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tv   Good Day Philadelphia at 9  FOX  July 4, 2016 9:00am-10:00am EDT

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yes. >> that is the sixth six soldiers, we will talk to them in a little bit. they sound good this morning. on this fourth of july, 2016. >> it is, the fourth of july. ask me what i'm's doing on the fourth. >> recovering from your birthday. >> what are you doing on the fourth. >> having a fifth. >> initiation. >> that was a cute picture we had up there. >> yes. >> we had a third yesterday. >> only a third. >> still a lot. >> joe, thanks for send ago this in. beautiful family you have. >> look at that snoopy. >> nice drawing there. >> donna my sweet hubby soluting a tech marine brother. >> happy fourth. >> that is fancy. >> oh, yeah. >> that is a great one.
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what a great dress. do you see stars. >> hi lauren. >> happy belated birthday. >> i had a great birthday yesterday. >> wonderful. >> yes. >> why don't we just keep things going, special message, we will show you from two of your favorite people. >> ahh. >> what is this. >> what is this. >> what. >> yes. >> i'm ready. >> happy birthday, pop pop mike, i love you. happy birthday pop pop mike i love you. >> look at jack, he is just hanging out. >> they are camping. >> look at the size of jack. >> those are my grandchildren. >> they are my daughter jessica, took teddy, who is five, to colorado, they went hiking and camping, and they asked me, mike would you like to go camping. >> i said, no.
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>> not even to spend time with your grandchildren. >> i don't camp anymore. i do not camp anymore. >> d iv o. >> male version of the diva. >> i did so much camping in my 20's. i went up to northern -- >> hold on. >> so they have a surprise for you, and we have a surprise for you. to wish you a happy birthday. >> bring them in. >> wow, wow. >> let's go. >> here we go. >> what is happening right now. >> i do believe it is time, they with like to say. >> do you want to come over here. >> hi, i'm mike. >> how adorable. >> and that is a chicken nugget. >> no. >> it is every nugget. >> every nugget. >> so what are you going to say to me. >> happy birthday. >> thank you very much.
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>> here we go. >> did we choreograph this well enough. >> get out of the way of the camera. >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪
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>> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> yes. >> i have a fire works display to get to later. >> ♪ >> ♪ >> okay, seriously. >> thinks a long version but they mean to say happy birthday. >> extended play. >> did you have a message for my birthday there. >> didn't do you something. >> birthday song, do you have it. three, two, one. >> birthday song. >> happy, happy birthday.
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>> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> happy birthday mr. jerrick. >> there we go. >> so sweet. >> thank you very much. >> now, get out. >> so we're not done yet. there is more surprises. let's bring in our fox 29 presenter, tim. >> be careful now. >> bye, girls. thank you so much for my birthday shout out. >> do you see the cake. >> no, thank you, tim. >> don't drop it the now. >> you went all out. >> you probably think i'm
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involved because the cake is pink and green. >> that is nice. >> really nice. >> have a happy birthday. >> i think this is it. >> look at that, a nice cake. >> yes, it is nice good four years old. >> you wish you were four. >> four deck kids. >> that was well core graphed. >> it is the thought that counts. >> so they weren't going to do the whole birthday song, it was just poppa nugget. >> well, you know they do poppa nugget first because that is what they are saying and then happy birthday. you have to poppa nugget first before you wish a happy birthday. >> they sell chicken mcnuggets or something. >> i'm still not exactly sure. >> can we get the web site or
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something. >> they are so cute, little girls are so cute. >> i love them. >> all right. >> yeah, right. >> the birthday song. >> can you say it, make a wish please. >> one big blow. >> yes. >> i want to see, i want to see steve keeley, i want to see steve keeley. >> look, it came true. >> who doesn't go to the beach in the suit and tie. >> here we go. >> hi, steve. >> am i, i'm on, mike, yes, why would i wear a shirt and tie how about the fact i'm with the guy who headed shirt corner please at other end of our block. when you want to go to the beach this weekend you bum a
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room from one of you have friends. if i bum a room off my friend i will do it right and get the house right on the beach. chris, give them a shot. we have been right off the vent they're boardwalk and right off the beach and i'm with the lovely devarietya and marvin ginsburg and zach their grandson. zach in from the weekend. >> yes. >> i told you it was mike's birthday. you are a big fan of mike. we shared a block with you. do you want to say anything to mike. >> happy birthday. we miss seeing you have day on tv. >> have a great weekend. >> now, marvin, you got here before it was trendy and hip, how long have you been on this land. >> we bought this house, this property in 1973. we tore it down in 1990. to make a more beautiful i guess. >> marvin bought this beach
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block $600. >> little over $600, and in the only that, thank you michael for making every morning happy for us when we see your program. we are a big fan and love watching you in the morning. happy birthday again. >> your status the very viewer gets me a beach block view up on the balcony above all as you would call it, the regular people. very busy. very busy here in ventnor compared to margate. people in ventnor up exercising. anybody who thought that the fourth of july would be a wash out, welshing at least half of the day looks like beautiful sunshine. how great is this weekend been. >> absolutely wonderful. never know what the weather is going to be but could not ask for anything nicer. little rain overnight the but beautiful when we wake up in the morning. >> we have a wipe out to the right, a couple people, weather looks great, ocean looks smooth but people in that little canoe out there to the right, chris, keep going,
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you will see it yellow, big floating plastic banana a they are trying to get it right sided. keep it going to the right. keep, going, keep going. >> they are getting it, there you go. >> you are disappoint that had margate cancelled their fire work so soon so no fire works for you so soon but disappointed that they made the call so soon. >> yes, because it is a beautiful day, disappointing for the company, we look forward to this every year. >> you are going to cam in pennsylvania in the poconos which would be better ventnor in the beach or camp with the other kids. >> your grandparents have the beach block house you can always go back. >> yes. >> you are with other kid in the beach block. this weather is gorgeous. you are down here most of the summer. do you ever sigh's fourth of july 4 day week then good. >> we never know what the weather will be memorial day, fourth of july, you never know
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but we could mountain get a better day then this. this is beautiful good we talk burr birthday. marvin is a super young 85, august 29th, what is the secret, does he go out there and paddle board. how does he stay in great shape. >> he has a young wife. >> that is the key. >> i keep him in shape. >> do you ever take this view for granted. >> never, we love it, all the time, watch it all day long we are looking out the window. >> it is beautiful. never gets old. sunsets, rainbows. people. when atlantic city as as nice as this there is no other places in the worldy miss seeing you at third and market but this makes up for it. >> yes, shirt corner plus, and tie and pant corner, they had it all. we will say so long from beautiful ventnor and mostly weather holds out for as long as these people want to hold it out. >> i don't care about weather,
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sand, except anything about getting back to this couple on the balcony. >> get back to the the couple on the balcony. you are telling me that man is how old. >> they don't believe, look, he doesn't look like, i said look at his face, he looks, yeah, he looks very young. they don't believe you are 81. >> i don't have my birth certificate you that are old because you had that business there for 40 some years. >> forty-eight years exactly. >> i started when i was 30. >> he started at age 30, and then he had it 48 years. >> yes. >> you are at least going to marvin's age. he didn't retire until he was 78. you got plenty of years of good day. i will be watching, when i retire. >> yes, thank you. >> he is 85. he doesn't look eight 56789 the key he says is having a younger wife. really young wife. >> yes. >> she's the key.
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>> she looks beautiful. i will guess she's 50. >> can you give me the age span there. >> very close. >> like 40 to 50. >> forty years. >> but he married her as a young girl. >> a young bride. >> yes. >> you know what i mean, a need a women 40 years younger then me. >> he is fishing right now. >> you had a few of those i thought already. >> calm down, steve. >> getting ready. >> forty years younger, wow. >> i have to work on that. >> wow, that is low. >> my parents are ten years apart. >> my parents were eight years apart. >> my mom had way more energy than my dad sometimes but then sometimes it flips and vice versa. >> that is brilliant. >> sometimes he has more energy, and then sometimes he shes has more energy. >> sometimes he would want to to do things.
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>> what is your idea, could you ever gate someone 40 years older then me. >> my gosh. >> it is ten. >> ten, that is it. >> yes. >> don't come over here. >> i got you. >> 9:14. >> millions of people will be enjoying independence day to day because it is fourth of july. travel site, i check them out once a week, trip put together of the most common july 4th plans a monk americans. what do you think number one thing to do in america today is. >> festival. >> start with the number five. >> number five? starting with number five. >> that is at the bottom and then work our way up. >> here on good day we like to start at the top and work our way down like drake used to down. >> started from the bottom. >> how do you start from the bottom. >> okay. trying to be funny. >> yes.
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>> sorry. >> you missed it. >> mining. >> really. >> all kind of people listen to drake. >> true. >> starting at number five. >> yes. >> wawa kill come america festival a lot of people will be doing that. >> we will be heading out there. we will see you there next visiting a local park or national park. then hiking. then shopping, and supporting local businesses. later in the show we will she you only made in america things you can buy. >> perfect day for that. >> then number within thing. >> swimming. >> people go out on boats. >> go to the beach. >> yes, the boat. >> yes. >> i got a boat. >> i said i had several people barbecue. >> barbecue is not even on the top five list. >> that is a stupid list. they don't know what they are talking about. >> maybe from the south we are all about cooking on the barbecue. >> if you do have a barbecue or cook out number one thing people are eating are hamburgers. >> they might be wet today sue because a parentally it is going to rain burgers over the
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weanie. >> because coney island hot dog eating contest. >> hot dogs is more of a american traditional thing then a hamburgers. >> where was hamburger invented. >> apple pie. >> hot dogs, apple boy and some cash carbs. >> what am i doing outside. >> you know what, after i get finished here today we will get a heat wave. it looks certain that we will have at least four days in a row of 90 degrees or above for the second time this season. the first heat wave of the season was in may the 26th, 27th and 28th and we have in the been able to string together three in a row since then but it is a very warm, humid weather pattern on the way after today. today is pretty comfortable out there. it is more humid then yesterday but just that pesky
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rain we cannot get rid of the in the forecast for later tonight and through overnight house lasting into tomorrow morning. hot times ahead alex and lauren, in the seven day forecast. you know my family will be firing up the grill, having a cook out but why not have something different. >> somethingtive rent like what, mike jerrick. >> so say what now. >> we're making indian food. >> yes, sir. >> what a a perfect booking for the fourth of july in america. good to have you here. >> what is your name. >> akiesh good how does this happen. >> where are you located. >> i live in south philadelphia, south 13th street. >> yes. >> what is the name of the place. >> blue. at least blue in there for red, white and blue. what are we making.
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>> unaudible. >> now what is that guy holding over there. >> lamb chops. >> those are lamb chops. >> what is he sticking it into. >> skewer, bake it and grill it why would you put it in the trash can. >> it is a drum. >> this comes from indian. >> almost a kiln. >> lamb chop and shrimp. >> yes, it is glazed. it goes on the top of it. >> what is all this. >> that is going go to go in the taco. >> these are the spices blended together. >> what is up, my man. >> where alex at. >> she's inside. >> wave through the glass there you will see her. >> all right. >> those are the spices, and into that liquid.
9:19 am
>> this one chile powder thinks one, and it is all of the spices. >> okay. >> this is a tumeric. >> let's put that together. >> go back over to the trash can. >> no, it is not a trash cab. >> darn it. >> so what do you got. >> shrimp. >> yes come here, george. look at that, wow. >> wow. i want to come to your rest tawr rant. >> please. >> do you want to put it in the taco. >> this is only an hour show, we only have 45 minutes left. >> so we are not just going to put this taco together. >> not right now. >> for the love of the fourth of july, put this taco together. >> this has to be in my top
9:20 am
five. i am writing this book about the tv industry, this will be in my top five. we book and indian restaurant on the fourth of july, albeit a great indian restaurant and i love indian, there is nothing better about it but it is the fourth of july. so seriously are you going to put the darn food into the taco. >> it is on the way. >> you know this is live and i only have a few minutes left and at some point you have to take that off that skewer and put it in the taco. this will be in the first chapter of the book. >> luckily this showing on until 10:00 a.m. we can check back after the break or something so we can see what it looks like. >> sometimes, shower short time is. >> is there a process. >> we're not chefs.
9:21 am
>> they don't know us, we don't know them good they are coming together on this show. >> yes. >> so, alex around town, all of the cool things around town, everybody is talking about the wawa welcome america festival that is going on. >> right. >> we will get some tips like what time should you show up if you want a good spot to watch. and then a surprise that will happen. >> yes. >> we will give you a big hint, stick around. then do you hear that that is the premiere of the group, spin soldiers, they are outside this morning. sue serio will talk to them next. (vo) with thousands of quality pre-owned vehicles...
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♪ >> how cute are these kid. >> my goodness. >> thanks for sending in those pictures. >> your tacos are done. >> yes. >> how are they. >> fantastic. >> good. >> i a pol guys for that segment, i was kind of a dufuss. >> you were just waiting to eat. >> six string soldiers have been rocking all morning on the sidewalk, alex went outside, and she is with the band now. >> well, lauren, i cannot hear you, but, this band they go all over the country and so, if you try to find a place to spend the fourth of july you should spend it here in philadelphia. >> what better mace to be then in philadelphia, we had a great time here honoring veterans and thanking everybody for their support. without the support of the american public, army cannot thrive and do its mission. thank you. >> thank you for your service. >> you guys are the reason we're here. so on a day like today it is
9:26 am
important to thank you all for your service. also too, through your music you tell stories what it is like to be a solder. yes, one of the things we do is get to go to veterans homes. you think about these veterans in homes they cannot come out on a day like today. we take music to them, we hear their story and thank them so they don't think they are forgotten. >> where can we hear you. >> we will be at six flags great adventure tonight at 5:00. >> wonderful. i want everyone's name, and then play a little something. >> sergeant glenn robert son, from. >> massachusetts. >> sergeant john, new york. >> i will go behind you here. >> you guys are the forefront. >> staff sergeant brian barnes great falls, montana sergeant first class, homer, from daytona beach, florida. >> lets play something. we will be here throughout the show. thank you so much.
9:27 am
>> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> they are good. >> i apologize for eating but that is what fourth of july is all about. >> yes. >> birthplace of america. >> grilling out. >> hanging out. >> i know. >> what are you doing. >> i will tell what you you are doing. >> is there a store where everything is made in the u.s.a. right here in philly and they are only thing you sell. >> not indian. >> made in the u.s.a. >> made in the u.s.a. >> we will look at those. >> okay.
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>> i feel like this is a song do you have hear when you're seeing fireworks. so if you're thinking about buying things, why don't you support local businesses or things made here in the united states. >> there is a store that sells things only made until the usa, many of the traders here from philly. so we have megan and erin, own art star on second street. you're artist yourselves?
9:32 am
>> we're dap dab letters, most of the time spent on the store now but we went to art school. that's how it started. >> so you have an eye for art. >> exactly, we like to think so. >> basically you guys go out, dabble, you bring it, put it in the stores so people like me who don't have arts, bring great stuff. >> exactly. >> let's start over here. >> we brought selection from the store, so this, these little, we call them -- the accompanied called horribly adorable, couple of jordan and chris from cleveland, cleveland, ohio make them. and they're kind of like an alternative to taxidermy. you can collect them. >> and really cute. >> yes, and colorful, too. >> then we also brought little jewelry, by far end davis outside of ashville, north carolina, actually payments it, builds it up with flares every resin, also does larger pieces, piece on the forefront that you can hang on wall, as well. >> the dolls that move there. >> local artist, jep receive
9:33 am
gear, her line called the puppet regime, stained glass artist so hands paints them, creates little circus like mayor john et cetera. >> okay. >> yes. >> now there is one i'm real excited about, because i lovelies toning music specially on my cell phone and you want to it loud enough to hear? >> amplifiers for your iphones, put your speaker of your phone right to up that little -- >> slide it? >> just slide it in, turn it on, and it actually works real well. bring it camp, to the beach. >> some people just put on their phone on a red solo cup. have you seen that. >> actually done that before. >> i like the way it works for women, foremen it, all works. >> and from daniel noll, also from new jersey. >> this last one here, carry baby stuff, creation, her name is rene, so she does a line
9:34 am
every plush, baby blankets, whole mix of baby items. she from the area, as well. >> so your store, where is it located again? >> in northern liberties, 623 north second street. >> if i walk in there everything? >> we have huge store, weaver a mix of everything. >> everything made here? >> yes. >> you guys constantly play patriots i can music and stuff? >> once in a while. >> are you open today? >> we're not but maybe we should. >> how about tomorrow? >> and we also do pop up market at spruce street harbor park every say at that time -- saturday, set up there as well as hands full of other vendors from 12:00 to 5:00. >> thanks, ladies. >> so, keeping one this patriotic theme, are you going to be around town tonight specially celebrating the fourth? i'm going to tell you some of the stuff you need to know, talk with some of the insiders with the wellaway with a wawa welcome america concert. before you head out tonight, and also there a a surprise, giving us a hint. can you guess it?
9:35 am
>> ♪ once again listening to the six string soldiers, people are stopping on the street listening to them for free. >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪
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>> alex is around town, thousands of people are headed to the parkway, but do you really know what to expect? alex decided she will sit down with the ceo and get some info that will help you. >> happy fourth of july, i'm here at the birth place of america, and you know what you're getting ready to do. i know, i know, everyone is
9:39 am
excited to go to the wawa welcome america festival, it will be happening all day today, and also tonight. so, i'm banking in the ceo of welcome america to help us give us inside tips what's happening, what we can expect. >> happy july 4th. we are here, in the shadow of the beautiful building, that is a world-wide symbol of what is philadelphia has brought to the world. >> ♪ >> plan your itinerary here, what's the next thing happening in order? >> then we have big party on the parkway, so we have kids activities, make and take, global music stages see different parts of the city come and entertain, great food. you guys have some new? >> we do. bring back ice cream to the parkway, because who doesn't love ice cream? great food, deitz and watson, fear, wine, have good time on the parkway today.
9:40 am
>> even beer gardens? >> even beer gardens, good thing, because what's more american than a beer and an american flag, and a hotdog, and some great music? >> if you're going celebrate america and the birth place of america here in philly you have to have the sound of philadelphia to do that, don't you? >> you do, because if you grew up with the great music of gamble and huff handcuff, if you're boomer, mill end owe, you know the music, money money money. >> i love music. >> disco ball we're bringing down. >> really? >> oh, my gosh, disco ball? >> a disco ball. then of course why not, leslie junior from hamilton, great jazz, cd, just won't the tony awards, from philly, west oaklane, performing with us, then leon bridges, we have a ton of entertainment and we do have big surprise that we can't tell you. >> now, always surprises because last year the surprise was silo green so this year
9:41 am
surprise artist? is this the scoop i'm getting in. >> prize moment. surprise moments. >> that's a hint. >> ♪ >> i look forward to seeing you there folks, special edition of alex around town, and i'll definitely be seeing you around, and you. >> if it is free it is for me. >> i have to say alex you're an adorbs. >> everybody freaked out when silo green came out. it is a moment. so what kind of moment are they going to create? >> we will be there. >> she could go at the beginning watch time do you go to bed? >> 7:00. >> two hours in? >> i'll do, that can i say thank you who made the indian tacos, hopefully wasn't making fun every them, just having fun, the tacos, well, here, there is lamb's, but the tacos are fantastic, and thank you.
9:42 am
his restaurant is in the blue, two locations one in philly, one in collingswood. >> so good. >> smells good. >> 9:42, alex holley, lauren dawn johnson. >> quincy still getting us ready for tonight? >> let's go. >> ♪ >> is he out there? we're on the search for quincy. when we find him, there he is. coming up, key word? >> find out what miamipopsickle means coming up after the break.
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9:45 am
>> ♪ >> god bless. >> i love that song, god bless the usa, this is a group in south dakota called home free. okay pell a group, home free. check them out on line. >> well, we want you to keep sending your patriotic pictures. look at the baby, hammy first fourth of july, dominick. that's great. >> shout out to you. >> sorry, i missed it, thank you, lauren, shannon, happy fourth of july. that's a pretty dress.
9:46 am
and tanya, happy fourth. >> oh, looks like he's real excited. so, quincy, hanging with one of america's most recognized historical figures. >> yep. >> and benny himself. q and ben. >> we're just having really good conversation, ben is a great guy. how are you doing, ben. >> doing very well, thanks, quince. >> i it is fourth of july. what's fourth of july mean to you, ben franklin franklin? >> it means a lot to me, that's of course what we celebrate is our independence day, the day we after proof the declaration every independence, sort of, i would say, sort of out there document, wouldn't you? we're sort of in your face, king george? and it is our break up letter, with glands, if you will. and, you know, we were putting our lives on the line a bit, but it has come to that. >> yes. >> so tell us about the tip less tour. we get to celebrate here, independence mall cafe. >> the tip less tour is a way to enjoy an evening of
9:47 am
socializing, of food, and drink, and also a lot of history. you go from tavern to tavern with a real brew master, and i might drop in at some point, you never know, in fact, i really, you know, just so you know, but anyway you get a lot of history, even singing, there is even singing, and songs will break out, and you won't get intoxicated, that's knott our intention, but enjoy yourself. although i do have little dictionary here. over the years, now, i grew up in boston with sailors, philadelphia near the docks, so i've heard people describe their intoxication in all sort of ways so this is addiction area with all sorts of references and terms for the state of intoxication which should be our 51st state? >> so you have frozen, way to say you're intoxicated.
9:48 am
>> is' lost his rutter. >> and he's prince eugene. >> prince eugene, i have no idea what some of them mean. >> michael eugene. >> yes, all right. >> i under stands you have few five are the one. >> means you're actually little intoxicated. >> okay, we'll toast. and what's the actual cheer? >> our cheer, well, we will say hip hip hazah. got it? hip hip hazah. very well. >> happy fourth of july. >> you'll get it. working in old city. hey, there is ben franklin franklin. >> walking down the street? >> i run into betty, betsy ross all the time. >> b? >> well, i like whether the tour guides are coming through
9:49 am
down the sidewalk here, and they're talking about real important things, and they see you. right here and they walk by, oh, look, it is make from good day philadelphia, and her. >> real did i happen, yes. >> certainly did happen. >> but everybody, more dramatic pause than that. >> yes. >> and her. >> well, at leagues they acknowledge you, because there is tour going on. >> yes. and mike is the history of philadelphia. >> just kidding. you're well known. you're mr. philly. >> she got joked. all right, gabby douglas, i met her couple of times, she is just fabulous. gold metal winner. stunned on the cover of team vogue. is she truly still a team snow she opens up about the body shame ers one person she looks
9:50 am
to forefront. >> she looks grown there. >> go girl. >> i believe i hear the six string soldiers outside. >> and there are six streamers, only four. it is a four member group acoustic group extreme soldiers right here at fourth and market. >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ (vo) want to be happy with your next vehicle purchase?
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>> alex holley what are you doing? >> on the fourth of july i always miss myrtle beach. this is my friend bruneta. we were on myrtle beach. the best thing to do, go out on the beach, right, and you just do all of the fireworks off into the water.
9:54 am
>> sparklers? >> even others. >> m 80s? >> and because myrtle beach is 60 miles of beaches, right, the grand strands, they call it, if you stands on the beach, if you look to your left you will see fireworks going all the way down for all those miles. >> is that you? >> yes, doing fireworks then on the right fire as far as the eye can see, the most beautiful thing, i always, always miss myrtle beach. >> throw back? >> throw back. >> but equally fun is on the parkway tonight. >> so excited. still going to have fun, and i get a concert, don't have that in myrtle beach. >> she ' so excited and cannot fight it. >> exactly. >> gabby douglas, gold medal winner in the olympics with her team, and simmone biles reveal they've been bullied and body shamed, even after the olympics, alex. >> so they're showing off their athletic figures in next month's cover of teen vogue. doug lad said she was ridiculed about her arms and hair even wanted to quit at
9:55 am
one point, but said serena williams inspired her, helped her to get past the hatersment gabby said she watched serena's grace and how she handled negative criticism. and it motivated her. >> and biles said the criticism taught her to be tough. she views her body type, there she is, as an advantage, and says, if she were built differently, she wouldn't have a gold medal. >> sure. >> i got a gold medal body girlfriend, take that. >> take that. >> that's great that they learn. how nice serena williams, girls her motivation, hey, been there, done that, i know how it feels, keep it moving. >> i have a gold medal body. it is more like white flour. >> oh, ya, okay, nice, good one. >> thank you. have you ever wondered if taylor swift's current relationship to this guy's name whom whom -- tom huddleson or any of her previous lovers, let's go through them, oh, no, we don't have time, you can now get paid for her love fails by getting break up insurance. have you ever heard of this,
9:56 am
lauren, break up insurance? >> i red about it, new york said this company says swift latest relationship, you can go invest in the pair, if things go down, you make monday. >> i great. >> it doubles your investment, and they also offer break up insurance for other couples like katy perry, orlando bloom, so like gambling on people's failures and relationships. >> do you know the name, she has a new boyfriends, taylor swift. do you know what his name is? >> next. >> oh. good one. >> talking about this yesterday with someone, like if taylor swift wasn't so popular, she would be seen as regular woman dating. you know what i mean? she is so popular and linked to people. >> all of that. >> in reality, she is no different than you. >> well, i don't want to go that far, but listen, ya. if she were living my life, there would be no news, just be boring, people would be over her, just like they're over me. >> like what did you do over the weekend? >> what did i do?
9:57 am
i hung out. /i watched netflix, orange is the new black, that's how i spent my saturday night. it was a great time. you know, you sit there and talk to yourself, hey, what did you think of the scene? i thought it was great. ya. >> do you ever do that, lauren, by yourself. >> netflix? >> i just talk about it to myself. >> by the way, should i say this word? >> what? >> can you say milf on tv? >> if it stands for mothers i would like to follow. >> oh, mothers i would like to follow on social media. >> right. so fergie came out with the video over the weekends, everyone talking about it on social media. like christie teeing and, kim kardashian, sierra, all of the mothers out there. >> what's the point? >> pour milk everywhere, empowering women who do it all, you're mama, still got it, you're working it, hand on your business. >> how about the band play us out? it is a fourth of july. have a great fourth every july
9:58 am
picnic. alex annually see you on the parkway tonight. and lauren annually see you tomorrow. cash 5, and treasure hunt every single week, that's not a big surprise. winners, winners everywhere! play today!
9:59 am
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live from new york city, it's "the wendy williams show." >> wendy: how you doin'? the kids have come to play today. you won't believe what i'm about to tell you. all due respect, have several seats. my girls are always turned out. i give it to you straight, no chasers. ♪ >> now, here's wendy! [ wild cheers and applause ] ♪ >> wendy: whoa! thank you for watching! [ applause ] say hello to


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