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tv   Good Day Philadelphia at 9  FOX  July 1, 2016 9:00am-10:00am EDT

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>> coming down the shore, you have lots of fun, right, guys? (cheers) . >> fog won't mess up this party. >> nice job. >> it was great, really was. they look so cute. >> adorable. >> bob? down here, too, hanging out with the maas darks because he's so cool. >> go on our website, fox 29 sign up here, look at the smile on this little guy, what's his name?
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>> jax. >> how old is jax? >> ten months olds. >> his first tv appearance. you giles having fun? yeah! >> uncle george behind the camera there! >> it is now, how much now? i think what, $415 million? >> you are exactly right, the mega millions, tonight? yes, tonight us a drawing, right. >> tonight on fox 29, of course. >> $415 million, cheering like they're going to win it. >> are you going to win, is that it? >> ill play, but i know i'm not going to win. >> okay. >> says she'll buy awe sandwich. >> $415 million. better be a foot long or
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something. >> so yes, i play but dow wait until it get over 300 million to play. is that dumb? >> ya. >> who plays? >> oh, they all do. >> everybody does, that's why, i'm if the going to win, because they're all playing. >> true, game of chance. all right, well, i'll be watching tonight. i want to see who is going to win. >> let's get to the survey, talking to this guy over here, he admitted he's a bad driver. a list of the two -- hi, gracie. the list of the 200, oh, no, 200 cities, and who has the worse drivers in those cities, right? where do you think philadelphia would rang? >> one said pennsylvania, chicago, new york? >> it is a list of safest drivers. >> oh, safest? >> so where would philadelphia be, top ten, top 30. >> top 50? >> ton ten? >> no.
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we're 190th out of 200. >> just say it? >> 192. >> okay, 192 actually. well, that's even worse. >> even worse. >> what do you think it is? what do you think you see people doing that makes us probably 192? >> what are things? turn signals? people don't put on their turn signals? i got one. >> putting make up on. >> is that what do you? >> kidding. >> putting make up on. >> admit it, have you ever done that? >> , no i don't have a car. >> true, why did you get rid of your car. >> here is the thing, when i came to philly, talking to mike, so excited i can't wait to come, i have my car. he goes car, you don't need a car in our area. i am i don't? so got rid of my car. i get here. >> regret it? >> yes, i have trouble getting aroundment thank goodness for uber, lift, all of that. >> she blames me for everything that goes wrong in her life. >> not true, not true. he said i haven't gotten an
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car since 28. >> i haven't had a car since 1992. >> oh, okay. >> was it? 1999. holds on, i know what it is, when you are driving down the atlantic city expressway, a.c. expressway, slow drivers in the left lane, drivers me nuts. >> oh, ya. >> am i right? move over. >> the speed limit is 55 and i'm going 55. >> i like that voice, mike. >> no, get over to the right. >> let me through. >> when is the last time were you behind the wheel? >> i rent cars every now and then. >> good to know. >> you should buy a car, drive me around. >> lease like celebrities. >> you don't like kanye west? you don't like him? kim kardashian? what? >> no, no one. >> nobody likesser? >> another kanye. >> bieber? >> she said that for you. >> bieber. >> justin bieber. >> he is a tool.
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>> yes. >> i can tell you, what number one, gwyneth paltrow. >> do you all agree, gwyneth paltrow, lease liked celebrity? they don't agree. >> bruce jener? >> hey, kit cat kline in the control room. give me five. do you have top five? >> chris brown. >> chris brown in there? >> chris brown. >> number five. >> chris brown is number five. do we agree with that for least likes? okay, they agree. number four? >> martha stewart? oh, kristin stewart. >> from the twilight movie. >> i've interviewed her, she's like a wet dish rash. >> oh, mike. >> no personal at this. >> ann hathaway. >> ann hathaway. >> i don't see anything wrong with her. why don't you like ann hathaway? >> i like her. >> do you?
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>> i just didn't like the princess di list at all. >> really? >> ruined it for me, i know, but she was in it. >> anybody else? who doesn't like ann hathaway? okay? >> three times. >> what? >> breakfast nurse. >> i don't know. >> okay? oh, was she at a restaurant? >> you're right. >> what? >> sent it back three times. >> that was for a roll, wasn't it? >> all these people get mixed up character and l the real person. >> did i know who two was? >> i thought people got tired of her, in so many movies. remember she literally did i appeared for awhile there, i know people are sick of me, i'm take little break. because she was everywhere. >> can i wear that hat. >> john mayor number two. >> john mayor. why don't people like john mayor? >> oh,'s tool, too. >> because's player? is that what it is? john mayor is a player?
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>> he is the guy that had the bubble gum tongue song? >> no, that's justin timberlake. >> no, no, no. >> john mayor had bubble gum, your body is a wonder land. >> oh, okay. >> because you're probably wondering. >> this is my style on weekends. >> oh, thank you so much. we have the best viewers. >> so have you noticed something, taylor swift data lot, different guys? >> ya. >> have you noticed she changes her clothes according to the guy she's going out with. she switches it up. >> recently she went platt mum blondes. >> was that for calvin? >> i don't know, kind of look like the same guy. >> calvin, had very revealing
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clothes. >> tom is very bright i shall, her new boo, so i wonder if she will dress it up a little bit more. >> tom hidesteen? >> she's more conservative, already hanging out with the parents? let me ask this question. >> so do you have dress it up with the parent. >> already met his parent? but here is the thing. i don't understand, because i feel like the men, when they finds new women, they go on with their lives, it is okay, but because taylor finds new love, she very nice looking girl, successful, a lot of men want to be with her, now people judging her, besides the fact probably overlaps, you know, already has a newman. >> already has newman. >> let me say this. >> good for her. >> alex holley? >> yes? >> if you were with a newman, or a man at all, again, this is just fantasy land. >> wow. >> would you -- if he asked to you dress a certain way, would you grant him his wish? or do you just stay true to
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yourself. >> i would like to think i would stay true to myself. but something very important to you then i might, for example, if you went out and picked out an outfit, oh, i thought would you like there is i'm not going to hurt your feelings, ill de. that will but what i change my style completely, no. but i will say i don't know when it comes to clothes, certain things i found i like to do with certain people, i didn't think i would do. >> like bike riding or something? >> but just different -- have you ever done something different when with someone, i actually kind of like this? >> i like that aspect. >> still do it after you all break up? >> ya, ya. like laying on the couch. >> what? >> lay on the couch. >> what was something you didn't think would you like to do that a woman got to you do? >> i got into running. >> when is the last time you ran? >> long time ago. >> right now i can't say. i'll tell you one, tamara, the woman i should have married, she was a dancer so she got me
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into going to dance recitals. into leer call dance, so would take me and now i know lars. >> and do you still -- >> no, the minute we stopped going i stopped going to dance recitals. you know why? they were boring. >> but i sat through them because i was in love with her. >> isn't that heartwarming storey? did you like that story? >> it's okay. >> okay, typical action. dave warren now completely fogged in here. >> what's going on? >> not raining at least, good, little mist what weaver, reading into the area, so had mix every sunday, clouds, heavy rain although those storms came through earlier. but now with that wind coming up, and that's the warmer air, bit more humid air coming in from the south. that will create that fog, especially, close to the coast what we're seeing now.
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rain came through this morning cape may, atlantic city, a lot of rain and thunder long gone, continuing to move away. to the future weather computer here, show you to each hour we'll see clouds coming in, so fogged, in low clouds, mist, maybe even few showers by say 11:12. the area that's getting rain this morning is in new jersey. now the north and western suburbs for the showers and storms later this afternoon, mainly to the north and west, by about 4:00, 5:00. not everywhere. may not see anything tonight. if you do may see strong or even severe thunderstorm, will common through between 4:00 and 6:00. and then by 7:00, 8:00 off the coast and clearing out. so, maybe tonight, if you're out, a loft fireworks happening there may have do showers or thunderstorms. >> warm, muggy calling it right now, temperatures into the 70s, the mugginess, coming with that dew point, up to
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69 degrees there, once you hit 70, and feel the moisture in the air, to up 75 now, south-southeast wind, will continue to bring in warmer air, more humidity, throughout the day today. near 07 mount pocono, everybody else into the 70s heading for the 80s today, up to 86 degrees, we have the strong storms coming in late, so watch the skies for that, especially, north and west of the city. >> seven day forecast, shows, that, well, we'll see, 86 degrees, here, will last until tomorrow. i should say, looking at today, more humid, tomorrow everything clears out. it is a nice weekend, with dry air in place, and stays that way both saturday, sunday, and monday but by tuesday some rain comes back into the forecast, and by wednesday and thursday, climbing to up near 90 degrees. so today, it will not get any worse than it is now throughout the rest of the weekend so enjoy the holiday.
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>> we are over here in cat country. >> i know. >> cat country. >> getting ready for tim mcgraw, because he'll be here, earlier too foggy now, so getting the stage altogether and up. >> is joe kelly around? >> hey, joe. joe, i listen to him on cat country, 107.3. >> hey, how are you? >> on the air now, aren't you? >> on the air now. >> what are you, playing a record? >> record, look how old i am. >> crashes playing a record, we're doing that, exactly. >> tim mcgraw monday? >> right here right on the beach, it will be the best thing ever.
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>> so right over there, just so fogged in. >> finishing putting the stage up. they have everything all set up, ready to go, it will be a big day. >> how many people are you expecting? >> i'm expecting 30,000 people. >> wow, can they still get tickets? >> yes, tickets still available, available at the gate monday as well. >> how much? >> twenty-five, yes. >> i'm not actually selling them myself. >> that's all right. >> we have some questions? >> i think you can get them on line and at the door. >> 107.3. com. get all of the information. >> more expensive at the door? >> same price. >> if you go to the website you can actually get discount today. >> oh, what's the website? >> 107-point come. i think we might have 19-dollar deal there. >> i'm a discount kind of girl, i'll do that for sure. >> we have a little idea here, you want to play along with us? >> sure. >> ask anybody who kind of looks like tim mcgraw to come out, how did it go? >> a lot of people sign up? >> we had few people.
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we picked a winner. and of course, he's lost in traffic. >> you already pick a winner y don't we pick a winner. sir? , sir? let's see who looks like tim mcgraw? >> why don't we bring our first guy up here and let our audience decide. >> all right. >> everybody talk to this mike. >> like i said, there you go, over there. if i can pick that, that would be fantastic. >> oh, look. >> ladies and gentlemen, tim mcgraw is here. >> oh, my goodness, tim mcgraw. oh, my gosh. i love your music. i love your music. >> thanks. >> i love your wife. >> okay. we're down to this. it is his good -- is his good? >> we can share the mike, we're sharing. >> so traffic was pretty bad. >> do people come up to you my gosh, you're tim mcgraw? >> constantly ya, pretty much. >> do you say yes, do you play along? >> no, no, no, no. >> you're honest?
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if you didn't like it you could take that darn hat off. >> that's true, but i do like country, and i was in the music business so ya. >> do we have any other tim mcgraw's, megan, anybody else? >> this is it. >> you win the tickets. >> yeah! >> nobody else was in it, that's why. >> oh, no, no, not at all. you look like tim mcgraw, and do you love his music? >> yes, he is good. yes. >> sounds convincing. >> i met him couple of times. >> you have? >> when you met him, did he say, like, oh, you look just like me? >> that was years ago. >> did he think you looked like him. >> i lived in nashville, that was even worse. i crossed streets and stuff, came to the point, i would stop, i'm not him. >> what's your name? >> can he begin where do you live? >> ventnor. >> are you married? >> no. >> who are you taking? >> probably my girlfriends. >> oh, he has girlfriends, that's okay. >> i'll there. >> does she look like faith hill? >> no. >> supposed to say yes. >> oh, she's beautiful.
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>> oh, ya. >> she's good looking. >> so this concert that just on the other side of the blue wall right there. it is a massive stage, joe, where you just can't see, because it is covered in fog. >> it is huge, there is room for a lot of people, even more than already bought tickets? what do you think is his number one song? >> humble and kind, brand new song, just killing it everywhere. in fact, affecting so many people, about real life, it is really hitting a lot of people. probably end up to be the biggest song ever. >> you know we love hearing him in philly, tug mcgraw when was that 1980 the worlds series against the kansas city royals, that shot of him on the mounds? >> yes, exactly. >> here's another thing. what was the big -- trying to come one this big hit that i know from the past. >> i like it, i love it. >> that's it. >> he like it, i love it, i want some more of it, right? >> i like it, i love it, i want some more of it. >> actually sounds like tim
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mcgraw. >> more music. >> or more loving. >> i knew he was going there. >> , no i mean love. i love you. i love you, and i love you, joe, i love cat country, too. >> hey, megan, where are we going next? >> we love you. >> oh. last year i was so scared for you, but when were you in the monster truck. >> it was pretty scar. >> i looked like it would roll over. >> your turn? are you going to do it this year. >> i just might. they have monster truck day here weekend in wildwood. >> i've driven one of those. >> snuff. >> all right, let's go climb into one. let's have monster trucks after the break.
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>> down on to the sands, we have a monster truck, separate this little bit, see the red, white and blue truck back there. what's your name, sir? >> i'm guard. >> i what's the name of your truck? >> ameri-crush. >> because you crush stuff? >> sure, crushes car. where's your car? >> i haven't had one since 1999. but if i had one i would let you crush it. >> sure. >> he just drives in and crushes a lot. >> so when is this? do you have a big festival. >> we do, august 19th through the 21st, we have monster
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truck show here on the beach. >> that's cool. >> it is huge. >> loud. >> very loud. and excitementing. >> thousands of people. >> hundreds every thousands of people. >> crush stuff? >> yes. >> like what would you crush on a beach. >> cars. >> illegally parked cars. >> cars, ya. >> can you show us what you're going to do here? >> i can take you for a ride if you would like. >> no, no, no, no. (cheers). >> promise not to crush anything. >> no, this is what i need to have you do. everybody's got to get out of the way, i mean, get way out of the way, because he is craze. >> i you shnewer. >> i'm fine. >> now, back way out of the way. i mean, way out of the way.
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>> go! (truck revving up). >> i want to ride! >> is that cool? >> see, alex, if you do buy another car, it might be that one. >> little too big for my. it is pretty cool, though. >> here, come here. >> get on it, mike. >> you're the size of the tire. >> and i'm really tall, too.
9:26 am
so this is a huge -- >> sure. >> huge tire. >> oh, my goodness. >> jen, top that, woman. >> all right, this is the slide i'm going down. i'm now at maury's, and i think that's what i'm doing, right, guys, right there? i wouldn't do the big one. that would be just silly. i'll do that one. bob kelly is here. he's going to help me out.
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well, we know we have been showing you this mazda and it is so amazing, did you know it gets 27 miles on the the highway per gallon. >> yes. >> twenty-three in the city. >> yes. >> that is very good.
9:30 am
>> very large vehicle. >> it just makes sense. go to fox,.com right now and put your information and sign up because you could be a finalist. we will announce our finalist very soon. >> now we used to have a produce their work on "good day philadelphia", who i still get along with. >> i think she's here. >> meredith. >> come here. >> please. come here. bring the kids. >> i used to call out her name all the time. >> meredith. >> yes. >> hello. >> meredith cassidy, here in heels. >> come on in here and to this segment with us. who are your sons. >> this is jackson and that is gavin. >> so are they behaving now because when you work with us, they were just terrors. >> yes, they are getting along now. >> yeah, sure. >> welcome meredith to the board walk. >> what is your name.
9:31 am
>> please behave, mike. >> he has the beer tap on the kitchen table. >> i love that guy. >> i was in her kitchen once. >> yes. >> anyway, jordan, where do you work. >> joe's fish company. >> is that here on morey's pier. >> it is on the surf side peer on 26th street. >> let's start with the burger because i'm a burger aficionado, what is that. >> thinks our wild burger, 8-ounce signature burger topped with the crab cake cheddar cheese, dijon mayo. >> who are you. >> betsy, surf side shore chef. >> hi. >> this is our seafood pasta, lobster sauce served over peppy pasta and crabby jumbo crab with our signature crab dish. >> this is amazing is that cheese on top of it too. >> that looks so good, doesn't it. >> it is big. >> now, we also have been getting sweaty out here so we
9:32 am
need some liquid. >> yes. >> this looks quite healthy for you. >> that is nitro. >> nitro. >> why nitro. >> why, because it is a delicious beer. >> okay. very powerful. it goes with the burgers very well. it is a light sangria, just a blend of fresh fruits. >> and how is this. >> thank you, mike. >> what is this. >> the last one over is there our cucumber margarita, so, it is nice with the summer and nice slice of cucumber. >> cheers to wild wood. not only do we go to you guys for great food and would i go for that pretzel but you have a macing views especially from the fire works coming on, right. >> absolutely, every friday night, joe's there we have a new bar this year 25 seats around a bar and it is a great spot to get a couple drinks and great food as well. >> drink and watch fire works go off.
9:33 am
>> yes, all at the same time. >> you want a great view you can hang out, relax and watch fire works we have to come to you. >> absolutely. >> and on the fire works side. >> it is fun to watch them with the family. pretty busy. not too over crowded. >> where do you live. >> where do i live. >> i live in wildwood crest, been here my whole life. >> you have got your wildwood crest, you have your wildwood and you have your north wildwood, which is the best. >> we can't forget west wildwood. >> oh, my goodness. >> don't get the people upset. >> what? what is that? >> do you want some. >> milky way is hungry. >> it looks good. >> this is a scallop. >> do you know what a scallop is. >> it is a fish glit is a bottom fighter, it stays on the bottom of the ocean and eats the poop of other fish.
9:34 am
>> yes. >> thank you. seafood lesson 101. >> i had a woman come over to me a little while ago and she said, can i get a picture of you. one of the life guard. can i get a picture of you, i will show it to my mother and my mother is going to poop. >> is that what she said. >> yes. >> i had a fish in my head for two hours you are helping her stay regular. >> that is true. >> mike... no audio. >> i like it. i like it. >> last time we were in wildwood we did water guns. >> yes. >> we have to have a redue. >> i won. >> let's just do it again. (vo) we went to hollywood to ask
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if america's favorites - burgers, tacos and chili could taste just as great made with turkey. thousands stepped into the jennie-o tasting booth to find out. with just one bite, they knew. now it's your turn to make the switch. okawhoa!ady?
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we seem to remember, we seem to remember this differently. >> i won. >> yes, listen, luckily we are here at the arcade we will do this again. tell me your name one more time. >> it is bobby d. >> yes. >> you said bob earlier. i said why would i call you bob when your shirt says bobby d. who calls you bobby. >> you can call me bobby and only my wife calls me bobby. >> i'll leave that to her. >> your last name. >> that is same way for 54
9:39 am
years. >> congratulations you don't see that much around anymore. >> she's a saint. >> that is sweet. >> how does this work. >> you shoot the water in the hole. first one that reaches the top is the winner and you get to choose anything. >> anything. >> this old eagles jersey, shady mccoy. >> well, we love those guys. we love all of the old eagles. >> are those ghosts of eagles past, they are famous, they are close to our heart. >> wonderful. >> jeremy maclin, all of the others. >> here we go. >> you turn the button on. >> i will start the game as soon as we are's ready. we're ready to go. >> here we go.
9:40 am
>> unaudible. >> who won. >> that girl over there. >> who won. what is her name. >> guy an a. >> how old are you. >> eleven. >> is what your secret you beat all of them. >> aim for the target. >> you are ready. is what your prize. >> she want a racoon, bobby d what color. >> a pink, of course. >> bobby d is getting it, congratulations. >> all right. >> here's the thing, we can settle this. >> thank you very much. >> because last year you thought i won, i won so we can both agree that we both lost.
9:41 am
>> wait, wait a minute, bobby d, are you saying he beat me. >> bobby d. >> that is sweet. >> this is all i get then i'll cool with it. >> lets go from water guns to the water park, i think one of the best water parks in america. >> morey's pier. >> it is right on the sand. >> i love it. >> bob kelly from bobby d to bobby k. >> all right. so grace was supposed to go on the slide with me and look at grace's outfit. are you kidding me. >> i don't know. >> can you make this happen. >> i guess so. >> your again, bad outfit. >> we're going on the slide, grace, it is over between us.
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i survived breast cancer. if the doctors hadn't caught it early i might not be sitting here. so i'm outraged that pat toomey voted to defund planned parenthood... ...which thousands of pennsylvania women depend on for cancer screenings. pat toomey was even willing to shut down the federal government to eliminate funding for planned parenthood. shut down the government over planned parenthood? i think we ought to shut down pat toomey. women vote is responsible for the content of this advertising.
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we are taking another look at mazda cx9. i talk to this person yesterday. >> it a man good there are a lot of people. if you are not in wildwood you can still sign up at fox and put all your information, you must be excited. >> yes. >> yes. >> right now.
9:45 am
>> here's the thing, we're running out of weeks to sign up. >> you have to hurry up to do this. your chances are great, you can get a finalist every single week. >> you can log on and sign up once every 24 hours. >> i was just talking to folks about a trip survey that i found, best water parks in america and guess what, morey's pier is number six. >> number six. >> of course. >> bob knows too. >> bob kelly. >> and jen fred. >> yes, gang i'll tell you what if you have in the been down here, they have built on a entire section on the back of morey's pier and it is raging waters. we have joe from blackwood along with somebody else in the other side, we will give it the a shot, they will go ahead and do it, down the shoot and boom. >> we are in the flash zone. >> here comes the next two contestant. >> ready, one, 23, go.
9:46 am
>> here's the thing, jen freddie's up top there but she doesn't want to come down. >> jen, jen, jen, jen, jen. >> if she doesn't come down, no salt water taffy, no fudge and we will make her walk home. she has her bathing suit on. i wanted to go down but i have my "good day philadelphia" speedo on. >> here she comes. >> swim over. she has her. backstroke, backstroke, backstroke. what is your name, pal. >> gaff. >> indeed where are you from. >> new jersey good was that cool. >> awesome. >> we have to help out jen here. hello, baby. >> it was good. >> so they said the drop was the worst part. it is in the that bad.
9:47 am
toss my makeup look pretty. >> you look great. love you baby. >> take a look at this. >> it is giant slide which goes up about ten stories or so. >> about five stories. >> five stories. >> we have serpentine slide up there. >> of course you have the life guard here to make sure everybody is safe. >> i did notice i have on a two piece but i wore clothes overtop because there is a lot of people that lose part of the two piece. >> yes. >> i have my "good day philadelphia" speedo on. >> let's do it. >> bob, bob, bob. bob. >> yes. >> you want ratings. you want ratings. i'll give you ratings. >> i have to say, he said it was warm. i thought it was lying. >> 86 degrees.
9:48 am
>> it is really nice. >> come here, grace. get over here. i want to you feel how wet i am. >> it is cool. so many things to do here and super reasonable and they have adorable life guards. >> yes. >> not one of them una tracktive. >> all very good looking, well trained and good looking. >> what do you want people to know about this facility. >> we have two beach front water parks, attractions and we're open from 9:30 to 6:00. >> put on your fancy shoes. >> okay. >> bob, bob, bob, bob, bob. >> just so you know, this is hilarious because he he is mary. >> we want him to do this. >> this is killing him.
9:49 am
>> yes. >> is there a shirt off. >> take your shirt off. >> oh, my jonas brothers. >> bob, bob, bob. >> what is he taking his hundreds of dollars out. >> he is crazy. >> jump. >> now, my boss is here, mare, mare, mare, mare. >> no, bob, you did great, buddy. >> we never saw that before. that is a first in 35 years. >> in 35 years they have never seen this before. >> that is nice.
9:50 am
>> give me a hug. >> i need someone to dry, marry ann vaughn. >> it is getting a little duey >> come here. >> fun. >> all right. could you kill their mikes then, then, thank you. >> okay, lets take a picture of this man right here, a hero right here fourth of july weekend, so appropriate who is that young man. >> that is my son michael strange, seal time six, killed in action august 6th, 2011. >> he was in the the bin laden raid. >> yes, he was involved in that. north catholic high school my oldest son, northeast philly, and we lost and took a piece of my heart. we bring moms and dad in for a
9:51 am
weekend retreat. we did one down here in wildwood, we did one in malvern retreat house, and wildwood stepped up to the plate again, isn't that right, guys. boardwalk entertainment, and tim mcgraw concert, michael strange foundation 10 percent of the proceeds. >> we will be thinking of michael. >> thank you, michael. >> sacrifice for our country and thank you very much. >> important to remember heading in the fourth of july weekend. >> 289 killed in action from pennsylvania. >> thank you for that. a little different note here, mike, you know i love music and i love old school, i love oldies. >> i go to trenton sometimes. you like to hear the soul cruisers. >> yes. >> one of the so many cruisers is here. >> yes. >> okay. >> how are you mike. >> how are you doing. >> tell us about soul cruisers. >> yes. >> where are you performing on monday. >> monday we will be at keenan's irish pub this north
9:52 am
wildwood six to 10:00. >> how many are there. >> eleven of us. >> when i tell you they bring the house down. >> they bring the house down. >> you will be there next month. >> thanks for coming out. >> when we come back the finalist is here. >> we will make the announce. >> could it be you. >> could be. (vo) we went to hollywood to ask if america's favorites - burgers, tacos and chili could taste just as great made with turkey. thousands stepped into the jennie-o tasting booth to find out. with just one bite, they knew. now it's your turn to make the switch.
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we're back in wildwood on the beach now. we're about to have a ball and i mean a big ball but first we have to announce the mazda finalist it is kenya. >> of middletown delaware. >> congratulations, kanye use. >> good luck good okay. >> one person, per ball. >> yes. >> okay. you get to go. we've already got people in that one. get in this one right here. >> hop in.
9:56 am
>> so start them down the beach toward the water. toward the water. >> go, go, go. >> this is crazy. >> how do you not fall out. >> where are you, alex, that is funny. >> we will see you next week we're going to delaware. >> we're not fooling anybody. >> welcome to wildwood. now we will get to the business. >> push-ups. >> push-ups. >> what is the tag line in wildwood. >> watch the tram car please.
9:57 am
>> look at that picture. >> do you see what happened here. >> i like him the best. >> bob did that. >> check out this baby, seriously. >> name. >> jon. >> rank and serial number. >> two and a half months old. >> he likes the microphone. >> he is a natural right there. >> are you married. >> i am but i'm able to go just with you. >> wow. >> hall pass. >> i'm the hall pass. >> well, let's go over here good oh, really. >> really. >> it is typical of me it didn't take that long. >> jammo on the boardwalk. >> we have a patriotic pooch parade in wildwood, should we do it. >> that is how we do it. >> you are the size of the tire. >> i'm really tall too.
9:58 am
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live, here's wendy! >> wendy: yeah! [ applause ] cheers ] >> wendy: it's a monday! you know it! ♪ [ applause ] thank you for watching our show! say hello to my co-host, my studio


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