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tv   Good Day Philadelphia at 6A  FOX  June 29, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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other way, and more shooting. >> oh, chaos in istanbul. another deadly attack at an european airport, the warning to us citizens, just one day before these explosions happened. >> attack on the job. a cabby stabbed outside after apartment complex. who the driver was arguing with, right before he was attacked. >> plus, right now, the forecast for atlantic city holiday weekends looks really bad. how a strike friday by casino workers could affect people heading down the shore for this big three day weekend. man, we got to get on that story. good day everybody it is wednesday june the 29th, 2013. three days have september, april, june and november. >> 2016 (what did i say? >> 2013. >> going back in time. >> would you like to go back? >> 2013 was a very good year for me. >> what happened? >> it was a very good year.
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>> i only had two kids in 2013. >> oh,. >> really good year. not a good year. >> the humidity, though, please. >> humidity, around this morning, weaver this fog, one minute sunny, the next foggy. bill sending us picture as the passenger on eastbound turnpike this morning. visibility, very patchy. the numbers don't look bad. but you could run into very patchy fog, slow it down, that will quickly burn off with the sunshine that we have. ultimate doppler, looking pretty good this morning, we are seeing that rain clear out, and that number is a eight. climbing. trying to get up there. should be little higher tomorrow. 69 degrees right now in philadelphia, mid 60s to the north, and 70s to the south. headed for the 80s this afternoon but the key word here is lower humidity, as the temperatures climb into the 80s, humidity drop it, will
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feel nice and comfortable this afternoon, good morning, bob kelly. >> dave, morning, everybody. exactly 6:02 on a wednesday morning. here is a live look at an accident. southbound lanes of 95. philly firefighters got the hook and ladder here, right before you get into the tunnels, for penn's landing. soap, southbound, jammed up, as you work your way out of center city, headed down toward the airport. we got some fog in in ft. washington, example every route 309. you can barely see the toll plaza here, in the background, so it is hit and miss. sun glare in one stretch, like here on 95, socked in with some fog, out in ft. washington, delays southbound, from cottman down through girard, that fog, could cause some minor delays at philadelphia international airport this morning. check with the airline before you head on down there. starting to see delays east on 422 from collegeville, in through king of prussia. mike, alex being back to you. >> big story out of camden this morning, cab driver who was attacked outside of an apartment complex is in the hospital. >> dave kinchen is live at
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cooper hospital in camden, where that driver is being treated, dave? >> good morning, maybe and l ex, working several angles of this trying to get more information, we can tell that you this cab driver was rushed to cooper university hospital by a bystander, who may have even witnessed this whole thing there is cab driver, the cab driver stacked multiple times in the stomach, may be over an argue b cab fare, now, we don't know the cab driver exact condition right now, and there is no word on a suspect, so, we're still checking in with police, they haven't said whole lot as of yet, likely still investigating this, but we understanded the call came in around midnight, cab driver was stabbed multiple times over an argument, possibly over cab fare. was rush here to cooper university hospital by a bystander, who may have witnessed this whole thing, as
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soon as we get more information we pass it along to you, mike, al next. >> stay on it, almost 6:04, breaking news one person is in the hospital, fire in germantown, happened on 2900 block of sirailed owe street, the victim taken to temple hospital. fire under control light now. in fact, they got it under control about 20 minute. nice work there. of course they're working on a cause. >> 6:04. turkish thoughts say at least 36 people are dead, more than 140 hurt. authorities believe that three attackers arrived at the airport and attacks i, two dead on ate dollars explosives right before the security check. they reportedly blew themselves up when police started firing at them. a third blew himself up in a parking lot. all indications suggest the islamic state group is behind the attack, although they haven't officially came out and claimed responsible. >> i know secure your at this
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last night, newark airport, jfk, leg guards ya real high. police officers with ak-47's on their chess. day before this attack, warning was issued for us citizens about increased terror threats, tune stay away from large crowds. now, what do you do about that? sources tell fox, that additional police officers are being placed at airports, like i said, in the new york city area, all three of their airports and also here at philadelphia international airport. and although there is no threat to philadelphia international, on a specific basis, it is on high state of readiness, after yesterday's attack at an airport in istanbul. port authority officials say they're continuing to monitor the situation in turkey, alongside federal and local officials, of course, including the fbi. and the joint terrorism task force. >> 6:05. the fourth of july holiday getting ready for it, many locals and tourists headed down to atlantic city, some
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plans could change, if casino workers there go on strike. >> how many casinos are we talking about, how many work remembers we talking about, steve keeley, friday? >> mike, more than half the casinos, five of the eight, you want the list, how about this? i'll tell you the three going to stay open, bore glad a, your hang out, how is that? the goal end nugget across the street from the bore glad a and marina one casino on the boardwalk not affected resortment all of the other ones have this strike threat. and this side of the boardwalk looks beautiful. look, with the palm trees, you almost think you're in the caribbean, however on the other side of the casino, boardwalk, here, starting with the tropicana, one of the five under strike threat, things could look pretty ugly on usually the prettiest weekend of the year. so tommy working in favor of both sides. why? because workers figure threatening the strike before atlantic city casinos, most profitable, sold out summer weekend will push the casino owners to come up with a deal. but since four casinos closed two years ago, that timing really helps the casinos. first of all their profit up
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40% over last year, with third of the competition out of the picture, and all of those thousands of still out of work casino staffers, from those four casinos, you would think, are going to jump at the chance to be re-hired to row place any casino workers who dare to go on strike, and being longed out if his corkers go on strike, talking ceasar's, bail is, tropicana, harrass, and trump taj mahal where things look probably closest to a strike, no race since 2004, alex and mike, and that raise just 80 cents. why 2004, co-innings dentary that was the year they went on strike to get the 8 cents raise, the last strike down here, that one started october 1st, and that lasted 34 days. so they know how to go on strike here. they've done it before. that was in their heyday, so, they may strike again, because they are fed up when you talk to them out on the board walk. >> you got t they picked the right day the friday before the three day, fourth of july
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weekends. stay on that story for us, thank you. 6:08. >> philadelphia police are investigating a shooting that happened in the city's juniata section, it happened on the 1600 block of east hunting park avenue. one person was found around midnight, with gunshot wounds to the leg. no word on a condition of the victim or if any arrest haves been made. >> how about this? legislation in pennsylvania to give victims of child sexual abuse more time to sue is taking another step forward. senators removed a house provision to give victims the ability to sue. even if they are older than the current legal age limit of 30. some say the house provision violated long time pennsylvania constitutional state law. >> and he was the outspoken nfl coach for 26 seasons. known for building some of football's top defenses on the field, hear from ex players, who played under buddy ryan, they all have stories to tell. and we'll swap those stories
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after the break.
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(man) whoa. it's amazing. yes! (male off-screen announcer) with instant games from the pennsylvania lottery, the instant you play could be the instant you win. keep on scratchin'. >> he was one of the most popular coaches in philadelphia sports history, known perhaps more for his brash bravado than his x's and o's. buddy ryan, passed away as you
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know at the age of 82. and it is amazing how much of the fans, many of the fans, in philadelphia, loved the former eagles coach. even though was zero and three in the playoffs, stuff like. that will even without a playoff win with his five years with the team, fans really seemed to like his press conferences, and his outspokenness. >> remember he came to philadelphia after leaving the chicago bears in the superbowl in 1986. he was loved because he was a character and always an outspoken, his players new he was over the edge with being a tough guy. >> his whole thing, we didn't take away the hit, the bodily fall. so he wanted to take away the quarterback, fun get that guy, he always had the saying: we want to find out today who the back up quarterback is. >> buddy was the embody meant, if the 700, the famous 700 level fan at the vet had a coaching representative it, would have been buddy. i mean, he was those guys.
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>> but there was another side of buddy ryan, only his players saw. >> all his players, you know, once you played hard for him, that's what a lot of the fans didn't see, is that the guy was with you the rest of your life. he was a loyal coach. >> buddy used to say, say the player didn't give it his all on the feel, he warranted his players to tell the report else, you know what, i screwed up today. >> he want the them to own it? >> ya, own it, own it. so, buddy told his players he wanted the smart guys, too, who were tough, and said stupid guys and cowards will only help you lose. so howard eskin will have more on ryan coming up, in sports in a minute, in just a little bit. >> plus talking with garry cobb as well. >> gary played for him. >> talk with him some more. >> he has stories. >> oh, going to get some stories? >> oh, you'll spew some store
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>> citizens and national among the 36 people dead in the istanbul airport attack. >> and more than 140 people have been hurt. authorities believe that the three attackers arrived to the airport in a taxi, two of them detonated explosives inside right before the x-ray security check, reportedly blew themselves up when police started firing at them. third blew himself up in a parking lot. officials say all indications suggest the islamic state group is behind this attack. >> 6:17 here's dave with weather. >> look at this, humidity out there this morning, but things will change. pretty uncomfortable right now. look at the dew points, by this afternoon, very comfortable. that number is dropping. even though it will be just as warm, when we're into the mid 60s, uncomfortable, by 5:00, 6:00 down to the 50's, and stays there overnight tonight, by tomorrow morning, beautiful start. you don't get many days like this here in june and july. where talking about nice warm day, not too hot and not too humid. showers have cleared out. nothing here on ultimate
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doppler radar. temperatures are into the 60s, head for the 80s this afternoon, mid 80s, so warm day, not nearly as humid. bright spot this morning, looking at the bring bryn, 69 degrees, light breeze out of the north, 7 miles an hour, that bridges in the drier air, and then the front continues to move east. we'll just see few clouds around today, popping up, get the nice puffy white clouds in the afternoon, they clear out at night, and the temperatures will nicely warm up into the mid 80s, there are the clouds at 6:00. it is still warm, but it is not humid. and the seven day forecast, let's look at 90 on friday, shower or thunderstorm late in the day. those showers moved south on saturday. sunday, monday, the fourth, sunday, monday the fourth, looks pretty good. just a mix every sunday and clouds, dry. clouds increase, the rain returns, on tuesday, good morning, bob. >> dave, morning, 6:18 on this hump day, we are dealing with little bit of everything. socked in with some fog. this is live look at route 309, right near paper mill road. only maybe about three, four car lengths, and make sure
6:19 am
your headlights are on, not so much so you can see, but so the other guy can see you specially trying to merge in here in the areas where it comes in real titan thick. then down here northeast philly looking good. look at this, sunshine galor here, heavy cottman avenue, down into girard avenue. now, fog could cause some delays this morning, at the airport. have your kids said they're bored yet? not at calm kelly. looking to have fun all day every day kicking off today at 9:30. i have my hundred p bag, my sunscreen, all right, i got my name with the sharpee in the back of my book bag, i'm ready to go, hitting the road later today at about 9:30 right here on "good day". shuttle buses running on the routes ten and the 15 trolleys. the market frankford, the broad street subway, they are running with though delays, and so far so good up and over the bridges. mike and alex back over to you. >> got your juice box? >> oh, ya. who you calling juice box? >> almost 6:20.
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elementary school teacher from the brandywine school district arrested and charged with 25 counts every child pornography. william m hurtins of claymont worked at car croft elementary school. an undercover investigation by the delaware wild preditor task force revealed that this guy, downloaded and shared multiple files of child pornography on line over an extended periods of time. his bail has been set at $1 million. and we're getting a look at the man police say killed his wife using a crossbow. look at this guy. in northeast philadelphia. paul is charged with murder and possessing an instrument of a crime. investigators say he confessed to killing his brand new wife, matter of fact, 42 year old pamela, after the two had a fight on sunday night.
6:21 am
police say the woman was hit in the chest point blank by the crossbow going through her chest at her become into the couch, off the back of the couch, and into the wall of the house. he was that close to her. >> search on for serial bandit, fbi says the wanted man robbed ten local banks over the last few years, and investigators tell us the man is considered armed and dangerous. his first bank robbery was in horsham four years ago this month, and the man he is targeted, and the man targeted several other places in bucks county and montgomery counties. investigators tell us, serial bang robber uses elaborate concise toss conceal his identity including large straw hat. if you know who this is, call police. >> well the phillies out in the dessert again last night, trying to win second straight game versus those snakes. coming up: sports in a minute.
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>> and they did it, this game close though throughout, came down to the last i can, phillies down one in the top of the ninth, when blanco, they call him whitey, does this.
6:25 am
boom. tied this game. we tied this game. and then the phillies ends up loading the bases, and ryan howard come up in a big spot, shows good patience, works a walk, that gives them the lead. okay? waiting for whitey to get back to the mound, the dugout there. >> you walk. that ties the game. and then mr. gomez, the man of the year comes in, and he picks up 21st save. so the phillies win back-to-back games for the first time in the month of june. sed own a, red rocks of sped donna. >> very nice. >> maybe you should go back. your suggestion? >> just saying, little vaca. >> oh, vacation. >> let's get to howard because howard has more sports. >> he has sports in a minute, even though we just did sports
6:26 am
over a minute. >> more sports to be done. >> so you want to take another minute? >> let's do this. >> this is fox 29 sports, in one minute. >> good morning, i'm howard eskin, yesterday, sad day in eagles history, buddy ryan passed away at the age every 82, he had five colorful years, as the eagles head coach here. he was brash, cocky, would say anything about anybody, and the fans loved him for it. buddy ryan never won a playoff game in the five years with the eagles, but it didn't seem to matter to the fans. they believed in him. and loved all of the things he might say. he was not a fan of kickers, once saying, football kick remembers like taxicabs, can always go out and hire another one. merrill reese however was a fan. >> he was tough and rough. but there was a big heart. he loved his players. and once buddy accepted you, into his inner circle, you had a friend for life. >> i was not in his inner circle, but he was a funny goo, the woman's number one seed, winner yesterday. that will would be serena wimbledon, serena williams to
6:27 am
wimbledon. here in the near court. she wins it six-two, six-four, in her first, that's sports in a minute. i'm howard eskin. >> cab driver stabbed multiple times in camden overnight. we will tell you what the motive may be. steve? >> i don't think. >> we are live in atlantic city where the threat of strike looms, right before the big fourth of july weekend. we will tell you what casinos could be affected. (man) wow. (male off-screen announcer) what's it feel like to win $100,000 home makeover, with top prizes of a hundred grand? (man) whoa. it's amazing. yes! (male off-screen announcer) with instant games from the pennsylvania lottery, the instant you play could be the instant you win. keep on scratchin'.
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>> just thinking about my vacation, like it is horrible. >> chaos in istanbul, another deadly attack at airport, the controversial interrogation tactic. presidential candidate, donald trump, says america needs to be fighting terror. >> and attacks on the job overnight, cabby stabbed outside of apartment complex, who the driver was arguing with, just before he got stabbed. >> plus, right now, the forecast for atlantic city holiday weekends looks like trouble. and we're not talking about the weather. how a strike by casino workers could affect people who are headed down the shore. >> let's get some positive stuff out of this dave warren guy. he's in for sue. >> think he can do it? >> you pick good day. better weather coming in, not like yesterday, where we had the storms coming in. today, improving, from where we are right now, while we have foggy skies, some fog out there, some cloudy skies, visibilities are down, just patchy fog, so slow it down,
6:31 am
burning off slowly, and it will feel much more comfortable this afternoon. radar shows we're clear, rain off the coast right now, no more rain on ultimate doppler, last place to see it cape may. it is gone. future weather computer shows, clearing up today, now, see the clouds just popping up this afternoon, that's light breeze coming in, the cooler drier air, feel that at the surface, and by this afternoon, much lower humidity, feels a bit more comfortable it, will still be warm. 60s right now, close to 07 philadelphia, headed to the 80s this afternoon. buddy, national camera day. 60s, and 70s. old camera. does that out of the closet. but also nice start with some sunshine, that fog will clear out, in for nice afternoon. mike anal next. >> cab driver just trying it do his job now recovering in the hospital. >> apparently dave found somebody to watch this whole thing go down. who do you have? >> well, we have someone related, who knows the victim here, brandon ramos, tell me your relationship to the victim, the cab driver here?
6:32 am
>> i'm his daughter's boyfriends. >> all right. now, tell me what you were told, you said, you rushed all the way down from trenton when you heard this happen. tell me what you snow. >> well, so far as i know, he has been stabbed about seven times. and after, well, during his stab and everything, he crashed his car into, well, i'm not sure, he crashed, to cause a scene, and like attention, so he saw the tension, he crashed, and that's all i know. honestly. >> you don't know if this was over like a robbery, may have given the money over, the cab driver despite -- >> honestly i believe so it was over a robbery, like in kansas city, normally happens, like, sadly, but that, ya. >> how is he doing right now? on your way in to see him. >> on my way to see him right now, and i hope he's doing well, and so far i believe he's doing well because some family members came and then as my grandpa told me, family members left.
6:33 am
so family members leave, i assume he's doing well or better. >> when she got the words she must have been vaux distraut. >> yes, she was. >> all right, anything else you can tell us about the situation? how long has he been a cab driver? >> very long, probably like 20 years maybe. >> worked in camden all that time? >> yes, i believe so. >> anything like this ever happen to him before? >> , no honestly i'm not sure, i never heard any stories, but this is like the first thing, like first to my knowledge. >> we did hear critical but stable condition. but his is all still developing. so hopefully we can find out more from you once you're table to see. anything else you want to tell us? >> at this point that's all i know, and i will see you guys later. >> all right, this person still out there, outstanding. the suspect still on the loose, police working on this, trying to get more information from them, as well, mike anal next. >> hopefully he'll come back out. >> what he said woe do. >> all right, 6:33, let's get to germantown now fire overnight. >> before we do that, we'll
6:34 am
update on that get a check on the traffic with bob kelly. >> better choke see what the cars are doing. >> you got to do that. 6:34, good morning, also, what dave was saying, we have the fog, and the sun, depending upon where you begin, 42 coming in from new jersey, delays from the black horse pike, in toward the walt whitman bridge. we are socked in with fog here, along route 309, the blue route, 422, so depending upon where you begin and end the trip, things could be little slowment make sure the lights are on, probably going to see fog delays down at philadelphia international airport this morning. south on 95, heavy from the betsy ross into girard avenue. delays starting to build here, on the schuylkill between the boulevard and center city, we zoom on into downed tree, lower merion campus of villanova here, thornbrooke being, montgomery avenue. so far so good on the bridges, mass transit running with though delays. mike and alex over to you. >> one person in the hospital after fire in germantown, happened on the 200 block around 3:45 this morning. the victim taken to temple
6:35 am
hospital. the fire was put under control in about 20 minutes. nice job. >> well, coming up on 6:35, donald trump and hillary clinton are now reacting to the deadly terror attack in turkey. but, the candidates have very different view views how to handle the threat from terrorist. >> what's trump want to do? talking water boarding again? >> officials are still trying to make sense of what happened by the way, guys, in the sense the attack one of the busiest airports, get to what trump is saying. what we know so far. turn i shall authorities say 31 people dead, more than 140 hurt, among the dead, 23 turkish citizens and 13 foreign nationals, authorities believe the three attackers arrived to the airport in attacks i, two of them detonated explosives inside right before the x-ray security check. they reportedly blew themselves up police started firing at them, they say all indications suggest the islamic strap group is behind this attack isis, day before this attack warning was issued
6:36 am
for us citizens about increased terror threat tune stay away from large crowds. here we go. presidential candidate hillary clinton and donald trump are offering their own solutions after the terror attack, trump called for the us to bring back water boarding as mike said for interpretation cents which is considered form of torture, clinton released staple saying the us should increase its cooperation with middle eastern countries, to tight terror. although no threat, philadelphia international is on a high state of readiness after yesterday's attack at the airport in istanbul, additional police officers are being placed at airports in new york sit and new jersey, as well of course. pouter authority officials say they're continuing to monitor the situation in turkey, alongside federal and local officials including the fbi joint terrorism task force. >> water boarding, last to speak of that, dick chain. >> i analyst this is morning saying basically any time we have one every these terror
6:37 am
attacks, trump's numbers go up. and people start to, you know, identify with his views and what he's trying do. >> they didn't go up after orlando, but maybe this international stuff. still many of the polls i read yesterday said that most of the nation trusts hillary clinton by about five, six points, over donald trump when it comes to international terrorism. all right, 6:34. just -- 6:37. just days before the holiday weekends, july 4th this weekend? >> honda, people celebrating all weekend, going down the shore. atlantic city workers say they're fed up and prepared to strike. >> wow like friday? strike? now, sue, who would these be? steve, are these the people that clean the rooms? who exactly are the workers? >> you got t the maids, the people that bring your luggage in, the cooks, and all of the kitchen help, and then the cocktail servers, mostly women. 55% of these people, six a hundred in all, these five casinos, that are threatening to strike, are women. and the average age of these
6:38 am
people, 49. so a lot of them have families, houses, and how can they afford it? want little salary history here to bring my personal life into? fresh out of college, my lip diploma from glass bore state, 3.35 an hour minimum to five bucks an hour when i became full time work nerve atlantic city, 33 years ago. there are people working 33 years later, making eight-something an hour down here. that's how ridiculously low the wages are for some of these people. i don't know how you survive on $8 an hour if you are 49 and you have a mortgage, it is impossible. that's what these people are saying that they might have to go to strike over. so talking eight atlantic city casinos survived the down turn and four casino closings, charles darwin would be proud, because survival of the fit he is here has meant 40% profit jump for the eight casinos last year. 40% more money, over the previous year, and so these casino workers who took so many concessions during the down years, to help their casinos survive now say they
6:39 am
deserve to get at least something back from the concessions if not a little piece of the profit, and so, they are ready to walk if these casinos don't come to the bargaining table and reach a deal. some of them are talking, and they're getting close to a deal. at least one though far from a deal. and that's the trump taj mahal. odds are down here, that the taj mahal will be the most likely to have a strike, because those people gave up all of their health benefit, and their pension, as well, as these low wages. at least the other folks are getting some health benefits, talks rocking moran those casinos. the taj mahal doesn't seem to be going anywhere the talks that's where the odds are most likely for a strike down here as soon as friday. >> does trump even have any money in the trump taj mahal any more? >> reporter: no, but that's thinks buddy carl icon, a billionaire. the thing is people see that name on there, so it makes it look like he owns it, and that's going to make national headlines if they go on strike
6:40 am
and make him look bad. he should actually put his 2 cents in there and say hey, carl, for favor to me, make a deal with these poor people. ya, my name is out there. don't make my name look any worse than it does in a lot of people's eyes already, get deal done. because hillary clinton is using his casino owning history down here against him almost every day. that's not going to make him loot good -- look good. he should put his foot into this thing. >> and certainly something atlantic city doesn't need this week end. >> oh, wow, that's for sure. 6:40, well, philadelphia police are investigating a shoot that happened in the city juniata section, it happened on the 1600 block every east hunting park avenue. one person was found around midnight with gunshot wounds to the leg. no word on the condition of that victim, and no arrests yet either. >> police in middletown bucks county haven't ruled out alcohol as a factor in a deadly accident on tuesday. police say a car traveling on the eastbound lane of frosty hollow road drove into the westbound lane, it collided
6:41 am
with another car. the driver who was in the correct lane identified as william hogan died at the scene. the other driver was taken to the hospital and is in critical condition. police say toxicology result, they are still pending. >> well, coalition of demonstrators are vowing to shut the city down when the dnc, the democratic national convention, comes to philadelphia july 25th, through the 29th, and they gave us a preview of what you can expect yesterday. a group of anti-deportation activists blocked the exit ramp to the vine street expressway. law enforcement had to use saws to cut apart the metal that they use to link themselves together. this is what's going to be like in about a month. philadelphia officials plan to allow protests at fdr park, but activist also not happy with that spot. they refuse to be limited to that space, and they'll march and rally without permits throughout the city, they say.
6:42 am
al next. >> coming up on 6:42, new jersey governor chris christie continuing to seek public support of his school funding plan. >> yes, yesterday the governor stopped in at the wall township monmouth county for a forum, focused on re-working the way schools are funded in the garden state. under his plan, all school district in the state would get around $6,600 of state aid per student. so close to $7,000 per student, instead of having funding focused on poor district, democrats are opposed to this proposal. >> 42:00, in the next hour of the show, apple's newest patent may change the way you experience concert. >> but not in a way you're going to like. what they're working on that can prevent certain functions on your phone, when you go to these concerts. >> trying to videotape reo
6:43 am
speed wagon. whatever. >> i haven't heard. >> you don't know reo speed wagon? play it after the break on the way back in we'll play --
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>> ♪ >> what's your favorite artist? >> this one. >> your favorite? >> keep on loving you. >> on the run. >> take it on the run ♪ >> because we don't know -- >> oh, trying to call me out. you don't even know it. >> i don't think anybody was being called out. >> no. >> no, i don't think so. >> listen, if you guys saw their faces. >> i don't know what you're talking about shoe sure, okay. >> looking at you. >> don't look at me. >> didn't do it. >> better not be looking at me. >> i bet what is it reo? >> oh, all of their fans are real upset with you. >> the aria-torresdale speed
6:47 am
wagon? >> oh, sorry. >> okay, hi, dave. >> neutral party right here. >> uh-huh. >> okay? you guys, settle this yourselves. visibilities are down, this morning, because mile and a half in pottstown, trenton, down three quarters after mile, so watch for the patchy fog out there. you might see that still in the next 30 minute or so. sun's burning everything off. moisture hanging around for awhile. that will change, coming in here for the next few hours, 60s, and the two, three, 70s in there, wildwood, atlantic city and dover. cooler air begins to move in, breeze picks up today. front which will give us those showers, storms yesterday. moving on out. so the temperatures will drop just little bit. it will still warm up nicely with the sunshine, and there is just few clouds out there, but then you will really feel that cooler dry air here overnight tonight. look what it means for the temperatures, into the 80s for this afternoon, dropping down into the 70s, and 60s, even
6:48 am
50's by tomorrow morning. so nice, come for of the recall start to the day, not muggy, not foggy, just nice and calm here with little cooler temperature, specially north and west. now, little lands breeze today, sea breeze should develop later today, will drop the temperature 80s down to the 70s, cooler afternoon, nice day tomorrow, down the shore, with temperature of about 80 degrees. we had 90 in there. that's friday. shower, thunderstorm, that thunderstorm will be late in the day. now, mild start saturday, those showers push to the south though throughout the day. then sunday, monday, for the fourth of july, looking good as you can see the clouds increasing, up to 87 degrees, but we are dry, both sunday and monday, showers will return on tuesday. not too hot, not too cool. just right. >> just right. >> just like the bear. 6:48. good morning, everybody, getting ready to fin you are your poor and and head out the front door, 422, lots of sunshine this morning, the sun taking over and burning off
6:49 am
some of the fog that we've had to deal with this morning. they will be out cutting the grass thereon 422 later today. live look at the benny. no problems at all coming into downtown. we talked about it, it is national camera day. come on, ready? who remembers dropping off the film, and you had to wait at least day or two to see the pictures? how did we ever survive? >> used to be a week, and then 24 hour service, oh, one day, ya, one day photo available but cost you a fortune for the one day. >> you agree bob kelly? it was the delayed gratification which i think is better than now. >> remember like you took 24 pictures, you paid for 24, and then when you got them back you realize only three of them were focused. >> because you didn't know what work. the other day i saw one of those disposable cameras, and i asked well could i take a picture of this? i haven't seen one of those in a long time. wind it up. got to make sure you winds it up. and wait for the flash? >> i took a picture of walnut
6:50 am
yesterday afternoon, a woman had a box camera, one of those yellow box cameras. i like it whether people come up, where did you get that camera? how long have you had it? since 1970. but national camera day, and some fog delays, i think we will be okay now, that the sun is burning off the fog down there at philly international. mike and alex back over to you. >> speaking every cars, toyota recalling more than 1 million cars globally for defective airbag. >> prius hybrid, prius plug in, and the lexus cth manufactured between 2008 and april 2012, are the recalled cars. this latest recall is not part of the massive recalls of the takata airbags, not aware of any deaths or injuries related to this new recall. >> okay, it is being build as one of the biggest entertainment events in campaign history. >> and it is going down in camden, too. the dnc announcing line up for camden rising, it will be a concert that will proceed
6:51 am
hillary clinton's successive speech at this year's convention. >> who will be there? >> well, i'll tell you. lenny kravitz. >> that's big. >> yes lady gaga. >> bigger. >> dj jazzy jeff. >> the big. >> will he bring out will smith? we don't know. that happened at the ritz. >> i say yes. >> will all headline the show july 28th. it will be on a thursday. in case you want to take off work or anything. president obama and first lady as well as other democratic party leaders including hillary clinton will be invited to attend the show. notice it said invited. doesn't mean they'll show up or go, might have other things to do, but certainly invited. >> the pope probably invited just invite everybody. >> invite you? >> i have not been invited. >> but you know what, i am kind of looking forward to this, have you seen what they are doing out at the wells fargo center? they've ripped down about half of the seats, huge white tents are already up, a month in van of this convention. >> they've taken over. >> apparently the stage will be incredibly elaborate. so, all coming to our city in about a month. >> not just there though, the city will be doing all kinds of changes to get ready for
6:52 am
this. it will be some big things going on here. so just get ready, folks. >> get ready we'll cover it all, in the next hour, remembering eagles legend former linebacker gary cobb who played for buddy ryan, shares his stories, and some of them are hair raising.
6:53 am
grover cleveland here. yes, the dashing fellow on the thousand-dollar bill. with 'cash4life', the great game from the pennsylvania lottery, you could win a thousand dollars a day for life! you could buy a new house! or maybe even treat yourself to a trip to the islands. and with drawings every monday and thursday, that means 2 chances to win every week. cash4life from the pennsylvania lottery. you could win a thousand dollars a day for life.
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can show you coverage options to fit your budget. oh -- ohhh! she slimed me. [ laughs ] >> ♪ >> don't go chasing waterfalls. >> i try not to. >> stick to the rivers and lakes. >> i know. 6:54. we're getting ready for
6:55 am
wildwood. going down the shore this friday. but you know we love the shore so much, hit the beach? >> sure did. >> watch this. >> it is a good day down the shore. >> let's hit the beach. >> there you go, way, wait, wait, move over. we love you guys. >> you got it. >> enjoy your towel. >> you work so hard on this, mike. >> i've been doing it for years. >> get a pick. nothing like the beach in the summertime. >> so cute. >> yeah. >> it is a good day down the shore. >> you want a towel, too? there go. >> you got it, man. >> every morning i watch you guys. >> boom. >> high. >> would you like a new towel? i think it is pretty but we have one that's a little better. >> one of us will get hurt. >> fox 29.
6:56 am
>> wildwood. >> had fun that day. >> it was a lot of fun. everyone was surprised like mike and alex, what are you doing down the shore? we love going down the shore. >> passing out towels, we are giver. >> here is the thing everybody want towels, and they were limited edition. >> oops. >> all right, how about this story over in camden? attack on the job. this has been happening over the last couple of years. cabbies stabbed. this happened outside apartment complex there is cab driver was stabbed seven times to get people's attention, he crashed his car on purpose. >> plus, atlantic city holiday weekend looks like trouble. how a strike by the casino work coaster affect people heading down the shore, this weekend.
6:57 am
6:58 am
winners are showing up all over pennsylvania. and with more than 500,000 winners of match 6, cash 5, and treasure hunt every single week, that's not a big surprise. winners, winners everywhere! play today!
6:59 am
>> terror in turkey. shots are fired. how us pair others responding this morning. >> police want to know who stabbed the driver outside of an apartment complex in camden. >> plus, a strike for the fourth? how close atlantic city casino workers say they are to going on strike, just in time for
7:00 am
the very busy holiday weekend. >> remember buddy ryan, who embodied the spirit of philadelphia fans, and won them over, despite never winning a playoff game with the birds. >> straight up 7:00. right to this breaking news out of turkey first weather and traffic. >> first off with the weather we have the fog out there, trying to burn off, nice picture from pottstown, you have the sunshine, goes through the low clouds. >> another drop from the sky, ultimate doppler all clear, just low clouds, today will be at a eight, it is improving. humid this morning. but by this afternoon, nice, comfortable. muggy start, 70s and 60s judges touched 07 in philadelphia, northern suburbs shall you head south, here is 71 atlantic city millville at 70.


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