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tv   Good Day Philadelphia at 6A  FOX  June 16, 2016 6:00am-7:01am EDT

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day? philadelphia set to become the big first, welshing big city, with a soda tax. why the city could be facing a lawsuit, if the proposal is given final approval. but, sued by whom? >> can you not imagine how horrible a situation this family is going through, nightmarish. >> what this little boy's parent want you to know after this tragic alligator attack in orlando. >> unbelievable. and speaking of orlando, the orlando killer there in the center of your screen. he made five phonecalls, during a massacre. calling while killing. who did he speak to? and why? >> and it is a rainy thursday so get your umbrellas ready. sue will let you know how long in just a moment. >> welcome to "good day" philadelphia, following some break cents news right now out of bucks count. >> i just learning about a shooting in morrisville
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borough, bridge street at pennsylvania avenue. >> we have reporter headed there, we'll keep you updated when any new information, but dave kinchen on the way to the scene. >> i know it is dark behind us, but it is spitting out there, sue. >> we had off i shall sunrise, but it seems like it is dark. just watching thunderstorm that just popped up, within the last 15 minute or so. it start in the lancaster county, now moving around east nottingham, chester county, some heavy downpours, undoubtedly, little loud around there. so that might be waking you up, if you weren't up already. and then we see some of the rain headed into philadelphia, as well. jersey shore getting a break for now. eight got rain in the forecast, six out every ten, won't stay this way all day, on and off rain, muggy, though, out there, and bus stop buddy with the best advice, have the rain gear with you, temperatures in the 60s right now, in philadelphia, 65 degrees. 5-mile per hour breeze, it was
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5:32 this morning, so your morning column youth may be little messier than your evening commute, even though we still had some showers in the forecast later on, we stay in the 60s throughout the morning. and we may see a few brakes of sunshine, here and there, but still, chance of showers throughout the afternoon and it will be a cooler day than yesterday. with high of 75 degrees. so that takes cares of your thursday, can we confine this rain, just to today? we'll let you know coming up. >> glad you got new set of wiper blades on that vehicle there, 62:02, here is a live look at route one, near creek road. and an area that's about to get hid with those heavy thunder boomers that sue just pointed out. that are coming our way. keep in mind, brandywine creek typically floods when we get heavy rain. don't think we're in for that scenario, but get ready rolling out the front door, some thunder boomers coming our way on the vine expressway westbound watch for delays broad street overthrew the
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schuylkill again, hit and miss, you get the heavy downpours, and then, like just like that, it cut off, and you wonder why your wipe remembers still on. here is a live look at the admiral wilson boulevard, the scene of this emergency gas work, that's going to last for the next ten days. headed in toward new jersey, 38, admiral wilson, down to one lane here at the airport circle. so many detours that will be in place, between pennsauken, and cherry hill, you want to plan your trip there, accordingly, and the best bet, if you are you are coming over the ben franklin bridge, instead of trying to work your way into the admiral wilson, use federal street. that will get you around the delay. also, cuthbert boulevard, coming from bellmawr, want to avoid the stretch between the air pork circle, route 70, route 38 here in cherry hill, in urge new jersey, mass transit though looking good. mike anal he can back to you. >> 6:00 # three, expect to pay more for soda juice and energy drinks in philadelphia. >> talking about sugary
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drinks, are you? >> we are. >> city councils sill expected to approve the controversial soda tax today. >> sit council already, you know, pre approved it, couple of weeks ago, now comes down to today. >> please there is will pass, steve. just say it. >> well, we're seen things get pre-approval preliminary vote before. not pass. so, if you are watching television you will notice from the problem the industry. here filling the hallways every city hall today for sure putting last lobby effort on. and just six months, into his job promotion, from councilman to mayor jim kenney has watched his predecessor fail to get soda tax passed twice, so, unlike mayor nutter trying to pass it, trying to say it will make everybody in philadelphia healthier, quote, americans generally reject other people, telling them, what is healthy for them, so we stayed away from that, our
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intention, he said, to reduce property in the city -- reduce poverty and we can do it through education. that's why you see so many millions spent on all of the commercials calling it a grocery tax, because, the soda companies realize one thing. that this may be just the first of many copycat soda taxes. because one expert tells the washington post soda tax huge deal, likely to be reply dated, fabulous way to get revenue for cash starved cities, how do soda companies beat the soda tax? he told the washington post, that the american beverage association donated $10 million to children's hospital, and last ditch effort. that soda tax only half cents, so let's see what magic tricks they pull this time. , all they have to do get one of those nine votes to change. and maybe another 10 million donation in that council man's district could do the trick. >> a lot of people upset when
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they found out some of the money is going to the general funds, too. >> so, steve, tell me that again? real quickly here? so only one vote has to change? >> yes, needs nine of the 17 council members. all right? so if he only has nine vote right now, going into the final vote all they have to do convince one of the nine to change their votes, eight votes doesn't get it passed. >> okay, so, does somebody get to somebody else overnight. all right, yes. thank you for that, we'll have a camera there. 6:06. >> someone fired shots into a home happened about an hour ago in the 4700 block of bliar avenue holmesburg. at least one person home at the time. there are no injuries reported, we'll keep you updated as more information comes in. crews busy battling house fire. we are told it started just
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after 11:30 last night along the billings avenue, right around seventh street. it took crews two hours to get this under control. it is not clear if anybody was at the home at the time. no injuries have been reported, though. and, right now, officials in orlando, florida are examining four alligators, caught, and then killed, after the body of a a two year old boy from nebraska, was snatched from a walt disney worlds beach, by an alligator, dragged into the lagoon. but they did find the little boy about 3:30 yesterday afternoon. >> divers found lane graves, after they first got the call the alligator had taken the boy from the waters' age at seven says lagoon. appears the gator pulled the child into deeper water and drowned him, leaving the body near the spot where he was last seen. they think because the body was found intact. autopsy is planned. >> okay. 6:07 now. on this thursday, the question
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many are asking: how does this happen down there in orlando, florida? who is to blame? itit is hard to figure that out there. were signs out. not to go into the water. talking to an attorney about are the no swimming signs enough protection or do you put up a barrier and just repeatedly tell people, there are alligator in that lagoon? >> there was a beach area. maybe people thought hey it is a beach, maybe you should wade into the water? >> 6:08. coming up next, philadelphia community coming together, honoring the youngest victim, who lost her life when a gunman opened fire in an orlando night club last weekend.
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>> hundreds parked the auditor injury for memorial, thirds in her class, what a basketball star she was, akyra. now her classmates still trying to come to grips with their lost. >> everybody wanted to be like her. she was just keep our heads and heart into every game, winning or losing, she just new the right words to say, and how to build us up as a team. >> she just did everything the right way, that's how she lived, and everybody just saw,
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she stood out. >> while the vigil was hang, the fbi was releasing akyra's family to her body in orlando, now making arrangements to bring her body back home to philly. >> all right, it is 6:12 now on this thursday. forget gambling, night clubs, or, alex. >> one new jersey lawmakers believes the future of atlantic city may lie in a new up and coming industry. >> and i think i agree with them. you have got to get away from just gambling. good idea.
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>> it's 6:15, ended nearly 15 hour filibuster, about, what, 1:30 this morning, after republican party leaders reportedly agreed allow votes to proposed gun control measures. >> connecticut senator chris murphy said he's proud to announce after 14 hours on the floor we will have a vote on closing the terror gap and universal background checks, 40 senators joined murphy and this follows shooting massacre at pulse night club in orlando >> president braham barack obama heads to after rondo today, plans to offer comfort and support to a community that is grieving from this past weekend's attack on that club. >> new senate letter says, gunman omar mateen made series every facebook posts blasting
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the quote filthy ways of the west, and blaming the united state for the death of energy women and children. a senate committee now asking the fbi for records related to previously closed investigations concerns mateen, because we know he was interviewed at least twice before. >> by the f.b.i., you are absolutely right. also, reports mateen made at least five phonecalls during his killing spree. he would stop the shooting to make phonecalls. three to 911, one to yet unidentified friend of his apparently, and one to orlando news network that's open 24 hours a day, so there was a producer on duty in the middle of the night about 3:00 in the morning. he wanted to make sure they all new what he was doing. unreal. 6:16. >> soup, already seen the rain, i've got my umbrella, my shower cap. >> that's good. because we warned you, and of course keeping a close eye on the western part of the state, and today probably the worse
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weather day in store, with chance of some strong thunderstorms in afternoon. 30% chance of some early showers on friday, out at oakmont, saturday, sunday, look fantastic. that's waist going on out in the western tart of the state, to put it in perspective, there is pittsburgh, then 14 miles northeast, where oakmont is. there is no rain there, right now, but there is plenty around here. in fact, even seen some lightning show up on ultimate doppler, there you see some in northeastern maryland, we zoom in on some where some of the heavy downpours are, lancaster county around paradise, not so much right now, new london there is whole, we call it, mushroom country down around route one, in chester county, east marlboro, some heavy downpours, as well, to the northeast of us, in morrisville, we've got some steady rain there this morning, and it is raining lightly in philadelphia, right now, and some light rain in evesham township in new jersey. so there is continues on and off, throughout the rest of the morning, where you might see thunderstorm pop up. you might get a heavy downpour
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or might just get period of some steady rain for awhile. it is on and off throughout the early afternoon. look like it starts to taper, by the evening, but then we have to worry about some overnight thunderstorms that could possibly linger into friday morning. but we're thinking mostly cloudy then some sun in the afternoon, and then it is high and dry for the rest of the weekend. it warms up as well, by fathers day, in the mid 80s, by monday, the official first day of summer upper 80s, 90 by tuesday of next week. at the shore today, average high temperature there on the beach about 76 degrees, but not a day where you may want to sit on the beach bob kelly because of the pesky rain. >> give me chair and beach and i'm good to go, to the baseball game last night, hotdog guys say heyed, say hi to mike and alex for meal, whole gang at the hotdog stand, app and every morning, took all of the kids down to the baseball game last night.
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>> how do you do it? >> it was crazy. we almost had our own team together. but in a funny situation, it was nice and quiet. >> hi, kerr. >> i then awe continue yells: dad there is the beer guy. >> what? >> real loud. you know, the guy comes down the steps. dad, there is the beer guy. >> austin knows his beer? >> i said, austin, mommy doesn't need another beer. calm down. she has had enough. hey by the way, isn't this stadium where it all began for you and your lovely wife? >> it is down there at the ballpark. >> oh, music festival opens up down at the dover speedway today through sunday. so we have to keep our eyes on sue's forecast there, with those thunder boomers. and then we have new regional rail lines schedules that kick in on sunday and here's a live look at chester county, getting ready to see some thunder boomers mover through all of the roads are wet, it is going to take us a little longer today than it did yesterday. because of the weather rolling through this morning. mike and alex, back over to you.
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>> all right, forget gambling, night clubs or, one new jersey lawmaker believes the future of atlantic city may be in pot. >> democratic assemblyman will introduce bill today to let voters decide whether to make recreational use of marijuana legal only in atlantic city called promoting opportunities for tomorrow or pot bill. oh, ya. >> pot. >> yes, would put the question on a state-wide general election ballot asking whether to permit the commercial growth, sale, possession, tags agents of marijuana within the boundaries of atlantic city those 21 years of age and older. the pot would be taxed at 20% of its market price. >> wow. that's a lot worse than the soda tax. 6:20. >> philadelphia police release surveillance video, van that hit and killed a girl. this is video, of the silver early 2,000 model chevy ventura mini-van. police looking foray long with the driver.
6:21 am
they say, it should have heavy front ends damage, kit march kayla jackson and kept going. happened 11:30, at the crosswalk at adams and the boulevard, family members say she was supposed to graduate the next day, from george washington carver high school. >> if you have any information on this mini-van or the person driving it call philadelphia police. >> just tragic. 6:21. the fill reese not in a good spot these days. the wheels have come off. and it wasn't fun for the guys against toronto, that's for sure, we have your sports in 60 seconds next.
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>> the phillies all the sudden team in free-fall, going seven game after 500, from that point on the phillies now 13 games under 500, that's since may 18th. phillies are not getting good pitching, and there is really nothing on offense. going to citizens bank park, last night, cody ash i with the phillies down 100 nothing, he had three extra base hits, two rbi's, homerun, and one-one but in the eighth inning, phillies only trailing four to two, josh donaldson, oh, my gosh. phillie lose to toronto, game game, cubs and nationals to
6:25 am
washington now washington tied it up in the ninth, tied it up in the 12th, then jason worth for the second time in a week wins it with this what turned out to be single and at the beat the cubbies five-four, today runed one of the us open golf championships at oakmont country club outsides of pit burying, coverage begins at 5:00 p.m. players tee-off, that's sports in a minute. i'm howard eskin. >> want to watch some video to make you sick? pit burying penguins set brail dollars their championship with a parade in the street of pit burying yesterday. so, calm down, showed off the stanley cup, fourth in team's history by the way. wonder what you'll drink or eat out of that cub. you know, casino of what they do, alex. >> cereal, whatever? >> so an estimated 400,000 fans, oh, they were just celebrating with the team. to beat the sharks, four games
6:26 am
to two in the final, once disappointing season and fired a coach before winning their fourth stanley cup. >> they fired their coach. >> do aim of their tomes have the same colors? >> pittsburgh. >> in. >> steelers? black and yellow, black and yellow, black and yellow. >> no words. >> police will be in atlantic city, soon. >> oh, because of that. >> ya. >> red and yellow, red and yellow, red and yellow on the radar, and even seeing some lightning popping up. is it raining in your neighborhood? we'll let you know coming up. steve? >> who needs stanley cup champion parade when you are the champions of taxes? let's have attacks parade. mike? >> 6:26. back to the break news out of bucks county just learning about a shooting in morrisville borough. >> happened near bridge street and pennsylvania avenue. dave kinchen at the scene,
6:27 am
he'll give us a live report when we come back. after trying brookside crunchy clusters, @carlybeyar tweeted: at this point, i should just be a brookside chocolate ambassador. well, i am sorry, carly... it's something you earn. brookside. talk about delicious.
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>> breaking news out of bucks county we learned about a shooting in morrisville borough. >> dave, what are you learning out there? >> well, we are here with the police chief, george mc clay, of morrisville borough. and standing here right at the scene. what we will do is talk to the chief then show you exactly what we're telling with two cars here and shooting, chief, tell us what happened here? >> this morning about 51:00 of
6:30 am
the resident came out of his apartment, observed a mail braking into his car, he went back inside, retrieved his weapon. at that point the defendant jumps back in his vehicle which is stolen, our plane and the chases him in his car, get down here to bridge and pennsylvania, they crash the vehicle up on to the sidewalk. the complaint and the jumps out every his vehicle, and discharges his weapon twice. at which time the defendant fled, and was apprehended couple of blocks away with bullet through his arm. >> so just one suspect, no other outstanding, so what we are looking at here the car on the sidewalk, that was the car that the bad guy was in right in the silver car, the good guy ' car giving chase? >> correct. >> your thought, coordinating all of this? we saw lower makefield here, tell us about the overall response? >> up here in the county, we have very limited amount of manpower, so lower makefield
6:31 am
falls, re town township, all the way down, tullytown, we help each other, and we respond very quickly, to incident like this, because apparently, you can see, it is a multi jurisdiction al effort. we do very well together when it deals with mutual aid. >> i notice this is very early. any word whether the suspect was trying to scope out vehicles before he struck or anything like that? >> but we will, we will also do search warrant to get inside his vehicle to see if there is anything there that will tie him to any other crimes. >> too early to tell if the good guy fired the shots might face any person us? >> , no waiting for the county detective. that will be their call, at that point we are here to assist them, and we will quickly come out with ruling on this, still very active scene here, you can see, mike, alex, we send it back to you. >> all right, dave. keep us update on that, 63:00 now, weather time.
6:32 am
>> let's check with sue a situation where you see where dave is in morrisville, it could be raining very heavily, watching light, southwest, so zoom in little bit, and see, thunderstorm now, exiting lancaster county, moving into western chester county around west caln township, downpours west goshen, east nottingham, more heavy rain, that is just to the north of marple in delaware county, pennsylvania, so bus stop buddy has the right idea, even if it is not raining right now, in your neighborhood it, probably will be before the morning is through. temperatures in the 60s, 64 in philadelphia, 84% relative humidity, not too much of a breeze, will be cooler afternoon high of 75. with showers around, on and off, all day, maybe a little bit of sunshine peaking through late in the day. we will tell if you this hangs around for the weekend, coming up in the seven day forecast. and it is fathers day weekends, bob kelly, so the pressure is on for dad.
6:33 am
we have to give him some good weather. >> you better get on over and do, that coming up on 6:43, 202, right near 926. if you look close, getting heavy downpour. this is on the target board, for thunder boomer sue just showed us being coming through chester county, so first one out the door get the best umbrella, folks already out the door here, south on 59 heavy academy, light rain, but again, everybody's going to get wet before the day is over with. speedometer readings slower than normal already here is the area getting hit with the thunderstorm, schuylkill and belmont avenue. that emergency gas work causing havoc, expect delays on 70, 38, 130, and the admiral wilson pretty much right here between the admiral wilson boulevard through the
6:34 am
airport circumstance nel toward cherry hill. may want to try using cuthbert boulevard or maybe federal during the morning and afternoon rush hours, south on 95 out of the northeast about half hour with wipers on, slow philly over to valley forgement mike and alex back over to you. >> 6:34. >> so, expect to sell out more money if you buy sewed, a juice, energy drinks in philadelphia, pretty much anything really sugary. >> alex, is today the day? >> today is the day. >> not so fast. today city council is expected to give final approval for that soda tax. not so sure. steve keelie? >> all they need is a majority, you need nine, eight doesn't do it. nine doesment and we've seen this thing get defeated twice by the soda industry. this thing has been called grocery tax by the soda industry. it was originally called sugary drink tax, but now,
6:35 am
diet drinks are included. so it has begin through whole bunch of changes that's gotten cut in half, from three sent down to one and a half sent. mike, do you remember, when i predict that would happen? anyway, it is now just attacks on all soft drinks. and it is still adding a lot of money, though, if it is passed onto buyers, one and a half cents an ounce, as to a 2-liter bottle of soda, a dollar one. it adds 2.16 through your typical six pack every pepsi or even diet coke now. and those bottled coffees, you drink, mike, tack 21 sent more to the oddly new merrick 13.7-ounce starbucks bottled coffee. so, if nine of 17 vote yes, expect a soda tax. they believe this will be a wave of bun of of -- bunch of soda taxes throughout the nation. mayor kennedy something mayor nut did.
6:36 am
he wants to take care of poverty. we have this this city one out of every three people on food stamp, one out of every four people illiterate many that's what jim kenney going after. he says, getting the kids in pre-kindergarten will make them a lot health year, a lot wiser, won't have so many people on food stamps or deemed illiterate any more. >> all right, we shall see, our cameras will be there, 6:36. thanks, steve. >> today we can also expect a big announcement about 30th street station. amtrak and the partners flannery least details about the stations district plans. officials will hold press conference at 9:30 this morning, be sure to pason update as soon as we get more information. >> wait a second. do you know what the announcement is? >> , no just making an announcement. >> that's it? >> ya. >> i heard at 3:00 this morning we were going to find out what it is. >> no, we will find out, we can say there is an announcement. >> that's it? what could it be?
6:37 am
constantly in that building which i love. >> here is the good news, since the press conference is going to be at 9:30, we're still on the air, we can let you know before we go off the show hopefully. >> might even put up breaking news graphic. >> you think that big? >> oh, i don't know. maybe aunt -- what's the pretzel place? >> aunt ann's? >> aunty ann's, what about it? >> i like the cinnamin one, the cinnamin pretzel. >> yes, full pretzel or the little bites? >> i go by the then get some lemonade with it. >> well, you know i drink lemonade every day. >> all right, beyonce. do you plan on getting rid of your yellow nails? atlantic city main casino workers union will decide whether to authorize strike against four of the city's gambling hauls, today's vote, involves, you got your bally's, ceasar's, harrah's, and the tropicana. we only have eight casinos now, right? over there? i think so, about eight. the union previously authorized a strike against
6:38 am
trump taj mahal. >> coming up on 6:38, police in northeast philadelphia say someone fired shot into a home. it happened about an hour ago, on the 4700 block of blie avenue in home berg. there was at least one person home at the time. there are no injuries reported, we will keep you updated as more information comes in. >> and, this story out of paulsboro, new jersey, where crews were busy battling a house fire. we're told it started just after 11:30 last night along billings avenue, right at seventh street. it took crews about two hours to get this thing under control. nobody got hurt. thank goodness. 6:38. >> also, new overnight, senate democrats ended nearly 15-hour filibuster early this morning. now there is isn't video from the filibuster, this is video from obviously december of 2012. but this is after republican party leaders agreed allow votes to propose gun control measures. >> at least the same guy though. connecticut senator chris murphy. >> and he tweeted out he's proud to announce after more
6:39 am
than 14 hours on the floor, we will have a vote on closing the terror grab and universal background check, 40 senators joined senator murphy, follows shooting massacre at pulse night club in orlando. >> should have background check before you buy a semiautomatic weapon? interesting. 6:39. president barack obama will head to our lan dough today, plans to offer comfort and support yet again in this country to community that he grieving from this past weekend's night club massacre. >> new senate letter says the orlando gunman made a series every facebook posts, before and during, the attack. >> he is on social media, making phonecalls, as he's killing people, chris. >> yes, and calling a news room in florida. so back to the new senate letter that alex mention it, says the gunman omar mateen made err series of facebook posts, the filthy ways of the west. then blaming the us for the death of innocent women and
6:40 am
children. in a letter sent to facebook, lays out series of social media posts that staffers say were made the morning of the attack. senate committee now asking the fbi for records related to two previously closed investigations concerning omar mateen, the gunman, also demands details about any prior visit to the pulse night club or walt disney world before the attack and his travel to saudi arabia. now, federal investigator insists it is too early to speculate on whether the wife of the shoot letter face any charges, 30 year old nora solomon could face charges as accomplice to 49 count of murderment you can see her there, covering her head with that hoodie. also, reports, the teen made at least five phonecalls during the attack, three to nine # 11, one to friend, who has not been identified yet, and one to an orlando news room want to go make sure it new of the shooting. >> yes, 24 hour news station down there, right, channel 13? >> correct. >> and there was a prow
6:41 am
december err there over, and he pick up the phone. >> he asked have you heard about the shootings? >> yes, we've had calls on t and he said i am the shooter. and the producer said he was silent. he didn't know what to say. >> so where are you. >> none of your dang business, f business, hung up on him. all right, chris. tim tebow back in the news? >> he has new show. >> what? wait a second. he's on our show, the show we call good day philadelphia today. tim tebow and jenn fred together. that could be disastrous. or entertaining. >> and we are continuing to follow this breaking news out of bucks county, live look at the scene there. police say a man shot a person who tried to break into his car. the suspect is a life but in the hospital. and will face charges. we will keep you updated and we have dave kinchen there on the scene. >> casino of crazy news out of a bedroom community called morrisville. (vo) we went to hollywood to ask
6:42 am
if america's favorites - burgers, tacos and chili could taste just as great made with turkey. thousands stepped into the jennie-o tasting booth to find out. with just one bite, they knew. now it's your turn to make the switch.
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after weeks of scouring the mediterranian sea,
6:45 am
wreckage of the doomed flight has been found, still trying to figure out why the plane crashed. >> satellite data shows smoke detectors went off in the bathroom. isn't that amazing technology? smoke detectors apparently went off in the bathrooms and in the electronics, minutes before the plane's signal was lost. the plane twisted around, and then plummeted, quickly, before it was lost from radar for good. >> all right, 6:45. >> checking on traffic with bob kelly. >> bamm. you got it, good morning, everybody, again, watch for the rain causing delays here. this is live look, the 30 bypass, coming out of downingtown. and you can just casino of see the rain kind of working it way eastbound, getting ready for those thunder boomers, sue's coming up in just a moment to show us exactly where the thunderstorms, are and where they're heading. but just watch yourself, specially, through all of the construction zones. it is tough to see the lane markers there, when you got that heavy downpour.
6:46 am
everything's going to be little wet, and slower than it was yesterday. here is a live look at the vine expressway, bumper to bumper working your way over toward the schuylkill. here's a live look, delaware county, getting wack here, with a heavy downpour, or as you work northbound, up toward the commodore barry. who is hungry? >> i am. >> let's do it. >> breakfast with bob. we'll have breakfast in the living room. >> would mom allow that. >> maybe a little snack tray? fifth and monroe, south philly coming your way, you know it, every thursday we pick different neighborhood, different spot. out there from 9:00 to 10:00 the at fifth and monroe. now, thunder boomers on the way, are they headed your way? sue's got the answer coming up in 15 seconds.
6:47 am
>> as predicted the rain is shear, it seems like west of philadelphia is where we are seeing the heaviest downpours all morning being some of them kind of this heavy rain kinds of falls apart before it makes it to the city. you see some lightning showing up on radar, as well, starting off, focusing on chester county, if you're in parksburg, getting heavy rain, coatesville heavy rain as well, down lower oxford down around route one, some heavy rain, and now we see some in newport delaware see the orange here, wilmington, delaware as well. this cell also moving from west to east. so if you are in carney, new jersey may be seeing it soon. >> morrisville, where dave kinchen is, and lightning showing up in chesapeake maryland about to head into middletown delaware, get ready for heavy rain maybe some loud thunder, if that's where you are this morning. gloucester county just some light rain this morning. and this rain continues according to the future cast
6:48 am
on and offer, times when it is not raining but have to have the rain gear with you, and showers around, through the evening commute, but see some room for sunshine as well. so, let's call it just an unsettled thursday, hopefully everything stays away, through friday morning, we have good day drives you tomorrow morning, just see some green on the radar, around, looks like just light showers, if we get anything at all, during the morning tomorrow. so, cooler today, 75 degrees, 79 tomorrow, then we warm up over the weekend, sunshine, saturday, father day sunday, the first day of summer is officially on monday will feel like summer by monday, high every 88, tuesday back to the 90s, mike anal next. >> so tomorrow we will be basically the corner of frankford and cottman in mayfair, okay? >> all right, here is some news. tim tebow back in
6:49 am
philadelphia. at least on good day philadelphia with jenn fred. >> yes, he has new project. who better for him to do it? he is adorable, kind, the perfect kind of celebrity, to host a show like home free. >> whether it comes to building biggest competition, fox nails it. >> we get to give away home and change lives. people deserve it. >> are you going to be like still doing pushups in case, you know, pre-season rolls around and some team needs you? >> probably won't be doing pushups tonight. i think i can probably guarantee that. but i tell you what, the show was so much fun. >> so, talk to me a little bit about this. season two start tonight. >> this time around they're earning a house for their personal hero? >> the whole competency is 11 contestant, coming in, thinking that they'll compete to win dream home. and they'll build this dream home. but what they don't realize when they get there is we're not just building one home, we
6:50 am
are building a entire neighborhood. and every single time one of them is eliminated, they get to give the home that we built that week to their hero. one of our contestants is a war hero that got blown up in afghanistan, and the man he is competing for is the person that came back and pick him up on the battlefield and took him to safety. >> you are the host of the show. congratulations. and are you talking to these people, and you have got to be like not only cheering them up but personally @ assume can get end spire by that. >> oh, absolutely inspired every single day being around these contestants. >> in my day-to-day, more like corporate guy. these are things i've never done before. >> just fell in gwen. get up. >> let's go. >> don't give up. >> you can do this. >> keep pushing it. >> just to be able to see why they're doing it, what they've gone through, why they're here, and why they're willing
6:51 am
to push beyond their limit. >> so i told people i was talking to tim tebow today. they want to know what you're doing, so here is my question, did you this project. it was really cool. i've heard that you were maybe going to be a high school football coach in tennessee, maybe be a preacher, then people want you to run for office. what do you want to do? >> that's a real good question. i mean, all every those things sound fantastic, and you know, honestly i don't know which door god will open for me, but when i know, i will do everything i can to go through it and hand it will as best i can. but tell you what, this show was a lot of fun. and it was a blessing to be a part of. >> i'm trying to figure what it is, never minds. >> oh, here is the situation. >> quit hitting me. >> university of florida,'s gator. >> you hate that. >> i hate that, and i'll bring that up with him in the 7:00 hour. we will talk football for
6:52 am
real. >> for real, he mentions the eagles, eagles fans, what he really thinks every us eagles fans, for real for real. >> well, he was an eagles. >> yes. >> i want to hear it from a player. >> his neck is -- >> it is like a box. >> he is a football player neck. >> doesn't it casino of look like a pez dispenser? >> pez dispenser, yes, because something is always firing out of it, firing out of that face. pez? >> think about it. pez dispenser, the neck is a little bigger than the head. >> (laughing). >> the head is bigger, and face on top of it. like round, and the pez just straight down. just like straight down. >> i guess. >> really connected, it doesn't go, just -- >> okay, let's stop. >> okay, like a q tip. >> oh. >> i'll be darn. >> a q tip? >> so we talk football in the next hour. hey, it is 6:52. actually having some fun before 7:00.
6:53 am
>> creative solutions in well, violence among teams is prompting strict curfew in trenton, why officials savoy laters are better off being in church than jail.
6:55 am
>> a surge in violence among teens, causes strict curfew in trenton. >> yep, but violators won't be taken to jail. they'll go to church. >> so starting july 1st, no one under the age of 18 will
6:56 am
be allowed out in public after midnight. caught breaking this curfew, police will take them to church or faith-based organizations. their parent will be contacted and told to pick them up. >> think that will work? the city says it, will give teens a chance to get counselling, and any help they may need. >> if you're caught out, church, 24 hours we'll take you there. >> well, i don't think that's logistically possible it? >> how do you make sure they actually go to church when you bring them back home because they're out past curfew. >> say it is three # in the morning. >> yes? >> pastor, get up. >> the doors of the church are always open mike. >> that's true. >> i don't know how it will work. >> interesting, i guess do you need little geez just your life. >> do you like that idea? four minutes before 7:00. dave kinchen, what do you got going on out there? >> police are telling us a man was shot while trying to steel a car take a look, we have a scene here, you can see next
6:57 am
evidence marker number six on the culver car, after the break, tell you how the suspect is doing and what exactly happened after the break. ♪but i'm not gonna let 'em catch me, no no,♪ ♪not gonna let 'em catch the midnight rider,♪ ♪yeaaahh... ♪but i'm not gonna let 'em catch me nooo♪ ♪not gonna let 'em catch the midnight riiiiiiiideer!♪
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>> city councils little vote to make us the first major us city, with a soda tax. why a lawsuit could follow, if the proposal is given final
7:00 am
approval. >> everybody wanted to be like her. >> she just did everything the right way. that's how shoe lived, everybody just saw, stood out. >> remembering a young woman, with a bright future. akyra and community coming together for the youngest victim of the terror attack. could her life have been saved? we ask why did police wait hours to bus into that night club. plus, new details about the gunman's actions just minute before the shooting. what he posted on facebook, and who he called besides 911 in the midst of the attack. >> i cannot imagine how horrible a situation the family is going through, night maybe i shall. >> supposed to be happiest place on earth, toddler dragged into the water and killed by an alligator at disney world, now, could the resort have done more to prevent this from happening? it is straight up 7:00. by the way, it is


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