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tv   FOX 29 News at 6PM  FOX  June 29, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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>> i'm lucy noland. that. site is troubling to say the least, and so is what we found in that very neighborhood today. our bruce gordon is live in the newsroom now with the story. bruce, you're just back from kensington. >> reporter: neighborhood that is in many ways dying. once filled with factories and jobs, now covered with discarded paraphernalia from the heroin epidemic that is killing users and endangering those around them it. >> blew my mine. it literally blew my mind. >> reporter: bill richardson took a walk last saturday from this long-time on east willard street. he was looking for drug needles. and he found them, man, did he find them. >> 20 minutes of walking up and down the sidewalk collecting needles i filled this whole jar. it's a playing literally. these drugs. it's horrible. >> reporter: it wasn't always this way. many years ago, this neighborhood near ken sipping ton and allegheny was full of decent paying jobs. richardson points to a long vacant brick factory building now a rest stop for passing pigeons. >> lots of jobs.
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you know, everybody was working. once they closed, just went to hell. >> reporter: drugs took over most recently heroin. just four days after richardson filled his jar we found lots more drug needles all over the street. >> nass terek it's dirty. >> reporter: marvin collins knows a little something about drugs. he's a former crack addict now clean for more than decade. he's got a wife an 15 year old daughter and he's scared for both of them. >> how much worse has it gotten now than it used to be or is it worse? >> worse, worse,. every year every day get worse and worse. the heroin around here is real bad. it's real bad. >> reporter: heroin is out of control. >> out control. >> reporter: residents like maggie diaz tell me police haven't been able to stop the drug use only. only succeeded in moving it around. >> there's nothing going to change. because they close one corner, they open another corner. and it's a shame. >> reporter: drug users get pushed from one corner to another. >> yes. >> reporter: if you could move out of here, would you? >> of course i would i would like to leave.
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>> get your kids out of this 59. >> um-hmm. >> reporter: bill richardson would love to move his wife and two children out of what he calls a shooting gallery but it's not that simple. >> i've been rooted here for their years. i know the neighborhood eventually will come back and financially i'm not stable enough to move. so we're basically trapped here in this environment. >> reporter: just this week, the federal drug enforcement agency reported heroin use has more than tripled since 2007. and deaths by heroin overdose have sky rocketed to more than 10,000 year. no question the drug is killing users but slowly it's also destroying neighborhoods. lucy? >> all right, thank you very much, bruce. very disturb. to the developing deadly news out of istanbul, turkey. death toll now stands at 42 and the turkish government is blaming attack at the busy airport on the islamic state. but the terror group hasn't officially taken credit for it. >> meanwhile airports across the us are stepping up their police presence in the wake of attack. three attackers hit the airport
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yesterday with guns and suicide belts. the power of the bombs suggest they used weapons grade explosives. turkey prime minister says, one attacker blew himself up outside while two others took advantage of the panic to run inside with guns and more bombs. the turkish government is pointing the finger at isis. president obama has called the turkish president. >> not only how heart broken we have been by the images of the injured and those killed, but also to reaffirm our strong commitment to partner with turkey, with nato, with the broad based alliance structured around the world to fight isil. >> more than 230 people were hurt in yesterday's deadly attack. a cry for help from philadelphia's mayfair neighborhood had some animal rescues joining together to help
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a woman and her daughter overrun with cats. now, these kitties are getting much needed help at the pennsylvania spca. but what they were living in on the 6600 block of revere stunned the first people to head over to help. they wounded up 23 cats. realized they needed much more help. today pspca caught 29 more all living in deplorable conditions at the home which is not only a foot deep in some areas with feces but infested with bed bu bugs. pspca filled to the brim with cats that need forever homes so it is hoping people and rescues together can help. >> we just have so many cats right now that are looking for homes. not just adult cats but kittens, too. like i mentioned it's that time of year kitten season but we really are hoping that, you know, people will come out and support us. >> the pennsylvania spca humane law enforcement officers tell fox 29 they're going to help the woman and her daughter who live in the home get the support
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services they need so they're never in this type of situation again. police arrest a man accused of slashing several tires along street road in warminster. 19-year-old colin jones facing multiple charges. police say he slashed the tires on 59 cars including 27 at lafferty chevrolet total damage about $37,000. he is currently in jail on another charge. he's suspected of establishing a teen during a fight. one day makes a big difference in your fox 29 weather authority. live look at wilmington. isn't that pretty? the sun has just been our constant companion today and temperatures have been mighty fine. but as we look toward the fourth of july holiday, we're tracking the chance for rain. let's check in with meteorologist scott williams. >> hi there, lucy. dry and quite not, but by the latter part of the week, you might need the umbrellas again. but beautiful weather in and across the area. center city university city also as we move toward cherry hill, haddonfield, no weather worries a lot of sunshine low humidity
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just comfortable across the area southeastern pennsylvania all of delaware, all of jersey looking good. if you're stepping outdoors. nice breeze. 83 degrees right now look at that low humidity only in the 30s and also the dew points into the 50s. so once again, much improved from yesterday when dew points were in the 70s. we have low 80s in wilmington. millville 82. 80 in trenton. upper 70s toward the lehigh valley and look at those dew points falling into the mid 50s across much of the area. so if you're stepping outdoors, a comfortable evening, it's going to be nice for the overnight as well but coming up we're timing some rainfall with that seven day forecast and the all important holiday weekend. back to you. >> all right, scott. thank you. berks county judge dismissed charges today against a police officer accused of punching a woman and smashing her cell phone. reading officer jesus santiago de jesus pulled a woman over on traffic violation in april. the woman refused the officer
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orders and he wanted to get her phone away so she couldn't use it as a weapon. the da argued the officer knocked the phone out of her hand to destroy the video she was recording. the woman passenger in the car were charged in that incident but those charges were later dropped. the new jersey man convicted of beating a woman during a home invasion while a nanny cam recorded every second will spend live in prison. a jury convicted sean cuss tis earlier this month for the brutal 2013 attack in millbourne. today a judge sentenced him to life in prison. plus five years. the woman survived the attack and testified against him. at one point prosecutors say he through the mother down a flight of stairs. her three-year-old daughter was home at the time of the beating. but not hurt. crews are dealing with a big sink hole in why ya miss sing. american water company says 8-inch pipe broke this morning and created this sink hole. about eight homes are without water until this gets fixed. this video was sent into us by fresco thanks to brandon brown.
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>> developing news tonight out of atlantic city. casino workers are threatening to go on strike if they cannot reach an agreement on a contract. now a strike would hit bally, caesars, harrah's, tropicana and the trump taj mahal. all of this comes as we enter a very busy fourth of july weekend, of course, that means a strike could hurt businesses actually business for those casinos. let's get straight to dawn timmeney live in ac right now. dawn? >> reporter: well, lucy, it's already packed here on the boardwalk in ac. the timing of this is intentional. believe me. the union says it wants to send a loud and clear message that it means business. they don't want to strike they say but they are ready to hit the picket line this friday. ♪ >> reporter: unite local 54 is in strike mode. strike captains are being trained. signs are being made. t shirts are ready. noise makers and bull horns are working just fine.
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we're ready to fight. >> reporter: 96% of casino workers including cocktail servers, bartenders, cooks, house keepers and porters authorized a strike come friday if a deal is not reached. the contract dispute centers around pay and benefits. >> i think that it should speak volumes that we're willing to strike and not get paid. i mean that tells you how bad things have gotten. >> reporter: the casinos in question are caesars, bally's, harrah's, trump taj mahal and tropicana. jason knight is a bartender at march answer says the cost of living has gone up and his pay has stayed the same. >> the fact that our pay hasn't increased it affects you every day. >> i work at bally's for 26 years almost and i make $8.99 accepts an hour. >> elaine malloy does not think that is a fair wage. malloy says the workers gave back $1,500 each to the casinos when times were tough back in 2011. >> we wanted to be able to make sure as a family unit that we
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would all move for. well now they're moving forward and they've left us the employees behind. now time to step up and give to your employees. >> reporter: i reached out to the casinos for comment but my calls were not returned. workers make average of $11.74 an hour. they say they just want a deal that is fair to both sides. contract negotiations are continuing with the hope of averting a strike. lucy and iain? >> dawn, thank you. new at 6:00, surveillance pictures captured atm show a man police say has been stealing money. the victim is well aware of the crime but doesn't know how it happened. the mysterious theft. >> new jersey gas prices jump to among the highest in the nation right before a huge travel weekend? hmm. there's some back door dealing on this one. something big is about to happen that could make this a done deal. howard? some more funny moments from former eagles head coach buddy ryan and some problems with one
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of the phillies top prospects. that will all be coming up in sports.
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♪ police need your help trackintracking down a man for m fraud. this guy withdrew $540 at the td bank on butler street. police say the woman is not sure how he had access to her account but she still has her atm card. skimming device possibly. might be. if you recognize this guy, call police. now, one more hurdle before new jersey's gas prices could jump to among the highest in the nation. very sad about this. assembly legislation that raises the state's gas tank by 23 cents a gallon heads to the state senate tomorrow. drivers have been calculating the cost dins the democratic led assembly passed the bill yesterday. they did it right around midnight. hmm. if it becomes reality the higher taxes would kick in friday right before the july 4th weekend.
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lawmakers say the money would go to road and bridgework. legislation also carries a sales tax cut of 1%. republican governor chris christie supports the gas tax hike. signs of the democratic national convention popping up all over the city literally. crews spent the day hanging street banners with welcome message for the tens of thousands that will be visiting philadelphia during next month's dnc. the banner will hang throughout center, old and university cities and also gave the poles along the major roads through the town. there are two newly renovated environmentally friendly homes in nicetown thanks to some young volunteers and one local compa company. malvern based along with youth build philadelphia working together to renovate two side by side homes along wingohocking street. out of work and out of school young adults helped complete the project all while earning their high school diploma or the equivalent. the homes are also leadership and energy and environmental
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design certified. >> but this building that you have produced which is a lean green building means that you not only building affordable housing, you are saving the planet. you are working with all the people in the world who want to make the planet safe for humanity in the future. >> once dilapidated home will be used for a to havable, sustai sustainable living. >> pairs at children's hospital will have new special lacing to outside thanks to dozens of volunteers. >> they took their time to build a health and wellness garden. they rolled up their sleeves to create this garden which will host patient and community programs. it was a perfect day to do it. >> it was. >> speaking of that, how long will this last, scott. >> if you liked today you'll like tomorrow but unfortunately likely need the umbrellas as early as friday. we'll talk about the holiday
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weekend as well. but beautiful conditions here in center city. a lot of sunshine, low humidity if you're stepping outdoors. we'll talk about the friday storms and also the holiday weekend update. but a live look right now at center city. a lot of blue skies. a couple of passing fair weather clouds comfortable temperatures as well. 83 degrees right now and look at that humidity down to 38%. dew points right now are in the 50s. winds have been drying us out out of the west northwest so little breezy right now at 15 miles per hour in philadelphia. 10 miles per hour in the pocono mountains. but ultimate doppler as we scan the area we're dry and we are quite and we'll stay that way for tomorrow as high pressure moves in from the west during the day for thursday but storms for friday we'll watch the southern system kind of advance its way toward the area with the clouds on the increase watching that disturbance but also watching a cold front off to the west. so we'll skip ahead to your friday and go hour by hour.
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by friday morning, we're looking at clouds rolling in maybe a couple of early showers across the area. so really during the morning and also during the afternoon and early evening we have some scattered chances for rain. not a complete wash out on friday, but you'll want to keep an eye to the sky and an umbrella nearby as we have those chances for some rain. so as we look at the temperatures, 83 philadelphia right now. 84 as you move toward atlantic city. 70 in the pocono mountains and those refreshing dew point temperatures dropping into the 50s so on that scale remember yesterday we were oppressive with the 70s. we're in the comfortable category across much of the area this evening. temperatures tonight, very pleasant. upper 50s burbs. mid 60s in the city. 86 for the high temperature tomorrow. low humidity again so what about down the shore for the holiday weekend? friday dodging a couple of scattered showers and thunderstorms but not a complete wash out. so don't cancel any plans on friday. but the weekend looking beautiful.
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upper 70s to right around 80. the fourth of july clouds on the increase, maybe a late pop-up storm as another southern system approaches the area. that seven day forecast, looking good tomorrow. scattered showers around friday. early in the day possibly into the afternoon as well we'll watch that forecast but saturday 86. 88 on sunday. monday sun giving way to clouds. 86 degrees and it looks like showers will be arriving by tuesday with our next system that could bring some heavy ra rain. >> all right. thank you, scott. the phillies are having some problems with one of their top prospects. could have been one of the first position players to be called up but not now. and buddy ryan didn't care who he offended. i have some more best of buddy when he was the eagles coach. all that's coming up in sports.
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♪ we're following breaking news right now in philadelphia's germantown section. skyfox is live over a shooting on east walnut lane. all police are telling us right now that juvenile was shot in the head. that person was taken to einstein hospital. we are working to get more details about this shooting. we of course will continue to update this online at fox and tonight on the fox 29 news at 10. ♪ and the phillies conclude their road trip going for the sweep let's go to arizona.
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arizona one of the worst home teams in baseball and the phillies down four-three in the seventh and cody ash she had tie it up and it's four-four. all right. bottom of the seventh phillies down five-four but that's paul gold schmidt with the double to right center. that will drive in two runs. they go up seven-four. right now it is tied. it is tied seven-seven they're in the eighth inning. all right. he's supposed to be the next phillies player to make it to the major leagues. nick williams has been benched twice in less than two weeks. not for his play in the minor leagues at aaa lehigh valley but benched because of his lack of hustle. he doinged it running out ground balls. he was the key piece in the phillies cole hamels trade to texas. nick williams comments made it worse. i've never ever cared about what people think about me if their last name isn't williams or they don't pay me, put food on my table and a roof over my head, then i could careless. >> you'll care if you get to philadelphia. and lebron james is opted out of
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his $24 million contract with the cleveland cavaliers for next season. there could be many reasons but i think one of them is lebron's insecurity. as a great player, you would think and that's what you would think it wasn't necessary but he needs to be coddled and told i'm the best. i'm sure what he wants is a speculation about other teams wanting to sign him. going back to cleveland. he just wants people to talk about him. buddy ryan has had many funny moments when he was the head coach of the eagles. but he never like the replace many players back in 1987 when the nfl players went on strike. he really didn't want to coach the team and he let his front office know about it after the season. now he's referring here to front office people george azar and joe woolly. >> a lot of money into it and bought joe and george a couple of scab rings for their -- (laughter). >> -- for all they did for us and getting that scab personnel. >> i mean he really in essence
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ripped the owner who he didn't care about norman bray man. >> right. >> he ripped everybody. he didn't like those players. he had to deal with it. so then he made fun of them at the end of the season which is really kind of a joke. but that's what he did. >> that's why people loved him. >> i know. they loved him a lot. >> make sure to tune in tonight at fox 29 news at 10. man sneaks into a restaurant does something odd. what he poured over his head to try to avoid ketchup. that's coming up tonight at 10. >> how about our weather. >> beautiful for tomorrow. let's talk about the forecast down the shore for friday the holiday weekend. scattered showers, sneaking back in on friday. the weekend looking good and maybe a pop-up storm late on monday. we'll update that tonight at 10:00. >> that does it for us here at 6:00. >> we'll see you right back here at 10:00. have a great night. inside edition is up next. ♪
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terror fears at home. the airport terminal evacuated. >> america is on edge as millions of passengers head to the airports for the 4th of july holiday weekend. plus, new video. the attack in istanbul. passengers fleeing. and why a dog named rachel is the new weapon in the war on terror. >> they can even detect the scent when the person is long gone. just released. the mom who killed her two daughters. they're begging for their lives. >> don't shoot us! >> please don't point that gun at us! the married tv reporters. did they lead secret lives? >> how could their baby girl test


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