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tv   Fox Morning News at 4A  FOX  June 29, 2016 4:00am-5:00am EDT

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(breaking news right now police investigating a cab driver stabbed overnight, we'll have the very latest thon next having out of turkey, three isis bombings started shooting killing dozen of people. the latest on this investigation and how it affect secure. >> i workers in some of atlantic city casino's are set to go on strike watch it means for the casinos. >> and those trying to gamble over the weekends. timing couldn't be worse. >> right? >> i can't believe this month is coming to ends it, means half the month is over. >> oh, my goodness, what have we accomplished? >> seriously. >> let's get to dave warren. good morning to you, sir. >> you wake up, you might see
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little fog out there. so fire the foghorn, north and western suburbs, visibility down, slow it down on the roadways, because it will quickly drop this morning. rain is gone, moisture still here, that's why we're seeing patchy fog develop, mild in allentown, three quarters mile of visibility in trenton, ultimate doppler clear, showers last night, moved through, and there is one or two showers right around cape may. that is the last of the rain that we'll see here in the next hour or so. so the improving weather today, put it up to a eight, not quite perfect, still bit mug think morning, but the humidity will be dropping little bit later. it is camera day, 60s, 70s there is morning, off to nice start, see bit of sunshine in the morning, and much lower humidity later today. so, muggy start, 60s and 70s, it will quickly warm up this morning, climbing into the mid 80s, but the humidity is dropping. that's the big thing you'll notice this afternoon, even though it is warm, nice afternoon, as that humidity drops. so, slow it down on the
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roadway, the fog is out there, bob kelly? >> there was the fog the minute i pulled out of my driveway, and out and about on some of the roadways this morning, here is a example of the poor visibility, i mean, hit and miss depending where you begin and ends your trip. this is route 100, right out near the downingtown interchange of the pennsylvania turnpike, downtown we go. live look, at the vine expressway, closed in both directions, again, until about 5:00 this morning, all part of that reconstruction project. here is a live look at the walt whitman bridge, in the background, though they've been doing work on the overnight on the walt whitman. you can see some crews still out there, however, traffic is moving. stopping traffic for about 20 minute at a time, on the overnight, on the walt whitman bridge. it is all part of just long-term ongoing maintenance project, but looks like traffic moving right now, stick with the ben franklin, probably your best bet, on the overnight. but as dave mentioned, north and west of the city, dealing with some fog coming in from
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downingtown, coming in from royersford, even portions of the northeast extension, dealing with some fog. now, that fog could cause delays for the early morning flight out of philadelphia international airport this morning. and if you are coming in from new jersey, along the 42, 295 interchange, just watch for the traffic pattern shuffle that is out there. and again, this is is that area where there is no overhead street lamps so those lane patterns come up on you fast, mass transit, the subway and the market frankford line using buses until 5:00. >> bob, thank you so maniment following breaking news out of camden, right now some sort of police investigation, happening, at apartment complex. there are reports that a cabby was stabbed around 12:30 last night, on state and north front street. we are still working to get this confirmed, and we are working to get more information, as soon as we do, we'll bring you an update. >> more breaking news here, right now philadelphia police investigating a shoot that happened in the city juniata section happened 1600 block every east hunting park avenue. one person was found around midnight with gunshot wound to
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the leg. no word on the condition of the victim or if any arrest haves been made. at least 36 people are dead after a terror attack at airport in istanbul turkey. say three suspected isis bombers opened fire with automatic rifles and then blew themselves up near the international terminal. the victims include many foreigners. now airports across the nation are of course on high alert after those attacks. >> several of them are ramming up security, so what's this meaning for us here and those who may be using philadelphia international airport as a second option? dave kinchen on that part of the story liver from the airport. dave? >> philadelphia police always work out after office here in philadelphia international. we do know philadelphia police, say, they're being extra vigilant in light of the situation that had taken place at philadelphia international among airports nationwide following alerts from istanbul, being sent out in places like new york, new jersey, and chick check, at airports there, a mid the
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situation in turkey. now, for example, the port authority of new york and new jersey said tuesday that travelers will see officers with tactical weapons, patrolling the airport in that region. this as many are still processing the terrorizing scene in istanbul. >> people were shooting, and we all ran the other way, and then the bombs went off and people were -- there was more shooting. we came out and after that i think there was another bomb. >> we left the office and tried to escape. then the second bomb exploded. and then everywhere was in disorder. >> according to information i have received at the entrance to airport international terminal, terrorist first opened fire then blew themselves up. >> this is daily fare. that's why i say the first challenge we need to face is countering non-state violent actors. >> and we can tell you that local and federal officials
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are, working with the fbi joint terrorism task force, as they usually do, but in a enhanced situation in light of what happened here in istanbul, bang back here at home philadelphia police asking everyone to be extra vigilant, if you see something, say something. police are asking everyone to do just that. chris, lauren? >> dave kinchen, thank you so much. >> of course this story is developing. details are coming in. for the very latest of course go to our website >> hundreds of people of willow grove concerned. they want to know if their drinking water is safe. packing the upper moreland auditor -- auditorium last night. now, banned airport fire fighting chemical foam was used for years at three former military bases, located nearby, nearly half of all public drinking water wells have been shutdown. it is believed those toxins seeped into the water that people have been drinking for decades. >> i got a nine year old son,
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four year old daughter, every day i'm putting in the tub and washing their foods. they come running scared. >> people have had injuries from this chemical and that they have a remedy. they should have a rem dip in the law. so i would foresee us filing a lawsuit. >> the meeting was organized by affirm that is planning to file class action lawsuit against the company who makes those chemicals. people have been toll their drinking water is now safe. those who live nearby are still encourage today give their water tested and to get a blood test to check for any health problems. >> fourth of july week send coming, and man, do we have a development down the shore. atlantic city casino workers say they're under paid, they're fed up with the lack of progress in contract negotiations at five of their properties. >> they're prepared to strike. steve keep i live in atlantic city with details on. >> this hype, steve. >> reporter: when we got here a few minutes ago, it was raining, mist, a lot of fog, the weather now clearing up. usually weather is the big worry for a big summer weekend
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like the fourth of july. but obviously this looming possibility after casino strike is now the big worry. no definite strike yet but the strong possibility of a walk-out at one of five of atlantic city's eight casinos. we're talking every casino but the borgata resorts and the goal end nugget have the strike threat looming over them. that is more than half of the eight casinos remaining here after so many shutdown in that terrible year, and they have this threat strike sometime friday by thousands of casino workers, who say, they're way under paid and way under appreciated, and all un cared about by the big ownership. the vote the strike was close to unanimous, 96% of the 10,000 workers said, hey, they're willing to walk out, go without a paycheck if they have to. 55% of atlantic city casinos staff, women, and the average age, 49, these are people who start today right out of high school and thought this was great job and it was for years, until the casino business in atlantic city
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never was a monopoly any more, and we started seeing casinos here do pretty bad when the casinos over in philly started opening up. they think the average most workers have gotten in raised over the past 12 years, just 80 cents. over at the taj mahal, don't even have health benefit. strike can't are trending today at the union headquarters, chris, lauren, they have picket signs, shirts, hats, bullhorns, all being handed out. the question is are they going to need them? and we just don't know just yet. >> let's hope not. all right, steve, thank you. four will the the i am. looking at the man the police killed his wife using the crossbow in northeast philly. paul charged with murder and poe testing instrument of crime. investigators say he confessed to killing his new wife, 42 year old pam nightlinker after the two had a fight sunday night, 3100 wrote of will it road. she was hit in the chest. only married like nine days. >> one person was hurt when the car they were driving burst into flames.
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the fire all caught on camera. take a lock at the video, coming from a viewer there is was on route 273 in newark near red mill road right during the evening rush hour last night. new castle fire tells us first call came in around 5:40, they had it under control in less than 15 minute. the driver of the car taken to the hospital but expected to be okay. we don't know what exactly start that massive fire there. >> 4:10. he called the straw hat bandit. he's robbed almost dozen local banks. but, the hat is not all he uses. the two things that are always a part of his disguise. >> hey, if you need to get a drivers license, listen up. why you may have to pump those brakes before heading to one local dmv, bob. >> what what? good morning, 4:10. we've got a shutdown of the schuylkill right now. here is a live look at the westbound lanes, an overturned vehicle between center city and girard avenue. we'll get more details on that. let's go to the parkway where they've been working hard, setting up the stage for the
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big concert this weekend. we'll give you all of the details. dave's got that holiday forecast. all of that and more right after we grab a cup of coffee. meet you back here in two. jill and kate use the same dishwasher.
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>> sue serio is off this week, we're looking at fog, no more rain, because lot of moisture in the air. fog is developing. specially north and west, visibility can drop quickly, like in trenton, now, three quarters after mile. there is the last of the rain,
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right over cape may county, southern tip of cape may county. radar is clear. the last few hours showing those showers moving through, just a few across south jersey. they're moving on out. temperatures will climb today. it will be warm but much more comfortable this afternoon, humidity is high right now, but it will be dropping quickly throughout the afternoon. 60s and 70s, climb to the mid 80s, could even be little warmer tomorrow. dew points are still hi, at 66, but will drop into the 50's tonight as the winds picks up, and it shifts direction, bridges in some drier air, so 71 right now, headed for the 80s, look how quickly this drops. this is the measure of the moisture in the air. you like to see it in the 50's, thereby 6:00 tonight, and look at overnight tonight. clear, comfortable, we could have temperatures down note's, in a few suburbs, especially, north and west. so, a nice start tomorrow. we go from uncomfortable to comfortable almost pleasant specially few of the suburbs north and west. fronts moving through. that was the focus for the showers and few storms yesterday. that breeze picks up today with a little cooler air
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coming in aloft. you get these clouds developing. the computer, find it gives us few showers, see few clouds this afternoon, everything clears up overnight tonight. gets nice and comfortable. sunny, few clouds this afternoon, still warm, but the humidity drops quickly. eighty-four to 86, put a 90 in thereon friday, showers and storms, the mugginess comes back, but it gets pushed to the south on saturday, sunday we're at 85 degrees, monday and tuesday, sun to clouds, and then by tuesday, just few showers, and thunderstorms. so it looks like it is getting a little better here, this weekend, let's folk just on friday. >> did you say 90 on friday? >> we're driving. >> not only can i wear my white pants, but i could maybe wear my white shorts. oh, boy, on friday. >> and they'll match your white legs. >> they will match my white legs, because we're going to wildwood, guys. watch the tram car, and watch my white legs. going down there the
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boardwalk, boardwalk and shell inning err in the heart of wildwood, broadcasting live from 7:00 to 10:00. we'll bring the whole gang with us, we'll get there in brands spanking new mazda cx9. and we're interested in giving it away to you, all do you have do is go to our website, sign up to win that brand sprang spanking new mazda, answer once a day, every day, and then on friday we will have folks down there from mazda giving you a chance to sign upright there on the boardwalk, and then on our final show coming up on july 22nd of the mazda drives program, we will give away a brand new mazda cx9. so see you this friday in wildwood, next friday we will hook one wilmington, haddonfield, coming your way on the 15th, then the grand finale when we give away that car in fairmount park, on july 22. right now we've got a problem on the old schuylkill expressway, the eastbound, or i should say westbound lanes of the schuylkill expressway,
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an overturned vehicle here, between spring garden, and girard avenue. here is the girard avenue ramp to go to the zoo. just to casino of gave you a idea, so approaching girard avenue, looks like they're let that left lane get on through. but this is going to cause a problem, for anyone coming through the city, and trying to get out toward city line or conshohocken. again, that's westbound, right at girard avenue, city lights, foghorns, portions of 422, 22, the pennsylvania turn peak, all casino of depend upon where you are beginning your trip where we have some fog. downtown the vine street expressway is closed between the schuylkill and broad street, again on the overnight, still 5:00 we'll have that closure. we've got big soccer tournament, philadelphia cup -- the company, philadelphia union playing down, and will throw extra volume for the evening rush hour. septa using shuttle buses on
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both the ten and 15, and also the market frankford and the broad street subway lines running shuttle buses until 5:00. chris, lauren, to you. >> police need your help tracking down two suspect accused of robbing a couple at gunpoint in west philadelphia. take a look at the surveillance video. you see one of the suspect use the victim's stolen credit card shortly after the robbery. looks like he is gassing up, all happens june 12th, 4800 block of hawes ill avenue. from any information or recognize this person you are asked to call police. only on fox the search on for serial bandit. wanted man has robbed ten local banks over the last few years. investigators tell us the man is considered armed and dangerous, his first bank robbery in horsham four years ago, the man targeted several other places in bucks and montgomery counties. investigators say the serial bank robber uses elaborate disguise toss conceal his identity including a large straw hat. >> first robbery he was wearing a suit anti-and straw hat. we dubbed him the straw hat
4:19 am
bandit. steps to the teller, always a danger. >> here is the fbi's latest sketch of that suspect. investigators want the man behind bars before anyone gets hurt. >> 4:19 is the time, haven't ruled out alcohol as a factor in a deadly car crash, car traveling eastbound lane of frosty hollow road drove into the westbound lane before collide withing another car. man in the correct rain, identified as william hogan, died at the scene. other driver taken to the hospital in critical condition, police say, toxicology results now pending. >> investigation after murder after man shot dead in the middle of the afternoon while sitting in his car. philadelphia police have issued warrant for kaileast teeing al. police say that on june 16, 21 year old saleem abdul latif shot in the head white sitting
4:20 am
in his car on arbor street in the city olney section. police say they're not aware if the two new one another. >> activists vowing to shut down the city when the democrats come to town, not happy about where they can and cannot protest. some protesters say they'll march and rally without permits and refuse to be limited to the so-called protest pen at fdr park. >> if you need to help to penndot drivers license center along island avenue in southwest philadelphia, pump the brakes. penndot says due to cooling issues, the center's closed until further in the. drivers can head to the whitney plaza center on oregon avenue, the one at 801 arch street or the center in media delaware county meantime. >> sports world lost two legends, first lady basketball coach pat summit. >> the other of course eagles head coach buddy ryan two, great coaches lost in the same day. buddy ryan was brash, outspoken, but his players loved him. as much as the fans here. hear from some of his former
4:21 am
players coming up in sports. >> here are your winning lottery numbers.
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this is fox 29 sports in one minute. >> good morning, i'm howard eskin. yesterday sad day in eagles history, buddy ryan passed away at the age of 82, he had five colorful years as the eagles head coach, brass, cocky, would say anything about anybody. and the fans loved him for t buddy ryan never won playoff game in the five years of the eagles but it didn't seem to matter to the fans, they believed in him and loved all of the things he might say. he waist not a fan of kickers once saying football kick remembers like taxicabs, you can always go out and hire another one. merrill reese, how much, was a fan. >> he was tough and rough, but there was a big heart. he loved his players. and once buddy accepted you into his inner circle, you had a friend for life. >> i was not in his inner circle but he was a funny guy,
4:25 am
the women's number one seed, a winner yesterday. that would be serena wimbledon, serena williams to wimbledon. she here in the near caught court. she wins it six-two, six-four, that's sports in a minute, i'm howard eskin. >> so many losses, legendary coaches, women's head basketball coach, pat summit died yesterday after battling altzheimer's. >> known for her tough coaching methods, the winningest coach in division one college ball victory, during her career at the university of tennessee, led the lady balls to eight national championships. she was 64 years old. >> well the phillies -- we laughed about that. you know, in the prom tore hard some time. >> the different between dessert and desert, you want two helpings of dessert, so there are 2s's. >> that's right. >> phillies and jets trying to
4:26 am
win a second straight game. >> game was closer, and it came down to the last inning. all right, here we go. ninth inning, blanco, nice base hit, to right, scoring jimmy, tying the game. phillies unloading the bases, all right? and there comes ryan howard. >> oh, oh. >> we'll get to it. oh, they are really milk this highlight here. there is ryan -- is that ryan howard? >> yes. >> man, he kind of changed his stands little bit. there he is. so he walks, bases loaded that will give them the lead. and then we win. back-to-back for the first time all month. hey, we're following breaking news out of camden, a cab driver possibly stabbed in an apartment complex, we'll have the latest on this straight ahead. >> in turkey more than three dozen killed, what this means for us back here at home. on this cushion for generations.
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its innovative cap has a 2x wider spray that kills 99.9% of bacteria. max cover is another great way to lysol that. breaking news at 4:30, police investigating reports of a cab driver stabbed overnight in camden, what we know about the violence in this half hour. >> developing out of turkey, officials there say three suspected isis bombers started shooting, at an airport
4:30 am
killing dozens of people, the latest on the investigation, how this affect travel in our country. >> and just few days before the fourth of july holiday, workers at some of atlantic city casinos set to say we're not going to show up for work. what this means for those casinos, and for those every how hope to gamble. >> man, what timing there. one of the busiest times. year there in ac. >> good day, it is wednesday, june 29, 2016. few days before the fourth of july holiday. >> so i thought the humidity would be less than yesterday when it rained, but it is clearly still here today. >> it is. what's the humidity right now, would you say, dave? >> it is like it was yesterday, ya. not dropping yet. but i tell you something, lauren. >> okay? >> this afternoon, your hair will be on fleek. >> oh, i can't wait. >> really? >> she'll have to instagram that for us later this afternoon. >> can't wait. do you have deal with the humidity right now, the visibilities dropping, as well, because all of that rain that came down, leading to the fog around this morning. still, north and west, could see this drop in visibility. so if you are driving around this morning, could drop
4:31 am
quickly like three quarters after mile visibility in trenton. the rain's gone. last few hours, had few showers, came through center city, and then south jersey, and now the last of it, right over cape may, just few light showers there. and then it continues to push off to the east. so, we're pretty much done with the rain. now, there will be bit after breeze shaping up today. this is at noon. and then you get these clouds developing. that's that cooler, drier air coming in, you might just see few clouds develop this afternoon, by 6:00 nice and comfortablement winds dice down tonight. temperatures will really drop. we could be into the 50's in a few suburbs tomorrow morning, about 10 degrees cooler than we are right now, 63 in allentown, mid 60s north and west, hits 71 in philadelphia and millville. buddy, phillies gear, that is not right. that was yesterday's graphic. but the shirt applies, because the phillies won. yes, this is right. 84 degrees, muggy start, less humid, later today. it is muggy right now, bob kelly, good morning.
4:32 am
>> my kids wear the same clothes one day to the other in the summertime, no big deal. just tell everybody the washer's broke. >> accident on the schuylkill expressway, we go for ride, boom, coming westbound, through center city, here is a picture that was sent to us from our buddy bill, who is always out and about during the morning, he's at stand still here on the schuylkill expressway westbound between spring garden and girard avenue. if you are leaving the city, headed west, or about to go through the city, your best bet would be to use the kelly drive or martin luther king drive. here is a live look at the vine street expressway, looks like they're just getting ready to allow traffic to enter both directions here, of course, they've been working on the overnight, speaking of working on the overnight, let's go out to our parkway camera, they've finally took my suggestion and put the stage in front of that big statue which is at the bottom of the steps of the art museum. so, if you are going to go to
4:33 am
this concert this weekend, there is going to be nothing now blocking your view. here is the stage set up, which is right in that little eakin's oval there. so you'll have clearview of all of the performers as you stand on the parkway, and then there is the steps in the background, and that will keep those steps open to all of the tourists and folks that want to come down into center city, and run those rocky steps over the course of the fourth of july weekend. mass transit, looking good with no delays. chris, lauren, over to you. >> breaking news out of camden, police investigating reports of a cab driver stabbed outside after apartment complex, it happened sometime around midnight. in the area of state and north front streets. no word on suspect at this time. we're still trying to get more information about the situation. we'll continue to keep you updated as we learn more. >> covering more breaking news, right now, philadelphia police investigating a shoot that happened in the city's juniata section there is happened on the 1600 block of east hunting park avenue. one person was found around midnight, with gunshot wounds to the leg, no word on the
4:34 am
conditions of the victim or if any arrest haves been made. >> at least 36 people are dead after a terror attack in a airport in istanbul turkey. three suspected isis bombers opened fire with automatic rimple, then blue them themselves up. the victims include many foreigners. >> people all over the country still recovering after this attack in istanbul. now airports increasing security here to keep people safe. >> dave kinchen live at the philadelphia international airport with more on the story, hi, dave. >> philadelphia police say they're being extra vigilant in the wake of the situation in turkey here at philadelphia international airport. not much in terms of more security that's visible, but they are undoubtedly taking this very, very seriously. now, military personnel, in addition to more police officers, are being sent out, in places like new york, new jersey, and chicago, two airports in that region, for example, the port authority of new york and new jersey said tuesday that travelers will
4:35 am
see officers with tactical weapons, patrolling the airports in that region. meantime, travelers from one of the last flights out of istanbul, before the attacks, spoke to reporters in boston. >> still in shock, mass transit. >> feel sometimes it gets very close to you and you feel that unsafe. >> reporter: of course, we also can tell you local authorities are working with federal agencies and the fbi's joint terrorism task force, continuing to monitor the situation, and of course, try to prevent any future attacks if they are planned, we can tell you back at home, philadelphia police are asking anyone who sees anything suspicious to report it right away. back to you, chris, lauren? >> dave, thank if you. >> and we're days away from the fourth of july, but steve, a casino strike could be happening? >> reporter: yep, it is a strong possibility, and i'm going to tell you, talking
4:36 am
insiders it, looks like the taj mahal is the casino most likely to strike, and that's no surprise if you've been following things down here, but the worse weekend of the year, usually sold out. bob? >> hey, steve. morning, everybody, 4:36. as we get ready to kick off the covers, and grab your coffee and keys, they're still working out here on the 42 freeway, at 295. and bellmawr, let's go downtown, live look at old city, we have some fog hit and miss depending upon where you are waking up, rub out those sand man out of your eyes, grab cup of coffee, we'll be back here and check the forecast for the weekend coming up in just a couple of minutes. we're in the middle of potty training.
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snout every july around the corner, many locals and tourist also say let's go down the shore. >> not so fast. some casino workers might go on strike. steve keeley on this one for just ac. hi, steve. all right, we are talking to every casino but borgata resorts. but looks like talks are progressing at many of these five casinos, and that's more than half by the way, under the threat of the strike. so, at least one, maybe five only eight casinos left, you could see walk out, at the start of the usually sold out busy fourth of july weekend. workers say they made major concessions during the bad economic years to help the casinos survive. and now, not only did they
4:40 am
survive they're thriving with less casinos, less competition, and more money for the eight remaining casinos here in atlantic city, but staffers and unions say they're not sharing the new found wealth. negotiations are going, that's the positive at this. not all pros rest, being close to deal with some of the five, not close at all with one, that would be the taj mahal. we're talking staffers at these casinos who are the cooks, the room made, and all of the cocktail servers, majority of these staff ers all women, and surprisingly maybe to many of you watching, the average age of all of these people is 49. these people have been casino workers foreign tire carreers around holding strong, making average every just 11 bucks an hour, cocktail waitresses you talk to down on break, 8.995 hour, they say people aren't always the greatest tippers
4:41 am
and don't realize they only make eight bucks an hour and that's before taxes. so, why the rest every russ hoping for a nice day off, or unless you are working tv of course, fourth every july weekend, some casino workers, and talking thousands, may have the day off, but without pay, and wondered if their pay will ever go up or whether they might be locked out if they walk out. because that carl icahn, owner of the trump taj mahal, he's a tough business guy. and if people walk out, don't be surprised if he's been watching the news here, whenever they have a job fair with thousands of people lined how would willingly work for 8.99 or 11 bucks an hour, he mid say hey, i'll just replace these people. who knows. >> he's known as the hostile take over guy, interesting. steve, thank you. >> do women really need yearly exams? the answer might be no. >> really? >> shoppers, get ready, the king of prussia mall getting ready to get bigger and
4:42 am
better. how many new shops are coming, coming up next. ♪ hey!
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♪ they go ooh ooh. hey! ♪ ♪ they go oh-ooh-ooooh.
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♪ sitting, watching, waiting, wishing. ♪ ♪ i tell you one thing, you never knew it. ♪ ♪ at the back of the bus ♪ there is so much to give, so dream big. ♪ yeah. ♪ ♪ and when they screaming get out, get out. ♪ ♪ll i wanna hear is t down, get down. ♪ ♪ yeah. ♪ and when they screaming get out, get out. ♪ ♪ll i wanna hear is t down, get down. ♪ ♪ get down, get down. dave war never with your forecast, visibility, keep an eye on this until the sun comes up, another few hours, dropping because we have the patchy fog developing, mild in allentown, three quarters after mile, not all that dense yet, but dropping here each our. watch it north and west, in rain, but you could run into some reduced visibility, on
4:45 am
the roadways. one or two showers there in cape may county. last one right around stone harbor, moving toward sea isle city and off the coast temperatures note's, 70s, big change today will be the humidity, dropping, it will be about the same temperature wise, we will be into the mid 80s, but cooler, drier air starts to work its way in, sunshine will warm it up, humidity dropping big time, later this afternoon. it is muggy right now, the front's off the coast, that was the focus for those showers and storms yesterday. that winds picks up, there is a few clouds that pop up this afternoon. you get these fair weather clouds, the sun, warms things up, you get the clouds developing, no rain, and it clears out overnight tonight with the dry air in place looking at nice day tomorrow, look how it begins, with temperatures into the 80s today, will quickly drop. by the time you wake up tomorrow morning, 50's in a few suburb, north and west, with low humidity, very comfortable, turn offer the ac, nice start to the day
4:46 am
tomorrow. little warmer breeze today, high uv index, cooler in the afternoon, sea breeze will try to develop later today, warm, mug knit morning, gets nice and cool in the afternoon. we put 90 in thereon friday. humid with few showers. showers push south saturday. rain coming late friday, leaves the door open for nice sunday and monday for the fourth of july mix of sun and clouds, check out the shore temperatures, nice sea breeze there, by the end of the week. speaking of friday, we are driving. >> going to wildwood, new jersey, watch the tram car, please. that's right. friday morning, we will be coming to you live from the boardwalk, at shellinger, in front of maury peer, whole gang, broadcasting live from 7:00 to 10:00f you're down the shore this week, come on by. bring the kids. bring us a coffee, by the way, especially if you're coming
4:47 am
early. and you'll have a chance to win this brand new mazda cx9. you don't have to come and seanus order to end tow win. you can do that by just going onto our web page you can enter once a day, every day, by clicking on the red tab on the home page there and then each and every friday, coming to the different towns. >> this friday wildwood, next friday wilmington, haddonfield on the 15th, and grand finale in fairmount park, where we will line up all of the semifinalists i guess we call them, everybody whose name we pick each week, and one of those folks will be driving out of fairmount park in a brand new mazda, cx9. come out and seanus wildwood. if you are getting ready to head out the front door right now, 4:47. live look at the schuylkill, westbound, all of the activities, overturned vehicle, between spring garden and girard avenue. at least there is one lane
4:48 am
getting on through. if you are leaving westbound, but coming say over the walt whitman bridge, or leaving south philly, trying to head out toward kop, just watch it, stay to the left there, as you approach girard avenue. back in business on the vine expressway, construction gone, they pack up the cones, and we're ready for a morning rush hour. we could have some fog delays down at philadelphia international airport because of that fog we're dealing with, here is a cool shot, sent to us by our buddy bill who is out and about early in the morning, from a top the rocky steps, you can see, the skyline, you can see the fog laying over the city, and they're working on the overnight putting up the staging for l big concert in center city along the parkway for the fourth every july festivities. septa us oohing shuttle buses on the ten and the 15, through next week, i believe, and then also, until 5:00 they're using shuttle buses on both the market frankford and the broad street subway. chris, lauren, back to you. >> medical note to passalong at 4:49. women across the country
4:49 am
paying attention to new study regarding their yearly exam. >> if you missed your annual exam this year, new study says no need to worry according to the new guidelines by federal tax force, yearly exams for women are not necessary. specially among healthy women. the stud did i not show getting pelvic exam decrease add woman's chance of developing illnesses, such as ovarian cancer or dying prematurely. this does not apply to women who are pregnant or have other gynocological problems, not all doctors agree with the research, though, some groups still recommend yearly pelvic exams for any woman over the age of 21. >> the king of prussia mall is one of the biggest in the country. >> and it is getting even bigger. so the mall is in it final stage every big expansion, our cameras toured the new corridor that will connect the mall's court, and the plaza. the 155,000 square foot addition, will now be home to 50 new shops. >> the mall will be about 2.8 million square feet, have over 450 stores, also, adding
4:50 am
announcing today safer, our new dining pavilion, will have six farm fresh table i am poor yum eateries, which we're really excited about. >> it is exciting, and set to open this august. the one thing that i don't know that i can handle, at king of prussia, is the traffic in the parking. >> yep, sometimes the parking lots are doing expansion work over by the dick's, just wanted to say, the last time i was there, i went with mike jerrick. he wanted a ride out there, to the gucci store. not for himself, but for his daughter. got her nice birthday present. isn't that sweet? most impressive part, when is her birthday? he said about three weeks from now. who thinks ahead? i'm always last minute. >> good for him. 4:50. if you are just waking up, and you're hoping you won last night's mega million jackpot, well, sorry to be the bearer of bad news, no lucky winners. so the jackpot now, here
4:51 am
is the good news, has reached $415 million. that's 286 million if you choose the cash option. the next drawing is this friday night, right here on fox 29. >> well, it is not all bad news when it comes to the lottery. no winners last night for the mega millions drawing, but get another chance to win the big bucks in tonight's powerball drawing. jackpot worth $222 million, cash option of $151 million, with mega millions rolling up in tonight's powerball drawing there is now puts the week of june 30th worth a whopping 637 million bucks. you can watch tonight's powerball drawing live right here after the 10:00 news, good luck to you. >> threshold where people now start to pour in, start investing in office pools and everything else? >> probably. >> if the saying any public list is he good publicity, that will definitely work for one bucks county hotel and restaurant after appearing on the hit fox show hotel hell. so did the make over work this morning? we'll let you be the judge.
4:52 am
>> and live look outside 4:52 this morning.
4:53 am
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>> as the sunrises, okay, 45:00, a the healing power every pet therapy was hard at work last night during the party pen vet. >> the fourth annual best friends bash, allowed kids who are cranial facial patients at chop to bonds with dogs with similar health problems. >> idea to help the kids with a sense of identity, kids see they're in the alone, and can be happy (us like their four legged friends. >> it really helps puts things in perspective when a parent tells you the first time their kid smiles in a week, or two weeks, i think, really, says something for the joy a dog can bring to their kids. >> even dogs, too, not just
4:56 am
humans that are different. >> we can all learn from lesson from that. >> the pups seem happy, don'ty? >> lot every pets, hugs, and face lux. >> diamond little lonely at home because brooke, asia, your neices are gone, and you're not there. >> we need them as much as they need us. >> yes. >> good partnership. historic bucks county hotel and restaurant got very special visit from hotel hell. chef gordon ramsey. >> the brick hotel in newtown, well, needed some updating, and improved menu, and gordon brought just that. >> they all have the same ring. >> wow. >> chef renovated lobby and couple of rooms, helped relaunch the menu, last
4:57 am
night's show, it now sports modern more updated look, you can watch other spots make their transformation tuesday at 8:00 right here on fox 29. coming up on good day, headed out to take a look for ourselves at the new improvement, make sure to tune in around 8:30 this morning for that. >> still ahead, we continue to follow breaking news this morning, the latest as playing investigate overnight stabbing involving a cab driver. >> and, tight security at airports in our country, after the attack at an airport in turkey. straight ahead. around here, i'm lucky to get through a shift
4:58 am
without a disaster. my bargain detergent, it couldn't keep up it was mostly water. so i switched to tide pods. they're super concentrated... so i get a better clean. i mean i give away water for free... i'm not about to pay for it in my detergent. voted 2016 product of the year if it's got to be clean, it's got to be tide.
4:59 am
5:00 am
>> where he was when someone stabbed him, the latest on who did it. >> nor trouble ac workers, some of ac casinos getting ready to go on strike possibly, thousand could affect thousands of people headed down the shore, for the fourth every july weekend. terrorists launch attack on airport in turkey killing dozen every people, what the latest terror attack means for security here in the u.s. >> good day, contact, glasses in. >> oh, i can't imagine with allergy problems. >> you have perfect vision? should we look at visibility now with dave war never. >> we could. >> hi, dave. >> my contacts are in, look pretty good. >> it is very, very patchy, and it could be anywhere, in the north and western suburbs, maybeom


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