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tv   FOX 29 News at 5  FOX  June 28, 2016 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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timing a killing several people and injuring dozens more. right now authorities are still trying to figure out exactly what's going on. good evening, i'm dawn timmeney in tonight for lucy noland. i'm iain page. it's now just after midnight in istanbul and we're getting our first idea just how bad this is our joyce evans following the story and joins us with new information. joyce. >> iain and dawn, authorities in turkey have confirmed that at least 10 people are dead and many more are hurt. officials say two people blue themselves up at the airport in istanbul. it happened at the entrance of the international terminal right near the entrance of the x-ray security check. turkish media saying that at least one of those people started shooting right before the explosions and that a police opened fire on them. those same media reports saying about 60 people are hurt and taxis rushed some of them to the hospital. in this video right here, posted on instagram, moments after the explosion, you can see the people including children hiding
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in a store at the airport. they're looking out of that store and they're capturing the terrifying moments and looking for any clues about what might be happening. now, turkish airports have security checks at the end of -- entrance of terminal building and layer later before going departure groups. no group claimed responsibility for these explosions. >> joyce, thank you details will continue of course developing this breaking story we'll keep uupdated throughout this news couldn't of coverage and continuing coverage at fox29.c the fox 29 weather authority tracking storms you can see the trouble on ultimate doppler radar swinging severe weather chances through the poconos and the lehigh valley and then moving southeast. some of you could get rain, high winds, even hail. let's get straight over to meteorologist scott williams for the time and details. scott? >> that's certainly right, dawn and iain it feels like a sauna stepping outdoors. we a lot of juice in the
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atmosphere. take a look at the highlighted counties here away from the immediate shore until 10:00 o'clock a severe thunderstorm watch now everyone is not going to see it but if do you, we have the threat of gusty winds also for hail. you can see moving towards sections of the pocono mountains, moderate to heavy rainfall right now and then as we move into york and lancaster county, this particular cell has severe thunderstorm warning on it until 5:45 watching out already for quarter sized hail and winds, get this, gusting up to 60 miles per hour. we have the cloud cover in place across the area. but this is the line that will eventually slowly move toward parts of the area. we'll take you hour by hour. you can see right now north and west moving the clock ahead 6:37 moving north and west up philadelphia right along the i-95 corridor. 7:30, 8:00 o'clock, 9:00 o'clock, it's very slow moving. so you can see most of south jersey dry and quiet until about 10, 11:00 o'clock and midnight
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and then the system continues to weaken. so here's the timing. now to 7:00, lehigh valley scattered showers and thunderstorms. philadelphia your timing between 7:00 and 10:00 o'clock and as we move beyond 10:00, down the shore, more isolated in nature with the activity. so coming up we'll talk much more about that severe weather threat and what's ahead for the holiday weekend. all right, scott, thank you. of course you can stay prepared for severe weather just download our fox 29 news app. you can get live radar and alerts sent to your phone just search for it in the apple or google play stores. happening right now, the search is on for three people who are missing after a head on train collision near amarillo texas. several box cars caught fire prompting police to evacuate people near the area. authorities say 248 trains were on the same track when they hit each other. one crew member jumped off the train, just before the collision, and is in the hospital. the n-t-s-b is on the scene investigating what went wrong. traffic is moving again on
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vine street expressway ramp after protests shut it down for more than an hour. anti deportation active visits blocking the exit ramp of the expression way at 15th street around 11 a.m. four people actually linked themselves together with piping and police had to saw that apart. police say at least four people have been arrested but no injuries were reported. philadelphia police are trying to track down two men wanted for robbing a couple at gun point in west philadelphia. investigators say this is one of the guys behind the crime. they say he's using a debit card and he stole from a couple who was just walking along the 4800 block of hazel avenue earlier this month. cops say this guy along with one more stole a credit cards, a phone and a gold ring from the couple. if you recognize him, please call police. the search is on for whomever opened fire on group of men in north philadelphia. police say three men ranging in age from 17 to 21 years old were all shot last night along the 1500 block of lehigh avenue. all of them were shot several times.
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they were rushed to temple university hospital where they are in stable condition. police say they're not sure of a motive just yet. they are on the hunt for the shooter. and not too far from there, at 17th and lehigh avenue, police investigating another shooting. this happened about noon today. we're told police found shell casings at the scene. no word if any one was actually hit by the gunfire. developing story tonight affecting families all around the country. ikea is recalling millions of its chest and dressers that can easily tip over and trap children. this recall comes after officials say six children died from accidents involving the potentially dangerous furniture. one of those children who lost his life is a young boy from chester, west chester. >> now we're hearing from the attorney who representing his family. fox 29's bill anderson has the story. >> reporter: ikea announced a voluntary recall of over 29 million chests and drawers after children were killed when dressers fell on them. one of the children was two-year-old quran collis of
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west chester i spoke to his family attorney who toll me the statistics surrounding these deaths are staggering. >> there have been to our knowledge at least seven children killed by tipped over dressers made by ikea. more than 70 children injured and as far as we can tell hundreds and hundreds of near misses where furniture tipped over and kids by the grace of god escaped injury. >> reporter: the recall comes two years after young quran apparently pulled an ikea dresser down and was crushed by it. initially ikea made a psa and offered equipment to attach the dressers to the wall but mr. feldman says, that just wasn't sufficient. >> those folks don't attach -- most folks don't attach their dressers to the wall principally because i think they look at this light weight piece of furniture and simply don't appreciate how deadly it can be. >> reporter: the recall allows for a full or partial refund but jenn metzger who opens baby proofing company in our area says she hopes the recall doesn't give parents a false sense of security. >> it's not just those pieces of
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ikea furniture. you can't see the safety information and think i don't have that dresser. i'm okay. it's something that you know everybody should learn about and take preventive steps. >> mr. felled ran represents several families including his family who have come forward after realizing they weren't the only ones experiencing this problem. jackie could have grieved privately and buried her son and not done anything more to bring attention to this matter. but she was courageous enough to take it upon herself to let everyone know what happened to her. >> reporter: now if you're in need of recall or additional safety information, you can go to and submit your requests. i tried calling toll free number throughout the day and found the line consistently busy. so it may take some persistence but they say that eventually it will pay off. iain, back to you. >> bill, let's hope so. thank you. now philadelphia's tioga neighborhood where water damage left residents homeless
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overnight. the ceiling and roof collapsed in this building on the 2300 block of west atlantic street late last night. multiple people living in this home and l and i says they could go back in. the manager of the building says flooding is what caused all of this damage. >> at first i thought it was something simple but she said no, we got buckets and it's flooding. so i began to leave, make my way back north, and as i was on the bus headed i got the call that the roof had collapsed. >> nobody was injured and the red cross is now assisting displaced residents. he took a back seat to no one and will be remember as one of the most iconic coaches the eagles ever had. >> tonight though people are mourning the death of buddy ryan. our how war eskin in the newsroom with ryan's live and how people are taking the news tonight. howard? >> well, buddy was iconic but it was more than just coaching. i was asked a question today, is buddy ryan the most legendary
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coach? no, but he's 1a behind dick vermeil. it's amazing how much the fans of this town loved buddy and even without a play off win in his five years with the eagles. buddy ryan was sick for few years and passed away today. he was 82 years old. now, buddy ryan came to the eagles after many of his bears players in the city of chicago after the bears won the super bowl in 1986 but came to philadelphia and one of the first things he said to the fans and the people of philadelphia, you got a winner in town. he was loved because he was a character and because he was always outspoken. even when it came to ripping the owner of the eagles at that time who was norman bray man but he was loved by his eagles players. said he wanted smart guys who were tough. he said stupid guys and cowards will only help you lose. his players knew he was over the edge with being a tough guy. >> his whole thing we didn't take away the hit. the body will fall. so he wanted to take away the quarterback.
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if you get that guy, um, he always had this saying, we want to find out today who the backup quarterback is. >> buddy was the embodiment if the 700 -- famous 700 level fan at the vet had a coaching representative it would have been buddy. i mean, he was -- he was those guys. >> but there was another side of buddy ryan only his players saw. >> all his players you know, once you played hard for him that's what a lot of the fans didn't see, is that the guy was with you the rest of your life. he was loyal coach. >> buddy ryan has now joined reggie white, jerome brown and believe it or not andre waters from though eagles teams. more on buddy ryan from some of his other players and that will all be coming up at 6:00. back to you guys. >> all right. howard, thank you. ryan wasn't the only sports hero we lost today legendary women's college basketball coach pat summit passed away. he was known as her stairs from the side line she became the
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winningest coach in division one college basketball history during her 38 year career at the university of tennessee. submit led the lady volunteers to eight national championships and also won the olympic silver medal on the 1976 women's team and coached the 1984 team to olympic gold. she survived by her son tyler, pat summit was 64 years old. controversy tonight before the democratic national convention even starts here in philadelphia. the story behind protests over how and when you will be able to protest during the big event. and concerns continue over the safety of drinking water in several local communities. tonight, a big gathering to do something about it with a name you'll recognize thanks to hollywood. >> garbage bag is holding anything but trash. there's a dog trapped inside. he's okay and authorities have one big clue about who did this to him. plus new at 6:00 o'clock, what's being placed in the nicu of a local hospital to help parents and their babies bond
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while they're apart.
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♪ we continue to follow breaking news out of turkey for you tonight. officials there say at least 10 people are dead after terrorists detonate bombs at the istanbul airport. the attackers blue themselves up after police fired at them. officials say at least 60 people are wounded. when these explosives went off at the entrance of the international terminal before the x-ray security check. we of course will update you on this breaking news throughout this newscast. and now to you decide 2016. the run up to the democratic national convention. a coalition of demonstrator
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today's vowing to shut the city down when the dnc comes to philadelphia on july 25th. >> moments after that threat philly police and midday drivers got a small taste of disruptions caused by the protesters. our bruce gordon is live at city hall tonight with what we can expect. bruce? >> reporter: iain, given the chaos surrounding the republican presidential primary campaign, you might expect the rnc in cleveland to be the more disruptive of the party pep rallies but there's anger aimed at the democratic nominee. as you said protesters in philly today vow to make things both uncomfortable for both hillary clinton and philadelphians near the convention site. when protesters block the exit ramp to the vine street expressway this midday, philadelphia police had to use saws to cut apart the devices linking demonstrators to one another. law enforcement viewed the hour long disruption as a tune up for they're likely to see come late july. >> these protesters are not amateurs at this.
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you got your work cut out for you come the dnc. >> we sure do. as you can see we're prepared. >> for this kind of rhetoric. >> we're going to shut you hell down. that's my promise to you. >> reporter: this group of protesteprotesters vowed to take streets and disrupt what some might have expected to be relatively peaceful convention democrats partying in a heavily democratic city. well -- >> hillary, you don't rep the women in this city or in this country. you ain't welcome in this town. >> reporter: with preparations well underway at the wells fargo center in south philadelphia, city officials plan to allow demonstrations across broad street at fdr park. and they want protest organizers to obtain permits for their rallies. nope say these protesters. >> we have nothing to lose but our chains. >> reporter: 16 years ago the republican convention here there was sporadic violence and police were aggressive in rounding up
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protesters. the result, civil rights lawsuits that caused philadelphia millions. lawyer for today's protesters says he hopes the city has learned from its past mistakes. >> but if they don't, we have a legal team that is ready, it is composed of attorneys who are experienced who know how to win and are committed to defending the protesters down to the last one. >> reporter: mayor kenney was unavailable for an on camera comment today but has repeatedly promised that protesters will not be arrested simply for failing to to obtain permit. the protesters we heard from today carry through with their threats, well, doink get real interesting around here at the end of july. dawn? >> bruce, thank you. new jersey governor chris christie is praising a middle of the night deal to raise the state's gasoline tax while gradually lowering the state's sales tax. the plan would up the garden state's gas tax from among the lowest in the nation to among the highest. the democratic led assembly passing the legislation that
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would raise the tax by 23 cents per gallon starring on friday to fund road and bridgework. the sales tax cut would be fazed in at six-point 5% on january 1st and then would drop to 6% a year later. prosecutors in northampton county are speaking out about a judge's decision to delay the case of a new jersey teacher accused of of sexually assaulting a student. northampton county district attorney john morganelli says district judge sherwood griggs delayed yesterday's preliminary hearing in the case of joshua mull men the teache tee accusedf sexually assaulting a student in warren county, new jersey. da says the judge took issue with prosecutors planned to present here say evidence in the hearing. >> the reason why this case has been delayed is due to the fact that district judge greg was not familiar with the rules of criminal procedure or the rules of evidence that guides us at preliminary hearings. here say evidence is absolutely
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100% admissible at preliminary hearing and there can be no dispute about this highlighted in yellow is the rule -- >> the hearing has been delayed for 10 days. great us in for shoppers. the king of prussia mall is in the final stage of a big expansion today. our cameras toward the new corridor that will connect the mall's court and plaza. the 155,000 square foot addition will hold 50 new retailers. >> the mall will be about 2.8 million square feet. we'll have over 400 fief testify stores. we're also adding we're announ announcing saber our new dining pavilion which will have six farm to fresh table emporium eat reece which we're really excited about. >> wow. impress suv knew shopping corridor is set to open this august. >> some people may crimple at the old cat lady cliche. feline friends may help women
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over 50 live longer. well explain. plus -- a police officer smashes his way into a car to safe little girl. thankfully she's okay tonight. why a hammer was the officer's only option. mayor you're not able to or don't want to find full-time work. there's still something you can do to make money and more and more americans are doing it. the new type of economy that's springing up. ♪
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>> west virginia's department of health and human resources is urging all residents exposed to flood waters to get a tetanus vaccine. they say the bacteria could be in water and can be contracted through an open cut. meanwhile the state's governor added seven counties to his request for a federal disaster declaration. massive flooding throughout the state has killed at least 23 people and destroyed thousands of homes and businesses. >> people who lost their lives, that's the first and for most thing. we can replace everything else. we can't replace those dear little kids and the parents and
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grandparents that we've lost trying to save them just unbelievable. >> fema has opened disaster centers for residents in two flood ravaged counties in west virginia. two years after a republican lead committee began its investigation into what happened during the deadly 2012 attack in benghazi it released its final report. >> it claims the obama administration including hillary clinton knew it was a terror tack right away but misled the public for political reasons. the report shots down the original obama administration claim that the 2012 tacks were sparked by an anti muslim video circulating on the internet. the report says that claim was crafted in washington by president obama's appointees and did not reflect eyewitness or real-time reports from the americans under siege. the white house is blasting the report. >> i think the unfortunate thing is they had to spend $7 million in taxpayer money to do it and the unfortunate thing they are cynic klee trying to capitalize
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on the death of four innocent americans serving their country overseas and were killed in this tragic accident. >> some democrats claim this was an tempt by republicans to tarnish clinton's image before the election in november. november election is very much on donald trump's mind. presumptive republican nominee now softening his stance on a controversial issue. trump's spokeswoman says he is no longer seeking a total ban on muslims entering the united states. she says the businessman is now offering an approach that would focus on those coming from countries with links to terrorism. his campaign has not defined the new ban standards but says that this is not actually a policy change. political analysts say this softening stance probably reflects new campaign leadersh leadership. donald trump fired his campaign manager just last week. dramatic rescue in utah after a little girl is trapped
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inside a hot car. police had to bust the window because the doors were locked and the keys were inside. police say the temperature in the car was close to 100 degre 100 degrees. the officer smashed the window, cut his hand and the 18 month old was rescued. little kid was treated at the scene and is going to be okay. concerns continue over the safety of drinking water in several local communities. tonight a big gathering to do something about it with a name you will recognize thanks to hollywood. and many use the app to find love. but some men in michigan found a beating and robbery instead. tonight three people are arres arrested. their alleged scheme to lure unsuspecting victims much scott. >> right now it's shaping up to be a warm and muggy evening across the area. most of us are not looking at rainfall just yet, but i'm tracking scattered downpours. some of which could be strong to severe. the timing next.
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♪ we continue to follow the breaking news in turkey tonight. officials there say at least 28 people are dead after three terrorists detonate bombs at the istanbul airport. the attackers blue themselves up when police fired at them. officials say at least 60 people were also wounded when those explosives went off at the entrance of the international terminal before the x-ray security check we of course will continue to bring you the latest as we learn more. and taking a live look at reading. we are tracking rain and a chance for severe weather today. the systems moving from this
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part of our area toward the city and south jersey. meteorologist scott williams will have update in just a few minutes. report recall affecting millions of homes a it cross the country. ikea recalling 29 million chests and drawers because of a tip over and entrapment has czar. officials say six children have died and dozens more have been injured in the past three decades from the falling furniture. our bill anderson spoke to the attorney representing the family of a local boy who died from the furniture falling on top of him. that will be coming a little later on in the newscast. still ahead the dnc active vives are vowing to shut down the city of philadelphia when the democrats come to town. they're apparently not happy about where they can and cannot protest. some protesters say in fact they will march and rally without permits and refused to be limited to the so-called protest pen at fdr park. an important meeting to night for one montgomery county community. >> that's right. they'll be hearing from official about their tainted water supply.
5:31 pm
let's get straight out to chris oh owes live in willow grove where that meeting is just about to start. chris? >> reporter: that's right, dawn. just how safe is the drinking water in horsham? well that depends on who you ask. tonight group of concerned residents and homeowners are showing up to upper moreland high school after getting the attention of famed consumer advocate erin brokovich who is now helping them with their cause. what is known here in the area about -- about half of all public drinking water wells in warminster and horsham shut down because of contamination. contamination of pro flurry chemicals potentially cancer causing toxins. now the contamination came from decades of airport fire fighting chemical foam used at former willow grove air station and the naval air station in warminster. it is believed those chemicals seeped into the ground water and residents may have have been drinking that water for years. >> unfortunately, there will be
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some part of the population that may very well get sick from the chemical and i mean i think for some people they feel like they're in waiting game. is it to going to happen to me? if so when and how will i know which is the important aspects of a lawsuit. >> reporter: now just last night, horsham township assured residents its public drinking water is safe and voted oh and measure to upgrade its water filtration system. but there are about 100 residents who still use private wells. they still don't know if their water is contaminated. for those residents the us navy is giving them monthly supplies of bottled water. so after tonight's meeting there may be a class action lawsuit filed against the makers of that chemical. of course we'll have more on this coming up tonight at 10:00 o'clock. iain. >> chris, thanks. look forward to that. back to your fox 29 weather authority now. beautiful outside of our studios right now, but i know i think things will change a little bit later tonight. >> absolute. not everyone will get wet, dawn
5:33 pm
and iain but a tropical atmosphere expect some tropical downpours if you get hit. take live look at ultimate doppler right now. and you can see parts of the area under that severe thunderstorm watch until 10:00 o'clock tonight. we have some cells popping up in lancaster county. that have turned severe quarter sized hail 60 miles per hour winds also some activity moving now into the lehigh valley and the pocono mountains. so we'll continue to monitor this over the next several hours but we'll zoom in and take a tour across the area and right now around east allen looking at very moderate to heavy rainfall. moving toward the nazareth area and northampton county. this contains some very heavy rainfall perhaps even some small hail. we'll continue to monitor that in the lehigh valley. elsewhere, as we move toward lancaster cun tee, where you see the red and where you see the orange indicating the very heavy rainfall. severe thunderstorm warning for lancaster county here until 5:45. watching out for torrential downpours, 60 miles an hour
5:34 pm
winds and quarter sized hail but as i expand the view you can see it's dry. it's quiet in south jersey. dry in delaware. this activity is only moving to the east at about 20 to 25 miles per hour. so we'll put a tracker on this particular cell moving out of lancaster county. you can see if it holds together moving toward newark around 6:30. philadelphia after 7:00 o'clock. so don't cancel any plans just yet as we continue to watch these slow-moving cells. but parts of the area especially north and west under that slight risk for severe weather. the main threats winds in excess of 60 miles per hour and also some of that small hail. so we'll time things out for you hour by hour. by six, 7:00 o'clock most of it still off to the west of the philadelphia area and the i-95 corridor. so really not arriving till around philly after seven, 8:00 o'clock tonight once again if it holds together. we'll watch that line as it continues to move on off to the east. but look at the clock.
5:35 pm
by 9:00 o'clock, it's still right along the i-95 corridor down the shore still dry parts of delaware as well. by 10, 11:00 o'clock midnight it starts to weaken and then by tomorrow, beautiful weather. clearing skies and lowering humidity. so as we take a live look outside our studios, we have some of those cumulus clouds trying to bubble up but look at the temperature. 82 and look at that dew point in the 70s so any time we have those dew points in the 70s it starts to feel oppressive when you step outdoors. 81 right now in dover. we have 83 in pottstown along with allentown. cooler down the shore. but once again look at those dew points in the low 70s so on that scale that takes us to the oppressive category. it's air you can wear stepping out this evening. so keep an eye to the sky. scattered downpours not of one will get wet or see them. 85 for the high temperature tomorrow. beautiful as we clear out. it stays warm for thursday. maybe a pop-up storm on friday.
5:36 pm
heating up for the upcoming holiday weekend. 89 saturday. maybe a pop you have up storm on sunday but the fourth of july right now looks sunny and warm with highs in the upper 80s. how about that? >> that sounds g it's muggy out there right now. >> it really is. >> thanks, scott. you heard a lot of talk about the breck sit for americans this is not all bad. how the international turmoil could save you money. and some video posted on facebook that will make you cringe. it shows miracle. unsecured load comes loose and puts a biker in a live and death situation much the reason he says he just wasn't able to swerve out of the way. new at 6:00 o'clock accused peeping tom under arrest tonig tonight. how police say they finally caught the suspect after a multi month investigation.
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♪ new jersey governor chris christie held a forum today to try to gain support for his school funding plan. the governor stopped in wall township in monmouth county for forum focused on reworking the way schools are funded in the garden state. under.
5:40 pm
his plan all school districts in the state would get around $6,600 of state aid per student instead of having funding focused on poorer districts. democrats are opposed to that proposal. texas boy is safe tonight after he was kidnapped during an armed robbery. police say 10-year-old nicholas was at his i wasn't's house in dallas when three guys stormed in and demanded money. they had guns. the bad guys didn't get any cash so they ran off with the little boy. he was found by another resident in the neighborhood and was returned to the home several hours later. >> my mom told us that she saw a little boy walking. he look kind of lost she said like confused. me and my sister had remembered that there was an instagram post there was missing boy. so we told her to call the cops immediately because we, n could have been him. >> so far there are no suspects in custody in connection to that kidnapping or the robbery. the british economy may be on shaky ground since last week's vote to leave the european union but if you plan on traveling to the united kingdom you might be able to
5:41 pm
save some serious money. since the breck sit vote the british pound is down and the american dollar is up. the exchange rate favors american travelers. one example airfare from phoenix, arizona to london some people reporting a price drop of six to $700 since the vote. it's just not flight that is are cheap either. >> if you want to go out to west minster, you know, or west minster or, you wanting to to stone hedge you certainly the tours you would be paying less today. so it's really an opportunity. >> several reports indicate that interest and travel to the uk has spiked on travel web sites since its vote to leave the eu. some people may cringe at the old cat lady cliche but researchers just discovered a feel line friends may help women over 50 live longer. we'll explain. many use the app to find love but men in michigan found a beating and robbery instead tom night three people are under arrest.
5:42 pm
their alleged scheme to lure unsays suspecting victims.
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♪ >> shocking video out of minnesota caught on someone's dash cam. posted to facebook. it happened two weeks ago on interstate 94. you see an suv hauling a boat when something falls off and right into the path of that motorcycle. the rider can't seem to swerve around it, gets airborne when he hits it a lot of people can't believe the reason why. apparently the man had only been ride ago motorcycle to have couple of weeks and that's why he was not able to swerve out of the way. we're told he had some road rash and some bruises but he should be okay. the head of atlantic city's main casino workers union says a strike is likely at least one casino this friday.
5:46 pm
the president of local 54 says talks are happening with bally's, caesars, harrah's, tropicana and the taj mahal. he says the issue is making sure casinos provide a decent middle class living for workers. the union is trying to recoup concessions it made in past years when casinos in were in worse financial shape. the casinos say they're committed to deal that is fair to both sides. heartbreaking discovery outside of michigan animal shelter. a dog abandoned in a carrier wrapped tight until plastic bag. thankfully the right person found that dog. >> as bad as this looks and sounds officials say it actually could have been a lot worse. fox's has the story. >> it was sad. melissa loller happened to come to the woodhaven animal shelter around 8:00 o'clock sunday morning. she volunteers to clean it out and feed the animals who are still waiting for homes. but this time she was in for quite a shock. a garbage bag was sitting outside the door. >> it looked like a donation
5:47 pm
bag. when i got closer i noticed a dog was in there whimpering. it was very hot humid and it was tied in a bar gap bag tight. high to rip it open. >> reporter: when she did, she found this little yorkie inside with matted fur filled with fleas and a back leg that appeared to be broken. she called police and animal control right away. she just don't understand what could happen, what if we didn't come 8:00 o'clock? what if the dog ended up being out all day long in that heat and that garbage bag this could have been a really sad tragic story. >> reporter: the dog was trapped in the garbage bag for 47 minutes. woodhaven police were able to get the surveillance video from nearby city building. you can see the woman pull up in what appears to be a 2010 white lexus. she grabs the black garbage bag out of the her car and sets it in front of the shelter. police are hoping someone out there can identify the yorkie or vehicle to help find the driver who dumped that dog. >> there's a much better way.
5:48 pm
just show up when the animal shelter people are here. >> reporter: the lieutenant knows. he rescued two dogs dumped in similar way in front of a wal*mart last year. he wants people to know there is help out there if you need it. >> i just don't understand why you would drop a dog off when you could put it on the internet and within seconds somehow somebody would take the dog. >> i'm so glad that i came in and to check on them bright and early. what if we didn't come until two? that dog would have died. >> right now investigators are trying to track down the person who abandoned the dog with a list of registered vehicles in the area. but they're really hoping they can make an identification threw tips 678. turning to your health now, obesity risk to a lot men never considered. your weight could be an indicator of some major risks for your daughters. joyce evans is here now with that and the other big stories today in health. joyce? >> iain a lot people are talking about this one today. new research is suggesting that a dad's weight may affect his daughter's risk of breast canc
5:49 pm
cancer. scientists at georgetown lombardi comprehensive cancer in washington, d.c. conducted the study using male mice. they said one group a normal diet and the group a diet that made them obese. they discovered that the female babies of those obese mice were more than likely to get breast cancer. the researchers say they found evidence that the male animal's weight not only may increase his chance of developing breast cancer and other diseases but he may pass it on to his children. we checked with the head of oncology at temple university and dr. said the study is interesting but much more investigation is needed before it can be applied to human beings. babies who learn to stand up relatively early may have a better attention memory and learning skills. the study included about 600 children whose moms had recorded their milestones in journals. babies who stood on their own
5:50 pm
earlier than others did better on tests of cognitive and adaptive skills by age four. researchers don't know why this is, but they do want to remind parents that every child is different. so don't worry if your baby isn't standing up yet. he or she will. the findings are in the journal pediatrics. and women over 50 may be less likely to die of heart diseases if they own a pet. about 4,000 adults 50 and older were studied. women with no pets died from cardiovascular illness at a higher rate. the same was not true for men. and women had an even better chance of dodging heart disease if they owned a cat. you can read more about it in the journal high blood pressure and cardiovascular prevention. now researchers don't know why that may be this connection he here, but it certainly might be use toddy fenn the reputation of cats when you're debating another cat owner.
5:51 pm
cats get a bum wrap, don't they? >> sometimes they do, joyce. >> all right. >> thanks, joyce. some men using a popular dating app in florida found the total opposite of love recently. >> they sure did. three people now are accused of using that app to lure victims for a beating an robbery. fox's evans axle bank has more. >> reporter: deputes say that the men were on the dating website plenty of fish when they met supposed woman with a profile name of curvy cameron. the suspects charlie woodley, cameron davis and rachel brown, allegedly convinced at least three men to show up to the $60 a night crash pad. deputes believe they didn't use their own pictures to show the men. while at least three people have been robbed over the last week, deputes say there could be more. >> people are victimized and many times they are not comfortable calling and reporting it. they feel guilty, embarrassment, a number every things of reasons why they may not call. >> i have met people online before, but i always make sure to meet them out in a public
5:52 pm
area, not just one-on-one kind of thing. because like i said, you don't know what that person could be capable of of the. >> reporter: plenty of fishery lease add statement to us saying that users should be aware of the risks associated with all online exchanges. the two men have been charged with two counts of armed robbery. the woman charged with helping them. >> thankfully the three men who have been beaten are expected to be okay. so maybe you're not able to or don't want to find full-time work. there's still something you can do to make money and more and more americans are doing it. the new type of economy that's springing up much plus 6:00 o'clock ikea issues a recall affecting millions of consumers. the risks linked to this furniture that's already blamed for several deaths. and what's being placed in the nicu at a local hospital to help parents and their babies bond while they're apart. ♪
5:53 pm
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pepsi and as per tame once again joining forces. soda giant will reintroduce a version of diet pepsi made with the artificial sweetener. this is a year after abandoning it because of questions about the sweetener's health effects. the new offering sweetened with as per tame will be called diet pepsi classic sweetener blend. the sweetener had been linked to cancer in lab mice but consumers were apparently dissatisfied
5:57 pm
over the change in flavor without sweetener. pennsylvania l and i secretary catherine mandarin know is touring philadelphia on the job to pay tour. she visited leonardo helicopters and computer components the goal of his tour to highlight small business and promote good-paying family sustaining jobs and career paths in the state. for various reasons millions of americans are not able to work full time. but that doesn't mean you can't stay busy and make money. >> fox's mark wilson on the pros and cons of the so-called gig economy. >> reporter: kathy lockwood wears many hats. she's a teacher, a writer and a content marking manager among other things. >> most of the gigs have i right now are semi permanent. but i can lose them at any time and then so i'm always, always on the search for new work. so that's almost a job in itself. >> reporter: just like roving rock bands play multiple gigs 50 million american workers have given up on their traditional nine to 5:00 jobs they want to
5:58 pm
work where they want and where they want. kathy enjoys the freedom not being tied down to steady job. >> i do have more time, um, to be able to go out and maybe shop or get together with friends although most of them are working. >> reporter: you may gain more freedom but it comes with price. >> it's also very stressful because i'm always making sure that i have enough jobs going on. >> reporter: why would anyone give up the security of a 9:00 to 5:00 job for the uncertainty of juggling jobs. >> for the people that want work part time it's more -- it's usually has to do with their schedule other people just really do want to just work part time because they have other activities. whether they're volunteering or they've got hobbies that they do. >> reporter: while there's big money to be made gettin getting. they have some words of warning. >> you normal dollar not get benefits as far as medical insurance or, you know, dental or things like that. >> when you work for your for
5:59 pm
yourself in multiple jobs you have to be super organized and detailed oriened. >> reporter: mark wilson, fox news. ♪ tonight remembering legendary nfl coach buddy ryan. >> we got to fall for you. >> who how the former eagles coach made his mark in philadelphia. >> plus, with just week to go until the democratic national convention, several organizations are vowing to bring chaos to the streets of philadelphia. >> two party system no longer serves us. we are in a time of revolution. >> how they say city officials are trying to block their rights to protest. ♪ live from center city in philadelphia this is fox 29 news at 6:00. we start with breaking news out of turkey where two explosions were set off at istanbul's main international airport at least 28 people are dead in a suicide bombing.
6:00 pm
good evening, i'm dawn timmeney. >> i'm iain page. dozens of others have been injured right now the attack is being blamed on three suicide bombers. officials say two people blue themselves up at the entrance of the international terminal right near the x-ray security check. turkish media saying that at least one of those people started shooting just before the explosions and that police also opened fire on them. now those same media reports say about 60 people are hurt and the taxis rushed some of them to the hospital. no group has yet claimed responsibility for the attack. of course, fox 29 will continue to follow all the developments of this story as the news breaks you can hear about it first by downloading our fox 29 app. it's available in the going goal play and apple stores. turning to your fox 29 weather authority knowledge here's live look at our radar. severe thunderstorm watch underway in our area. this could mean heavy rain, wind even hail. let's head over to meteorologist scott williams for the timing to have night's weather, scott.


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