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tv   Fox Morning News at 4A  FOX  June 27, 2016 4:00am-5:01am EDT

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a violent night in our area, four shootingness three hours, two of them deadly, hunt for the gun man is on right now. plus a developing story a a man behind bars charged in the death of his girlfriend but it is weapon that he used that is making headlines around the world. an officer shot seven times and set to walk out of the hospital today, why a country music superstar called his hospital room. good day it is monday june . >> happy monday did you have a good weekend lauren dawn johnson. >> twins back home i was sad, alone. >> great to hear your brother's daughters. dave war men for sue serio for this monday. how are you, sir. >> my twins down the shore with their mom, i'm throwing a party. they have great weather for it
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too. they will be back wednesday i'm sure i will miss them. lets get you started with the number of the day seven, not too bad. nice and comfortable right now but later we will feel humidity increasing. nice start, grab the shades, today is sun glass day so grab them before you head out. maybe not needing them by end of the day because we will have clouds increasing. sixty's right now. humidity still down. nice and comfortable. very nice start today. few suburbs in the upper 50's like pottstown, mount pocono, heading to the south cities we have millville at 57 and ocean city at 66, atlantic city is at 56. 64 degrees in philadelphia dew point at 60. that is nice, down but that will climb near seven at that wind pick up out of the south. that will feel muggy but that could lead to showers and thunderstorms in western pennsylvania right now. things are clear here. they will try to work their way to the north and western suburbs by two or 3:00 o'clock but falling apart as they move
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east. this is just first round of the showers and storms that we are looking at, temperatures will claim in the 80's today and there is that one storm just north and west not along i-95, not south and east but that changes in the seven day forecast, coming your way in just a bit. good morning, bob kelly. >> good morning everybody. monday back at it and we are getting ready to step out the front door grab your coffee, keys, kicking off covers. live look at the schuylkill expressway quite it this morning. no problems or delays, coming into the the city. vine street expressway is opened, they did not close it last night with construction, coming back from the shore. some folks, again we're in prime vacancies on now so folks maybe stay down an extra night and come right back from the beach right in the office but in problems there at all coming in through bellmawr. still left over crews on route 202 northbound between 30 and route 401, and they are also working on the pennsylvania turnpike, between the valley forge interchange, heading eastbound, over towards, fort
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washington. in that bellmawr, new jersey interchange 295 and 42 just watch for some new traffic pattern shuffles, as we work our way into philadelphia for beginning of the morning rush hour, but the market frankford line using shuttle will buses to 5:00 as well as broad street subway and using dart system in delaware there is a new dart bus schedule that went in effect for morning rush hour. chris and lauren, back over to you. violent night, local police investigating two homicides and two other shootings. latest happening at 1:30 this morning on the 2300 block of cleveland street in north philadelphia a philadelphia police say man in his 30's was shot multiple times, and died later at the hospital. police are still looking for that shooter. cobbs creek where another man has died in an early morning shooting. this happened just before midnight on the 200 block of south edgewood street. victim a 24 year-old man was shot twice in the head and died at the scene. as for the suspect they found a car and a grass station
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along 52nd and spruce they believe that belonged to the suspect. we have learn one person was taken in custody. we're covering more breaking news at west philadelphia a where a teenager was rush to the hospital with the gunshot wound to his arm. shooting happened just after midnight on haverford avenue in north 55th street. teen was taken to penn press which tear yan medical center where he is peck to survive, no word on an arrest. this time in wilmington delaware police investigating a late night shooting just after 10:00 on north spruce street and tenth street. victim is in serious condition no word on an arrest. also developing a woman dies after being shot with a cross bow this morning police say they have arrested her boyfriend steve keeley on this now from police headquarters, steve. >> reporter: our viewers just heard shooting after shooting after shooting and then this one, that is right, a cross bow. look at the video of the house. the this is something that is familiar to police, they told us they have been to this house before for domestic
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troubles so the question, how powerful is a cross bow and the arrow or the bolt as you will a's hear police call it. it the hit woman while she was sitting on her couch, through you her chest, out her back and through front of the back and out the back of that thick piece of furniture and then into the wall. >> female victim was shot in the chest with the hunting cross bow. the bolt penetrated her chest, penetrated through her chest into the the couch and actually was embedded in the wall. she ran from 3145 to 3143, and went to the neighbor's for help where she collapsed in the doorway. >> reporter: that is a powerful tool there police found her already with a massive loss of blood, when they arrived within a minute, she was pronounced dead, shortly after arriving herself, being rushed to torresdale aria hoppenot too far from the house. that the tells you what kind of damage that did to a human
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body. police arrested 409 year-old man who they think is the boyfriend, he was still in the house and so was his cross bow. not in the house was children, who one or both must have shared custody likely with police judging by children's rooms set up in the house. thirty he lease figure they were at another home last night for weekend shared custody. what a ridiculous thing to happen shot with the cross bow point blank in the living room of the house. wow. >> story already making national headlines. >> steve, thanks. folcroft police officer who was shot seven times and miraclely survived could be out of the hospital today this story gain national attention as the support for officer christopher dorman continues to pour in. dave kinchen live outside penn presbyterian medical center where officer is recovering. >> reporter: officer dorman set to be released sometime today, here from penn presbyterian hospital after
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taking seven bullet while on call on friday, this is 25 year-old officer dorman pictured in his hospital bed, he has been alert and talking after surgery and is peck to make a full recovery according to family. but family and friend say he will need financial help since he is a part-time officer without benefits investigators say that alleged drug dealer daunte brooks island shot officer dorman seven times including four bull totes his chest, others to his face, groin, leg while responding to a friday morning call. bullet-proof vest officer dorman was wearing credited for saving his life has been an outpouring of support ever since. >> he deserves everything that he is getting, all of the support love, from everybody around the world. i have thousands of facebook messages that have not been answered just yet because it is just so much messages from police department and people that just care about him being
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okay. that is all that matters right now that he is a alive and he is okay. he might not be himself for a little while because it is something scary that happened but all he wants to do is go back to work. >> reporter: a go fund me page has been set up with donations north of $28,000, they had a $30,000 goal now they have $40,000 goal to help officer dorman with his medical expenses, again, he is a part-time officer and does not have health care benefits. by the way, the shooter, recent parolee was charged and arraigned on attempted murder and was even accused of firing at a second officer. so again, sometime today officer dorman set to be released, back to you you. >> thanks so much, dave. while officer is recovering in the hospital he gets a special shout out from a top country music star. the officer was supposed to attend kenney chesney's concert saturday night but he is still in the the hospital so he asked the singer not to forget about him n response chesney gave officer dorman a
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shout out for support but mistakenly said this. >> he passed away but before he passed away he did a video saying he wanted to come tonight. >> while officer dorman's friend darlene said he laughed it off, just a slip up and he was excited when kenney chesney called yesterday morning to apologize. kenney tweeted i told officer dorman we would watch an eagles game ape have beers one day. 4:09. trenton she got caught up in a rip current off coast of ac nearly drowned saturday night. that current swept three people in the ocean by the time a fire fight's arrived. two people were safe on a jetty. the wave ended up smashing a fire fighter into the jetty when police officer jumped in to save a woman despite the drama everyone is okay. in west philadelphia
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office of licenses and inspections is investigating a building collapse this happened around 5:30 last night in the 5500 block of market street. building was vacant n1 was injured, in word what cause that had collapse. no cause for a building fire in germantown where fire fighters advertise cover woman's body this saturday night on the 200 block of east price street. more than 50 fire fighters battled the flames for an hour. they found body in the basement. investigators have not yet identified her. medics took another person to the hospital with unknown injuries. sad morning for sixers top draft pick ben simmons his cousin kill saturday in a hit and run. newly drafted ben simmons posted this picture showing him with his cousin with the draft on thursday. the tweet says rip zachary simmons i'm glad i could share this moment in my life with you. a car hit 21 year-old simmons crossing a street in hoboken early saturday morning, police are still searching for that car. 4:10. a car crash takes a violent turn. what happened while police were investigating an accident that has them looking for
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another criminal. take a look, kid, everyone of them a inspiration the one thing they all have in common that made for a special reunion. bob kelly, good morning. good morning everybody. 4:11. we have road work out there down in delaware southbound side of i-95 right here near 896, and if you are grabbing your bags and head to the airport lets go there, a live look at philly international, nice and quiet, we will check with the tote board, dave has the forecast, all that and more when we come right back. jill and kate use the same dishwasher.
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good morning dave warren here for sue serio this week. 64 degrees now. that dew point town to 60. feels nice and comfortable like it has been past few days a nice start at least but we will see how that humidity returns later today. we will have a few showers tonight the but better chance for storms off and on throughout the day tomorrow. step outside to 60's and 50's right now, few 50's in the suburbs but here in philadelphia a 64 degrees. thunderstorm, not right now. ultimate doppler shows we are clear, but by 4:00 o'clock today they are working their way in the western suburbs. these will fall apart as they move east so maybe an isolated shower or storm later today, north and west but tomorrow, better chance for off and on showers and storms because humidity really starts to increase. you'll feel that later today that warm muggy air from the south, that will continue to fuel the storms off and on tomorrow, tomorrow there is a risk for severe weather, just
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marginal so these storms could contain gusty wind, heavy rain and hail. off and on throughout the day. seven day forecast has temperature climbing in the 80's today with late storms. better chance for showers and storms tomorrow. they will be clearing on wednesday. now thursday is a beautiful take with sunshine, we will call it nice, lower humidity 86 degrees. friday heading in the long weekend we will start with sun and clouds but we have a few showers in both saturday and sunday, temperatures are nice and comfortable in the mid 80's, so maybe a few fire works for your fourth of july, bob kelly. >> sound good, good morning. 4:15. monday, hope you had a great weekend back at it, speedometer readings not bad at all on the blue route, schuylkill expressway, i-95, looking good, good news for folks coming through that era port circle they have completed that project, emergency pse and g road work that tied us up for ten days or so. we should have a nice smooth ride rolling up and over that
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airport circle 130, 38 and 70, pennsauken in problems on the blue route up near schuylkill expressway. we are looking good. no problems at the airport heading down to maybe pick somebody up or heading out of town for business or travel our big jump he jet there banks to the left. no problems at all at philly international. there is left over construction from last night southbound lanes of i-95 heading south down toward the delaware beaches, 896, two of the four lanes are block. they are still working on 202 northbound between route 30 and the bypass heading up in towards route 401. work crew still outside on the turnpike between valley forge, and fort washington and market frankford line, using shuttle buses until 5:00 o'clock as well as the broad street subway using shuttle buses also, come on, every friday, all the way through the end of july we will take over a local town and this friday, we're going
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fairmount park, and again, each one of those locations on our web site, sign up to win a brand new car, the new mazda cx9. chris and lauren back to you. a man is recovering this morning after breaking his legs in an accident yesterday morning this happened around 3:00 he clock when driver lost control of his car, crash in the pole at north 11th and west susquehanna avenue. doctors expect him to recover. while police were at that crash scene police ran up to him screaming i'm shot this happened a few blocks away at tenth and diamond. police say someone fired five shots at the victim's car, one pierced through the back driver's side door and hit the driver in the lower back. he was able to drive himself to the crash scene and get some help. he was taken to the hospital in stable condition. so far no arrests. 4:18. in west philadelphia a reunion for children who defied the odds. yesterday more than 300 families from across the u.s. attended annual field surgery reunion at, children's hospital of philadelphia doctors diagnosed nearly all of the children prenatally
4:19 am
with the birth defect and performed surgeries in utero or immediately after they were born. >> we get to reunite with doctors and staff who changed our daughteres life. without them she would not be the person that she is today, she had fetal surgery and i was still 21 weeks pregnant and they operated on her inside of me so we both had surgery together so because of that she can walk, run, play. >> can you imagine what they can do with medicine these days. unbelievable. yesterday was the 20th year for this annual reunion. now developing in west virginia the death toll continues to rise as people living there brace for another day of devastating rain, at least 25 people died, many more still missing after week of downpours triggered historic floods. rising waters swept away buildings, road, bridges. governor declared the state a disaster area community churches have been converted into shelters for those who
4:20 am
lost their homes. thousands are without electricity. 4:19. devastation throughout west virginia, at least 24 people died and several missing after flooding, raced through this state, the water has destroyed homes, businesses and roads. look at this video. president obama signed a federal disaster declaration of the three of the hardest hit counties in west virginia. lets get to california where five people were stabbed outside state capitol in sacramento, fights broke out at what is supposed to be a rally wye traditionalist worker party which is i linked to white supremacy and far right causes. members of the group were met by a sacramento group which fights racism, homophobia and other forms of bigotry. five people were sent to the hospital with stab wound and two others in the hospital. pride participant were remembering the tragedy in orlando. parade down fifth avenue knew in manhattan started with moment of silence for victims
4:21 am
of the pulse nightclub victims. many held messages like we are orlando, organizers estimate close to 2 million people, attended yesterday's event. 4:21. it seems phillies are finding different ways to lose. >> they should get your red on you are still supporting them. >> yes. >> the team, my goodness, hasn't done something the entire month of june. we will tell you what that is. it was a star studded night on the bet awards, from queen b to stevey wonder, some of the top royalty stepped on the stage and they delivered. we have what you need to know later on the show. >> but first, your winning lottery numbers.
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good morning, i'm sean bell, the phillies had a chance to win a series for the first time in a long time but phillies, could not get any love, with their pitchers out in the bay area.
4:25 am
aaron nola not having a a good day. he was income out early and reliever did not fair any better. angel pagan just missed a home run, with that bringing in the run make it seven-six giants. sea saw type of game. car lor ruiz singles up the middle in the eighth bringing home codey asche. we will go to the ninth where phillies lose in typical phillies fashion. connor with the game winning double down the line, the phillies, once again, eight- seven, and after being banned for baseball for gambling he finally got the type of recognition, yesterday, the reds retired the number 14, good for pete rose, he deserves it. that is sports in a minute. i'm sean bell. >> that is an interesting move by the reds to retire pete rose's number even though he i is still banned by major league baseball.
4:26 am
fascinating. 4:25. very violent night in our area. >> we are covering several breaking stories including two homicides and woman shot with an unusual weapon. whom police say pulled the trigger. he was shot seven times and survived but that is not what one big name country star thought when he gave the officer a shout out, we will explain. i pinky promised my little girl a fabulous
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4:29. a violent night in our area, four shootingness three hours two deadly, hunt for the gun man on right now. plus developing story man behind bars charged in the death of his girlfriend but it is weapon he used that is making headlines this morning. officer shot seven times set the to walk out of the hospital today. why a country music superstar called his hospital room. did -- good day, philadelphia thanks for waking up on this back to work monday not back to school monday but back to work monday. >> kid are finally out for summer. >> buddy just hanging out at the beach. >> it is national sun glass day so grab those before you head out. you need them this morning. by this afternoon cloud will be moving in. watch for a few showers or thunderstorms. right now nice start 60's that humidity is down. 64 degrees with that dew point of 60 and as long as it is
4:30 am
below 65 we are good. by later today it is closer to 70. muggy necessary will come back quickly throughout the day. ultimate doppler there is that rain. it is over erie, pennsylvania so no worries here but it is slowly moving to the south east. it will try to hold together just moved in the area. timing this looks like it could be say three or 4:00 o'clock, showers, maybe a few thunderstorms working their way in the north and western suburbs and then they will break apart but more rain is likely here overnight tonight and tomorrow morning. we will say 84 degrees today, just a few storms north and west but that humidity increasing. we will feel that later today for the drive home. lets get through the drive to work. for that we will check with bob kelly. good morning. good morning, it is no the bad at all on a monday morning, getting up and out, in problems at all no problems, coming in 422, 202, a little police action here, this is ramps for 202, to the
4:31 am
schuylkill, expressway and that is where it is a accident or disable vehicle but just watch it, off to the shoulder, not really attracting too much attention, good news for everybody, road through south jersey what a mess the last ten days have been but they have complete i the construction here along the admiral wilson boulevard along airport circle. things should be easier today then they have been all last week. however, if you use the dart bus system in delaware a new schedule went into effect yesterday. today is first workday machine workday that the dart buses are running on a new schedule. still running on buses for market frankford and broad street subway line as they do overnight they will use buses until 5:00 a.m. philly international looking good, no problems at all for first flights getting out of town and heading south on i-95 down through delaware beaches, just keep in mind this week is there construction, south on i-95 at route 896. chris and lauren back over to you. a violent night in our
4:32 am
area, local police investigating, a homicide and two other shootings. latest happened at 1:30 on the 2200 block have cleveland street in north philadelphia a police say a man in his 30's was shot multiple times. he later died at the hospital. police are still looking for the shooter. now to cobbs creek where another man died in an early morning shooting just before midnight in the to hundred block of south edgewood street. victim a 24 year-old man shot twice in the head and he died at the scene. the police say though found a car in the gas station along 52nd and spruce. they believe it belongs to the suspect. we have learn one person was taken in custody. more breaking news out of west philadelphia where a teenager was rush to the hospital with a gunshot wound to his arm. the shooting happened, just after midnight at 56th and haverford avenue. teenager was taken to penn presbyterian medical center where he is expect to survive that shooting. no word if any arrests have been made. in wilmington delaware police investigating a late night shooting just after 10:00 on north spruce street and tenth.
4:33 am
victim is in serious condition and in word on any arrests. now to a developing story in northeast philadelphia a, a woman dies after being shot with the cross bow. >> police say they have identified and arrested the suspect, in this case, and it is her boyfriend. steve keeley, shot point blank with the cross bow. >> reporter: for philadelphia a police who always think they have seen it all, killing someone with a cross bow is something investigators have only seen in the past in fictional shows like game of thrones until last night here on willits road in torresdale and police tell us a cross bow is very powerful and very deadliest specially when shot point blank range in a living room. this 42 year-old woman killed was sitting on the coach at the time. to tell you how powerful this weapon is the cross bow arrow or bolt went completely through her body but not just through her chest and out her back but it also went through the front and out of the back
4:34 am
of the couch stopped only when item bedded in the wall of the house. while some of the first officers rush that woman to aria torresdale the other officers arrested immediately this 40 year-old boyfriend who was still in the house and so was his cross bow. he did not put up a struggle but was men to police already and neighbors for recent past domestic trouble at this same house. >> there was a premises, police have been out here a couple times before, for him, neighbors, things started to go downhill in the last in or so. it cull nateed tonight with this incident here with the cross bow. >> reporter: woman didn't have have a chance. they found perfect in the pool of blood. she was pronounced soon after. police rush her to aria torresdale after 9:20, 911 call. a shocking story out of northeast philadelphia. >> yes, shocking. steve, thank you. dave kinchen covering a local officer shot seven times set
4:35 am
to get out of the hospital, that is good news. >> reporter: that is right officer dorman of folcroft expect to get the out at some point today expected to make a full recovery but he will need help with his medical bills how you can help after the break but first here's bob 4:35 on this monday morning. a lot of folks coming back from the shore... come back from the shore, on the atlantic city expressway, it is in toward city, we will check the forecast after i grab a cup of coffee when we come right back. ♪ hey!
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♪ get down, get down. welcome back, we're following this developing story, support continues to grow for an officer from folcroft who was shot seven times on friday. >> he has been making a speedy recovery ape set to release from the hospital at some point today. lets get live to dave kinchen with more details. >> reporter: good morning to you lauren and chris. much relief here after a long weekend in the hospital for folcroft police officer chris dorman. he is set to be released from penn presbyterian just days after taking seven bullets while on a call on friday. this is 25 year-old officer dorman pictured in his hospital bed alert and talking after surgery but has much more to go. he is expect to make a full recovery but family and friend say he will need plenty of financial help since he is a part-time officer without any health benefits.
4:39 am
investigators say daunte brooks island shot officer dorman seven times including four bull totes his chest, others to his face, groin, leg while responding to a friday morning call. the bullet-proof vest officer dorman was wearing credited for saving his life has been an outpouring of support ever since. >> he is doing well. he has some extensive injuries and it will take sometime, some surgeries to come, but he is expect to make a full recovery. >> i am actually selling these car stickers for your front and back window for officer chris dorman. you have spoke support your community and he deserves it more than anybody right now. >> i actually wrote on the back of my car and bought the stickers myself and then my friend's mom was like i make them. i told her to give me a few. everybody wanted one right now i sold thousands of them. >> reporter: another way to help a go fund me page has been set up with donations north of $28,000, for the goal
4:40 am
of 40,000. they raised the goal to 40,000. other notes here the suspect in this case, a recent parolee, charged with attempted murder. back to you lauren. >> thanks very much. while the officer was recovering in the hospital he had a special shut out from a top country music star. he was set to a ten kenney chesney's concert saturday night but he was redo everything in the hospital. he asked the singer no the to forget about him n response kenney chesney gave him a special shout out of support but accidentally said this. >> he passed away but before he passed away he needed a video so if you wanted to come tonight. >> officer dorman's friend darlene said he laughed off chesney's slip up and was excited when chesney called yesterday morning to apologize. he also tweeted out he said i told officer dorman we would watch the eagles game and have beers one day. for those who would like to use the schuylkill river
4:41 am
trail is there a new kind of neighborhood watch keeping the path safe, we will tell but that next.
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[ ghost voice ] the name your price tool can show you coverage options to fit your budget. oh -- ohhh! she slimed me. [ laughs ] dave war men for sue this week. we are looking at the 50's and 60's right now. not a bad start temperature
4:44 am
wise but this is what we will focus on, dew point, measure in the moisture in the air 50's and 60's but once it climbs to near 70, it the gets uncomfortable and we're there this afternoon by four or 5:00 . a few 70's around and upper 60's. we will go from pleasant to uncomfortable. in the quite oppressive but we are close. you'll feel that here throughout the afternoon. that will fuel a few then are storms. keeping an eye on ultimate doppler radar they are out you the in western pennsylvania, storms, pulling up the moisture, and that will increase chance for these showers and storms and this is a a slow moving front that will push through the area. looking at off and on showers and storms not only today but throughout the day tomorrow. they will a approach the western suburbs by this afternoon, and then by tonight, mainly just north and western suburbs could see a shower or possibly a storm but then tomorrow, watch this, throughout the morning, we will see an area of rain developing, impacting the morning rush hour, a little break and line of showers and storms, between six and
4:45 am
8:00 o'clock tomorrow night. these storms could be individually strong to severe with gusty wind and small hail. we will watch that throughout the day tomorrow. late storms today better chance for showers and storms all day off and on throughout the day tomorrow. we will clear up on wednesday, and then still pretty warm, nice day on thursday with sunshine 86 degrees. now friday, saturday, sunday the start of the long fourth of july weekend looks to be starting nice but there is a shower chance on saturday and sunday. friday though, that is the day bob kelly where am i headed. >> we are going to wildwood, new jersey. good day drive you have friday we will get to a different town. this coming friday we are going to wildwood, new jersey. what a way to kick off the fourth of july holiday weekend friday july 1st we will be down there in wildwood and when we're down through will have a chance to come on by, meet us all say hi, hang out and chance to win that brand new mazda cx9. you can do it right now go on line fox, click on the
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good day drives you page and hit that red tab there and you can enter, once a day, every day, right there, from home or when you come down visit us in wildwood and enter, a chance to win right there. and then on our final show, on july 22nd, of our good day drives you event here we will have a chance to win that brand new car. this friday we will go to wildwood, next friday we will visit wilmington on july 15th, we will go to haddonfield, new jersey and big grand final show there on july between the second here at fairmount park that is when the person from each one of the weeks, everyone will get a key and one of those keys will start that brand new mass to, cx9, and riding in style for rest of the summer. getting ready to head out the front door no problems at all coming back from the shore, it was a good weekend down there. leaving atlantic city anyone of the shore points we are good to go on the expressway,
4:47 am
parkway, no problems at all heading back to the pit stop there, farly services plaza, in problems coming in from the burbs, 422, 202, maybe coming back from the poconos, good to go a nice easy drive, this morning. here's a live look at the schuylkill expressway, it is westbound right before the the turp pike interchange. guy has his blinkers on but quiet, they did not work last night on the vine street expressway so we are good to go however, tonight, into this time tomorrow, the next four night, the closure of the vine street expressway between the schuylkill and broad street. keep that in mine. market frankford and broad street subway they are using shuttle buses until 5:00 as they always do. this is the first workday where the dart bus system down in delaware is running with a brand new summer schedule. make sure you grab that timetable to be on time and heading to the delaware beach these week, south on i-95, just watch for construction
4:48 am
near 896 interchange. an investigation underway after two teens were shot at a graduation party in nicetown. two, 18 year-old were taken a walk when someone fired shots hitting both of them this happened on the 19 hup block of rowan sleet the saturday night. one of the teens is still in the hospital in critical condition. the other was treated and released. no arrests have been made. a new kind of group making sure you are safe on the schuylkill river trail. it has been seen of the several a tax over past few months so now schuylkill river trail watch is on the look out. eighty people and volunteers machine for activity and report potential safety issues on the trail during the day and at night. >> this is part of what makes city great so working together getting to know on the trail can make a big difference. more because it is community coming together and protecting our park and children and families and people that use the park. >> other improvements along the schuylkill river trail
4:49 am
include mile markers. if you have a problem and you happen to need to call 911, police know exactly where you are. the president is held annually tone courage people to get tested. >> naus created by national association of people with aids, in response to the growing number of hiv infections nationwide n our area, aid delaware says that it will have special testing hours at its wilmington office. anyone who wants to get tested can make an appointment or walk in. for other testing places, looking on to aid dot gov. amy schumer bringing her comedy act to philadelphia ticket for her world tour live on stage go on sale tomorrow. zoom are will be performing at the wells fargo center saturday september between the fourth, tickets start at just $43. ♪
4:50 am
>> yeah. >> beehive is evidently buzzing this morning. >> the reason for her performance on last night's bet performance show is making a huge pint to all of her nay sayers. jill and kate use the same dishwasher.
4:51 am
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same detergent. but only jill ends up with wet, spotty glasses. kate adds finish jet-dry with five power actions that dry dishes and prevent spots and film, so all that's left is the shine. for better results, use finish jet-dry.
4:53 am
going to the pocono mountains, how about the frenchmanor to watch this sunrise on this sunday. >> that is night. >> wouldn't you like to stay there all day and have a bottle of wine, picnic, what a beautiful day. 64 degrees. >> day dreaming is over. >> back to reality. it is battle of the burgers. >> forty restaurant grilled up their best patty in the sixth annual burger brawl, thousands turned out at xfinity live to take burgers and tacos from our cities best restaurants yesterday afternoon. the crowd cast the vote on their favorite. our mike jerrick was one of the official judges. all this deliciousness is for a really good cause by the way. proceed went to help
4:54 am
philadelphia public schools, and to, compete 360 which supports the education and development of urban youth. not sure if you saw, our own alex holley sending out a picture on instagram about a burger about six times larger then she can open up her mouth. >> yes, it was as big as her head and she had her face turned sideways. i said how did mike jerrick get that gig. when you got to to you got to try it why not have him there. >> hats off to rob wasserman the owner of rouge and other restaurant, who where is here on friday and first year they had a taco competition. that would be fun to judge. there is a picture of alex we were just talking about. >> yes. >> how do you get your mouth around that. >> my goodness. >> when you are done, your jaws are shore from chewing so much. >> yes. >> you see dave warren is in for sue right there hi there, dave. >> philadelphia's own jill scott surprised fans every
4:55 am
where over the weekend and she secretly got married. >> ♪ >> that is a throw back. according to the instagram page of at the reception she tied the knot to her long time boyfriend mike doneson at 44 years old. she waited until she had the one. wedding reportedly planned for a while, no one knew bit, even more of a surprise big daddy kane performed at that reception. supposedly this took place at some mansion but no one knows where. >> that is cool. >> i love her voice. speaking of nice singing voices, everyone is in formation watching bet a ward show. >> if you missed the beginning of the show then you happened to miss this, check it out. >> ♪
4:56 am
>> so, people say beyonce, slade performance, from her latest album lemonade. she brought out, right this kendrick lemar, bet tweeted what would an award show, b coming to in reference to critics saying she had gotten too big for bet because she had taped a performance in 2014. the nice other big moment was a special tribute to the music legend prince. >> ♪ >> ♪
4:57 am
>> tribute, purple rain, it honored musicians, many performances, stevey wonder, maxwell, erika badu. and an officer shot seven times getting ready to walk out of the hospital today, big mistaken apology surrounding the incident that came from one of the country's wiges stars. man behind bars in death of his girl friend. weapon police say he used that may have surprised you.
4:58 am
♪ i don't want to lie down. i refuse to lie down. why suffer? stand up to chronic migraine... with botox®. botox® is the only treatment for chronic migraine shown to actually prevent headaches and migraines before they even start. botox® is for adults with chronic migraine, 15 or more headache days a month each lasting 4 hours or more. it's injected by a doctor once every 12 weeks. and is covered by most insurance.
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effects of botox® may spread hours to weeks after injection, causing serious symptoms. alert your doctor right away, as difficulty swallowing, speaking, breathing, eye problems, or muscle weakness can be signs of a life-threatening condition. side effects may include allergic reactions, neck and injection site pain, fatigue, and headache. don't take botox® if there's a skin infection. tell your doctor your medical history, muscle or nerve conditions, and medications, including botulinum toxins, as these may increase the risk of serious side effects. don't take your chronic migraine lying down. stand up. prevent headaches and migraines. talk to a headache specialist today.
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we will start with breaking news a violent night across our area, four shootingness three hours, two deadly. another shooting send a teenager to the hospital. hunt for gunman right now. man behind bars accused of killing his girlfriend with this unconventional weapon of choice. an officer is recovering in the hospital gets a special shout out from one of the country music's biggest star but the promise kenney chesney is make to go officer dorman. >> good day everyone. it is june 27th, 2017. trying to go golfing friday and got rain on in south jersey. i got a rain check to golf again for tuesday and the only day of the week, dave warren it will pour rain is on tuesday, tomorrow. >> start filling out that rain check again. you will need it. maybe next few weeks over and over you will string a few


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