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tv   Fox Morning News at 5A  FOX  June 20, 2016 5:00am-6:01am EDT

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sending suv through a chain link fence. plus shocking discovery 12 girls held in the bucks county home, questions neighbors now want answered. plus tires slashed in the local car dealership, you won't believe number of cars those businesses say were damage, my goodness. good day everyone it is june 20th, 2016, lauren dawn johnson has the morning off. she took final day of spring off, sue because what around dinner time it will turn over to the summer solstice. >> that is right, chris murphy. good to pay attention on one of the last day of school. summer does begin today but not officially summer yet because solstice itself is at 6:34 p.m. and this will be the day when we have the most daylight and least night timeness, least amount of night. you know what, for some reason you can see the moon. it is full. almost sunrise time but it is,
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the rare that this occurs on the same day as the solstice. first time in about 70 years we have had full moon and summer solstice on this same day. why is there a strawberry in the moon. every full moon gets a name and this month because it is june and strawberry peak season that is the strawberry moon. now you know what you will have for lunch today, right. we have nothing going on with radar. we can see pop up thunderstorms today. that is our summertime weather pattern just in time foresees on to change. your official sunrise time is 5:33. we have 68 degrees right now, and then temperatures that are in the 60's, 59 right now in wrightstown, 59 millville, 71 already in dover. we will expect to get to 92 degrees, appropriate for this first day of summer and sunset not until 8:33 tonight on this longest day of the year. it is on a monday, get your longest day bob kelly but you
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have plenty of time to enjoy it. >> exactly. we have plenty of time then to take a little cat nap later on throughout the week there. good morning on this longest day 5:02. we are looking good on the schuylkill expressway, no problems from king of prussia this fellow coming off ramp heading toward valley forge service plaza the here's a live look at the vine street expressway in and out of the city they did not have overnight construction so we are off to a good start here this morning as we go through the maps there. maps around working ? so we will just talk about the admiral wilson boulevard, where it is down to one lane at that airport circle. we have phillies game later this afternoon at 1:05. we will see unusual traffic heading in to the stadium area but then right after that game instant traffic jam. keep in mind if you typically head home over the ben franklin we are down to one lane coming off admiral wilson. septa's regional rail lines, some of the buses and trolley
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lines, they kick in their new summer schedule beginning today. so make sure you have a new timetable. both market frankford and subway trains are rolling for monday morning rush hour, chris, back over to you. lets get to this, at the 5:03. developing story in gloucester county police investigating a shooting at west broad and pine street in paulsboro. at least one person was shot around midnight. authorities have not released any other details. we will keep you updated throughout the morning. lets turn to this a car crash in kingsessing that sent two people to the hospital this happened inned with land avenue and south forty-seventh street, and 1:30 this morning, a car and suv collided sending the suv through a chain link fence. those two people have been taken to the hospital. we understand that from steve keeley they were the drivers of each of the vehicles. the intersection is new back opened to traffic. and developing out of feasterville, where officials are working to identify nine girls out of 12, who were found inside a 51 year-old man's home, he is accused of fathering two kids from one of
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the girls but the time was just 14. dave kinchen live at the home in bucks county. they are calling that home a house of horrors, dave. >> reporter: they are, we are learning about what police found inside and there are a lot of questions as to why many people say it took so long for law enforcement to take action here. police remain on the scene as they did throughout the weekend, bucks county d.a. and county detectives checked everything out here with so many questions around this investigation. they have been searching feasterville home of the 51 year-old lee kaplan. investigators say kaplan had been living with two girls between six months and 18 years old fathering the youngest two girls with the 18 years old who was only four when she gave birth. now police say that the 14 year-old was given to kaplan as a gift by her amish parents danielle and is aville stoltzfus, who are facing charges as well. authorities not yet said when
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the nine girls are related. neighbors noticed odd behavior from kaplan over the years and called police, cops came but they ever went inside. never thought child abuse. the question is now why. >> lower southampton police were called several times and nothing was done so child welfare protective services got involved, and then something happened. >> neighbors that called two years ago i don't know what you are referring to what kind of call did they call that they saw amish people? that is calls we got. we didn't get child abuse there. if there was a child abuse call we would have responded naturally but that is in the what we got. >> i'm really speechless. i pray for those kid and hope that they find some way for justice to happen. >> we are learning more about the living situation inside, police found an elaborate train set worth tens of thousands of dollars in trains and platforms. the kid were living in the basement on air mattresses and
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homework was also found there leading authorities to believe that the children were home schooled. they found a lot have musical instruments. as we come back live police did bring in cadaver dogs as they were concerned human remains may have been buried on the property but they did not find any. we're told kid are doings okay or as well as they could ab this is time, chris. >> dave kinchen live in feasterville, thank you. three people hurt including a police officer when her cruiser crash in the suv this happened last night, incident captured on a nearby surveillance camera. officer was responding to an urgent radio call from another officer and ended up colliding with an suv at champlost and front in olney knocking out traffic lights. witnesses say cop cars lights and sirens were on and investigators say protocol was followed. >> she came up to the intersection and she went through, tried to clear it, a car wouldn't stop for her and
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came in contact with her. >> the officer and two people in the suv were all taken to the hospital with non-life threatening injuries. bomb square forced evacuation of the 35th police district building. here's how they say it played on you. investigators with the attorney general's gun violence task force were interviewing the suspect and that then led them to the ak-47 buried in northeast philadelphia they say that the gun was wrapped in a plastic bag so they brought it back to the police station. when they unwrapped it they then noticed a small device inside that had potential of exploding. they called for everyone to evacuate and they were out of there for 30 minutes until the bomb squad arrived and neighbor removed that device. thankfully no one was hurt. we will soon know what the orlando shooter said to the 911 dispatcher touring his deadly rampage. florida's attorney general said the authorities will release the transcripts of those calls today, 49 people died, more than 50 others were
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hurt, when the gun man walk in it or land owe nightclub, the pulse and opened fire. fbi investigating how much if any help the shooter had in planning and carrying out the attack. meanwhile last night in orlando 50,000 people marched from an or land owe church to an ampy theater for a vigil. >> peace, love, hope, peace, love, hope. >> after lighting can also, local leaders, came on stage to read names of each of the victims. in philadelphia catholics came together for a special commemorative mass in honor of the victims and family. hundreds gathered at cathedral basilica of saints peter and paul last night, special prayer was also dedicated to the fat manically of the akyra murray a recent grad of west catholic prep. with the collective grief, gripping the country, many people compelled to join in prayer and turn to their faith for healing. >> anytime people come
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together and to unite for same purpose, we were praying for families of the victims, victims themselves, i think it is healing. >> candles were lit for each one of the 49 shooting victims during last night's service. our coverage continues on line for any breaking details in the investigation or on the survivors just go to our home page at fox 29 mayor jim kenney says he will sign philadelphia's controversial drink tax into law. city council approved the new tax in the three-four vote thursday. mayor kenney says 90 million-dollar in new revenue will fund prek community schools and recollect centers. opponents say adding 1.5 cents taxis not legal because pennsylvania already taxes sugary drinks. pennsylvania's governor is using social media to help take on the state opioid crisis. governor wolf is hosting a town hall through facebook live. users will be able to ask the state leading health experts any questions regarding pain addiction and addiction.
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town hall starts at 4:00 p.m. pennsylvania governor tom wolf and state legislature are in the final stretch to approve the budget as well. 2016/17 fiscal year begins july 1st, the house is up first, to pass a budget package and officials say republicans are considering raising cigarette taxes, and expanding casino style gambling. governor wolf wants to put more money in public schools. currently the state is in a $1.8 billion deaf set. 5:10. up next, take a look at this a mystery in the delaware river as minivan is pull from the water. big question investigators are working to fine the answer to. terrifying moments in the new jersey roller coaster how long riders were stuck way up in the air.
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the sound track of summer. good vibrations, released in 1966, the singer and writer of that song brian wilson, turned 74 today. speaking of writing music, i love this, he co wrote 40 top, 25 hits. do you believe that. >> musicians call him a genius, musical genius good
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absolutely. and this album that they put out influenced beatles and everybody else. he is battling drug addiction and so many other things, he is seven 46789 true musical legend, sue serio. >> his song, the sound of summer and it is the first day of summer. now, the season officially changes as we told you 6:34 tonight but we will have summertime weather for sure. is there hh, hot and humid, thanks to high pressure in control. we don't get this cold front until middle of the week, so, we have a lot of heat to live through before now and then. we have a day game with the phillies, quite hot and humid. 90 degrees at 1:00 o'clock. plenty of sun screen at the ballpark. maybe cheering on a victory. let's hope so. we could be in the middle of the heat wave because yesterday's high was 91 degrees. good chance we will get in the 90's today and tomorrow.
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code orange air quality alert in effect for all of those high concentrations of air pollutants, you know what i'm talking about, it is very close when you walk outside, feel humidity unlike the weekend. so, as far as pop up then are storms, yeah, that happens too a lot when we have heat and humidity and that could happen in the overnight the hours tonight and tomorrow. but it doesn't look like a big deal not as much as thursday, thursday could be our rainy day of the week bye pay off will be a beautiful day on friday with high of 83. friday we will have our peak weather day of the week because that is take we take away that humidity but in between now and then we have 90's today, 90's tomorrow and a chance of those thunderstorms as we said by thursday with another warm day on wednesday and then by end of the weekend we will heat up once again. the here's summer. it well fike like it good day for baseball down there and they have in the been playing well over last couple of days.
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>> couple of days good come on i'm being nice. yesterday they gave way hawaii shirt there for all of the dad but these afternoon games, 1:05 games, tend to have a bigger crowd with some of the kid who may already been out of school. good morning to the 42 freeway folks that stayed down to enjoy an extra day worth of sunshine at the shore, monday morning we will see that extra volume coming back from the shore with sand in your shoe and right in the office area there as we work into philadelphia we will take the next camera along the way as you head up and over that ben franklin bridge and into south jersey, they have that one lane opened, on the airport circle. look at this shot art museum circle, fountain and ben franklin parkway into the art museum. nice and quiet. here's that hot bed of construction which ace above the vine street expressway.
5:17 am
you work your way in between a lot of the barriers as you work your way in and out of the center city but no problems at the moment as we work our way into downtown. heading to the airport? live lot at platt bridge, sun glare every where this morning but we will check with the airport and all of the flights so far are getting in and out without a delay, chris, back over to you. a minivan pull from the delaware river and investigators are still trying to piece together who may have been inside. early sunday morning a silver van was pulled from the delaware river with severe damage but officials found no one inside. investigators say car went through the fence and flew off the ramp ultimately landing in the river. one witness called police when he saw the vehicle trial by him at the intersection of oregon and columbus boulevard and then an estimated 100 miles and hour. >> come flying by and not paying attention i heard a crash. i thought it crashed in another car. i looked over. then i heard a splash. i told my friend in the car like yo somebody just went in
5:18 am
the water. >> investigation continues, police say registered owner claims to know who was behind the wheel, it is in the believed that any or people beside that driver were in the van at the time. in west oak lane gunshots ring out leaving one man fighting for his life, police found a 31 year-old man, in middletown street shot in the legs and face, this happened around 11:30 yesterday morning. man is in critical condition at einstein, so far police have no suspects. a fire, two story row home, strawberry mansion has sent one person to the hospital for smoke inhalation, this broke out around 4:30 yesterday afternoon on north napa street, fire fighters got it under control in a half an hour. this video came to us fromes from company user emma medina caster john. it was day to remember for all of the wrong reasons at six flags great adventure can you imagine being stuck up in the air like this. this was sent by a viewer. that is called the joker. it got stuck way up there.
5:19 am
riders, in fact stuck yesterday for an hour, woman who took this picture says a lot of people were panicking. representative from six flags said the ride did stop at a the top but coaster safeties system ensure everybody remain safe but after a full hour. from the governor to every day pennsylvanians tributes are pouring in for fierce warrior in the fight begins animal cruelty. george bengal died over weekend from a rare form of the mesothelioma. pennsylvania spca long time director of humane law enforcement. george tells fox 29 lucy noland that he had a dying wish and she's doing her best to make that dream come true by bringing his message straight to harrisberg. >> i'm literally plead forgo help. spca totally operates a law enforcement department on donations from the public. we will we get no assistance from any local, state or
5:20 am
federal people. >> representatives in harrisburg promised they will advocate to get fund nothing to this years budget for humane law enforcement. governor wolf looks forward to working with them. governor says francis and i send our deepest condolence go to george's family and friend. george devoted his life to protect animals from cruelty and abuse and his service and dedication are unmatched. george's family are asking for donations to be sent directly to the newly established george bengal fund to end animal cruel continue instead of sending flowers. in the coming days we will take to you harrisburg to make george's wish come true. he had a tough job, depressing job and he did a great job with that job. speaking of the governor state opioid crisis continues in pennsylvania. how you can take your questions straight to governor tom wolf today. plus a cool app that lets you become part of the news
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welcome back at 5:24 on this monday. we first introduce todd fresco a few you months ago, a cool app that lets you become part of the news team. now even more of you can take part, as of today, iphone and android users can become citizen journalist, and that is not the only perk. >> meet darryl, darryl is a student from west philadelphia >> darryl loves to shoot video. >> eye my cell phone and up load it right there. i have with me all the time. >> darryl found fresco and new one of the new members of the fox 29 news team. >> i said oh, yeah i'minging this way for fresco. she's like okay, i'm recording the news tonight. >> reporter: if you watch fox 29 you have seen darryl's stuff. >> i just, bring out the camera.
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>> reporter: darryl respond, shoots, up loads, and then gets paid to be part of our team. >> one time i was on my way to a intersection, cop like two minutes, took footage and send it in and they bought it later. i said cool. i made a good stop. >> reporter: another night darryl was there as fire fighters put out car fires in west philadelphia and food truck in center city. shoot katherine drexel shrine up for sale ape capture joy of people finishing million-dollar bike race in university city. he has never been far from home. darryl shoots what we request in his area or what he sees that looks like news. when we use what darryl shoots, darryl gets paid. >> i thought this is cool. i may spend it but money i didn't have before. >> reporter: darryl, his family and friend love to see what he has shot on fox 29. >> i take a picture, send to it all of my friend.
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that is me, we're on tv. >> reporter: isn't it time for to you find fresco. >> so we cannot tell you how easy this is to use, go to the play store or itune app store search fresco news, see the cool yellow f down load and get started. we send out assignments each abe every day f you respond and use your stuff, you can get to be part of our team and make a few bucks, totally worse finding fresco right now 567:89:26. still ahead shocking difficulties conferry 12 girls held in the bucks county home, questions neighbors now want answered. plus tires slashed in a local car dealership you won't believe number of cars businesses say were damaged. (vo) we went to hollywood to ask
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this morning a local business hit by vandals, number of tires slashed at a local car dealership. plus a house of horrors in bucks county 12 girls found, how at least one ended up there and questions neighbors now want answered. good day everyone it is, june 20th, 2016. that means we will have the official kick off of summer. >> yes. >> lauren johnson off today she will be back on thursday i believe. sue first day of summer, later kicks in the solstice but what
5:30 am
better way to enjoy that then head to the ballpark. >> they call them boys of summer, after all baseball players and something about a day game, that makes you more optimistic in light of the way the phillies have been playing lately. bus stop buddy has his water bottle, t-shirt, hat and sun screen on now. some kids still have school for a couple more days but we are ready for heat so stay hydrated, also, it is not official just yet but as we see summer does begin today at 6:34 p.m., that is official change of the season. solstice happens then and we will end up with the longest day and shortest night of the year, lots of room for sunshine, no included at all, on ultimate doppler radar, plenty of hazy sunshine that will get more humid then over the weekend and as we look at this view of the platt bridgette is 68 degrees with that hazy sunshine. 5:33 officially the your sunrise time.
5:31 am
fifty-nine in mount pocono. that is a cooler spot. wrightstown and millville also at 59. already muggy 71 degrees in dover delaware. sixty-five atlantic city. your shore cast for today if this is where you choose to spend the first day of summer about 82 degrees in ocean city and southerly wind at 10 miles an hour. so plan on plenty of sun and heat and humidity, 92 degrees today, 8:33 bob kelly, that is your sunset time. >> for those who don't get enough sleep to begin work longest day and shortest nights, not a good feeling. for those of us at 5:31 an a monday getting back at it. weekend over. hopefully you had a great fathers day. forty-two freeway, folks maybe stayed down the shore, grab that extra day of sunshine, coming from the beach in the office this morning. we are starting to see the morning rush hour pop here, heading in toward the city. let go to the parkway live look downtown, ben franklin
5:32 am
parkway we have fountain here, art museum in the background so nice start to the morning here in philadelphia. no overnight construction, vine is opened, in problems on the schuylkill or i-95 at the moment. we will have sun glare every where this morning. the lets get to the platt bridge, sue shows us those couple minutes go ahead to go or from the airport, no problems at the moment at philly international. septa is using shuttle buses along portion of the route ten and route 15 trolley and over weekend they will kick in a new timetable on all regional rail lines as well as most of the buses and trolleys so make sure you have a new schedule ready for morning rush hour. we are in good shape. chris, back over to you. 5:32. let get to this developing story gloucester county police investigating a shooting in paulsboro at west broad and pine street at least one person shot around midnight. authorities have not released any other tea tails but we will update you throughout the
5:33 am
morning. a car crash in kingsessing sent several people to the hospital. this happened on wood happened and south forty-seventh street around 1:30. car and suv collided send ago this suv through a chain link fence. at least two people have been taken to the hospital. now to a developing story out of feasterville, neighbors asking why it took so long to find 51 year-old lee kaplan, who was holding 12 girls in his home and it wasn't first time police were called to that house. dave kinchen is live from feasterville, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, chris. neighbors say police have been called several times before over the years. police are here still on the scene guarding it as they have, throughout the weekend as bucks county district attorney's office and county detective went into see what they could find here. many questions swarming around the investigation. they have been searching the home of the 51 year-old lee kaplan. investigators say kaplan had been living with 12 girls between six months ape 18 years old fathering the
5:34 am
youngest two girls with the 18 year-old who had originally gave birth at 14. police say that 14 year-old was given to cap lab as a gift by her amish parents, daniel and seville stoltzfus of lancaster county. authorities not yet said whether nine girls arrested or related. neighbors say they noticed odd behavior from kaplan over the years and called police. cops came out but never went inside and never thought child abuse, the question is why. >> so, you should have looked into it the more, the police, before it took four years? four years? cops were called several times. >> problem is you can call and say i'm concerned something is going on in my neighbors house but unless i have substantial evidence to get a warrant and go in the house if they refuse entry we cannot go in. neighbor is so quiet and so peaceful i just don't understand it.
5:35 am
>> meantime. kid living in air mattresses and homework was found inside the house leaving authority to believe that the children were home schooled, as we come back live now, we know police brought in cadaver dogs to check to see if any bodies have been buried in the yard. that was a big concern. they did not find any so far. the children are doing okay or as well as they could be and police are hoping to talk with them once they are able to communicate, back to you. >> what a mess. >> house of horrors truly. interesting to go see what comes of this investigation, dave. police in warminster are looking for bandits of slashed tires of dozens of cars and trucks over weekend. they hit vehicles on street road and jacksonville road, including lafferty chevy. 170 tires were slashed what a
5:36 am
mess. how expensive is that to replace. lets turn to this at 5:35. we will know what the shooter said to 911 dispatcher during his deadly rampage. florida's attorney general said authorities were releasing transcript of the calls today. forty-nine people died. more than 50 others were hurt when gunman walk in it or land owe nightclub and opened fire. fbi is still investigating how much if any help shooter had in planning and carrying out the attacks. last night in orlando 50,000 people marched from an orlando church to an a theater for a vigil. local leaders came on stage to read the names of the each of the victims. candles for each victim were lit at cathedral basilica of saints peter and paul. hundreds gathering for a special commemorative mass last night, special prayer was also dedicated to the family of akyra murray recent grad of west catholic prep with the collective grief gripping the
5:37 am
country, many felt compelled to join in prayer and turn their faith for healing. still ahead first day of summer, officially kicks in around dinner hour and that means you could encounter big changes taking septa why you may want to get to your septa station earlier this morning, bob kelly. >> that is right, don't be saying nasty things under your breath about that train or bus being late because there are some new scheduled. wheels have more coming up, hitting the road no problems on the blue route. sunshine every where. sue has the forecast as we look live. look at that cool sunrise up and over the platt bridge. we will grab a cup of coffee and meet you back here in two and a half.
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good morning i'm sean bell. phillies are in the middle of the terrible, awful slump. they cannot hit, can't pitch and they pretty much can't do anything else. more of the same yesterday begins diamond backs. phillies, look at this, terrible right now. deep shot in the gap, there will be a play at the plate. but, it wasn't on time. the phillies go on to lose five-one. their sixth straight loss. to the nba finals khiry irving, bringing it home for lebron james, hits a step back three when it was tied at 89. all and that will do it. cleveland wins 93-89. winning it for the first time since jim brown was in
5:41 am
cleveland. u.s. open after shane lowery, blew a four stroke lead dustin johnson completes a wonderful match, for the day and he wins his first u.s. open title. that is sports in a minute. i'm sean bell. good reaction to social media to the cleveland cavilers stunning game seven victory and that includes big congrats from the nba's best. kobe bryant say congrats king james. khiry irving and rest of the calves. unbelievable series. well deserved #champs and #enjoy. lebron james took this series over in the last three games like the great ones do and brought championship home to ohio. dwayne wade said solute to my brother, king james, three time champion, #brotherhood. he says brotherhood there because, those two, teamed up to bring home championships back to back for the heat. and win for calves is historic, they became first team to come back from a
5:42 am
three-one deficit to win nba finals. still ahead major make over at one of the cities most popular attractions changes we will start to see at independent visitors center.
5:43 am
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you can find it all only in new york. new york. it's all here. it's only here. plan your summer vacation at hey, every friday, through july between the second we are taking over a local town get ready quakertown we will come to you on friday, the best part, you can win a new car, sign up to win a brand new
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mazda cx9 just go to fox and click on the conn to test page on the right page. we will pick on the final she a big give away. our big finally, friday, july 22nd at dell music center in fairmount park. come out and see to us win the brand new mazda cx9, sue serio. >> okay. >> yeah, the quakertown, weather i think will be pretty nice, but it is early, we will see what happens. you know, the first day of summer is today and solstice happens at 6:34. more astronomical news, full moon at 7:02 a.m., even though it is light out already we may not be able to see it but it is a strawberry moon. you will see that big giant strawberry. better bet to have some fresh strawberries today because they are right there season right now. high pressure in control right now, hot and a little bit more humid to day, not oppressively so but just enough that you will feel more uncomfortable outside, plus it will be back
5:46 am
in the 90's, so, we will stay dry but with the heat and humidity we will see later on in the day pop up thunderstorms. first pitch is at 1:05. by that time it will be 90 degrees with sun screen a good idea today and hopefully we will win one against the diamond backs or just win one would be nice. another heat wave is possible, yes, yesterday's high was 91. today and tomorrow we have a good chance to make it in the 90's once again. by wednesday temperatures will drop off. we will show you numbers in the seven day forecast, but an air quality alert for today with code orange. nothing really to show you on raids air. ninety-two to daze. ninety tomorrow. upper 80's for wednesday and then a thunderstormy kind of day on thursday with sunshine and lower humidity. by friday, it looks good for weekend so far. friday looks good for a
5:47 am
quakertown visit. now temperatures will be in the mid to upper 70's at the shore today, and by wednesday and thursday though we will see those beach temperatures, rising in to the lower 80's. that is your seven day forecast, here's bob kelly. >> hi sue, good morning. 5:47. gorgeous sunshine out there this morning. make sure you pack your shades as you head out the front door, no problems on i-95, vine street expressway looking good. we apologize for the lines here. it is not your set, i did not spill coffee in the keyboard again, sue serio, you are laughing over there, i know but we have some sunshine all around the board. just one of the problems we have sometimes on a monday morning. speaking of monday today is first workday that septa has kicked in a new timetable over the weekend. so a new schedule on the regional rail lines, some buses and trolleys, so make sure you grab a new schedule as you get ready to roll out front door. we will look live from the
5:48 am
platt bridge from the airport, no problems or delays the at all, nice beautiful start to the morning if you are flying in and out of the philly international. how about the parkway, cool spot there we have fountain in the middle of the screen. art museum in the background there nice quiet start to our monday morning but again as you move through the morning keep in mind we have a phillies game this afternoon. 1:05 is first pitch in south philadelphia. even if you are not going to the game it will impact you because we will have unusual traffic patterns getting to the game and then instant traffic jam once that game is over later on. afternoon games end three or 3:30 or so. back to you. 5:48. one week after death of the voice contestant cristina grimmie another voice contestant has died, shot and killed this time in chicago. alejandro feignes was a contestant on mexico version of the the voice. he was celebrating his
5:49 am
birthday when a man attacked him on thursday. fuentes was getting in his car on the southwest side of chicago when a man shot him three times in the head. he died over the weekend. this comes a week after shooting death of the south jersey's cristina grimmie. actor best known for his role in the new star trek film has died, killed in a freak accident outside of his home, antoine yelchin was killed in the accident yesterday morning as his car rolled down the driveway and pinned him up against a brick mailbox. police have yet to say yes was behind the car when he started rolling. yelchin just 27 years old. mayor jim kenney will sign philadelphia's controversial drink tax into law today. city council approved a new tax, on a 13 to four vote thursday, mayor kenney says estimated 90 million-dollar in new revenue will fund prek community schools and recollect centers. opponents saiding a 1.5 cents taxis not legal because
5:50 am
pennsylvania already taxes sugary drinks. the governor is using social media to help take on the state's opioid crisis. governor wolf is hosting a town hall through facebook live. users will be able to ask leading health experts any questions they have about opioids, pain medications, or addictions, remember, opioids were the confirmed cause of death of prince a short time ago. town hall starts this afternoon at 4:00 o'clock. at 5:50. tourism right here in olde city is a big part of the culture in philadelphia and now the independent visitor center is getting a new look. building will undergo 15 million-dollar worth of renovations and in a two year time period. officials say independent center will stay opened, just some changes include a extended gift shop, wrap around upper level terrace, new bathrooms, thank goodness and digital screens for visitors to plan and down load their itinerary. >> it is at sixth and market,
5:51 am
not fifth. >> i love your clarification, thank you. septa wants to make sure you are aware of new changes starting to day and tomorrow for this summer riders in the suburban and victory transit divisions will have minor changes to improve customer service. septa says new schedules are available at stations, and app and at the box office pixar's finding dori, was number one. they earned 136.6 million-dollar, in the box office. that makes it highest grossing animated film debut of all time. wiping out previous record held by shrek the third there. >> i believe the voice of the dori is ellen degenerous. >> it continues to be, yes. >> in toy store three i you heard the voice, mike jerrick. >> look at that. >> finding nemo. >> fan fast particular. >> pixar has never done anything bad. >> how was your weekend. >> they can animate like what
5:52 am
could they an mate and kid will go see it. >> lookal these colors. >> oh, look. >> i can see what kind of mood you are in. >> i'm cranky what are you talking about today. >> i don't know. >> believe it or not you and i will talk about the dangerous trend at salon is a cross the country. >> you mean bacteria spread. >> nail salons, the gel, you stick your fingers into this... >> it moistens up the cute california is they put gel on your nails and stick your finger, hand into this june that it dries the nails. >> i need that right now. >> melanoma. >> um. >> yeah. >> that helps cause it. >> melanoma. >> are you okay.
5:53 am
>> i'm finey stayed up to watch the calves game. >> what did you think. >> what a sea saw battle that was. >> really good game. game seven comes down to the last khiry offering. get some coffee. >> still ahead, give it their best swing we will take you inside major league baseball's junior home run derby.
5:54 am
5:55 am
♪ ♪ the best way to get together, is with the treat you make together. ♪ ♪
5:56 am
lionel richie sipping way back in the day in the 70's, lionel richie, is celebrate to go day. talented boys and girls from our region gave it their best swing, baseball held its junior home run derby. kid gathered at philadelphia phillies urban youth academy. they gathered for this competition, region nal champs
5:57 am
are heading for the national finals in san diego as part of the mlb play ball program which encourages children to to play baseball and softball. san diego is hosting all-star game this year. next up, a local business hit by vandals number of tires slashed at a local car dealership. house of horse or found in a man's home, how one of the girls end up there and neighbors wants answers. is triple checked. giant pe we're focusing on fresh... you don't have to guess. my giant.
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this price is so low. trying to make me eat my greens? no, just trying to save you some green. whaaat?! thousands of blue tags. thousands of low prices. my giant.
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oh, getting heavy over at the chevy dealership, vandals hit a local car dealership leaving behind a lot of dam age, the number of tires slashed is crazy. also, 12 girls discovered in the basement of a bucks county man's home, the question being asked by authorities right now. final seconds, it is over it is over. >> promise fulfilled after more than 50 years, lebron james and his teammates bring a championship to the mistake by the lake as the cavilers become the 2016 nba champs. good day everybody it is monday, june the 20th, 2016. welcome to "good day philadelphia". >> it was a good game. >> it really was. >> worth staying up for. >> last few seconds.


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