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tv   Chasing News  FOX  June 21, 2016 12:00am-12:31am EDT

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>> now want to see news. the infamous manhattan madam providing services to eliot its air as he was the governor of new york. >> at yoda while she served time in jail. who is the bader of the baby? a conservative organization released video showing robert klein how they offered cocaine to other conservative activists. >> but this school i know. this is a systemic problem in the teachers' union. >> now they're looking how they could access the school. >> it is a bird? is a plate? >> what is that?
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>> a controversial undercover video has led to an investigation and the second how they are selectively edited. >> released by the conservative organization claims to be a watchdog of various policy issues showing robert klein who teaches at the middle school offered cocaine to undercover conservative activists but they never showed the actual drug although he brags about his access and how his inside knowledge of the police k-9 dogs allowed him to get away with it. >> they teach us how the drug dogs sniff out the drugs if you put in your
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pocket. >> the meeting took place 70 hotel conference room in 2015 he says the video is part of an ongoing investigation of alleged abuse by teachers and the teachers' union. >> you can see the official this and i will not tell the the one. he could lose his job if anybody found out. >> so this is about a cover-up bassist and the problem in the teachers' union to protect bad teachers. >> they are investigating on a drug abuse charge however he is seeing staging a mock presentation that it is a bogus organization and at the school they say he
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presents the same teacher with the faa award. >> radar care today to congratulate excellence in teaching from a physical education and awareness. >> now asking how his cameras gained access if he broke any laws by misrepresenting itself to school officials. he is no stranger to controversy in 2009 he gained national attention for videos for the organizing group known as acorn that found him in a legal trouble and in 2010 he pled guilty to read misdemeanor charge. so i asked many are suspicious high you obtained this video of the teacher. >> we did not distort anything. we abide by the same journalistic production standards of every other journalist that i find including yours.
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mike wallace won and it -- and rewards for doing the exact same thing but in terms of the editing we don't edit and no television network that i am aware of releases full of rock videos >> although he has been placed on administrative leave with pay. >> but the debate centers on the gathering of the video as opposed to the conversation of this teacher talking about drug use and use the knowledge of the k-9 units to get away with it there is a problem out there in a lot of areas with the acorn case the person involved was fired for what they had done some more to come on this. >> it does matter especially if you call yourself a journalist. >> a 40 doughboy is in custody and being charged for a hate crime with an
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attack on a muslim, basket -- from a mosque a few weeks ago he was riding his bike and had to go under reconstructive surgery police are still working -- looking for two other teenagers involved with this attack. >> in america we see cowboys but in thailand we see this a giant lizard coming up to the front door as the odors tried to lasso it away it is such a frequent visitor the family has named it selena like the singer. >> you were "chasing" the story of the madame? >> kristin davis was infamous manhattan madam after busted for running a prostitution ring in giving call girls to eliot spitzer while still the governor of new york.
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>> i hear you have a list of all of your clientele their likes, dislikes, how much money they're willing to spend why did you keep this list? >> i sat down with her and asked her how she got started. >> started at 81 of the first thing my bosses asked me was to bit book them girls it was 200 million in one week that she was making billions in the business. >> if you were bustier and blond i could not hire you could not look like me. she ended up serving four months in jail she is now 40 years old and pregnant i asked her. >> you have been with a lot of men with all due respect
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to with the father? >> it isn't important cymbidium not with any more. >> that must of been an interesting afternoon? >> i will never complain. [laughter] >> aster with so many a list clients why they needed her services. >> women who were in sports eliot illustrated or those who were on billboards in new york and they are beautiful and charming and educated they are just looking for a of a chance to be able to leave without feeling any attachment. >> i felt - - after what it was like. >> was trauma and deceit and deception and girl dropped
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you have 120 girls is like 120 paul vellums all girls it was nonsense to make eye after she is now retired i will have that for your next time. >> data in a while she served time in jail. >> was four months for prostitution charges but then one year for real big goal prescription drugs. >> those are others who were less tasteful running rings than herbert girl. >> good point. >> shocking details right here the forensic pathologist to examine the bodies days after their birth found inside their home after a house fire both dead prosecutors have declared dead case murder-suicide and now one
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alleges they were killed by an intruder and he has friends evidence to back it up blood splatter in dna of the and an unknown male and no evidence he was depressed or suicidal he says he sticks his medical expertise to say it should be changed from a suicide to be undetermined death and to get an idea what happened next we spoke to a former worse county prosecutor. >> the fact that there was no transfer has always bothered me if you do up close and personal there is no way you were not getting blood and dna all over europe and not having her blood on him was a telltale sign for me. >> he examined the body in 2014 and had the doctor take a second look at the dna the
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injuries of blunt force injuries to the chest are consistent with being struck by a fire potpourri and a chipped tooth so this was caused by a third person. >> once they decided i have seen this happen this is the guy who did it the -- the disregard of the evidence to the contrary so the best way is that they made the conclusion to disregard a substantial piece of evidence that is huge. >> this is all under litigation right now but it is very important if you remember governor christie fire the prosecutor and replaced him with the new guy he said he would have told them if they bring investigating to make sure they pulled out every day before declaring a suicide. >> para rule is double homicide and tell you can
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prove to be beyond reasonable doubt it is not if you can it is a determinant. >> this will keep getting more interesting until we get into a further. >> from the beginning you got the impression they're booking for somebody else then they made allegations with the state medical examiner there is a third knife not recovered. >> bettis broke with the first medical examiner in the both concur there was a third weapon. >> far beyond me to argue with him however i am not so sure he is right about being able to pursue the case this has been butchered up one side and down the other the evidence contradicts itself. >> do we know what is next? >> affidavit was filed to change the cause of death the attorneys general said they will have a decision within 30 days.
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>> minor league baseball one of the best kept secrets in the area and we are experiencing it with the local parks
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jelled the video is of red trying to sneak past his siblings apparently he is that the rescue but this video is hysterical obviously he is terrified. [laughter] making sure he passes by without disturbing the cats. >> you were "chasing" minor league baseball in jersey? >> what is more american than baseball? last week we went out for a tour of the great ball parks minor-league baseball under the best kept secrets in the new york new jersey area our high expectations as part of america and we were
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experiencing a of firsthand and punches tonight we're in bridgewater we had a great time. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ >> i cannot wait to show you this growing out the first pitch. >> well done. there is. ♪ thanks to read vice to the banister in the former picture the best way to throw a pitch is this. >> will tell them to throw
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to the catchers knows and then the smell of the food this is the best kept secret we brought you to the thunder and others and on thursday night we headed to the yogi berra stadium and gas a pitch to be proud of. take a look. [applause] >> i'm back. [laughter] >> because i know you cannot wait here is what they were expecting. >> it is fried basically anything you can get on the streets in japan.
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>> yes i will take at. >> this is the great kept secret. >> ben river and the broadcast ruth once the game started. the outcome metis for the miners game on wednesday it is time to bring in the pitching coach? >> possibly. last one was over the plate is directed you get 581st pitches a couple will make over the plate. congratulations. [laughter] the food was great. >> the smell of fresh blacktop in the morning not a common aroma in the garden state with their jersey's infrastructure is any indicator if they want good roads they have to pay for them.
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>> there's not enough funding to meet the demand of infrastructure and i think that was a common need for much of the categories. >> they got a rhodes bridges dams levies the problem is the transportation and trust fund is broke legislators are working on a way to raise the state's gas tax they said the situation is dire and the economy if because we cannot bring in new business that they cannot handle the commerce. >> but if gas taxes raised by the amount discussed the cast tax will be the second lowest in the nation they
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say a bite the bullet that is all you can do when the situation. >> all you can do is reach out to your representatives to show support for what is being considered to increase the gas tax. >> battery stand even though nobody wants another tax but rand of money runs dry who will fix the roads who will fix the bridges? i talked to a trucker's every morning on the radio show most said is there some of the best roads that they drive on but you have to have some money. the governor said it is crap the trust fund is running out of money because they always barrault in jet and then i ask the question you are projecting $1 billion every year but they ignore the fact every year the gas
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tax revenue is dropping because people are driving more fuel efficient cars so is that the last possibility to fix the roads? >> more to come. >> where people stand on donald trump. >> key is is a liar and miso
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>> coming up next. it savored. it's a plane. >> wait. what is that?
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>> it's a bird it say playing may be a ufo over disneyland this video has resurfaced the person taking the videos said they were walking up main street and following the parade and everybody started to point and look at the sky and he immediately started to tape.
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>> "huffington post" is a news outlet but no mistaking where they stand on donald trump saying that he should consider profiling muslims as an effort to fight terrorism earlier a headline read anti-trump movement ready for the final push and that is all about how it is not too late for republicans to turn their back on donald using the conscience clause at the convention i caught up with the co-founder and editor in chief of the huntington media group she was better for in the event to win for facebook call talk to me in encouraging everybody with their relationship with their parents and that is what happens.
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[laughter] >> what does that mean you were 34 in new york? >> so i asked auriana huffington about donald trump how he would be as the dad. >> that is quite to the contrary we are not choosing a dad we're choosing the commander in chief. >> the future is very well documented in has been going on for a couple years in 2012 it was this. unattractive is both inside and out i fully understand why her former husband left her he made a good decision i asked her about that she said it is in the past have your views improved? >> they have never been worse. >> so i tried to reach out
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but that he does want to ban 1.six muslims from this country to say you are a liar and misogynist. >> but he basically called the toughest imposed a clown show. [laughter] >> that is a great #, show. [laughter] >> for the "huffington post" >> jellyfish can be deadly.
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