, don't stress, girl ♪ ♪ i got the discounts that you need ♪ ♪ safe driver ♪ accident-free ♪ everybody put your flaps in the air for me ♪ >> coming up on 5:30 there is wednesday morning, following two breaking stories for you, five people are shot in wilmington, three young victims, what happened right
5:29 am
before the bullets started to fly. i feel so guilty about it because told akira stay outside and just wait. i tried to go back and get a kira. we did make t file really guilty about that. >> survivors guilt from our own patience carter. she is one of the victims in this weekend's deadly night club shooting in orlando. what she says this struggle now means for her. >> plus the most magical place on earth, becomes the site of a parent's worse nightmare. frantic search for child dragged into the water by an alligator near disney resort in orlando. we understand this is the grand floridian resort which as you know, lauren, having lived in orlando, right there as part of the disney world property, flight. >> yes. we will hear from officials at 6:25 this morning, find out what the late zest on their investigation, but first we turn things to sue serio for a look the our weather on this wednesday. >> yes, june 15th, already,
5:30 am
how does it get to be the 15th of june? i don't know. it is flying by. bus stop buddy though, still school for some kids, philadelphia public schools are in session, at least with the kids, through the 22nd. so still waiting for the bus, but the phillies are back home tonight hopefully with bet r results than last night. they're playing the blue jays again. so 50's, 60s, should be dry for the game, we've got some sun as we start our day. and we look at 62 degrees. >> basically, calm wind, relative humidity 78%, biggest difference between yesterday and today it will feel stickier out there, not yesterday, 50's to the north of us, and to the south of us, as well, 52 millville, 59 in wilmington, and 59 at atlantic city international airport. not much winds to worry b few clouds, watch that area of showers moving into the western part of maryland, looks like it will skirt to the south. we shouldn't see any rain
5:31 am
until very late tonight. 78 degrees, tremendous tuesday, hope you got out to enjoy at least some of it 82 degrees should be hooty today, see increasing clouds, throughout the day, and winds out of the west at only 5 miles an hour. so looking pretty good for today, we'll tell you when the rain begins coming up a little later on in the seven day forecast, 5:31, look who is back. >> thanks for covering the jam cams, live look at the blue route, 476, casino of quiet as it goes up and over the schuylkill headed in toward mid-county, here's the first hint of some sun glare, right here, i59 in delaware county, no problems at although as you work your way up towards the airport, crews are out, that active work zone on the pennsylvania turnpike, from, say, philly bensalem, headed all the way over to that delaware valley interchange, and of course up and over that turnpike connector bridge. every couple every days you see the traffic pattern
5:32 am
shuffle around in pretty much all of the work zones even right here they've been paving on the overnight, 202, for malvern,. >> multi alarm fire in lansdale, with local detours, at fifth and mitchell, so look out there midday work 322 at 452, aston, delaware county all of the bridges look fine, mass transit looking good no delays. chris, lauren backs to you. >> breaking news out of wilmington, delaware, search right now on to the person who responsible for shooting five people luckily recovering this morning in the hospital. steve keeley with the latest development, hi, steve. >> likely a lot more than one shooter in this neighborhood, because we've had a lot of shooting in the same few blocks, just since friday, they're seeing summer of shootings so far. just in this one neighborhood called hedge ville seven people shot in four days since friday started with teenage boy getting shot in the
5:33 am
stomach. monday the night before last a young man shot in the shoulder. this happened on the same street, that two of the five people shot last night were found, the only positive it pull out of all of this is that none of the seven shot were hurt too bad. all are stable motion teenagers, and police doing what they can to keep it that way because they shutdown and closed off many of the streets >> the people there not complaining about any inconvenience, rather getting detoured in the car than rushed away in a ambulance like those seven young people. >> emergency crook work to go get a commercial building fire under control in lansdale. the blaze started around 11:30 last night there is at the intersection mitchell and west fifth street. officials say the fire grew in size, not aware of any injuries at this hour. >> orange county florida, more than 50 officers are searching right now for two year old boy
5:34 am
who was dragged into a lagoon by an alligator, on the walt disney world property. officials say the boy's family was on vacation from nebraska, was wade nag lake last night when this attack happened. the father tried to jump into the water to save the boy. but was unsuccessful. according to authorities, the attack happened in a area where there were no swimming signs posted, but not that the kid would notice that. he is two. the alligator's estimated to be four to 7 feet long. again, no sign of that two year old right now. >> new details about the days leading to up mass shooting in orlando night club. investigators who have spoken with the gunman's wife are now looking into whether the two of them were recently at or even outside that club. officials had been toll omar mateen and his wife had been at the pulse night club before. fbi advice the to seeing ferris visited the club. tell fox news mateen's wife new for possible plans about attack it, not alert authorities before the shooting.
5:35 am
>> the latest: forty-nine people died in the attack, 53 other were hurt. we now know 27 survivors are still in the hospital. >> two of those survivors from sunday shooting spoke for the first time since the massacre, both of them from philadelphia, both still in the hospital recovering. >> one of them is patience cart here is an intern here at fox 29, dave, we all know her well. boy, what she said yesterday, was nothing short of compelling snow. >> no doubt about it, lauren, chris. she did not say one thing that did not paint a vivid picture of the terror that unfolded at the orlando night club, in fact, she says, the gunman even spoke directly to the victims, who he wanted to spare. wheeled patience into the the hospital room, she was excited about going to the club, it was popular spot, according to on line reviews, soon would hear nothing but screams, cell phones going off, while she was held hostage for three
5:36 am
hours, after hear who she said the gunman wanted to spare in the rampage. >> he even spoke to us directly in the bathroom. he said are there any black people in here? i was too afraid to answer. but there was an african-american male in the stall where most of my body was, majority of my boyde was answered, he said yes, there are about six to seven of us. and the gunman responded back to him saying that you know, i have a problem with black people, this is about my country, you guys suffered enough. and he just -- he made a statement saying that it wasn't about black people. he this isn't the reason why he was doing this. >> so much trying to figure out here in terms of the motive. this is patience's friend 18 year old akira murray the youngest of the victims to die. she is picture here, just about a week ago, at her west catholic prep graduation last week. and patience also says she believed the killer was talking to someone else and
5:37 am
that there must be at least one other person involved in this. by the way she got out but went back in to save her friend so she is being described as a hero, as women, fox news is actually just talking about her there. she even wrote a poem talking about the guilt of surviving when so many died. you will be hearing that all morning here on the news and good day philadelphia. >> she started yesterday by addressing everyone there with that poem. then she went into that account of what had happened. then she finally broke down, can you imagine, she had just had surgery the day before. she had been shot the day before that. and you can see, this is just come out of the philadelphia inquirer, and look at that tender picture of the doctor there, trying to comfort patience as she broke down yesterday. >> we have much more to cover. we will talk about sport coming up in just a minute. welcome to the big league, kid. ya, zach, this didn't go so well. and the same team, the blue
5:38 am
jays, now coming down here to philadelphia, and take on our phillies yet again. let's hope for a better outcome.
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>> good morning, phillies had minor league call up pitching first game in the major leagues, and the game over in the third inning. to toronto, that would be zach, up for the injured, then selected, parent came in watch the game.
5:41 am
not good game. he gave up six in the thirds. two of those on. hitting two run homer. bases loaded. josh donaldson up five-nothing. not good pitch. that's a bad pitch. that's also a grand-slam. zach, two and two thirds, gives up nine runs, not good day, the phillies lose it 11 to three. >> start here on thursday on fox. yesterday players got in practice rounds, teeing off thursday morning, 7:51. also, in the morning, roy mcelroy at 8:24, jordan spieth will be at 8:35, jason day tees off 220, from drexel, the kid, chris crawford, at 242, that's sports in a minute. and i'm howard eskin. >> okay, so delaware man accused of throwing that beer bottle at ryan howard has appeared in court. >> his name sydney minute. charged with disorderly conduct, turned himself in last week. he is just 21, he must
5:42 am
complete a class next month and pay a $200 fine. his record would then be expunged. >> good he didn't get kicked out of citizens bank park for good for something like that. >> should have. >> later in the show, a christian charity, sending group of comfort dogs to orlando where a community is grieving the death of 49 people. the good news coming up after the break.
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>> starting off with a ultimate look, satellite picture here, you see few clouds around, look out to the western part of the state, there are few showers, most of this seems to be moving in a southeasterly direction, which means it, should skirt by the philadelphia area. but we will keep an eye on it throughout the morning. tomorrow, sorry, friday, tomorrow is thursday, getting ahead of myself, we are getting a trip together to mayfair, the quarter of -- corner of frankford and cottman to celebrate northeast philadelphia in good day dries you. and there is a chan after sprinkle or two, but the forecast for friday morning seems to be improving a bit. it looks like we will be cloudy, with temperatures in the 60s, throughout the morning, but looks cool, comfy, and we will take the clouds, we will have a chance after few sprinkles, and hopefully we will get rid of them by friday morning. so what's happening for today? it does look like we could get couple of sprinkles today, but
5:46 am
really the rain arrives tonight, into tomorrow, and tomorrow morning at this time is when we could be seeing few heavy downpours, 62 degrees and very tranquil right now in philadelphia, 53, lancaster, reading has 54, so does allentown. pottstown 52, 59 in wilmington. millville, new jersey, 52 degrees to get you startedment not much wind to talk about. but the wind direction is changing. so, you may feel a little more humidity if you are outside. you can stay outside all day. really don't expect like we said the showers to start until after midnight tonight. but here we are 4:00 a.m. with the possibility of some heavy rain maybe even thunderstorm tomorrow morning. hopefully, by the end of the day, we are rid of all of that. it will be cooler with the clouds and the rain on thursday. friday's high 79 degrees with sunshine emerging in the afternoon, then ready for a nice weekend, and things look heating up by the middle of next week, probably reach 90 degrees, by tuesday of next week. but it looks like for you bob
5:47 am
kelly forefathers day, nice day, sunshine for you. >> good weekends outdoors, a lot of folks going out, maybe doing some fathers day barbequing, 5:47. good morning everybody on a wednesday. looks like not sure if this is an accident or a medical emergency. a cull went out for both. off ramp blue route to route one delaware countiment ramps are open, route one open, rescue squad and a lot of activity here off to the shoulderment be careful come with the route one and the blue route this morning. hello to the admiral wilson boulevard. cool shot. airport circle in the background, where 70, 38, 130, all kind of come in together. and then here is the admiral wilson working your way in toward the ben franklin bridge this morning. good morning to wilmington. no problems at all up and down 95, or 495, we will zoom on up to a new traffic pattern, on the passyunk avenue bridge. now, crews started working last night at around 7:00. so there will be new pattern
5:48 am
in play for the next couple of months here, no problems at the moment, platt bridge, girard point double decker looking good. we got the multi alarm fire, with some local detours in lansdale, right around fifth and mitchell, so, look for delays there. and then midday work coming to aston, delaware county right where 322 and 452 come together. mass transit, though, looking good. chris, lauren, back over to you. >> bob, thank you so much n your money general motors is rolling out a new safety device could save the lives of young children, a back seat reminder is being ruled out for the 2017suv. if you open the back seat door feature will play a sound, display dashboard message when driver is leaving the car. goal to prevent heat stroke death when babies are left inside the vehicle. >> walt disney company donating $1 million to one orlando fund, that mondayly go to non-profit in the community supporting those impacted by the orlando shooting this past weekends, also going to step further up in their matching dollar to dollar made by
5:49 am
donations by company employees, disney world resort providing complimentary accommodation toss families and friend of victims. >> and if you missed this story yesterday, it is still happening, jet blue also in the giving spirit, offering free flights in and out of the city for family members who lost loved ones, or, whose loved ones were hurt in the attack. it was lat inch night at pulse, many of the families lives in puerto rico. should call 800-jet-blue for more details on the orlando flight. >> hillary clinton gains a dozen more delegates, than bernie sanders, after a win last night in the district of columbia a. >> clinton pick up 16 delegates to sanders four, it means finishes democratic presidential primary season with a lead of 387 delegates over sanders. two rivals metaphor 09 minutes after the polls closed, she had a, quote, positive discussion. >> every friday it proves, yes, good day drives you to a town near you, northeast philadelphia coming to you on friday, we will be live from
5:50 am
7:00 to 10:00 the at con man and frankford avenues in mayfair best part you can win a new car, just go to fox 29 click on the contest page, and then the final show the big give away. >> yeah, here is where we will be headed, where you can meet the good day team, friday, july 22, fairmount park, con on out, see us, sign to up win that car. >> mike jerrick was on the phone with this lady of course, our intern, patience carter, you called her? orlando? >> yesterday afternoon, she pick up the phone from her hospital bed. talking about the jet blue things friends, family fly for free. she goes, i said, well, because you don't have too many families members down there, i'll fly down and hang with you for a couple every days. she goes well, okay, we'll talk about it, but she said but jet blue, you know, you have to take a hop. so it will take you five, six hours, like she was worried i was out of my way. from a hospital bed. that's who she is though. so if you guys believe in
5:51 am
these bad things happening in three's, did you ever hear that? >> christina grimmie. >> right. >> then the orlando attack. >> and then the toddler last night. >> and the thing at disney worlds. >> three in one city, orlando, another night march for them, toddler it, year old boy, right, pulled into lagoon by an alligator as his parent watched this last night about 9:30. so, they are still looking but of course it does not look good. up. >> and then we talk about patience, our intern down there in florida. she red that poem yesterday. boy it was dramatic wasn't it? so poised she talked about survival guilt apparently fairly common thing, going through something like this, not many people, but we do have psychiatrist to talk about that. >> whole foods, right, some leaky pipes at a plant up in massachusetts. >> affecting contaminating those ready to eat foods that i sales tees everybody about, you know, the carrots you can't even, so lazy you can't
5:52 am
cut carrot any more. >> you can't shred your own lettuce, you know, stuff. >> yes. >> but, before go shopping, you better their report. >> we will see you in eight minutes. >> okay, thank you, brother. >> you got it. >> later in our show, christian charity sending group of comfort dogs to orlando, where a community is of course grieving the death of 49 people killed in that night club massacre. the good news tail coming up. one american park is larger than yellowstone, yosemite, grand canyon and glacier national parks combined. and that's not the only thing you can only find
5:53 am
in new york state. ♪ you can find it all only in new york. new york. it's all here. it's only here. plan your summer vacation at
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prodders, shuckersers, and sniffers, [ inhales ] all giant produce is triple checked. farm, crate, and store. we're focusing on fresh... you don't have to guess. my giant.
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>> live picture from philadelphia looking to the east over the ben franklin bridge. beautiful, beautiful sunrise, as we've seen, all over tv and social media, people from all over the world, are showing their support for orlando after sunday morning deadly massacre. chicago showing their sport by sending team of comfort dogs from north brooke. dogs arriving hoping to bring some light in the time of darkness for so many. the comfort dog ministry, will be making themselves available, at counselling centers, they'll also be visiting families affected by this tragedy.
5:56 am
>> we are reaping out to anyone affected by this whether directly or indirectly. >> they're from chicago, we're from chicago. >> (crying). >> the team of 19 people and 12 dogs will also be visiting injured victims in the hospital and first responders. for now they plan on staying one week, may stay longer depending on the needs. five people shot in wilmington, three young victims. what happened right before the bullets start today fly. and more tragedy out of orlando. the most magical place on earth. a parent's worse nightmare. frantic search for child who was dragged into the water by an alligator, and never seen again, at the disney world resort in orlando.
5:57 am
5:58 am
5:59 am
after trying brookside chocolate, people talk about it online. love at first taste. i would liquefy it and bathe in it. curse you, brookside! your nefarious plans have succeeded. nefarious? are we still talking about chocolate? brookside. talk about delicious. >> orlando, touted as the happiest place on earth, a toddler now snatched, dragged in a lagoon by an alligator at disney world. what authorities say the child's mother and father tried to do before the little
6:00 am
boy disappeared in front of them. would be alive and heavy. >> she was poe at the time i can in reliving the horror she saw during the deadly night club shooting. hear more from over intern patience carter about the night she nearly died. >> and, back in our area, violence, five people shot in wilmington, the thirds shoot interesting in less than a week, how police are trying to ease the tension in that city. all right, again, we will try to make this a good day everybody, june the 15th, 2016. bob kelly back in the house. >> got the whole gang back together, good to be back. >> the bands is bag together. >> i got my little irish sun town here. >> down the shore? >> avalon, stone harbored, my wife surprised me, i'll tell but that good. >> awesome. couple of nice beach days, i think we'll give you one more today. it will be quiet, perfect as yesterday, but still eight is great. and bus stop buddy ready for the day with his short sleeve shirt on. phillies c


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