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tv   Fox Morning News at 5A  FOX  June 29, 2016 5:00am-6:00am EDT

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>> where he was when someone stabbed him, the latest on who did it. >> nor trouble ac workers, some of ac casinos getting ready to go on strike possibly, thousand could affect thousands of people headed down the shore, for the fourth every july weekend. terrorists launch attack on airport in turkey killing dozen every people, what the latest terror attack means for security here in the u.s. >> good day, contact, glasses in. >> oh, i can't imagine with allergy problems. >> you have perfect vision? should we look at visibility now with dave war never. >> we could. >> hi, dave. >> my contacts are in, look pretty good. >> it is very, very patchy, and it could be anywhere, in the north and western suburbs, maybe some low areas if skies
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are clear, see patchy fog, so slow it down on the roadways, because visibility could drop quickly, until that sun comes up. not yet, though, philadelphia shows that ultimate doppler is clear, and allentown is all clear, one, two showers just moved through cape may county right off the coast there. and right near ocean city. now, the rain is clearing out, so call today, a number eight. not perfect. it is still pretty mug think morning, humidity is dropping. that's why we go up on the scale. it will be nice comfortable afternoon. 60s, 70s, right now, phillies gear on, clearing skies, nice weather today. temperatures just off to muggy start. into the 60s. lower 60s, and climbing, now, still fairly mild. south and east for the last place to see that rain was. >> so boo this afternoon, into the 80s, pretty much everywhere. just few clouds up north and west. and a warmer breeze to the south. so, looking at sunshine, and just few clouds, the rain has cleared out. we just have to watch for that patchy fog, and then there is
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more rain in the seven day forecast, we take you through the holiday weekends coming up in just a little bit. take you out on the roadways this morning, here's bob kelly. >> dave, good morning shall everybody, on wednesday hump day, 5:02, yep, dealing with some fog, patchy fog, depending upon where you begin and end your trip, here is a live look at the roosevelt boulevard. no problems from the northeast, all the way down through the schuylkill. but, make sure your headlights are on, you'll see it out in the suburbs as dave mentioned, north and western suburbs getting hit hard with some fog. here is a live look at i95, right near philly international airport. no problems getting to the airport, and right now look being good, the patchy fog could cause delays throughout the morning so check in with the airline before you head down to the airport. going for ride, north on 295, disable vehicle, right in the work zone, as you approach that 42 freeway, now extra lane block with that disable. five lots in the foghorns coming in on 422 it, there is
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also patchy fog out along the pennsylvania turnpike, 202, portions of 309 and the northeast extension. septa using shuttle buses, ten and 15, for another couple of weeks or so, track improvement project, and they are also just started rolling trains on the market frankford, and the broad street subway. bussing on the overnight. no problems coming up from wilmington, looking good along i-95 and 495. >> sore or stadium off 95 and the commodore barry, there you go, starts at 7:00 so that will add some extra volume to our evening rush hour. chris, lauren, back to you. >> bob, to breaking news, out of camden for you, police investigating reports of a cab driver being stabbed outside of an apartment complex. this happened sometime around midnight in the area of state and north front streets. there is no word on any
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suspect at this point. we will continue to update this story, we have dave kinchen heading to the scene and we'll have the very latest on the investigation straight ahead. and we're covering more breaking news, right now philadelphia police investigating a shooting, that happened in the city's juniata section there is happened on the 1600 block every east hunting park avenue, one person found dead, i should say, found around midnight with gunshot wounds to the leg. no word on the condition at this point of the victim, or if any arrests have been made. >> developing story out of turk think morning. the death toll continues to rise after terrorists attack the airport in istanbul. you can see, a live look right now, at the airport there. it seems like traffic is moving in that area. not sure if the airport has reopened, but what we do know turkish authorities say at least 36 people are dead, about 200 more wounded, authorities believe three attackers arrived at the airport, in attacks i reportedly blew themselves up when police started firing at them, and third blew himself up in a parking lot.
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one american heard shots and explosions right before seeing people badly injured. >> people were shooting, and we all ran the other way, and then the bombs went off and more shooting, and we came out, and i think there is another bomb. but not really sure. >> officials say all indications suggest the islamic state group is behind this attack. at this time, they don't think there are any surviving suspect, on the run, as the investigation continues, the death toll is expected to rise. >> philadelphia international airport, among airports nationwide, on high alert following the attacks, military personnel, in addition to more police officers, being sent out in places like new york, new jersey, and chicago. the port authority of new york and new jersey spent tuesday travelers will see officers with tactical weapons patrolling the airports this that region. local and federal officials are working with the fbi joint terrorism task force, back here at home in philadelphia,
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police are asking everyone to be vigilant and report any suspicious activity. >> these developing stories, details come in for the very latest go to our website big developing stories for the holiday weekends, atlantic city casino workers say that they're under paid, fed up with a lack of progress and contract negotiations at five of the properties. so, they say, they're prepared to strike. steve keeley live in atlantic sit which more details on this, hi, steve? >> reporter: well, we're in front of two of the five, ceasar's and bailey's right in the middle of the board walk, remember, back in the 70s and 80s, there was studio 54, and local 54. the place to be seen during the height of disco in new york, went away but the casino workers union no longer big and driving as it once was back then still surviving and still has the ability it says to bring casino to it knees right before the biggest business weekend of the year fourth every july, who may all
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walk out friday at least one casino says if no deal is reached by then on new contract, but as many as five, talks are ongoing, that's good. talks are going no where in at least one that's bad. that will one would be the taj mahal. talks are progressing at the other four under strike threat. harrah's on the marina, see arrest, bally's and the tropicana. why do they want to walk out? haven't gotten any raises recently, how about just 80 cents in 12 years, and they're only making as little as eight bucks an hour if they're serving drinks, not getting as many tips as they used to, because there is not as many people drinking down here as they used to, and the average pay just 11 bucks an hour for people, a lot of them, commuting all the way back and forth to philadelphia and spending more on things like gas and tolls. chris, lauren? >> could get interesting, steve keeley, thank you so much. >> 5:07. hundreds of people in willow grove real concerned. they want to know if their drinking water is safe. more than 1,000 people packed the upper moreland school auditorium last night. most of them really concerned
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that there could be health problems which started after drinking contaminated drinking water. now banned airport fire fighting chemical foam was used for years at three foreign military bases located right nearby. nearly half of all public drinking water wells have been shutdown. it is believed those toxins seeped into the watt their residents have been drinking now for decades. i got nine year old son and daughter putting in the tub to wash their foods. i'm running scared. >> people have had injuries from this chemical. they should have a remedy in the law. so i would foresee us filing a lawsuit. >> meeting organized by affirm that's planning to file a class action lawsuit against the company who makes the chemicals, people have been toll their drinking water is now safe, those who live nearby still encourage today get tested. >> only on fox, the search on for serial bandit, the fbi
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says the wanted man has robbed ten local banks over the last few years. and investigators tell us the man is considered to be armed and very dangerous. his first bank robbery was in horsham, four years ago, to this month. and man targeted several other places in bucks and montgomery counties. investigators tell us, the serial bank robber uses elaborate disguise toss conceal identity including wearing that large straw hat there. >> first robbery he was wearing suit anti-and straw hat. so we kind of dubbed him the straw hat bandit. step to teller and take a shot at him, we don't know, but will always and danger. >> that is the fbi's latest sketch of the suspect. investigators want the man behind bars, before anyone else gets hurt. >> all right, he was one every the most popular coaches in philadelphia sports history. former eagles head coach, buddy ryan, passed away yesterday at the age of 82. fans of this town loved buddy. and that's even without a playoff win, in the five years he spent with the eagles, buddy ryan, you know, came to philly after leaving the
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chicago bears to the superbowl as defensive coordinator in 1986. that was that famous bears season of 85, the superbowl in 86. he was loved because he was a real character, because he was always outspoken, and his players new he was a little over the edge, with being a tough guy. >> this whole thing, we didn't take away the head the bolly fall, so he wanted to take away the quarterback. if you get that guy, he always had this saying, we want to find out today who the back up quarterback is. >> buddy was the embodiment, if the 700, the famous 700 level fan at the vet had a coaching representative it, would have been buddy. i mean, he was those guys. >> but there was another side of buddy ryan only his players saw. >> all his players, you know, once you played hard for him, that's what a lot of the fans didn't see, is that the guy was with you the rest of your life. he was a loyal coach. >> it was good to hear howard eskin as well, ryan told his
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players he wanted smart guys who were tough and said stupid guys and cowards will only help you lose. howard eskin will have more on buddy ryan's coming up in sports in one minute. 5:11, straight ahead, controversy before the democratic national convention, even now, before this happens next month watch protest remembers doing already ahead of the big event. >> and major recall from ikea after piece of furniture is linked to several death. one of those deaths affecting a family here in our area watch their attorney now says about the company's latest move.
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we're live right there on the boardwalk, best part, you can win, a new car. brand new mazda cx9, lauren dawn johnson. >> look at that. >> fans which those neon, now, i don't foe if the neon electricity bolts come with the car or not. >> no, it is just effect. go to our page click on the contest page. there it is there. pick finalist once a week, then final show will have the big give away. >> where are we going. >> here's where we are going, four more, we go to wildwood, wilmington, haddonfield, then the east fairmount park day. is the finale, and we'll announce the big winner of the new mazda cx9. my favorite finalist so far dave warren is the guy who says his mother entered him
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every single day, he became a finalist, and if he wins he'll give his mom the car. >> perfect. >> isn't it? >> kind of orchestrated the whole thing. >> i hope she gives him money for the taxes. >> and the insurance? >> and the insurance. here's our scale, lauren, keep it here. this is dew point scale. it is uncomfortable. you know why it is uncomfortable? >> because my hair. >> because you're complaining all morning. >> oh,. >> the change, though. >> that's good. >> going down, by this afternoon, so nice, comfortable, almost pleasant. here are the numbers right now, when it is up into the mid to upper 60s, feels pretty sticky out there. by this afternoon, drier air comes in, skies are clearing overnight tonight. look at this start tomorrow morning. lower 50's, upper 50's, no humidity in the air. big change from what we have right now. little moist out there. so some patchy fog is developed even down to millville, mile and throw quarters, could see the visibility drop quickly. even though the rain's cleared out. dry air isn't here yet. so this patchy fog continues to develop. ultimate doppler, clear, and
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the rain has moved out. those storms came through last night, gone, temperatures into the 60s, and 70's, even though it is dry this afternoon, it will still be just as warm, our temperature will climb to the 80s here, this evening. sixty-six, though, we need the winds to pick up. it will do so in just a few hours, drier air comes in, and temperatures are still fairly warm, though. northwest wind, the front moves out. now, look at few clouds developing this afternoon, just popping up, maybe few raindrops trying to fall around scranton, but not here in philadelphia, see the clouds pop up, then die down at night, looking pretty comfortable. eighty-two to 84, we could peak about 86 degrees. less humid, still warm today. now there is weather doesn't last. because we get the sunshine and nice weather on thursday, 60s in the morning, 50's in a few suburbs, but the heat, humidity come back on friday. this would be later in the day, showers and thunderstorms possible. jumping up to 90, those showers move south on saturday. by sunday and monday looking
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pretty good for sunday, the fourth there, just mix of sun and clouds, monday for your fourth every july, but it is warm, and it is comfortable to start. those clouds will eventually lead to some rain, but that will be after all your cook-outs, your barbeques, your fireworks, bob kelly. >> looking forward to that three-day holiday weekend. a lot of folks are going to get started early on friday headed down there, we say, we will be down there in wildwood all morning long, live look at the blue route, 476, some folks maybe headed to the poconos for this weekend four your plans, no problems at the moment, on the blue route, dealing with some patchy fog, hit and miss, north and west of the city, really see it for the most part. that's just little damp, some wet spots here like on the ben franklin bridge. glare and road surface, careful on some of the on and off ramps. no problems or delays at all, but guess what today is? >> what? >> today is national camera day, who remembers this little gem? the instamatic? little flash cube. >> oh, and rotated.
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>> yes, you got four flashes out of there. >> yes. >> okay? and then you actually burned out. >> that was it, then popped it off, popped another nun there. >> i had one of those at home. i should have brought that in. fog could cause some delays this morning at philadelphia international airport. first couple flight got out on time, check with the airline before you head on down there. leaving the house in south jersey into problems on the new jersey turnpike, but 295 as we go for ride southbound, there is a disable right in the work zone there, at the 42 freeway, and as we mention, with coming in from north or west of the city, 422, fog light and delays on the interchange, working your way in toward pottstown and king of prussia. chris, lauren, back to you. >> thanks so much, bob. now getting look at the man police say killed his wife using a crossbow in northeast philadelphia. paul is charged with murder and possessing inch instrument of crime. investigators say he confessed to killing his new wife, 42 year old pamela nightlinger after two had a fight sunday
5:19 am
night happened in their home along the 3200 block of will it road. police say she was hit in the chest. >> police identified suspect want in the connection to murdering a man while sitting in his car. warrant for kai lee ziegel. $20,000 reward social security offered for information lead to go his arrest. police say on june 16, 21 year old saleem abdul latif shot in the head while sitting in his car on arbor street in the city olney section, police say they're not aware if the two men even new each other. >> police need your help, tracking down two suspect, accused of robbing couple at gunpoint in west philadelphia. take a look at this surveillance video, see one of the suspect, using the victim's stolen credit cards, shortly after the robbery at a gas station. this all happened on june 12th, on the 4800 block of hazel avenue. if you recognize this man, call police. >> talking politics shall we? run up to the democratic national convention. a coalition of demonstrators, they're vowing to shut the
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city down when the dnc comes to philadelphia july 25th, and they're not happy about where they can and cannot protest with preparations well underway at the wells fargo center, philadelphia officials plan to allow protests across the way, and fdr park. protesters say they refuse to be limited to that base, and they'll march and rally without permit. >> we have nothing to lose but our canes, we're going -- >> my promise to you. >> yesterday anti-deportation activists blocked the exit ramp to the vine street expressway, even though it gave law enforcement small taste whatever to expect when the convention comes to town, they say, they'll be prepared. >> 5:20 the time. still ahead, bucks county hotel and restaurant, appears all made up. look at the reaction this is getting. the hit show hotel hell, took
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us there, and we're going to tell you about the make overs straight ahead. >> phillies looking for another win against the diamond backs, conclusion of the game, all came down to the ninth inning.
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good morning, yesterday a sad day in eagles history, buddy ryan passed away at the age of 82. he real had i five colorful years here, as the eagles head coach. he waist brash, cocky, would say anything about anybody. and the fans loved him for t buddy ryan never won a playoff game in the five years with the eagles, but it didn't seem to matter to the fans. they believed in him, and loved all of the things he might say. he was not a fan of kickers, once saying, football kick remembers like taxicabs, you can always go out and hire another one. mike quick, played for buddy. >> loved the guy. you know, i loved his approach. i loved his honesty. i thought that he was a real guy, you know? he was a guy that i didn't
5:25 am
wore if i buddy is sag something to me, then if he's saying something different about that same conversation, to someone else, i never had that concern. buddy was a real guy. >> tennis in wimbledon, number one seat, serena williams, wins her match, near court, six-two, six-four, that's sports in a minute, i'm howard eskin. >> all right, the phillies and again, trying to win second straight game against the diamond backs, it came down to the last inning, phillies down one, in the top of the ninth, when blanco drives in a run. that would tie the game. there you go. how about this? you will see ryan howard now, look at him, come to bat here, with bases loaded. doesn't even look like ryan howard. so they probably went to him, hey, little quicker to the ball, wait longer, see if the pitch is over the plate or not. >> this one wasn't.
5:26 am
he walked, that would score a run, that's an rbi for him. and there you go. we would win the game here, by a run, final score four-three, phillies won two straight. >> good job, phillies, we will will take that, right? >> definitely. >> still ahead: major many from ikea after a piece of furniture linked to several deaths. one every them affecting a family right here in our area watch their attorney has to say. >> plus, steve keeley some trouble in ac, right ahead of huge holiday weekend. >> we're in front of one of the five casinos, under strike threat, as early as friday. the tropicana all lit up, and nice now, will you will it be so nice? we'll see.
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>> cab driver attack overnight. the latest on who may have done t more trouble for atlantic city workers getting ready to go on strike. how this could affect the housings of people headed down the shore for the fourth every july weaken. >> security heightened after terrorists kill more than three dozen people, at airport in turkey. what this means for us here at
5:30 am
home. >> real humid right now. >> super stick. >> i things will be improving according to mr. dave war never for sue serio, hi, dave. >> morning, improving later today, muggy out there now, rain came through last night looking to patchy fog, maybe driving around, dipped in a low spot, or clear skies, in a open field. could see the visibility drop quickly. so slow it down little bit this morning. you won't run into the rain, that's gone, last of the showers off to cape may county, just east of atlantic city right now, all clear. the last place to see that rain was right through cape may county. now, the rain will clear out. wind will pick up just a bit. the drier air moving in, little cooler, so, we do see these clouds popping up. these are typical summertime clouds, white puffy clouds in the afternoon, clear out at night. maybe few sprinkles well to the north, but not in our area.
5:31 am
millville at 69. little cooler in the north and western suburbs, and as it clears up tonight, though, these numbers could be about 10 degrees cooler, by tomorrow morning. buddy is now clearing, nice, it is camera day, bob kelly, how about the instamatic ten kodak. remember those things? >> blew the dust off my instamatic. good morning, 53:00; grab your cough eye, grab your camera, let's go. camera out along 202, 401, in the construction zone, look close, you can casino every just see the fog, what's left of it kind of laying over in the background there in the trees. coming up through chester county, socked in with some fog here along i-95, this is i95 in delaware county, just south of the airport. and i wouldn't be surprised if we start to see some minor delays at philadelphia international airport this morning, because of the fog. no problems on the new jersey turnpike, 295, though, watch it, slowing down into the work
5:32 am
zone, we had disable, right there, at the 42 freeway. we're seeing some fog coming in from the suburbs, royersford being collegeville, as you head east on 422, in toward king of prussia. mass transit, the buses, trains, trolleys, all running with no delays, chris, lauren, back over to you. >> bob, following breaking news out of camden this morning, cabdriver was attacked outside after apartment complex, now in the hospital recovering. dave live on it. with a have you learned snow. >> still putting together details and find more information from police. cab driver taken to cooper university hospital by a bystander. police are investigating reports that the cab driver was stabbed in the stomach, outside after apartment complex at state and north front street here in camden, all happened around midnight. at least that's when the call came in. and, we know the cab involved is from the five star cab service, we can make that out from the video, the call came
5:33 am
in around midnight, the stabbing reportedly stemming from an argument over cab fare. police again put willing details to go. we do not know the cabdriver's conditions at this point, and no worth on suspect, happening few hours ago, so still trying to get more information, and we'll pass it along to you as we get it. >> dave kinchen, thank for the update. >> 5:33, also breaking for you, one person in the hospital after a fire in germantown there is happened on the 200 block of sirailed owe street, victim taken to temple hospital. fire under control in about 20 minute, no word yet on cause. >> developing story out of turkey this morning, death toll continues to rise after terrorists attack the airport in istanbul. turkish authorities say at least 36 people dead. about 200 more wounded authority believe three attackers arrived at the airport by taxi, two of them detonated explosives inside right before the security
5:34 am
check point. they reportedly blew themselves up when police started shooting at them, third blew himself up, outside in a parking lot. now, philadelphia international airport among the airports nationwide on high alert following, military personnel in addition to more police officers are being sent out in places like new jersey, chicago, and new york. the pouter authority of new new york and new jersey will see tactical gear patrolling the airports in the area. working with the fbi joint terrorism task force, back here in philadelphia, police are asking everyone to be vigilant and report any suspicious activity. >> the fourth of july holiday around the corner many locals and tourist will be headed down to atlantic is he, some plans will change if casino workers go on strike. >> steve keeley this couldn't be worse time being for the casinos. >> that's why they're doing this, they know threatening to
5:35 am
strike, or one of the biggest weekends use sold out here at the shore, maybe bring the casinos closer to the negotiating table and they are talking, eight atlantic city casinos that survived the down turn like the tropicana and four casino closings would make charles darwin really proud. survival of the fit he is here has meant 40% profit jump for the eight casinos last year 6,000 workers who took concession toss help the casinos survive now say they deserve to get back at least what they gave up, maybe even get little piece of the profitment cooks, kitchen help, cleaning room, cocktail waitresses all in the union, all of the workers ready to walk right before this fourth of july weekends, if the five casinos under strike threat now don't come through with a fair deal. the two sides are talking, at all five, and talks are progressing at four of the five. now we're if front of the tropicana, but look at our shot live, we come out of the video, and we can see now through the morning mist, the
5:36 am
sun comes up, the casino at the northern ends now the furthest casino away from us is now the taj mahal at the other end of the boardwalk, that's where the real strike threat looms right down at the other end of the boardwalk, ten years, the workers there, say without a raise, and they had their health benefits taken way, so another reason likely chris, lauren, the name trump will be making headlines, this weekend, and real had i no where in terms of progress at the trump taj mahal for years now, and maybe, this is the weekend where things finally say that's it, we've had enough, enough is enough. >> 5:36 the time. how about hot air balloon, would you ever consider that? >> maybe. >> forget ordering a car for your ride home. a way uber wants to help you get around town, believe it or not.
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>> talking money, ikea dresser recall, attorney representing the family of local boy killed in a tipping accident, says, people just don't realize, how dangerous the products can be. >> so, ikea now recalled more than 29 million chess and drawers, officials say several children have died, dozen more injured, in the past three decades from the falling furniture, among the dead, two year old curren collies every west chester, he died in 2014, after ikea dresser crushed him. the attorney representing his family says, numbers staggering.
5:40 am
there have been, to our knowledge, at least seven children killed by tipped over dressers made by ikea, more than 07 children injured, and as far as we can tell, hundreds and hundreds of near misses where furniture tipped over and kids by the grace of goddess caped injury. >> the recall allows for full refunds or free lamps to secure the dressers to the wall. >> ooh letter soon take you up, up and away. uber china launching hot air balloon rides. >> but, all right, you can't get it here just yet. users will also be able to request boat rides, there the company working to become a one-stop shop for travelers in china, also roll out uber light to link them to sporting event. >> just waking up, and hoping that you won last night's mega millions jackpot? >> ya. >> don't even go searching for your ticket, no lucky winners, jackpot now reached $415 million. it is 286 million if you choose the cash option. the next drawing, got few
5:41 am
days, it is friday night, and you can watch it live here on fox 29. >> okay. by the way, you can't win if you don't play. >> very true. >> ya. >> all right, 5:41, after the break, sad time for the eagles organization, former head coach, buddy ryan, pass away, big daddy graham joins us with what it was about buddy ryan that made players, and the fans, love him so much.
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>> showing this for just another hour. >> patchy, only place to really recording visibility below a mile is allentown, but you could see the patchy fog anywhere north and west, no more rain, but all of the moisture that came down last night, early this morning, still in the air. the dry air not moved in yet. it will. so the temperatures will be nice and warm this afternoon, and the humidity dropping. but, right now, just muggy start. 60s, 70s, right at 70 in philadelphia, atlantic city, wildwood, and dover also mid to low 70s, cooler, drier air moving in. now, we will get enough sunshine with the dry air initially, temperatures will
5:45 am
be warm today, but feel that cooler air, here, by tomorrow morning. breeze will pick up. really looks like it is afternoon today, where the moisture gets moved out. we will just see few clouds popping up this afternoon, showers will stay to the north, all-in-all nice day, light breeze, few clouds, floating on by. overnight tonight, skies clear up. tomorrow we start with some sunshine, and maybe just few clouds to the south, but the thing you will notice, is the temperatures are much cooler and feels nice and comfortable. into the 80s this afternoon, but look what happens tonight. 60s, even 50's, by tomorrow morning. allentown could be at 55 in reading, lancaster north and western suburbs, good ten greets difference between philadelphia, and that's few degrees cooler into the 60s by tomorrow morning. down the shore, today, little land breeze develops this morning, but that sabras could come in later today, it makes it nice and comfortable, 84 dropping in the afternoon, great day tomorrow. nice and comfortable, 80s dropping into the 70s as soon as the sea breeze develops.
5:46 am
90 degrees temperatures thereon friday with few showers, thunderstorms, will be coming in later in the day on friday. by saturday, those showers push to the south. two nice days, perfect timing, sunday and monday, for the fourth, looking pretty good. mid 80s, lower humidity, clouds increase, and those showers return, just in time for the start of the work week. good morning, bob. >> hey, good morning, everybody, 5:46 on wednesday, hump day, hey who took ft. washington? there is an example of the fog we've been talking becomes kind of moving significant and sag through the cameras here, this is live look at route 309. you can barely see the toll plaza, which is back there somewhere, the pennsylvania turnpike, so ex ample, north and west of the city hit and miss, foghorns are blowing, make sure that you have your headlights on, live look at the boulevard, same deal fog coming south, down toward the schuylkill expressway. that fog could also cause delays throughout the rush hour. at philadelphia international airport. so make sure to check in with the airline, as go on down, do
5:47 am
you ever wonder what the kids are doing all day at cam snap we'll finds out today, the boss is sending me to camp. >> oh, oh? >> i have my lunch bag, i got my sunscreen, my mom wrote my name on the back of my hasn't here, my underwear, my book bag. >> you know what happens when the boss goes to camp. he doesn't want you here. >> going to camp on good day philadelphia, about 9:30, we'll advice ate camp and have some fun both on tv and down there in west chester. 295, southbound, watch for some patchy fog from say willingboro all the way down to the freeway, then there is a disable, along 295, right at the 42 interchange, and again, some fog along 309, as well as 422. as you head on eastbound, in toward that king of prussia interchange. look at this. platt bridge with some sun glare trying to burn off some of the fog. little bit of everything on the breakfast buffet this morning, nice cool shot from the control room upstairs.
5:48 am
coffee is coming your way, chris, lauren, back to you. >> bob, don't have too much fun. one of the most popular coaches in philadelphia sport history. >> yesterday, former eagles head coach, buds i ryan, passed away at the age of either 82 or 85. big daddy, this is bizarre. >> it is. >> all over the map, when he was 28 years of age or eight a when he passed away gregg his agent says he's eight a, and i'm going with that, and i think by the end of the day, it will be caught up where everybody will be saying he's eight a years old. >> yes, when you is her of it it is so confusing. >> has two different ages. >> 1931, 1934, the birth year. >> espn, fox news, all have different ages. >> let me give this number though. this is the most important number. he was in this city for five years. that's it. eighty-six to 90. five. a long time ago, five years. and you would think he was in this town for 20. that's thousand beloved he was. and it shows you how much
5:49 am
somebody who says what's on his mind, forget politically correct, incorrect, that expression even exist when he was being -- >> here is the thing, he was tough, known as the great defensive coordinator for that amazing 58 bears team. in fact, he and ditka were carried off of the field by the players duly which has never happened before. >> never, ever. >> but, he wasn't loved by all the players. he was a tough guy. if you weren't in his circle, you were out. >> oh, why don't you give ernest jackson a call when he traded ernest jackson, he said, i would have traded him in a minute for a six pack and it doesn't even have to be cold. >> but he was tough, and he waist loved in philly for that tough necessary, right? >> he was. >> and this town, although not as much any more, but at one time this was a defense first football town. they loved their d. and a lot of that, well, a lot that far came from chuck.
5:50 am
he went both ways, but then buddy ryan came along, and kept that going. this town has a tradition every really loving defense. i have a sheet of notes here on him that is a mile long. first of all, let's start with this. all right? people complain about the fact he had very little playoff success. very little, no playoff success, but you know what approaches he was throwing up against in just the definition three hall of famers. parcels, jimmy johnson. >> who is the other one? >> the greatest coach maybe in the ffl history, joe gibbs, won three superbowls with three different quarterbacks. >> yes. >> that's unheard of. >> you got to interview him in person. good guy? >> ya. and funny, in fact, me and angelo just talking about this, this is what's sews great about buddy ryan. there is nothing really going on sports wise in this town right now. sixers draft done. rear-view mirror. phillies, you know. >> no eagles, no flyers. >> no nothing.
5:51 am
so buddy, even dies in a week to give us all something to talk about. even to the very end he is thinking of us, because he was such great cope. he always told you what was on his mind, again, he would have been a tremendous guest on bill's show. can you imagine him being on there, saying whatever he felt like about anybody whatsoever? >> tremendous. >> big daddy, thank you for come in and sharing that. >> bill's in the mail. >> last night on hotel fell, jeff gordon ramsey historics bucks county hotel and restaurant. >> brick hotel in newtown needed some updating and they needed an improved menu. >> welcome to the new brick inn. >> wow. >> oh. oh, my god. >> wow. >> beautiful. >> my goodness.
5:52 am
>> chef ramsey renovated the lobby, couple rooms, help relaunch the menu, and now sporting a more modern updated look, look at the spots, two days at 8:00 right here on fox 29. big daddy outment alex holley in. hello, you guys are getting all of the guest in the morning. >> hello, how are you? what's coming up? >> real exciting things going on. camp kelsey going to be happening. you know bob kelly heist been talking about it all morning, very excited about the fact he is going to camp. why should the kids have all of the fun? what do they do all day when they go to those cam snaps he'll put on a shirt and everything. also this interesting story, child concedes her mother was told she couldn't get pregnant. can you imagine? now she is suing her doctor. so explain how the woman got pregnant, and why we may see more cases like this one, because this really got the whole country talking, because really, you're going to sue your doctor? and the child is three. what the fourth of july party without best of drinks, right?
5:53 am
you don't want to just have regular party with red tablecloths. >> look that the. >> and some napkins? what if you could make that and i am press all of your friends from? so we'll get bartender to come in and join us, show us how to make great concoctions, not only look good but taste good. >> how do you get the layers, the color delineation cents? >> i know. i think i asked that question once, and the density of whatever the drink is you have to know which one to pour first, like the gwen dean at the bottom, something like. >> look at lauren. >> i asked before. >> the problem is with mike density. >> oh, that's a problem. >> right? >> all right, 5:53. still ahead, not about the price tag whether it comes to wawa welcome america festival. we have the list, you can check out. , the free events. (vo) we went to hollywood to ask
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if america's favorites - burgers, tacos and chili could taste just as great made with turkey. thousands stepped into the jennie-o tasting booth
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to find out. with just one bite, they knew. now it's your turn to make the switch. big fourth every july celebration, here are some things you and your family might want to check out for free, leading up to the big day, if you want to work out like rocky go to the steps of the philly mart sue see up foreign tens work out starts 6:25 this morning, take your kids to the city's free library today, from two until 4:00 p.m. first 100 kids at each library, will get free book. and to continue with the rocky theme, you can watch the movie at the art museum steps at 7:00 tonight, and lastly, enjoy free admission to the
5:57 am
museumment some of ac coins getting ready to to go on strike, timing couldn't be worse, we'll take a look at, that and break news, dave kinchen on this cabby attack and stabbed, much more strayed ahead.
5:58 am
5:59 am
[ fly buzzing ] did you know people can save over $500 when they switch to progressive? i got your nose! i got your nose right here. i know that's your thumb, grandpa. talent! learn about it! >> we all ran the other way,
6:00 am
bombs went off, and people the other way, and more shooting. >> oh, chaos in istanbul. another deadly attack at an european airport, the warning to us citizens, just one day before these explosions happened. >> attack on the job. a cabby stabbed outside after apartment complex. who the driver was arguing with, right before he was attacked. >> plus, right now, the forecast for atlantic city holiday weekends looks really bad. how a strike friday by casino workers could affect people heading down the shore for this big three day weekend. man, we got to get on that story. good day everybody it is wednesday june the 29th, 2013. three days have september, april, june and november. >> 2016 (what did i say? >> 2013. >> going back in time. >> would you like to go back? >> 2013 was a very good year for me. >> what happened? >> it was a very good year.


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