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tv   Fox Morning News at 4A  FOX  June 30, 2016 4:00am-5:00am EDT

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meteorology fist dave warren ultimate doppler is clear today no worry as far as weather goes, temperatures are cooler, we were waiting for these numbers, until a few hours, hours or two at least to drop in the 50's. we will see that in will allentown, pottstown and reading down in the 50's upper 50's here next hour or so holding until about 70, could drop a degree or two in philadelphia a it is cooler in a few suburbs. we will start today with the light breeze out of the west northwest down the shore you know what that means, that west wind, it makes it feel uncomfortable. bit warm. flies get blown from the bay. it is only until noon time, here comes that sea pleas that develops by 12:00 o'clock and last through 5:00 drop in
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temperature make it nice and comfortable. we will see clouds around. no showers expect. if you clouds continue to increase, but this is humidity returning here, tomorrow. temperatures are starting off in the 70's, we will climb in the 80's and that is about it, not more than that. there is that cooler breeze developing 76 in wildwood, atlantic city and ocean city only 72 by 5:00 o'clock. so temperature dropped throughout the afternoon. 86 degrees with sunshine and a few cloud around in the afternoon. we are warm but that humidity is down. nice and comfortable. another day of 86 tomorrow but humidity comes back. feels more uncomfortable, showers and storms are likely especially later in the day. it looks okay in the morning. skies are clearing there on saturday, a a few showers pass by to the south on saturday. pie monday a mix of sun to clouds ton on tuesday and then wednesday we have period of rain but that timing of the storm is tomorrow. it is key, because, we're driving. >> oh, those wildwood days.
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>> that is where we're going, we're driving to you wildwood, everybody that can make it to the station when i leave by 4:30 we will put them in the news van what do you say. load them up in the news van. we will go to wildwood, new jersey tomorrow we will be live from the boardwalk at shellinger from 7:00 to 10:00 o'clock, that is right there, in front of the morey's pier and mariners landing. more importantly we will give you a chance to win a brand new car. that new mass to cx9, i know you want it, love it, look at it, it is brand new. we showed it has week, at our good day drives up in quakertown and you'll get a chance to win. come out tomorrow, to wildwood, and you can sign it right there on the boardwalk, or every day, once a day you can go on line to increase your chances, go to fox, click on that enter to win tab, bam, and then coming up, july 22nd when we have our big grand finally in fairmount park, someone is going to
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drive out of fairmount park with that brand new mazda. here's the line up, tomorrow at line up, and coming to you, on the 15th we will go across the bridge and haddonfield and then on the between the second the big grand final there i in fairmount park. lets check the roadways as we get ready to head out the front door. we have got that tractor trail are accident on i-95 at route one, up there in bucks county right at that big major interchange. here's the actual activity in the background. even dot zooming out on me here but the ramps from 95 and route one, they are all kind of looped around almost in a clover, looked at it from the sky, so just watch yourself, as you are working through there as a tractor trailer that is off in the woods. it looks like everything is opened right now, but there is only one lane at times as they try to pull that tractor trail are out of the embankment. we are shut down on the vine street expressway working overnight and it is still closed between the schuylkill and broad street.
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otherwise, speedometer readings look good on i-95 and schuylkill expressway. market frankford and subway running buses until 5:00, lauren, back to you. speaking of traffic, bob, traffic in berks county where a sinkhole swallows up a street there crews have been working throughout the night to make repairs. this is where it all started with a water main break. for the time being authorities shut off water services for about a dozen homes and businesses in the area they have been told to boil their tap water and use bottled water. sinkhole opened up along 300 block of abington drive yesterday morning, it started off small and then grew to 07 feet wide and 10 feet deep. luckily nothing stood in the way and in one was hurt. >> i was thinking, you know, that is a scary thing because anybody could have been driving over it and how far will it open up and come across here and affect the houses and having else. >> officials expect to have the road completely repaired and reopened to all traffic within just a few days. jury find a local doctor
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guilty and running a pill mill where he illegally distribute drugs generating millions of dollars. authorities say william o'brien the third who has offices in both philadelphia and levittown ran the drug operation, with help, from the pagan's motorcycle club. o'brien was found guilty of more than 100 counts of distribution of controlled substances, dispensing hundreds of thousands of painkillers. he faces a mandatory minimum sentence of 20 years. a judge will not lower bail for two pennsylvania men arrested last week trying to drive-in to new york city which a cash of weapons. attorney for john ramsey and dean smith asked the judge yesterday, to let them post 10 0 bail but the judge said no, and police also arrested kimberly arden, she was not at yesterday's hearing but she did hire a new lawyer. ramsey said he was on line to rescue a 16 year-old girl whose friend had overdosed on heroin. classrooms in philadelphia schools empty for now, of course, for summer break but come this fall officials say
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they will be filled with offers for teachers. philadelphia school district says it is on track to fill all available teaching positions by the start of the new school year. william hite says district has filled all of the current vacancies and by end of the week they should only have about 45 openings left. >> i'm extremely important because it is important that students begin the year understanding and forming relationships with the individuals will be with them throughout the year. and the way you start, generally the way you will see how the year will go and you will finish. >> so far, district has hired 531 new teachers, for all of our students. 4:20. how about those phillies, another come back and something that hasn't happened since april. it is all coming up in sports. a free hoagie leather where you can get one today without having to reach into your wallet. but first, check out these winning lottery numbers. good luck to you.
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this is fox 29 sports in one minute. good morning, i'm howard eskin, you know what they say, pay back is a, well, you know what they say. last week arizona swept the phils in a four game series here, this week the phils swept them in the desert. phillies down eight-seven. it was four run, eighth inning forks tied it up on this error. phillies lead but get tied up in the bottom of the eighth. they go to the tenth. goodel, man on third, two outs, the phillies win it, nine-eight, sweep the series. great catch by a fan, going to san diego, now there is fan did something that's not supposed to happen. he interfered with the game. the batter was ruled out. but still good catch by the fan. the number one seed wins yesterday at wimbledon, that's in the near court, that's, a
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machine, manarino is who he beat. his 30th straight, grand-slam win. he's unbelievable. >> that's sports in a minute. and i'm howard eskin. next on fox 29 morning news, caught on surveillance camera, guy brutally attacks a local cabby. now the hunt is on for the suspect, the video that police hope will help catch him. only on fox, dangerous needles discovered in a local neighborhood, where children are playing. why people there say this isn't as surprising as you might think.
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>> a group of teenagers playing in a backyards, discovered a gun, one dead after being shot in the face. what else investigators found in that lot. >> and here is a question, will new jersey gas prices jump to some of the highest in the nation? right before a huge travel weekend? something big is about to happen. and it could affect your family's finances. good day everybody, it is thursday, june 30th, 2016. we thank you so much for joining us. well, let's find out about our pre fourth of july weather with dave war never for sue serio this morning.
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>> perfect. pre-perfect. >> i like. >> not quite. it looks pretty good. right before the fourth of july weekend, it is looking pretty out there. pretty, picture perfect, nothing on ultimate doppler. future cast shows we are clear here, few clouds popping up this afternoon, there is satisfy breeze developing. that will make it nice and comfortable down the shore, little warm this morning, but cools off in the afternoon. pop up clouds, they'll clear out for the most part overnight tonight. but look to the south, clouds are increasing, that's the moisture coming back, humidity will begin to increase here, overnight tonight. looking for the numbers to try to drop down below six of zero. nice comfortable start this morning, north and western suburbs, likely the next hour here before sunrise, we'll see mid to upper 50's almost, already at 54 mount pocono, 70 in philadelphia, social media day, sunscreen, sunglasses, phillies hat, you need them all today. looking pretty good out there. cooler start. 50's, 60s, headed for the 80s this afternoon, nice and dry, fairly comfortable. see how the roads look this morning, let's head over to
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bob kelly. good morning. >> how old is bus stop buddy's cell phone? 70s box phone? >> hand me down. >> throw back thursday, 4:30, good morning, everybody, good news, route one and 95 that accident cleared up, gone, so we're opening up. hello sesame place, hello oxford valley mall. no problems there, looking good on the new jersey side, even coming down i-95. a downed tree, in chester county, this along the phoenixville pike right at warner lane, right there in the heart of charlestown. and who is hungry? come on, you know it is a thursday, i'm going to include the conshy curve in today's breakfast segment. we're going to pudge i's in conshohocken, fayette street, i know the kids are out every school. bring them on by. love to put them on tv. construction crews, still with us here, along 202 right at near route 401. watch it. got the big old flood lights there, coming up on you, they
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should be out there until about 5:00. both the market frankford and the broad street subway, they're using shuttle buses until 5:00. lauren, back to you. >> point breeze, police investigating an overnight hit-and-run there is happened just after midnight on south 23rd and moore street. the woman who was hit had few minor injuries, she was taken to presbyterian medical center, at this point, police do not have a description of the vehicle that hit her. search for answers when a 13 year old boy shot dead in germantown, police believe the gun involved was stolen. steve keeley is at police headquarters with more on this story, hi, steve. >> reporter: these homicide detective can't believe 2016, here we go, a third philadelphia child now shot in the face and killed by people playing, since april, talking over the past two month, a second four year old girl you will recall we reported just last week, after the first one in april. so, two, four year old girls, now this 13 year old boy, a gun stashed behind this abandoned home, found in
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germantown, with jewelry, so likely stashed thereafter a previous either holdup or burglary. the homicide team here talked to all of the kids who were there when the gun was found and fired after 5:00 p.m. a 17 year old turned himself here with his parent believed to be the one who fired the gun, and detective preliminarilly think that the shooting like the case with the two, four year old girls, another intentional accident. >> it is tragic. >> this child didn't even get a chance to realize his dreams. >> it hits home. i got children living out here, you know, and just to hear things like this really, you know, makes you think of, you know, what's really going on. >> everybody that is dissatisfied about the gun violence, especially our babies dying like this, we want the neighborhood to show that their dissatisfaction. come out here, engage in dialogue, demands that we take our streets back, demands that black men stand up to be accounted for. >> reporter: approaching
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fourth of july, some thought that loud bang in germantown last night was a fire cracker. but, sadly, lauren, more people here in more philadelphia neighborhoods every day, know the sound of gunfire way more than fireworks, even during this time of year. >> so sad. steve keeley, thank you so much. >> all right, 4:33 this morning, new jersey gas price cost jump to some of the highest in the nation, legislation that raises the state's gas tax by 23 cents a gallon heads to the state senate today. drivers have been calculating the cost ever since the democrat-led assembly passed the bill tuesday. if it becomes reality the higher taxes would kick in tomorrow before the july 4th weekend, lawmakers say the money would go to road and bridge work, legislation also carries a sales tax cut of 1%, republican governor chris christie sports the gas tax hike. >> camden police have released video showing the moment a suspect got away after attack ago cab driver early yesterday morning. check it out. man climbs out the passenger window of the cab, after the driver intentionally crashed into a parked car.
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police say all of this happened after that suspect stabbed the driver seven times in the shoulder. this was all during a robbery, and it happened at front and state streets, driver taken to the hospital by a good samaritan, expected to survive and be okay, that suspect though still on the loose. if you know who he is, contact police. >> a cry for help from philadelphia's mayfair neighborhood, some animal rescues joining together, to help a woman and her daughter overrun with cats. these kitties are now getting much needed help but the pennsylvania spca. but what they were living in on the 600 block of revere stunned the first people to head over to help. they round the up 23 cats and realize they needed more help. so yesterday, pspca humane law enforcement officers caught 29 more, all living in deplorable conditions at the home which is not only a foot deep in some areas of feces, but infested with bed bugs. pspca already filled to the brim with cats that need forever homes, so it is hoping people and rescues together can help adopt or foster.
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>> turkey's airport back up and running after suicide bombers killed 41 and injured hundreds of other. signs that far terror remain. turkey's prime minister says three attackers took attacks i to the airport, blew themselves up at three different locations, while no particular group has claimed responsibility, turkey pointing the finger at isis. airports all across the united states have now beavered up security this fourth of july weekend. >> and, scary moment, for a woman near the brandywine river, dave kinchen. >> yes, that's right, an area where a lot of people walk, worked out, police say man grabbed a woman, and sexually assault dollars her, we'll show you who police are looking for after the break of the first, here's bok bob. >> good morning, 4:35, we are getting ready to head out the front door. crews are still out here along that bellmawr interchange.
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295, and route 42, let's take live look outside. one of our many, many traffic cameras, good morning to the benny, as you grab a cup of coffee. kind of rub those sand men out of your eyes, and let's get thing going. dave's got the holiday forecast when we come right back.
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4:38. developing in delaware, police issue a warning to the public after a rape near a popular park. fox 29's dave kinchen live in wilmington with who police are searching for this morning,
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hi, dave. >> reporter: hi, lauren, this is a brutal crime. police say this didn't just happen with the weapon involved. but they say, that the victim was towelly forced into a secluded area, with a weapon. now, wilmington police say this attack, this is the man suspected in the attack, his image captured by surveillance camera, investigators say the suspect sexually assault add woman and forced her into a hidden spot, near the brandywine river, on the 800 block of south park drive. this all happened around 9:30 tuesday morning, so in broad daylight police say that the man pictured here is about 30 years old, and was wearing tan pants, and in addition to the black shirt, that you see. now, it is a bit dark right now, of course, but the river right over there. also, we are along a walking path that a lot of people use to work out, to walk, to run, a lot of families likely out in this area, so, if anyone has any information, you are urged to call the wilmington police department and help get this person off the street. back to you, lauren. >> dave, thanks for that info.
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4:39 this morning, only on fox 29, discovery both shocking and sad. needles piling up, faster than they can be cleared in the philadelphia neighborhood. why neighbors say this is not a surprising as you might think. and miss teen usa going little more modest in the future. ditching those skimpy swimsuits. why officials are making the decision to cover up. around here, i'm lucky to get through a shift
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>> ultimate doppler is clear, it is nice and comfortable out there. the humidity has dropped. we'll keep a close eye on this over night tonight. the humidity comes back and comes back quickly. so enjoy today. certainly, nice and comfortable now. 60s and 70s, maybe dropping into the 50's here, in the next hour or so, before that sun comes up. so very comfortable start, much cooler than we've been seeing here each morning. that cooler air is here, but look to the south. there is the humidity. it will work its way back into the area, overnight tonight, and be here tomorrow. so that's why i say, enjoy today with this low humidity, and bright sunshine. few clouds out this afternoon, that sea breeze develops, but here comes the moisture. now, as the humidity comes back, we will start to see few showers developing, even tomorrow morning, but, look where they are, just light rain along 95, working its way through philadelphia. by about ten, 11:00 or so, humidity jumps up. then we have to watch for showers and storms developing, they'll be forming here, throughout the afternoon and evening, that front moves
4:44 am
through, so later in the afternoon, and evening tomorrow, that's when the best chance to see a strong shower or thunderstorm, than will be push to go our south, there, by saturday. nice and comfortable right now, into the 50's, when that dew point climbs into the 60s, uncomfortable, then to the 70s, by 12:00 tomorrow, so, this is quickly coming back, that mugginess coming back. we're pleasant right now, but we are uncomfortable and almost seo press i have there tomorrow afternoon, as the humidity climbs. nice sea breeze today, temperatures into the 70's, as that cooler air comes in, after 12:00. but then, we look at inland, and into the 80s here less humid, bright sunshine, enjoy it, the humidity back tomorrow with showers, storms, and clears out saturday few showers pass by sunday, monday for the fourth, sun, clouds, 86 degrees, sun to clouds tuesday, 87, and periods of rain on wednesday, with temperature of 84 degrees.
4:45 am
>> looking good for the weekend, especially tomorrow, when we will get in the car, with no wipers needed tomorrow morning, headed down the shore. we will be broadcasting live, from wildwood, new jersey, we will be on the boardwalk, the board walk and shellinger avenue right there in front of the pier, i'll start off at 6:00 doing the traffic, then mike, alex, and the rest of the gang join us at 7:00. 7:00 to 10:00 every friday we've been going to different towns, along with us we bring the brand new spanking mazda cx9 to gave you a chance to get up close, sit in it, check it, smell it, feel it, play with the little signals, because we're giving it away to some lucky viewer. all do you have do is go to our website click that red tabatha says end tow win. you can enter once a day, every day, to increase your chances. we'll also have a chance for to you sign up tomorrow, on the boardwalk, in wildwood. and then, here is the line up. tomorrow, wildwood, next friday, wilmington, we are
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going to haddonfield, then the big grand finale in fairmount park on the 22nd, where we will give away a brand new mazda cx9. as you get ready to jump out the front door, grab your coffee, keys, and checking some of the jam cams this morning, as we start off with a live look at the schuylkill expressway. no problems, kind of quiet on this thursday morning. as you head into and out of downtown, live look at the freeway, coming in toward philadelphia, just watch for the new traffic pattern shuffle sometimes they pop on you here in that work zone. i don't know when they will be complete with this whole bellmawr reconstruction phase, but i can't wait. shuttle buses on the market frank forwards and the subway until 5:00. and then the trains start rolling, also, shuttle bussing for the next couple of weeks on septa's ten and 15 trolleys. rough day yesterday at the airport, good to go this morning. kind of hit that reset button. no delays on arrivals or departures, at least for this morning, and good to go coming in from the suburb zero on 422
4:47 am
and the pennsylvania turnpike, lauren, back to you. >> thanks so much, bob. in a philadelphia neighborhood one man showed fox 29 this jar. he filled with drug needles found on his block in just 20 short minute. drugs are big issue in kensington, and what use remembers leaving behind has parent worried about their children's safety, in a story you'll see only on fox, bruce gordon shows us the struggles neighbors have of the problem. >> this whole strip here is basically a shooting gallery. >> call it kensington version of easter egg hunt. long time resident bill richardson walked his block saturday, looking for drug needles. he found them. >> how long did it take to you fill that jar? >> literally 20 minute. twenty minute of walking up and down the sidewalk collecting needles. and i filled this whole jar. it blew my mind. it literally blew my mind. >> this neighborhood, not far from kensington and allegheny, was back in the day full of businesses, decent jobs. this graffiti-scarred building at jasper and willard used to be a factory, now it is a
4:48 am
pigeon coup. drugs have taken over, heroin specially, just four days after richardson search, we found lots more needles, and they litter the streets. >> this is like a disease, got to find some kind of cure for it. >> vivian's daughter lives in a home surrounded by the need. >> how nervous are you for this safety when you see this drug activey? >> not only for her for my grandkids, too, you tell your kids don't touch them, but you got little ones that's curious. touch a stick, you don't know what that has. so it is rough. >> have a good one, my friends. >> marvin collins former crack addict, clean for nearly 11 years, he sees the mess left behind by heroin use heres drive into the neighborhood, park, shoot up, toss their noodles, drive off. >> i'm in the here to be a judge mental person, but in the day, still there are little ones. >> and you have kit walking through this. >> walk through it, pick it up. >> phil richardson was surprise today hear how many needles we found so soon after his collection effort. like other we talk to on this block, woe love to take his
4:49 am
wife and two kids and escape all of this. but? >> financially i'm not stable enough to move. so we're basically trapped here. it is a playing literally, these drugs, it is horrible. >> just this week, the federal drug enforcement agency reported heroin use has more than tripled since 2007. and that death by heroin overdose have sky rocket today more than 10,000 a year. no question heroin is killing users, also, slowly but surely destroying neighborhoods. in the news room, bruce gordon, "fox 29 news". 4:29 this morning. be aware, next time facebook friends reaches out it, could be a scammer. the new scheme targeting your profile and your friends. >> and at 4:49, you are taking live look at our cameras, atop the united way building looking on to the ben franklin parkway. ♪
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happier still, megared is proven to increase omega-3 levels in 30 days. megared. the difference is easy to absorb. >> let's go to the poconos, take a live look at the
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camelback mountains, sun about to rise, beautiful shot. more on weather dave war never just a second. food and drug administration wants to know how well hands sanitizers work, and if they pose any health risks to those who use themment millions of americans of course use those gels and rubs, for convenience, now the fda want more stud toys see if they get absorbed into the body. they want to focus on children and pregnant woman in particular, the f d.a. says this does not mean they think the products are ineffective or unsafe. >> wal-mart now offering its pass program to customers for 30 day free trial. since last year the re tile giant testing the program which offers free, two-day shipping, on its best selling products. it competes, of course, with amazon prime, which costs about $99 a year. but, also, comes with free streaming, among many other things. its ooh bucks more, than wal-mart ace program. >> okay, one of the countries most popular beauty pageant is doing away with a big part of it. swimsuits are now out, work clothes, now in.
4:54 am
swimwear shown here in the 2015 broadcast will no longer be a part of the miss teen usa pageant. the miss universe organization which host that is pageant announced the move yesterday. the group says, watching women parade across the stage in bikinis just feels out-dated. instead, the women will now be judged on a brand new athletic wear competition. >> okay, the next time you get a friend request on facebook, you might just want to do a double take, because scam remembers now targeting facebook users stealing their photos, and their information, and posing as other people. with just a few clicks, scam kearse closure page, connect with your friends, experts same, this is just an easy way to steel money or someone's identity. one victim from maryland says his friends were the ones who saw his fake profile, and notified him right away. >> i thought my accountant got hacked, that's why, i changed my password right away. but after talking to my friends, they were saying
4:55 am
actually it is a fake profile. >> they'll say things like oh, out of state, out of the country, i lost my wallet, can you send me $5,000. >> oh, we've all gotten those emails before. if you recognize a fake account, contact facebook, the team is always trying to look out for those scammers. >> the group behind the oscars, looking to diversify, academy of motion picture arts and sciences is extending invitation toss nearly 700 new members. about half of those invite rod women, 41% people of color, notable names in the industry, like, elba, daniel day kim, america for era, all invited to join it, comes in the wake of the hashtag oscars still white controversy. academy has been heavily criticized even boycotted over its lack of minority nominees, in any of the acting categories in the last two years. >> who wants a free hoagie? wawa welcome america's hoagie day returns.
4:56 am
with 4.5 tons of free hoagies at independence mall today. that event serves as part of wawa's salute to the members of the military, as well as fire and police departments. if hoagies are not enough there is also free admission to the national constitution center all day today, coming up on good day, we will be live at independence mall, as they prepare to hand out those free hoagies. signs of the democratic national convention popping up all over the city it literally crews spent yesterday hanging street banners welcome message for the tens of thousands that will be visiting philadelphia during next month's democratic national convention, the banner, those banners, will hang throughout the center, old and university cities, they'll also -- anyway, they'll be hanging around all over town. next at 5:00. group every teens playing with a gun in the backyard, this morning, one of them is dead after being shot in the face.
4:57 am
what else investigators found in that lot. and wore any wilmington. a woman sexually assaulted near popular local river. now the hunt is on for that suspect. ♪ hey!
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live from philadelphia, this is fox 29 morning news. >> this morning, a tragedy in germantown, a 13 year old shot dead. the unanswered questions about how a group of teenagers got their hands on a gun. plus: police looking for
5:00 am
a man accused of sexually assaulting a woman in broad daylight. how he was able to lure his victim. and, you might have to dig deep into your pockets to gas up in new jersey. how a big move today could make the state's gas prices jump to the highest in the nation. good day everybody, it is june 30th, 2016. i'm lauren johnson. chris murphy has the morning off. dave war send in, though, and he's going to gave you a sort of perfect forecast for this thursday. >> perfect weather. perfect forecast. although the perfect forecast is the only today forecast, not the seven day forecast, things will change rap i lid here, overnight tonight, tomorrow, call today, though, perfect ten. so, looking pretty good outside. sunshine is there. on the way, i should say, humidity down. no showers out there. ultimate doppler all clear. this is the computer forecast now. it shows just few clouds around. look at the breeze developing here, these clouds moving inland, that's the cooler weather you'll like that down the shore right about 12:00 to 5:00. that temperature will drop. you get the nice comfortable breeze. until then, though, pretty


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