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tv   Good Day Philadelphia at 9  FOX  June 15, 2016 9:00am-10:01am EDT

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one beautiful day, this wednesday, june the 15th, 2016. help owe, trenton, new jersey. the golden dome. here's our goal end dome, karen l hepp. >> i'm surprised, good morning to all of you, thanks for joining us, morning. >> i love that dress. you look fantastic. >> thank you, summer. >> oh, this is little seahorse dress that i like. >> really? >> have you ever seen seahorses giving birth? >> oh, yes i have.
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>> what sews bad? >> a lot going on. >> a lot going on. >> ya. >> let's play that again sometime today seriously, milky way, i know you're -- doesn't some male seahorse carry the children? >> one of those super fun reverses. >> oh, ya. and they have thousands at once. >> i wonder how long do they carry, it is not nine months? >> the guy carries it about a day and a half. >> local spot offering party packages. and then there is this. >> and now fathers day surprise. but it is not for the dads. how these pro athlete turn the tables on their kids. just an inspiring message. >> ♪ >> al next.
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>> yes. >> right here in our studio. >> he wow e. d his graduating clause, why he chose such a pour if you message, he'll perform, there he is, here, in the studio. >> welcome to philadelphia. how are things in redding? >> good. >> good? so cute. i that you on facebook, excited for that one. >> and jen is out for this. >> guys, so, rosa is here, getting ready to cut andrew's hair. andrew took off. he had to go get a sandwich or something. but he is a little boy. eleven years old. he grew his hair out. he is cutting it today because it would have been his nona's 76 birthday. and he's donating the hair to kids who suffer hair lost. so see him get his haircut, the story is amazing, guys, i don't know if you saw it earlier, but getting texts from people, like cheering, you know, because there was kids at school that weren't always nice about it. so there eggs. >> going to get your hair back? okay, so wave bye. the last time you see him like that. getting his haircut. >> he's such a cool kid.
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like she said, so for grandparents in a four year span, so -- >> doing something about it, helping others. wonderful. >> and bullied at school. what's wrong with these kids these days? 's cool kid. 9:03, ever wonder what a stay at home mom does all day? well, one book author set out to answer the question. they're very busy. >> yep, they do ton of work. i've been both, both working mom and mom that stayed at home, and you are arguably much more busy sometimes just staying at home. in fact, about 600 stay at home moms about this one are happy, well, 46% of the women said they were very happy, only 10% identified as less than happy. pretty good statistic. >> tell me more. >> so after go through your day, hour by hour, break it all down, so 62% of them say they contribute to their house hole income in some way. a lot of them are working even not looking for a company, still putting working hours in, maybe four and a half hours per day. >> wow, 62%, still making
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money. for the family. >> and not sleeping in. still up at 6:00 with the kids. and because you have to get your lunches made, got to get them up and out the door, get them all ready. so it is one of these things oh, working really hard. >> if you put all every those jobs together how much would they get paid? >> saying at least 50,000, but we see so frequently dot study every year inning a g g in the 07 and 08 -- 08,000, all every these things you crib to do. >> karen i know you have three boys, it says there, moms who have four kids are the happiest. so let's get another one. how about that? >> i wanted four but ran out of time, sometime dow get teary eyed, they have their daughters, leatherly i saw friends, they played hook which their daughters getting their nails done, shopping, what is it like to have a caughter? left the boy in school and going out and doing these things. >> you can do that with your boys. >> could you. >> go shopping? >> little instagram picture from yesterday, you were all
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snout. >> went to river dance last night. been around for 20 years, and still amazing, the kids were like -- >> shocked. >> all that clicking around. >> not still flatly, is it? >> no, another very attractive man that bounces all over, lord of the dance. >> but his arms don't move. >> and interesting thing about river dance there is more expression. compelling, the story like of a journey from the river. >> could you put the last graphic up again that you had up there? i notice there was a big percentage like 72% of people don't believe this, say society does not under stands how much work a mom stay at home mom does. >> i've done both sides, talk to my friends at the school, it is a loft work. >> upper graphic. nearly 09% are awake before 6:00 a.m. >> here is the thing, you have three sons, nothing better than having daughters.
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>> blessing in my life to have my caughter. >> why are you rubbing it in. >> i don't know. >> think how close you are with your folks. >> like daughters, we called my parent, you know, watching right now, your parents are watching right now. every day on the way in, every day on the way home. then like my brother checks in once a month. >> i don't think it is because, you know? >> not that he doesn't love them. >> not a girl though either. i think that the relationship i've seen your boys, they come in the studio, such special relationship, want to chick in with mama. might be mama's boys. in a good way. >> they do prefer their dad. you know how it is, i'm the heavy. i'm total back up, tv on, free for all. >> awe. >> as they get older, you know? might switch.
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>> all right, 9:07. i think we have her on the line now. you've covering the story since sunday morning with the horrible situation that happened in the night club in orlando, florida, our intern here at fox, we've known quite a while here, in her second semester as being an intern, patience carter the whole country, i'm telling you, many parts of the worlds know about you now, patience. and we're going to talk to her from her hospital bed there in orlando. patience, good to hear from. how flu. >> i'm doing better. >> are you better tell me what the doctors did, i know that your femme or, upper bone of your leg was shattered, shrapnel in the other leg. what did the doctor do for you? >> well, they had to do surgery on my right leg, and they put a rod inside my thigh, like to replace like the parts where the bone was shattered to keep whatever is less connected, so pretty soon i'll be getting a brace. >> we were just showing, i want to explain what people
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were looking at there, you made a music video we all hung around our computer. >> i remember watching it, yes. >> beautiful watch do the doctors say? are you going to be able to walk and dance? >> yes. i'm going to be able to walk fine, they are just wait to go see like how the progress goes, because tomorrow release date for me. so i'm hoping that that goes well today so i can get out of here. >> we want you to get out, patience, i have to say i have not had a chance to talk to you, i plan on calling you later today but you are so brave, seeing you yesterday, i want you to know that all of philly, you have got overwhelming response, have you heard anything? have you realized how many people are behind you? >> yes, i really have, and it is really, the support, just so great to have, and in the midst of like, you know, some people who think that this tragedy was a hoax, or think that, you know, so many people are lying about this tragic event, having like philadelphia and you guys supporting me, really, up lifts my spirit right now. so thank you so much for
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continuing to support me. >> and keep being brave to talk. i don't know who else could have done that, and the poem you wrote is beautiful. >> don't listen to the haters on the internet. i was reading some that far stuff, too. patience you and i were talking, you want to clear sipping. i'll run the sounds bite from the press conference yesterday where you talked about -- i'll explain what happened then, where you say that the shooter asked if there were any black people in the bathroom. >> ya. >> and you said ya, six or seven of us here, he says okay i don't have anything against black people. you have suffered enough. now, that was played all around the world. what negative things have you heard? >> i have heard that it is just like making the scene as if i'm saying that the gunman said he was going to spare black peoples lives, and it is obviously not the case, because there were a lot of black people, latino people, and all colors, minorities that were harmed in this. and were killed from this.
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i was shot in my leg. so obviously he wasn't trying trying to spare. they wanted me to tell me story about what happened, and detailed way, and that's exactly word for word what he was saying to another african-american hostage that was inside the bathroom. and some people weren't in the bathroom with the gunman. so stories are going to be different. there are people who were held hostage in other places of building. but in those three hours, of me being in the bathroom, that's the conversation that took place and i feel like i'm being crucified for telling my story, and it really it, makes it harder for me to even want to say anything because if people don't believe like this actually happened this man was actually deranged making it seem like i'm horrible person for even saying it. >> don't listen to. >> this they are absolutely wrong. i understood instantly what you were saying, neice are the words of the horrible man. >> and who ever, i mean, we were watching you speak yesterday for an entirety, and i think anyone who sat there and watched, and they know, and they were amazed by how
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brave you were. because were you right. you were in detail describing everything that happened in the bathroom. you even said he might be little deranged saying all kinds of things and going off. so don't listen to them at all. because at the same time your story and the poem that you wrote has touched so many lives, so many people have reached out, and they're saying that they are with you. they thought the poem was beautiful t helps given understanding. it is one thing to hear about this happening, and another to hear from your perspective what you went through. >> yes, and i appreciate the support. i'm glad the poem touched a lot of people. just it is sad when i see like media outlets twisting words around just it get good headline when it this tragedy is not something to be guilt about or stretched out. i'm just glad you guys are therefore me, thank you. >> i'll tell you the entire delaware valley, all of philadelphia, all of our
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viewers, we a wrapping our arms around you patience. >> thank you. >> i hope you can feel it through the phone. >> you just have to realize i think with all of these things with the shooter and people that are making comment, something that just charged with hate from a person who came from a point of hate. people have very strong hateful feelings. and those are the things, the problem is with them. and a lot of us, you're the innocent victim, caught in the middle of some horrible thing that occurred. and you just can't reason people that angry and that hit-filled. >> yes. >> don't even try. don't even listen to it, because there is so much positive, and so much support out, there we want you to focus on that and don't let the negative get in the way. we don't understand how this happened. they're just grasping at anything trying, i don't know, don't listen to it. >> you got that, patients in. >> yes. >> i'm your elder. >> you don't want me to preach to you. >> no, i need it, thank you so much. >> one when do the doctors think you can get out of there. >> tomorrow. >> tomorrow? good news. >> yesterday i got her on the
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phone, patience, get the heck out of there. >> come back home. >> ya. >> by the way when you come back i promise not to make my stupid jokes about hey, patience, i have no patience. okay? >> okay. >> i promise i won't bother you about snap chat. remember in ocean city? >> ya thanks, guys. >> by the way just real quickly again. your poem was great. why don't we play that again before 10:00 about feeling a little guilty about surviving when your friends specially did not. but we mentioned before, talking to a person on the set here saying that god has a different plan for you, patience, he didn't want you to die on sunday morning, so you got some work to do, okay? >> ya. >> she's already started. i mean, you started yesterday when you toll your story. so thank you. >> thank you so much. >> by the way, did your brother make it there? >> yes, he is here, essay cross the street at the hotel. >> is he annoying you yet?
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>> no, no. >> well, i'm going to call you after the show, patience. is that all right? >> that's fine. >> okay. >> we love you. >> love you guys, too. >> see you soon. >> thank you. >> it is 9:14. >> she is so sweet. >> one special human being, right there. leave her alone, people. oh, you're so right, karen, haters out there. >> hater on so many different sides, any time talking about things religion, race, people that that won't ever be reasonable. >> it amazes me, if you watched her speak yesterday, that anyone could find anything negative to say, about the bravery, and how the words, so beautifully, you know, weaved together in the poem, to find anything negative to say -- >> she is 20. >> she is 20 years old. could you have done that, if you had been three hours in a bathroom stall with a gunman and watched -- >> watch your friend bleed to death next snow. >> and other people die in front of you? >> that press conference, i don't think i've ever seen anything like it, we're so
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proud of her, have her back here with our fox family very soon. >> it is will the czars father day sunday, a lot of people are getting ready for. that will what are you guys going to do? >> probably go over to your place. >> my dad just text you. he want to see you. >> i want to get together and talk dad to dad. >> funny been talking to my dad, okay, dad, let me know now, where do you want it eat, i have to make reservations that casino of thing, it is father day, it is busy. do you know what he said? >> what? >> he said well you know bob kelly was talking about those cream fill donut, i want to go there. >> holmesburg bakery? >> he said yes. >> that's great. i was specking like a dish, he wants to go to holmesburg bakery. dad, that's in the a full meal. >> he said if you don't think i can make a meal out of donuts then you don't know me very well. so that's where i will be. and they are good. they are amazing. >> what are you going to do? >> i'll be at work. >> now, will you get a gift for brian? from the boys? >> my gift, we sold our house, so we're in crisis mode, i have to go see my dad.
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we'll get back to that it hear but let's talk about what's happening. >> hold on a second. you know my question, any time you bring up selling your house, does your husband know your house is sold? >> this store. >> i he does, but it is at the point, it is really hard. we don't like the change, really happy with where we are, we don't really -- i feel like it is really -- are the kids going to be home come september? very ee meisha small. >> buyers remorse? >> what? >> buyers remorse? >> well, we don't have a house to move into. so one of those -- >> oh, go to mike's house! >> no, no. >> i have to stay at the school? we'll work on that problem. >> did your kids ever get a hoverboard? >> the hottest thing. >> everybody wanted one. >> well now, new standards. >> trying to make them safer to ride. but it is essential to look for assert if i case field. >> well, here is the main thing, steve. we just don't want the thing to blow up. what do you got?
9:17 am
>> hoverboards began to burst into flames. now, un writer laboratories, has developed a new safety standard for the self-balancing scooters. >> why are batteries such a problem to begin with? >> really was global crisis with some of the hoverboard products catching fire. and the real issue was electrical circuitry wasn't design for safety. so my company responded by developing these requirements for how hoverboards should be built and tested. >> so consumers want to fell safe when buying a hoverboard. how does the new standard help them do that. >> has been doing research and testing every lithium ion batteries for many years, able to leverage that expertise, for knowing by imposing, on the product, making it proof
9:18 am
out it is safe, throughout the test assessment, real important that products then can be eligible to bear the new ul hollow graphic certification mark, really sign for global con supers that the products are safe. >> would heard, really about the heat, these battery, is it the design of the battery that's now changed to make them not as hot or to be more efficient, or how does that actually translate for next? >> actually lithium batteries are susceptible thermal run away, basically battery takes chemical energy, and converts it into electricity in a very ordered fashion, and if that chemistry out of mode, it can cause the battery to get real hot, to burst into flames, or explode and so really having that rigorous testee valuation of the battery systems, but also the entire electrical system is really important to make sure that the charger and the battery electronics, all
9:19 am
work together the right way. >> does it mean that phenomenon no longer happens in terms that far run away. >> that means we've done very, very rigorous test assessment to show that the design has taken that into account, and has adequate measures to minimize the risk that far happening. absolutely. >> let's get a nice take away for our viewers, what should folks be looking for when select ago hoverboard? obviously look for the hollow graphic seally would imagine? >> absolutely. so that's real a important sign for consumers about safety, also would be ul marking on the boxes, as a measure continued kate that the problem has been evaluated. >> all right, we certainly appreciate it. one more tip, done stories in the past, make sure the ul seals you are looking at are genuine, certainly seem them couterfeited on product sometimes. we have a list of all ul approved hoverboards in our station website, of course when you visit me on social media facebook. com/. >> thank you, steve. full list is also on our
9:20 am
website at >> coming up on 9:20. >> so we have this local person, for working very hard for flint, michigan, and he is a finalist. i love steve hear retirement he is so fun. >> i these are his awards, gives out the good neighbor awards every year. so we want to help our philly guy, nia, mia to help this thing. how you can help him next.
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>> 9:23, a note left for a person on a windshields meant to show respect for veterans, but, instead, came a sexist and incorrect rant. >> people have assumptions about people sometimes, they think oh, i will ' go to the doctor, people automatically think it is a man, sometimes this person made the mistake of thinking veteran, well, got to be a manuel the woman got understandably upset, rebecca, from nor carolina, parked in the veterans only sparking spot which she is entitled to do because she served in the
9:24 am
navy for eight years, when she got back to her car she saw this note right there. kind of snotty, mean there is park something for veterans, lady. learn to read. and have some respect. some, then she posted on her facebook and in reaction to that: >> see said i'm narrow your world viewer can't concede the fact that there are female veterans, i'm sore that i i have to explain myself to people like you. >> so just assume? oh, my gosh. >> well, that's the truth, i feel like a lot -- sometimes, spaces for new moms, or -- >> or expecting moms. >> and like you just know when you have that day, and so tired, and you can't move another step. so maybe she is on the younger spectrum, some days so tired and beaten down by the world, if she wants to park there, let her park there. >> yes, and why is it any of your business? are you the parking police, parking spot police, seriously? >> that's it, people sometimes in life get all judge mental. don't scold. take your breath, walk away, do your own little up mm.
9:25 am
>> it will take care of it self. well thank you for your service to the woman there. >> okay, 9:25, local guy, a finalist for steve harvey good neighbor award. and if he bins, you know, you will recognize him in a minute. his foundation will get $30,000 to help others. >> and there he is, you came on the show before. >> welcome back. we're so excited for you. >> i'm excited, thank you so much for the opportunity. >> partly because of the work, do you a lot of things in the community, known as philanthropist, because of the work you've done with flint. >> flint and years and years of accumulation of the work we're trying to do for the community. >> so what are you trying to do for flint? >> for flint we recently sent 06,000 water booth tolls flint, about few months ago. that happened, we went twice actually, now we continue to do more work in the community as far as youth and senior citizens and feeding the homeless. >> how does it work then? you tubing steve harvey, is that how this goes? >> i talk to him in villanova. i toll him i lost last year,
9:26 am
he said listen young man, you have to try again, i lost a lot in life. we are finalist last year. we're finalist again this year, but the only way we will win if everybody go out and vote today. >> how do we do in a. >> neighborhoods a wart. com, enter nemiah davis. get everyone tolls vote. >> can we do this once every day? >> only today. 6:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. the only day. >> oh, the only day. >> today is last and only day, a.m -- 6:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. we need everyone involved. >> so it says choose pennsylvania, then select nehemiah davis recalling and then check you red the rules, and smith. so south jersey, delaware, let's if and vote for him. i say second time is a charm. >> put a link right on our website to make it easy for everybody so they can find it. >> and if you win $30,000 for your foundation. >> yes. >> what will you know? >> july 23rd is the actual
9:27 am
awards show in vegas, so we're excited about it. >> they're sending to you vaguest. >> yes, last year, thank you very much. >> keep us updated. >> thank you. >> 9:27. jen, checking on with you, we want to see andrew and his hair. >> you will see the after. you will see the moment that his hair gets cut. and he is sending his hair to some kids who need it. talk about why he is doing it today, and why he is doing it altogether. he grew his hair out to donate to kids who need hair.
9:28 am
9:30 am
9:30. earlier, look at how beautiful. earlier we told but a young man by the name of andrew hood, 11 years old, montgomery county, young man donating his hair to children who are suffering hair loss, for many
9:31 am
different reasons. >> so they already started to cut his hair there. >> getting it all together. >> he lost all four of his grandparents in about three and a half years, back to back to back to back. >> really neat kiddy met him upstairs. lets see how he looks right now. >> hi jen. >> brody fredrick is here. he has something to say. >> wow. >> there is the after. >> andrew, brody are friend. that is how i found out. we have to say, by the way, sophia is here his big sister. it would have been your nana's seventh sixth birthday so great day to dot actual cut. >> yes. >> he looks different to you now. >> so different. >> when he told you he would grow his hair out what did you think about it. >> i thought i would be able to braid it and put corn rows and stuff in there but he never let you. >> he never let you. >> the hair that is in there is hair that you cut, rosa you made sure it is all legitimate ape we are giving to it
9:32 am
children. >> with hair loss. >> why did you pick that charity again. >> because, you don't to have pay for the wigs and there is this kid on the web site who did it too, and he actually shaved his head. >> you look pretty good. >> we all said you look different. do you feel different with your hair all cut. >> yes. >> my head feels lighter. >> would you do it again. >> yes. >> yes. >> i'm not sure but it is a maybe. >> it was a lot more intense then you thought it would be, you thought you would grow your hair out but between air getting in your face it is more than you thought it would be in terms of getting involved. >> yes. >> he came home sometimes and he would say kid weren't always nice about him growing out his hair which seems so silly to me. >> i don't think anyone should just for what your hair looks like because it is not what you are on the inside.
9:33 am
>> yes. >> four grandparent in four years and we have talk about it earlier, your parents are still so sad. i know you guys got a puppy recently. what do you think she would say if she saw what he was doing today. >> i think that she would be very proud. she would say, bravo. >> yes. >> i know that when you guys were in sinned garden because i know you a long time she taught everybody how to make bread, really special. >> yeah. >> you will teach him how to use hair gel. >> yes. >> when you started this 15 months ago you didn't need hair products. >> my mom made me gel my hair but i really didn't want to. >> okay. >> brody, you have special gel, you will teach him how to do it. >> yes. >> thanks so much for doing something for kid. >> it fridays her. >> yes. >> you like that he is giving to this organization. >> yes, definitely. >> yes, how much it is actually causing. >> yes. >> brody apparently now likes
9:34 am
to talk on tv. >> mike, remember, he never like to talk before. >> yes. >> thank you guys. >> brody is a cool kid. >> i think this is fairly big news. >> how big, would you categorized it. >> i would say pretty, pretty, pretty big. i don't know why. >> you really listened. >> curb your enthusiasm, tons of people love it, there is larry david or is that bernie sanders, the comedy will make its return to hbo, karen hepp. >> it will be, they are working on the current season. it has not had a show since 2011. >> right. >> they have in the said when new episode for what will be the ninth season will air but you know people will be excited. he does great work. really clever. >> he did broadway and new back on tv. >> yes. >> in other news, orange is the new black comes back
9:35 am
friday. >> the last time, you said you were going to sit in all weekend and watch episode. >> i sure did. i won't be able to to it this weekend but orange is the new black is back. >> it is a phrase. >> today is the 15th. >> you make me doubt myself. >> it is the 15th, it is friday. >> too bad you can't wait until your parent's leave. >> you guys wanting to to the airport. >> no. >> chris, here's a fun thing to do this weekend, she said. >> guys, it is 15th of june, it is super fun because it is a beautiful day in philadelphia we are across the river in camden, at the camden aquarium. what better thing to do then to go to a kid party. little michael's hair isn't the only thing that is spikey. much more what we are doing here straight ahead.
9:36 am
you scratch my back, i'll scratch yours. you know what it means. so does pat toomey. toomey got rich working on wall street. then he got elected and kept working, for wall street. voting to let banks continue their risky practices. and supporting huge tax breaks for millionaires, but higher taxes on working families. no wonder he's gotten millions from wall street. pat toomey. right for wall street. wrong for pennsylvania. senate majority pac is responsible for the content of this advertising.
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fathers day, it is an adventure, when the aquarium is right across the river in camden. >> that is where chris murphy is this morning and gonzo is so cute this little fellow. >> he is hungry too, don't you love that song by the way. who loves pizza? yeah. okay. kid just arrived. pizza just arrived. we are here at the camden's adventure quarter yum. this is a place you can book right there along the waterfront, of course, right across from philadelphia delaware river and we do have
9:40 am
gonzo the porcupine, kind of hanging out during these kid parties. mary elizabeth you are a marine biologist. >> yes. >> so telling me about this little guy, this is our porcupine, he is turning three years old. he came to adventure quarter yum at five months old. >> look at his face. >> can you get close-up on his face. i never got a close-up look like this at a porcupine. are they the kind of animal you want around kid they are spikey to pet. >> he is pokey. his wills are very, very sharp but he has a good temperament, the loud noise and everything don't bother him. >> i will show, real quickly what he is about, what did you make for him here. >> we made him a porcupine cake which is vegan because he cannot have gluten or dairy. >> yes, you do pr for the aquarium. >> yes. >> and you cook. >> i'm an animal baker. >> so i made strawberry, kiwi,
9:41 am
apples, bananas, kail, sweet potatoes. >> how healthy. >> very healthy. >> enjoy, thanks very much, janet. >> lindsey you are the event coordinator here at camden adventure aquarium for these parties. tell us how parents might want to book this. >> go to adventure, all of the information on the web site right under birthday parties, we have two packages to choose from, from 22 people on up. >> pizza and all that can be included. >> everything is included, all of the food, coordinator, basically all you have to do is bring the cake, invite your guest and take care of the wrist. >> kid are having a blast with the pizza too. tell me with the gifts again, and one of these openable. >> yes. >> gonzo will open this. >> this is kind of fun. >> yes. >> guys, did you see this, we will open presents right now. how much fun is that. >> i have never seen quite a
9:42 am
party like this. okay, all right, here we go. a chew toy. >> a little kiss. >> one minute look at the kids expression. >> this is a fun place to hang out now that schools almost out who wants school to be over. >> there you go. >> come on over here, guys. >> it looks like it is adventure aquarium. >> okay. >> i know, so cute. >> there is gonzo named after the muppets. >> ♪ happy birthday >> listen to the kids. >> i love it. >> all right. >> take your kids there. you have a birthday party. >> i would think so. >> quincy kind of looks like
9:43 am
him. >> stop. >> where is quincy. >> he is looking cool. >> i see him. >> i see him a little bit. >> quincy harris. >> harris, quincy harris. american helicopter museum, it is going on this sunday. hey coming up i'll drive this mclauren and then hop in the helicopter. pretty cool.
9:44 am
9:45 am
9:46 am
what do they say put the planes in the air, playa. >> nice. >> seeing the planes go off at philadelphia international airport. >> do you have your plans together? if you are looking to to something different this year, okay, watch quincy harris, or harris, quincy harris. >> it is not that expensive. a macing. quincy, what is happening. >> well, i'm still here. first of all can i just say whoever picked big poppa to talk about this at american helicopter museum, this was perfect. we are in west chester. it is going on this sunday. all types of things for fathers from 10:00 to 4:00. we have hot cars like this mclauren, ride a helicopter. we're going to get in and i will hop in this car, drive this car, over to the
9:47 am
helicopters. >> push that in, you are good to go. >> owe kay. >> all right. >> check this out, guys. >> parking brake issues. >> push it in. >> you are good. >> sometimes that happens. >> we're keeping it smooth. >> this car goes for how much. >> this starts at 184. >> okay. >> you feel like a million in it. >> are we go. >> you good are. >> you are 100 percent straight. >> all right. >> your helicopter is taking off. >> these helicopter rides are 60 doll ars. >> i can't handle it.
9:48 am
>> fun thing for kids to do. go inside, climb in the helicopters. >> $60. >> that is nice. >> see you guys later. >> mike says i have helicopter parents. >> perfect plan. >> that does look like fun special agent harris, thank you for that report. 9:48. fathers day is this sunday. and we're into this. >> yes. >> they tell him how much they love him. >> antonio brown, and if you can hear me. >> the way he takes care of his family, how he gives back to his community, when you look he is a really good guy and he as really good heart and that is why i love him the most. >> for her to say that, that
9:49 am
means a lot to me. it means i'm doing something right as a parent. >> i love my dad because he is so nice to me. i love daddy because he loves me. >> i love him more than anything. >> daddy. >> moments when you find out the things that your kids appreciate about you. >> that is so special. >> kids are talking about their dads and then dads came out to meet them, even football players, they have hectic schedules, on the road a lot you can sianni feel the love. >> every dad loves that. >> now back to the music. >> some of my favorite drew brees story. >> after the break.
9:50 am
>> commercial break. >> my favorite drew brees story hearing music earlier, that is because we are about to have a local high school senior, graduating class is going to perform for us next from reading high school.
9:51 am
9:52 am
alright guys, we've brought you to this construction trailer to talk about trucks today. which truck brand offers engines with best in class v8 towing or fuel economy? are we moving? where we going? it's the answer to the question baby! silverado. oooh that's cool. it's truck month. qualified buyers get 0% financing for 60 months. plus, find your tag and get $8,250 total value on this silverado all star. find new roads at your local chevy dealer if america's favorites - (vo)burgers, tacos and chili ask could taste just as great made with turkey. thousands stepped into the jennie-o tasting booth to find out. with just one bite, they knew.
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now it's your turn to make the switch. ♪ >> oh, makes people cry, that
9:54 am
song, women love this guy josh groban. well, we can top that, ladies and gentlemen. get a tighter shot. the here's the thing, why don't we widen out, hector, heck ter. >> yes. >> senior, reading high school. >> graduate. >> you are a graduate. >> we are going to get this foot and, the principal will talk to them in a second. watch hector at the graduation of this high school. >> ♪ >> so, at the end of this, the house exploded right. >> yes, that is correct. >> he is here. >> is he famous at the school
9:55 am
for this stuff. >> yes, yes and no. yes, he is. you know, hector has a great voice, great personality, you just see an absolutely great kid. song fitting for him too because he has been through some things this year and he had to get through. everything just fit come graduation. >> you have come through to the other side. >> yes, i have. >> would you do this for us now. >> yeah, sure. >> i promise to explode at the end, i promise. and here he is, hector, congratulations. >> thank you, principal. >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪
9:56 am
>> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪
9:57 am
>> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪
9:58 am
>> ♪
9:59 am
10:00 am
it's the wendy williams show. >> wendy: how you doin'? >> wendy: my girls are always turned out. i give it to you straight. >> now, here's wendy! ♪ ♪ >> wendy: so hello! thank you


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