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tv   FOX 29 News at 6PM  FOX  June 30, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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fox 29's shawnette wilson is in germantown where mourners are gathering. shawnette. >> reporter: right now behind me the crowd is saying a prayer. i can tell you it has been a very emotional afternoon at philadelphia cease fire set up out here to talk to the community about gun violence. family members of the victim sitting on the porch next to the crowd tonight. they're asking for privacy. 13-year-old chris mackey is the victim's name that was told to us by a relative. police say that chris was shot in the face in the yard of a home on east walnut lane last night. police say the teens were playing with a gun when chris was shot and killed. police say they found a revolver and what they believe stolen jewelry in another yard near where this happened. the vick tip's uncle eddie mackey spoke about the toll this is taking on the family. >> my 13-year-old nephew is go gone. my brother is going through it. my sister-in-law is going
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through it. my mom, my sons, my sons -- one of their best friends their cousin is ditched it's so emotional right now. >> back here live again lot of emotion. a little bit of confusion, also, this evening as philadelphia cease fire set up another anti-violence group also set up across the street causing some diss comfort for the family again the family tonight is just asking for privacy. what we also learned is that a 15-year-old boy has been charged with involuntary manslaughter. also, another teen facing lesser charges tonight. back to you. >> shawnette, thank you. philadelphia mother accused of suffocating her two young children declared not competent to stand trial. sophia heinz will romaine in the hospital until she's well enough for her case to continue. police say heinz admitted to killing her seven month old son and three-year-old daughter using a bed sheet while on trip to florida earlier this month. in atlantic city tonight, an agreement. the union that represents
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thousands of casino workers there say there's deal with most of the casinos. local 54 says it has worked out deal with four of the five casinos. targeted by this weekend's threatened strike. bally's, caesars, harrah's, and the tropicana have all reached a deal with the union. the terms of that contract are not yet known. the trump taj mahal is still in talks with union leaders. workers could hit the picket lines if they don't reach an agreement by tomorrow. >> happening right now drivers in new jersey can keep enjoying their cheaper gas for now. state senators were expected to vote today on a plan to hike the garden state's gas tax by 23 cents a gallon. while cutting the state sales tax by 1%. well today that vote didn't happen. >> now the clock is ticking before the state's depth fund runs out of money. fox 29's dawn timmeney in trenton tonight. dawn? >> reporter: well, iain and lucy, senate lawmakers still say they have about a month left before that money completely runs out. they're hoping obvious toll reach a deal way before then, but they say they just did not
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like the assembly version of this bill, and they were not willing to vote on it today. new jersey gas stations were packed earlier today. lots of drivers filling up worried they could be slapped with a 23-cents a gallon gas tax starting tomorrow. >> 23 cents even though it sounds small it adds up after while. >> i can't even fathom that. it's honestly ridiculous. >> reporter: like it or not it could take happen but it's not taking effect tomorrow. the state senate putting the brakes on assembly bill calling for that tax hike and a 1% cut in the state's sales tax. a measure backed by governor chris christie. >> the smitten agree witness assembly's bill it's a lot more money. sales tax creates more difficult process in our budget going forward. >> reporter: senate president steve sweeney does support a proposal that would raise the gas tax 23 cents a gallon. he says the money is needed for
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the state's transportation trust fund which is running dry. >> this is a serious vote, you know, you can tell a lot of people aren't happy, you know, but at the end of the day when the bridges start to shut down and the roads continue to crumble, you have to come up with a solution. report roar tracy, with aaa mid atlantic region says a gas tax is long overdue. >> our roads and bridges are in dire need of repair. we just received a d rating by the association of civil engineers which is unacceptable. the cost of doing nothing core far greater. >> reporter: so a reprieve for drivers at the moment. senate lawmakers and assembly lawmakers plan to get together with the governor to hammer out deal that is acceptable to all sides. so stay tuned, iain and lucy. isn't all right, dawn, thank y you. ugly crash sends one person to the hospital in southwest philadelphia. the car flipped over in front of this row home on south 61st street just before noon. no word yet on the condition of
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the person hurt or what caused the crash. changes are a brewing in your fox 29 weather authority. live look at allentown right n now. another perfect summer day. big old fluffy clouds out there. you know what i'm greg this is not going to describe tomorrow in the weigh same way as far as perfect, scott, unless you like storms and rain. >> lucy, we have big changes ahead tomorrow. those fair weather clouds that we have now could be replaced with some storm clouds across parts of the area but it's been a beautiful thursday. a nice breeze, low humidity, warm temperatures. a nice evening if you're stepping outdoors. watching scattered showers and thunderstorms in the forecast for your friday and that all important holiday weekend forecast. right now, on ultimate doppler we're dry and quite a mixture of sun and clouds. beautiful if you're stepping out in the garden or to walk the dog later on this evening. high pressure in control. system off to the south, a system to the west watching those two during the day tomorrow to bring us the rainfall chances but 85 degrees right now.
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humidity low at 40% dew points sr. ill in the 50s. we have 83 in wilmington. 84 right now in allentown and 80 in atlantic city. so the bottom line, warm, quiet and still pretty comfortable if you're stepping outdoors this evening. coming up we'll time out those showers and storms for tomorrow and talk about the fourth of july holiday weekend. back to you. >> all right, scott, thank you. developing to night the death toll rises in turkey. authorities are now saying that 44 people are dead after tuesday's deadly attack at the busy airport in instant bull. raids overnight resulting in the result of 22 islamic state suspects we're learning more about the three sues side bombers. turkish official says the attackers are from russia, uzbekistan and craze stan. it shares a border with iraq and 0y it's not just geography which makes them a terror target. >> the integration of their ties
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with israel and russia. they've been closer to nato. close sr. to the united states. they are really participating now in this fight against isis. >> cia director john brennan also says isis is likely to blame for the attack and says the terror group wants to carry out similar attacks in the u.s. handful of residents and businesses along one berk county street have their water back on tonight. crews installed about 80 feet of new water main today after this sink hole opened up along abington drive and wyomissing yesterday. the water is on but the company is telling folks to boil their water for the next 48 hours while the company tests it to make sure it's all right to drink. investigators are still looking into exactly what caused that enormous sink hole. just ahead of the fourth of july holiday old city septa station gets a new name to fit in with its historic surroun surroundings. mayor jim ken was among the leaders with at the renaming. it will be phone as the fifth street independence hall station. name change is the first step in
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rehab project there. step is hoping to make critical structural repairs to station and secure federal grant to pay for the project. >> philadelphia street where thousands pass by every day shining brightly with new ligh lights. the filbert street under pass next to reading terminal mark has multi colored led lights. in honor of the city's fourth of july events and the up coming democratic national convention, the area will red white and blew the lights enhance the entrance to the market and increase the safety in the area. >> this is a really key project to connecting the head house and reading terminal market and activates the street and creat creating a real civic space out here where it didn't exist in the same way before. >> lighting project costs $547,000. it took two years to plan, design and install. camden county college welcomes new president don borden was introducing by the college's border this morning at the blackwood campus. borden officially begins next
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wednesday. new at 6:00 take look at this painting one of america's most famous artists. no one knows where it is. it was last scene in cherry hi hill. why the fbi is on the case. it was supposed to be a place for local children could go have fun but tonight this bike park closed. the crime that could mean these kids have to find some where else to go. howard? the phillies they've lost the minor league pitcher to career ending injury. and johnny manziel, johnny free fall, has more issues with getting back in the nfl and the flyers shane goss peer brings gifts to the officer shot in folcroft, pennsylvania much that's all coming up.
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♪ authorities need your help tracking down this stolen norman rockwell painting. it's been exactly 40 years since it was stolen, and on the theft of the anniversary the fbi and police are making a new appeal for any information. painting was one of several items taken from a cherry hill home in the june 30th, 1976 break in. the painting dates back to 1919. it's been known several titles over the year including taking a break and lazy bones. >> it's very popular place in fairmount park. philly pump track where bikers can have fun on outdoor course but tonight it's closed and it will stay that way until officials can figure out how to stop people from stealing bikes from it. >> fox 29's karen hepp has what the parks doing now. >> reporter: thousands of kids get to hit an awesome track pumping away for free in parkside. just walk up to the philly pump track, grab a helmet, bike and
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ride. but this week some bike thieves ruined the fun for everybody. stealing four bikes when a volunteer wasn't looking. >> we have to close the track. at this point we have to make sure our security measures are in process so this doesn't happen again and so we can peak sure we're providing these bicycles for the kids that need them most. >> i love bmx. i love bike. this is like the first opportunity for me to do this. >> reporter: it was the first opportunity for thousands of kids. the philly pump park opened three seasons ago, and has been a huge success. >> the first time i came i was like i have to go back tomorrow. it was like a lot of fun. >> reporter: but now the fun is on hold. the bikes are locked up, the track covered and they're going to have to build a big ugly fence that the kids can't jump to come up with better security. the parks facebook page is flooded with disappointed fans. take a good look. this is exactly what the stolen bikes look like. they're 24-inches and pretty distinctive. >> this bike is a race bike. there are two of these out there. very unique design. very easy to catch.
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if we see a bike that we suspect is this we'll be able to tell if it's ours. >> reporter: whoever stole the bike rob the whole community of summer fun. after the camp left today the park closed indefinitely. >> i don't want this to be closed because i love riding i love being out here on the track. >> reporter: they have managed to catch one of the kids but there are three bikes still missing. if you have any idea where they are contact the people over here at the pump track or the philadelphia police but they don't want to get people in trouble. they want the bikes back. they can be returned no questions asked. from parkside, i'm karen hepp, fox 29 news. it's hoagie day today. a lot of people enjoyed a free hoagie at independence mall. celebrity chef robert irvine philadelphia's first responders and some of our local heroes were among those in attendance thousands of hoagies were made including wawa's biggest ever. how big? weighed 6 tons. celebration is all to honor our troops. the city leaders in philadelphia fire department officials had a big event today
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in the citi' kensington neighborhood. engine 25 celebrated the arrival of its brand new spartan pumper. the firefighters are part of the ceremonial they call it pushing in of the the new apparatus. at the event today mayor jim kenney says the city government is working to make sure every firehouse has the most up to date equipment which is good. >> back to your fox 29 weather authority. beautiful day. i know changes or the way. >> they are. they are indeed. scott has got the news. >> unfortunately, little fly in the ointment especially during the day tomorrow. we have scattered showers and thunderstorms in the forecast. but it's going to be a really nice upcoming weekend. we'll talk about the forecast in just a few moments. high pressure though that is prominent and dominant. giving us the beautiful thursday across the area. but clouds off to the south with a storm system and also this cold front around the great lakes. those two will combine across our area giving us the enhanced risk for scattered showers even thunderstorms but most of the area should be okay with that
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severe weather threat. but you can see the greatest risk here in yellow including a part of the pocono mountains we can have some gusty winds maybe some small hail will continue to monitor that forecast. so dry, quiet for tonight. as we go hour by hour. but watching clouds. watching the humidity increase from the south. so by tomorrow morning, some pat fee chi fog maybe scattered showers out there. then better chances by the afternoon. here's that frontal boundary that will continue to move from west to east. tomorrow afternoon and evening. so keeping things a little unsettled until high pressure builds back in for the upcoming weekend. so we'll time everything out. here's the clock tomorrow morning. 6am you're watching good day. they're live in wildwood. it looks like we'll be cloudy maybe a spotty shower down the shore south jersey parts of delaware early tomorrow morning. here's 7:00 a.m. more of the same. mostly cloudy, muggy, humid, that temperature is going to climb into the mid 80s for tomorrow.
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then by the afternoon, better coverage for those scattered showers downpours and also thunderstorms as that front continues to advance toward the area. so here's 6:00 o'clock. watching out for scattered showers and thunderstorms for that evening commute continuing into your friday evening. unfortunately, keep that in mind if you have some plans outdoors. 85 degrees right now. look at that humidity at 40%. dew points tying to climb closer to 60 across the area. we have low 80s in wilmington. 83 in pottstown. 80 degrees right now in atlantic city. look at the dew point divide. we have low 50s to the north. some drier air but look at the humid conditions dew points already climbing to 70 right now in dover. temperatures tonight, in the low 60s in the suburbs. um per 60s in the city. 84 for the high temperature tomorrow. and good day drives you live in wildwood tomorrow morning. waking up to a little bit of patchy fog. maybe some spotty showers down
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there, temperatures climbing into the 70s. down the shore this upcoming weekend, looking good. saturday 80. 81 sunday. maybe a late day pop-up storm on your monday and water temperatures warming into the upper 60s to low 70s. the overall seven day forecast showing you scattered showers and storms around tomorrow. mid 80s for the weekend. and then monday fourth of july sun to clouds, 86 degrees and then i think we'll stay dry until tuesday with scattered storms then we dry the out and heat up for wednesday and thursday of next week. >> all right. looks good, thank you scott. >> after after the rain and pop-up showers. >> overall weekend isn't depend on who you are. i'm okay with it. >> eyes in the beauty of the beholder. >> the phillies have lost a minor league pitcher in a career ending injury in a freak accident. johnny manziel has more problems with the inform fl. after today may not be playing the nfl any time soon. all that's coming up in sports.
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♪ the phillies have this fine day off after their three game sweep in arizona they open series again the world champions of the last year kansas city. who remembers they were the world champions? that is tomorrow here in philadelphia. phillies lost one of their pitchers in the minor leagues for his career because what was really a freak accident. his name is matt imhoff who lost his eye while working out. shown here in the hospital had a belt snap while working out and a piece of metal came out of the wall, hit him in the head and the eye. they to remove his eye to save his life. he was playing in clearwater for the phillies single a team. better your life to be saved. his career over at 22 years of age. the dodgers are the second best team in the west. let's go to milwaukee. good play for by the outfielder howie kendrick really an infielder. makes the catch. dodgers win eight-one over milwaukee. they lost kershaw with a back disc injury to the 15 day dl.
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>> johnny manziel is nothing more than another problem ready to happen. drugs, alcohol, domestic violence issues. and now his first suspension has come down by the nfl. i'm surprised he's not in jail yet. manziel now former cleveland brown was given a four-game suspension by the nfl for substance abuses violations. the nfl made it clear there could be more for conduct issues which would add games if a team in the nfl would sign him. i have no idea why a team would sign him. he would miss at least half the season. he's not good enough to play in the nfl any waist. one of the flyers hockey players took him outside of sports into the real world. sean gotisbehere did something really really nice today. he paid a surprise visit to the wounded officer from folcroft christopher dorman. gotisbehere brought gifts. 63 flyers jersey that identifies him being the member of the 63rd police district in
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folcroft, pennsylvania. >> when you look at a role model, i mean people see hockey players and athletes. you see police officers and firefighters like that and to see what he's going through and siege of a warrior this guy is walking around and a week ago. it's pretty amazing i'm sure kids will be looking up to him. >> flyers always do nice things in the community. >> yup. >> that's great. >> he had a chance to be the rookie of the year out there to see the police officer. >> wonderful. >> good for him. join us back here tonight for more fox 29 news at 10:00. the guy in this video wearing rub beer gloves to do his dirty work. what he did was just as random as it was disgusting to night at 10:00. that does it for us here tonight at 6:00. >> we'll see you back here tonight at 10:00. inside edition is up next.
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>> three angels killed and the mom on trial for texting behind the wheel. >> but had she suffered enough. >> and airport terror. >> are we going to start seeing our cars checked. >> and little boy lost. >> my 2-year-old son, we can't find him. >> why this s. this private investigator comparing her to casey anthony. >> "the secret lives of pets." do you ever wonder what your pets do when you're not home? >> oh, my god. >> what our hidden cameras found. [laughter] then, naked guy out of control at the crossroads of the world. >> where is donald trump? >> he is


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