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tv   FOX 29 News at 6PM  FOX  June 27, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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that two people had to be taken to the hospital. they were working in manhole and were shocked. one of them went to penn presbyterian. the totter temple university hospital. we do not know their conditions right now. but they were conscious and alert when they were taken to the hospitals. peco says one of its employees an contractor were working together when they were both hurt. a spokesperson says they were wearing protective gear. right now, for officer christopher dorman released from the hospital it's just another day. >> ready to get back to work. (applause). >> incredible after being shot seven times in the line of duty friday, folcroft police officer is out of the hospital tonight and there was some question this day would ever be possible. for the young cop g evening, i'm iain isn't i'm done tim feature officer dorman is out of the hospital but he still has a lot of recovery ahead of i fortunate he will has a lot of community support behind him. let's get right out to bruce gordon who is in folcroft where it was certainly a hero's
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welcome home today. bruce? >> reporter: yeah, dawn. no question about it. many of the folks in this tigh tight-knit community folcroft have known christopher dorman since he was a little boy. a little boy who made clear he wanted to help his community in any way possible. well today that community return the favor. a grand welcome home for dorman after what can only be described as a miracle recovery. (applause). >> reporter: christopher dorman was wheeled out of the of penn presbyterian hospital just three days after a drug suspect pumped seven bullets into him from close range. most of the police officer on hand to escort him might have categorized his survival as a miracle. dorman described himself as lucky and seemed anxious to put all this hoopla behind him. >> ready to get back to work. >> reporter: trip from hospital to home include add stop at the folcroft firehouse. 25-year-old dorman's career of service includes a stint as a volunteer firefighter and corrections officer before
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joining the folcroft police department. a crowd of well wish schers was on hand to make known that you are appreciation for their hometown hero. >> the community comes together and we support each other. glad to see he's doing good and he's home. >> reporter: were goes through your mind when you realize how this all played out. >> so surreal. unbelievable. >> reporter: mazed they made it? >> yes. >> reporter: inside both dorman and his chief expressed their gratitude for this welcome home. >> like to say thank to you everybody for being there for me and my family and my fellow brothers in blue through this and everybody support means a lot. i appreciate it. >> we want to thank everybody from the bottom our hearts the whole department especially chris for coming out here today showing your support. >> reporter: dorman's road to recovery may be bumpy among the most visible wounds a gunshot that pass fluid his nose and cheek says his father -- >> pretty extensive injuries he has and want to see him through. he's a lot stronger and through
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this experience we will turn night a positive. >> reporter: the accuse shooter in this case 33-year-old donte island is charged with two counts of attempted murder. remember he is accused of shooting not only officer dorman but the first officer on the scene attempting to come to dormans' rescue. island remains behind bars at this hour. iain? >> bruce, thank you. following some breaking news right now. a water main break in north philadelphia. the water department is working on the problem at 12th and new york it started gushing around 4:55. no reports of any injuries. also, no word on how this water main break is affecting traffic or water service in that area. simply a tragic scene at a car wash today in the city's bustleton neighborhood. philadelphia police say a worker at the crews and clean car wash was killed. it happened around noon at the kutztown road business. authorities say the 22-year-old worker was wiping down a car
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that knocked him into the path of another car that was going through the car wash. the occupational safety and hell administration is investigating. >> on to your fox 29 weather authority now, and little muggy out there today as we take live look over center city skyline. but otherwise a beautiful summer day with temperatures in the mid 80s. meteorologist scott williams joins us now. >> i guess, scott, we're talking some rain in the forecast? >> yeah. looks like spotty showers might sneak into center city over the next half hour or so. and look north and west of the philadelphia area. we're looking at some pocks of light rain moving out of the lehigh valley. moving into sections of montgomery, also, bucks county. we'll zoom in a little closer and you can see lower merion moving toward plymouth meeting, norristown also looking at some of those showers impacting toward the conshohocken curve area, radnor down to haverford looking out for a little bit of light rain and once again this is weakening passion it approaches the philadelphia area and i-95. so as we go hour by hour, mostly
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cloudy skies. once again some of that activity could move into south jersey overnight but most of us stay dry to the east of philadelphia until look at the clock. 5:00 a.m. tomorrow morning we're lookinlooking at that front stil along the i-95 corridor. so rainfall chances increase during the day tomorrow. it's 83 degrees right now. that humidity continuing to inch up right now at 53%. coming up we'll talk about a warm and muggy evening. more on ultimate doppler plus. better chances for those thunderstorms tomorrow with the timing and expected totals with the seven day. back to you. all right, scott, thank you. to developing story out of northeast philadelphia. a quiet block rocked by a gruesome murder. police say a woman has died after her own husband shot her with a cross bow. the couple was newly married. >> but police say they had been called to the home before. let's get out to fox 29's jennifer joyce who is live at police headquarters tonight. jennifer? >> reporter: good evening,
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iain. police say paul cuz zen is a man they're familiar with. investigators tell us did he confess to killing his wife apparently over an argument they had. it's very curbing business owners along 3100 block of willits road hearing the news of a gruesome murder across the street last night. 40-year-old paul cuz zen confessed to killing his nellie wed 42-year-old pamela night linger with cross bow. >> she was sitting in a chair. the bow went through her body and into the chair and stuck into the wall. >> captain james clark the couple was having a fight last night. he was fed up and grabbed a weapon. christina humphrey who owns two daycare centers in the strip mall across the street says he seemed normal until a few weeks ago when he was spotted on surveillance walking the street naked threatening people along the way. >> two thursdaying ago he came out. he was wearing -- running up and down the strip here and came
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into the jui jitsu place threatened to kill people next door. i was at my second daycare down the street. he push the door open while the kids were in there and said he was going to kill everybody of the nobody was save even the kids. >> last night he was running around naked, too as his wife was fighting for her lie. witnesses say cuz zen was yelling she's the definitely and mentioned isis. long-time friend of cuz zen frank trout saw the couple yesterday hours before the gruesome killing. he says the man has had off and on issues but don't understand anything could have escalated to murder. >> they just got married and she was so happy and they were happy they got married, and i just couldn't understand what had happened. what really happened until we find out what really happened when they went home. >> reporter: police say based on items they saw inside the home it's clear that there are children in the picture, 91 home at the time of the murder. dawn? >> jenny, thank you. a man who works in montgomery county elementary school tonight is charged with
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the sexual assault minor. prosecutors say 40-year-old marcus fort assault add 13-year-old girl in his office at the gwynedd mercy academy elementary school where he worked in the it department and also at the girl's home. fort is being held on a half million dollars bail tonight. the medical examiner is ruling the death of a person found burned in the basement of a germantown home homicide. firefighters were called out to the scene on saturday just before 9:00 and made the grizzly discovery in the basement of the home on the 200 block of east price street. the fire marshal's investigation determined that fire was started right next to the body. further investigation by the medical examiner revealed that the body had been stabbed several times at the head and fingertips were removed. the victim has not yet been identified. a philadelphia police officer is off the job after being arrested for an incident in bucks county. officer michael winkler was arrested friday by the bristol township police department. they say on may fifth while
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winkler was on duty he took an unmarked city vehicle and met some men he hired to work on his property. investigators say winkler then demanded one of them give him all the money in his pockets. he's accused of taking $38 and is charged with robbery, commissioner ross has suspended winkler with the intent to dismiss. in delaware, police are looking for a car like this with a license plate number on your screen. new castle county police say it was carjacked early this morning from the barrett run apartment complex. the victim told police that he was taking some stuff out of his car when a man forced him into the car at gun point. he was then forced to drive around to a number of atm's withdraw cash. if you know anything give new castle county police a call. n northeast philadelphia, police are looking for two men who robbed an exxon staying. it happened about 6:30 this morning on the 5200 block of torresdale avenue. police say the pair got away with more than thousand dollars. if you know anything at all, give police a call. >> if you still have gift card
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to sports authority, time is running out to use it. tomorrow is the last day you can use one. most of the companies stores will be closed after tuesday. in may sports authorities reported customers still had more than $90 million in unused gift cards. tomorrow is also the last day the retailer will honor any returns. a woman battling cancer huge bon jovi fan so her family took her to the singer's restaurant as surprise but it didn't end there. how the rock star rocked her world. the welcome america festival ready to objection rock philly with red, white and blue. where some of the events are taking place and how you can get in on the action. howard? >> it took longer than it should have taken for the flyers eric lindros to be elected into the hockey hall of fame. the flyers president and gm talks about how lindh degrees changed the game. what's wrong with the phillies pitcher aaron nola. that's all coming up in sports.
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>> starting today we have a whole week of events in philadelphia leading up to if the big bash on the fourth of july. the wawa welcome america festival is underway. and there are dozens of free events during the week long celebration before that star-studded concert. let's get out to bill anderson in the newsroom with all the details. hey, bill. >> it's going to be fun. hey, iain. you know as the home of the liberty bell, the signing of the constitution and the declaration of independence the fourth of july has special meaning here. every year the welcome america week celebrates the importance of the holiday to the birthplace of america and today the celebration began. ♪ >> reporter: fourth of july is still a week away but philadelphia isn't waiting to get the celebration started. today the annual welcome america festivities officially began and the excitement is building. ♪ >> reporter: the week kicked off today with music, refreshments and the dedication of a new mural on delaware avenue. our flag unfurled. mural by mull arts program had special meaning this year as we
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deal with so many challenges. >> it brings people together in common purpose and resolve tapping into resilience and courage and creativity ♪ >> reporter: the mural dedication was the first in a week's worth of events from free museum and movie nights to concerts and rocco work outs and of course music. local musicians will be feared featured all being and we got little taste today as philadelphia's jesse kyle sang the national anthem. >> ♪ for the land of the free and the home of the brave ♪ (applause). >> reporter: now every year the big event is the fourth of july concert. this year it's head lined by empire star yaz the greatest and it features a tribute to local stars gamble and huff with the intruders harold melvin and blue notes and the o jay' get ready for a week of history and fun
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for all. dawn, we have the entire lineup at so you can get all the information and get prepared for the fun. >> all right. sounds great. thank you. well if you weren't a bon jovi fan you will be now. >> the singer surprised a woman battling cancer during a recent stop at his restaurant in new jersey. check it out. >> hi. >> hi. >> oh, my god! >> aww carol is fighting stage four lung cancer and bon jovi is her favorite singer as surprise her family took her to john's restaurant jbj soul kitchen in toms river the restaurant was just part of the surprise as bon jovi himself was there to eat with her and according to carol's family john spent two hours hanging out with the family even gave her an autographed guitar and a kiss on the cheek. >> not bad. >> all right. let's take live look at wilmington delaware right now where it's a great evening for a
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baseball game. the blue rocks are in action tonight. but the question is, will it stay dry? let's bring in meteorologist scott williams for the answer. >> dawn, it look like a couple of sprinkles will be moving in to the wilmington area. also, eventually philadelphia but most of the rainfall will hold off until tomorrow. a live look outside of our studios. the sun giving way to thicker clouds and, yes, we have do have some moisture to track on the radar. we have 83 degrees right now after a high of 86. dew points climbing into the 60s. so you definitely feel it stepping outdoors. a little more humidity and muggier conditions. so look at this thin line of showers. once again most of it moving out of the pocono mountains and the lehigh valley. but it is weakening passion it approaches the i-95 corridor. you can see some of the moderate rainfall where the orange and yellow hues are showing up on the radar. we'll zoom in a little closer. that activity moving out of norristown, plymouth meeting into lower merion. also, eventually trying to work
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its way toward center city. but it is encountering some drier air so not really holding together that much but don't be surprised to find a spotty shower or a sprinkle over the next half hour or so. here's the culprit. a cold front that will set up shop across the area during the day tomorrow. we'll keep the clouds around. lift in the atmosphere and also rain. here's 8:00 o'clock. we're looking at some of that moisture in south jersey along with delaware. so not a complete washout. but grab the umbrellas tomorrow out the door. we could see a couple of gusty showers and thunderstorms during the afternoon and evening before that system finally pulls out of whoever by the middle of the week. we're looking at about a half an inch before all is said and done on average. and we actually need the rainfall because north and west looking at abnormally dry conditions even a moderate drought being reported for northern sections of new jersey. rain cooled only in the low 70s pottstown. 74 allentown. upper 70s right now in millville
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and temperatures down the shore have been in the mid to upper 70s as well. so for tonight, temperatures pretty mild. upper 60s in the city. watching out for a couple of scattered showers. 85 degrees for the high temperature tomorrow. that rainfall chance is at 50%. so not a complete wash out. but we have the best chance for rainfall during the day tomorrow. really at any given time. we clear out for the middle and latter part of the week. maybe a pop-up storm on friday or saturday. but the weekend right now mainly looks warm, a little more humid. 89 on saturday. sunday mid 80s and the all important fourth of july right now looks dry. sunny and warm with high temperatures topping out in the upper 80s so it doesn't look like any fireworks from mother nature right now. >> that's good. >> all right, scott. thank you. phillies had fireworks on friday. there might be some problems with the fireworks. maybe a pop up.
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>> okay. all right. eric lindh degrees gets into the hockey hall of fame another flyer surprising did not make the again. and what's wrong with the phillies pitcher aaron nola? it's a problem that has lasted too long to not be concerned. the manager takes look coming up in sports. xt1 underline xt1 underline
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♪ the national hockey league recognized two flyers today for induct into the hockey hall of
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fame. one player, one coach and one surprise that did not make it again. eric lindh degrees finally got in on his sixth try. former flyers head coach pat quinn also voted in this 2016 class. quinn coached the flyers during their 35 game unbeat tepp streak that was in the 79-80 season and coached two teams into the fin finals. quinn passed away in 2014. the player that did not make it again was mark recchi. he spent 10 seasons with the flyers in his 22 seasons was on three stanley cup champions. now, people may remember what the flyers had to go through to get lindh degrees. he was drafted by quebec who traded him to the flyers but quebec then changed their mind and then traded lindh degrees to the rangers. the flyers went to court. went to arbitration and they w won. so lindh degrees played 13 seasons but with many injuries played in 70 more games only four times in his career. but he scored over 40 goals four times. eric lindh degrees changed the game at his position.
6:25 pm
>> i think it's terrific that eric made it. i think, um, he was a player that for a number of years was as dominant is player certainly as there was in the league at the time. the package of size and skill and speed and his shot, it was -- his physical play very few of them in the history of the game that have been as gived as eric. >> physical game probably was one of things that brought him down through all those injuries. but he was a great player. phillies move on to arizona tonight but the pitcher -- pitch nothing is falling apart. yesterday in arizona aaron nola hit three batters. three. he has given up 22 runs in his last games not betting passed the fourth inning in anyone of them. that's the one pitcher the phillies didn't think they had to worry about. >> he's little confused right now which you know he's approa approaching his first year in the big leagues. first full year in the big leagues. he'll have adversity probably hasn't had any in quite awhile. if at all.
6:26 pm
and you could see his confidence is shaken a bit. but he's smart and he's a competitor. he'll bounce back. >> anybody at the major league level is a competitor. when you have four straight games like that he doesn't throw hard so he's got to have good location and his location is terrible. and that's the biggest problem. but the phillies are the phillies. so i mean you want to see some of the guys at least do well. >> right. >> and it is what it is. >> that's right. >> i love that term, it is what it is. which means absolutely nothing. >> be sure to join us tonight for the fox 29 news at 10. check out the damage to this fire station the door ripped off the front much that's just the beginning. what happened when a guy broke in and decided to take a fire engine for a wild ride. and that will do it for us here tonight at 6:00 o'clock. >> we'll see you right back here at 10. have a great night. inside edition is up next.
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now it's your turn to make the switch. the mom who gunned down her daughters. >> we have two females lying in the road that have been shot. >> what kind of mom would shoot their daughters to death at their father's 45th birthday party? then, beyonce's big splash at the b.e.t. awards. how the show turned into an anti-trump festival. >> for those who think that, you know, oh, he's not gonna win, think again. what you need to know to protect your life savings. >> what could go wrong? >> rollover! that's jay leno in there. then, the woman from texas who woke up speaking like mary poppins. ♪ just a spoon


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