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tv   FOX 29 News at 5  FOX  June 27, 2016 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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>> and a mom comes home to finder mysterious man in her child's room. some was ready to fight back. the questions tonight about what happened next. >> live from center city in philadelphia this is fox 29 news at 5:00. right now at 5:00, big smiles and loud cheers as a local police officer comes home. (applause). >> officer christopher dorman waving to the crowd as he returns to folcroft this afternoon. for the first time since he was shot seven times in the light of line of duty looking at him it's almost hard to believe that he was shot just three days ago. good evening, i'm iain page. >> i'm done timmeney nor lucy noland. officer dorman's road to recovery is not over yet but there was plenty of reason for the 25-year-old, his loved ones, his fellow officers, the community, to count their blessings today. let's get straight out to bruce gordon in folcroft.
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bruce, you were there as the officer was released from the hospital today. >> reporter: quite a scene, yeah. absolutely. you know, christ for dorman may be just 25 years old but he has packed whole lot of community service into those 25 years. this afternoon that community folcroft welcomed him home after a miracle recovery from a potentially deadly shooting. officer dorman waived torsel fellow officers as he was wheeled out of pennsylvania presbyterian hospital shortly after 2:00 p.m. not much more than 72 hours after taking seven gunshots from a drug suspect in his home community of folcroft friday morning. four of those shots hit dorman's protective vest and anyone them could have killed him. dorman's one word assess. his survival -- >> lucky. >> a massive motorcade he is cored dorman to the folcroft firehouse just one of the stops in this 25-year-old' ,2s career of service to community. follow volunteer firefighter corrections officer now police officer. (applause).
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>> a huge crowd of well wishes was on hand to greet him. >> what made you want to be here today for this? >> he took me under his wing when i started here and been there for me. i'll be there for him. >> incredible. incredible. >> surprise this guy made it? >> he's a fighter. >> reporter: inside dorman seemed overwhelmed by the attention. the accolades. >> like to say to thank you for everybody being there for me and my familiar and fellow brothers in blue. everybody supporting me means lot. >> the support has been overwhelming from day one. from the very beginning. >> reporter: as for his post recovery plans, dorman said simply -- >> ready to get back to work. >> reporter: his mother was asked whether she wants him back out on the streets looking for bad guys protecting his community. >> yes. i do. i don't want them to break his spirit. >> reporter: dorman will continue his recovery now at home here in folcroft you may have noticed in our report some
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of those facial wounds one of bullets pierced his nose and cheek. again the road to recovery will not necessarily be an easy one. his mom jean was talking about how well liked her son is. she noted that he had been of course a corrections officer for time. said even his prisoners liked him. dawn? >> thank are thank you, bruce. a tragic story out of the bustleton section of the city. philadelphia police say a worker at the cruise and clean car wash was killed after he was hit by two different cars. it happened around 19 at the cruise are kutztown road business of the authorities say the 22-year-old was wiping down a car when he was hit right outside of the car wash. this video coming to us from fresco juicier john houss u.s. you can be part of our news team go to the google play or apple stores and download fresco news to get started. we're on top of a developing story right now out of northeast philadelphia a42-year-old woman is shot in her home. police say the weapon in this particular case a cross bow. that woman later died and police
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say they had been called to this home before. let's get straight out to fox 29's jenn for joyce much she's life at philadelphia police headquarters. jennifer. >> reporter: good evening, dawn. police tell us they are still processing pollicies zen on homicide charges. trying to figure out why he decided to shoot and kill his wife last night with cross bow. around 9:45 last night police converged on the 3100 block of willits road in northeast philadelphia. there they found 42-year-old pamela night linger dead. police say she was shot with a cross bow. >> the bolt from the cross bow penetrated her chest, through her chest into the couch and actually was imbedded in the wall. >> reporter: captain james clark of philly's homicide unit says 40-year-old policies zen was arrested and charge chargedh her murder. the couple is married a little more than week ago. >> she just said they were having some type fight, some type of argument. he was fed up with it end went and got his weapon of choice and unfortunately shot and killed
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her. >> like so disheartened to hear that had happened. >> reporter: christina humphries owns two daycare centers across the street from their home. he seemed fine until a couple of weeks ago. she shared this surveillance video of what she says shows cousin walking along the strip mall naked threatening people along the way. >> two thursdaying ago he came out, he was wearing nothing -- walking up and down the strip here and game into the gym place and threatened to kill people next store. he push the door open while the kids were in there and said he was going to kill everybody. nobody was safe not even the kids. >> neighbors tell fox 29 off camera that last night he was running around naked too as his wife was fighting for her life. witnesses say he was yelling, she's the definitely and mentioned isis. long-time friend of his frank trout says he saw the couple yesterday hours before the gruesome killing. he says the man has had issues off and on but doesn't understand how this escalated to murder.
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>> they just got married and she was so happy and they were happy they got married, and i just couldn't understand what had happened. >> reporter: and police tell us there were indications at the couple's home there were children in the picture. 91 home at the time of last night's murder. iain? >> jennifer, thank you. now the cops cobbs creek police are investigating the shooting death of a 24-year-old it happened last night just before midnight on the 200 block of south edgewood street. when police got there they found the victim shot several times. they took someone into custody. that person has not been charged and there's no word yet on what led to the shooting. in delaware county, firefighters worked to put out a fire in a commercial building. this is at upland avenue and kerlin street in up land it broke out just after 1:30 this afternoon. it did reach two a lashes. about two hours later it was put on control. nobody was injured and the cause of that fire is still under investigation. fox 29 weather authority is tracking rain tonight. with that being said it could still be a dry night for many of
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you. tomorrow, though, well, that will be different story. let's check in with chief meteorologist scott williams. hi there, dawn. all about location on this monday afternoon and evening. especially far north and west. right now we'll take tour and look at ultimate doppler you can see this thin ribbon of green showing up on the radar car the pocono mountains lehigh valley getting a little wet. we actually need the rainfall in these locations dealing with that abnormally dry conditions we'll zoom in a little closer. moving out of be a allentown, moving away from bethlehem along with easton toward the rich manned area bedminster getting ready to see downpours. also, around pottstown, limerick this will continue moving through upper bucks along with upper montgomery county over the next half hour. but look at what's happening in lancaster county also chester county. it's diminishing pretty rapidly. so a lot of that won't even make it toward the i-95 corridor or parts of south jersey or delaware. not so much tonight. but by tomorrow, we're talking about mostly cloudy skies.
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and look at the clock. by 4:00 a.m. we're looking at scattered showers across the area. this will likely continue any time during the day for tomorr tomorrow. so grab the rain gear tomorrow. a live look outside our studios. 85 degrees right now. humidity up there at 51% with those riding dew points. coming up much more on tonight's rain and also scattered showers and thunderstorms in the forecast for tuesday. back to you. >> all right, scott, thank you. happening now, strong reaction around the country on both sides of the heated debate. it's being called supreme court's most significant ruling on abortion in decades. >> but this wasn't the only high profile decision today. fox 29's joyce evans here with more on really big developments today, joyce. >> it was quite a day on their last day in session. the major conviction overturned access to guns denied and access to abortion is ordered. the high court has spoken but the heated debate continues over state regulation that is many
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say prevent women from able to get a borings and doctors from being able to perform them. the ruling was handed down by the eight remaining supreme court justices. the seat vacated by justice antonin scalia's death remains unfilled. they ruled five-three striking down a controversial state law considered the most important abortion case before the high court in two decades. >> the highly charged case was centered around a texas law requiring doctors at portion clinics to be able to admit patients to a hospital nearby, and that their practice has to have the same standards as a surgical center. >> today, women lost. today the supreme court put politics over the health and safety of women in our country. >> reporter: opponents arguing the law one of the nation's most strict would have forced 75% or
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more of the abortion clinics in texas to close. >> the supreme court has sent a clear message to the tactics of politicians who have used underhanded means to shut down abortion clinics. >> reporter: the supreme court issued pins on two other high profile cases. one, a gun rights case centering on the convictions of two men charged with domestic violence. the court ruling they cannot buy firearms. the second, an appeal from former virginia governor bob mcdonnell who's on conviction on federal corruption charges was overturned. >> i think the supreme court is very troubled by what the prosecutor doctors here. >> reporter: and president barack obama weighing in on today's decision on abortion rights saying he is quote pleased to see the supreme court protect women's rights and health today. dawn? >> all right, joyce, thank you. surveillance videos roll during a robbery at a local store. the store employee tried to stop
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the crime but he soon learned he was outnumbered. the video police want to you s see. and geese taken over a park near washington, d.c. officials say they've become a health hazard. now there's an extreme plan to solve the problem that's stirring up some controversy. and a mom makes a horrifying discovery. a stranger in her children's bedroom. what she did to fight back and win. >> coming up oh on fox 29 news at 6:00 local firefighters find a body after putting out house fire. the clues investigators found to rule it a homicide. ♪
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♪ philadelphia police are on the hunt for these three guys. investigators say they walked into the grocery store along 20th street last week and one of them took a box of money from behind the counter. two of the men got into a struggle with a store worker before they all ran off. fortunately no one was hurt. if you recognize this trio, call police. police are trying to figure out who shot and killed a man in wilmington, delaware. it happened just after 10:00 o'clock last night along the 900 block of north spruce street. authorities say someone shot 34-year-old alan cannon in the head and leg. medics rushed him to christiana hospital where he died. if you can help in this investigation, wilmington police want to hear from you. pennsylvania house republicans are working out in a approximately 31 and a half billion dollars budget plan that will be paid for partly by higher taxes on tobacco produc products. the state government's next fiscal year begins friday and house republicans say the package will include $2 million for public schools operations
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and instruction. it will be packaged with higher taxes on a variety of tobacco products and revenue from legislation to make pennsylvania the fourth state to allow casino style gambling online. it's not clear if it will ever reach democratic governor tom wolf's desk or whether he would sign it. wawa welcome america festival officially kickin kickf with the unveiling a mural. the newly restored mural called our flag unfurled was reveal at columbus boulevard and noble street. it was painted by artists meg sal leg man who has murals all over philadelphia. it's the perfect way to kick off philadelphia's beloved summer celebration and for those involved in the mural arts program it means a whole lot more. >> it unites us in a difficult time, giving us an outlet to express our love, our strengths and determination to heal and move forward together. >> we have a full list of welcome america events on our website. just head to in you decide tonight a
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sneak peek at what all female presidential ticket could look like as hillary clinton and senator elizabeth warren campaigned together for the first time in ohio. not surprisingly neither had kind words for donald trump as the billionaire's son swooped to his dad's defense. fox's joel waldman now with the latest from the campaign trail. >> reporter: it could be the ticket to beat come november's general election. hillary clinton side by side with elizabeth warren in the all important battleground state of ohio. the massachusetts senator widely scene as bridge between clinton and bernie sanders more liberal supporters today highlighting the divide between clinton and trump. >> what kind of a man roots for people to lose their jobs. to lose their homes, to lose their live savings? i'll tell was kind of a man. a small insecure money grub we are who fights for no one but himself. >> reporter: clinton thanking warren for sticking it to trump touted the billionaire -- pelted
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billionaire with insults of her own. he was in scotland touting his new golf course when the news about britain's break up with the european union broke. >> he tried to turn a global economic challenge into an infomercial. clinton camp blasting trump in new ad after americans lost tens of billions of dollars because of instability in the global financial market. >> in volatile world the last thing we need is a volatile president. >> reporter: trump's son eric suggesting clinton missed the mark with brexit underestimating the will of the british people. >> she's supposed to have her finger on the pulls what's going on once again he shot it wrong. >> eric said money is now flying into the trump campaign after it was revealed trump trails hillary clinton by about $40 million as of may 31st. in washington, joel waldman, fox news. philadelphia housing authority properties are getting spruced up over the neck few days.
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>> all thanks to volunteers. more than 100 young volunteers from the world changers organization are lending a hand and some general maintenance of 6pha projects this week the fourth year the organization is partnering with the pha and they are ready to get to work. >> the thing that i love about it is these kids, they raise their own money to come here to work to give up their summer. not only to give up their summer but they paid their own way to come here and work at this project. >> the world changers group strives to promote youth mission projects among southern baptist and other evangelical churches. update tonight oh to story we first told you about last week much the city is responding to a pothole debacle in south philadelphia. several neighbors contacted 311 after a pothole on fifth and garrett street was paved over with a traffic cone still signed w we check in on the hole last week the repair was caving in. the city has responded. they say a software problem
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caused them to check out the wrong address. they found no problem at the incorrect address. a statement from the city reads in part "since fox 29 brought the matter to our attention, a proper temporary patch has been made and the safety delineator removed. the city says another crew not one of theirs did the initial repair. a toddler starts screaming crying in desperate need of help. doctors discover he'd been bitten by a snake. his parents are suffering for for a difficult reason. >> battle of the benches a controversy over massages on the backs of these benches in one community. those responsible say it's a beau positive message of love but officials are rethinking this. and taking pictures in your hotel room to fight human trafficking. it's possible now we'll show you the app that's making it happen. ♪
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breaking news right now out of center city philadelphia. skyfox live over the scene near 23rd and mark streets. that's where dispatchers tell us crews are responding for a report of an electro cushion or electrical shock. we do know medics have rushed two people to the hospital. we do not know their conditions. we'll continue to bring updates as we get them. >> in new jersey you could be paying a gas tank of 23 cents a gallon state lawmakers are set to vote on plan that would slash other taxes but dramatically raise the cost of gas. the measure includes a phase out of the estate tax and a cut in retirement income taxes. governor chris christie has said though he opposes the legislation. >> the death toll in west virginia now stands at 23 after devastating floods hit the area. the flooding started on thursday when storms dumped 9-inches of rain over parts of the state. the governor says thousands of homes and businesses have been damaged or destroyed. homeowners across the state are
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still cleaning up what's left of their homes. the house is destroyed. the basement of the house is all destroyed. my son everything he owns he has nothing. not pair of shoes. nothing. >> devastating hundreds are staying in shelters to night and towns like clinton and 99% of the town's businesses are destroyed. well, more brexit backlash today. >> around the globe painful losses in the stock market after britain votes to leave the european union. today tumbling numbers fall friday's free fall with the dow when it fell more than 600 points. today it went down 298 points, you one point 7% the biggest falls are in the united kingdom and europe. british pound plunging to its lowest level since the '80s. secretary of state john kerry traveled overseas to meet with british and eu leaders about the brexit. >> the uk and eu relationship will now change.
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but what will never change is that we are strongest when we stay united as a trance atlantic community and find the common ground. >> british prime hipster david cameron of course will leave office later this year. a battle over bench social security brewing in colorado springs. dozens of benches in the city bear the message jesus is lord. but a complaint came in about a month ago about those benches and now the city is actually re-evaluating its policy about publicly advertising religious messages. the pastor who started the campaign says if everyone has the right to ties, there's no violation. >> we believe that jesus is a very positive message of faith went want to share that around our community. there's a lot of messages in the city that i'm opposed to personally but i don't complain. because i understand this is the united states of america. >> city officials do not have a timeline on when they will be evaluating the process or when they'll make a final decision on
5:26 pm
what's being allowed to be on those benches. geese have taken over park near washington, d.c. officials say they are becoming a health hazard and now there's an extreme plan to solve the problem that is stirring up some controversy. >> and a day of fun comes to screeching halt for people on this roller coaster. firefighters had to get them safely back on to the ground. why the riders were not all that disappointed. scott? >> dawn right now most of us are dry but cloud cover is rolling in along with a few scattered showers especially north and west of philadelphia. coming up timing the system and when to expect heaviest rain. one fifth of all the fresh water in the world flows into one incredible experience you can't find anywhere else. and that's not the only thing you can only find in new york state.
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being a usaa member because of my service in the military to pass that on to my kids something that makes me happy my name is roger zapata and i'm a usaa member for life. usaa. we know what it means to serve. get an insurance quote and see why 92% of our members plan to stay for life.
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♪ here's live look at the bush kills faults from our pocono mountains camera. beautiful there. some of could you see some rain tonight and tomorrow even a better chance. we are also track something chances for severe weather. meteorologist scott williams have those details coming up in your fox 29 weather authority. the delaware county police officer who was critically injured after being shot seven times in the line of duty is out of the hospital tonight. fall croft officer christopher dorman was released from penn presbyterian hospital about 2:30 ace afternoon. more than hundred people gathering in folcroft to greet officer dorman. anxious to see their local hero return home. police say dante island shot dorman on friday as he approached a group of suspected people smoking marijuana at an apartment building. he's facing two counts of attempted murder for firing at a second officer as well.
5:30 pm
in northeast philadelphia, a woman is dead after she was shot in the chest with a cross bow. the victi victims have been ided as 42 year old pamela night linger it happened last night on the 3100 block of willits rotor. police say they charged the victim's husband paul. with the murder. neighbors and business owners told fox 29 they saw bizarre behavior from the suspect in recent weeks. geese in the washington, d.c. area will soon be going from the park to the dinner plate. isn't officials say too many of the birds are posing a health hazard tow they're taking lethal action. fox's lindsay watts has the story. >> reporter: for some park goers abundant wildlife is the main reason to visit. >> they're an interesting bird. >> reporter: donna and her friend come here just to watch the geese. >> probably about two times a week. we like to see them whether they're in the water or out on the grass eating. >> reporter: while there's no arguing these birds add to the ambiance, it's to the point
5:31 pm
they're adding way too much. covering the park with droppings, damaging vegetation and basically taking over at times. we saw it again and again. >> they're really not afraid of anything. >> michael, visits mlk regional are you with his son. he says he loves animals. but enough is enough. >> they've taken over the park. it's no longer enjoyable. the bacteria is impossible. he can't -- i don't trust him to run around with all of that fecal matter on the ground. it's just not sanitary. >> reporter: montgomery county agrees. park officials say they have tried everything to reduce the goose population at this park and over at rock creek. as a last resort they'll be rounding 300 geese euthanizing them and then donating the processed meat to the maryland food bank. >> i honestly do not know people that actually eat geese. >> reporter: the idea has some feeling queasy. >> i really don't like geese but i think they could there could be other steps they could take to remove them to another location.
5:32 pm
further away from people. >> we like to see them. i really love to see the family of geese going around. i'm from kenya and we have so many animals walking freely it's a good thing to see. >> reporter: county says despite push backs it's moving forward. >> watch! >> reporter: and not as slowly as traffic here. officials will start rounding up geese in early july. officials say they'll euthanize the geese is a gas chamber they're urging people to stop feeding geese it leads to overcrowding and make the animals dependent on people. >> back to your fox 29 weather authority now. want a gorgeous day. >> yeah, it was a nice weekend. a nice start to the work week. but cloud cover is rolling and in scattered showers for part of the area tonight. but better chances by tomorrow. a live look right now what's happening on ultimate doppler. we'll show you in just a few moments, that we do have the cloud cover in fact we'll start with a live look here in old city. the cloud cover starting to stream in.
5:33 pm
there might be a spotty shower that will sneak in this evening to center city but once again, tomorrow that's the better chance for the showers all because afront moving through and kind of setting up shop across the area. 85 degrees right now is the current temperature but look at the dew points. the measure of moisture in the atmosphere. starting to creep above 60. so it's been kind of warm and also muggy for today. as we look at ultimate doppler with the satellite, you can see we're tracking that line of showers open some thunderstorms and unfortunately hard hit sections of west virginia dealing with more flash floodi flooding. we'll zoom in a little closer here. you can see what's happening. flash flood warnings for several of those counties where dozens have lost their lives due to the recent flooding there. so they definitely don't need any more rain but dealing with flash flood warnings there in west virginia. closer to home, dry from trenton to philadelphia to wilmington. but look at the light showers moving out of the pocono mountains.
5:34 pm
moving out of the lehigh valley into sections of chester county. montgomery county along with bucks county right now. looking at some of those light showers but nothing is severe. so as we go hour by hour, maybe once again a couple of sprinkles moving toward the i-9 i-95 corrr but don't cancel any plans this evening. otherwise the clouds continue to roll in and by tomorrow morning, we're talking about scattered showers across the area any time during the day tomorrow. you'll want to grab that umbrella that is a front sets up shop. an area of he pressure will rotate along that. so enhanced chances as we move toward the afternoon and evening, and then maybe a gusty thunderstorm north and west. by 11:00 o'clock in the evening tomorrow, that front is still on top of us and we're looking at some rainfall chances. so how much are we talking about? by 5:00 o'clock toll maybe a quarter to up to a half an inch across the area. temperatures right now, rain cooled north and west. only 67 in the poconos.
5:35 pm
we have low 70s in reading. 80 right now in millville, and temperatures down the shore right now mid to upper 70s. 74 at the boardwalk. 79 right now in wildwood. so for tonight, temperatures stay in the upper 60s to near 70 in the city. once again we're watching out for couple of spotty showers maybe a thunderstorm across the area. and then tomorrow morning, we're looking at scattered showers. temperatures are going to be in the low to mid 80s for high temperatures tomorrow. maybe a pop-up thunderstorm for friday and saturday. and look at the fourth of july preview. sunny and a high of 87 degrees. >> whoo. >> let's hope that forecast holds. >> i like that. >> all right, scott, thank you. a toddler starts screaming and crying he's in desperate need help. doctors discovered he'd been bitten by a snake. he's recovering now but his parents are suffering for a different reason. an mom makes a horrifying discovery a stranger in her children's bedroom. what she did to fight back and win. and coming up at 6:00 a
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♪ the dalai lama and lady gaga together over the wheeling weekend talking about kindsness. they joined philanthropist philip shoots for the talks and it was all for the cop presence of mares in indianapolis. 200 mares from all over the country coming together. the theme was peace and how leader which is deter acts of violence. >> really fantastic thing about kindness is that it's free. we are unified in our humanity and the only thing that we all know, we all appreciate and in one another is kindness.
5:40 pm
>> their message no these mayors was that kindness can be the ultimate path to peace. little boy in virginia recovering tonight after a really nasty snake bite. >> now his family is asking for the public's help for a costly treatment. a copper head snake bit 16 month old i was den on his foot when in his grandma months front ya yard. his parents and grandparents didn't know if they had hours or minutes to get him to the hospital much his mom says he was in the hospital for days. partly because when doctors gave him the anti venom his throat began to swell and he had trouble breathing. >> they had to draw blood so many times they ran out of the veins to draw blood from. they had to draw blood from his scalp. it got really really intense. >> the important thing though he seems to be recovering. the anti venom that cured him costs thee thousand dollars to vial and awed den needed 16 of those. so relative set up g gofundme pe to help the family from a
5:41 pm
healthy local boy to the fight his life. one day that changed everything and the help his family just received that was beyond their wildest dreams. >> a day of fun comes to a screeching halt for people on this roller coaster. fire has to get them back safely on the ground. why the riders weren't disappointed at all. howard? the flyers have a special award for two of their former members and one that got shut out again going into the hockey hall of fame. what's wrong with the phillies pitcher aaron nola the manager pete mackanin talks about some of what he sees as his problems much that's coming up in sports.
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♪ >> back that that breaking news in center city philadelphia. skyfox over the scene near 23rd and market streets. that's where dispatchers tell us that two people were taken to the hospital. they had been working in manhole and were apparently shocked. one went to presbyterian. the other to temple. we do not know their conditions right now. they were considered alert, though, when they were taken to the hospital. peco says one of their employees and a contractor were working together when they were hurt. out west now, huge wildfires are responsible for teagueing at least two lives in nevada u.s. forest service says the flames are being fed by strong winds. high temperatures and low humidity. meanwhile over to to us thon firefighters are making progress battling a wildfire in central california which claimed two lives. the governor has declared a state of emergency. one community in texas still trying to come to terms with a disturbing shooting. >> police say a mother opened fire on her own daughters two of them and killed them.
5:46 pm
neighbors and friends say the family appeared to be happy and stable but on friday night a family argument turned deadly when the authorities say 42 year old christie sheets pulled out gun and pulled the trigger. police say she shot -- police actually shot and killed the mother when they they say she refused to drop her gun. now neighbors are trying to make sense of the tragedy. >> she seemed like a nice person. i talk to her few times. especially taylor. she babysatted us one time and my brother got tutor lessons from her. they're nice people. there's nothing wrong with them. >> the sheriff says deputes had been called to that home several times before. people magazine reports those calls had to do with the mother's quote mental crisis. in portland oregon a mom comes home to a terrifying surprise. a stranger she finds inside her children's bedroom. as fox's kendrick kent reports that mom was more than ready to fight back. >> reporter: right now police are not saying much about how this shooting went down. we don't know if there was any sort of struggle.
5:47 pm
what we do know that the family who lives near here was not injured and the woman who pulled the trigger has not been charged with any crimes. it happened while most were sleeping. many neighbors telling us they never heard a peep. didn't even know a man was killed here. but police say a stranger was in a child's bedroom. found by a woman just returning home with her two young children early sunday morning. investigators say the 33-year-old woman used her handgun to kill the 59-year-old man. both entities have not been released. the woman was not arrested. >> she was very fortunate to have been armed. she's obviously defending herself and she uses a gun to protect herself. >> reporter: tim crawl system one nearby neighborhood who didn't hear a thing. he calls the incident deeply disturbing. and late system more concerned for his pregnant wife and young child. >> it was something we worry about. we had -- it started with a shooting at heat which is a strip club just here on the
5:48 pm
corner of 122nd and holgate. and now this. >> reporter: some neighbors say city living comes with crime but it's different sort of feeling when it's on your street. it's a little unsettling especially just moving to the neighborhood. didn't real he will know what to expect or -- and so you know to hear something like that, it's a little freaky i got to say. >> reporter: police say it was a traumatic experience for the family, but the woman and her children were not hurt. the district attorney will now decider if that shooting was justified. as for now some believe it was a hero that pulled the trigger. >> murder is not anything to think likely about, but, um, if it's protecting a family member or a child or something, absolutely. >> so far police are only calling the man who was killed a suspect. they're waiting until after an autopsy is performed and after his family has been notified to release his identity. chilling moments for the they will seekers on one ride at an arizona amusement park.
5:49 pm
>> firefighters cape to the rescue after the roller coaster got stuck. the riders were stuck about 30 feet above ground it happened this weekend. phoenix fire crews got everyone down safely. took them about 40 minutes with the help avenue 35-foot ladder. all things considered, riders said the experience was as pleasant as could be as expect expected. >> they were really flight. they were nice. they have a really cool job as firemen, yeah. they were just holding my arm making sure i didn't fall. >> no word on what caused the malfunction. no one was hurt. riders actually got a refund and two free tickets so they're not complaining. quite an inspirational site at new hope as 600 people turn out on sunday night to support a little boy who's in the fight of his life. it was a stunning diagnosis eight-year-old with brain cancer that seemed to come out november where. >> all his family is asking for is your prayers. but they just got a whole lot more. fox 29's brad sattin has their story. this is a photo of dominic
5:50 pm
starring second grade last fall. athletic, outgoing and according to his mom -- >> kid never needed more than band-aid in his life. >> no one could have imagined how dominic would finish second grade here's the eight-year-old now a transformation that literally happened in a day on march 7th. i noticed his arm -- he wasn't using his left hand to put on his socks and shoes and then i noticed his harm was drooping and by the time he came home from school that day, he had a limp and his smile was a little crooked. >> the stunning diagnosis dominic had brian tumor. he had to cut short a party and fundraiser in his honor too tired having been through chemo and radiation with another year of it ahead but the prognosis isn't good. >> very few children have ever survived this type of cancer. >> but the party went on at havana in new hope 600 people turning out for the fundraiser to help his parents who both work here. ken also the director of christian pre-school. >> i still don't believe this is
5:51 pm
really happening. you know, but it is what it is and we have to just fight with him. >> but it's not just sporting dominic's challenges they have another son five year old born with spina bifida. you won't find a cuter little boy describing his brother. >> he likes torture me. bam, bam. he kind of sneaks and pinches me when i'm not looking. >> they met the philly phanatic today. in may dominic was paid a visit by former phillies tommy green and darren dalton who also fought a brain tumor. dalton foundation board member stopped by. >> the family has never asked for anything. they only ask for prayers. we're family. and when somebody in family is hurting or needing, it doesn't matter. you just -- everything else doesn't matter. and you just come forward and do everything you can to help. >> that was brad sattin reporting. if you'd like to help or make a donation you can go to their website for more information at pray for they also have a facebook page and of course we're praying for
5:52 pm
them and wish them the very be best. absolutely. to philadelphia zoo kids got to run alongside mere cats this new mirror cat maze all part of the zoo 360 program which is the first in the world animal travel and exploration system those attending got to get up close with the small mammals to see how they spend time in their natural habitat. well taking pictures in your hotel room to fight human trafficking. it's possible now. we'll show you the app that's making it happen. >> and just three days after being shot in the line of duty a folcroft police officer is out of the hospital. the hero welcome that greeted him as he made his way home. that's coming up at 6:00. >> also at 6:00 do you still have gift card to the sports authority. you're running out of time to use it. when the store will no longer accept them.
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a very special day for philadelphia children. the police athletic league sending 250 of them to the philadelphia zoo perfect weather for it. they enjoyed lunch, face painting and of course a full day of meeting all the animal. peco joined for pal for today's even. the police athletic league works with young children in high crime areas and engages them in sports and all kinds of fun activities like today's zoo excursion. putting a stop to human trafficking one phone at a time. that's the goal avenue new app that developer says can save lives. >> that app asks users to take pictures of their hotel rooms so how does that help? fox's jazz minute, explains.
5:57 pm
>> reporter: it starts with photos up loaded from your pho phone. the developer introduced the idea to meet planners at merit. the idea for the app was to an the question, i have a picture, where was it taken? >> it might sound like a game of trivia. but it's actually a tool to fight sex trafficking. it's called, traffic cam. travelers are asked to summit photos of their hotel rooms. furniture, curtains, rugs. the images are then matched against a database used by law enforcement. >> there are men out there that are abusing children in hotels. taking those pictures and then sending them out all over the internet. >> we're able to actually match the linens and the curtains and the carpet of those hotel rooms. >> reporter: traffic cam comes from the meeting planning industry. molly hackett with 96 and association says a police needed help a few years agriculture department feig a st. louis area hotel where victim was photograph. >> it was a photo they had from the internet when it came up you can just see everyone.
5:58 pm
you recognize the background. >> yes. one of the, y. one of the girls in our office new exactly where it was. >> reporter: 96 created a non-profit with a mission to help rescue victims. so far traffic cam has more than a million and a half images from more than 145,000 hotels worldwide. >> it's great that every day citizens can do every day things and taking a picture to help stop human trafficking. >> it's crucial to help us identify not only where they've at now and where they've been at which helps with prosecution. >> traffic cam app is available on ios and android and other platforms. the world's ugliest dog from 2016 was crowned in california. 17-year-old chinese crested chihuahua named sweet pea rambo. the dog blind in both eyes and weighed just 4 pounds. the contest is run like a beauty pageant going on for 28 years
5:59 pm
strong. so to compete each dog dog has a follow strict rules. animals cannot be altered to enhance their appearances and sweet pea's owner will win 1500 bucks and a 6-foot trophy. ♪ on friday officer christopher dorman was fighting for his life after being shot in the line of duty. fast forward just a few days later and incredibly he's out of the hospital to the cheers of supportersupporters. how the community he was willing to die to protect is giving him a hero's welcome. and huge bon jovi fan so the family of a woman battling cancer wanted to take her to the singer's restaurant. but the surprise didn't end there. how the rock star rocked her world. ♪ >> live from center city in philadelphia this is fox 29 news at 6:00. >> and we start with breaking news right now in center city philadelphia. skyfox over the scene near 23rd and mark streets. that's where dispatchers tell us
6:00 pm
that two people had to be taken to the hospital. they were working in manhole and were shocked. one of them went to penn presbyterian. the totter temple university hospital. we do not know their conditions right now. but they were conscious and alert when they were taken to the hospitals. peco says one of its employees an contractor were working together when they were both hurt. a spokesperson says they were wearing protective gear. right now, for officer christopher dorman released from the hospital it's just another day. >> ready to get back to work. (applause). >> incredible after being shot seven times in the line of duty friday, folcroft police officer is out of the hospital tonight and there was some question this day would ever be possible. for the young cop g evening, i'm iain isn't i'm done tim feature officer dorman is out of the hospital but he still has a lot of recovery ahead of i fortunate he will has a lot of community support behind him. let's get right out to bruce gordon who is in folcroft where it was


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