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tv   FOX 29 News at 6PM  FOX  June 28, 2016 6:00pm-6:31pm EDT

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good evening, i'm dawn timmeney. >> i'm iain page. dozens of others have been injured right now the attack is being blamed on three suicide bombers. officials say two people blue themselves up at the entrance of the international terminal right near the x-ray security check. turkish media saying that at least one of those people started shooting just before the explosions and that police also opened fire on them. now those same media reports say about 60 people are hurt and the taxis rushed some of them to the hospital. no group has yet claimed responsibility for the attack. of course, fox 29 will continue to follow all the developments of this story as the news breaks you can hear about it first by downloading our fox 29 app. it's available in the going goal play and apple stores. turning to your fox 29 weather authority knowledge here's live look at our radar. severe thunderstorm watch underway in our area. this could mean heavy rain, wind even hail. let's head over to meteorologist scott williams for the timing to have night's weather, scott.
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>> that's certainly right, iain. watching ultimate doppler right now. parts of the area under that severe thunderstorm watch until 10:00 o'clock. away from the immediate shore. but look north and west. showers and thunderstorms right now thankfully no longer severe thunderstorm warnings for our area. but we'll take a tour of the timing. the lehigh valley now under until about 7:00 o'clock. scattered downpours, some gusty winds, maybe some small hail. the philadelphia area, scatter the activity as well between 7:00 o'clock and 10:00 o'clock and then down the shore, leftover isolated activity from 10:00 until midnight. moving toward the pocono mountains right now, watching some moderate to heavy rain also moving north of allentown and northampton county. off to the west right now. berks county, lancaster county and chester county looking at some showers and thunderstorms moving in. most of the area it's still dry along the i-95 corridor. south jersey, parts of delaware. but as we go hour by hour, you can see slowly moving toward the i-95 corridor. once again after about seven,
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8:00 o'clock trenton, philadelphia, wilmington, most of south jersey still dry and quiet until after 10:00 o'clock with isolated leftover showers moving down the shore. we'll talk about more with this humidity and also the upcoming holiday weekend forecast with the seven day coming up. >> all right, scott, thank you. tonight eagles fans and players are honoring the life of legendary coach bud dough ryan. ryan died today at the age of 82 but no cause of death has been given yet. ryan was a head coach for the philadelphia eagles from 1986 through 1990. he's remember as a great defensive mastermind. he was also loved for his outspoken character and admired by the players who played for him. >> loved the guy. you know, i loved his approach. i loved his honesty. i thought that he was, um... he was real guy, you know, he was guy that i didn't worry if buddy is saying something to me and then if he he's saying something
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different about that same conversation to someone else. i never had that concern. buddy was a real guy. >> howard isocline have much more on buddy ryan's legacy coming up in sports. police identified a suspect wanted in connection to the murder of a man who was shot dead in the middle of afternoon while sitting in his car. philadelphia police issued a warrant for kalif, $20,000 reward being offered for information leading to his arrest. police say on june 16th, 21-year-old coo are was shot in the head while sitting in his car on arbor street in the city's olney section. police say they're not aware of the two men new each other. tonight, we are getting a look at the man police say killed his wife using a cross bow. this happened in northeast philadelphia. paul cuz zen san is charged with murder and possessing an instrument of crime. he confessed to killing his new wife 42-year-old pamela night linger after the two had a fight sunday night. it happened in their home along the 3100 block of willits road.
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police say night linger was hit in the chest. in paulsboro, new jersey, police say a man has surrendered in connection to deadly shooting from last week. darnell samuels turned himself in at the gloucester county prosecutor's office today. on june 20, 24-year-old john gardner was shot multiple times along the 1300 block of pine street. gardner's funeral was today and developing news tonight that may affect your home. ikea is recalling millions of its chests and drawers because they can topple over and trap children. the pieces of furniture are already being blamed for six deaths including one right here in our area. >> our bill anderson talk to the attorney representing the family of that young local boy who died so tragically. >> reporter: the recall of 29 million ikea products because of the possibility of tipping over a special local connection. two-year-old occur ren, of west chester was one of three children killed in the last two years by dresser that is fell on
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them. today his attorney told me a recall is just the first step. >> it isn't about making furniture that needs to be attached to a wall. it's about building safety in. furniture can be made stable. furniture can be madre assistant to tip overs. >> reporter: the recall comes after ikea previously launched an education program and offered free brackets to secure dressers to the wall. but a local baby proofing company said more needs to be done because the risk of injury from ikea and other products is just too high. >> 25,000 people a year most of them underage eight are injured by tipping accidents and about a dozen or two dozen of those are fatalities. >> reporter: she pushed back again against some of the certainly media critics who criticize parents saying you can't blame the product for unsupervised children. >> it goes way beyond
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supervision because the most of the kids that get hurt furniture tip overs are actually between three and five years old. so you think about your average kid. he's five years old. he's going to be kindergarten. he'll be in his room playing without parental supervision. >> karen's was a first of lawsuit against ikea. he described the recall as better late than never. >> build the safety in. make the furniture safe out of the box. that's the way to do it. >> reporter: now all safety and recall information is available at we put a link on our website that will take you right to it. both the attorney and ikea website caution parents to immediately remove any dressers covered by the recall. they say processing refunds could take time but, dawn, securing or removing the dressers should not. do that immediately.
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>> all right, thank you, bill. happening right now addressing one community's contaminated water. montgomery county residents are at a meeting right now with attorneys and consumer advocates about toxic chemicals in their water. attorneys from whites and lucks segment burg law firm used by consumer advocate erin brocco viv via skype to talk about resident's concerns. half of all public drinking water wells in warminster and horsham have been shut down because of contamination over the year coming from decades of airport fire fighting chemical foam used at the former willow grove air station and naval air warfare center in want warminster a class act lawsuit may result from tonight's meeting. >> now to you decide 2016. protesters policy and police all on the table tonight demonstrators vow to shut the city down with a democratic convention comes to philadelphia july 25th. our bruce gordon will be covering the convention from
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cleveland and in philly and he's live at city hall tonight with what kind of disruptions we might expect. bruce? >> reporter: well, not really clear, iain at this point it it depends whether you take at face value some of the harsh threats coming from protest groups bitterly angry at the democrats are their nominee hillary clinton. philadelphia police needed power saws to break up the devices linking anti deportation protester who's block as exit ramp to the vine street expressway midday tuesday. in the end traffic was disrupted for more than an hour. four people were cited but no one was injured. >> we're here to support the rights of protesters, not to take them away. again, it was quite obvious today. >> reporter: but these testers vow larger and more aggressive demonstrations when the democratic national convention hits town. >> this entire charade needs to be shut down. there's no future of the democratic party or the republican party. >> reporter: it would be easy to assume democrats partying in an overwhelmingly democratic
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city would face fewer protests. easy but wrong. >> hillary clinton you are not welcome in philadelphia. >> right. >> you are not welcome here and we will make sure that you are living in chaos when you come to philadelphia. now this is not a there. it's a promise. >> reporter: preparations at the wells fargo center now well underway the kenny administration says it will designate protest areas across broad street at fdr park. and will require permits for those wishing to march. some groups say they will not comply. >> with or without permit we march. why? because we have nothing to lose but our chains. >> reporter: back in 2000 sand when the republicans came to town, there were sporadic outbreaks of violence. philly police were aggressive in rounding up protesters the result lots of civil rights lawsuits that cost the city of philadelphia millions of dollars. lawyers for these protesters say they are ready for another fig fight.
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>> there's another 20 lawyers standing behind me, everyone of them a seasoned capable professional attorney who has defended people in criminal court for years. many of them have defended protesters and free speakers. >> reporter: mayor kenney was unavailable for on air comment today but quoted as saying, protesters will not be arrested simply for failing to obtain permit. of course with some of the threats we're hearing from the protesters today, the idea of shutting down major thoroughfares, for example, the mayor and his police force will need real patience to keep the piece. dawn? >> all right, bruce. meantime donald trump made a stop in western pennsylvania today where he spoke about u.s. free trade deals. trump visited an aluminum factory. the presumptive gop nominee says the policies of the current administration ruined local economies and he aims claims four years of hillary clinton would only maintain the status quo. trump says the first step he would take to bring back jobs would be to withdrawal u.s. support for the transpacific
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partnership. and coming up a special tool for parents of sick newborns. what is being placed in. nicu of a local hospital who to help parents and their babies bond while they're a part. accused peeping tom under arrest tonight. how police finally caught the suspect after a multi monthly investigation.
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brand new video into our newsroom tonight. a car in flames in delaware. this video coming to us from viewer on route 273 in newark. this is near red mill road it's in the westbound lanes. new castle fire officials telling us the first call came in about 5:40. no word on any injuries. now to north philadelphia tioga neighbor. at least five people are homeless after flooding caused the ceiling and the roof to collapse in a building. it happened on the 2300 block of west atlantic street. it was late last night. l and i says residents cannot go back into their homes. no one was hurt. the red cross is assisting those
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families who are displaced. if you node to head to penndot's driver license center along island avenue in southwest philadelphia, pump the brakes. penndot says because of some cooling issues the center is closed until further notice. drivers can head to the whitman plaza center on oregon avenue. the one at 801 arch street or the center in media delaware county in the meantime police in new castle delaware caught a peeping tom. >> authorities say exposed himself to several different victims. 37-year-old nathaniel barksdale of wilmington facing a list of charges to night. investigators say barksdale exposed himself and tried to look through someone's window at the chateau orleans apartment complex back in october of 2015. since then police say he's exposed himself several other times at that complex. police arrested him today after detectives saw him looking through someone's sliding door. he is in jail tonight. a big change for local families with babies in the ni nicu. sane mary's hospital in langhorne got a check for $5,000
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to bring special cam trees their neonatal intensive care union. the check came from the super hero project and it will allow families to watch that are newborns on the angel eye cameras when they're away from the hospital. the check presenter kelly gallagher had her own twins stay in the nicu. >> please accept this amazing gift from the hundreds of people who given to my non-profit. small piece of the puzzle will allow saint mary's continue in the health care field and put its tiny yesterday patients to the forecast. >> it will help cover the installation cost of cameras in the nick you'll ice so let's. south jersey athlete about to head to rio competing in the olympic. 21-year-old kelci worrell from westampton township won the 100-meter butterfly at the us swimming trials last night. the second fastest time in the world this year. she won the ncaa championships in the 100 and 200-meter butterfly this year.
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this will be her first time competing in the olympics. congrats. absolutely. back to your fox 29 weather authority now. pretty nice out here now. i know, scott, we're under the threat of severe weather out there later. >> that's certainly right. parts of the area under that thunderstorm watch until 10:00 o'clock. counties highlighted in yellow away from the immediate shore communities. not everyone is going to see it but if do you they could be a little gusty. we're talking winds up to 50, 60 miles an hour and also some small hail. we'll take tour across the area right now and zoom in to lancaster county chester county right now moving toward coatesville, downington, south coventry, looking at some moderate showers moving in also up toward the pottstown area. nothing right here is severe. as we move toward the pocono mountains, the lehigh valley, also watching some moderate downpours once again non-severe at the moment. so that's some good news. expanding the view, it's still dry in philadelphia. also, as we move into much of the bucks county, delaware looking good. south jersey, dry for now.
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but this is the scattered activity that will continue to move from west to east. if it holds together we're talking a time frame of between 7:00 to 10:00 around the philadelphia area and then what's left after that moving into south jersey and down the shore from about 10:00 o'clock to midnight. so if you do get wet, we're looking at those tropical downpours because there's a lot of moisture juice in the atmosphere. it felt like a sauna stepping outside today. so the storm prediction center has areas north and west once again in that slight risk so this is the greatest threat. lehigh valley, the pocono mountains for the damaging winds and also for that small hail. we have some cumulus clouds kind of bubbling up once again tropical when you step outdoors. you certainly can feel it. the high made it up to 84. current temperature 82 but look at that dew point in the low 7 70s. that is oppressive once you move well into that scale. now as far as temperatures, we have 77 atlantic city and wildwood.
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80 in wilmington. low 80s right now in allentown. but look at the measure of moisture. the dew points 72 in wilmington. 71 right now in philadelphia. and low 70s in dover. so remember earlier in the week it was pretty pleasant and comfortable. but right now take look at that scale oppressive tropical humidity. cloudy skies muggy scattered downpours for tonight. tomorrow clearing much improved, 85 degrees. that humidity will start to drop as well. and take a look at the latter part of the week. 86 on thursday. 87 on friday. maybe a pop-up storm the upcoming holiday weekend we're heating up. most of the area dry. maybe a pop-up storm on sunday and the fourth of july looks warm. temperatures top out around 88 degrees and also looks dry. >> all right. >> perfect. >> yeah. fireworks, barbeques. exactly. >> all right, scott, thank you. i'll have the chicken, please. >> okay. (laughter). >> all right. sad day with former eagles head coach buddy ryan passing away,
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but was it -- what was it about buddy that helped his players love him? now hear from some of his players and a video rap song in tribute to buddy while he was still coach of the eagles much that will be coming up in sports.
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♪ because all those guys in there are stupid. maddux is the fullback looks like a reject card in the u.s.
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fl. he's so dam fat. (laughter). >> he would say whatever. buddy ryan passed a way today at the age of 82 but we laugh at all the things did he. buddy would always make -- always want to rip somebody. he didn't like kickers and said kickers are like taxi cabs. you can always go out and higher another one. i was asked the question today if buddy ryan the most legendary coach in town? well, he's 1a behind dick vermeil that's pretty good company. it's a mazing how much the fans of this town loved buddy and that's even without a play off win in five years with the eagles. buddy rain came to the eagles after many of his bears players in the city of chicago loved him. buddy won the super bowl. was on that team the defensive coordinator in 1986. then he came to philadelphia and one of the first things he said to the fans and the people of the area, you got a winner in town. he was loved because he was a character and because he was always outspoken. even when it came to ripping the owner of the eagles norman bray man buddy ryan was loved because he was not filter the also loved by his players said wanted smart
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guys who were tough. he said stupid guys and cowards will only help you lose. but his players bought into what he had to say. >> buddy had way of getting guys on assignments that you just can't do any more. you can't do these types of things in the league any more because they just won't allow it. >> he learn his teaching and his coaching really from being in the army, um, he knew that the best thing sometimes is to have the same end knee. guys can be together if they got the same end knee. >> he was tough and rough, but there was a big heart. he loved his players, and once buddy septembere septemberred ys inner sr. kell awed friend for life. >> okay. what's said buddy now joining some of his players. they loved him. all right. what they did and he's now joined reggie white, jerome brown and andre waters who are in this video. fun to see a video titled buddy is watching.
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>> buddy is watching. he's watching, yes, he's watc watching. the fans are too. ♪ >> that was in 1988. >> wow! >> mike quick look like stevie wonder. >> that's if stuff. buddy will be missed. >> that will do it for us here tonight at 6:00 o'clock. >> see you right back here at 10:00. have a great night. inside edition is up next.
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a wing and a prayer. >> football hero tim tebow prays over a stricken passenger at 30,000 feet. >> and, fly mageddon. invasion of the giant flies. >> plus, the controversial new tell all expose about the clintons. >> you say you saw president bill clinton with a shiner, a real live put a steak on it black eye. >> secrets of the clintons. >> more on the mom who killed her two daughters. >> why she did it, straight from the people who knew mom best. >> she was out to kill that day. >> and the notorious pool party video. one year later. have they made


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