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tv   Fox Morning News at 4A  FOX  June 16, 2016 4:00am-5:01am EDT

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good morning. more controversy, we'll breakdown what you need to know in a live report. she just did everything the right way, and everybody just saw, she stood up. >> words about the youngest victim killed in the deadly orlando terror attack, this morning, the latest on when she will make her final return home. >> another heart breaking tragedy out of orlando, the picture of the toddler killed by an alligator last now been released. hear what his parents are now saying about this horrific accident. >> the radar lights lighting up. rain expected throughout your morning commute. but will it clear up in time for the weekends? we have you covered. >> it is thursday, june 16th,
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2016. >> sue serio; this weather going ruin good day plans doing stuff outside later this morning? >> the question really is about tomorrow. because we have our northeast good day drive-thru tomorrow. i think the chances are better for no rain than they are for this morning. you're either getting nothing or you're getting some heavy downpours out in lancaster, berks county, chester county, as women. definitely have the umbrella with you this morning. we look back at the bigger picture, we see more thunderstorms in the western part of the state headed our way as they hold together. but the bottom line, couple of rounds of this rain coming through, we'll have rainy morning on and off. just not constantly. so, there you see, montgomery county, as we mentioned, berks, lancaster, chester counties getting some of the heavy rain, thunderstorms rolled through the jersey shore little while ago getting a break at the moment. so, here in philadelphia, it is dry right now. 65 degrees. easterly wind at 6 miles an hour, humidity will be going
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up today, 73% right now, 5:32, your sunrise time. we continue with those longest days of the year. leading to up summer on monday. 66 degrees, in allentown, pottstown, 65 philadelphia, 64 wildwood, six an in dover. so it is a comfortable morning. notice it is a little muggier out there. off to rainy start. we'll have showers through lunchtime. some sun breaking through we think by the end of the day, we still can't rule out a shower by the end of the day, sunset 8:32, i think those are all of the numbers we can handle for now. many more for you coming up in the seven day forecast, hope you brought the rain gear, bob kelly? >> i hated math first period, don't you hate that, all of these numbers? but you're right, it is hit and miss, you'll hit some sprinkles here, there, then, i came to traffic light, and realize that my wipers were still on full force and it wasn't raining, good morning, 4:02, live look 95 northbound, accident right near the
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airport, right at bartrum avenue. there is the airport parking garage in the background. so again, some roads are slippery, others are dry, depending upon where we are going to see the rain so far this morning, but if you are headed north on 95, in toward philadelphia international airport, look out. only the right lane open right there at bartrum as you approach that airport interchange and the parking garages this morning. still closed on the vine expressway, both directions, between the schuylkill and broad street. you know the drill. either vine st. local or string garden, south street. hold on to your hat south jersey mainly through cherry hill, ten day project replace the gas lines here in this stretch between pennsauken and cherry hill, that has caused huge delays during the morning and afternoon rush hours. all quiet here along the admiral wilson boulevard, but this whole stretch, mainly around that airport circle, where 38, 70, 130, all come
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together, down to one lane, and detours throughout the next ten days. south on 95, looking good out of northeast philly, no problems at the moment on the turnpike, and septa the 101 trolley using shuttle buses, and both the market frankford and the broad street subway also using shuttle buses until 5:00 a.m. chris, lauren, back to you. >> thanks so much. if you like soda, juice, energy drinks, you expect to pay more in philadelphia. >> sit council expected to approve controversial soda tax today. fox 29's steve keeley live at city hall. hi, steve. >> reporter: yes, maybe not. because we've seen preliminary votes go yes, and then final vote go no in this building, plenty of times, and if you have been watching tv, especially watching the newscast, it looks like the presidential campaign for this tax. you have seen that, no grocery tax campaign, they were running the commercials last night during our late news, then you see jim kenney doing a commercial, where he's at school with kids talking about how fair it would be and how we can improve the future of
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the kids. and not pictured here jim kenney yesterday, campaigning, inviting the media to go along with him in whole bunch of schools today and yesterday, demonstrating what is needed through this soda tax. but, the soda industry has stopped soda taxes across the country, 45 times just since 2008 from new york to california, this would be their first big defeat and first big city soda tax, it was originally three sent, you recall, as we predicted right here on this show, it has been reduced, now half that, one and a half cents an ounce, now includes though diet drink, too, remember mayor nutter tried to get it as health initiative. jim kenney never tried to pull that one. he said he just want the tax, company, or companies, that make a lot of money off a lot of poor people. now it is diet drinks as well as sugary drinks. so don't call it a sugary tax any more. 21 cents will add to mike jerrick's starbucks frappuccino every morning, 2.16 to six-pack every coke,
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and that's diet or regular. so we will see if they have the votes. but there is some last minute lobbying going on, and lot of last minute pressure, as well, chris, lauren? >> we'll wait and see what happens with that, steve keeley, thank you so much. following breaking news out of northeast philadelphia where police say someone fired shots into a home, this happened about hour ago in the 4700 block of fly avenue in holmesburg, at least one person home at the time. there is no injuries reported, we of course will keep you updated as more information becomes available to us. >> dozens are still recovering in the hospital after sunday morning's massacre in an orlando night club. authorities, one step closer to charging the gunman's wife, in connection to that shooting. was reportedly with omar mateen when he cased possible target, including walt disney world, and the pulse night club. >> feds convened a grand jury show, could be charged as accessary to the 49 counts of murder and 53 counts every attempted murder. >> fox news now reporting the
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gunman posted on facebook during the stand-off pledging his loyalty to isis and threatening even more attacks. we've also learned about a phonecall the shooter made at 2:45 a.m. he called central florida news 13, spoke to an overnight producer, that producer says when he answered the phone shooter said: do you know about the shooting. when he said yes, mateen said i'm the shooter, it's me, aim the shooter and went ton say he did it for isis and started speaking arabic. the producer asked if there was anything else he wanted to say, mateen said no and hung up. mateen was likely self radicalized. president obama headed to florida, details of his visit has not been worked out. >> but detail it is about offering comfort and support from a community grieving from the night club attack at pulse night club. >> now, the family of akira murray, a vigil taking place at her former high school, dave kinchen live in west
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philadelphia for us. dave, good morning. >> reporter: chris, lauren, good morning to you. friends and former classmates of akira murray gathered here at west catholic prep high school yesterday to remember the star athlete, and are still trying to process her death. >> this was akira's less than two weeks ago, at her graduation from west catholic prep, where she ac sold in academics, graduated third in her class, it is the very same place where hundreds of students, staff and alumni, attended a vigil to remember her, to reflect and to console so much other, a national tragedy truely with a local impact. eighteen year old was shot in the arm and was the youngest of the victims to die in the orlando tragedy. now, whether in class or on the basketball court, those we spoke with say akira was a leader in every way. >> she really never mean to anybody. she tried to cheer everybody up. she was a very good leader. it is sad that this happened,
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it doesn't really seem real. >> during my basketball season we had some off games. she would just keep our hearts and heads into every game, winning or losing. and that she just new the right words to say, and how to build us up as a team every time. >> promise, promise, promise, gift dollars young lady, refined, bright, incorporated other good people into her life, a talented lady, there is no question about it, okay, beautiful girl, also. >> she made her mark in more ways than one, akira scored 1,000-point during her basketball career here at west catholic. she recently signed a letter of inch don't attend mercy hers college on athletic scholarship. of course as you said, chris, just as the vigil was taking place last night the family reported that the fbi released her body to the family so that they can bring her back to philadelphia. back to you. >> the story just gets sadder every time we hear more, thank you. 4:09, you can see from skyfox
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rainbow light shining from the ben franklin bridge last night, and in center city both the sera center and the comcast building lit up in rainbow colors to show support. >> as the investigation continues, more details come out, they do it seems every morning, find the late he information on our website >> medical examiner performing an autopsy on the body of two year old nebraska boy killed by alligator at walt disney worth resort. divers found the toddler's body in a lagoon, orange county sheriff's offers released this photo of lane grave late last night. they say he is playing in the water on tuesday when the alligator drags him underneath. his father tried to save him unsuccessfully. searches used sonar equipment for hours to search the lagoon. they found the boy's body around 1:30 yesterday afternoon. >> he was within the immediate area where he was last seen. it took some time to go through and make certain the
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water, kind of merky, but our divers were able to locate the the body. >> the grave family speaking through the sheriff's office. they say they appreciate the support they're receiving, and need time to griever. the child's body was intact, they removed five alligators from the lagoon, and euthanized for analysis while they searched. >> chairman and ceo of the walt disney company released this statement. as a parent and grandparent marks heart goes out to the family. my thought and pairs are with them. i know everyone in disney joins me zero everything our deepest sympathy. 4:00 is one, armed and dangerous, hunt on for four men accused of robbing city avenue bank watcher police say they were dressed as that helped them get away. >> burlington township police the very latest on local agent introduce body cameras on to the force, why officials say the tool will work in favor of the officers. bob kelly, good morning. >> good morning, 4:11,
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construction coming our way again today, the passyunk avenue bridge, brand new traffic pattern, and that's going to be nothing compared to the traffic mess for the next ten days, in pennsauken, new jersey, i'll have all of the details, sue has the wet forecast. stay there, coming right back. alright guys, we've brought you to this construction trailer to talk about trucks today. which truck brand offers engines with best in class v8 towing or fuel economy? are we moving? where we going? it's the answer to the question baby! silverado. oooh that's cool. it's truck month. qualified buyers get 0% financing for 60 months. plus, find your tag and get $8,250 total value on this silverado all star. find new roads at your local chevy dealer
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muggier than it has been. also got a break from humidity. so now that we look at some of the neighborhoods, getting some rain this morning, we've got chester county, lancaster county, berks, seems to be covered with rain, few showers up toward the pocono mountains, part of bucks county, as well. we will zoom in for right now, on parksburg, out here, with some rain, west goshen, some lighter rain, pens berry, also, in chester county, hokessing, delaware, that one heavy downpour there, rains little lighter around strathmere, but still raining there, around woodbine, that cell moving off shore. look at ocean city maryland, just got very very heavy downpour, that's the way it will be either get nothing or heavy downpour, it is monday, june 20th, the summer solsus happens 6:30 p.m. which will give us monday the longest day of the year with 15 hours of daylight. and that, as we lead to up that this weekend, will have a lot of good weather to enjoy. today, well, it is our rainy
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day. 65 degrees in philadelphia, 64 in wilmington, 64 in lancaster, and dover, will stay in the mid 60s throughout the morning with clouds, occasional showers, through about noon, we will see some heavy downpours, can't rule out rumble every thunder, but it looks like we will probably stay cloudy for the rest of the afternoon, and then really hoping the heavy rain for tomorrow morning will avoid us, looks like it will skirt down to our south. and then dry weather for the weekends, still holding on. average high 83 degrees, we were pleasantly below average monday and tuesday, yesterday's high was 80 degrees, even before the clouds roll in, 75 today, with those showers, and for friday 79. sunday is of course fathers day. and we have 86 degrees, then, and start getting hot for the first day of summer with 90's, by tuesday of next week. and that's a look at your weather authority.
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>> put a bucket and shovel there! >> oh, all right. >> 4:17 we call it on a thursday morning, as we go flying north on 95, accident, right near the airport. not near philadelphia international airport. right there by the parking garage there, at bartrum avenue. otherwise, off to pretty good start, no problems on the blue rocks schuylkill or 95, but get ready for hot mess here, over the next ten days, here is the deal, pse&g announced yet that for the next ten days, they have to make some emergency gas line repairs between pennsauken, cherry hill, philadelphia into new jersey, and also portions of route 130 and that admiral wilson boulevard and the airport circle. it all comes together right there. couple of alternates for you. if you are coming from the south from bellmawr, maybe want to use cuthbert boulevard. that will cut you overthrew cherry hill. if you are coming over the ben
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franklin, and you got jammed up yesterday, your best bet, jump off at federal, that cuts you over along route 130. i want to avoid the admiral wilson boulevard and the airport circle, for the next ten days, and here's, you can already see, construction signs blinking, you're good to go right now. but i guarantee you, as we get into the morning rush hour, and the evening rush hour, it goes down to one lane headed into the airport circle. there is typically four down to one to give you an idea of the gridlock we are dealing with there. vine expressway closed until about 5:00 between broad street and the schuylkill expressway. probably going to be rough day to fly if you are flying in or out of philadelphia international airport. maybe dropping somebody off, just check in with the airlines, as sue mentioned, scattered showers this morning, so far so good, and mass transit, the subway and the market frankford line, using buses, until 5:00. chris, lauren, back to you. >> bob, thank up. fbi and philadelphia police looking for four men accused of robbing wynnefield bank,
4:19 am
two dressed like women to hide their faces, show these men dress in the all black, one wearing ladies hat, another berk a, they entered the td bank on city avenue yesterday morning about 11:30, handing the teller a threatening hand written note that red, give me the money or i'll kill you. investigators say the teller handed over $800 in cash, and dye pack. the robbers grabbed the bag and left without harming anyone. bank customers were surprised the group chose such a busy area. >> casino of shocked. the area pretty nice usually. i guess it doesn't matter where that happens. >> the thing with me is. >> this environment, you don't expect that at all. >> additional cameras show the robbers escaping with two more men in waiting get-away car, black chevy impala. police company the group armed and dangerous. >> school board in one has vote today end using the redskins asthmas could the. vote came for conrad high school and the red clay school
4:20 am
district, controversy that started well over a year ago came under fire after some and dollars administration says the redskin mascot offense i have to native americans. alumni showed up in force at one point, fighting to protect the school's long standing mascot. now no avail. in word on what the school's new mascot will be. >> out of control crash, involving a philadelphia police cruiser leaves four injured including two officers. force of the impact landing two on the first presbyterian. third and west tai bore road, authority say the officers on their way to help hager what's their suv collided with black nissan maxima. paths tore of the church tells fox 29 he heard the collision inside the church and came running out. >> boom, you know, but we, before the crash hit, we saw the cars flying down the
4:21 am
street. >> taken to the hospital in stable condition. >> leaders in the burlington township department says the help the officers and public stay safe. demonstrated how the cameras work yesterday. the department purchased 50 of them. five officers will begin wearing them in the next week, for what's being called a trial and error process. the department leaders say it will be a valuable tool if there are accusations of misconduct. >> this tool allows us now to record our officers in the field. to though them they are doing the job right, doing what they were trained to do, that they are accountable officers, they have integrity, they have the knowledge, the wherewithall, the ability of the job. >> the goal, to have all 43 officers in the department wearing the cameras by september. >> 42:00; big day for golf this morning. >> the biggest stars are going to be in pennsylvania for the us open. and speaking of sport, tweet from the new eagles
4:22 am
quarterback carson wentz keeps on giving. seems had little problem at a gas station in new jersey. much more on this straight ahead. but first, winning lottery numbers.
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>> you see lightning bolt, the other, thunder and lightning, can't rule it out for us today, make sure you are prepared with the rain gear.
4:25 am
your full forecast, is coming right up. chris, lauren? >> fox 29 sports in one minute. >> good morning, i'm howard eskin, phillies all the sudden the team in free-fall, after starting the season goes seven games over 500, from that point on the phillies now 13 games under 500, that's since may 18th. phillies are not getting good pitching, and there is really nothing on offense. going to citizens bank park, last night, cody ash i with the phillies down one-nothing, he had three extra base hits, two rbi's, homerun, one-one, but in the eighth inning with the phillies only trailing up four to two, josh donaldson, oh, my gosh, that start a three-run, eighth inning, phillies lose to toronto seven-two, gate game. now, washington tied it up in the ninth, tied it up in the 12th, and then jayson werth for the second time in a week wins it with this, what's turned out to be single and they beat the condition is five-four, today round one of the us open golf championships at oakmont country club outside the pittsburgh, coverage begins at 5:00 p.m.
4:26 am
place to, jason day, phil nicholson. i'm howard eskin. >> 4:26, interesting news about the eagles new quarterback. >> yes, seems these days, with sports, it is all about social media, what's going on, off the field, and the newest star in philadelphia, carson went. the number one pick for the eagles, well, little trouble in the new jersey gas station in particular new jersey bathroom. he let us know all about it taking to twitter. he tweeted just got locked in a bathroom at a nj gas station. praise the lord for at ten can't with the garden shears and the other guy with the leg kick. >> that's when you need a picture to see exactly what happened, right? because your mind, just trying to imagine, was there like someone there from the landscaping company that had some equipment that had to like cut the doorknob off, was someone kicking it to get him out? >> i don't know if i want them taking pictures in the bathroom, though? >> i do. ya. >> outside the bathroom. >> all right, 4:26 this morning.
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royalty first. what prince william just did, that has him making headlines for all of the good reasons this morning.
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controversy brewing over the soda tax vote, will it fizzle out or pass? the debate continues.
4:30 am
>> she just did everything the right way, how she lived, and every just saw how she stood out. >> friends remembering the youngest victim killed in the deadly orlando terror attack there is morning, the latest on when a kira murrly make her final return home. >> another tragedy in orlando, authority release this, well, picture, of the two year old dragged into the lake by an alligator, at disney world, we'll show that you boy, and what his par rent saying after the tragedy. >> and radar lighting up. rain expected through your morning commute. but will it clear up in time for the weekends? sue and bob have got you covered. >> good day everyone, it is thursday, june 16th, 2016. six-16-16. >> i wonder is it one of those days where you want to chill inside because it is so gross outside? >> netflix and chill. >> not necessarily all day. >> oh, that's right. >> many have to work and can't enjoy the netflix and chill. it seems like, really, this morning, either getting nothing, or you're getting a
4:31 am
downpour, and where we're seeing rain right now, chester county, now some rain moving into delco, lancaster county, berks, up toward the mountains, as well, and a little bit of rain in the trenton area, there we go, zooming into west goshen, seeing some rain there, out in springtown ship, lancaster, looks like we are getting a break for now. jersey shore thunder all moved off shore for now, more range before the morning is through, temperature wacking out the door of 65 degrees, easterly wind at 6 miles an hour, keeping us cloudy even when it is not raining. 57 degrees mount pocono, 66 in trenton, 64 lancaster, slightly milder than yesterday because of the cloud cover overnight, 64 wildwood and dover, as well, plan on rain throughout the day on and off. but inbetween, later on, you might get little bit of sunshine, so, it is not a complete wash out, high temperature mid 70s, and your
4:32 am
sunset time if we do get sunshine, 8:32, that's the kind of day, unsettled weather day, say, for this thursday, but wait until you see the forecast for fathers day weekends, bob kelly? >> looking good. yes, had 32:00, kind of peak the head there, good morning, live look at the vine expressway, still closed both directions here between the schuylkill and broad street. until about 5:00. vine st. local, exit at either 30th or spring garden, work your way over anyone of the number street. otherwise, in good shape, across the board, however, sounds like rough morning rush hour, as that scattered rain start to hit or miss us, depending upon where you begin and end your trip. it is going to be big mess here, in south jersey, pse&g started emergency work yesterday, that's going to impact route 70 and 38, the airport circle and also the admiral wilson boulevard. so try to find alternate, avoid the airport circle as much as you can for the next ten days, live look, at the
4:33 am
admiral wilson, just example right here the airport circle, that is going to go down to one lane, actually down to one lane, so during the morning, and the evening rush hour, expect big delays, and there is real now good easy alternate. you can say 95 to the betsy, but then you have to sit through the 95 construction, so pacca snack, for the next ten days, going through pennsauken and cherry hill. watch for possible weather delays today at philadelphia international airport, fire location down here paulsboro, new jersey, at seventh and billings. and grab a timetable today, if you use any of septa's regional rail lines, they announce new schedule kicks in on sunday, both the subway and market frankford line using shuttle buses until 5:00. chris, lauren, back to you. >> if you like sewed, a juice, energy drinks, might have to pay little more nor it in philadelphia. >> that's because today the city councils sill expected to pass the controversial soda tax. or are they? steve keeley live at city hall, taking a look at this, hi, steve.
4:34 am
>> reporter: well, have you been watching it. v, you know it is a grocery tax. that's what the soda companies want you to think, and that's why they want you to pressure the council. soap, here we are, again at city hall. if you haven't in the dollars the news there is tax has already begin through some big changes, it was three sent an ounce, now down to one and a half sent an ounce, and it also includes diet drinks now. it is not going to be a healthy tax. and just six month into his job promotion, from long time councilman, to up mayor, jim kenney watched his predecessor fail to get a soda tax passed twice. so unlike nutter trying to pass it off as trying to make everybody healthier, kenny said americans generally reject other people, telling them what to do and what is healthy for them. so we stayed away from that. our intention he said to reduce move earth any our city. we to through education. why do you see all of the millions spent on all of the commercials calling it a grocery tax? the soda companies realize one thing, that this could just be the first of many copycat soda taxes if it get passed here in
4:35 am
philly and one expert tells the washington post that the soda tax here is, quote, a huge deal, likely to be replicated nationwide, if it passes in philly. this is a fan lust way, he said it, get revenue for cash starved cities. now, what do the soda companies to beat nutter's second try to soda tax? just half cents an ounce soda tax? he told the washington post the american beverage association donated 10 million bucks to children's hospital, and that's how it got beat the second time. so kenny learned from nutter's mistakes, and he thinks he's got the votes to get final passage today. but you can see, a lot of final commercials, even during good day today, and there will be last minute lobbying and pressure and all of the councilmen in those hallways before the vote today. chris, lauren? >> all right, steve keeley, thank you so much. >> coming up on 4:36, we do have to get to some breaking news out of northeast philadelphia, mr. i say someone fired shot into home this happened about an hour ago, on the 4700 block of blie
4:36 am
avenue in home berg, there was at least one person at home at the time. there are no injuries reported, we will keep you updated as more information comes in. of course, we will pass it along to you. now, to this developing story, out of paulsboro, new jersey this morning, crews busy battling a house fire, we're told it started just after 11:30, along billings avenue, seventh streetment took crews two hours to get this under control. not clear if anyone was home at the time. no injuries reported. >> medical examiner performing a autopsy, on the body that far two year old nebraska boy killed by an alligator, divers found the toddler's body, in that man-made lagoon behind the grand floridian resort yesterday afternoon. the orange county sheriff's offers released this photo, elaine graves, released this last night, say he was playing in the water tuesday night when the alligator dragged him under. his father tried to save him unsuccessfully. searches used sonar equipment for hours to search the lagoon, found the boy's body
4:37 am
around 1:30 yesterday afternoon. >> he was within the immediate area of where he was last seen. it took some time to go through and make certain the waters, kind of merky, but divers were able to locate the body. >> the graves family is speaking through the sheriff's office. they say they appreciate the support they are receiving. now they are asking for privacy as they grieve. the sheriff says the child's body was luckily intact. wildlife officials removed five alligators from that lagoon, euthanized each of them for analysis, while they searched. >> 4:37. emotional tribute, today new details on the youngest victim killed in the orlando terror shooting this morning. >> eighteen year old akira murray remembered by classmate, staff and friends here at west catholic prep, and we will tell you after the break why it still doesn't seem real for so many who knew her.
4:38 am
a kira
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4:40 am
>> dozens still recovering, authorities one step clothe err to charging the gunman's wife in connection to the shooting. nora sole monet parentally with omar mateen, her husband, when he targeted different place including walt disney world and the pulse night club. >> grand jury toy investigate solomon, she could be charged as accessary to the 49 count of murder and 53 count of attempted murder. >> fox news now reporting the
4:41 am
gunman posted on facebook during a stand-off pledging his loyalty to isis threatening more attacks, meanwhile, authorities say, mateen likely self radicalized. the president heading to florida today many details about his visit, have still not come out yet. >> white house says his trip about offering comfort and support to a community that's grieving from this past weekends' attack, of course, at pulse night club. >> family of the youngest victim akyra murray making arrangements to bring their daughter back home to philadelphia. >> a vigil held at her former high school. live in west philadelphia, good morning, dave. >> reporter: chris, good morning to you. friends, family and not immediate family but extended family and other folks who knew akyra murray gathered here at west catholic prep to remember the star athlete. but, they're still trying to process her death. >> this was akyra less than two weeks ago at her graduation from west catholic prep, where she excelled in ac death i can, she graduated thirds in her class, and it is the very same place where hundreds of student, staff,
4:42 am
alumni attended vigil to remember her, reflect and console each other. national tragedy with a very local impact, 18 year old akyra youngest of the orlando shooting victims to die after being shot in the arm. now, whether it was in class or on the basketball court, those who spoke about say she was a leader in every way. >> she never really tried until you asked her for help. >> reporter: a kira scored a thousand point during her basketball career here at west catholic. she recently signed a letter of intent to play basketball and attend school at mercy hurst college on athletic scholarship, so she had such a bright future ahead of herment and her immediate family was not here. they are still in orlando. we are told that the f.b.i. released her body to the family at the very same time
4:43 am
this vigil was taking place. back to you, chris, lauren? all right, dave kinchen, thank you so much. 4:43 this morning, marijuana and atlantic city, the lawmaker who want to make that happen, why he says it should.
4:44 am
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taking a look at radar this morning and what's going on in our area it, looks like the rainout to the west is starting to sneak a little closer to the metro area. so it, won't be long here in philadelphia, before we start to see some more showers, walking out the door right
4:46 am
now, see, some places the grounds is wetment upper uekland township, heavy downpour there. we go down to the jersey shore, around miss i can island, beef haven, it is raining there, north of atlantic city. and we head out to the west because we're checking on the us open, which is in oakmont, just northeast of pit burying. so there is pit burying. there is oakmont, nothing happening right now, but there is rain in the forecast for today. us open being broadcast on fox 29 this afternoon. if it is not rained out. 07% chance of showers and thunderstorms, so just going to have to keep our eye on the sky for. that will early showers are in the forecast for tomorrow. that would be in the morning. but the rest of the afternoon, they should get their golf games in, but it will be kind of squishy, muddy on the course, then the weekend looks great with temperatures in the 80s, for us right now, in the mid 60s just about everywhere, six an in philadelphia, 57 degrees up in mount pocono, checking the future cast, now, still seeing showers around,
4:47 am
they're hit or miss, they're on and off, throughout the rest of the morning. and really, throughout the rest of the day, there you see, heavier rain moving in maybe around 67:00 this morning, we continue throughout lunchtime, there is more rain around, so if you are running out for lunch you'll need that umbrella today through about 2:00, 3:00 in the afternoon, after 4:00 it looks like we'll still see lingering clouds, some places will still get a stray shower, but they're not as numerous, now, we have to watch the overnight hours for possible showers, thunderstorms, through about 11:00, 12:00, and whether they head into our area about 6:00 in the morning, when we're getting started in northeast philadelphia, for good day drives you, there is still a chance, but looks like whatever we get the heavier stuff will stay to the south tomorrow. then eventually sunshine in the afternoon on friday. making way for pretty noise weekend. that takes you through the possibilities of precipitation. average high temperature is 83 degrees, for mid june. we've been pleasantly below
4:48 am
average past couple of days with low humidity, muggier today and 75 degrees. 79 degrees tomorrow with the slight chance of rain in the morning, saturday and sunday look terrific, it is starting to warm up, so that we get close to 90 for the first day of summer, and above 90 for tuesday and that means probably a thunderstorm or two in the afternoon. all right, bob kelly, here are your shore temperatures, and there is your bucket and shovel, making your sand castle, looks like temperatures in the 70s, just like it was for you, over the weekends. >> now, do you have like the little castle, squares, so i can make my cast snell. >> now he's putting in his order! >> good morning, i got to go to hoyas. grab yourself the umbrella before you head out the front door, first and out the front door get the best umbrella live look at the 30 bypass coming out of downingtown head in the toward king of prussia. so, sue's right on the money, the rain coming our way,
4:49 am
impacting chester county, bucks county, and of course, eventually going to hit that i95 and schuylkill expressway, so going to be one of those yucky morning rush hours, dry as a bone though downtown here, and we're open, looks like, open for business, they just opened up both sides of the vine street expressway, after that overnight construction, look out, in and out of south jersey for the next ten days, mainly the area right here, the airport circle. the admiral wilson boulevard, route 70, route 38, emergency pse&g work, we're just going to tie us up again for the next ten days down to one lane at time, route 130, if you are coming from the south and headed north, try using cult bert boulevard. if you are coming over the ben franklin, right after you come into new jersey, take that exit for federal street, and that will take you overthrew pennsauken, and avoid the whole back up for the next ten days. so, just get used to that, and it is a thursday, you know what we like to do, head out to the breakfast, living room
4:50 am
cafe right there at fifth and monroe in south philadelphia. come on by. bring your appetite. have the tv cameras there. be life from 9:00 to 10:00 on good day philadelphia. chris, lauren, back to you. >> all right, bob, thank you. senate democrat ended nearly 15 hour filibuster early this morning after republican party leaders reportedly agreed allow votes to propose gun control measures, connecticut senator chris murphy, tweeted, he's proud to announce that after more than 14 hours on the floor, we will have a vote on closing the terror gap and universal background checks, 40 senators joined murphy there is follows the shooting massacre at pulse night club in orlando. >> a confederate flag removed from flag day exhibit at the pennsylvania capitol on the government orders. decision came after dispute over the display, spokesperson for the governor says governor wolf doesn't think the flag should not be displayed in a state building because of controversy. >> pennsylvania house republicans are counting vote to see whether there is enough
4:51 am
support to revive legislation to expand casino style gambling to airport, bars, and casino run websites. the legislation was defeated last month, but another floor vote could happen as early as neck week. officials say it is a way to generate hundreds of millions of dollars in new gambling tax toss help fund state government budget deficit without raising taxes. >> forget gambling, night clubs or. one new jersey lawmakers believes the future of atlantic city may lie in marijuana. today democratic assemblyman read gashore said i'll introduce a bill whether to make recreational use of marijuana legal only in atlantic city. it is called the promoting opportunity for tomorrow, or pop bill. it would put the question on a state-wide general election ballot asking whether to permit the commercial growth, sale, possession, consumption, and taxation of marijuana within the boundaries of atlantic city by those 21 and older. see what happens with that one. >> prince william making headlines this morning, not
4:52 am
for his yoga poses or having another baby but for standing up and speaking out on gay right. we'll explain next.
4:53 am
4:54 am
4:55 am
prince william is making history. >> now britain's first royal to ever pose for lgbt magazine, and there is more, appeared on the cover of uk attitude. did he it to speak out against bullying people, because of their sexuality. prince william says no one should be bullied for their sexuality or any other reason. and no one should have to put
4:56 am
up with that casino every hate. the magazine came out a day after william and his wife, kate, signed a book of condolances at the us embasy london for the orlando massacre victims. the he is first roll to openly condemn the bullying. >> get ready for largest project in modern history. >> happy hour just got a little well happier in old city. today old sitly debut old city eats. this weekly extended happy hour program start today and runs every thursday there is will go until august 25th, from 5 to 8:00 every night, at least every thursday night, record 32 restaurant have joined the line up including fork, dynasty, little ryan, commonwealth, many other. new program will give philadelphia resident workers, dining out options. >> this case you missed fits on wednesday, you did try it again thursday, in old sit. >> i oh, i miss sips on wednesdays, because i'm never up at that hour. speaking every eating, you can get a recipe and you can get a
4:57 am
recipe and a recipe, oprah winfrey's releasing her very own cook book. >> oh, like you get a recipe, and you get a recipe, and you get a recipe. >> oh, book underneath your seat, and get a book. all right. thank you. the face of weight watchers will be released february 3rd of next year, judging from all of her posts, it will be really popular, popular, popular. >> tv mogel, previously admitted to secret. >> controversy over the soda tax vote happening later today.
4:58 am
4:59 am
5:00 am
a controversial volt on the table, will the sit of philadelphia implement a soda tax, the price you may be soon paying to get your sugary drink fix. >> keep our heart and heads into every game, winning or losing. and that she just new the right words to say, and how to build us up as a team. >> emotional words about a local basketball star killed in the deadly orlando terror attack, how hundreds of classmate are remembering her. >> and, a little boy killed by an alligator at disney world, what his parent are saying about the tragedy, and the questions that are being raised this morning. >> let's take live look at radar for you, wet start to the day, as showers make their way into the area. sue has your full forecast, good day, everyone, it is june 16th, 2016, thanks for waking up with us. >> almost friday, i will tell


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