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tv   Chasing News  FOX  July 5, 2016 12:00am-12:30am EDT

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>> now, on chasing news. mike and mike are not kids anymore bill but they still like making things go boom. it's in your blood, you can get rid of it. that smell of it,. >> it's illegal to protect you. when it comes comes to seeing the sights of new york city you have a lot of options. >> the first, second, their priority, it is a lot of fun. >> you went to camp but have you gone to glam. you're supposed to enjoy nature and enjoy this dirt right here. >> i like to see you get through this for a little bit. >> hank, fourth of july, fireworks. >> fireworks on the fourth baby. you made a career out of it, it's in your blood, you can get rid of it. >> you know that smell of it,.
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>> who knew the guys putting on the shows, pulling the trigger on these incredible displays, same kids the cops are chasing years ago. >> were you you the kids that were like 15 out the cops are cg years ago. >> were you you the kids that were like 15 out there running like hell, having wars wars with bottle rockets? >> yep, that's right. >> mike and mike are not kids anymore bill but they still like making things go boom. the boys work for john's fireworks extravaganza setting up and blowing off award-winning displays all over the world. they still love it but believe you me it is no kids game. >> you will never know a shell could blow up in a tube or go a couple feet up and they are blowup. in the old days when your hand firing that was a real problem. you took the brunt of the hip. >> what is the weirdest thing you ever seen, i imagine you see people get hurt. >> people get killed.
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>> wow. >> that was years ago, today mike and mike wire each shell electronically to a computerized system that is a few yards away. >> there's gunpowder in there and then that's what actually lifts it and there's a time diffuse so it goesno kith it's sexless post about 400 feet. it's the diameter of the shell that's 3 inches tha and ts posto up 300 feet. >> this particular show was and it went off at 9:0t'p.m. sharp, that show designer john was there about one hour prior to get things a final look over and to trigger the show itself. the show runs about 25 minutes. an excellent hundreds of feet
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overhead. burning shell casings, they fluttered down on the launch area we were nowhere near there, but it was amazing for john, and it it was just another day at work. when you're back there hooping and hollering, you can see the crowd. >> at hopefully you do. [inaudible] >> the responsible thing on tv is to say don't play with fireworks, we all know you're going to anyway. i push it push it the chance to come along and see how it's done. many fireworks company is very secretive go to w extravagan it's fine if you can get them, you can give mentors you can get him in in pennsylvawere a but ts is something completely different.
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it's a show if they do it right with the music background, it's also. >> the things they're sendingnop you do not want to be sending up in your yard, number one you may not be able to afford it, ny'ber two god for bid your behind that you could blow your hands off. >> it is illegal but i and ts illegal for reason,. >> could be half drunk anyway therwhat as a lot of stuff to d. my favorite sport has been illegal and 49 state so far mma, mixed martial arts. but one state is headstrong against until now. finally new york state will be the 50th state to allow mixed martial arts to happen. the las vegas took this board of
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mn a to a multibillion dollar company, they they built the company in 2001, they were for 2,ith 0,ith t'dollars, right not is worth upwards to 4,000,000,000 dollarey t changig the dartlars, changing the sport forever. his brother was once known as human cross fighting is now emerged as possibly becoming an olympic sport. i cameno kp here to north brunswick to a brand-new qfc jim and i met frankie and some of the legend of the sport during the opening celebration. i sat down frankie after he was signing autographs and leaes. about his joues. and how mma became legal in the state of new york. >> we can bele anve it, it it tt it took this long. but work your, i kept saying is&
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. >> by promoting the sport not just at madison square garden but also upstate new york where there could be a huge influx from canada of mixed martial arts there. >> okay guys get excited, november madison square garden, mma is coming, do you like mma? >> you can always tweak the show at chasing news. >> we are here, when it comes to seeing the sights of new york city you have a lot of options. but how about hopping on a jet ski. the liberty landing in jersey city, this is where their base, the guided jetski tours are some
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of the best attractions. we put a lot of effort into putting our first, second and their priority into safety. once. once you put into that fun comes naturally. that is adam schwartz, the owner of the biz. this is the is the second you're up and running and it tells me business on the water cannot be better. >> my whole life i was on the water and it's been drastically underutilized. now this last number of years we are starting to see high actors, voters and jetski operators. it's really becoming a great time to start a business on the water. >> and he is not kidding, it is crowded out there. construction is building up a new marina's two vessels caring crushed crawlers and steel.
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it's stressful to say the least but it is also a lot of fun. >> the freedom tower, we get right up to the water lines and we can really see the whole size of it. and the other team is the brooklyn bridge and the statue of liberty. it is an 18 to ride and we haven't put an upper age limit on it yet. >> more information can be found at see the and tell me, are you going to build your trick anytime soon. tweet the show and tweet me. >> i've had my fair share of bars from the diving to the goofy. well now, -- named after the
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famed hit of the downtown hotel lucy goofy is truly one-of-a-kind. a great find especially this time of year. the rooftop 1180-degree views of views of the city are spectacular at sunset. they provide a breeze that is perfect for your summer days, just ask mark, director of communications for hilton. >> people come from the auto boroughs, and their in certain city. >> in that crowd here, young, hit, and eclectic just like the cocktails. one in particular is the ice pop per sec a. the marriage between a people's popular% go on top. the only of its kind in the host
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city. the the only thing left is which one to choose. the flavor flavor combination are made from real roots, simple syrup and they change every month. then it is the% go or rose echo. that is the question. then you have the number one nyc cocktail on instagram. so the head of marketing at this manhattan mecca she add extra kick and not just the popsicle stick. >> we have sunglasses, it's a perfect place. >> without a groom. did you pick up one of these babies on a hot summer day. nailed it. >> so this summer if you want to be the coolest cat on the block then head to the rooftop and get
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yourself a go. >> limping is the combination of the word campaign and glamorous. you're supposed be camping and enjoy nature. you're enjoying this dirt right
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>> it's all about the -- today i
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am taking you on a new experience. you like to camp but have you gone out to go lamp gl amp. what is it clamping? it is the combination of the word campaign and glamorous. this is stupid this is stupid to me. all you need is a tent. it actually is more than 100 years ago in wealthy tourists would go on safari and they wanted luxurious accommodations. pedicure time. a tv. i just wish you would stop complaining. this is supposed to be fun. come on now he's getting a pedicure, what i would not one of pedicure.
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>> i am not doing that. >> it has a bubbles, everyone will get a pedicure. that is the cot. >> who takes a cot campaign. >> we can't sleep where they're going to be bugs. you have to be elevated a little bit. >> all you need is a tent and a match. and maybe a tarp underneath the tent. that's all you need. a tent. don't need a tent, a a fondue machine, none of the stuff we have here. >> you work the whole job you don't want to struggle,. >> who needs a tv, that's not the point. you can have a pedicure, that's what i call it, and i don't want to stay and watch.
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>> it is absolutely beautiful out here. enjoy night nature and enjoyed the dirt right here you know what i'm saying. it's crazy. >> i got my car, card, i don't know work is sleeping. so how long is it going to take you to get that up and going? two minutes means 20. what the heck? let's go, tv time no signal so
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we can't watch tv. >> first of all nobody brings tvs,. >> okay moving on. >> okay okay so wait, hold on. i don't know she knows what she's doing. >> let's go. cheese, crackers, i feel like i'm kind of roughing it. okay you are missing out on it.
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>> # trend -- clamping this is awesome. note tent but we have margaritas. maybe we can find someone else, i have a margarita, which which he likes him. can we share some of this trend for i love this. you have like i think he has a tempur-pedic. that's nice. the whole kitchen. a sink, and air-conditioned, i love that.
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>> no one needs to struggle out here. spongebob squarepants. i'm about to move out our tent that you cannot put up and i have my real camping, i could get a a better up in here, 50-inch, a heat lamp to keep away -- oh my god a real deck furniture. cheers to the good life this is awesome. i could get used to this a little bit home on the range is based on real people places and events it was based on a photograph right now i can't
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believe the forces of political correctness. >> have a story we should know about? help us chase it down by logging
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coming up next. >> western shows
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>> yodeling, yodeling. >> [applause]. got to give it to him. i am looking for pony bob. where is pony bob i am here to drink whiskey, blow my money and
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be someone's rear end. as the old west. >> drinking and that good western culture and the only place to get it in north jersey is a wild west city. i reckon i will mosey on in and see what is good. his vanilla cowboy there since 1962. and i'm there with pony bob, he's like at the end of the day you're kind of heart and soul of this joint. what it is it all about? it's a lifestyle i think think because i'm going to be 77 in june and i feel like i'm 28. i may not may not look at but i feel it. you can't beat this lifestyle. >> don't you come looking for a roller coaster there ain't none. i found out on the stagecoach ride home on the range is western shows based on real people, places and events. it's 1966. as you know during the 1950s it was the western
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was popular, and it was based on a photograph of dodge city, kansas. now there's a blacksmith, mountain man, plenty plenty to see and learn all history based. but pony bob, he is is the marshall, he had an appointment at high noon with the young gun. ♪ ♪ ♪ i was a little worried about pony bob. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
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pony bob and i headed for a refreshment. the hubble hands of cards, good times. that is about when the stagecoach got robbed. it turns out it was a couple of smart alex, they made a clean getaway to. but then they underestimated pony bob. he deputize the entire town. honestly it looks like a fifth-grade demonstration. it's on the street. i have to get out of here. they just got arrested by like 300 people. [laughter] there so going to jail. so they wound up getting tanked but it's good times, wild west
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city is open on the weekends and all week long starting on june 18. you be calle, i can't believe the forces of political correctness have not shut this place down. the hangings, shootout, robberies but i love it. i think everybody ought to go. >> i had the opportunity to shadow the interns at the overlook medical center. i am behind the scenes here. >> it's only like your own
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homer (laughs): whoo! pork chops with gravy! wait. but today's not pork chop tuesday. or gravy thursday!
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i also set up some mirrors so you could watch hockey fights while you eat. whoo-hoo! oh, i love canadian-on-canadian violence. oh, baby, this is so great! thank you so much. i'm just happy you're happy. wait a minute, that's not something people really feel. what's going on? well, i do have a favor. patty and selma came home early from their vacation, but the cleaners still haven't gotten all the black mold (deep roar) (shrieks) "la joconde! paris was a bustg, you can't


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