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tv   Fox 29 News at 10  FOX  June 27, 2016 10:00pm-11:00pm EDT

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officer shot seven times just days ago. now, home from the hospital. just announced how you may be able to help him recover. >> break right now hazmat situation at a local condo complex. your news is next. (man) wow. (male off-screen announcer) what's it feel like to win $100,000 home makeover, with top prizes of a hundred grand? (man) whoa. it's amazing.
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yes! (male off-screen announcer) with instant games from the pennsylvania lottery, the instant you play could be the instant you win. keep on scratchin'. ♪ right now breaking news at a power outage in montgomery county sends an 80-year-old man to the hospital and makes a big mess. good evening, i'm iain page. >> i'm dawn tim feature lucy off tonight this is happening at a condo complex in wynnewood. that's where fox 29's shawnette wilson is live for us tonight. shawnette? >> reporter: the fire chief on scene tells me it could be morning before residents see power restored again. we're told they are back in the building most of the management is dealing with that issue. officials right now are still trying to find out what caused all of this. fire and hazmat crews remain on the scene here at green hill condos on the 1,000 block of city avenue in wynnewood. they're trying to figure out what caused a power outage in quickly caused two other
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emergencies. officials on scene say the power went out just before 7:00 this evening. portable transit generator genee hooked up but the generator caught fire. emergency crews realized the generator was leaking coolant fluid and that's how the fire started. the third issue is the coolant fluid is now leaking into the indian creek on the philadelphia side. that in turn has made this a hazmat situation. meanwhile, residents were forced to evacuate. we're also told an 80-year-old man was stuck in the elevator when the power went out. he was taken to the hospital for evaluation. right now, dep the department of environmental protection is on the way. philadelphia hazmat, montgomery county hazmat and lower merion fire are all on scene. no injuries have been reported. >> and back here live, again, the fire chief on scene says it could be morning before residents have power back on. still no word on what led to this outage. dawn? >> all right. thank you shawnette. motorcycle record in
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delaware county tonight riding in honor of a local police officer who beat the odds after getting shot on the job. >> just days after getting hit by seven bullets folcroft officer christopher dorman left the hospital today greeted by a line of his brothers in blue as he was wheeled out pulling up to a local firehouse where a crowd of people cheered the local he hero. emotional day for the 25-year-old officer. >> chris o'connell is live in folcroft where tonight's honorary motorcycle ride just wrapped up. chris? >> reporter: that's right, guys. officer christopher dorman is at home tonight recovering really hard to believe just three days after being shot seven times. he was wheeled out of the hospital to a hero's welcome this afternoon. then tonight he got a surprise visit from some friends he never met. they just may have broken the noise ordinance in folcroft tonight. >> that chokes me up every time i do this. >> reporter: rolling thunder of the harleys and hahn today's
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from this group was all for a very good cause. >> 90% of us are them. we're all police, firefighters, veterans, so try to give back. >> reporter: they are the hogs and heroes foundation a band of motorcycle riders who travel to visit and honor veterans and first responders who have been injured or wounded in the line of duty. >> family basically. family. >> reporter: is that why you guys are out here? >> yes. take care of our own. >> reporter: most of those riding in the rain served themselves. >> i served moat of my live in the military. i cannot be any prouder than i am of this individual for what he did for us and our community. >> reporter: tonight's ride went straight to the home of officer christopher dorman where he greeted the group fresh off his release from the hospital. crowds cheered him as he was wheeled out this afternoon and then again at the folcroft fire department where he's a volunteer.
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officer dorman shot just three days ago was thankful for the support. >> everybody's support means a lot. i appreciate it. >> we love you, man. (applause). >> reporter: this evening a motorcycle rider himself dorman was grinning ear to ear with a visit from the cycle club. >> it was good to see a smile on his face. this is our neighborhood. i grew up right here. >> reporter: what his reaction. >> wow ! >> just wow! that's what we do. that's why we do it. >> reporter: many of these guys never met dorman but say this bravery, his service to the community is something that needs to be recognized and honored. >> these guys put their -- what they're going through on the street any more is ridiculous. they deserve the respect. >> reporter: now, officer dorman is expected to make a full roofer rebut since he was only a part-time officer he did not get medical benefits. he will get workers compensation insurance. so a gofundme site has been set up to get other expenses he may
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need so far that fund is up to $35,000 and one other note, ia iain. acme markets effective immedia immediately is accepting donations for christopher dorman at all 11 delaware county acme locations. >> that is good news. chris, thank you. developing right now, crews shutting down the walt whitman bridge. here's live look from skyfox tonight. drpa crews are on the bridge right now closing traffic for 20 minute intervals through 5am. they're getting the bridge ready for an overhead painting project and after every inter val, crews will reopen the bridge for 10 minutes before closing it again and this will happen every night through thursday. in center city, two electrical workers are rushed to the hospital after they are burned while on the job. it happened on 23rd and market streets around 5:00 tonight. one of the workers was a peco employee. the other a contractor. peco says both of them were wearing protective gear when a flash fire broke out.
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they were taken to area hospitals for burns. worker taken to temple university hospital has third degree burns and is in stable condition tonight. the other worker has superficial burns on his face. a business busy night for skyfox over late rail crash earlier this evening. nj transit a car did not stop at a traffic signal wasn't hit by train on the river line. no one was hurt but that crash did suspend service for time tonight. nj transit tells us the driver was cited for failing to yield to a traffic signal. >> flooding on the streets north philadelphia a water main breaking just before 5:00 o'clock skyfox over the scene at 12th and york street streets. the fire and water departments both on the scene of that 6-inch break. they were able to stop the water from gushing out but as you can see it left a big mess. no one was hurt. no word on what caused the main to break. on yao radar tonight more rain on the way. here's a live look from trenton right now one of the spots seeing some showers tonight. scott, this could continue through tomorrow? >> that's certainly right.
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we have a frontal boundary kind of set up shop across the area lift in the atmosphere squeezing out moisture like a sponge. trenton as we move toward the philadelphia area right now looking at some pretty decent downpours moving through philadelphia county along with delaware county. we'll zoom in to mercer county right now. you can see around trenton moving toward the robbinsville area into parts of burlington county right now, moderate to heavy rain. and also, once we move toward places like upper darby, lower merion, over to around mode ya and chester still looking at some of that light to moderate rain that continues to move from west to east. moving now into ocean county, burlington county, still dry, though, cumberland along with atlantic county and much of cape may but during the overnight, mostly cloudy skies. scattered showers. so tomorrow morning it's going to be kind of damp and dreary so make sure you grab the rain gear out the door. rain for tomorrow morning and even a severe weather threat for a part of the afternoon. but temperatures right now, 74
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millville. 71 in pottstown. tomorrow morning we're talking about mostly cloudy skies. temperatures in the mid 70s by 9:00. by 11:00 o'clock 81 degrees. we'll talk about that severe weather threat and the areas most at risk coming up. all right, scott, thank you. a couple dozen people gathering at the national constitution center in philadelphia tonight for a discussion about abortion righ rights. the event coming after a major supreme court ruling today. >> the eight remaining supreme court justices ruling five-three striking down a controversial texas law considered the most important abortion case before the supreme court in two decad decades. backers of the law when it was passed citing the case of convicted philadelphia abortion any of the kermit gosnell whose clinic had been uninspected for year. they found fetal remains in his office. lawmakers said the law was about women's safety and health but opponents argue the law was nothing more than attempt to shut down the majority of
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abortion clinics in texas. justices in their opinions named gosnell tee 10 times. >> without question today's supreme court decision is a game changer. in the unrelenting assault on women's health and rights that has been going on in state legislatures for years. >> pro choice advocates say not only use today's ruling to go after similar laws in other states, but also to go after the hide amendment a federal measure which bans the use of taxpayer dollars for abortions. a quiet block in local community rocked tonight with word of a gruesome murder. police say a man shot and killed his wife with a cross bow. the couple was newly married but police say they had been called to that home before. fox 29's jennifer joyce explai explains. >> it's very disturbing. >> reporter: business owners along the 3100 block of willits road hearing the news of a gruesome murder across the street last night. 40-year-old paul cousin confessed to killing his newlywed 42-year-old pamela
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night linger with a cross bow. >> they was sitting in a seat in a chair the cross bow went through her body, through the chair and into -- got stuck into the wall very highville lot is the bow. >> james clark says he told investigators the couple was having a fight last night. he was fed up and grabbed a weapon. christina humphrey who owns two daycare cente centers in the vil across the street says he seemed normal until a few weeks ago when he was spotted on surveillance walking the street naked threatening people eye along the way. >> two thursdays ago he came out, going up up down the strip here, he threatened to kill people next door. i was at my second daycare down the street he push the door open while the kids were in there and said he was going to kill everybody. nobody was safe not even the kids. >> reporter: last night he was running around naked too as his wife was fighting for her life. witnesses say cousin was yelling she's the definitely and mentioned isis.
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long-time friend of cuz zen's frank trout said he saw the couples yesterday hours before the gruesome killing. the man has had off and on issues but doesn't understand how anything could have escala escalated to murder. >> they just got married. she was so happy. they were happy they got married. i couldn't understand what really happened until we find out what really happened when they went home. >> reporter: jennifer joyce, fox 29 news. imagine seeing this out of the wing of your plane. hundreds on board when this fire breaks out. what started the dramatic flames during an emergency landing. plus a bizarre accident at a local car wash turns deadly. what happened seconds before a car ran over a man on the job. a mom comes home to make a terrifying discovery. what she finds lurking in her young daughter's bedroom that ended in gunshots. >> family pet may turn into star witness on the stand. >> bleep. >> what familiar members say parrot saw that could send a
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woman to jail.
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♪ tragic scene today outside of a car wash in the city's bustleton neighborhood a long-time worker there was run down and killed. >> investigators say it happened while he was wiping off a car that? just gone through the car wash. let's get out to fox 29's dave schratwieser talking to investigators and joins us live from philadelphia police accident investigation district. dave have. >> reporter: iain, accident investigators and she continue to look into this tragic accident. no charges have been filed. tonight we spoke to the owner of the car wash who tells us he and
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his employees are devastated by this loss. >> great guy. great kid. >> reporter: car wash owner ahmed patel fought about tears as he spoke about leonard, one of his long time employee. >> devastating to your employees and you? >> big time. i don't even -- >> reporter: yeah. >> his mother and his sister and his brother just left. >> reporter: it happened around noon after this gray dodge durango came off the car wash conveyor wash out front the garage. as he was wiping down the rear window something he's done thousands of times before another employee got into the driver's seat to pull the suv up. that's when tragedy struck. >> another worker got in the dodge durango thinks it's in forward and actually reverses. >> i hugged him. he hasn't stopped crying since
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this happened. >> as the man was pushed back into the car wash investigators say he may have also been struck by this unoccupied red honda that was coming through the wash line. >> just tragic accident. we're still investigating and looking at every angle. >> reporter: patel says he started working for him right out of high school. he says he was a hard working young man who kept working while he help out his mother who was battling cancer. >> he was taking care of his mother who had just gone through chemotherapy. >> reporter: investigators inves from aid and osha were on scene immediately. patel says he and his employees are devastated by the loss. >> they're all crying. everybody was crying. >> reporter: captain says the investigation should wrap up in couple of days. he does not expect criminal charges to be filed in this case or any other charges. osha officials were not available for comment on how long their investigation might
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take. dawn? >> dave, thank you. a live look at the vine street expressway the interstate which typically is a nightmare for commuters had a as chance for improvement. the roadway is one of only four in the entire country to be selected for the every place counts design challenge. it's part of the united states department of transportation's effort to improve aging infrastructure. it welcomes designers to create a vision that would improve the funk of the sipe street core do which city officials say splits three philadelphia neighborhoo neighborhoods. >> work to provide technical assistance to philadelphia as it rematch gins the connections between the communities impacted by this project in the past. >> mayor kenney says although the roadway successfully joins i-95 to the schuylkill expressway, there still needs to be work done to improve traffic flow. a week of events now unde underway across the industry. the wawa welcome america
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festival started today. >> dozens of free events and more during this week long celebration before a star-studded concert to wrap everything up. fox 29's bill anderson breaks down this packed schedule. ♪ >> reporter: the fourth of july is still a week away, but philadelphia isn't waiting to get the celebration started. today the annual welcome america festivities officially began and obviously the excitement is building. ♪ >> reporter: the week kicked off today with music, refreshments and the dedication of a new mural on delaware avenue. our flag unfurled. mural by philadelphia mural arts program had special meaning this year as we deal with so many challenges. >> it brings people together in common purpose and resolve, tapping into resilience and courage and creativity. ♪ >> reporter: the mural dedication was the first in a week's worth of events from free museum and movie nights to concerts and rocky workouts and of course music. local musicians will be featured
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all week. we got a little taste today as philadelphia' jesse kyle sang the national anthem. >> ♪ for the land of free and the home of the brave ♪ >> reporter: now every year the big event is the fourth of july concert. this year it features empire star and philly's own yaz the greatest along with tribute to gamble and huff featuring the intruders, harold melvin and the blue notes and so much more. you're not going to want to miss this. we've got all the details on our website it should be great time for all. in the newsroom i'm bill anderson, fox 29 news. in north philadelphia local leaders of non-profits came together to discuss childhood trauma. this meeting at the presbyterian church on north broad street. the group hopes to change out comes for children who witness violence or discrimination.
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they say in north philly kids are on the front lines of poverty and need some help. the panel spoke and discussed political, academic and direct ways that can help lead the youth in a positive direction. ads popping up on all these benches across one city and it's getting people really riled up. what some find so offensive they want them removed now. and talk about low. crooks target people while they're inside church. what happened outside two churches that has even police surprised tonight. plus, new jersey owns john bon jovi -- own bon jovi makes one woman's dream come true battling cancer she's had a rough time lately much the surprise at a local restaurant she never saw coming. >> now with tomorrow's traffic here's bob kelly. good evening, everybody. they're working again tonight on the vine expressway. overnight closed till 5:00 o'clock between the schuylkill and broad street. they'll be working every night
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this week and then watch for a new traffic pattern here on the 295/42 freeway interchange in bellmawr, new jersey f you're heading south to the delaware beaches, all this week, watch for construction delays south on 95 at route 896. we're on our way to the holiday. we'll have the tuesday forecast and we'll check the jam cams. see you tomorrow at 4:00.
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>> now your winning lottery numbers. ♪ a plane catches fire in singapore after it was forced return to the airport early this morning. the plan was three hours into a flight to milan but had to turn around after engine started leaking oil. the flames ignited after the plane touched down for an emergency landing. the more than 200 passengers were a little shaken but thankfully no one was hurt. president obama has declared parts of west virginia a federal disaster zone following devastating flooding throughout the state. at least 23 people are dead after torrential rains that moved in on thursday and that triggered severe flooding all through the weekend. federal disaster was declared for three of the hardest hit counties while a state of emergency was declared in 21 other counties. rescue crews are still searching for the missing. the red cross has set up shelters where hundreds are staying tonight.
10:25 pm
out west wildfires are leaving firefighters with their hands full. in nevada, the up s forest service says that flames are being fed by strong winds, high temperatures and low humidity. meanwhile over 2,000 firefighters are making some progress battling wildfire in central california. that has claimed two lives. the governor has declared a state of emergency there as we well. now to georgia, where congregants at two churches say they feel unsafe. >> it's going to to do with what happened inside the services when members left sunday at first baptist church and saint john catholic church near atlanta they found shattered glass all over the parking lot while they were wore shipping at least one person broke in 24 cars. now, police are scratching their heads wondering how the bad guys could target so many cars in such a short amount of time. >> you can't go to church it's really pitiful. it's really pitiful. really sad. >> you don't expect it. at church. maybe in shopping center or
10:26 pm
something. >> police say they cannot say how much was stolen from all the cars and they are still looking for the bad guys. a mom comes home to make a terrifying discovery. what she found lurking in her young daughter's bedroom that ended in gunshots. >> a driver pulls into a parking lot, cease a baby alone in a hot car crying and sweating w police say the mom was that got her in handcuffs tonight. scott? >> iain, it's a muggy and also wet monday evening for parts of the area. live look at old city. you can see fourth and park the rain is coming down. we'll time out when it moves out and the severe weather threat for tomorrow.
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>> right now at 10:30 the search for three men accused of of causing trouble inside a local market. investigators say these three guys walked into the grocery store along 20th street last week and according to police one of them took a box of money from
10:30 pm
behind the counter and then the other two got into a struggle with a store worker. no one was hurt. police say if you recognize these three, give them call. a month long investigation in trenton results in major drug bust. police stopped john carlos sal las yesterday near the roebling mark after getting search warm. they found a kilogram of heroin and 5 kilos of coke in the trunk of his car and a thousand dollars. street value of the drugs more than half a million dollars. a mom comes home to make a shocking discovery. a stranger standing in her daughter's bedroom. but that mom was ready. >> she pull out a handgun from her purse and she fired. police in portland ago ago say the mom was just coming home with one of her daughters early yesterday morning. she found the man standing in her other daughter's bedroom and shot and killed him. investigators have not said whether there was any kind of struggle and they have not released the victim for the p.m.'s identity. neighbors say they're shocked but they are relieved that that mother and her family were not
10:31 pm
hurt. >> murder is not anything to think likely about, but, um, if it's protectin protecting a famr or a child or something, absolutely. >> police say that mom is cooperating with investigators and is not under arrest. the district attorney will decide whether that shooting was justified. in montgomery county, a three year detour could soon be over. the arcola road bridge on schedule to open next week. it's been closed under repairs since 2013 when it was deemed unsafe. the $8 million project financed by federal, state and local agencies has come a long way. temporary access platform was put on the bridge. the bridge carries about 9,000 cars a day over perkiomen creek. >> one south philadelphia pothole has residents working about their safety tom night the city is responding to the hole that was paved over in a rather happen hazard way. several neighbors contacted 311 after a pothole on fifth and garrett street was paved with a traffic cone you see it there
10:32 pm
right inside. when we checked in on the hole last week the repair was caving in. the city has responded. it says a software problem caused them to check on the wrong address. they found no problem at the incorrect address. statement from the city reads in part "since fox 29 brought the matter to our attention, a proper temporary patch has been made and the safety delineator removed". the city says another crew not one of theirs did the initial repair. let's get a check what's on your radar. here's scott williams. looks like we got rain on the radar. >> we certainly do. that rainfall is picking up intensity right along the i-95 corridor and also during the day tomorrow. we'll continue to have some rainfall chances so keep the umbrellas handy. all because of this frontal boundary that's going to be slowly moving through the area. we'll have lift in the atmosphere and during the afternoon and evening tomorrow, the stage is set for little bit of severe weather potentially north and west. but we'll take a tour. take a look right along the i-95
10:33 pm
corridor. also moving into new castle county right now we're looking at moderate to heavy rain also in around center city we'll continue to kind of zoom in and take a look at yellow, take look at the orange. that is indicating some downpours right now moving through much of philadelphia county. this had continue to head into camden county. places like camden, cherry hill also voorhees you'll see it burlington county moorestown about to be hit with that activity as well. so north and west, the lehigh val, the pocono mountains by tomorrow afternoon and evening, we could see some gusty thunderstorms producing some winds in excess of 50 miles an hour. maybe small hail continuing to watch how things play out but as we go hour by hour, during the overnight, we're still looking at clouds and scattered showers even some downpours. so by tomorrow allow extra travel time due that to that front and that rain across the area. here's 10:00 a.m. we're looking at some heavy pockets in south jersey parts of delaware. as well.
10:34 pm
so any time tomorrow we could be looking at rainfall across the area. by the afternoon and evening, that front frontal boundary continues to approach the area. there could be line once again far north and west of some scattered severe thunderstorms. we'll keep you posted thon but otherwise we'll stay pretty unsettled for much of the afternoon and evening tomorrow until that front gets out of here on wednesday. so we could be talking about half an inch up to an inch or more depending on your location with this system and how things play out. it's been kind of damp and dreary on market street. you can see the windshield wipers are going and those streets are wet. be mindful of that if you're headed out for third shift that roads could be a little dicey with the slick conditions. 73 degrees right now. the high today in philadelphia made it up to 86. low to mid 70s right now. it will stay pretty mild. for the overnight lows in the city upper 60. 64 degrees in the burbs. 85 for the high temperature tomorrow with that 50% chance
10:35 pm
for scattered showers and stor storms. the range out of here for the middle of the week and thursday looking pretty good. 86. friday 87. maybe a pop-up storm on friday or saturday. it doesn't look like a wash out. and the all important holiday forecast fourth of july right now it looks sunny and warm with a high temperature of 87 degrees. but what you see is kind of what you'll get for the overnight and during the day tomorrow. so grab the umbrellas. >> all right, scott, thank you. we need the rain. all right. it was a summer field trip for philadelphia's students the police athletic league sending 250 of them to the philadelphia 62 today. they enjoyed lunch, face painting and of course a full day meeting the animals. peco joined forces with pal for today's event. incredible video shows a fish fighting for its live against a hammer head shark but the fish isn't the only one in danger. what happens next for these fishermen on the leap. >> ads popping up on these benches across one city and
10:36 pm
getting some people riled up. what some find so offensive they want them removed now. and just look at the damage to this fire station. the door ripped off the front and that's only the beginning. what happened when a guy broke in and decided to take a fire engine for a wild ride.
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things got interesting for group on fishing trip in florida. take look at this video from tampa. they cast their lines near school of tar upon when a large hammer head shark shows up. the shark was going after a tar upon. the fish jumped on the boat to escape. the captain says he never seen anything like it. >> tar upon fishing and we found a pot of fish right off bean point. when you have a 12-foot shark going after a hundred pound fish it's up credible itself. what was different was, this tar upon tried to get away and ended up jumping in my boat. >> wow! >> the fish ended up flopping right back in the water and was eaten thankfully no one on the boat was hurt. in your money, you need to
10:40 pm
swing by sports authority if you have a gift card. tomorrow is the last day you can use one. most of the company's stores will be closed after tuesday. in may sports authority reported that customers still had $90 million in unused gift cards. tomorrow is also the last day the retailer will honor any returns. >> new jersey lawmakers failed to vote today for a gas tax that would have hit a lot of drivers in the wallet. across the garden state. the 23-cent gallon tax would be used to fund transportation in the state over the next tepp years. in exchange lawmakers plan on cutting other taxes. democratic led senate adjourned today without voting. governor chris christie has said he opposes the alleges laying. battle over bench social security brewing in colorado springs. >> it all has to do with a message on the back of the benches. dozens of the perches show the mess catch "jesus is lord". complaint came in a month ago the city is re-evaluating its policy about public advertising -- publicly
10:41 pm
advertising religious messages. the pastor who started this campaign everyone has the right to ties there should be no violation. >> we believe that jesus is a positive message of faith went want to share that around our commune n there's lost messages in the city that i'm opposed personally but i don't complain because i understand this is the united states of america. >> city officials do not have a timeline for when they will re-evaluate the process or make final decision on what is allowed on the benches. police say this drove right up to the scene of the accident but he wasn't looking to help. what cops say he did on purpose that landed him in jail. and -- this parrot could turn into a star witness on the stand. why the pet may be brought in to court to testify.
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one american park is larger than yellowstone, yosemite, grand canyon and glacier national parks combined. and that's not the only thing you can only find in new york state. ♪ you can find it all only in new york. new york. it's all here. it's only here.
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plan your summer vacation at ♪ several first responders explored after a man drove through the scene of an x it happened outside of baton rouge, louisiana. it appears that william smith intentionally crashed into a car that had hit guardrail. police say vehicles were right there. smith drove away but was caught
10:45 pm
short tim later. all six people injured are expected to recover. smith is now charged with hit-and-run and driving under the influence. a family pet could be a key witness to his owner's murder and may actually be called to the stand to testify. take a listen. >> martin durr ram family believes those may have been his last words before he was shot and killed last year. durr ram's wife was just charged with his murder. the deadly shooting happened right in front of their parrot bud. weeks later his family recorde d the parrot repeat wagon they believe were durr ram's final words pleading with his wife not to shoot. prosecutors say they're not ruling anything out. >> it's something we'll be looking at. determining if it's reliable to use. but ultimately we'll look at system piece of information we really need to prosecute the case. >> durr ram's wife is maintaining her innocence saying she did not kill her hub. the date for her trial has not
10:46 pm
yet been set. >> fire department all smashed up the door tore off the wall. tens of thousands of dollars in damage after a guy steals a rescue truck. investigatoinvestigators say hee truck for wild and destructive ride near atlanta. >> reporter: 27-year-old zachary poke was on drugs when he broke into a fire station and stole a rescue truck. >> zachary poke broke in fire station three through a back door. was able to obtain the keys to rescue truck number three and once he got the keys he drove through the bay door here. >> reporter: immediately calls started coming into 911. >> we were getting calls from witnesses saying that there was a rescue truck driving erratically down the road. >> reporter: deputees had a pretty good idea what was going on thanks to folk himself. >> he actually got on the radio. there was radio traffic of him talking on the fire radio. >> reporter: poke told deputes
10:47 pm
somebody wasn't tracing him. >> he indicate indicated that se fired which as a result of the investigation we determined that no shots were fired nor was there ever a gun in play. >> folk's joy ride didn't last long. he ended up hitting a truck which sent him and the rescue truck into a ditch and poke took off. >> according to the witnesses, he tried to take one of their vehicles and when he was unsuccessful with that he went into a garage where the neighbor actually walked him out two deputes. >> folk faces a host of charges. >> in indiana a deadly situation avoided all thanks to one good samaritan in the right place at the right time. a south bend driver pulled into a parking spot and noticed an infant in hot car alone and crying. that driver called 911. police were able to get inside the locked vehicle to save the baby. police say the mom was inside a store nearby shopping with another child. she told police she forgot the baby was in the car. >> we got the baby out.
10:48 pm
went into ross and found the owner of the vehicle. she stated she simply forgot she had the baby in the car. and she admits that the baby was in the car at least 20 to 30 minutes. >> the baby was check out at a local hospital and released. police say the mother has been booked on charges of child abuse and neglect. this picture of the aftermath of a medical emergency on plane is going viral on facebook right now. facebook user richard gatti posted it asking for possible to share it. he says passenger passengers fre night from atlanta to phoenix pulled together to come to a man's aid including tim tebow. he says the family cried on tebow's shoulder and prayed with the man's family the entire second of the plane. that man later died. tim bow is one of the hosts of home free right here on fox. >> chilling moments on an ride on an arizona amusement. firefighters had to come to the
10:49 pm
rescue after the roller coaster got stuck. the riders were trapped 30 feet above the ground this weekend. phoenix crews got everyone down safely in about 40 minutes with the help avenue 35-foot ladder. all things considered, riders say the experience was as pleasant as it could be under the circumstances. >> they were really polite. they were nice, i mean, they have really cool job as firemen. yeah. they were just holding my arm making sure i didn't fall. >> no one was hurt. no word on what caused the malfunction but the riders go the a refund and they also got two free tickets. they're not complaining. well, mike jerrick makes good day viewers laugh. tonight mike took the mike and went on stage taking part in the stars stand up for fallen officers charity even. it happened tonight at punch line philadelphia in fishtown and money raised from the comedy goes towards the fop survivors fund which benefits the families of fallen officers. local print and broadcast personalities took part tonight as well as some professional
10:50 pm
comments. i wonder how bike mike did. i guess we'll find out. a loft bon jovi fans in our area. now you may have another reason to love him if you don't already. >> absolutely. the singer surprised a woman battling cancer during her recent stop at his restaurant in new jersey. >> ick at a look. >> hi. >> hi. >> oh, my god! (laughter). >> wow! carol, is fighting stage four lung cancer and bon jovi in her most favorite singer in the whole world. the surprise her family took her to john's restaurant jbc soul kitchen in toms river the restaurant was only part of the surprise. john there himself to eat with her and according to carol's family he spent two hours just hanging out with all of them. john bon jovi even gave carol an autographed guitar an kiss on the cheek. >> how can you not like that. >> he is a great guy. >> he is really good guy. >> i actually know him.
10:51 pm
lunch with my daughter because i asked him to. >> wow! >> he used to be with the soul and he was really just -- what he does for the city. he is a gem. >> yeah. >> real sal gem. >> announcers they can add excitement, boredom or the obvious to game. i've got one that makes the game light up like no other with his call. and two former flyers is reached immortality today forever with the greats of the game not without argument who nets in and who doesn't into the hall of fame. that's coming up in sports. ♪ (vo) you can check on them. you can worry about them. you can even choose a car for them. (mom) honey, are you ok? (child) i'm ok. (announcer vo) love.
10:52 pm
(mom) we're ok. (announcer vo) it's what makes a subaru, a subaru.
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the national hockey league lecked to flyers today for induction into the hockey hall of fame. one player, one coach and one surprise that did not make it n eric lindros finally got in the sixth try. why did it take so long? i mean he is that good. former flyers head coach pat quinn voted in 2016 class. quinn coach the flyers during their 35 game unbeaten streak in the 1979-80 season and coached two teams into the finals. quinn passed away in 2014. now the player that did not make it again was mark recchi who spent 10 seasons with the flyers people may remember what the flyers had to do to get lindros much he was drafted by quebec who traded them to the flyers. they changed their mind and traded lindros to the rangers. he played 13 seasons with many injuries played in 70 or more
10:55 pm
games only four times but he scored over 40 goals. four of those seasons eric lindros changed the game at his position. >> i think it's terrific that eric made it. i think, um, he was a player that for a number of years was a dominant certainly as that was in the league at the time. you know, the package of size and skill and shot. very physical play. >> i don't think enough people gave lindros credit because of all his injuries. now the phillies winners of only two games in six so far on this road trip. are playing at arizona tonight. this is same team that swept the phillies in four-game series here last week. let's go to arizona. arizona out in right field they got a pool. the fans can swim if they don't want to watch horrible baseball from arizona. vince velasquez back up from rehab stints in the minor leagues bets gets a strike out
10:56 pm
in the first inning. top of the second inning good defense by arizona. freddie galvis the hider. michael bourn who used to play with the phillies nice play centerfield. more good defense. i wouldn't call it great defense. the announcers on phillies broadcast made it sound like the greatest play since willie mays. scoreless in the bottom of the fourth. wild came between the mets and washington. gloats to washington. mets up four to nothing. four to nothing, washington comes back. that's jayson werth with the double n a four run fifth, five run third, washington wins the game, 11-four. all right. the highlight of the 2016 soccer euro 2016 soccer the upsets by iceland and iceland is not supposed to win lost these games. their announcers goes nuts. he did it again. denise france.
10:57 pm
(announcer screaming). >> this guy needs a shot of something. (laughter). >> all right. >> full hour of entertainment news tmz followed by dish nation and chasing news and the simpsons. >> we're back at 4:00 a.m. for fox 29 morning news begun day philadelphia. have a good one.
10:58 pm
10:59 pm
11:00 pm
>> today on "tmz" -- harvey: got a call from the producer friday night who insisted kanye west had a music video featuring donald trump, bill cosby and george w. in bed together. convinced they were the real people. >> i thought they were real too. harvey: george bush's people said it's not him. >> did you ask bill cosby? because he's probably the only one who knows that he was there. [laughter] >> 50 cent got arrested in the caribbean because apparently it's illegal to curse in public. >> [bleep]. >> he got arrested right after the show. harvey: if the cops had balls there, they would have arrested him on the stage. >> no, you're going to start a riot. there were 40,000 people there. >> that's 80,000 machetes. [laughter] >> jesse williams gave a movement-defining speech at the bet awards. >> we're done watchi


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