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tv   Good Day Philadelphia at 6A  FOX  June 15, 2016 6:00am-7:01am EDT

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them. would be alive and heavy. >> she was poe at the time i can in reliving the horror she saw during the deadly night club shooting. hear more from over intern patience carter about the night she nearly died. >> and, back in our area, violence, five people shot in wilmington, the thirds shoot interesting in less than a week, how police are trying to ease the tension in that city. all right, again, we will try to make this a good day everybody, june the 15th, 2016. bob kelly back in the house. >> got the whole gang back together, good to be back. >> the bands is bag together. >> i got my little irish sun town here. >> down the shore? >> avalon, stone harbored, my wife surprised me, i'll tell but that good. >> awesome. couple of nice beach days, i think we'll give you one more today. it will be quiet, perfect as yesterday, but still eight is great. and bus stop buddy ready for the day with his short sleeve shirt on. phillies cap, they're back at
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home tonight playing the blue jays, again, hopefully with better results than last night. there is a little bit of haze with your sunshine as you start the day today. we have 62 degrees, and southwesterly wind at 5 miles an hour, 78% relative humidity with 44 degrees in mount pocono, little cooler to the north of us, mid 50's in reading, lancaster, trenton has 55 degrees, 57 in wilmington and wildwood, at atlantic city international, 06 degrees. that's what it feels like walking out the door. what's it look like? that filtered sunshine, few clouds here and there, and the phillies play the blue jays, as we said tonight it should be 78 degrees when the game begins. we come down from the high of 82 today, increasing clouds. that's your weather planner, welcome back mr. bob. >> sue, thank you forehand link the jam cams while i was away there, good morning everybody, live look at 4:00 -- 6:01, the eastbound schuylkill expressway. phillies finest firefighters here, got the hook and ladder, eastbound accident at girard
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avenue. right at the girard avenue off-ramps. so right now there is only two of the three lanes open, coming in observe, a south on 95, smashed with some sun glare, and delays from cottman in to girard. a medical emergency at the ramps, the off-ramps from the blue route 476 to route one, right here, in delaware county. new traffic pattern on the passyunk avenue bridge. they kicked that into gear last night, so be ready for that. and pay attention there this morning. fifth and mitchell in lansdale, a multi alarm fire, with some local detours, and we're running with delays on all of the subway surface trolleys, from some earlier equipment problems. mike and alex back over to you. >> i have said the words orlando over the last five days more time than enough my entire life. now this. the unthinkable. a two year old boy is missing at walt disney world reportedly dragged into a lagoon by an alligator, at the grand floridian resorts. so many people in the delaware valley have stayed there.
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the sheriff there says the boy's family was on vacation from nebraska, and was wading in a little lake, a pond basically, when the attack happened around 9:30 last night. the father and the mom tried to save the boy, but they were unsuccessful. we'll have much more on this coming up at 30:00. >> and, wilmington, delaware, five people recovering in the hospital after police say they were shot. >> they say it happened around 9:15 last night, along elm and south van buren street. steve keeley live outside the wilmington police department with more on what happened? always bad when you see the yellow evidence markers in the street hit double digit, that's when wilmington police did last night, in the, if you look at our video, from quarter after 9:00 the number 16 on the far right there is makes the third shooting incident in the same section of wilmington in just four days, known as the hedge ville neighborhood.
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and one of the streets, two of the five people shot last night were found on, is the same block, that a 24 year old man was shot on monday, just the night before. he was hit in the shoulder and that came just two days after a teenage boy was shot friday, right around the corner from that. all seven people shot in the past four days, are mostly teenagers, all are stable, and all under 18 almost except for the guy shot on friday, and that shows you either the kids are the targets, or the kids are just outside trying to play in the summer, and getting caught in some crossfire. police shutdown several blocks as they investigated the latest shooting and probably likely trying to deter any more. so alex and mike, violence continues here in wilmington and it may continue because police did not finds anyone who fired any of the guns, that means, the bad guys and the guns are still out here. >> still out there, all right,
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keep us updated 6:05 now. >> commercial building burns for hours overnight in lansdale, around 11:30, at the intersection of mitchell avenue and west fifth street. officials say the fire moved up to two alarms, just before midnight. at this point no word on what caused it or if anyone was hurt in the fire. you. >> to the latest on the terror attack in orlando, the shooter's wife new about possible plans for attack and did not alert authority before the shooting. did not rule out charging her as accomplice. >> as for those who were injured, 27 remain in the hospital this morning with six still in critical condition. five other in guarded condition. two survivors from sun stay the shooting spoke for the first time since the massacre. >> yesterday afternoon, alex, both from philly matter of fact. they did not know each other, still in the hospital recovering together. one of them of course our patience carter, intern here at fox. >> and i think for anyone who
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is watching that press conference, i mean, you couldn't look away. it was just stunning to hear what she said. >> most incredible statement, testimony, whatever you want to call it from a victim of crime that i've ever heard in my life. victim of terrorism in this case, mike and alex, patience originally got out that far shooting scene but then went back in for her friends who did not make it out. now she is painting a vivid, vivid picture of the horrifying night in orlando, the 20 year old wheeled into an auditorium by medical staff to speak with reporters, found herself head hostage for three hours, gunfire and death all around her, listen as she talked about the unknown person who protected her. >> thank you, thank you, for saving my life literally. if it wasn't for that person shielding me it, would have been me shot. and i wouldn't be sitting here today to talk about it. so after he left, rang the last three shot, hey you, pow,
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pow, if. ow, bus through the wall, put your weapon done, they didn't, so he they egad in gunfire, to they got him and shot him dead f that point because the wall had exploded, the pipe, there was water starting to rise, i was getting really scared because i was thinking like if i don't get -- if they don't get to me soon or something i might drown sitting here in this water, this pile of bloody water. >> patience was there with her friends 18 year old akira murray, pictured here at hess west catholic prep graduation, the youngest of the victims to die. patience also said she believed the killer was talking to someone else and other people had to be involved. >> alex, mike? >> we shall see about that. authorities still looking into that. 6:07. well, the orlando attack has ignite add war of words between president obama and donald trump yesterday. why the presumptive gop nominee says the president's anger is directed at the wrong people. >> and the search for a killer
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continues after a gruesome find in a normally peaceful park. what police are saying about the woman whose body was found in fairmount park yesterday.
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apparently, people think i'm too perky. so now i'm not being perky, telling you that drivers that switch to progressive save an average of $548! whoo! i mean, whoo. that woman who philadelphia police found handcuffed and murdered yesterday morning in fairmount park, she has been identified. >> so, couple on their way to work spotted the body around 8:00 a.m., just off the 5300 block of georges avenue. investigators have identified the woman, as 26 year old toy
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charter bryant. from chester, and say that she had been in a struggle may have been tortured before killed. people living nearby were in shock. >> not the kind of place where murders or stuff like that or dumping bodies, sorry for her family, that's all. >> very sad. >> more on that little later. but now 6:11, this wednesday. >> a war of words, over words. president obama and donald trump going back and forth about who to blame for the attack in orlando.
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>> 6:14, funeral services for singer christina grimmie will be held near her new jersey hometown. >> the voice, the tv show the voice star shot to death you know friday in orlando, signed autographs after her show there. a viewing will be held friday at fellowship alliance chapel, her church, in medford, memorial service will be held there friday night, her coach on the voice, adam levine, is apparently going to be there, and he told the family he will pay for all of the services. >> she moved to los angeles, not long ago, to follow her dreams of being a performer. christina was just 22 years old. >> 614, this morning, hearing scheduled for the juvenile charge in the connection with the death of delaware high school student amy joyner francis. >> police say, that 16 year
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old amy joyner francis was beaten and killed inside school bathroom, in the howard high school of technology back in april. two teens are charged with third agree criminal conspiracy and will be tried as juveniles, they could face up to one year behind bars, and another young lady, facing homicide charges. >> all right, it is exactly czars means we're right on schedule for sue serio. >> yes, looking at ultimate doppler radar, showers not too far away, stretching from pittsburgh down to dc. the question is will any of that make it here? probably not. but we will keep an eye on it, do have few clouds around this morning, and we have just little green showing up in lancaster county, but that's not making it to the grounds. here is our first look at the morning forecast, for good day drives you on friday, northeast philadelphia, where we are celebrating this friday morning, in the mayfair section, and it looks lick it will just be mostly cloudy. can't rule out a sprinkle or two, but not seeing any heavy downpours in the forecast, so nothing to stop from coming out and saying high on friday
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morning. for this morning, high pressure is pushing off shore. we will have this nearby weather system which will bring us some showers tomorrow. we see increasing clouds throughout the day today as we get ready for the showers, which may move in after midnight tonight. rye now pretty nice morning, 62 degrees philadelphia in philadelphia, 52 pottstown, much chillier 44 mount pocono. fifty-two in millville, and very tranquil morning, with calm winds, just about everywhere, starting to see the winds change direction, which means, southwesterly wind, a little bit more humidity, than what we saw the past couple of days, increasing clouds for the day today. there is your heavy rain, possibly moving in, very early tomorrow morning. and raining during good day philadelphia, and then, looks like, just scattered showers the rest of the day. and we do see most of that rain staying away, cross your fingers, for friday morning. and it should be sunny by the afternoon. so we put all of it together in the seven day forecast, we have 82 degrees today, 75
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showers tomorrow. seventy-nine with increasing sunshine on friday. then we move into the 80s for saturday and for sunday which is fathers day. eighty-seven monday, look at tuesday, back into the 90s, and then we add our seven day, our shore temperatures, which will generally be in the 70s throughout the seven day forecast. somebody just back from the shore bob kelly. 6:17. live look, hello southwest philly. live look at the platt bridge, coming into southwest philly, 26th and penrose. a live look downtown, the vine open after that overnight construction, starting to see the first line up here, folks trying to get in to 30th street station. now, we had early morning accident, eastbound, on the schuylkill expressway, bamm, right there, at girard avenue. quickly out of there. but just that quick, that delay builds up from city line on into girard. the passyunk avenue bridge, had new traffic patterns, that
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went into effect last night. septa running with delays, on both the route 11 and 12 trolleys, from some early morning equipment problems. but by the time you get to the corner, i think you'll be good to go, then the 101 using shuttle buses for the next month or so from orange to providence, doing some track work, plus, tonight's that dining under the stars out there in media delaware county. south on 95, put about 21 minute, on the clock, and no problems yet coming in on the 42 freeway. mike and alex back over to you. >> 6:18. president obama addresses the nation does not minutes words about how he feels in the wake of the orlando shooting, the president calling out republicans who he says are using dangerous rhetoric to feed the terrorists. >> that's the key they tell us. we can't be isil unless we call them radical islamists. what exactly would using this
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label accomplish? what exactly would it change? would it make isil less committed to try to kill americans? >> donald trump who is criticized the president for not using the term radical islam responded by once again calling him soft on the issue. >> once again, we have seen that political correctness is deadly. they don't want to talk about the problem. and i watched president obama today. and he was more angry at me than he was at the shooter. >> trump continues to call for a ban on immigrant from countries with a history of terrorism. and hillary clinton also criticized trump's plan yesterday. saying, that type of ban would not have prevented the attack in orlando, the young man was born in queens, new york.
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6:19. >> meanwhile, hillary clinton wins the final primary contest in washington, d.c., last night, afterward she met with bernie sanders for more than 09 minutes. wonder what they had to talk about. and a clinton campaign aid says the two talked about variety every issues, which is not very specific, is it, agreed talk on their shared agenda. >> nine # minutes all we got out of it there was a variety of i shall news. >> maybe they covered so many topics, mike, they couldn't list them out. >> like get out bennie? >> please, just drop. >> that's 52nd. >> okay, so, in two years, we're going to vegas, babe. >> i we are? >> that's right. rolling the dice on vaguest. which sports league, and i mean big time sports, is now having a franchise in las vegas, nevada. we're going.
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alright guys, we've brought you to this construction trailer to talk about trucks today. which truck brand offers engines with best in class v8 towing or fuel economy? are we moving?
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where we going? it's the answer to the question baby! silverado. oooh that's cool. it's truck month. qualified buyers get 0% financing for 60 months. plus, find your tag and get $8,250 total value on this silverado all star. find new roads at your local chevy dealer >> good morning, i'm howards eskin. first game in the major leagues, his day was over in the third inning. let's go to toronto, it was zach evelyn, up from the minors leagues, his parents came in for the the game. but not seeing good things, with the phillies down 100 nothing, kevin, in the second inning, makes it two-nothing. let's go to the thirds inning score five-nothing, zach, bases loaded, josh donaldson, not good pitch. and that bad pitch went out, a
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grand-slam, nine-nothing, evelyn two and two thirds innings, phillies lose it 11 to three, all right, us open starts this thursday, on fox yesterday players got in their practice round, the team lost thursday morning, bubba, he tees off 7:00 a; also in the morning, roy mcelroy, at 8:24. followed by jordan spieth at 8: 35, jason day at 220, and the local guy, chris crawford from drexel. that's sports in a minute, i'm howard eskin. >> all right, we will do it again, just when he says sports in a minute, we'll add another minute, howard? >> you think it is another minute or more like 30 seconds? >> we'll see. time it. sin city could soon be getting it first major professional sports teams. >> associated press just announced nhl, national hockey league, has chosen las vegas for future expansion. doesn't that sound like a good flyers road trip? come on, alex. the team would likely play in
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that t-mobile arena which already hoses events on the strip. the earliest the team would be in place, pretty soon. that would be the 2017-2018 season. the nhl's board of governors all set to meet in vegas on june 22. at which time an official announcement will be made. now, i have a question for hockey fans out there. this would be a whole new group of humans, or have they take then team from somebody else? >> i should know that. but you got to put whole new team together for vaguest. >> well, technically probably -- either way, player from each of the other teams. >> exactly. >> we'll see how it works out, but isn't that a fun trip? >> you made one minute. but were you talking slow and adlib g. >> i betty could do another 30 seconds just off the top of my head. >> what are you going to talk about? >> i already got it in my ear. >> oh, they're telling us to be quiet. >> your turn, sue. >> better be good, sue.
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>> doing all of that other stuff. yes, oh, this is good. radar, keeping the rain away for today. but we do have some in the forecast, we will talk about it coming up. >> dragging into a lagoon by an alligator. here we go again in orlando florida, this time at disney world watch authority say the child's mother and father tried to do as their little boy disappears. steve? >> reporter: mike, i'm hanging out with steve law, local security guard here in wilmington, he just bought his local morning paperment look at the headline: five people shot. >> this comes in the same neighborhood, the same night, the sam block, after another guy was shot, two days after a teenager was shot.
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>> wracking to breaking news in florida. >> it will be determined this two year old child was playing at the water, foot or so of water when this alligator came up, attacked the child, the father did his best, he tried to rescue the child, however, to no avail. there was lifeguard on duty as well. the lifeguard however was not able to render much aid too far away apparently, and the gator swam away with the child unfortunately, as i said, we've not been able to locate that child. we will continue to search throughout the course of the
6:30 am
evening. we will turn offer to fish and wildlife to give you more details from their perspective. >> thank you, and we sure appreciate orange county sheriff department. and how you responded in our partnership, and first our thoughts and prayers are with the family, and we do want to keep hope and we want to continue to do everything possible, state and county government, working to find, find this young child, and re are going to do everything we can to support them and also support our partners here at disney. >> last night the report after gator? >> we don't have the details on the latest report. we know that we work very closely with disney to remove alligators readily as they are reported. so we have very good close working relationship with them with that regard. >> how often? >> hard to say right now, still early, and we're still really focused on trying to find that little boy.
6:31 am
>> how common is it for a human to be attack by a gator? >> it is not common at all, very rare for people to be attacked by alligators, very rare, in florida or energy which where you find alligators. >> was the boy allowed to be in the water even even little bit? >> i'm really not familiar with what the rules are in that regard. >> the sign says no swimming. only alert is no swimming. no other sign that alert for anything else except for no swimming. >> why isn't there a lifeguard. >> all we know he was off the edge of the water t says no swimming, it was my understanding he was not swimming. >> how likely is it a gator, they generally travel -- >> i want to hear. >> all fresh water across florida, so -- they move around, they move around. >> news and alligators, wander around that part of florida. the other question was when the man on the left was saying there is no swimming, no
6:32 am
swimming allowed in that look on, and then i heard a reporter say why is there a lifeguard then? >> good point. we know at the resort having movie night so they were wading in the water there when this attack happened. >> if there is an alligator in there, shouldn't even be wading in the watery guess. unbelievable story. sue? what's going on? >> i don't know, i don't know, it is orlando, orlando, orlando, like you said earlier. to our area, looking a.m. some cloud cover and some rain not too far away. washington, d.c., area, kind of coming down from pittsburgh, in this line, and it will continue moving to the south and east, and it should avoid our area, but we will keep an eye on this showers just to make sure. we are expecting dry day today. seeing sunshine this morning, and few clouds, with bus stop buddy, short sleeve shirt, phillies cap, back home tonight. fifty's and 60s, the temperatures as you walk out the door at the airport right now, 62 degrees.
6:33 am
78% relative humidity, 5-mile per hour winds. with the southwesterly winds, just going to be a tad more humid today with high temperature of 82 degrees, getting cloudier, as the day goes by, but the sunset is not until 83:00; you have heard us say the first day of summer is monday, so these days just before the summer solsus are the longest of the years. and this looks like another one we can enjoy, bob kelly. >> we will definitely enjoy it, 33:00, good morning, everybody, looking live at some sun glare and 95, northbound, pack your shades and open up the sun roof there as you head northbound up toward the commodore barry bridge. coming in from south jersey, on the 42 freeway, starting stao see delays here from the atlantic city expressway in toward the walt whitman bridge. now we had early morning accident on the schuylkill expressway. so we're bumper to bumper here from city line on into girard avenue. plus, dealing with sun glare coming around the conshy curve, 101 trolley using shuttle buses between orange and providence. it is a two for one special
6:34 am
here. a combination of track work, and they also have the dining under the stars tonight in media, delaware county. then some equipment problems, both routes 11 and 12, are running with some delays this morning. south on 95, out of the northeast, almost a half hour. and again, the freeway, some sun glare, coming in toward the whitman. mike and alex back over to you. >> watch for a lot of police activity in wilmington, bob. >> five people are recovering in a hospital after police say they were injured during a shooting. >> they say it happened around 9:15 last night, along right at elm and south van buren street. steve is on this story in wilmington, steve? >> mike this is the second time in the same neighborhood on one night five people were shot already this year. and by the way, this was the third shooting in that hedge ville neighborhood of wilmington, just since friday. so the headlines we showed you, being sold here in front of the police department, five people shot, how awful is that for the second time already this year?
6:35 am
so, last night's shootings, the third since friday, a teenage boy was shot in the stomach friday. then a 24 year old guy, shot in the shoulder, monday night, just the night before last, on the same block, two of the five victims shot last night were found by police. it is call hedge ville. and police hedge their bets to pro event further violence last night watch they did was they closed off and shutdown many of the streets in the neighborhood, maybe hoping to keep the shot error shooters, from getting away. they didn't catch anybody. also, maybe to ease both tensions and fears. all seven shot are mostly teenagers and all are stable the same cannot be said for the hedge ville neighborhood. sad to report the youngest of the victims last night, since summer night, kids still playing out in prime time, 13 year old girl. >> very sad. >> tough news this week for sure, steve, hang in there. 6:35. a commercial building, it is a big fire, burns for hours overnight in lansdale.
6:36 am
we got there when it was down to smoke. but started around 11:30 last night at the inch section of mitchell avenue and west fifth street. officials say the fire moved up to two alarms recalling just before midnight. at this point, there is no word on what caused it or if anybody was hurt. we are checking on that, hopefully not. well, 6:36. two of the survivors from sunday shooting in orlando, they spoke for the first time since the massacre. >> both from philadelphia, ironically, they don't know each other but in the hospital together. dave has more information about these two. dave? >> yes, we get more information from both specially from patients, our own intern of course who originally got out of the shooting scene, but went back in for a friend, now she is painting just an incredibly vivid picture of the horrifying night in orlando, the 20 year old was wheeled into an auditorium by medical staff, to speak with reporters, while recovering from a bullet to the leg. now, she says she was on
6:37 am
vacation with friend, and was excited to go to the pulse night club after they found it on line and found good reviews. but patience would soon find herself held hostage for three agonizing hours with gunfire and death happening all around her, including the death of her friend, and philly native, akira had your. >> i i could see my best friends on the floor. and akira just looking lifeless, at that pointy really don't think i will ' get out of here, and i made peace with god within myself. i said, you know, god, if this is my time to go, if this is how i have to go, just please take me, like i don't want any more like shots. so i was just begging god to just please take me and i just wanted to close my eyes and just let him just literally take the soul out of my body. was begging for god to take the soul out of my body. i didn't want any more pain, no more shots. >> real every time you hear it this is her friend 18 year old
6:38 am
akira murray at hess west catholic prep graduation. she actually found the review to go to the club on line that's what we understand, murray was the youngest of the victims to die. patience also says she believes the killer was taunting to someone -- talking to someone else at some point, than others had to be involved in this. we were all griped by every words she has spoken. hear from her throughout the morning. she said she feels so much guilt for surviving when so many people died. >> thank goodness her brother was able to come down yesterday afternoon from south carolina. >> so many people are saying the other victim, he had people around him, and to see patience be so strong and talk about what happened, and be by herself. >> she went down with her friend's family right and the family drove them to that club, so kind of down thereby herself because the other family has to deal with their daughter too. >> they are having a situation, too. >> yes. >> all right, the family of the philadelphia teen who died in the orlando massacre, has a warning for those looking to help their family.
6:39 am
the mother of 18 year old akira murray who is now deceased says they've noticed several fake go fund me pages set up in their daughter's memory. the family says those wish to go donate money to the murray family can head to any citizens bank location, and ask to donate to that fund. >> 6:39. atlantic city officials say it will be tomorrow the earliest before the former revel resort can reopen. will not issue a certificate of okay pans toy glenn straub today, instead elevator investigations will take place today. 900 hotels rooms and handful of amenities would be open today but the opening will be delayed until inspections are completed and permit granted. >> story goes on and on, doesn't it, for years, the revel. 6:39. jury in crop horn trial of chaka fattah will soon guess the case, clothing argue amends wrapped up yesterday.
6:40 am
why the will instruct the jurors this morning before they begin deliberations over the past two days. the defense lawyers have argued the government cherry pick evidence to smear fattah, and others. prosecutors say, fattah used an illegal $1 million, 2007 campaign loan, for his failed race for the mayor of philadelphia. >> call den county judge ruled interview between detective and father accused of killing husband young son can be enters as ned his murder trial. attorney for david creato junior argued that investigators never told him he was a suspect in the death of his three year old son, brandon. camden county superior court judge john kelly, said, however, that creato appeared more than willing to cooperate with investigators back in the time. creato's trial now set to start on october the third. he has pled not guilty to murder and child endangerment
6:41 am
charges. >> coming up 64:00; teen in critical condition after someone stabbed him in west philadelphia. the teen in critical condition after this happened. happened 4:00 yesterday afternoon, 400 block of wald on avenue, 17 remember old victim had stab wounds in his chest, ribs and thigh. police sources tell us that he was arguing with another teen when a man in his three's came around and stabbed him. so far, they haven't found the suspect. >> philadelphia police on the hunt for a man who impersonated a firefighter, and got away with nervily $500. >> this man was caught on surveillance camera last friday at the popeye restaurant west lehigh avenue. investigators tell us he walk in thereto replace fire extinguishers, the man seemed to have key information and allowed to examine extinguishers in the back, even left two receipt. but after being paid cash he went to his car to get the quilt, so he says he went to get the equipment, and never came back. >> everything was just clicking so perfectly like he knew, he knew the boss' name, he just new offering say, like everything was just there.
6:42 am
dent stutter. he didn't bling. he didn't flinch, anything. >> if you recognize this man? >> look up here. >> if you know anything about this then call philadelphia police. >> all right, helping the families affected by the orlando shooting what one airline is doing it help ease their suffering. >> plus exciting announce the from the mayor's office. finds out who got the marion anderson award here in philadelphia. >> those people who got the award, or they are going to get it, i better watch this show right now. >> probably. >> hey.
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>> every friday we're tacking over a local town. friday live from seven to 10:00 a.m. at cottman and frankford avenues in mayfair. so we'll see you there, frandford and cottman this friday. you know the best part, you can win a car. you can sign to up win that brand new mazda cx9. all do you have do is head to click on contest on the home page. see the enter to win here,
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click that and end r your information. picking a finalist once a week and on final show we will will have a big give away, okay? so this week's finalist will be announce in the northeast philly, july 22 see all of these different locations, july 22, at the del in east fairmount park. that's where we will announce the winner of the new mazda cx9. you want to be there. plus, someone just asked me, hey, i heard the family of soul will be performing, ya, they are, fun time july 22. so we want to wilmington, haddonfield, everywhere, going everywhere, bob. >> you got it, northeast philly this friday. my old stomping ground. there used to hang at that corn their. >> what were you doing on the corner? >> nothing, but judge just waiting for the bus. live look here, 6:46. the eastbound schuylkill expressway out near the king of prussia interchange. looks like we got overturned truck here. police are on the scene again. this is the eastbound side, looks like, coming right out of the turnpike, here is the turnpike tolls, come eastbound, here is the ramps
6:47 am
for 202, and 422, and right here in what would be the left lane, looks like overturned suv. said truck, i don't think a truck, more of suv here. so if you are coming off of the turnpike, trying to go east -- east, one lane, here's a live look, something going on, this is an accident on the 42 freeway southbound at creek road. backing us up. even school buses, maybe headed to the shore for class trip today. going to be tied up there. and, speaking of heading to the shore, went down the shore over the weaken, got say hi to dawn and heather at the hoyas5 and dime in avalon. they have everything there. and they watch us each and every day, dawn says she only has about a three block walk to work in the morning. wouldn't that be great? three block walk, at the shore, does it get any better than that? thanks tore the gang, we had a
6:48 am
lot of fun down there, they caught me after my 70 block bike ride. i went in, haha. ya, need water. eastbound on the schuylkill, also have earlier accident, at girard avenue. gorgeous weekend, how long is this sunday going to hang around? sue has the answer coming up in 152nd. >> seeing some showers, washington, d.c. area, will that sneak? it doesn't look like t because everything is gone on this sharp southeasterly direction, and should skirt by to stay to the west, and stay to the south. but that's for today. tomorrow, will be, a different story.
6:49 am
we are also looking at the western part of the state, where we see some showers this morning, around the pit burying area, and not too far from there, is oakmont, the country club there, is where the us open will be played, starting tomorrow, and you'll see it here on fox 29. showers are likely for then. but then it does look like it clears out boy friday afternoon. just a 30% chance of early showers, and then saturday, sunday, look good if you are headed out to the western part of the state to catch the us open. 62 degrees in philadelphia, 55 lancaster, 44 mount pocomoke, 61 wildwood. seeing sunshine, not too much win. but has changed direction. so you may see a smidge more humidity today than you have the past couple of days. we do see also increasing clouds before the day is through. so that's for today. tomorrow, we've got the showers, and 75 degrees. maybe a sprinkle in the morning, clouds give way to sunshine though friday afternoon. and for father day weekend, your gift, this one's cheap, sunshine with a high of 84 degrees on sunday, heating
6:50 am
up by the middle of the week, mike anal next. >> how is that different than any other year? >> 6:50. the search on for the person responsible for shooting five people in wilmington around 9:15, last night, right around elm and south van buren street. there is no word on a motive at this time. officials are still searching for who may be responsible. >> it took firefighters more than four hours to put out commercial fire in lansdale, pennsylvania, started around is 1:30 last night intersection of mitchell and west fifth street. so far no report of anyone being hurt. >> back to this breaking news out of orlando florida, two year old boy is missing at walt disney world, reportedly dragged into the water, by an alligator at the grand floridian resort. the sheriff there says the boy's family was on vacation from nebraska, was wade nag pond there when the attack happened, again, around 9:30 last night. you're not supposed to wade into the water there.
6:51 am
6:50. >> outpouring of support for victims in orlando continues, jet blue offered free flights in and out of the city for family members who lost loved ones. >> good for them. >> we go to this event every year, one of the best night of the year. and the announcement has been made for this year. >> mayor jim kenney names this year's marion anderson award recipients first up, patty lab bell. >> then kenny gamble, and leon handcuff. they are the lucky three. the awards are honoring marion anderson, artists for work who have corrected to our society and improved our world. for the first time since 2008 more than one person honored, and really comes at important time. >> this year's ceremonies particularly special it comes just few month after it was announced that marion anderson will be member or articlized on the 5-dollar bill along with other civil right leader. marion anderson talent as vocalist always surpassed by her dedication to fighting for
6:52 am
the rights of all americans. >> gala takes place in november. >> boy, a lot of great music that night for sure. >> 6:52. >> and on the birthday of the us army one local man recognized for helping veterans, big honor given to local insurance agent coming up. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ don't you just love it ♪ ♪
6:53 am
6:54 am
>> farmers insurance agent, eric meyer, took part in the
6:55 am
company's suits for soldiers initiative. he collected nearly, get this, 750 suits. 750 suits for military members. transitioning back to civilian carreers. that is more than any other agent, and for that, farmers gave him a special award. >> the last thing that they should have to worry about is coming home, getting back into maine stream america as civilians, have to worry about suits, their suits used to be camouflage and uniforms, so, we thought good way to give back. >> and all of the drive collected more than 5800 suits for both men and women entering civilian life. >> all right, steve keeley, live in wilmington this morning. steve? >> well, sadly, mike, the only reason we've been in wilmington live all year is to to report on violence affecting young people. dave, you've been here covering the sad murders of the kids from howard high today, the only positive we
6:56 am
have to tell you is that no one was killed, but more kids shot. >> heart break there. and heart break with our own intern patience carter, who recalled the horrific night at the orlando night club, hear her chilling words after the break. you scratch my back, i'll scratch yours. you know what it means. so does pat toomey. toomey got rich working on wall street. then he got elected and kept working, for wall street. voting to let banks continue their risky practices.
6:57 am
and supporting huge tax breaks for millionaires, but higher taxes on working families. no wonder he's gotten millions from wall street. pat toomey. right for wall street. wrong for pennsylvania. senate majority pac is responsible for the content of this advertising. grand canyon and glacierger than national parks combined. and that's not the only thing you can only find in new york state. ♪
6:58 am
you can find it all only in new york. new york. it's all here. it's only here. plan your summer vacation at orlando again. >> this time an alligator attack. a toddler, grabbed by a gate over, and drag into a lagoon,
6:59 am
at disney worlds. the nightmare unfolding right before his parents' eyes, what the father tried to do to save his child. >> the guilt of feeling grateful to be alive is heavy. want to go smile about surviving but not sure if the people around you are ready. >> and the face of bravery. our intern, patience carter, describe in detail the night she nearly died, raw details of the orlando massacre, from one of our own, her survivor's guilt, plus, the one person police say new about the attack. >> closer to home five people shot in wilmington, third shooting in the same area in five days. how police are trying to ease tension, and fear, right now. >> plus, a fda warning, serious violations found at a whole foods plant, and you could be affected, what you
7:00 am
need to know before you shop. >> welcome to "good day" philadelphia, straight up 7:00. on this wednesday morning. the face of bravery, that's a good way of putting, how to describe our intern here, patience carter, here if the philadelphia inquirer. the only good thing about this whole story is that now the whole country i guess parts of the world, what a special woman she is, only 20 years old, well on her way, washington post same picture, los angeles times, same picture. palm beach out of florida, pioneer press has similar picture, and of course, our paper here. >> even though they keep showing her crying, i mean, she did the whole press conference very, very composed, started off with a poem, talk about her experience, and it wasn't until the wendt she just let go. >> yes. >> started crying. >> y? one who was with us in west


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