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tv   Fox Morning News at 5A  FOX  June 28, 2016 5:00am-6:00am EDT

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breaking news, a truck burstness to flames along the old lincoln highway. this is a live look at southbound lanes how this scene could impact your morning commute. developing this morning a deadly overnight crash two cars left a mangled mess after colliding an update on the person who survived. get ready to pay more for gasoline and a few other things in new jersey, the legislation lawmakers are passing, that will affect your bank account. plus parents beware it is dangerous and potentially deadly. the major recall on a piece of furniture you may have in your house. good day, everybody. that means we will toss to bob first right off the top of the 5:00 o'clock hour, developing news out of bucks county, bob. >> here's the deal. i just got an update from the folks at the traffic center, southbound lanes of route one, in bucks county, right by the big cemetery there. what we are seeing here is a
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lot of police lights, fire crews but do you see white smoke here? that is good news. they have been able to put either foam or water on this truck fire that has been burning for about a half an hour or so. so right now they are letting traffic get through. this is southbound lanes of route one in langhorne, bucks county. it is right there kind of right around route 413. anyone leaving yardley coming over from new jersey whether it be scudder falls or trenton makes bridge that stretch of route one is your main access to get to the pennsylvania turnpike at the philadelphia bensalem interchange. so right now we're dealing with some light volume but if they don't get a handle on this and they have to block one of those lanes that could cause big delays, for the rest of our morning rush hour folks trying to get out of bucks county. they are still working on the vine street expressway between schuylkill at broad street. they said until 5:00 they are running late, i think rain may have set them back here this morning. early morning accident on the
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ramps coming out of the 26th street to go west on the schuylkill expressway, and even though it may not be raining where you are, everything is wet and damp from the rain we had overnight so we have had a couple little fender benders here this morning 95, turnpike looking good and we had big delays yesterday on patco, mainly because concrete from the construction project had not cured just yet so they can only use one of the two tracks, this morning they say everything is expected to be back to a normal schedule on the patco high speed line but again, hit and miss showers out there and dave, where can we find those showers if you are getting ready to step out on the front door. >> you're hit there in cape may and atlantic county, this area which is folk us this morning. it has moved through delaware over the delaware bay and now right through south jersey. so it is moving. little disturbance moving out. we will tiehl with this for the next hour or so. you can see back edge is now pushing across chesapeake bay
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so this will be clearing out later this morning. close-up view shows heavy rain along the garden state parkway through atlantic county and ac expressway, atlantic city through mays landing. this is just push to the north there of the expressway so hitting parts of the long beach island around millville there is heavier rain that will continue to move east, vineland there heading towards 55, dealing with this rain this morning. i-95 not so much. just to the south and east of that and not moving north but this is all pushing to the east. so we will get a little will bit of the break except for one shower across lehigh valley not all that heavy and it will be clearing out. right now we are dealing with the rain early but philly gear on because of the game last night. temperatures warm and muggy in the 70's right now. seventy-two in allentown and philadelphia. upper 60's in pottstown to the south here we are in the mid to lower 70's. the here's the rain, it clears out, maybe a few lingering showers here with that area of rain across the lehigh valley.
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between 1:00 and 4:00 it is quiet. maybe just a shower, one or two showers, but after 4:00 o'clock a line of strong storms will be moving through. this is moving through from the north and western suburbs south and east that could be strong or even severe. watch for that later today with the gusty wind and maybe even some small hail. look at the seven day forecast a peak of the weekend coming up later, chris and lauren. >> lets get to developing news out of levittown. a 60 year-old man is dead after a late night accident involving two cars. this happened just after 11:30 at frosty hallow and upper orchard roads. a man in his 20's was also hurt as you can see the cars involved are destroyed. another look the a the deadly scene from fresco user kevin coughlin, details still coming in, we be sure to keep you updated. police say in north philadelphia investigating a triple shooting that happened on the 1500 block of westerly high avenue. just before 9:00 o'clock last night. all three victims are men
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between the age of 17 and 21. police say they were all shot in the leg multiple times, right now they are at temple hospital and no arrests have been made. breaking news out of tioga where ceiling of the boarding house gives way to tenants forced to evacuate in the middle of the night this was the scene in the 2300 block of west atlantic street just before 1:00 o'clock this morning. the authorities believe recent heavy rains, weaken the roof causing to it give way. luckily in one inside was injured in the collapse. i got the call and i got the text saying there is a leaking on, downstairs. at first i thought it was something simple but she said no, we have got buckets and it is flowing. i began to leave making my way back north and as i was on the busy got the call that the roof had collapsed. >> the tenants who before there four adults and within child were evacuated and red cross is now helping them find a place to stay.
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crews working to restore power in wynnewood. fire and hazmat on the scene at green hill condos on the 1,000 block of city avenue. the electricity went out, just before 7:00 last night, portable transistors and generators were hooked up but the generator caught fire. emergency crews realized that the generator was leaking coolant in the indian creek on the philadelphia side, that triggered a hazmat situation and, evacuation what a mess. 5:06. ikea recalling millions of the the treasurers blamed for death of three kid. ikea says they can fall over if not fastened to the wall, philadelphia inquirer reports that that ikea will provide full refund to customers under the terms of this recall. ikea launched a repair program last year after deaths of two kid but company opted to issue a full recall after a death of the third child. details about the death were not release. after a licensing debate but no vote lawmakers pass add i bill that could cut cost
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toss customers. >> but will raise the price of the state traditionally low gas prices. the lets go to steve keeley in pennsauken, steve, good morning. >> reporter: couple rare things rarely do we have a story that effects every within of our viewers and talking philadelphia people because they shop here for clothes and everything else and they buy gas here because 30 percent of the people that buy new jersey gas are from pennsylvania and new york. secondly rarely do we have breaking news with politicians in the middle of the that it but this story broke at 1:00 this morning where the governor and state assembly of new jersey reached an agreement. they will cut back new jersey 7 percent sales tax on its ten year anniversary back down to 6 percent. that was the deal that the governor agreed to so they can raise the gas taxes 23 cents a gallon. so a 20-gallon fill up that will cost you another five bucks. governor and a semmably have agreed but the senate has not. it is amazing how nothing gets
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done for years in this state then a meeting at 6:30 and 1:00 a.m. vote and it is a done deal. now it is up to the state senate and good day guest steve sween hoy didn't seem happy with this last minute late night deal. senate will not meet today. they will wait until thursday, the last day of the budget year, last day before the transportation fund runs out and all construction on all road, highways and bridges will come to a halt because they don't have any machine toy pay for it. that is why they are finally doing something. new jersey politicians only act in the crisis. chris and lauren they are like goofy kids in high school to put off the term paper before the night before because they are smoking out in the woods the last previous two weeks. >> steve, thank you. tragedy at a car wash in bustleton when a worker died at a freak accident. now an investigation is underway. incident happened at cruise clean car wash around noon yesterday. authorities say the employee was wiping down back window of the suv after it came out of
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the wash. that is when another worker got in the driver's seat and backed over him mistakenly. the owner of the the car wash for the back tears as he spoke about his long time employee. >> great guy, great kid, he was taking care of his mother who had just gone through chemotherapy. >> so sad. investigators from osha occupational safety and health administration were on the scene headily. while the investigation is in the complete it does not appear any charges will be filed. man works in the montgomery county elementary school charged with sexual assault of the minor. the prosecutors say 40 year-old marcus forte assaulted a 13 year-old girl in his office at gwynedd mercy academy elementary where he work in the it department and also at her home. forte is being held on half million-dollar bail. coming up on 5:10 we are learning more about the man police say killed his wife the with the cross he in northeast philadelphia sunday night. forty year-old paul caseon and
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his mom pamela knightlinger were newlywed but they were called to that couple's home on the 3100 block of willits road before. neighbors say he had outbursts in the past including just a few weeks ago when did this, take a look at this video, he is seen walking down the street naked threatening people. incident captured on video leaving neighbors really concerned. >> two thursday ago he came out, walking up and down the strip here. he came in here and threat tone kill some of the people next door. i was at my second day care down the street he push the door opened while the kid were in there and saying he would kill everybody, nobody was safe not even the kids. >> police say he confessed saying couple was having a fight when he grabbed cross bow and shot her right through the chest. he is new charged with murder. folcroft police officer shot seven times on duty recovering at home this morning. that is good news. crowds cheered as christopher dorman left the hospital yesterday afternoon just three days after being wounded.
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the 25 year-old also received a special welcome at his home last night. dozens of his motorcycle club taking part in the honorary ride through delaware county in a show of support for officer dorman. >> everybody's support means a lot and i a appreciate it. >> i served my of my life in the military and i cannot be any prouder then i am of this individual for what he did for us and our community. >> the officer is expect to make a full recovery but because he was a part-time officer did he not receive any medical benefits. his friend set up a go fund me page to cover those expenses. still a headrest dent worried about their safety and now city respond to the hole that was paved over in the haphazard way with that cone sticking out? much more of the response next. u.s. supreme court closes out its session with the major decision on aboard. why that decision could impact
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all across the country.
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good morning everybody. we have got some new info, garbage truck is what is burning here on route one in bucks county. here's a live look at southbound lanes of route one right by our lady of grace cemetery to give you a location here working your way down toward our lady of grace, neshaminy high school in the
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pack ground here and you can see the smoke kind of going off to your right here. they say it is a garbage truck and that explains why it is burning here for last half an hour or so. only good news it looks like they are allowing traffic to roll role through. they have got fire fighters and police, on what would be the off ramp here right by the cemetery. so hopefully, we will be able to keep both lanes opened but i bet you a jelly doughnut we will have a big old gaper delay. anybody leaving yardley or coming out of trenton trying to get down to the turnpike you will have some delays here. again, southbound route one right there by the cemetery and neshaminy high school watch for delays. another situation, the lincoln drive, closed at rittenhouse this morning. so folks use wissohickon over to mid veil and that will get you dunn toward kelly drive. now patco rough go yesterday morning. they expect to have normal operations back on schedule this morning. it turns out the concrete from
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the weekend project wasn't dry and then you could only use one of the two tracks yesterday morning. so hopefully fingers crossed we are good to go for this morning. here's a live look at 42 freeway as headlights work your way in toward philadelphia now. walt whitman bridge had a construction project last night all that construction is cleared out of there and we are good to go for a morning rush hour but i guess dave, should we grab that umbrella for morning commute. >> it depend where you are. right now you need the umbrella in south jersey, cape may county, atlantic county and cumberland county this rain is moving through. you can see how it is heavier right around atlantic city and just off the coast of cape may this area is moving. little disturbance, holding together moving through south jersey but about to move off the coast. back edge here working its way through delaware. this might be around all day. it is heading out along the parkway all the way up through this northern portion of the cape may county, ocean city,
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through atlantic city and along ac expressway. we are dealing with heavy rain right through atlantic county, it is clear in camden and gloucester county. around millville heavy rain in vineland and this is all moving out. the it is just south and east of i-95 and turnpike there in new jersey, one or two showers across lehigh valley, so it is starting to break up in a bit. we are at 72. dew .70, sticky out there, humidity is back, south east wind at 5 miles an hour. disturbance moves out, front moves in later, it will push through this will be focus of severe storms later this afternoon. rain is off the coast, starts to break up a little bit between about now and say 5:00 t to five or 6:00 o'clock with sunshine things will heat up, moisture in the air, that will feel these storms as they move through as a line that breaks up a bit but individual storms here do have potential to be severe with strong gusty wind, very heavy rain and even some hail. off the coast by 1:00 o'clock
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in the morning so we are clear there and then we will have a nice day on wednesday, just a little warmer with lower humidity. seventy's now heading for 80's this afternoon. the here is severe weather risk minutely to the north and western suburbs but it does include portions of i-95 with the marginal risk for severe storms. there will be storms and they have potential to be severe. rain and storms today clearing tomorrow, sunny and nice on thursday, fourth of july weekend will start with a few showers on friday. pushing to the south saturday. they will stay there on sunday and then by monday looks to be clearing up at night 87 degrees with sunshine for the fourth. >> montgomery county, three-year detour could soon be over... no audio. >> scheduled to open next week and closed and under repair since 2013 when it was deemed unsafe. eight million-dollar project, financed by federal state and local agencies have come a long way.
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temporary access platform was on that bridge. it carried 9,000 cars a day over perkiomen creek. one south philadelphia pothole has residents warning about their safety and city is responding to the hole paved over and in a really haphazard way. would you call this a fix or a joke. several neighbors contacted 31 after a pothole on fifth and jared streets was paved with the traffic cone still inside and you can see it just sticking out. when we checked in on the hole last week the repair was caving in. the city has responded. they say a software problem caused them to check on the wrong address and let me repeat that, they say a software problem caused them to check on the wrong address. dent make me say it a third time. they found no problem at that incorrect address. since fox 29 brought it to our attention a proper temporary patch has been made and save i
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delineate or the cone removed. city sent another crew, not within of their, did the initial repair. couple dozens people gathered at national constitution center in philadelphia for a discussion about abortion rights this event comes after a major supreme court ruling, the eight remaining supreme court just to advertise zest ruled five -three striking down a controversial texas law considered to be the most important abortion case before the supreme court in two decade. backers of the law site case of the convicted philadelphia abortion doctor kermit gosnell whose clinic went uninspect for years. authorities say they found fetal remains in his office. lawmakers who passed it say law was about women's safety and health. opponents argued it was nothing more than an attempt to shut down majority of the abortion clinics in texas. just advertise zest in their opinion named gosnell ten times. >> without question to take's supreme court decision is a game changer in the unrelent
5:21 am
ago salt on women's health and rights that has been going on in state legislators for years. >> pro choice advocates say they will not only use yesterday's ruling to go after similar laws in other states but also to go after the hyke amendment a federal measure which bans use of taxpayer dollars for abortion. still ahead if you drive volkswagen diesel you could be in for a big payday. how much auto maker mayo you for cheating on emissions test. use it or lost it? why the clock is particular to go use up any sports authority gift cards you may have laying around. use it or lose it. >> that is what they say. we will tell but where we will be on friday, we will take over a local town and we will go to wildwood going down the shore live from the boardwalk, so best part you can win a car, sign up to win a brand new mazda cx9 just go to fox click on the contest page and home page and we will pick a finalist once a
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week every week until our big give away. big give away will be july between the second right there at dell music center. come on out and see it and win that brand new mazda cx9, lauren dawn johnson. >> all right but first your winning lottery numbers. (vo) we went to hollywood to ask
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we continue to follow breaking news a trash truck burst into flames on old lincoln highway. this is a live look at the southbound lanes. you can see traffic is not affect too much at this hour but that could change as more people get on the roads. bob kelly will have more on how this could impact your morning commute in a few minutes. >> we're all impacted by this, pennsylvania house republicans working on approximately $31.5 billion budget plan that would pay for partly by higher taxes on tobacco products. >> state government's next fiscal year starts friday, house republicans say the package will include two million-dollar more important public school operation and instructions. it will be packed packaged with revenue from legislation to make pennsylvania the fourth state to allow casino style gambling on line. it is in the clear if it will ever reach democratic governor tom wolf's desk or whether he would enzyme it. if you drive a what will accounts wagon diesel car maker may cut you a check for as much as $10,000.
5:26 am
sources within volkswagen says they are working on a $14.7 billion deal to settle lawsuits stemming from the emissions cheating scandal. owners will get clean trade in value of their car before the scandal became public in september of last year, the deal is expect to be filed in court today. so if you have one of those sports authority gift card. >> right. >> you need to go to the store today or at least on line. >> today is the day. it is last day that you can use one. most of the the company's stores will be closed after today. today sports authority reported that the customers still had more than 90 million-dollar in unused gift card so today is also last day that the retailer will honor any returns. still ahead parents beware it is dangerous and potentially deadly the major recall right now on a piece of furniture you might have in your house.
5:27 am
this story effects pennsylvania drivers like this one filling up in a new jersey wawa. we have got strange news, which means here in new jersey because it goodies news and bad news, raising taxes while lowering taxes at the same time. [ ghost voice ] the name your price tool can save you money
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by finding a policy to fit your budget. [ coughs ] sorry, tickle in my throat! water would be nice, but that would go right through me. ghost problems.
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deadly overnight crash two cars left a mess after colliding an update on the person survived. major recall right now of a piece of furniture that could turn deadly inside your home what you need to know about a dresser that your kids could climb on top of. take a look, it is active right now and could mess up your morning commute. dave warren has your full forecast. >> good day, it is tuesday june 28th, 2016. if you saw that radar just now it is not a good day for golfing. >> i know y'all at home are dealing with the morning commute ahead of you. we are already at a work. your forecast now is screwing up my golf. is what the deal, dave. tomorrow is the day to have a good t time. >> be safe, go tomorrow, you can deal with wind. >> there is rain tomorrow as well. >> no, not tomorrow. >> i looked at your seven day, it said clearing. >> clearing. >> clearing. >> like in the morning.
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>> just listen, lets talking more listening that will help you. >> over analyzing. >> here's the rain right now definitely raining today, main area of rain south and east of i-95 right now, later today we will be dealing with the showers and storms approaching from the north and western suburbs. this heavy area has moved across the bay and now right through south jersey. it is moving. little disturbance and little spin there that will continue to move and take rain with it, this morning. settle heavy along parkway in atlantic city, expressway through atlantic county. millville had a heavier shower later but here's a back edge, swinging on out here over the next few hours. heavier rain pick up by the computer forecast, few showers around 11:00 say lunchtime today it will start to break up a little bit but after 4:00 f stronger storms will move through. not a solid line but one or
5:32 am
two could be strong or severe and off the coast by 11:00 o'clock tonight. temperatures in the 70's, heading to the 80's this afternoon. just a muggy start to the day now. that rain is out there. lets see what it means for your morning drive. here's bob kelly. >> of course, they are out there i washed my car yesterday 567:89:32. here's the latest on the truck fire. it is one of those tractor trailer truck fires that carries garbage, trash whatever you can put in the back of the dumpster there off to the right shoulder. this is southbound lanes of route one in bucks county. as we see daylight here we will see configuration, we have police vehicles couple of fire fighters, this will smolder i will bet you through the morning rush hour as they continue to pour water on it. you can still see it smoke hearing. it is fully loaded and everybody staying in the the left lane hitting the brakes the old classic gaper delay,
5:33 am
what is going on and that is what will happen this morning. anybody leaving yardley, levittown or trenton trying to get down to the turnpike give yourself some extra time or maybe use i-95 instead of the route one. lincoln drive closed because of an accident and down tree at rittenhouse. >> mr. kelly, developing news out of levittown a 60 year-old man is dead after a late night accident involving two cars. this happened just after 11:30 at cross key hallow and upper arcard road. a man in his 20's was also hurt. you can see cars involved is destroyed. here's another look from the scene from sketch coughlin from fresco but details still coming in but there were a rot of emergency vehicles on the scene. we will keep you updated as more information comes into us. this is developing from new jersey where taxpayers could see price of gas go up 23 cents per gallon. >> meanwhile state sales tax could dip down to 6 percent, reason lawmakers say would fix
5:34 am
potholes. steve keeley in south jersey to tell us what this could mean for us, hi there steve. >> reporter: we all tell philadelphians that what happens in new jersey politics affects you. thinks a case where it affects people two ways from philadelphia. every time we do a gas price story we come to our favorite wawa. do youe this audi filling up no front license plate that means it is a pennsylvania driver like most people who get gas here. same goes for the white van behind home. it is mostly pennsylvania people that will pay 23 cents more a gallon, here in new jersey. great deal that it had second lowest gas tax in the entire nation of course, now goes. that was one good thing about new jersey. when we to black friday shopping stories we talk to a lot of philadelphians who come to the cherry hill mall, moorestown mall and outlet malls in new jersey to shop. we have good news on that front because you'll recall ten years ago when the casinos shut down over the big fight over how to spend the increase in the sales tax it will go
5:35 am
back down to 6 percent so cheaper for everybody who buys everything beside gas. so it is good news/bad news story, other news in this is that the senate hasn't approved it yet and we will see if they do when they come back to work thursday last day of the session by the way, chris and lauren. >> live in trenton, steve, thank you. ikea recalls millions of dressers after deaths of three children now. company says dressers can tip over. >> lets go to dave kinchen with more on what we need to know, dave, good morning. >> reporter: this ace major development with ikea agreeing to stop selling and recall specific type of dresser after those deaths of three toddlers. again, one of those toddlers from our area recall effects 29 million dressers including some sold more than ten years ago a. these include popular and cheaper, line blamed for the deaths. we first told but two-year old
5:36 am
keiran, who was trapped under a dresser. our chris o'connell spoke with his heart broken mother back in 2014. >> ten minutes of anchoring your dresser, bookshelves, fish tanks all of these things that you wouldn't normally think of, that is such a simple fix and it can reach every child. >> reporter: she was saying anchoring these dressers would help but many, criticized ikea for not taking enough action. current stories put a lot of scrutiny on idea a now they are announcing the recall and this comes after two other deaths, and idea will be issuing millions of recalls for people who did buy this specific type of dresser, chris and lauren. >> so sad, dave kinchen. >> all right. 5:37. next up in sports the sixth is a charm, former flyer that is finally making his way in the
5:37 am
hockey hall of fame.
5:38 am
5:39 am
dig day for flyers with two former members of the team elect to the hockey hall of fame, eric lindros on his sixth try got in. former flyers head coach pat quinn who coached flyers during their 35 game unbeaten streak in the 79/80 season was also elect to the 2016 class. quinn passed away in 2014.
5:40 am
player that didn't make it was mark recchi. lindros played 13 seasons but with many injuries played in 70 or more games only four times but he scored over 40 goals in four seasons. eric lindros change the game at his position. >> i think it is terrific their i can made it. he was a player that for a number of years there was as dominant a player certainly as there was in the league at the time, you know, the package of size, skill, speed and his shot, it was his physical play, very few of them in the history of game that have been as gifted as eric. >> and that is sports in a minute. i'm howard eskin. the phillies looking for some revenge as they continue their west coast road trip. they are taking on the die machine backs who swept them in the four game series this month. >> they swept us at home. we then went to their ballpark and then did this. >> nice hit, miguel franco in the sixth inning that would drive in the first run of the
5:41 am
game. that was only the beginning. fill boys score a bunch more, final score phillies win eight to nothing. diamond backs extension but phillies haven't been good either. how about codey asche. they will play tonight at 94:00 p.m. our time. >> five will 41. still ahead serious girl power on the campaign trail how hillary clinton and senator elizabeth warren are teaming up to take shots on the team trump. >> matching outfits. >> nice ladies.
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good day drives you have friday. this friday we are heading to wildwood live right there on the boardwalk. you can win a car, brand new mazda cx9, just go to fox and click on the contest page right there the on the home page. we will pick a finalist once a week in the final she give away. we will take a look for yourself july between the second, we will be in east fairmount park at the dell music center. come on out and win a brand new mazda cx9. how about the weather down the shore this weekend, dave. >> weather looks good there mr. murphy and better then it
5:45 am
is right now. of course, they are dealing with the rain, that is what we have right now. it is still clearing out. it will clear out in the next few hours. is there a heavier shower, heavier batch of rain moving through atlantic county and just off the coast. you can see it moving right through cape may, delaware bay, cape may county off the coast. it is moving. a little disturbance clearing out later this morning here in the next hour or so. heavy rain moving out and then we will see a break later after nine or 10:00 o'clock. heavy around atlantic city and expressway and garden state parkway, back edge here trying to spin up towards i-95. it will stay right into south jersey and begin to clear out. here shortly the computer forecast showing that batch moving off the coast. we will see a break here between noon, maybe a few one or two showers, not a solid area of rain, concern is this afternoon, little break in the clouds to heat things up, a line of showers developing in lehigh valley.
5:46 am
it is five or 6:00. seven or 8:00 toward philadelphia, nine or 10:00 it is off the coast. this could be severe, individual storms could have strong gusty wind and even some hail and very damaging wind. watch out for. that it won't be every where but potential there for stronger storms later today once we get a break, later this morning. sixty's and 07's and 80's this afternoon. the it is muggy out there and very humid, there is that rain early with temperatures in the 70's. we will climb in the 80's. storms develop late. they could be strong or even severe. that wind is south at ten to 15 miles an hour. so that is what we're dealing with here today weekend looks better. it is a holiday weekend bob kelly. >> you know it, lots of folks on the move. good morning 567:89:46. here's an update on the trash truck fire a tractor trailers, that the whole back just carrying trash almost like a big old dumpster with
5:47 am
everything thrown in the back here. so what you are seeing it is still smoldering. we are seeing what is left over here pulled off to the shoulder, southbound lanes of route one, right before old lincoln highway. even though both lanes are opened, here's what will cause the delay. everybody getting over to the left and they are hitting the brakes to see what is going on. they have been dousing water on this thing for about an her now and it will probably cause delays through the rush hour. see this tractor trailer kind of squeezing over to the left? this is all southbound route one right here in pendell as you work your way down toward philadelphia interest change. anyone leaving yardley, leaving levittown heading south right by cemetery there as you head south toward the philadelphia interchange give yourself some extra time. lincoln drive early morning accident and down tree not the sure hi one came first but lincoln drive is closed at rittenhouse this morning. water main break in the neighborhood juniata at lawn
5:48 am
dale and cayuga and venango street closed at emerald. a sinkhole developed there yesterday. otherwise in problems yet coming on 422 or 202. we are looking good on the northeast extension. the patco high speed line after problems yesterday, the concrete wasn't cured just yet so they could not use trains on both of the tracks. everything is good to go. they expect to operate a normal schedule for morning rush hour. chris and lauren back over to you. >> lets look live at vine street expressway interchange which is a nightmare for commuters, now has a chance for improving. roadway is one of only four in the entire country to be selected for every place counts design challenge. the it is part of the united states department of the transportation effort to improve aging infrastructure. it welcomes design tours create a vision to improve function of the vine street corridor where city officials say split three philadelphia neighborhoods. >> we will work to provide technical assistance to philadelphia as it reimagines
5:49 am
the connections between the communities impact by this project in the past. >> mayor kenney says although roadway successfully joins i-95 to the schuylkill expressway there still need to be work done to improve traffic flow. here's one idea they are putting bridges there, just cover the whole thing make it underground and then it would be seem less all the way across ben franklin parkway connecting you to the new temple. >> that is an idea. >> buzz is growing over who hillary clinton will choose for her running mate. >> especially after recent company she had on the campaign trail. massachusetts senator elizabeth warren, two appearing for the first time in public campaigning in ohio yesterday. clinton aid tried to down play this was warren's audition for vice-president. both women showed their unity by taking a dig at donald trump. >> when donald trump says he will make america great he
5:50 am
means make it greater for rich guys just like donald trump. >> i do just love to see how she gets under donald trump's thin skin. >> so trump was quick to responding calling senator warren a turncoat, on clinton's short list for vp, new jersey senator corry booker. >> you know that mike jerrick hoist always making you laugh at home, last night he decided to drop anchor mike and go do stand up. he took part in the stars stand up for fallen officers charity event. it happened at punch line philadelphia. money raised goes toward the fop survivor's fun. last time was silent. >> don't play. >> we didn't know what was coming out of his mouth. luckily though, a lot of local print and broadcast personality took part. >> did you kick things off. >> there was 11 of us but i
5:51 am
was the third. >> give yourself a score, a grade, how did you do. >> i think it went okay. >> nobody got hurt. >> you why laughing. >> were nervous. >> you know, i wasn't. i want to be nervous because nerves are good. but there was a little bit trepidation maybe but it went fine. >> did anything bomb. >> there was one line that bombed that we talk about yesterday at lunch,. >> yes. >> something about my daughters. >> no i said i really thought that was going to get a laugh and then that got a laugh. >> i'm glad you kept your day job. >> punch line philly is a new venue for stand up comic in fishtown. it is a good looking club. dave chapel is coming july 5th. >> i love him. we will have a guy in from
5:52 am
temple, he is going to bring in some gun locks. we have had these ridiculous stories of little kid shooting themselves, and killing them so we will show you how this gun lock works. >> free ones available. >> and justin timberlake under fire this morning. pop star got the in a little trouble, well, guess, how he is responding to a philadelphia journal list. a philadelphia journalist really stirred this pot. this started with a tweet, right. >> there is a twitter war so we will explain that because guy that stirred the potties coming in. >> yes. >> i put a call out to justin timberlake he might be here. >> o . >> is that within of your punch line jokes. >> madonna may show as well. >> and then over at seventh and walnut, i'm going to this. >> you got it. >> near washington square park
5:53 am
a new form of ice cream it is rolled ice cream. >> sweet charlie's? where to this start. >> yeah. >> it was overseas. >> well, that is in the a good example of it. it doesn't necessarily come in a cup. >> you roll it like a egg roll or sushi. >> like a crept. >> you two are crazy. >> 5:53. welcome america is really what we're talking about in full swing how people all over kick off the week long party. >> it is a creep.
5:54 am
5:55 am
5:56 am
yesterday was kick off of wawa welcome of america festival. week long party started with a dedication to a mural on delaware avenue called our flag unfurl. music, refreshment were there, dedication was first of series of free events that you credit museum visits, movie night and concert. organizers with the philadelphia mural arts program say that the painting is special meaning this year in the wake of the recent traj difficult. >> it brings people together in common purpose and resolve, napping resilience and courage and creativity. >> ♪ >> the main event is fourth of july concert parkway includes performance as from philadelphia's yas the greates
5:57 am
from empire, wesley odom junior from the hamilton and oj's. parents beware, it is dangerous, potentially deadly major recall right now on a piece of furniture that you may have in your house, from ikea. plus get ready to dig deep in your pockets, you could soon be paying more at the pull in new jersey. much more why straight ahead. prodders, shuckersers,
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you can find it all only in new york. new york. it's all here. it's only here. plan your summer vacation at
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deadly, dangerous a major recall, right now, the one thing you could have in your house that could harm your children. plus, sweeping legislation you could be soon paying a lot more at the gas pumps in new jersey, what state lawmakers just passed and how this could hurt your bank account. supreme court rules on abortion in one of the biggest decisionness two decade, how news in texas is influencing us here in our area. 90 percent of us are them, we're all police, fire fighters, veterans, so just try to give back. >> another hero's welcome for delaware county cop, shot seven times just a few days ago. he is now home from the hospital, how you may be able to help him recover. rain, thunderstorms ahead of the fourth of july weekend. >> what? >> how long we can expect wet weather. lets hope it gets out of the way in time for the holiday. >> i got to watch


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