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tv   Fox Morning News at 5A  FOX  July 1, 2016 5:00am-6:00am EDT

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holiday. plus this breaking news out of bucks county. >> there was a helicopter overhead and then pops were coming from every where. >> chaos at a local carnival how a fight between a group of teens ended up with three of them being stab. good day, it is first day of july, it is the beginning of the new year new fiscal year and we are hitting the road. >> every friday through july between the second we are looking at a local towns, today we are going down to shore to wildwood from 7:00 to 10:00. you might be one of the lucky final list to win a brand new mazda cx9. >> to win all you have to do is go take a selfie with mike and alex today and you also, you know, you have to go to our web site fox click on the contest page and home page and take a finalist lauren said each week and we are gearing up for the big finally, which is july between the second at the dell music center in fairmount park. come see us. time to win that brand new
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mazda cx9. it will be fun with mike, alex, bob kelly there. >> dave warren, yesterday you had it spot on with the ten. today you give it a seven. >> yes, yesterday was in brainer. today is tricky here. we are off to a nice start, it is comfortable but that humidity increases. we have had a few showers but more storms later today and maybe a few strong or severe storms. there was one area of rain, thunderstorm that went up the parkway through cape may, atlantic city, dumped rain in the short period of time, flooding problems, minor flooding in cape may county and advisory until 5:30 this morning. the things are clear in wildwood, that is good news, it will be off an on with a few light showers here, mostly off, maybe just a light passing shower. this is pick up by the computer forecast, clouds fill in, one or two spots of green here indicating light showers until now, between now and 10:00, it is afternoon that i'm concern with. these could be stronger storms
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moving in the northern and western suburbs between two and 4:00 o'clock and then moving out, after 8:00 tonight. a lot of fire works starting for festivity this weekend. it might be affect by a few passing storms. they will be passing and clearing out. sixty's and 70's, humidity returns, mid to lower 60's north and west, a few 70's to the south like atlantic city and ocean city. in delaware dover lewis is 71 degrees. number of the day to day is right in the seven, lower on the scale today, buddy a's down the shore, warm and muggy and muggy is here because humidity returns. 70 degrees with cloudy skies in the 80's with these stronger storms later today. that is big issue with the weather. how about traffic. we have bob on his way to cape may this morning, in real major shall yous. we will go right through this and show you what is happening here 76 at spring garden all smooth. ninety-five delaware county looking good this morning and
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finally route 30, this is one issue, this is a pole blocking all lanes, they are blocked along route 130 at highland avenue. they are right here near bellmawr. chris and lauren. >> thanks, dave. we are following some breaking news, fun at the fairies ending with the stabbing with three teenagers in tulleytown. >> this started off as a small fight and as many as 20 people were involved, jennifer joyce, my goodness, that was a big fight. >> reporter: good morning. we are hearing it was a large group of people involved and unis is coming up on the fair ground here a pretty sight this morning was in the a pretty sight last night. several people were hurt touring what they are calling an unrulely assault here at saint michael's fair in tulleytown. police confirmed that three teens were stabbed, two of them were transported to trauma centers in bucks county, four people in police custody as police continue to investigate why multiple fights broke out last night. call was dispatched before 11:00 p.m., police say fair
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was forced to end because of the violence. a large crowd spilled off fair ground and into levittown, town center, our crews talked to the a couple people who say they were at the fair last night, one describes the sheer chaos. >> it went crazy from there, people started pushing and then they shut down the fair and then we were walking back to the cars and we heard, there is a fight over there, somebody got stabbed. when i say everybody started running it was like 30 or 40 people just started running toward wal-mart and it was just very heck tim times. >> reporter: according to one witness police got things under control quickly at tulleytown police lieutenant returned our call just before 1:30 this morning to give us some information, so clearly they have been working throughout the night on this case. as i'm talking live i'm watching a police officer rome this parking lot here just hours after all that chaos,
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lauren and chris. >> a lot of kay uses too. >> jen, thanks. police are investigating a double shooting near between the second and tasker streets around 12:30. police tell fox 291 victim was shot in the head other in the left arm. one of the victims was taken to jefferson hospital, other to penn presbyterian. we have learn several parked cars were damage after within of the victims hit the cars. right now no arrests have been made. no deal in atlantic city between taj mahal and casino workers and that means in about than an hour, union members say they will strike. >> steve, they are set to go on strike at 6:00 o'clock, does this look like it could be averted in anyway. >> reporter: no deal and it doesn't look like no last minute deal and in surprise, remember, we called this 12 days ago. trump a's got his name on the casino but he doesn't own any part of it the anymore and gets paid a rights fee for use of his name. it is karl icon he mentionness
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his speeches when he talks about how to be stronger when dealing with china he gives karl icon all these qued owes for being a great businessman but you have to wonder does donald trump think this is goodbyes or good for his name as this will make national news if a casino called trump taj mahal and see the word trump that is way bigger than taj mahal letters every where you look here. we're talking about a thousand hospitality staff and all those guests usually sold out on the big summer weekend of the fourth of july won't be able to get those fresh towels or rooms cleaned or that morning breakfast brought up through room serve fist this strike happens in less than an hour as local 54 says it will happen after talks went no where, and broke off. so sadly we're going to see our second casino strike since 2004 it looks like. that one lasted 34 days. it was wider. this one will hit one casino and this north end of the casino has got bad news, show boat closed, revel closed and
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now trump could close at least temporarily at 6:00. we will see if we see picket lines. but right now it is clear, empty and nice and they have drums playing. we have got hit with the massive thunder shower as we arrived here before 4:00. it will sound like another thunder shower when these people go on strikes because we watched preps at union office and one thing they will sign is a very loud drum, chris and lauren. >> steve, thank you. let's stay in new jersey and on the subject of the money because drivers in new jersey can keep enjoying their cheaper gas for now, state senators were expected to vote on the plan to hike garden state's gas tax by 23 cents a gallon while cutting the states sales tax by one percentage point. that vet did not happen but clock is still ticking before the state's transportation fund runs out of money. although state senate and assembly did not agree on each others bill, senate president steve sweeney does support a proposal to hike gas tax by 23
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cents a gallon. he said money will fund the trust fund which is running dry. >> this is a serious vote. a lot of people are not happy. but at the end of the day when bridges start to shut down and road continue to crumble, you have to come up with a solution. >> by the way governor chris christie also supports the gas tax hike so it just seems if but when this will happen. good news for garden state though governor did just sign the state's $34.5 billion budget for new fiscal year. it looks lake there won't be a long budget impasse in pennsylvania, $31.5 billion spending bill on its way to governor wolf's desk and he says he will sign it. house passed it yesterday that includes increased funding for public schools, and there will be more money to help pennsylvania combat the opioid crisis. lawmakers still need to find a billion dollars in new revenue to find it. coming up, a developing story out of delaware, two men
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have tested positive for the zika virus. according to the delaware division of public health both men were tested in june following recent travel this brings total number of cases in delaware to seven, all of the zika positive test results are due to a months keith owe bite while traveling abroad and in involves pregnancy. two teenagers have been charged in connection with the shooting death of the 13 year-old boy in germantown. thinks as a community copes with another tragedy involving kid playing with guns. family, friend, neighbors came together for vigil in memory of chris macky yesterday, group philadelphia cease-fire also there, rallying to stop gun violence. macky died wednesday unintentionally shot with the stolen gun, police say he and several other teens were playing with the revolver behind a house when it went off. his sister spoke tearfully about her loss. he gone, my brother ain't never coming back abe it hurt so bad.
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it is not okay. >> authority charged a 15 year-old with involuntary manslaughter and another teenager with lesser accounts. >> man, 15. a federal judge just sentenced a i virginia man to 35 years in prison for snatching a with man off the streets of germantown. thirty-eight year-old delvin barnes pleaded guilty to federal kidnapping charges last december. i should say september. judge handed down that sentence yesterday, surveillance video captured the kidnapping in november of 2014. there it is this grabbed national attention. authorities found carlesha freeland gaither three days later in maryland with barnes and immediately arrested him. barnes used plastic sip ties and stuffed her in his trunk while he made several stops heading down to maryland from philadelphia. still ahead this morning before hitting the beach, beach where officials just issued a water quality advisory. it was speaksed to be i mace to go have fun but now bike park is closed because of a crime. we will tell you about what
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dave war men for sue serio. we're looking at passing showers, and right around atlantic city. very light on the radar but if you are there likely you will see maryland rate to heavy rain. this has been moving through the area and a lot heavier earlier, passing showers push up from the south. they are in the lasting long. it is not like a steady area, of rain moving through quickly.
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wildwood is all clear, that is good, where we're heading here because good day drives you starting at 7:00. it is looking fairly good here. in the as bad as it was a short while ago. computer forecast will she we will continue to see cloud, even a few passing showers, starting to fill in more between eight and 10:00 focus mainly across coastal new jersey. new main concern later today will be the western suburbs, showers and storms beginning to move in and these could be strong to severe, especially from philadelphia north to northern new jersey, this is by 5:00 o'clock, these could be strong to severe storms. storm prediction center has us in the risk area for severe weather throughout the afternoon and early evening. it will be clearing after 11:00 o'clock at night. if you do not feel shower you will see humidity. dew points climbing the we are in the 70's with dew point of 66. it was below 60 yesterday where it the feels comfortable but with that measure of moisture in the eras it climbs it feels more muggy. muggy down the shore there in wildwood. it will be cloudy.
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light passing showers but for the most part we will stay mainly dry, maybe patchy drizzle. sixty's and 70's and heading in the 80's this afternoon. here's slight risk entire area except for right along the coast where we have rain this morning. eighty-six with storms today. eighty-six tomorrow with mix of sun and cloud. they will be drying out. not a bad day on sunday. not bad on monday early. we will have cloud increasing late there will be rain on tuesday, period of rain especially to the south, clearing on wednesday, and then by thursday, it is hot. as we touch 90 degrees. that is a look at your weather, bob kelly, he is on his way to wildwood. i will give you updates with the traffic here. the first off lack of traffic at 90 right at the turnpike. i see one or two cars but a clear start this morning right there. ninety-five at cottman volume picking up a little bit but moving nicely there. if you are heading this you might tiehl with traffic or
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work around this area both tonight and tomorrow. weather permitting, of course, we have philly orchestra concert at penns landing, that is at 8:00 o'clock tonight. 8:00 o'clock tomorrow it is u.s. army band and fire works right at penns landing again. so a busy area here both tonight and tomorrow, right around penns landing, we will track updates until bob takes over at 6:00 o'clock. chris and lauren. philadelphia police say they have fix their breathalizers after a problem was discovered and a private attorney told police the department used an expired solution while testing the instruments. however police say it appears that did not impact any readings but they are diagnosis district attorney to review cases dog that time. police say they have retested new instruments with the the new solution and they blame the original problem on just human error. >> reminder into the drink and drive this holiday weekend. 5:17. thousands of disappointed kids
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after the philly pump track at fairmount park has closed. this is a i place kids loved to go. keeps them off the streets and solving fun an get something exercise. thieves stole four bikes when a volume tear worker wasn't looking. organizers decided to shut it down while they review their security measures. so far one of those stolen bikes has been return or recovered at least and they are searching for others. these bikes by the way are very distinctive. >> it is a race bike. there are two of these out there, very unique design and very easy to catch f we see i bake we suspect we will tell if it is ours. >> i love bmx, i love bikes, this is the first opportunity for me to do this. >> that is it, nice. >> every year thousands of kids go there and hang out at philly pump track which is free. organizers are pleading for the bikes to be dropped off and return and they won't ask any questions. philadelphia mother accused of suffocating her two young children has been
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declared in the competent to declare trial. sophia heinz will remain in the hospital. police say heinz admitted she killed her seven month-old son and three-year old daughter using a bed sheet while on a trip to florida earlier this month. teen driver charged in the crash that killed robbinsville new jersey superintendent doctor steven j meyer. police say the 18 year-old is charged with death by auto and leaving scene of the fatal motor vehicle accident. accident happened april 19th and killed five two-year old and his dog out for a run. driver's name in the released because she was 17 at the time of the deadly crash. more than a month after fire destroyed american legion in the cities brideberg section crews started to tear it the down. that has one women living nearby concerned. sandra porter says she was told by the city she has to be out of her home from 7:00 in the morning until 5:00 at night while crews demolish the charred building but she says she's allowed to be in her home at night. >> they tell me it is unsafe
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for 12 hours of the day and in the 12 hours at night. safe at night which i don't think it is. >> so fox 29 talk to the demolition company they say it is protocol of the cities licenses and inspections department to clear properties that are adjacent to the won being demolished while crews are working. company says it follows all osha rules, guidelines, crews will remove those walls by hand and they are hoping to have demolition complete by next week. we will keep an eye on that. sinkhole in philadelphia's sensing ton neighborhood causing concern and frustration for these people. it is at x and wishard street, residents tell us it has been there for about three weeks and yesterday we're told a car fell right into it. >> look at that. >> yes. >> they are afraid someone could get hurt if the city doesn't do something soon. we have a call on the to the streets department. so far in response. speaking of the sinkhole another handful of homes and businesses along one berks county street have their water back on after a huge sing hell
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there opened up on the street wednesday. crews installed 80 feet of new water main after sing hell broke open on abington drive and wyomissing. water is on but water company is telling people to boil it while company tests what the tore make sure it is okay to drink. investigators are still looking into exactly what caused that huge sing hell to open up. a warning for you delaware officials, for bethenny beach and dewey beach, the department of natural resources and environmental control issued advisory citing levels above recreational water quality stan air. elevated bacteria levels are due to increased rainfall. advisory comes after high bacteria levels were detect in the ocean off rehoboth beach, reteslas week showed a significant drop in bacteria levels and advisory there was lifted. still ahead, lets stay in new jersey where drivers rejoyce at least for now, cheap gas prices will stick around but might not be for
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much longer. we will tell you where and when we will see the hike. after the break pigs are in the necessarily pretty but this porker is set the for plastic surgery. yes needs a eye job before it is too late. >> you could afford all kind of plastic surgery. here's the winning lottery numbers.
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big day for a pot belly pig. >> this pig now, it is a pig, is having plastic surgery of sorts. well, to save his sight. so this is, popo, rescued by this farm, almost two years ago. his previous owners mistakenly over fed him. so he used to weigh nearly 300, look at him, 350-pound, twice the size he should be. all that excess skin, flaps, wrinkles covered his eyes so veteran surgeon will correct
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his problem to day. >> totally closed his eyes and he cannot open them because is there so much fat on top of the eye lids. >> we will lift ears in the popular position and stretch the skin up away from the eyes and that allows the pig to have eyes and see. >> so... >> stop. >> face lift. doctor wilbur is expecting a quick recovery for popo. >> that doctor will do pop theo's surgery for free because otherwise he would have been in the popo house. how do we get into this. >> we are going to atlantic city where there could be a strike this less than 35 minutes. we will keep a eye on what is going on. steve keeley will have a live
5:26 am
report. jenny joyce is following a breaking story this morning about a big fight, hi there jen. >> good morning, three teens stab, several more people were injured, and four people are in police custody all of this violence happening at saint michael fare in tulleytown and supposed to be a family friendly event. (vo) we went to hollywood to ask
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workers gearing up to hit the picket lines within 30 minutes. the casino that failed to meet an agreement with casino workers right before the busiest holiday. chaos erupt at a local carnival how a fight ended up with three of them being stab. radar active all morning long. lets look live right now, how this could impact your holiday, dave's all over this on this friday morning. >> thanks for being with us. >> steve keeley called in saying it was pouring raining in atlantic city. >> all wet on this first day of july. thanks for being with us. we are hitting the road.
5:30 am
>> we're going to wildwood, we are taking over that town today down the shore. come meet us at boardwalk at 7:00 a.m. best part you can win a car if you sign up first. it is a brand new mazda cx9. >> sound good. so dave, there it is, thankfully, not the convertible we just saw mike and alex there with their cartoon character car. here's the tiehl, we have steve keeley, covering the casino possible workers strike and he said he just got hammered with some rain. it has been on and off. >> yes, relative storm symbolic what is happening in atlantic city. >> nice. >> there you go. >> it has moved out now, so things are calmer. we had this rain coming through, one heavier area of showers and storms earlier and then this little shower it is up and now in brigantine moving toward long beach island. north of atlantic city. so continuing to push north, it is one area of rain that has passed on by. that is about the only
5:31 am
activity we are seeing right now, we will see a little more over next few hours. just these showers, don't think it is all that heavy but cloud are filling in. more moisture pulled up from the south. one or two showers in delaware by 11:00, this could be after everything happens there in wildwood. so the showers will move through, then we will go to the north and western suburbs as we get stronger storms moving through the north and western suburbs and right through philadelphia between five and 8:00 o'clock tonight. we will be clearing out after 11:00 o'clock. buddy is down the shore, it is muggy, 70 degrees. i know, bit of the trouble there, passing showers but we are looking at 70 degrees with the dew point of 66 degrees. heading for 80's. traffic this morning bob kelly is on his way to wildwood, hopefully rain holds off. we have issues this morning. is there an accident right here on the turnpike southbound near 202, this could be serious, one lane blocked and we have e ms there
5:32 am
emergency personnel on the scene. we are watching that closely. 422, route 29, all smooth and 12th and locust street, there could be detour around there today because not an accident but they are shooting some episode of always sunny in philadelphia. watch 12th and locust, chris and lauren. >> okay. no deal in atlantic city between taj mahal and casino workers. >> that means within a half an hour, union members say that they could go on strike. steve keeley with the very latest. you have been on top of this for weeks. and it is wet all around you. are you getting rain right now, steve. >> it just stopped, it started pouring after last live shot, weather may be just a minor concern. all clear and front of the doors here but first strikers and strike captain shown up and under those bags to keep them all dry. lots of picket signs,
5:33 am
hundreds, they have got lots of bull horns and there is those drums i talk about. we have got mother nature providing some drumming with the thunder showers and you will hear some picketers, banging the drum loudly in a couple minutes when they walk out. is he we have people walking in the casino. we have the last drinks being served on the casino floor by cocktail waitresses, last bags being brought up to the rooms. it looks crowded out front. judging by cars and valet area, this is going to be a big fourth of july weekend as it typically is the at the biggest casino in town now that the revel has shut down and you have to wonder when those guests wake up there their late thursday night gambling and shows and dinners, when they captain get room service, when they cannot get breakfast downstairs, when they can't get their bags brought down if they want to leave to go to another casino. who they cannot get first class service, how many people
5:34 am
will want to stay here. we have not heard from the casino hotel but i heard from the union leadership who says talks have stopped. there will not be i last minute deal. that is why we are seeing this ten andt and workers setting up. we will hear from the union leader any minute. we will break back in and hear from local 54 at least and get their side of the things about how talks broke off or whether they even got remetly close to getting somewhere. you thought, maybe they will keep talking get enough of an agreement to say don't strike this weekend, we are close but it sound like they got in where like they have in the gotten in two years here. remember these are the workers and hospitality staff had their health benefits taken away and pension benefits taken away. that went to court. they lost in court to billion air karl icon. trump's name on it. he does not the own it but gets paid for his naming rights. you have to wonder does he want his name. this will be a national story because of his campaign. does he want his name out
5:35 am
there with more negative news about a casino that he once owned but it will look like his name is on there. his name is bigger than taj mahal. does he want his name, because average joe doesn't know inside bankruptcy court proceedings over years. they don't know he doesn't own it. it will make him look bad even though he has nothing to to with this. >> i'm sure we will hear from him at some point about all this. steve keeley, thanks very much. fun at the fair end with the stabbing of three teens in tulleytown. >> this fight grew fast. it grew to 20 people, jennifer joyce. >> reporter: maybe even more than that, chris. police are calling this unrulely assault by teens at saint michael's fair that happened last night. police confirmed that three teens were stabbed, two transported to trauma centers in bucks county, four people are injured and in police custody. as police investigate why multiple fights broke out last night. call was dispatched before 11:00 p.m., police say fair was forced to end early
5:36 am
because of the violence. police say large crowd spilled off of the fair ground and into the levittown, town center, our crews talk with a couple of people who say that they were the a the fair last night, one man says he has been going to this fair since the 80's and disheartening to see what became of this tradition last night. >> it is crazy that you live in the area that you do not think that stuff will be here and then you get a fair, you want to go to the fair, bring your kids, and it is getting pathetic. >> reporter: that man gave credit to police for handling the situation, pretty quickly and pretty efficiently. in addition to local police we do know bucks county detectives are involved in this investigation, lauren and chris. >> thanks very much, jenny joyce. now to a developing story in delaware, two men from new castle county, according to the delaware division of public health both men were tested in june following
5:37 am
recent travel. it brings total number of caseness delaware to seven. all zika positive test result are due to a mosquito bite traveling abroad and in involved pregnancy. flyers rookie shane. >> gostisbehere. >> did a real solid thing. >> the ghost, how he brought a smile to someone's face close to death last week.
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5:39 am
5:40 am
you play tonight, and now a former cleveland brownies given a four game suspension for the abuse violations. nfl made it clear there could be more for conduct issues which would add games to the team in the nfl would sign him. i have no idea why a team would sign manziel, he would miss at least half of the season and he is not good enough to play in the nfl anyway. one of the flyers hockey players took himself out of sports in real world. shane gostisbehere did something really nice yesterday, ghost made a visit to the wounded police officers in folcroft and the 63 flyers jersey to identify being a member of the 63rd police district. >> when you look at a role model people see hockey players and athletes. these are police officers, and fire fighters and to see what he is going through and see how much warrior he is, and a
5:41 am
week ago it is amazing inn aim's sure we should be looking up to him. >> that is sports in a minute. i'm howard eskin. still ahead it is one of the busiest travel weekend of the year what you can expect as you hit the roads and airways this fourth of july.
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we are looking at the radar here across cape may county, atlantic county as well. we have had showers moving through to give a lot of rain in the short period of time and then they move on out. flooding problems there around cape may earlier but we are getting a break here, with the rain, the last of shower north of brigantine new moving toward long beach island. this is where we're watching now, where we are watching later as storms develop and move through. sixty's and 70's but moisture is back, humidity increasing, certainly feel that this morning. we will feel it here over next few hours. slight risk for severe weather issued by storm prediction center pretty much every where, these will have showers and storms, a few strong to severe, wind gusts over 58 miles an hour and or hail 1 inch in diameter that is
5:45 am
criteria for severe thunderstorm. these are where they will be around 5:00 o'clock especially north of philadelphia and northern new jersey, where conditions look favorable for these storms to be the strongest. so watch that this afternoon, but later until 8:00 o'clock and move through last of them, just after midnight. they won't be every where. if you are out you have a storm popping up it will be clearing out. that is for everybody trying to catch early fire works, in the area things clear out tomorrow ape nice start to the weekend with just a few cloud passing by. we have dryer air, storm which is cause of the storms today is off the coast and taken all that rain with it. more humid with these strong storms late in the day 86 degrees, down the shore, warmer tomorrow, just watch for storms today but try both saturday, sunday, machine just a few cloud increasing more to the south there on monday with the temperature of 83 degrees.
5:46 am
eighty-six today and tomorrow. cloud on monday, rain on tuesday, mainly to the south. wednesday and thursday look good but just hot there on thursday we will be up to 90 degrees. bob kelly almost in wildwood. he will take over at 6:00. we will have one issue to talk about. this is west on route one, southbound route one, this is out toward chadds ford, wawa road, yes, there is a thing, near darlington road and wawa road, on southbound route one. an accident one lane blocked, turnpike southbound near 202, watching that area closely and vine street expressway picking up volume, just a little bit, that doesn't look like vine street expressway. >> that is not the vine street expressway. >> that is another road. >> that is another road for another time. >> okay good thanks very much. >> we will get bob in a minute. he is down short with mike and alex. the lets get tour top stories, history made in washington, defense department is ending a
5:47 am
ban on openly gay transgender troops serving in the military. >> defense secretary ash carter announced change yesterday after a year long study on the issue. the transgendered service members are expect to be able to change their gender identification in the pentagon, personnel system by october 1st. >> right now, most of our transgendered service members must go outside military medical system nerd to obtain medical care judged by doctors to be necessary. they have to pay for it out of their own pockets. >> ash carter, who is from pennsylvania by the way, says that the military will spend the next year developing new guidance for commanders on everything from new training guidelines to new medical protocol. so much has change in the military. we had don't ask, don't tell implement by bill clinton in 1994 and then repealed in 2011 and signed by president obama. the repeal of that. lets stay with politics. >> chris christie being vetted wye donald trump by
5:48 am
vice-president. new jersey governor after being defeated by trump in the primaries has been a major supporter. he was first owe pope don't support trump after dropping out. sources, familiar with the vetting process say christie has received the official paper work for this. trump will unveil his running mate officially at the republican national convention in july in cleveland. may quinnipiac poll found 72 percent say trump should pick someone else. >> wow in, his home state. travelers hitting the skies and road for what is expect to be busiest fourth of july travel weekend ever. >> patricia starks explains, security is a concern in the wake of the terror attacks in turkey and orlando. >> reporter: airport security is on high alert for this fourth of july weekend and record number of travelers take to the skies. the just days after the deadly terror attack at an airport in turkey. while there are in credible threats in the u.s. travel are can expect more backups at
5:49 am
security checkpoints. >> anything can go honest specially in the summer when everybody is traveling it will make things more hectic. >> reporter: most flyers say they are in the too concerned about terrorism. >> i'm in the worried. maybe i should be concerned as an american here in lax but i'm not. >> reporter: those worried about flying and thinking about driving road traffic is expect to be the worst it has ever been. 36 million drivers will hit the road this weekend. >> heaviest road travel will be, of course on friday around 3:00 o'clock to 8:00 p.m. and of course on monday late afternoon. >> reporter: while travelers may in the like traffic they are loving the gas prices. >> love it. i think everybody will love it. fourth of july is a big weekend. everybody heads out of town. >> reporter: average price for gallon of regular gas is $2.29, lowest fourth of july weekend price in 11 years. >> i think we have been over
5:50 am
charge for years and it is about time. >> reporter: much of the midwest and south can expect storms on the fourth of july which could put a damper on fire works plans. in new york, patricia starks "fox news". a philadelphia street where thousands pass by every single day shining brightly with new lights. silver excrete under pass next to reading terminal market has multi colored led lights in honor of the fourth of july events and upcoming democratic national convention. the area will glow red, white and blue. officials say lights enhance the entrance to the market and even crease safety in that area. >> this is a really key project to connecting the head house and reading terminal market and activating this street and creating a civic space where it didn't exist in the same way before. >> this lighting project cost $547,000 and it took two years to plan, design and install. >> they should leave lights up, after the dnc. >> yes. >> bit place of america. >> leave them up. >> fourth of july celebration starts tonight in philadelphia
5:51 am
as part of the wawa welcome america festivity. >> fun to say wawa welcome america penns landing will hose concert tonight and tomorrow night immediately by fire works. tonight philadelphia orchestra will play. tomorrow night united states army band will perform. both start at 8:00 with fire works at 9:30. philly pops orchestra will play independent mall on sunday. >> on monday, the independent day parade will start at 11:00 t mall. then welcome america concert on the parkway featuring yas the greatest and leon bridge is a machining others. fire works display over parkway will conclude on monday night. so much going on in philadelphia in the next month. we are a month way from the dnc and philadelphia international airport its joining in on the excitement. officials unveiled a new photo as an exhibit at terminal a. this highlight philadelphia's presidential convention history going all the way back to 1848, ed rendell who was chairman of the dnc host committee says that this is
5:52 am
the first thing delegates will see when they arrive, exhibit is part of the wawa welcome america celebration happening all week. so much happening all month. meanwhile the colorful donkeys are placed around the area in honor of the democratic national convention. fifty-seven donkeys are paint todd represent each state in the u.s. territories. local artist did this work ape they will be on display until december 9th. >> one close to our station, just a block away. >> i have not seen that. still ahead he was fishing off the coast of florida when he found message floating in the ocean, what it says that has fisherman a little concern. plus we are following that breaking news out of atlantic city where casino workers set to go on strike any minute now.
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5:55 am
a song by the police, message in the bottle. a man vacationing in the florida keys find a message this is bottle asking for help. it starts more than a month ago when u.s. coastguard
5:56 am
removed two dozen cuban migrant from the decommissioned light house off of the coast of the keys. well, men and women are aboard, a coastguard cutter, as the legal system sorts out where this group should go. man on vacation found a message in the water. it was in spanish and asked for help saying the group was being mistreated. >> we translated that they have been treated like dogs. they weren't being treated very well. >> so coastguard says that it takes all reports of improper treatment seriously and that the matter is being investigated. next up chaos erupts in the local carnival how a fight between teens ended up with three of them being stab. radar looks clear now but some showers heading our way, how that may impact fire works this holiday weekend.
5:57 am
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5:59 am
it looks like a rocky start for trump taj mahal casino in atlantic city. right now at 6:00 why 1,000 cooks, housekeepers, bellman, servicer, you name it are choose to go walk off the job. there was a lot of people in the fair that were scared to even come over here,
6:00 am
because you don't know if there will be gunshots. >> he is talking about chaos at the carnival how a place men for bringing amusement and joy end up being setting for a triple stabbing. ahead of your fourth of july weekend lets be real is there only one thing on your mine, right? will we be able to hit the beach, hang out in the sand and then see fire works or is mother nature ruining the whole darn plan? we will put dave warren on that one for us. good day, first day of july, thanks so much for starting with us. >> that is right, today we are heading back down the shore. we're not but they are. mike, alex, bob, rest of the gang, they are going to wildwood the boardwalk from 7:00 to 0:00. dave warren, pressure is on you to make it a beautiful day outside. >> one thing that gets everybody asking about the weather is when we have a live shot. second is when christmas to play some golf good true. >> focus on this, everybody asking what is it like there in wildwood. ultimate doppler shows there has bee


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