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tv   Fox Morning News at 4A  FOX  June 22, 2016 4:00am-5:01am EDT

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>> major damage in south jersey, roofs ripped off, and break interesting overnight, three kids rescued from massive fire that ripped through chester apartment. how people at the complex believe this fire started. >> and, long time us congressman, chaka fattah guilty on all charges from racketeering, fraud, and pond i laundering, now what's next for the former public official. good day everyone, it is wednesday, jeong 22, lauren dawn johnson yet one more day off. before we get to weather, a look at the latest pour ought -- outage numbers, ac electric reporting 17,290 customers still without power. quite a storm that ripped
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through, sue serio. >> it was amazing, we had our share of drama in the morning yesterday when we were looking at so many storms on radar there is time, but then it really fired up in the afternoon. we'll have the aftermath of all of that coming up. right now, nothing going on with precipitation, in fact, now that that cold front has come through, we're in store for pretty decent day, another one on the way, not until tomorrow. so talk about what it is like if you are walking out the door right now. 71 degrees, in philadelphia, with 9-mile per hour winds out of the west southwest, 87% relative humidity, 5:33, is still your sunrise time. this second full day of summer. let's see what it is like else where. it is cooled off quite a bit, to the north of us, 51 degrees mount pocono, 59 allentown, in the 60s reading, lancaster, pottstown, and trenton, and down in atlantic city and wildwood, as well, so the urban heat island in effect for sure, where the cities and places with a lot of concrete and metal retain more of the
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heat of the day. although we did not make it to 90 yesterday, so we did not have official heatwave. we have 9-mile per hour winds out of the southwest this morning, but that wind direction will be changing, and once it gets to northwesterly you'll feel the humidity go down, but still on the muggy side right now. it will be breezy throughout the afternoon, high around 87%, but, for some of us, these are our five are the words, lower humidity, because it will feel more comfortable throughout the afternoon. sunset time 8: 33, there is your wonderful wednesday weather. we'll talk about the next chance of storms coming up. bob kelly? >> sue, good morning, everybody, a lot of folks waking up to some wet roads, downed trees, downed wires, of course without power, more about that in a second. but some good news for motorists this morning, the vine expressway, crews finished up early, so we are open for business, yes, still working above grounds here on the parkway, but the vine is open between broad street and the schuylkill. they are still working, couple of more days here on the the
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admiral wilson boulevard, near the airport circumstance circle. good morning to the airport, no problems getting to the airport. we had huge delays last night, when we got hit with the thunder boomers through the evening, reset the clock, hopefully this morning we will be off to good start in and out of the airport. now, later on today, if you are up in bucks county, street road, i-95, they've been repaving the on and the off ramps. they'll attempt to paint new traffic lines today. so just be careful, watch for the work crews out there, right after the rush hour. septa using shuttle buses on the route ten and 15, and they're also shuttle bussing on the broad street subway and market frankford line, otherwise, running with no delays. >> ♪ >> oh, my god. >> oh, my god is right.
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severe storms slam into the region leaving major destruction behind. check out this at the boardwalk north wildwood. the wind so strong, you can see debris flying through the air. check out the wild works public works building the storm ripped the roof right off. skyfox over the home depo in middle township. you can see trees in the parking lot, snapped in half. my goodness, crews will be in cape may county this morning to determine what casino of storm ripped through the area, our dave schratwieser is going to take closer look at the damage right now. >> like a train coming through it, got real black, winds whipping up. >> witnesses say the storm rolled through rio grand cape may county just after 3:00 tuesday afternoon. snapping trees in half, like twigs, taking out power lines and leaving don chris with a bunch of clean up work. >> my building was shaking, tree limbs falling down. >> two blocks away a huge tree came tumbling down on a car in this driveway, damage here was extensive, again, power lines,
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were knocked out. >> it was so loud i thought somebody was dropping a bomb on my house. and i shook in my boots. my dog got so scared she wet on the floor. >> over at sandy maggie's home on pennsylvania avenue in the villas, this big tree was an unexpected visitor on her rooftop. >> my neighbor's tree, came all the way over. >> across the area, destruction was everywhere. the roof was ripped off the villas fishing club, club president, bill dunn, was inside, when the storm hit. >> we heard a big crash, roof, back roof, just spiraling through the air, wounds up all the you with a down the street. >> high wind whipped through, some thought it was zero tornado, winds took the roof off the wildwood public works on garfield avenue. >> i've been down here 40 years, have never seen anything like that. >> i've been through here nor'easter's, hurricanes, definately by far the heaviest winds i've ever experienced. >> this was the scene a lost pacific avenue wildwood. the storm knocked out power
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and traffic light, for hours, at the cat lynn clover the storm couldn't have hit at a worse time. >> definitely killed the dinner hour, and i actually think last year along this time we had another power outage to the day. >> boom, like crazy, like smash, it sounded like literally the lightning was on the street. >> wow, that dave schratwieser has all of the details on that. now the storm also reaking havoc in parts of maryland and washington, d.c. so, the rain so hard at one point you couldn't even see the us capitol building. it was also raining inside. look at this viewer video showing water flying an elevator in the buildingment make sure to stay ahead of the weather with the fox 29 weather app. see live radar, alert sent right to your phone, search for it in the apple and google play storms. much more on the damage throughout the morning. breaking news out of chester. three kids rescued from burning home, they're all recovering in the hospital right now, dave kinchen has the very latest on this one,
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dave, good morning. >> reporter: chris, good morning to you. very active scene at the corner of third and yarn nel chester. i want to show this house really converted into apartments. take a look, before we go to the video, if you can see where the charred windows are, told by firefighters they had to carry down the three kids down that fire escape, as fire was coming out of those windows right there. so those kids made it down. their parent made it out okay. that family of five taken to the hospital for observation. we don't know what their injuries are exactly at this point. now, as we go to the video, we can tell you that the fire chief did not have the exact ages on those people who got out, the children. we know eight other people live in the building, they're also displaced, being helped by the red red cross, the fire call came in early this morning, and went to two alarms, fire was under control by around 2:15 in the morning. we talked with the man who
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says he got out and banked on the doors to even alert this woman, a mother of six. >> very emotional, everything we had was in there. we don't have a place to stay. we don't have food. we don't have water. we don't have clothe. we don't have anything. everything is gone. we have our life. thank god the fire people got here on time and saved them kids, thank god my son came to my rescue, if it wasn't for him calling me, woe have innocent there asleep. >> i was asleep. i heard get out. i know she next-door with the kids. i opened the door, seen the smoke and the flames. you know, i ran out, the best i corks i couldn't see banking on the door, get the kids out. i finally got out, the firetrucks were pulling up. i knew the kids were up top the third floor. i was scream to go get them. they finally went up the fire escape and got them. >> so a man who not only victim of the fire but actually was able to help people get out. now again, you're looking live at the windows on the second floor that are are
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charred out. that's where firefighters say flames were coming out as firefighters walked, carried three little kids down that fire escape there. the parent getting out okay. several other people, including the woman you just heard from, getting their families out of this blaze, now, what caused all of this neighbors telling us there had been several car fires in the area. they have suspicions, but the fire chief says he can't verify any of that right now. he's not calling the fire suspicious at this time. but simply too early. they don't know what caused it. the good news is no major injuries in this case, again, five people taken to the hospital for observation. we'll try to find out exactly what their condition is, as soon as we know. back to you. >> great, stay on top of that. gush i found us congressman chaka fattah guilty on all charges. those include conspiracy, to commit racketeering, male fraud, wire fraud, bank fraud, and bribery. the conviction likely to send the democrat to federal
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prison. politician charged in a 29 count federal corruption indictment. us attorney's case against fattah focused mostly 2007 primary campaign for mayor of philadelphia. fattah hooked up an illegal $1 million loan and then later used charitable and public funds to pay it back. the us phone says he'll ask for prison time for fattah. >> the jury has rendered averred that our case was appropriate, that the charges were appropriate, and that the defendant engage in the criminal conduct for which they are now held accountable. hopefully our elected off initials philadelphia and elsewhere hear today's message loud and clear. >> notice he say elected officials. four other co-defendants found guilty in yesterday's proceedings, fattah's son also serving time for tax and bank fraud. >> there has been another arrest in brutal murder of a local woman. two women charged in the murder of 26 year old toy bryant of chester. she was found handcuffed, stabbed, then shot near the
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man center last week, couple stumble upon her body. investigators say 28 year old sean chill smith admitted to the shoeing and killing her friend over 800-dollar debt, another woman, sioban armstrong, also charged. >> i've seen a lot of brutal murders, this is probably the most brutal i've seen committed by a female, on a female. >> investigators say the three women all grew up together in the feltonville section of chester. >> they also say the three were supposedly friends, bail denied forearm strong, hasn't been set for smith. coming up on 4:11, more and more people will be hit willing the shore of course. and an invisible danger just claimed lives. what you need to know before you pack up the car. bob kelly, good morning to you, sir. >> good morning, as we are speaking every headed to the shore, let's head for a ride down the a.c. expressway. no problems getting to the shore. we'll update the storm damage. bridge opening coming our way
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shortly. we say good morning to old city philadelphia. we'll grab a cup of coffee and come right back.
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>> cleaning up after powerful storms. take a look at the debris left in the pool at the motel in wildwood. this video came to us from fresco user lisa sheridan. you can be part of our team too. go to the google play and download store, get fresco to get started. >> what a mess. >> line every thunderstorm, remember, we told you they could fire up again in the afternoon and they d the loop over the last 18, coming through in the evening yesterday, like 4:00, 5:00, 6:00 through the evening hours, that was yesterday. and the wind gusts were amazing. 81-mile an hour wind gusts recorded at port norris cape may, 08 miles an hour, that's hurricane force winds. cape may harbor we had 68-mile per hour wind gust, and 61 cape may point. so you can see that bottom part of new jersey, right around the tip of new jersey, shall we say, got the worse of it yesterday. but now things have calmed down quite a bit. and the clean up can begin,
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all of the debris from yesterday, 71 degrees, in philadelphia, right now, 69 in wilmington, and dover, 68 degrees, in wildwood. fifty-one up in mount pocono. so, we were looking for a second heatwave of the season, it did not happen. we had those storms in the morning, and then in the afternoon, and a lot of cloud cover, inbetween. so we got to 88 yesterday. we had 90's the previous two days watch about the days ahead? we are thinking about 87 degrees today, real nice one, low humidity, then 80 degrees tomorrow with showers and thunderstorms. so, tomorrow here we go again with rumbles every thunder and potentially strong to severe thunderstorms once again. that is your thursday, but friday's pay off, mid 80s, lower humidity again. we warm up over the weekend back into the upper 80s. maybe close to 90 degrees by sunday and monday of next week. so that's a look at your seven day forecast, aftermath of yesterday's weather drama, bob kelly.
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>> where is the bucket and shovel? >> oh, that comes up in the 4:30, good morning, everybody, 4:17 on what's today wednesday? vine finished construction early last night. that's good. we are good to go for the morning rush hour. admiral wilson boulevard again still have the one lane pattern down here near the airport circle. and a live look at the schuylkill expressway, hello downtown philly. the high-rise all lit up. pretty cool as you come in early in the morning, you have boathouse row all lit up. then the new buildings, the new construction, you can see, the light strings of the construction floors, as some of the highest, new skyscrapers begin to rise above the city. philadelphia international airport looking good this morning, we had big delays last night. >> hit the reset button good to go. down the shore, 147 and angle see drive, just one of many locations blocked this morning
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>> respect the detours down the shore where they got hit hard in wildwood, rio grand, even though you may not see reason for that barrier, it is obviously there, for a reason, could be a downed wire, some of that wire, those wires, even though they are without power, once they get power back, some of those wires could become charged, and be dangerous, so go around the block, and let the guys do their job down there. and opening set, 4:45, is the time to beat for the burlington bristol bridge. so watch the clock if you are headed out the front door, maybe head for the talcony palmyra. and dave kinchen live down in chester, delaware county, where third and yarnell, the scene of the early morning fire, with some local detours. and septa, new schedules in effect for the regional rails, buses and trolleys, but at the moment, mass transit running with no delays. chris, back over to you. >> coming up on 4:19, more breaking news for this morning, police investigating right now home invasion in southwest philadelphia.
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>> investigators looking for clues, into the brutal murder after york county woman. they say, 27 year old amanda straws was living in charlotte, north carolina when man murdered her, then set her apartment on fire car where he was sleeping. >> shippensberg university alum becomes to marry her long time boyfriend, police say she was writing thank you cards for her bridal shower when ben err killed her. authority are now saying, or not saying, i should say, how, in fact, she died or why. mystery surrounding that one. fire in lumberton new jersey leaves three families homelessment fire broke out sassafrass drive around noon yesterday. authorities believe it may have been caused by a propane tank explosion. three homes have been red
4:20 am
flagged, means the homes cannot be occupied. one person taken to the hospital. but their injuries are not serious. rip currents are serious, being blamed for recent deaths at new jersey beaches. now, beach officials want to arm swimwears basic rules to help protect them while at the beach. past weekends 24 year old woman became the second person to drown in long beach island partially due to rip current. according to officials the biggest step you can take to protect yourself to locate the lifeguards on duty. peach patrol says it is important to learn the safety tips that could save your life or someone else's. >> if you can't get yourself back in, the first thing to do is to acknowledge that and realize that, don't panic, and the number one rule if you are in a under tow, swim parallel to the beach. >> beach patrol wanted to reminded everyone the shore is a friendly place, if you follow the directions of the live guards, you should be okay. >> we've been seeing some 909 agree temperatures in our
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region, now, delaware county rolling out its heat plan to keep everyone safe. officials delivered more than 200 fans to senior citizens yesterday. they say vulnerable residents, particularly, the elderly and the very young, need to stay cool and hydrated during the summer, reminding everyone to keep windows open when using a fans, otherwise, rooms can over heat and pretty quickly. >> the phillies always have a different story but the results are getting worse. and the 76ers finally got the player in town that they will pick number one in the draft thursday. we will hear from sixers gm brian co-angelo next in sports. who will they pick? that's a good question. here are your winning lottery numbers.
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>> the 6ers will make ben simmons the nba draft thursday night, have not announced anything bye i've been told that for weeks, simmons is the guy. now, yesterday, ben simmons finally dame to town for a work out, the sixers did not tell or invite the media to video the work out. but when the secret got out, the sixers sent a picture on social media. this doesn't tell you much, but the gm brian co-language low was happy he came in. >> helpful at the end of the day, most important for us to kind of close the chapter on any doubt that, you know, ben
4:25 am
or rich would want to have been give in philadelphia. >> oh, the semi's copa america soccer, semies and that's lionel messy, for argentina playing the usa, the free kick, it is in. argentina went up two-nil there. argentina wins it four-nil, that's sports in a minute. i'm howard eskin. >> man, did you see where he put that ball, right in the corner of the net. phillies losing streak has stretched to eight straight games. don't kill the messenger there is time the offense not to blame. >> this game was wild one from the start. down four to one in the second. born he is hits two run homer to the second deck in left. just watch this one. isn't that a pretty site? i mean really gone. that will was roped. also from the second deck and left.
4:26 am
>> pitcher aaron nola continues to investigate he will on the mound, giving up eight runs in the game, third straight start. did he not do well. and didn't get past the fourth inning. the phillies try to come back, and end up losing 14 to ten. >> tracking more rain, sue has your full forecast next.
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>> as your president i will always have your back.
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(cheers). >> major damage from a very serious storm in south jersey roofs ripped off, even plane flipped, next, the clue that could tell if, in fact, it was a tornado. and breaking overnight, three kids rescued after a massive fire rips through a chester apartment. these are live pictures for you, how the people of that complex believe this fire may have started. >> good day, before we take a look at weather, the latest pour outage numbers, ac electric reporting 17,290 customers, still without power, sue, after quite a storm, wind as high as 80 miles per hour? >> it is true, we had wind gusts that hi, at one point we
4:30 am
had tornado warning in effect around cape may yesterday. things have really calmed down a lot. we new there were going to be strong storms, but wow, really exceeded expectations yesterday, some places, and we will get some of the damage reports, coming up to you. in the meantime, nothing going on on radar right now. nothing on the way for the rest of the day today. there is another cold front, set to come through, late tonight, into tomorrow. we will talk about that in a little bit. right now, at the airport, things are very calm, it is 71 degrees, we just have little breeze out of the west at 8 miles an hour, switching, from a southwesterly breeze to northwesterly, which means, this humidity level will go down from 87%, and it should and much more comfortable day today. right now, though, things have cooled off in mount pocono, 51 degrees, 63 in trenton, down in atlantic city at the airport, 64, 68 in millville, wilmington has 69 degrees, right now, and there you see the win direction, has changed to the north of us. and it is coming out of the north. but we are still in the process of seeing that
4:31 am
change-over in the wake of the cold front to the south, as we've gone to westerly, and eventually northwesterly. so that's what happens with that. plenty of sunshine in store for today. this is good one. with lower humidity, we will be in the mid to upper 80s, for high temperature today, sunset time is 8:33. so, looking good for your wednesday. little on the windy side, at times, but i think we could take a windy wednesday, as long as it is not too wild. bob kelly? >> look at you over there with your w's on this wednesday, what. 4:31, good morning, hello ft. washington, live look at route 309 right near the pennsylvania turnpike. no problems or delays, they had left over construction on the turnpike near willow grove, ft. washington also a crew out near downingtown. hello northeast philly. live look at i-95, no problems at all, working your way through the construction zone. down the shore we go, route 147, right near angle see drive, downed tree, and a lot of folks without power this
4:32 am
morning. so, respect the closures where you see them. even though you may see a barrier, but you don't see the tree, and you think i don't know why that barrier is there, let's give it a. who don't do that, until they can get all of the power restored, you don't know what's underneath some of those trees. you don't know if there is a downed live wire laying in there . >> burlington bristol bridge opening, third and yarnell, dave, dave is standing by to give us live report from there, and new schedules in effect, across the board on septa's regional rails, buses and trolleys, but overall, septa running with no reported
4:33 am
delays. >> oh, my god! >> severe storms slam the region leaving major destruction. check out the board walk in north wildwood. the winds so strong, you can see debris fly through the air, gusts up to 08 miles per hourment check out the wiped works public works building, rough roof ripped right off. skyfox over the home depo in middle township, you can see trees in the parking lot, just snapped like twigs. people who saw this storm say they simply could not believe their eyes. >> i've been down here for 40 years, and have never seen anything like that. >> and i've been here through nor easter's, hurricanes, and definitely by far the heaviest winds i've ever experienced. >> officials will be out in cape may county today to determine what kind of storm blew through the area. >> all right, breaking news for this morning, let's go to chester, 13 people are out of their homes right now, after a
4:34 am
fire ripped through a home and leaving firefighters there right to rescue kids. dave kinchen near the scene with the latest on this, dave, good morning. >> yes, good morning to you, chris, harrowing rescue by firefighters here in chester at the corner of third and yarnell streets here in the city. now, you are looking at a fire crew still on the scene here. here's what we can tell you, the house converted into apartments, and the three children that had to be rescued were carried down the fire escape from the top floor by firefighters. and you should be able to see, little dark now, last live shot, should be able to see the three windows with the charred remains right there. we're told by firefighters flames were coming out every those windows as the firefighters were caring down those three kids, their parents made it out okay. that family of five, taken to the hospital at crozer-chester, for observation, and minor injuries. now, the fire started around 1:00 a.m., actually, just after 1:00 a.m. we are told by officials own the scene it went to two
4:35 am
alarms, under control little before 2:15 this morning, now, there are 13 people total displaced here, we talked with the mother of six kids living here. she was in shock as she watched her home up in flames. >> i have one child that has leukemia. and if he wasn't able to get up at the time, it would have been nothing i could do but stay there and burn with my child, i would try to get everybody else out but i would have sat there and burned with him, sometimes he can't walk, sometimes he can't get up. and it would have been a dis asker. >> we lost everything. like i said, my mom is a firefighter, so i just, you know, been around all my life, i figure i'm not going to -- i'll do what i can to get the kids out. my life is not -- my life is important but it is more important to get the kids and everybody else out. >> you are looking back live here at the scene, one firetruck, no one really left at the scene here, dealing with this blaze, now,
4:36 am
neighbors say, that there have been several car fires in the area, they're suspicious about the cause of this fire, but we spoke with the fire chief, he can't confirm anything suspicious yet. they're not calling it suspicious just yet at this time. although there is an investigation into this, as there are with all kinds of fires, so hoping to find out more about the cause. perhaps as the morning progresses, but, definitely, not the way a lot of families wanted to start the day, thankfully, no injuries, chris, back to you. >> look at that, dave, thank you. 4:36 the time. meantime, guilty, the verdicts handed down to former congressman, chaka fattah. so what's next for the public official? we'll have the breakdown for you next. >> hey, bob? >> chris, got accident just popped up here, in our jam cam. it is eastbound, schuylkill expressway, look at this fellow, sideways, across the center lane eastbound on the schuylkill coming into center city, speaking of center city, let's take nice cool pretty shot of the ben franklin
4:37 am
parkway. good morning to philly. we will grab cup of coffee and come right back.
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4:39 am
>> goo no morning, jury found chaka fa fattah guilty on 29 counts. now the veteran politician charged in 29 count federal corruption indictment. the us attorney's case against
4:40 am
fattah focused mostly on his 2007 primary campaign for mayor every philadelphia. fattah hook up illegal $1 million loan and later used charitable and public funds to pay it back. the us attorney says, he'll ask for prison time for fattah. >> the jury has rendered averred that our case was appropriate, that the charges were appropriate, and that the defendant engage in the criminal conduct for which now held accountable. hopefully our elected officials in philadelphia and he will where hear today's message loud and clear. >> four other co-defendant were found guilty in yesterday's proceeding. fattah's son as you know also serving time for tax and bank fraud. walking outside to your car seeing a parking ticket on your windshield can ruin your day. i've had many days ruined, right here, in old city. can't even tell you how many. now, police in voorhees are searching for the person who is putting fake tickets on cars. all right, so, they sent out
4:41 am
this tweet. warning people in the club at main street apartments and townhomes about the prank. tickets list 75-dollar fine has the correct address and website listed for the voorhees police department. police believe it is an attempt to harrass them and residents not to collect money. >> called the police department to fine out why i had been given a ticket. i've met a couple of the voorhees police officers, and they seem like they would be very straightforward with you and get it solved. >> police say if you see anything or see anything suspicious give them a call. >> poconos man posted on facebook before arrested at the holland tunnel. straight ahead.
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welcome back, clean up underway after severe storms rolled through yesterday. these images show the force of the winds, that tore through cape may county, these pictures came to us from fresco, by the way, be part of our news team, come to the google play store, to download fresco news to get started,. >> once we see more daylight today, we'll a lot more of the damage down in lower cape may
4:45 am
county. >> this morning, look over the last 18 hours, look at cape may county, and all of the thunderstorms that came through, southern delaware, got hit by couple of rounds as well yesterday. it seemed like the worse of it as far as damage is concerned, is there. so we had windows blown out in villas, in new jersey, as croy from wildwood is, 81-mile per hour in port norris, and one and they quarter inch golf ball size hail in delaware, in the center county of delaware, kent county. so big joint hail in some places, as well. things have calm down i'm happy to say since yesterday. we will see some thunderstorms fire up again tomorrow, unfortunately, we will talk about that next time, but, 71 degrees, in philadelphia, as you walk out the door right now, 51 mount pocono, 67 lancaster, 69 in dover, and in wildwood. so, we were thinking we might get our second heatwave of the season, but it was not to be. we had 91 degrees sunday, 91 monday, yesterday's high only
4:46 am
made it to 88, still pretty warm, but we had a loft cloud cover, of course the storms that came through, sunny, breezy, today, high of 87 degrees, nice one today, and tomorrow, it is going to not be so nice with showers and thunderstorms, and another cold front coming through. that will give us as a result lower humidity on friday, friday looks to be a fabulous weather day, just fine friday, as we say there. then we warm up little bit over the weekend, 87 degrees saturday, 89 sunday, but sunshine both days, looks great, we extends that into monday. and if you want to play hooky on monday, and sun, maybe thunderstorm, very late in the day tuesday, so that's a look at your weather authority seven day forecast, we will add the shore temperatures for you, bob kelly, right there. >> there you go, bamm. 76 degrees. >> don't be messing with my bucket and shovel. good morning, 4:46. philly firefighters on the scene of an early morning accident here on the schuylkill expressway. looking live, this is
4:47 am
eastbound side right at the ramps for 30th street and the vine st. expressway. so casino of comes up on you, pretty quick here, folks are coming at a good clip. then all the sudden bamm, police, hook and ladder here taking out what would be the right lane, was one-car accident, not sure whether the guy thought he was going to get off at 30th, nonetheless, smack into the concrete barrier and bounced around, ill off to the shoulder, all it is, the action right here, but if you are coming into center city, just be ready to ride the brakes, there is only one lane open. otherwise, coming in from south jersey looking good on the 42 freeway, no problems or delays yet, working your way in toward philadelphia, and 295, hello delco, live look at i95 here, looking good as you head up toward the commodore barry. with the updates down the shore, wildwood, rio grand, we have many homes still without power, and there is a lot of blockages, closures, and therefore a reason. they were there from last
4:48 am
night with the storm damage. so respect those detours, this morning, even though you may not see the reason why the streets blocked off, maybe they did pull the tree away, but there is some debris, or maybe there is a live wire, and when folks are without power, you know, you got the power crews down there all morning long, let them do their job, respect the closures, one of them route 147 there, at angle sea drive. probably good day to fly, we had big delays yesterday during the morning and the evening, when the storms rolled through, so a lot of folks were delayed any minute now, set for an opening, on the burlington bristol bridge. so, if you are getting ready to head that way, throw another pop tart in the toaster, hang out for couple of minutes. otherwise, mass transit, looking good. >> as are you, sir, at 4:48. following couple of big stories out of delawarement up first, governor jack markell set to sign legislation, eliminating life sentences for habitual offenders, bill will
4:49 am
also distinguish between violent felonies and non-violent felonies, when sentencing habitual criminals. legislation cleared the house on 29 to 11 vote yesterday after earlier passing in the senate. and it has been who are than a week since the deadly orlando night club shooting, now the senate in delaware has approved a bill extending the wait time for federal officials to conduct background checks on potential gun buyers in delaware. senate voted 12-nine yesterday to approve the measure which extends the maximum waiting time from three days to 25 days, the bill now goes back to the house. >> and, we are learning more about the man who was behind the attack. we'll get to that in a minute. first tell but this, local story. so a van was pull over with a cash of weapons in the holland tunnel. police arrested 50 year old john ramsey of sigh ons ville, and two other people yesterday, police uncovered two rifles, five handguns, knives, inside their neon van. police say ramsey had lost his daughter to a heroin overdose and said he was head too long
4:50 am
new york city to rescue someone involved in drugs. officers also found a large amount of ammunition, and box, with the phrase: shoot your local heroin dealer in the van. the state house is giving its approval to now restrictions on elective abortions in pennsylvania's government nor threatening a veto if that proposal get out of the senate. state representatives voted 132 to six a yesterday for the bill to ban the procedure after 20 weeks, compared to 24 weeks in current law. bill also would criminalize procedures that caused the death of fetuses by removing their body part. democratic governor tom wolf calls it a step back for the state and for women. >> uber says it is supporting allowing new jersey's attorney general to decide what type of background checks its drivers should have to go through. company spokesman says the company supports amounted measure in the state senate that would give the attorney general 100 days to decide the type and method of criminal background checks for drivers.
4:51 am
the company had threatened to leave the state if lawmakers required fingerprinting. the children's hospital of philadelphia, chop, recognizes a really big way, us news and world roar releases its list of best children's hospitals in the country. and chop ranked second nationwide, boston's children's hospital took the number one spot, also on the list, number seven, children's hospital of pit burying of upmc. shore beach is getting top honors. we'll tell you why, straight ahead, and how it is great for the families down the shore next.
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every friday through july 22 taking over a local town. coming to you friday, the best part, you can win a car, you can sign to up win a brand new mazda. all do you have do is head to click on the contest page right there on the home page, we'll pick a finalist once a week, and on the final show, we'll have a big give away. all right, here's where we'll be, in the coming weeks, our bin finale is on friday, july 22, at the del music center in fairmount park. come on out, see us, and sign up to win the brand new mazda cx9. as you know, summer is officially here, if you can't get to the beach, what better way to spend your day than at the pool? pool season officially start
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today. the city's more than 70 plus pools are set to open this week, including eight today, from swim classes to just some play time. get little bit of everything at philadelphia's public pools, the pools will be open from 11:00 to 7:00. every monday through friday, 12:55 weekends, seen on tv section on the website now, if you happen to be a beach person, then you may want to head over to ocean city. the 137 year old beach town, was named the best beach in the garden state. that's according to new jersey monthly shore town showdown. ocean city beat out 39 other beaches for the top spot. the dry town, this popular, with families, as it offers few amusement parks, to cater to kids. wildwoods came in at number two, cape may, round out the top three. before we get to weather, many student cross the philadelphia area are rejoicing today. it is the last day of school, that's right, school's out for the summer!
4:56 am
for city schools, ya, they're ringing the bell, par rent going oh, no, marge, what are we going to go? are we going for frozen yogurt again today? and we want to see your last day of school photos. send them, use the #fox29goodday. oh, i guess we could go see the new nemo movie. massive fire rips you there house in chester overnight, house of five, plus severe damage left behind as the trees came crashing down, roofs were ripped off. take a look at this. we will be right back. on this cushion for generations. alright kiddos! everybody off the backpack, we made it to the ottoman.
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live from philadelphia. this is fox 29 morning news. >> this morning developing news out of chester, massive fire rips through an apartment overnight. how three kids and their parent narrowly made it out alive. plus, verdict reached in high profile trial, chaka fattah guilty on all charges, from racketeering, fraud, and money laundering, we'll tell you what's next for the long time us congressman. >> back roof just spiraling through the air, wounds up all the way down the street. >> clean up underway after several weather, severe weather, i should say, rolls through the region, the storms so powerful that roofs were ripped off several buildings.
5:00 am
good day everyone it, june 22, 2016. lauren johnson, has the morning off. before we get to sue, take a look at today's weather, take a look at the latest pour outage numbers, ac electric reporting 17,290 customers still without power, sue. >> wow, a lot of severe wet their went through, mostly southern new jersey, got hit, lower part of cape may county but things will so much better today. i guess you need them to be when you are cleaning up. how about nine out of ten, winds will pick up little bit, throughout the day today, but other than that, it is going to be a really nice one, with low humidity, and we don't have any rain in the offing. our next storm system, not expected to arrive until tomorrow. so we can wait. 71 degrees right now in philadelphia. sunrise time 5:33, still at 5:33, second full day of the season, and the coming days, you'll start to see the days get a little bit shorter. and that sunset,


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