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tv   Good Day Philadelphia at 7A  FOX  June 24, 2016 7:00am-9:01am EDT

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>> roll down those windows. >> yes. >> hi everybody. >> hello. >> quakertown knows how to shut down the street. >> look at that, i love it. bob kelly. sue serio. >> okay. >> a lot of people are lining up to sign up to win this very car i'm driving. >> trust me you want to win this car, beautiful smooth and we have been talking about it, it has that new you car smell. >> that is actually me, alex. >> i don't think so. >> you know where you you can sign up? with sue serio. she will be with the mazda all morning long. >> sue, take it a way. >> my goodness.
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>> so, looking at the weather for to day if indeed it is my turn because i have got bus stop buddy with muggy, the dog. bus stop buddy has got muggy the dog because it is take your dog to work day in quakertown it is take your mazda to work day. we will get to a high of 84 today. here they come. welcome. oh, look. hello, welcome to quakertown. >> wow. >> so here we are. we have finally arrived. >> and in the television business... >> i was going to roll with it
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>> so here's the thing. now that we have the actual mazda here and it is beautiful, you guys, who wants to win a mazda cx9. >> come on i need more excitement. all these people here you can sign up they are it ising everything upright here. you can go once every 24 hours. you can go to fox 29 to the come, beautiful banner with this beautiful koran it. sign up, put your information in. here's the other thing, guys. >> what is it. >> yesterday i talk with the finalist for this week and he's so excited he will be here you will see him, he is one step closer to winning this beauty. >> i turn it on, very quiet. i didn't know if it was on. >> no. >> it is not loud enough for me. >> she drove it up here, and you had the seat so close. >> i want to make sure your knees touched the steering wheel. >> hey sue, come on in and do some weather, what do you say. >> we're talking about lower
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humidity. it is getting a little bit more sweaty. you might still be sweat toy day. >> no audio. >> at the shore, while we are having great sunshine in quakertown. that is morning we have have had with this rain yesterday. we do expect largely a sunny day. you could get a pop up shower or thunderstorm. we will get a high of 84. we will get you in the mazda cx9 before the morning is through, bob kelly, clear skies, hopefully traffic is cleared as well and not too bad for friday. >> it looks gorgeous. plenty of sunshine in quakertown. we are drying out from last night. here's an accident blue route 476, right here near ridge and conshohocken interchange, live look at i-95, little haze any
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northeast philadelphia but that sunnies coming our way and will burn off the haze that we have here, delays on the schuylkill, right there, the choke point we will call it, schuylkill right at the boulevard southbound i-95, delays at the betsy, heads up for amtrak they are doing emergency work on the northeast cover cover. so expect delays between washington and new york. i don't know why they are doing it on a friday but dart bus schedules also changed over the weekend. new timetable goes into effect on sunday. if you are heading up to quakertown we will see you up there but a lot of folks will head to the shore as well. be ready for construction on the ac express waste ramps to the parkway down to only one lane, chris and lauren back to you. we have breaking news out of great britain. prime minister david cameron announced he will resign after voters there decided to leave european union. thinks a historic move that will cause world markets to plumet. it looks like the futures are way down.
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cameron says that the next prime minister would decide when to vote article 50, triggers a departure from the eu. exit could take decade to complete. we will keep an eye on wall street as opening bellies in two and a half hours. tragic story involving a child and a gun. a four year-old dies after being shot inside of her north philadelphia home. >> this morning detectives trying to figure out how this all happen. steve keeley is live at police headquarters with more on this story, hi there, steve. >> reporter: very distraught 25 year-old mother still in shock essentially. she was here for hours at headquarters before a family member pick her up and took her home. she may be back here. she's a mother of a three and four years old that lived with the mother's boyfriend as well. police were both trying to trace that glock pistol and as to not just who owned it and how it was obtained but where it was kept in the house. little girl was up in the second floor bedroom in the north 22nd street. shot in her face above her eye. police arrived to find the
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crying mother historical holding her four year-old out front with the three-year old standing nearby not hurt. >> it is a shame. she was a little angel to see her little sister bend overseeing her like that. it is unjustified. >> reporter: describe what was going on with the mom at the time. >> she was just kept saying save my baby. i didn't know what to to. i was scared to touch her. i just wanted to get everybody out of here. the nurse came and took her pulse and her heart rate and then somebody went to go get oxygen thing. she was gasping for air. just crazy. >> reporter: hard to believe but folks, this is second time within two months that a four year-old girl was killed in unintentional shooting in her own home. it happened just mid-april right around the same time middle of the take on a
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saturday a father finally owned up to make with the gun in the roomful of kid before extently shooting his four year-old daughter in the face. so, homicide detectives, chris and lauren, very experienced about dealing with all of these unknown questions when a four year-old shot is accidentally in her home. how sad is that. >> that is the worst, steve, thank you. somber day as loved ones say good bye to the youngest victim on the orlando nightclub attack. >> eighteen year-old akyra murray will be laid to rest today. dave kinchen is standing by in west philadelphia, dave. >> reporter: good morning, chris and lauren. we are here outside monumental baptist church. there are folks here dropping off flowers to set everything up inside here if we can do a quick look and i'll step out of the way. actually van had just taken off. akyra murray will be laid to rest. akyra just graduated third in her class of west catholic
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prep high school days before heading to orlando traveling with our own intern patients cart shore was shot but survived. akyra the star thousand point career storer in high school basketball was shot in the arm and became youngest of the 49 who died. her body released by the fbi dies later, because it was part of the investigation. the family there for several days. as we come back here live, we have seen more activity taking place here at the monumental baptist church in west philadelphia at 50th and locust before the 10:00 a.m. funeral starts. a lot of people saying good bye still in disbelief. back to you chris and lauren. >> united states representative chaka fattah now resigning from congress effective immediately that comes two days after a jury convicted him on all 22 counts in the racketeering case. fattah had previously said wow leave office once a judge sentenced him in october but yesterday he wrote a letter to speaker of the house paul ryan
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telling the speaker he is resigning immediately. fattah says he made moves out of the respect for the house. supreme court has rejected a key part of the president other bam a's immigration plan. that part sought to shield millions living in the u.s. illegally, from deportation. four-four decision leaves in place a ruling buy new orleans federal a peels court that the obama administration lacks authority to push through this plan without congressional approval. president says that the tie vote highlights why support to have a full bench on the supreme court. we know replacement for antonin scalia has not been made but presidents nominated meredith garland. philadelphia 76ers select ben simmons. >> excitement, optimism for the sixers for the first time in a long time selection of the ben simmons in the draft
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last night had fans hoping for great days ahead for sixers. >> historically speaking simmons is first number one pick since allen iverson in 1996 and simmons hopes he can bring the same kind of success to the sixers as iverson did. >> i mean it means a lot. i'm ready to get to work. i will work hard as soon as i can get there. i will do that. being on the team like philly we have passionate fans and i want to bring winning basketball back there. >> simmons will be introduced at a press conference at 3:00. >> welcome to the city. we are excited to have you, and all of the pressure is on. >> boy do we need him. >> mike anal next quakertown with more on the big night opening night at wells fargo will be fun this year. >> they had fun last night. >> we sure d we were in brooklyn, at bar chase center, it is fancy.
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>> you know, i don't know if davis in the shot but that is dave from wip radio. thanks for making that sign. i am funny. funny looking. >> yes. >> yes, it is a cute sign. >> yes. >> we have to talk about those sixers. it was a fun party. i have they ever been to a nba draft. barclays center was pack, it was huge. >> it is a neat place. super neat when you got the team with the first overall pick in the draft. that is fun. that is a fun event. >> a lot of people from philadelphia there. we saw a lot of philadelphia jerseys. >> one of my favorite parts when adam silver is opening up the whole thing. you hear that lets go sixers chant in the background leading up to sixers, you are on the clock for five minutes. >> did we make the right choice. >> here's the thing where i'm conflict. leading up to the draft i'll be honest i wanted ingram. i wanted ingram because i like the way he shoots the ball.
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i'm not confident in ben simmons shot, scoring. i was worried about ben simmons mine set, mental capacity to handle diversity and toughness of this town. then i heard him speak. he went on late night television, did he a couple interviews and i heard him speak a lot throughout this past week. i feel better about it. >> do i too after last night he is very mature. i think he has better chance offhandeddeling adversity then i did. >> what did you like about brandon, he went to the lakers. >> i like that he was able to shoot the ball well. i thought his game suits nba better than simmons does. the game is a three-point game. that is what ingram's game is. will he develop a jump shot. >> don't you think he has pressure. last time we had this was ai, allen iverson. we want him to deliver. >> that is the thing. if you give him that feeling, give him that mark i think he
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will fail. we cannot expect him to be allen iverson. we have to expect him to be ben simmons. >> here's a head line do you see this dude right here, he was drafted 24th. now he is, you know where he grew up? he grew up in france. >> yes he said last night i hear that philadelphia is beautiful. he grew up in france. >> yes, hopefully, timothy luwawu, timothy luwawu. >> forget it, we have sometime. >> good luck matt cord, other one is, a froid slip on this one forkan korkmaz. >> right back at you. >> we had a special moment yesterday. >> yes. >> down there with the mother of, the kid that played in wilmington. >> middletown, delaware. his name is ben, and we were
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there with the family. they had a suite. everybody got together. he got drafted second round 51st pick. he made nba history because he is first player to be drafted from ghanna, been living in delaware and went to prove dense. the congratulations to him. his mother was there they welcomed with us open arms. >> cool family. >> also, from villanova, ryan arcidiacono. >> late last night like 1:39 last night there was a report that came out he signed a partially guarantied deal with the spurs which is better than nothing. he was expecting to go late second round. >> no, not to turningy we take players to turkey. we we are hoping saric comes over from turkey. >> we drafted one of his teammates. >> maybe that will hopefully help saric decide to come over. >> st. joes guy. >> deandre bembry will stay a hawk. he was drafted 21st by atlanta hawks in the first round. >> cool, very nice. >> good to see you.
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>> it was funny, people were wondering we have day two. no, nba draft is one long night. >> i have not slept at all. >> we haven't either. >> it is all good. >> how are we. >> good. >> so it is quakertown high school panthers. >> yes. >> first of all we have football guys in the back. any basketball players? no, it is a football school, right. do you have a cheer you can do quickly as we throw to sue. >> who is in charge. we will go big blue. >> instead of q, can you do sue, hs. >> sue. >> in three, two, one.
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>> sue, hs, go big blue. >> and sue, i think that is your cue. >> yes. that is right. >> cue for sue who has a new job today. i'm working at carlton cafe and look what i'm serving up today. this is so good. we will put this down right here because aj is wind me and this is your place, aj. you have been here for a while this cafe has been here for a while but something new, you serve dinner now. >> yes, thursday, friday, saturday night. >> yes. >> it is byo. >> yes. >> you can come out here on a beautiful day like today and enjoy your breakfast, lunch or your dinner. >> yes, absolutely. >> we love it. >> we will go to the weather and you can tell me what you got.
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it is a rainy morning at the shore. temperature here is 62 degrees. 72 degrees. dew points starting to go down but still sticky. but up in the mountains, if you head to the poconos this weekend you will have an ideal weekend. just stop off in quakertown on the way. radar is showing rain in kent county and sussex county in delaware and jersey shore. there have been heavy downpours. heading to quakertown just plan on beautiful weather, temperatures in the 60's. seven day forecast has a high of 84. improvement of the weekend. it is just ideal, with temperatures in the mid to upper 80's both days. that is what is going on for your weekend. we will not worry about thunderstorms until next week what do you got for us. >> smoke salmon am let with cream cheese and fresh tomatoes. >> they look fabulous. >> we have king crab po would
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i with roasted tomatoes. that is a blue crab, crab cake bendik. >> eggs bendik but with crop cake. >> that is fantastic. >> you do a lot with eggs here all day long. >> all morning long, yes. >> we are finally coming out of our shells. >> all right. >> that is my lame attempt. 7:18. hello camden, new jersey. they have construction again this morning down to one lane as we head in the airport circling, getting down in quakertown. there we go, up the northeast extension, get off quakertown interchange, hang a right bam broad street right there between second and fourth but today will be a big push to the shore. it is first official weekend when all kids are out of school, give yourself extra time, heading down the shore today and remember that
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construction here. the atlantic city expressway ramp to the garden state parkway there has been only one lane instead of the normal two. been huge backups there. big event this weekend in the city, get you're ribbon irish festival at penns landing, see you out there from noon to 7:00 right here on penns landing. right along the river. this is festival that was postponed, because of that nasty storm we had about a month ago. dave matthews, across the river at camden waterfront tonight, so that will see a lot of extra volume over bennie and tailgaters bright and early and tomorrow big night, kenney chessany comes back. he said last year he wasn't feeling too well and felt bad he didn't give his all for his fans. he will give one so percent tomorrow night at the link no shoes, in shirt, no problems, mike and alex, back to you. welcome back to quakertown
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on broad street. >> look the at this sign. >> who is this guy. >> chartery thought his name was chase. >> he loves chase. >> yes. >> it says welcome mike and alex, will you dance with me. >> let's put it down. let's go. crank up some music back at the studio. some kind of music. >> can i have your hand, let's dance. >> maybe in ten years. >> pressure was on. >> we have another little sign. >> hi, is what your name. >> landon. >> i love it. >> cool. >> that is a lot of o's in there. >> um-hmm. >> stay cool like our school. >> yes. >> a lot of kids out here. what is favorite thing of kids, toys. >> yes, toys. >> that darn doctor mike has a big downer because apparently plastic toys specifically are making kids sick. >> we will figure out how. >> there is also a solution to
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the problem. >> lets talk when we get back.
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we're in quakertown. >> yes. >> okay. >> we have a little ceremony. >> we have a medal for mike. >> what difficult win for. >> for being. >> mike. >> for being the funniest broadcast ter but alex, we have a medal for to. >> yes. >> thank you, savanna, for being the cutest. >> oh, stop it. >> this is a cute medal. >> i'm laurie. >> what do i do. >> this is our whole team here, courtney. >> let's go look at him. >> who is courtney. >> courtney is our center manager in quakertown. >> what do you do. >> we see children for physical, occupational, speech services. so everything from children that have special needs that
7:25 am
are very involved, to kids with concussions. >> you do good work. >> yes. >> this is therapy and play. >> everything from playing from playing with cards, different games, hungry hippos, we do everything in play. i'm a speech therapist so i incorporate all of the language, lapping wage and connects with the kid. >> who doesn't like to play. >> our kid love to come and play, we are playing lots of different things. we have different swing hook ups, different tram liens, run, crash, jump. >> yes. >> you can call us, quakertown office, phone number 215804-1003. >> look it up. >> we have other locations, seven other locations and opening up two other locations. >> hard work, good work. >> yes, thank you. >> savanna, do you go there. >> yes. >> do you like it. >> yes. >> what do you play. >> i don't know. >> savanna is a helper, who
7:26 am
helps out with whatever we need, with different things around the office. >> that is you why are wearing a medal. >> you know how i calm myself, you know what i mean, my therapy is... >> what. >> it is yoga. >> wonderful. >> that is what jen is doing. quakertown is like a yoga club or something. >> mike, you don't even know they are amazing, they are ready to yoga everything off even in the middle of the street. why is it better to do it outside then inside, we will be smooth dog ohio -- moon dog yoga this morning.
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hi, we are turketarians. you know people think that all turkey tastes alike. (both) wrong! true turketarians swear by butterball. we like to say, (both) "what is this? thanksgiving?" (both laughing) get it? butterball. the choice of turketarians.
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we have american flag here. >> eagle has landed. >> local band here. >> yes. >> hi, bus stop, turn around. >> he is friend with swoop. eagles eagle. all eagles are friend, really. >> yes. >> okay. >> what is your name. >> jenria. >> you want to be a picture. >> yes. >> let the me jump in. >> let me get my head in there. >> here we go.
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>> it is okay though. >> it is a beautiful day. humidity not that bad. >> yes, it is fun in quakertown. >> we have to go back to you guys. we have last good byes for youngest victim of the orlando nightclub attack. we will that have in just a minute. >> we have another very sad story, four year-old out of north philadelphia, dies after shooting, after a shooting. >> girl just playing inside her home, steve and then shot in the head. >> reporter: right above the eye right in her face and it was same situation just in april another four year-old girl shot in the face and then killed just within two months. the federal authorities here happen to be right across the street from police headquarters. they have been helping philadelphia homicide detectives trace 40 caliber glock gun that was inside this north philadelphia home where four year-old was shot point blank. key question is obvious questions and very same questions asked in april where
7:31 am
apparently everybody learns you would think from all of the deadly mistakes in the past but not in this case. we have seen this second girl now killed on north 20th street in the same city, right in the middle of the day again and again this is in the lunch hour 12:30 young mother hears a loud bang find a little girl bleeding badly on the second floor and she grabs her, runs outside pleading for help. little girl pronounced dead in a half an hour. we will hear about any kind of weapons charges or negligence charges, once homicide detectives discuss this case with the district attorney's office, expect that as soon as today, and also, don't be surprised to hear mother's boyfriend playing a role in this case either as gun owner or negligent gun owner leaving that gun laying around ain't don't be surprised if it wasn't bought illegally either, chris and lauren. family and friend will say a final good bye to the youngest victim in it or land
7:32 am
owe nightclub shooting. >> the viewing begins at 8:00 followed by funeral at 10:00. she was on vacation with her family after graduating from west catholic prep. akyra was shot inside pulse nightclub with her cousin, tiara parker and her friend, a fox 29 intern patients carter. both patients and tiara survived. breaking news, david cameron announcing he will resign by the fall and it comes after voters there decided to leave european union, historic move that has caused world financial markets to plumet. cameron says next prime minister will decide when to invoke article 50 which triggers a departure from the eu. that could take decade to complete. wall street opens in two hours. dow jones futures down hundreds of points. we will see how this plays out. >> lets get over to bob kelly to see how traffic is looking at 7:32 this morning. >> tgif, we are seeing sun glare and that sunnies burning
7:33 am
off that haze and it will be a nice morning. everything is wet and dam from that rain we had yesterday. hazy shot of the roosevelt boulevard, traffic so far, so good, kind of light this morning heading up to get down in quakertown, we're on broad street north on the extension exit at quakertown right there between second and fourth street. big event in the city, police academy graduation taking over temple university on broad street and that event gets underway at 11:30. using amtrak northeast corridor back a snack they are doing track work and they are saying expect delays between washington all the way up to new york and then dart kicks in a new bus schedule, grab a new timetable see you are good to go on a monday and it is friday, all of the kids are out of school. we will see extra volume heading down the shore today and just remember that construction on the atlantic city expressway ramp down to one lane at garden state parkway. quakertown, the shore, a lot of outdoor events, sueby i
7:34 am
hope you are cooking up a good forecast for us this weekend. >> bob, i have the key fab to the mazda cx9. you can find out how to win that by going to fox they are taking surveys here with our bmx guys from the quakertown skate park, free fall guys are all here and impressing us with their skills and taking a chance on the car. we have a lot going on here. we have to talk about the weather with bus stop budd/take your dogs to work day. it ace pope eighth that buddy has muggy this morning because it is muggy out there. thank you. we have sound effects for you. temperatures range from the 70's in the the city to the lower 60's in quakertown. we are at 63, 64 degrees on broad street. we are looking at rain moving through cape may county, out of the delaware this morning.
7:35 am
there are isolated showers and then are storms around south of the city, can't rule it out for rest of the the day but generally it looks good for this friday with a high temperature of 84 degrees. sunnies shining than on us, mike and alex, what are you doing. >> well, sue, whenever we show up somewhere in the town we like to leave a mark. this time we will leave some art. we are working on something special on the streets here in quake are town. we will have a big reveal. mike is actually doing something. mike, i didn't know you were an artist. >> i don't think i am we will reveal, something really special, okay, stay tuned. throughout the show.
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i survived breast cancer. if the doctors hadn't caught it early i might not be sitting here. so i'm outraged that pat toomey voted to defund planned parenthood... ...which thousands of pennsylvania women depend on for cancer screenings. pat toomey was even willing to shut down the federal government to eliminate funding for planned parenthood. shut down the government over planned parenthood? i think we ought to shut down pat toomey. women vote is responsible for the content of this advertising.
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so now i'm not being perky, telling you that drivers that switch to progressive save an average of $548! whoo! i mean, whoo. look at this, people are signing up, getting ready to win that new mazda cx9. it is beautiful. i know is what happening here mike. >> what is is it. >> people are coming here
7:39 am
seeing it in person and saying i got to have that car that thing is worth over 40 you this dollars you can get it for free. >> you know is what for free this beautiful piece of artwork in the parking lot in quakertown. the matt, name of your place is lucky strike. >> yes. >> why did you call it lucky strike. >> i inherited the name. >> we won't get into it then. >> it is only my second one. >> pretty good. >> amazing. >> we do it here in town for special events. >> it looks beautiful. we will watch progress until 10:00 o'clock this morning. >> are more people getting tattoos, then back in the day a lot more. >> why do you think that is. >> i think it is accepted. >> it is easy is there always that drama. >> no, way different. >> how long have been picking their tattoos. >> people these days they have an idea already on their phone.
7:40 am
i want to get this. >> where is number one place they want to get a tattoo. >> side. >> on the side now. >> isn't that painful. >> it is a lot more painful. >> what is the weirdest place you ever put a tattoo. >> probably not. >> good luck with the project here. >> thanks forking doing it. >> what kind of chalk. >> sidewalk chalk. >> it has more art store then a toy store. >> man expresses himself in that to art. >> yes. >> i express myself in yoga class every day. >> that is good because you cannery lease. >> sometimes you need a releasee could use one today. >> help us out, jen. >> stretch it the out. >> okay. some of the yoga moves are too hard from me so i stole this bike but we are going to hang out with the yoga people, check them out, we will be
7:41 am
calm, cool, come on.
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7:44 am
good morning, everybody. a quick opening here. burlington bristol bridge stopped for traffic with an opening up. i have a hazy shot here, you cannot really see the bridge up but two for one special this camera here. bridge is up. an example of the haze that is still left over from all that rain we had. sunnies trying hard to break through, it is already shining out there in quakertown. hold on it will get to us sooner rather than later. manayunk arts festival taking over main street. that will bring us delays and closures. westbound schuylkill heavy from city avenue up the hill in belmont avenue. get you're ribbon, irish festival sunday down in penns landing. we will there been from noon to 7:00. this is festival that was cancelled from about a month ago when we had that nasty rain storm, coming through on that week even. come on dave matthews ban, rockers in camden tonight a lock the waterfront. cops earth does are the stahl
7:45 am
until 8:00 but i will bet you we will see gang over there tailgate ago long the river and all that extra volume will be using ben franklin, to get to the concert as well as folks heading to the shore using that bridge as well to get to the concert. what is the shore forecast going to be like this weekend? sue has the answer in 15 seconds. i will show you something we may not have known about this mazda cx9 in just a second because the weather is gorgeous here in quakertown. we have had some showers earlier at the shore, and so, it is just different where ever you are, but you can feel humidity, dew points going down as we get started on this morning. we have 72 degrees in
7:46 am
philadelphia. we have about 62, 63 here in quake are town. looking at radar we did see that shower go through earlier this morning. there is another one on the way moving toward cape may. at the jersey shore we have a rough morning. future cast shows high pressure building in and shore cast is really nice for the weekend. so none of this should hold you back at all. we will have a sea breeze for most of the weekend and for rest of us, it is high temperatures in the 80's today, tomorrow, sunday a perfect first weekend of summer because it is official as of monday. when we come back here and talk about the mazda, george has given you a look at it. i'm right here. thing i didn't realize this morning was the fact that is there a third row of seats back there. if you have a family you got room for everybody, christie from mazda how much does this seat. >> seven. >> very, very comfortable because these are very
7:47 am
comfortable seats. we are going on our summer driving trip. >> how many. >> twenty-three combined miles a gallon. >> pretty awesome. >> you can toe something in the back if you have a jet ski or something. >> towing capacity is 3500 pounds. so it is optimal. >> it is nothing like seeing it for yourself, so what is your name. >> lauren. >> done. you work at. >> sarah filet. >> what do you think of the car. >> do you want it. >> i do. >> all you have to do is get to fox >> we're there. >> you can enter every single day that is your chance to get things going and you can enter every single day. so yeah now there is room for the entire cast of good day mike and alex inside this car. seven people in there. >> man.
7:48 am
>> now it is time for some beautiful music. song stylings of mike and alex. let's zoom in as i sing, i like big butts and i cannot lie. >> of course, this is big poppa barbecue. we will finish this sentence. ready. i like it when you call me big poppa. >> put your hand in the air. >> i have to go try some. >> mike. >> shockingly he is big poppa, come on here. how long have you been in quakertown. >> five years, first year at the restaurant about two blocks away. >> what is your specialty. >> brisket. >> what are you getting. >> something different because it is breakfast time. >> sauce age. >> sausage wrapped in pan talk with syrup. that is a good breakfast. >> you will have to work out later. >> she's working out for me right now, it is okay.
7:49 am
>> what does that taste like. >> oh, man, that is good. >> there is syrup in there. >> mike, do you like it. >> i like it, that is more syrup. >> it is like acorn dog though but it is amazing. >> you can eat corn dogs for breakfast. >> downward facing dog. >> that is right, that is what we eat. >> good morning to you. >> good morning. >> this is my new pal june from moon dog yoga. turf say, they look amazing. >> thank you. you have a yoga studio here in quakertown. >> yes. >> you know what i can tell they are very authentic, well intentioned, without being preach y. >> yes, yes. we always try to teach from
7:50 am
what is coming inside or to be authentic and to find your practice which works for you, not what a picture says or what you have seen in the magazine. >> so, you say that sometimes doing outdoor yoga this time of the year can be way more challenging. >> yes, we did yoga in the park monday night, it was a full moon, we did a full moon practice. in a studio or here we're use to an even ground. outside the ground is not even and they find they have muscles this their feet and calves that they never knew they had before it is nice to be outside to see sky, stars but takes it to a different level good mike, our camera guy who is never shy of his opinion says that yoga is most challenging thing that doesn't look challenging. >> it looks peaceful. >> i heard him say that he is now my new best friend. no you are my best friend. he is my second best friend.
7:51 am
i'm the eagles, he is the giant. >> yes. >> okay. it does. you look and think that is easy, i can do it. when you get in there and align everything the way you are supposed to the instructor gives thaw information and says relax, breathe, don't think about anything and you are like are you kidding me. it is a challenge for body and mine. >> you would be legitimate with me does it help to have tattoos. >> it doesn't hurt. >> you think that everyone elite athletes to rookies we all need yoga in our life. >> we do. especially anyone physically active great cross training, runner, swimmer or biker your hipps, thighs get tight so yoga is a great way to increase that flexibility and range of motion. on top of that everybody could use a little peace of mind. >> yes. >> quiet, decompressing, detaching from technology. >> yes. >> you saw that i'm a biker.
7:52 am
i rocked that. >> did you rock that. >> yes. >> i'm technically a biker. >> thanks for having news quakertown. guys, it is cool, i don't have to tell you how cool it is. before they did this she had them doing like cross fit so just get outside have some fun even if you are in the middle, my goodness, hi buddy, how are you doing pal. did someone send you over to be on tv. >> yeah. >> there he is, back to you guys. >> he is done, yes. >> where is doctor mike. >> we need two things from you. >> yes, sir. >> within there was a stud bye plastic toys for kids about being dangerous. we will get into that. >> right. >> if you don't mind i would like to do a thing on the dangers of dunk tanks. we will need you in that guys place if you do not mind. >> i will do it, do it for
7:53 am
you. >> things you are willing to do. >> we do it for you. >> so get up in there we will do segment from the perch. >> you want to do that. >> yes. >> you are daring me. >> all right.
7:54 am
7:55 am
7:56 am
that is a man who gives meehan exam. i will pay for this, if you know what i mean. okay. but first before we dunk him or attempt to with the balls lets talk to him about these other things. doctor mike, i was reading this stud bye children's toys. >> especially plastic once that are dangerous. >> that is right. >> let me take this. so basically what this study shows out of georgia state university is that toys mainly plastic toys, can harbor viruses. you take your kids to the
7:57 am
doctor's office and they are waiting to see the doctor. they have those plastic toys. you know what they can get sick. viruses can live on there. they can be a live, for up to 24 hours. so that is pretty wild. what you need to do if you take your kid to the doctor's office personally i bring my own toys and let me kids play with their own toys rather than getting a chance of having a flu virus. you can get that bacteria that can get on there. >> we should only be concerned about toys in public place toes make sure they are wiping them down because how do you get rid of the germs. >> you need to believe them, and clean them but thing is we often think of getting viruses and bacteria from other people but more and more data is suggesting you you can get it from in adamant objects. >> last night we went to the nba draft. we took the subway from midtown manhattan over to
7:58 am
brooklyn. caught myself holding on to the pole and then i went and touched my eye. i said my eye. in about a week i should be about sick. >> or pink eye. >> yeah. >> doctor mike, when coming out of the bathroom i never like to touch the door handle because you just never know. >> hold on, hold on doctor mike. >> one of the most dirty things in the bathroom is the doorknob. and they have done studies on that. you know what you want to do hand sanitizer for your kid. make sure you don't have too much interactions with toys, if you do, wash your hand. >> when you get dirty, what you want to do is get the a good washing, right. >> yes. >> doctor mike has been dirty. >> one shot. >> do you want to try it. >> i don't want him mad at me. >> you are going to get wet, boy. josh, ready. if this doesn't work, you know
7:59 am
what to do, take the sign from. >> we are going to start the 8:00 o'clock with a splash. >> thanks doctor mike. >> you look good. >> one more hour from quakertown lets do it the right now. heart break in philadelphia four year-old girl shot and killed. police piecing together how this could happen, what they are investigating right now. there is a new ben in town. >> philadelphia 76ers select ben simmons. >> will ben simmons bring the 76ers back to greatness. our one on one with the future of the franchise. there is something in the
8:00 am
water. the shallows is thriller of the summer, blake lively verse a killer, great white shark. the shocking way some of those terrifying scenes were filmed. >> the new nancy drew, taylor swift, dancer, girl detective, and what the superstar is coming to the world. >> ♪ >> owe yah. >> look at them go. >> ♪ >> did you see that lean,
8:01 am
mike. >> yes. >> broad street entertainers, and it is certainly entertaining. >> right. >> is that it? >> we need more practice. >> how but come in here. these are broad street entertainers. >> yes, they are. >> these girls are 15 to 17. >> where are you located. >> we're right down the street for 36 years. >> cool. >> hey doctor mike, where is doctor mike? i asked for doctor mike. >> he is probably trying to dry off. >> he just runaway. >> maybe he is sun bathing. >> yes. >> he is probably upset with you. >> probably. >> at least it is warm. very good girls, really good.
8:02 am
>> and cx9, and, that ela. >> and and, and, and, cx9 and we go to fox to win this beautiful car. lets talk about the weather we have going on today. this is seven out of ten. it is a ten right now in quakertown but there is a chance of a pop up shower or storm, especially, if you are south of philadelphia. let's say jersey shore, southern delaware because there is a front from yesterday that settled to the south, we can see a few pop ups like we have this morning, a couple storms that came through delaware and cape may county but for right now we're in the 70's in the city, heading to a high later on today of 84 degrees. more on how you can win this
8:03 am
beautiful automobile, so once again, ana, ela, mazda, bob. >> good morning. >> you got it all lined up. 8:03. tgif, little bit of everything. sun glare here on the blue route rolling through saint david, villanova but still hazy on the camden side where it is down to one lane on the admiral wilson in towards that airport circle. slow go, westbound, and belmont, we have a water main break here, port are and baldwin with local detours after using amtrak's northeast corridor today, track work, expect delays between washington and new york, along that northeast corridor and if you are using the bus system through wilmington, dart schedules get change over the weekend, so grab a new schedule today so you are good to go on monday, back out to quakertown mike and alex, back to you. bobbies still learning some dance moves. >> yes, a little bit.
8:04 am
>> okay. and, . >> and, we have to get to this, big news from overseas. >> british prime minister david cameron stepping down after a vote to leave european union, this morning announced his plans to stay on through october into a replacement the is name. markets around the world will get hit hard by all this news here in the u.s. dow jones futures are down 430 points, nasdaq is down 140 points. >> back here at home, charges could be filed in the shooting death of a four year-old girl in north philadelphia police
8:05 am
recover the gun inside of the house where it happened on north 20th street and it happened yesterday afternoon. officers say that the young girl's mother found her in an upstairs bedroom shot in the head. investigators are trying to determine whether the child was playing with the gun, when it went off. happening today last good byes for youngest victim in it or land owe nightclub attack. >> funeral services for 18 year-old akyra murray are held this morning, dave kinchen is standing by in west philadelphia a with more, hi there, dave. >> reporter: hi chris and lauren we are here at monumental baptist church. a viewing for akyra murray has just begun, scheduled at 8:00 family and friend gathering before they lay akyra mur toy rest. akyra had just graduated third in her class from west catholic trip prep high school for for fun and traveling would your own intern patients carter. she was shot and survived this tragedy, akyra the star
8:06 am
thousand point career score high school basketball player was shot in the arm and became youngest of the 49 victims to die. her body was released, days after the incident, and it was a very difficult time, of course, her family being down there and just as difficult as they say a final good bye today here in west philadelphia we will come back live here, we will give you a look police are here to make sure everything is secure. the hearst is here. funeral will start at 10:00 o'clock here in west philadelphia. back to you. >> dave kinchen live for us, thank you. big cheers, yes, for ben simmons, welcome to philadelphia, sixers topic in the nba draft last night. he has been playing team has wanted from day number one. the australia had an immediate connection to coach brett brown who coached his father. new forward will be introduced
8:07 am
in the city this afternoon at 3:00. mike and alex is in quakertown, an hour later, what is going on out there. >> we are having a lot of fun in quakertown. we are still excited about the nba draft. >> robert, who comes out to these locations quite a bit. good to see you. you were in the tent in front of the art museum. >> yes good what was it like. >> it was crazy. doctor j was there, ai, world b free, everybody was down there, free food, drinks, everybody. >> could you go up and talk to them, doctor j. >> they were in the vip tent but christian from the sixers he was down there. >> yes. >> he was out there, doing a dunk contest, it was amazing. >> crowd was so big because of the first round pick, right. >> what happened when they announced ben simmons. >> everybody went crazy. it was crazy. i was watching. were you up there at barclays center and it was so crazy. >> do you like the pick.
8:08 am
>> yes. i mean i like second pick that the lakers got too but i wanted simmons. >> who do they have, embiid is speaksed to be able to play, nerlens noel, ben simmons. they need somebody to bring. >> he is a 6-foot the ten-point guard. >> he is like magic johnson. >> we will see you next week probably. >> yes. >> quakertown, you three look official. >> yes. >> tell us. >> lisa guyer from bureau council. >> any home which quakertown live main street. >> i'm barry see more delaware valley regional planning commission. >> what is best thing about quakertown. >> real place, classic town, main street, real people, retail, wonderful, wonderful place to be. >> of course, we know because people were out here but you have a lot of events that happen. >> we have a lot of events that happen. summer is in full swing. welcome back to quakertown. >> we are thrilled to have you. >> yes, i can, we will start
8:09 am
off with a group fest upper bucks group fest on august 20th. we have our fall festival, and before that we have our community day with the bureau great for july 4th and then we will go into the fall and christmas house tour, tree lighting, lots of great events. >> all year longe can take that wine off your hands. >> yes. >> we want to give that to you. >> is that for us. >> yes. >> you shouldn't have. >> we will take it. >> bottle is fine. >> thanks, alexa, the intern, lovely woman. >> we have a lot of history. >> actually revitalization we had best made center, and then sellersville auction house but our two theaters have been completely renovated. we have carlton cafe and old college theater which has proper brewing. we encourage everyone to try great beers. >> she's a good spokesperson. >> yes. >> i just had somebody give me
8:10 am
a clown nose, and quakertown. >> the place to be. >> over here. >> well, thanks for having us. >> we love coming to quakertown. >> plus i hear the food is pretty good. that means come on over here. >> what is that who are you. >> my name is ron, do you like mack and cheese. >> i love mack and cheese. >> new place right at the end of the block called moms and they are right over there. >> feed me. >> you already ate this. >> why would you bring me who would bring a sampling of mack and cheese and already been eating it. >> who could stand there for a half an hour and not eat it. >> it is that good. >> okay. >> different kind of mack and cheese. >> i don't work for the place, i just live in the area. i just wanted to be on tv with you guys and i did it. >> yes. >> you got to go check it out.
8:11 am
>> all right, we will, we will. >> do you want to walk down the street with us because is there something down the street called spin art. >> i never seen that. >> they paint and they spin it. >> that is cool. >> but get mack and cheese. >> all right. >> are you sure you don't work for them. >> yes. >> look at this.
8:12 am
8:13 am
8:14 am
you could be me, meaning you could be sitting in driver's seat of this car, looking this good, in this car. don't you love the car. yeah, mazda cx9 your chance to win is on fox, we'd love for you to see us on quakertown but you can enter as long as you have the internet. lets go to the weather. gorgeous morning here but it hasn't been that way at jersey shore. we will start off with temperatures this morning and temperatures are starting to rise now that sun has been up for a while. we are in the 70's in the city, 60's here in the quakertown. we will reach 07 before the morning is over. radar showing that we did have that storm roll through, but high pressure is building in
8:15 am
and we will be clearing up this weekend at the shore mostly a sea breeze that will keep temperatures on the peach in the 70's. make sure you pack plenty of sun screen and patients because there is a lot of traffic jams on the way to the shore and back home on sunday. anyway we have a seven day forecast perfect for first weekend of summer with temperatures in the mid 80's, all three days, no chance of rain or then are storm until the beginning of the next week. look at beautiful ladies, looking good, a nice compliment to our car which official color is charcoal but bob kelly, i select this outfit specifically so i would look good in this car. >> you are looking good, in the brand new mazda there. we had it shined up, gassed up yesterday, good morning quakertown. good morning to the schuylkill expressway. 8:15, westbound we have sun at the back heading out of town. sun glare on conshohocken curve but we have haze closer to the jersey side and down
8:16 am
toward the shore. lighter then normal. this week is that change in traffic pattern as all kid are out of school. we will see folks heading to the shore for week long vacations. water main break at horter and baldwin, police academy graduating on the campus of temple university. we will see unusual volume and families heading in there for that ceremony at 11:30. if you are going to the shore be up and over that walt whitman by no later than two to avoid a delay but closer to the shore is there only one lane on the expressway ramp to the garden state parkway. lets go back to quaker town, mike and alex. >> i keep trying to figure out how we will spin this one but maybe you can figure this out. >> something i have never seen before. bicycle spin art. lets check it out. what do you say. >> who is this. >> what is your name, renee. >> let me get out of the way.
8:17 am
>> so is what spin art. >> spin artist a wheel, we actually use an old potter's wheel and red, made tonight to a bike powered spin art. you pour paint on the spinner and shoots out and makes a lively color. >> that is sitting on a circular spin art. >> it is just waiting. >> yes. >> lily, who is eight years old, man on the bicycle. >> this is john. >> our resident art therapist, take it a way. >> i don't know if you ever heard of this but you can plug in electricity but john gets a work out. >> yes, indeed good is that like therapy. >> he is an art student so we put them to work good how long can john go on this bike. can do you this for hours. >> infinite number of hours because we love to make art so
8:18 am
john just pedals away. >> lily, how many times have you done this. >> lots. >> yeah. >> is it fun. >> yes. >> have you been on the bike. >> yes. >> this looks like more fun then the bike. >> can i do one. >> too much. >> how about some yellow. >> wow. >> people can come in if they want to do this kind of art. >> we're a therapeutic art center, non-profit we survey population that has special needs, disabilities during the week and it works because town of quakertown supports and fund them through parties, and classes, saturday open studio and this is a party room. come in ride the bike make spin art it serves the community. >> i love that it serves the
8:19 am
community. >> mike, what are you working on here. >> i'm trying to figure out what this is? what is this. >> spin art. >> who are you. >> maria lynn. >> how does this work, i spin you in the chair. >> cover yourself up. >> oh, no that is pretty good. >> alex you are next. >> no. >> you are the squirte, not squirter. >> wonderful model. >> will you get that out of your hair. >> yes, completely washable. >> are you going to the move thinks weekend. >> i doubt it people were talking about blake lively's new movie called in the shadows. >> apparently she got hurt while filming this.
8:20 am
>> what? >> we will talk to kevin mccarthey and he has got the scoop. alright guys, we've brought you to this construction trailer to talk about trucks today. which truck brand offers engines with best in class v8 towing
8:21 am
or fuel economy? are we moving? where we going? it's the answer to the question baby! silverado. oooh that's cool. it's truck month. qualified buyers get 0% financing for 60 months. plus, find your tag and get $8,250 total value on this silverado all star. find new roads at your local chevy dealer
8:22 am
kind of like this look. i'm calling it the "name your price tool" phase.
8:23 am
whatever. they are adorable. >> and even as youngsters, this is how grooms act. he is really not into it. >> momma's boy. >> holding on to his mother's hand. >> we found a young lady like his mother though. >> true. >> maybe his cold feet. >> trying to danza way. >> look at the limo. who do we have here. >> warren levy. >> you where laser limousine. >> and leading school bus company, we own both of them good who is this. >> this is my manager. >> if you work with the school bus company do you have to wear a yellow shirt. >> yes. >> because it is cool. >> if you drive black limo that is why you have the black shirt on. >> it makes sense. >> four generations. >> i am fourth generation, this could be the fifth, you never know.
8:24 am
>> 1927. >> by the way, i like it. >> we figure, eventually, we will take them to school, we will take them on their wedding day and we will take them to the airport and everything else. >> take kid to school in the limousine. >> if they want we will take them where ever they wanting to. >> it is cool, that many generations, you you know how many families you have serve fisted from little kids on the bus to a wedding day. >> there has been a lot. we were trying to figure out how many kids we hauled and we don't even have any idea how to figure that out. >> you guys do occasions of prom, weddings. >> we have done eagles training camp, when it used to be up in lehigh, we have done weddings, we did one funeral which was weird, we have done a lot of things. whatever you need, it fits. >> what area do you service. >> the limos service springford and quakertown and levee services quakertown but
8:25 am
we have another bus company in limerick that is cust thers. >> congratulations. >> thank you. >> you will be a future business owner, sound good? >> maybe he wants my job. >> we will do some karate. have you ever done karate. >> you don't want to see that i'm dangerous. >> last week, we were breaking wood, right. >> you will have a very hard head. >> no, nothing like that. >> jen, your turn, lets see what you got. >> first we have to say hi to carter. carter. you never seen anyone do tie kwan do before. >> i have to spin him around. he wants to be seen on tv. no, yes, maybe. say hi to everyone at home. carter ace adorable. we will talk after the break.
8:26 am
8:27 am
8:28 am
8:29 am
did you get it. >> i think she got it. >> she got it. >> i hope so. >> you know, sometimes selfies are not fast, it is something that ages like wine. >> it does. >> nice to meet you. >> this would be love when we meet people and take selfies. >> yes. >> they are all ready to go, phonies on, camera ready to go. >> yes, sue knows, she takes lots of self ease. >> oh, yeah we have been doing that this morning as well but i think i really should have worn some sun screen. doctor, do you think you should have too. >> i think i should have too. >> she hook me up with, here, you work at st. lukes. >> correct. >> thanks for cheering them up at the hospital. >> you're welcome.
8:30 am
>> i want you had you to see the street fair we have going on at broad street here in quakertown. we have been here for another hour and a half, it is totally cool. there is all businessness quakertown that are out. they have all got free stuff, all kind of food, stuff to drink and there is our little ava and el a is her sister. >> no, cousin. >> cousin. but big attraction today is, the cx9, right here, now you can look at the turbo engine right there that will get you you going down the high way, real fast, and real safe. >> now lets take a look at the weather, bus stop buddy is ready for shades today. umbrella for follow thanks will have showers and we have had them all morning at the shore but it is going to be a much better weekend. we have temperatures in the 60's and 70's, mid 80's, lower humidity by the end of the
8:31 am
day. weekend forecast coming up in just a few minutes. so bob kelly, i know you are jealous because my nose is not sunburned. >> if you don't have sun screen put the red nose on. we have an accident on the platt bridge. they have all traffic block leaving the airport coming into philadelphia. we have a police officer on the opposite way, there is definitely stuff going on here avoid the platt and use girard point double decker. tacony palmyra bridge set for opening scheduled for 8:30 head for betsy ross, water main break at horter and baldwin and using amtrak they will do track work on the northeast corridor expect delays from washington up to new york and friday kid are out of school, big weekend heading to the shore, pack your patients and snacks for the kids especially the expressway ramp to the parkway
8:32 am
only one lane is opened through that construction zone. lets go backup to quakertown, back to you. >> i have to get me one of these. >> a cycle. >> we will be on that later. >> yes good they are trying to convince to us do it. >> right there. >> don't run over me. >> it is called a dy cycle, does that mean i am going to die. >> it is weird. >> but i like it. >> it looks like a hamster wheel. >> my name is mike hamster. >> but lets do some karate here in quakertown. >> before we get to the karate, this is most craziest thing i have ever seen. it is not quite breaking news, the dog stuck under the car. you have given him treats and
8:33 am
all kind of things. >> come on, buddy, come on. >> all right. we had to get that problem solves. my tie kwan do moves. >> good morning. >> so you are with martial arts and fitness certainty. you will shows you what you are doing. you say you have kid from age three. >> my oldest student is 78 years old. we will go all the way up. >> that is amazing. >> when it comes to people who start later in life do you have any advice for them. >> yeah, do it. i know people are afraid starting something like that, like to cater to active adults who wanted a black belt or study martial arts. i like to encourage them to give it a try. >> how did you get started. >> my three kid were taking
8:34 am
martial arts and watched them for a month and said this looks like fun so i wanted to try it and i have been at it for 15 years now. >> last week alex broke a board at another center. we want to see what your students are made of first. >> break some boards. >> break some boards. >> why is this an important part of the organization arts practice. >> we don't break board a whole lot in practice but what it does is develop good focus for your kick and shows good pour. >> go a head. >> board shot. >> give me a hand here. >> wow. >> thank you. >> as we wrap it up, you say the key is what. >> go all the way through.
8:35 am
>> do you this. do you that. do you think it will work. >> here we go. >> there we go. >> thank. >> that is a good looking lady right there. guys, back to you. >> jen, this whole area is so excited about sixers and number one draft pick. we decided to dress up our talk, lots of red, white and blue. >> for last three years sixers have gone to the dogs and these fans can help them turn it around. >> yes. >> we're barking, with excitement. >> all right. what says small town u.s.a., hometown u.s.a., quaint town u.s.a. in the middle of summer more than a dog's doing tricks. >> i love that. >> for some reason in my long television career i like to watch dogs doing tricks. >> it is cool. >> lets do that when we come
8:36 am
back. >> if that isn't the tease of my career i don't know what it is. i survived breast cancer. if the doctors hadn't caught it early i might not be sitting here. so i'm outraged that pat toomey voted to defund planned parenthood... ...which thousands of pennsylvania women depend on for cancer screenings. pat toomey was even willing to shut down the federal government to eliminate funding for planned parenthood.
8:37 am
shut down the government over planned parenthood? i think we ought to shut down pat toomey. women vote is responsible for the content of this advertising. it's our new intern, bart's first week here at td bank, he's a robot from one of those other banks. we're training him to bank human. i am banking assistance & registration technology. wait, wait, wait. but you can call me, banking assistance & registration technology. hi amy. thank you. thank you. that is not protocol manager jenna. that's ok bart, it is here. at td bank we do things differently, like having the longest hours of any bank. don't just bank. bank human.
8:38 am
8:39 am
lots of people are coming out. we will be here until 10:00 o'clock. love coming to quakertown. they have great energy. >> it is friday. a the lot of people like to call it flash back friday. do you remember back when you got an e-mail and i had would say you've got mail. how about this, you've got made. do you want to know why because that is the name of your cleaning service. >> yes. >> yes. >> you got maid. >> we have got maid was a national franchise specializes in home and commercial cleaning but we're promoting something very special, my wife, allison, myself and holy our office manager we are promoting a program called
8:40 am
cleaning for a reason. we take woman battling cancer and we clean their homes for them, women going through struggles, mentally, physically with this disease. we have taken that burden off. you have home is your castle and every women deserves the best. >> that is wonderful. >> do you this for free. >> we do this for free. it is an organization, important for women with cancer and called cleaning for a reason. >> how do they get in touch with you. >> do it through their doctors. >> they go right on cleaning for a reason web site. if they happen to be at quakertown hospital, quakertown hospital does contact us directly into our office and we will have to go through paperwork. >> they need to be focused on the fight. things like your home, getting things together. >> and coming home, feeling good, we believe helps recovery and. >> something about that clean feeling. is there something on the camera there. there we go. we're good now.
8:41 am
>> next time call the office and said can you please, we wanting to home but we need a clean house. >> thank you for telling bus this. >> we appreciate it. >> mike, you've got maids, do you need some cleaning. >> are you cleaning up over there. >> a little dusty. >> right there. >> would you like some. >> yes. >> look at that thing. >> what is this. >> this is myers bakery apple dumpling with our carmel sauce. >> well, how are you. >> i'm chris wilson. this is my husband brian. we own the proper brewing company in town. >> is what so proper about it. >> it is all about beer is proper. >> is there anything in there. >> apple is there, yes. >> and carmel sauce on top. >> we have this over here. >> they didn't cut them up for us because that is a lot.
8:42 am
>> is that beer. >> is there beer in the carmel sauce. >> in the carmel sauce. >> yes, in a carmel sauce. >> who doesn't want beer in their car medical. >> i did not make them though. >> is this cough eye. >> no, this is coffee stodt. >> is that coffee or beer. >> it is coffee in your beer. you can start every day with a beer. >> it will wake you up. >> it levels out, mike. >> yes. >> really good. >> you can taste the cherry, it is is he good. >> i'm not a big black coffee guy but this is more cherry then coffee. >> yes. >> where is your store. >> half a block down the street in old theater from
8:43 am
1922. >> the big p. >> yes. >> boom. >> okay. >> where we should we go next. >> your momma's house or your momma's burgers. >> and that is would the man that made the mack and cheese for us. >> yes. >> do you think her mother is there. >> lets try this again. >> where are we going. >> to your momma's burgers and steaks.
8:44 am
8:45 am
8:46 am
now, i don't have have a tattoo yet but when i get one, lucky strike tattoo has me all hook up. you say you can shrink this one for me right. >> yes. >> just a little bit. you guys work hours and hours on. that we will go to the seven day forecast to show what you a great first weekend of summer we have in store. we are looking at 48 degrees today, a slight chaps of a pop up storm or shower especially south of the city, and is there also a fantastic weekend. sunshine both saturday, sunday, high pressure buildness and we will have temperatures that are low humidity, especially to start and temperatures at the shore
8:47 am
will be in the 70's with mostly sea breeze. lots of folks coming out to sees them all around the mazda cx9. your chance to win is every single day on fox mike and alex, i can't tell you how many people walk up and said hey that is my car, get out of my car. so i got out of the car. >> it is somebody's car seen. >> we have to figure out who. >> we will announce our finalist in a bit. >> that is right. >> they are coming out here so i'm exited to meet them. >> where do you want to go now. >> to your momma's house. >> do you know joe. >> joe momma. >> yes. >> this place is famous for its shakes, its burgers. >> and your momma jokes. >> is this mom. >> this is mom. >> so andy. >> yes. >> how did you come up with the name for this place. >> a friend of mine, old business partner jimmy, in atlantic city we were out drinking and said how funny it
8:48 am
would be to have a place called your mom's. >> where do you go last night. >> your moms. >> and i have your momma joke but not for tv. >> not for tv. >> we have talked burr mack and cheese. what else do you have. >> right here good we make a beer cheese. i should be using it right next to us. sharp cheddar, crazy herbs and slices and stuff. >> then you have regular mack and cheese. >> we have chicken and then buffalo, to make buffalo style. everything that we make is from scratch except needles. we do buffalo cheese, breading, sauce, everything is home made. >> that looks good, good, good. >> then that makes you thirsty. >> it does. >> there we go. so you guys make shakes. this is my favorite one. the spicy coffee. i do a coffee syrup, and
8:49 am
fortified it with pepper. >> it looks like do you see that pepper on there mike, are you brave enough. >> i can't say on tv but wtf, are you serious shake, it has potato chips, sea salt. >> wow. >> are you all right. >> do you have any water or milk or broke. >> sucking a milk shake and come out hot. >> it is really hot. >> he will not make it. >> what is in the whiskey, tango, foxtrot. >> we make our own carmel syrup, potato chips. >> potato chips in the milk shake. >> why did you put potato chips in there. >> salt, crunchy it is delicious. >> that is what they called me in high school, salty, chun chicago and delicious. >> it works. >> aren't you famous for these? what is so famous because they are rectangles. >> what i did, i try to learn
8:50 am
new lessons, i have ate a few burgers in my life. >> you have to try it out. >> so the whole premise we mimic them after. >> after your momma. >> sorry, i had to. >> we like old lunch style, 50's lunch style, sauce, no sauce, that is a version of our sauce. >> it almost taste like spare ribs. >> hawaii rolls. >> i guess i know where we'ring tonight. >> your momma's house. >> thank you so much, any. >> we will take a break. >> here's the thing, there is a book about taylor swift, but she didn't write it. is there juicy stuff. >> could she be the new nancy drew. we will tell you about it.
8:51 am
8:52 am
there's one place where america's pastime is preserved for all time. ♪ and that's not the only thing you can only find in new york state. ♪
8:53 am
discover something one of a kind in new york. ♪ new york. it's all here. it's only here. plan your summer vacation at ♪
8:54 am
♪ >> do you know that song. >> no. >> it is a great song. >> who is it by. >> i don't know who it is by. they play it all the time. >> okay, all right. look at cheerleaders, go big blue. >> this makes me so nervous, they are a good squad but it makes me nervous. >> they are holding on during commercial break we didn't necessity how long they would last. >> two more minutes being up there. >> tell maine about this. >> if you love reading nancy drew books. >> i have four sisters they all read nancy drew. >> but now nancy drew is coming back in a different way. would you read it, if it was taylor swift. >> no. >> there is a lot of people who would. there is a i new book coming out, like a taylor swift detective story. >> modern day nancy drew. >> is modern day nancy drew.
8:55 am
what can't she do. so, a lot of people feel like she's coming of her own, all about girl power. you know, to figure things out. it will be good. title is a play on blank space because the line where she says, i got a long list of ex-lovers but everyone think all of the lovely star bucks lovers f you like taylor swift and like mystery, it is coming out in july i think. it is on kick starter. >> okay. >> i'm reading about it now. >> it will sell for sure. >> take already doesn't get any proceed. >> she's justin expired. >> what did you do yesterday afternoon. >> yesterday i haddon or of hosting the pal's scholarship lunch in. >> great event. >> police athletic league. they do great things for the community. these are scholarship recipients doing amazing things in the classroom, out in the community and they will go do great things. commissioner ross was there.
8:56 am
he spoke. mayor kenney. he had some things to say. great event to come together. great people in that room. we will see big things from them. >> i heard you did a great job. were you kind of funny. >> whenever mayor kenney is around you have to do a soda tax joke. >> did you a sewed tax joke. >> i asked him if he wanted any soda. we only had water and lemonade. >> did you kiss and make up afterward. >> we're all good. >> he gets it all the time there we're going to the movies. is there a movie with blake lively, which i love but it is kind of scary because it business shark attacks. >> do you know is what scarier she did her own stunts for most of the movie. >> she even got hurt. >> we will see if she's okay good we will talk to sketch mccarthey after the break from quakertown.
8:57 am
8:58 am
8:59 am
9:00 am
we're coming back at 9:00 o'clock hour in quakertown. this is pretty cool, hi, how are you. >> okay. hold on, hold on. >> mike, where are you, are you behind me. >> yes. >> put your foot on the pedal. >> this is pretty cool. >> this is a tricycle. >> hi, how are you doing. >> hi, kid. >> sometimes you have to go big or get home and bring out the big wheels, right. >> that is right, i can do this. sue, can you get in this thing. i love it. >> they can't hear me in here. >> bells are ringing. >> is this your car now did you enter to win. >> yes, i d


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