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tv   Fox Morning News at 4A  FOX  June 28, 2016 4:00am-5:00am EDT

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good morning at 4:00 o'clock breaks news from overnight people forced out of the boarding house after the roof collapses. who was inside and what will happen to those staying at the business. developing overnight three people injured in a late night shooting, hunt for gunman right now. in montgomery county a hazmat situation in a local condo complex why officials say this may have started with a power outage. good day, it is tuesday june 28th, 2016. >> power outage that windy last night because i sleep through everything on this shift. >> you got in bed early but feel more tired. >> i'm a wreck. >> dave warren, good morning. we have weather on the radar. >> yes, still happening right now, yes, this is ultimate doppler that shows where heaviest rain is right now. this is, moving slowly, so, eventually this will be pushing off the coast, still
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some more storms later today. last three hours shows that storm is beginning to clear out, move through cape may county, very heavy rain before this moves through though so from cape may, all the way up through cape may courthouse, all the way up the garden state parkway and atlantic ain't cumberland county. we may hear a rumble of thunder with a few thunderstorms popping up here within all of this rain. is there the ac expressway, this will be pushing off to the northeast, the back edge of this is south and east of i-95. one or two showers, still lingering there across the lehigh valley but we are seeing a little bit of the break between this morning's rain and this afternoon's thunderstorms. rain, early, down the shore, we have phillies gear on because of the win yesterday but we're talking about the the temperatures which are in the 70's, still pretty muggy out there this morning. the it is only climbing in the 80's with on and off rain. lot the computer forecast once we get through these
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temperatures. you will see that. there will be showers and storms this afternoon. here's this morning's rain it clears out, we will see a break, but align develops here, and this is about 5:00 o'clock, these storms could be strong or severe with gusty wind, maybe some hail between five and about 9:00 o'clock, they will be moving through the philadelphia area so later tonight we could see one brief, strong storm before everything clears out, and we are looking at the a better day tomorrow. eighty-one, evening storms along i-95, strongest storms in the afternoon and evening, temperature of 82. we have rain around this morning, and a few thunderstorms and then maybe a few showers later in the day. so rain on the roadways this morning, and how does that look, bob kelly. >> the rain is causing for slick road conditions, already, an accident here look at this pile up, this is a ramp to 26th street in south philadelphia to the schuylkill expressway. typically a sharp curve to begin with, they have got about four or five vehicles,
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this fellow here sideways across what would be the left lane so leaving south philadelphia, and then that oregon avenue watch for a blockage of the ramps to the the schuylkill expressway. they have been working all night long pulling a lionel richie here on the walt whitman bridge. let's roll video from sky fox working on the walt whitman bridge all this week on the overnight, from 9:00 at night until about 4:00 o'clock the following morning. so leaving new jersey coming into philadelphia a, expect some delays, on the overnight, the good news is they have packed up the cones and they are opened for business, so we are good to go, on that walt whitman bridge. we will get back to my map computer here they are still working on the vine street expressway that is still closed between the schuylkill and broad street even though it did rain last night, they had rain slickers on, they had nothing to do with the project here they are under tight konstantinov straints here with the fourth of july holiday here in town.
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now venango street in the neighborhood closed at emerald, and sinkhole developed so local detour around the block there in kensington. septa using shuttle buses on the route ten and 15 trolleys for another couple weeks as part of some track work. southbound i-95 looking good, no problems on the turnpike but again all of the roads are wet, and even though it may not be actually raining at the moment where you step out the front door watch for slippery on and off ramps as we showed you one accident there on the the schuylkill expressway. chris and lauren, back over to you. lets get to breaking news at levittown as a 60 year-old man is dead after a late night accident involving two cars. the it happened just after 11:30 last night at frosty hallow and upper orchard road. the man in his 20's was injured. cars involved are completely destroyed. we have another look at the that deadly scene from fresco user kevin could have lynn. details are still coming in but we will keep you updated
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as more information becomes available. breaking news in north philadelphia where ceiling of the boarding house gave way. >> tenants forced to evacuate in the middle of the night. lets get to dave kinchen who is live on this, dave. >> reporter: that is right, we actually just saw red cross leave the scene not too long ago here but all the of the damage is not visible on the outside here. it is visible on the inside. we will get to that video with rain thought to be the culprit in this case. a boarding house with the ceiling that collapsed inside, the damage only visible from the interior of the 2300 block of west atlantic street and you can see how ceiling fell into the rest of the building with sheetrock, and drywall all over the room, l and i, not letting anyone inside. we're told that there are several people displaced including four adults and one child and we spoke with the head of this home, moments ago. >> i got the call and i got the text saying there is a
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leaking on, downstairs. at first i thought it was something simple but she said we have got buckets and it is flooding. i began to leave and make my way back north and then i got the call that the roof had collapsed. >> reporter: a the lot of concern here. we saw people just driving off and heading to possibly other shelter, after getting a tip from the red cross here as we bring you back out live. damage is in the really visible from the outside all from the inside, red cross helping residents that have been displaced by this situation here. again, it has been piled up and then finally came through and brought the ceiling down on the inside.
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back to you chris and lauren. >> dave kinchen thanks for the update. time is 4:07. we have a developing story out of north philadelphia where philadelphia police are investigating a triple shooting. shooting happened on the 1500 brook of westerly high avenue just before 9:00 last night. all three victims are men between the ages of 17 and 21. police say they were all shot in the legs, multiple times, right now they are at temple hospital. crews working to restore power in wynnewood, after several emergencies there, fire hazmat crews on the the scene in the 1,000 block of city avenue. electricity went out just before 7:00 last night, portable generators were hooked up but the generator caught fire. emergency crews realized it was leaking coolant fluid in the indian creek on the philadelphia aside. that triggered a hazmat situation and emergency evacuation. officials tell us an 80 year-old man was stuck in the elevator when power went out. he was taken to the hospital for evaluation. after a long debate but no vote law makers in new jersey pass aid bill that could cost costs to customers. >> but it will unfortunately raise the price of the state's
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traditionally low gas prices, all this to pay for presidential projects. steve keeley live in pennsauken with more on this, hi there, steve. >> reporter: trying to figure out new jersey politicians is impossible. they have this new goofy phrase called taxpayers which is silliness. i'm going to end is it back to you and get something out of my throat as soon as i can, sorriy used coffee and wawa has a lot of coffee to help you out. we will check back with steve. >> ikea recalling millions of the dressers which have been blamed for deaths of three children, ikea says dressers can fall over if not the backed in the wall. philadelphia inquirer reports ikea will provide full refund for customers under the terms of the recall. they launched a repair program for the dressers, after the deaths of two children but the company says it opted to issue a fall recall after the death of the third child. details were not release. folcroft police officer
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shot seven times while on duty is recovering at home this morning. the crowd cheered as christopher dorman left the hospital yesterday afternoon just three days after being wounded. 259 year-old also received a special welcome at his home last tonight by a band of heroes. dozens of his motorcycle club taking part in the honorary ride through delaware county in show of support for officer dorman. >> everybody's support means a lot, i a appreciate it. >> i served my of my life in the military and i cannot be any prouder then i am of this individual for what he did for us and our community. >> officer for man is expected to make a full recovery but because he was a part-time officer, he didn't have medical benefits. his friend set up a go fund me page. we're learning more about the man who police say killed his wife with the crow bow in northeast philadelphia sunday night. forty year-old paul cavan and
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his wife, were newlyweds but you they were called to the couple's home in the 3100 block of willits road before. neighbors say he had outbursts in the past including just a few weeks ago when he was seen walking naked down the street threatening people. there he is. the incident was captured on video leaving neighbors, well, you can a nothing short of concerned. >> two thursday ago he came out, and he was running up and down the strip here and came in the gym and then when i was at my second day care down the street he push the door opened while kid are in there and said he would kill everybody, nobody was safe, not even the kid. >> police say he confessed saying the couple was having a fight when he grabbed the cross bow and shot her. he is now charged with murder. in center city two electrical workers rush to the hospital after being burn while on the job. this happened in the 2300 block of market street around 5:00 o'clock last night. one of the workers was a peco
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employee and another a contractor. peco says both were wearing protective gear when a flash fire broke out. they were rushed to aria hospital with burns. worker taken to temple university hospital and suffer third degree burns and is in stable condition. other worker had superficial burns on his face. let's toss things out to steve keeley. >> steve, you were talking about the price of gas, in the state of new jersey, before your throat seized up there you were talking about the politicianness new jersey being undickable. >> do i get choke up, taxes get caught in my throat, that word. we're talking about the sales tax which on the ten year anniversary of it getting hiked may get lowered back to where it was while they are also going to raise the sales tax for gasoline alone. this is crazy. while they are raising taxes and lower taxes and tell you it is tax fairness.
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gas taxes taking us from the second lowest to the seventh highest and then sales taxes, eventually, in a few years going back down to 6 percent. this effects philadelphians most buy their gas here and shop here on black friday so we will have more details on this coming up. >> steve keeley live for us, just driving through south jersey earlier this week. talk about how income taxes are high but gas prices are low. now gas prices. new jersey is an expensive state. >> 4:12. a bizarre accident at a local car wash turns deadly what happens seconds before a car ran over a man on the job. >> we will be right back. i pinky promised my little girl a fabulous
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sue's off this week i'm meteorologist dave warren. we are looking at rain. it will not be a all day and heaviest rain right now business to move into cape may county. here it is in millville ape cape may. this is a solid area have rain that filled in. it is a little disturbance moving through off the coast but that is not the end have the rain yet there is more later today. folks right new right through cumberland county right where 55 turns into 47 there right through cape may county, across route nine, garden state parkway, heavy rain will be sliding north through county moving right toward atlantic city here within the next few hours and moving off the coast later this morning. if you are down the shore we will salvage a day out of this. we have to wait for rain to clear out.
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it is clear in philadelphia just warm and muggy. road are still wet. one or two showers we are looking at moving across the lehigh valley. right now in philadelphia a we will see skies are cloudy, it is not raining currently but dew point up near 70. muggy start with the light breeze out of the south east at 5 miles an hour. here's the disturbance moving through and front, both will cause weather today. first with that rain moving through this morning this front moving through later today will give us possibility for severe storms. rain moves off the coast by noon, there is still a few showers around, but these stronger storms are developing and the north and western suburbs between about three a and 5:00 o'clock. they could be strong or severe with gusty wind and hail, moving through philadelphia by 10:00 o'clock tonight so this is after the evening rush and off the coast by is 11 or 12:00 it this. these are storms we will watch later today. they will quickly move through and tomorrow is not a bad day with sunshine and lower humidity. temperatures in the 70's right
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now, climbing in the 80's, later this afternoon, you can see there is a slight risk for severe storms, meaning there is thunderstorms, a few strong to severe with gusty wind and hail. primary risk here right through chester county and lehigh valley, just a slight chance for severe storms on i-95 today. seven take forecast, temperature of 81. eighty-five clearing. fourth of july i'll move that to monday here. the sunny and nice there on thursday, friday, with just a few showers, showers south on saturday, sunday a mix of sun and cloud and monday sunny and nice. the don't change your plans yet, fourth of july is next monday not today. >> getting me all messed up there. >> looking good for that seven day forecast. the lets hope we have good weather on friday, dave. guess where we're going wildwood, new jersey this coming friday morning. we will set up shop i believe on the boardwalk between 7:00 and 10:00 o'clock. we are coming to the wildwood as part of the good day drive
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you. we do it each and every friday for the next month or so and while there you'll have a chance, oh, look the at this to win a brand new mazda cx9. i don't know if those little blue stripes come with it when you get the car but we will give you a chance to win a brand new one we will have it the out there why wait get to fox, and where you can sign up and enter to win. enter once a day every day, on line, and then come out and join us this coming friday in wildwood. next friday we will set up in wilmington delaware on the 15th we are coming to you haddonfield and then big grand finally of our good day drive you shows coming to fairmount park at the dell music fair, dell music center there and that is where someone is going to drive away with a brand new mazda cx9. right new we are looking at a couple cars, not a mass dark in the one of those cx9's
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piled up here on 26th street, the ramp from south philadelphia, 26th street to the schuylkill. someone obviously hurt here because we have a rescue squad. this carries sideways across the ramp. this is an example even though it is in the raining right now, through south philadelphia a, everything is wet and of course those on and off ramps will be slippery. this that is sharp curve coming out of the tunnels at 26th street in south philadelphia. here's a live look at ben franklin bridge. you can see glare in the road surface there. be ready rolling out of the driveway. good news walt whitman bridge that construction project is complete and all lanes are opened this morning however we're still closed on the vine street expressway between schuylkill and broad street, until about 5:00 o'clock this morning sing role in the neighborhood and what a mess on patco yesterday the concrete wasn't dry on the track project so that is why they had a reshuffle of the
4:20 am
schedule they said cop create is good to go and we should be in store for a normal schedule this morning, chris and lauren, back to you. tragedy at a car crash in bustleton when a worker dies in the freak accident. an investigation is underway. the deadly incident happened at the crestland clean car wash around noon yesterday. authorities say the employee was wiping down back window of an suv after it came out of the car wash. that is when another worker got in the drivers seed and backed over him. owner of the car wash for the back tears remembering her long time employee. >> good guy, good kid, he was taking care of his mother who had just gone through chemotherapy. >> investigators were on the scene immediately checking safety protocols. while the investigation is not complete it does not appear any charges will be filed. a couple dozen people gathered at the national constitution center in philadelphia yesterday for a discussion about abortion rights this event comes after a major supreme court ruling
4:21 am
yesterday. >> supreme court justices ruling five-three striking down a controversial texas law considered the most important case before the supreme court in two decade. backers site the case of convicted philadelphia abortionist kermit gosnell his clinic went uninspect for years. authorities say they found fetal remains in his office. lawmakers said it is a all about safety and health but opponents argued it was nothing more than an attempt to shut down majority of the abortion clinics in the state of texas. justices and their opinions named gosnell ten times. >> without question, today's supreme court decision is a game changer in the unrelented a salt on women's health and rights that has been going on in state legislatures for years. >> pro choice say they will use it to go after similar laws in other states but to go after the hyde amendment which uses taxpayer dollars for
4:22 am
abortions. two former flyers make it into the hall of fame. >> that is kind of cool but i didn't happen without some controversy, we will tell but that. heading to rye owe a local athlete that just going to the olympic. >> but first your winning lottery numbers.
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big day for flyers yesterday with two former members of the team elect to the hockey hall of fame, eric lindros on his sixth try got in. former flyers head coach pat quinn who coached the flyers during their 35 game unbeaten streak in the 1979/80 season was also elect to the 2016 class. quinn also coached two teams to the finals, and won a gold with canada quinn passed away in 2014. the player that didn't make it was mark recchi. lindros played 13 seasons but with many injuries played in
4:26 am
70 or more games only four times but he scored over 40 goals in four seasons, eric lindros change the game in his position. >> i think it is terrific that eric made it. i think he was a player that for a number of years there was as dominant a player, certainly as there was in the league at the time, the package of size and skill and speed and his shot, it was his physical play, there is very few of them in the history of the game, as gifted as eric. >> that is sports in a minute. i'm howard eskin. can you see dave warren right there. dave, put a phillies cap on buddy. >> i already did. >> that a boy. >> the phillies looking for revenge as they continue their west coast road trip. >> phillies verse diamond backs, who swept us in four games earlier this month, as you will remember, at the ballpark here in south philadelphia.
4:27 am
this time it was pay back on their turf. how about miguel franco, single to to center drive in in the first run. that was only the beginning. phillies scored two in the sixth, and then six in the seventh. final score eight to nothing. they will play 9:40 eastern standard time. we are following two breaking news store thinks morning. first a deadly accident has claimed the life of the 60 year-old man, where that accident happened and who else was injured.
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breaking news a man died after a late night accident, the just come in the news room. and a hazmat situation in a local condo complex why officials say this may have started with a power outage. and a warning for parents this morning big recall from ikea falling dressers now being blamed for the deaths of three children. oh, man. 71 degrees right the now at 4:30 in the morning. it the is june 28th, 2016. active weather day. kind of humid. >> so sticky. when i walk outside, yuck. >> is this your hair day, sit tuesday or wednesday's. >> usually tuesday but i'll skip it today, dave warren. it is raining, right. >> i had my hair appointment yesterday. >> and. >> five minutes in, and out.
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>> yes, $27. >> you guys have different hair. >> little different. >> here's the radar we're talking about this morning, rain this will not be around all day but it is heavy at times and this will solid area have rain just moved across delaware bay, had a few lightening strikes in here, so a few in cape may county, cumberland and atlantic county. don't be supplies todd hear thunder. this is moving through. you can see heavier rain across delaware bay and about to move through cape may county right now and everything will be clearing out later this morning. at least with this area of rain. heaviest right on the board there are of cape may county and, cumberland county, moving right through, into atlantic county. here's the ac expressway. a lot of the this staying to the south but all this will slide east, ocean city, up toward margate, ventnor, atlantic city bye to see heavy rain and thunderstorm. clearing up though just to our west and that is what we are dealing with this morning.
4:32 am
phillies gear. seventy's, rain early. we will talk about these storms that are coming in a little bit later and they could be severe, with the complete seven day forecast. look at that just a bit. good morning, bob kelly. >> good morning, dave. early morning accident may not be raining where we are, as we step out the door but everything is wet, slippery. an example here is a crash on 26th street, 26th street closed, on the ramp to the schuylkill expressway. we had four or five vehicles rescue squad just of the area here and there is no being assess from the platt bridge, to the schuylkill expressway. stick with 95 and girard point double decker. otherwise we will be push in southwest philadelphia and we have to make a u turn laverne somewhere there in the neighborhood of the area of pen rose after new by the stadium. they are still working on the vine expressway, between the schuylkill and broad until about 5:00 o'clock this morning. the normal alternates. get off at 30th, spring garden
4:33 am
or south, we have a the water main break in juniata, lawn dale and cayuga, police are telling me that the road looks like it is starting to buckle. that looks like a mess for folks in the neighborhood. also in kensington venango shut down at emerald a sinkhole that developed last evening. so two local detours through the neighborhood. now concrete was culprit for yesterday's mess on the patco high speed line. patco says overnight construction concrete had not cured so therefore they could only use one of the two tracks during yesterday morning's rush hour, everything is expected to operate on a normal schedule this morning, and here's a live look at ben franklin bridge, you can see the glare, so that is an example that the roads are wet as we start our tuesday morning, chris and lauren back over to you. we will continue to follow breaking news out of levittown a 60 year-old man dead after a late night accident involving two cars. look at video here. this happened just after 11:30
4:34 am
at frosty hallow upper orchard roads. a man in his 20's also injured. cars involved destroyed. here's another look at that scene from fresco using kevin, you can see lots of emergency vehicles on the scene. detail still coming n we will keep you updated. recent rainfall causing problems for people living in tioga. >> ceiling of the boarding house actually caved in overnight and everyone inside was sent scrambling. dave kinchen is live on this, dave. >> reporter: yeah, buckets weren't enough to stop slow drips that quickly became rain and everything else that brought the ceiling down here on this house behind me here. we will show you everything. you cannot see it from the street level so we will get to the video here. last night's rain is thought to be culprit of the damage that is visible in this case on the inside of this home on the 2300 block of west atlantic street.
4:35 am
we know four adults including one woman pregnant and a child are now without a house after this ceiling fell in. you can see how it fell in the rest of the building, sheetrock all over the room inside. l and i is not letting anyone inside of the house. we did speak with the home owner who says that he was actual any delaware when he heard, got the call from residents and came up and could not believe what he found. it was in his room where most of the damage was. the red cross was here helping residents who are now, as we say, without a house, lieutenant of those residents left and not too long ago we saw them loading up a car and going for another place to stay perhaps a hotel or something like that but we hadn't heard more from officials on the scene now. we just know that this is thought to be a weather related situation and l and i considered this house unsafe to live in or to go inside at this time while these managers of the boarding home and everybody else figures out their next steps. the good news is no major injuries in this case, back to you. >> great news.
4:36 am
>> hopefully hear from residents in the next hour. crews working to restore power in the condo complex in wynnewood, that spread several emergencies. fire and hazmat crews on the scene on the 1,000 block of city a avenue. electricity went out just before 7:00 last night. portable generators were hooked up but the generator caught fire. emergency crews realize that had was leaking coolant fluid in the indian creek on the philadelphia side. that triggered a hazmat situation, and then emergency evacuation of the people that lived there. officials tell us an 80 year-old man was stuck inside when power went out and he was taken to the hospital for evaluation. 4:36. this is out of north philadelphia where philadelphia police are investigating a triple shooting. it happened on the 1500 block of westerly high avenue just before 9:00 last night. all three victims are men between age of 17 and 21. police say they were all shot in the legs, multiple times, right now they are all at temple hospital, no arrests have been made. furniture giant ikea recalling millions of the dressers blamed for deaths of
4:37 am
the three children. ikea says dressers can fall over if not fastened to the the wall. philadelphia inquirer reports ikea will provide full refund under the terms of the recall. ikea launched a repair program last year for the dressers after two children died but company says it opted to issue a full recall after the deaths of that third child, details about the third child's death were not released. 4:37. after a long debate but no vote lawmakers in new jersey pass aid bill that could cut cost to customers but will unfortunately raise price of the state's gas. we will talk about that coming up next. on this cushion for generations.
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this just popped up here, truck fire, southbound, route one in bucks county right at old lincoln highway. this is that stretch where we don't have overhead street ham president. only light we have is coming from the flames here. i'm in the sure if it is a tractor trailer, if it is a box truck. these fire fighters just pulled up in the last minute or so. this has been burning a couple minutes. traffic is still getting by. this is southbound lanes of the route one right at the old lincoln highway in bucks county. i will get to the maps and give you an idea. here's the spot. anyone leaving pendell levittown if you come out of yardley and trying to work your way dunn to the turnpike
4:41 am
route one would be your route to get down to the philadelphia interchange. right now again with this developing, it is southbound lanes of route one, truck fire, you can see flames still shooting here, hopefully fire fighters can get out there and get either the foam or water on here and then this can get cleaned up before it causes a big problem for our morning rush hour. this will impact everyone leaving bucks county, heading south on route one, trying to head in toward the philadelphia interchange of the turnpike. chris and lauren, back to you. >> did you hear about this the red cross in a bit of hot water, big controversy after releasing this swimming safety guidelines why some are saying this poster is not short of racist. do you still have a gift card to the sports authority, you're running out of time to use it, when stores will in longer accept them. why are you deleting these photos?
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we are continue to follow breaking news we are looking live at a truck fire on southbound route one at old lincoln highway in bunks county. it looks like emergency crews have made their way the two scene there bob kelly is on this and there might be a traffic back up in that area we will cover this all morning long at least until this fire is out. >> lets get to dave warren for a look at our weather on this tuesday morning. >> we're talking about some rain this morning and heaviest rain right through south jersey right now.
4:45 am
now this is a very heavy area have rape that moved across cape may county. it is moving and it will be pushing off the companies here in the next few hours. not a complete wash out, especially down the shore dealing with this heavy rain. wake up, hear that rain coming down. you can see it is moving, it started here around dover and moved across delaware bay and off the coast of cape may county there. little disturbance moving through. you can see solid area, little spin here so little bit of a weak disturbance that will continue to move out. lets zoom in here, and see avalon, sea isle city all the way up, through ocean city and atlantic city. we are seeing this heavy rain coming down. we had a few lightening strikes early. we do not see anything right now just heavy rain. one little batch here east of millville that will be moving through the next few hours. here's the back edge into salem county and moving through camden and gloucester county. one or two showers across the lehigh valley these are
4:46 am
breaking up a bit. we're not completely done with the rain. we will see a mid take break, strong storms, coming in later. they will contain gusty wind or hail. right to the computer forecast picks up that area of rain, moves it the out in the next hugh hours. by tenor 11:00 o'clock just cloudy skies maybe some patchy showers lingering, across the area, getting heaviest rain right now. watching north and western suburbs because here comes this line of showers and storms. by 4:00 o'clock, late, in the day, maybe even after the rush hour, a line develops and moves through. one or two could be strong or severe especially to the north and western suburbs. by 8:00 o'clock. by 11:00 it is moving off the coast and after midnight things are all clear, humidity dropping and skies will be clearing up just a bit. temperatures in the 70's right now, it is muggy. maybe some patchy fog with all that rain that came down. it will climb in the mid to lower 80's today, rainy start
4:47 am
to the day at the shore today and tomorrow, it is a warm breeze coming from the land, and that will keep temperatures in the 80's. eighty-one to 85, clearing tomorrow there might be a lingering shower early in the day, nice day on wednesday, or thursday, excuse me 86 degrees, showers coming in on friday. here comes fourth of july weekend showers will move to the south on saturday, we will start to clear up on sunday, and fourth of july, 87 degrees, sunny and nice with the shore temperatures, in the 80's. the not a bad weekend if you can wait for it, bob. >> got it, fire works, cook outs, barbecue all that good stuff. 4:47. live look at a fully engulfed truck fire on the southbound side of route one in bucks county right by our lady of grace cemetery to give you an idea southbound out of say yardley, levittown and trying to go south in towards the turn pike. we are trying to figure out if
4:48 am
the truck is carrying anything cargo, that is going to cause this fire to last even longer during the rush hour. i don't even think fire crews, yes, they are they have white smoke here. we have within fire truck on the scene popping water on there but here's the spot, southbound route one, right by the cemetery there and that will cause delays for folks heading south down toward the turnpike at the philadelphia interchange. there is still a work out here on the vine street expressway closed until about 5:00 o'clock this morning between the schuylkill and broad street, again, they will be closed every night this week in the early morning hours of the following day and then that accident on the ramps from 26th street to go west on the schuylkill about a four or five car pile up on that sharp curve coming out of the tunnels. so if you are coming and you typically use the platt bridge you will have no access at least at the moment on to the schuylkill. your best bet out of south philadelphia, head right for the schuylkill west, void 26th street or maybe use that
4:49 am
girard point double decker. majors so far so good. everything is wet from the rain. so watch it even though you don't have wipers on this morning don't let mother nature fool you those on and off ramps are slippery. we had a big problem on patco they say concrete is dry, ready to use all of the tracks and they expect to have a normal schedule running this morning. chris and lauren, back to you. red cross under fire in colorado over a water safety poster that has some people calling it racist. >> take a look for yourself, here it is, look closely. it shows cartoon kid playing in the swimming pool. it labels activities of most of the white kids as being cool, then depicts children of color acting in unsafe ways calling it uncool. red cross has got all kind of complaints on social media, organization has apologized saying poster has been removed and something more appropriate
4:50 am
is in the works. >> good eye die. sports authority listen up. >> first thing, today is last day you can use one. most of the company stores will be closed after tuesday. in may sports authority reported customers still had more than 90 million-dollar in unused gift cards? today is also the last day retailer will honor any returns. >> what a waste if they don't use it. get out there and use it. breaking news, for you, live look at a truck fire on southbound route one in old link than highway in bucks county. bob kelly is following this for us, and any traffic back ups on and it is breaking news we will be right back.
4:51 am
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so, philadelphia housing authority properties are getting, spruced up. >> it is all thanks to volunteers. more than 100 volunteers from the world changes organization are lending a hand to general maintenance of the six philadelphia housing authority projects this week is the fourth year the organization is partnering up with the pha and they are ready to get to work. >> the thing that i love about it is these kids they raised
4:54 am
their own money to come here to work, to give up their summer, in the only to give up their summer but they paid their own way to come here and work at this project. >> pay their own way. world changes group thrives to promote youth mission projects among southern baptist and other evangelical churches. >> we know you are on air but all of the stuff do you off air is so cool. >> you are so sweet. >> yesterday, you were feeding home less. >> where. >> on the parkway. >> it was fun. >> i love how you help out the community giving back good 4:54. celebrations leading up to the fourth of july continues with the kick off of the wawa welcome america festival. i love saying that wawa welcome america. >> week long party officially started yesterday with the dedication to the mural along delaware avenue call our flag unfurled. music, refreshments available, dedication was first in the series of events that includes free museum visits, movie night and concerts. organizers with the philadelphia mural arts program says the painting has
4:55 am
special meaning especially in the wake of those recent tragedies. >> you the brings people together in common purpose and resolve, happening into resilience, courage and creativity. >> the main event, the fourth of july concert on the ben franklin parkway that includes performances from philadelphia's own yas the greates from empire, leslie odom junior from the hit play hamilton and the o.j.'s, that should be good, right. >> local south jersey heading for sum other limb picks in rio, 21 year-old kelce war rel who grew up in west hampton she won 100-meter butterfly in the u.s. swimming trials last night with the second fastest time in the world and so far this year. she swam the event in just 56.48 seconds. she attended rancocas valley regional will high school before swimming at the university of louisville, good for her. >> man. >> that must be nice.
4:56 am
>> worst part about swimming. >> olympic dreams. >> after five strokes i'm out of breath, i'm done. >> good for her and hopefully she represents, right down there in rye owe. mike jerrick, he dropped the anchor mike for another kind of mike last night. >> don't worry he will be back, wait, what, so last night he took part in the star stand up for fallen officers charity event. it happened last night at punch line philadelphia in fishtown. it was his first chance at stand up comedy. so here's the deal i don't know if people noticed mike wanted to be a stand up comedian but he always says he was way too scared that people wouldn't laugh at his jokes. >> different type of delivery reason we have no audio because we don't know what he is saying and if it ace pope eighth for morning news. anyway money goes toward fop survivor's fund which benefits
4:57 am
family of fallen officers. we can't wait to see how he felt about it all. >> right there in front of the the people in real life. >> i know. >> next up at 5:00 a major recall and a piece of furniture that could turn deadly. what you need to necessity about the dresser you could have in your home. a truck burst into flames along lincoln highway bob has much more on the scene still burning at this point, much more still straight ahead. ♪ hey!
4:58 am
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breaking news, a truck burstness to flames along the old lincoln highway. this is a live look at southbound lanes how this scene could impact your morning commute. developing this morning a deadly overnight crash two cars left a mangled mess after colliding an update on the person who survived. get ready to pay more for gasoline and a few other things in new jersey, the legislation lawmakers are passing, that will affect your bank account. plus parents beware it is dangerous and potentially deadly. the major recall on a piece of furniture you may have in your house. good day, everybody. that means we will toss to bob first right off the top of the 5:00 o'clock hour, developing news out of bucks county, bob. >> here's the deal. i just got an update from the folks at the traffic center, southbound lanes of route one, in bucks county, right by the big cemetery there. what we are seeing h


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