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tv   Fox Morning News at 4A  FOX  July 5, 2016 4:00am-5:00am EDT

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oh, it is a mess right not. take a look at radar close to a half inch of rain has fallen in our area and we are bracing for more and what it means for the morning commute. it is back to work but for those depending on the train a major headache ahead of your morning commute. what septa a wants to you know before you head to the station this morning. and that was the scene on the parkway, packed with thousands of people, watching, the grand finally the fire works show last night but did mother nature spoil the fire works show. >> yeah, ones over the river were loud enough to wake me up again. >> would that be the delaware river. >> that is right. good day everybody it is
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tuesday julyivity, 2016. >> how are we on live right now fire works were going off at 0:00 something last night. >> it was brutal. >> speaking of brutal it will be a brutal commute to work. so many people going back to work today. we have not only wet roads but we have the septa issue whether i bob will be address nothing a second. >> which means more cars and more chances of a mess and mother nature providing her own fire works, this morning, because we're seeing then are storms popping up, you can see the big area of rain, in, and moving you this right now, where you see red and orange and yellow that is where we are seeing heavy downpours and lightening moving across the delaware bay out of delaware into cumberland county, new jersey. if these hold together some parts of the jersey shore will be rocking and rolling pretty soon. the it looks like central delaware getting the worst. then we have heavy downpours around trenton, we're looking at bucks county around doylestown and parts of the montgomery county just north of the upper providence as
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well, heavy rain, help you get the a heavy downpour you could get quick a accumulation of rain which means ponding, hydroplaning and flash flooding, in fact we have a flash flood watch in effect for all these counties in green, until 10:00 o'clock this morning because we expect that situation to last, throughout the rest of the morning, only half mile visibility in pottstown. foggy in trenton as well, so in addition to the rain all that moisture in the air is creating a little bit of fog. we have muggy 74 degrees in philadelphia a. sixty-four in mount pocono. seventy-four at atlantic city. seventy-five in dover. wind picking up at 10 miles an hour out of the southwest in the city and we're expecting to go get to 86 degrees today, depend how much sun we will get but rain and thunderstorms, throughout the rest of the morning commute, leave early as early as you can, to, handle all of the potential problems this morning, sun will emerge by this afternoon and we will heat up by end of the day. that is your planner for
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tuesday. so, as we get back to reality after a long who will take weekend, let's welcome back bob kelly. >> hi, sue good morning everybody. thanks for holding down the fort yesterday, 4:03 on this tuesday morning. the situation with septa just to give you an idea on a normal day, normal rush hour services they have 65,000 seats available on the regional will rail trains. toe day there is 35,000, there is 30,000 people here, who will be without seats on a rush hour. once that train hits capacity it will bypass any future stops. for example paoli thorndale line one of the busiest lines. dave kinchen will be coming to us live from the wynnewood station, in a few moment but you will be okay on the thorndale station, downingtown, maybe that paoli stop but as the train moves closer to center city and it reaches capacity this gang right here, the main line will be in the bull's eye which
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most likely will be standing on the platform as that train goes on by. of course to add to that mess we have the rain this morning. find an alternate, look at the septa schedule. go to it is basically a saturday holiday schedule which means trains are running every 30 minutes into center city. they have added extra trains on both market frankford and broad street subway and there is also free parking at the frankford transportation center. chris and lauren, back to you. as we said with bob and sue two big stories, weather and, of course, traffic with the septa traffic problems. steve keeley roaming streets making sure road are safe to travel. >> lets get to dave kinchen covering this chaotic scene to come later for septa riders. you are live along the paoli thorndale line. >> reporter: well, here at wynnewood station and we can tell you, they have been warning us all weekend inn this is the day when headaches
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and peel will feel the squeeze. the septa's regional rail you will want to pay attention to the adjust to ted train schedule put in place this morning septa is running on a maryland filed saturday schedule after pulling one-third of the regional rail fleet, one crack in the steel beams of the 120 silver liner five train cars. now with the sat the day plan in place the amount of trains heading in to center city are cut back half and those seats you heard bob talk about are cut down by half as well. morning and evening rush hours will run close to every half an hour as possible but transit officials say there will be clouds and add advise people to move to bus or subway serve wismer park ago long the broad street and market frankford lines. they are adding old are train cars to ease some of the pressure of those lines with bolsters services a monk the city and suburban trolleys but transit managers still say that allow plenty of time and patients. >> each line will have a an
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extra train that will run earlier then the normal saturday schedule for those coming in for the earlier work schedules, and at this point trains will be an added to the a.m. and p.m. travel period. >> it will certainly affect me and my options because tomorrow is when i will leave, when i will get home a lot more crowded trains, that is for sure. it will be a nightmare. i'm not sure if a lot of people know about it. >> reporter: we cannot emphasize bob's point enough, septa is saying riders should know once a train hits that full capacity they cannot make additional stops to pick up more passengers especially stations closest to center city. a lot of station will be bypassed because they get too full well before they go into center city. as we come back live, check septa and take a good look at the that sat the day plan, and, plan a cordingly. they said yesterday even if you can work from home, consider doing that, because today a lot of headaches, felt with the morning drive, and or
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morning commute and evening commute as well. back to you you. >> rain doesn't help a at all. dave kinchen, thanks v. >> true. before you head out, easiest way to figure out what to do at your train station, there is all that rain out there so all you have to do is log on to fox web site and find a link with the information. conditions could increase delays, as we said at septa platforms and along the roads. >> people make they are way back to work this morning after the long holiday weekend. steve keeley you are in new jersey, checking on conditions there. how are things looking. >> reporter: i tried to do what kinchen suggested i tried to work from home today, oddly the boss said no, that will not work. you and jerrick and sue, everybody else, bob kelly, you cannot work at home today despite the problems. as soon as i start talking it start raining. it is not even raining that hard yet. that is a good thing. before traffic builds up sue talks about hydroplaning is more dangerous because you can still do 07 on the highways
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like people were doing on our way down here on i-95. you if hit 6 inches of water at 07 way more treacherous, dangerous and potentially deadly then if you hit it 20 once traffic builds up. that is a good thing. we came here where this massive road project, that is likely going to last until 2020 is underway. it is only drizzling and the drainage system is not in yet. you can see like a little creek and valley. with drizzle you can see a river building up. greg will walk down. the sewer system is not in. the sewer is 2 feet above where this water is running down, around and it caused a mud slide on the road. look at this hill full of sand and mud. every time it rains and rains hard you get a swimming pool we'll affect. remember chris o'connell standing in waist deep water out here. just like construction on i-95 in philadelphia a, we have got concrete medians on the side of these temporary lanes with no drainage.
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water has in where to go. same with the schuylkill expressway around girard. that is how it becomes a swimming pool. however gets hit with that massive micro burst of heavy downpours where the skies don't move and it rains, rains, rains and get 3 inches a and hour that is where potential problems are. lets look at this, this road, basically barely getting underway to be finish. i'm standing on what would be the curve but between the curve and road we have a creek and since we are on the creek road we will call this creek road creek. >> creek road creek. >> steve keeley, thank you. appreciate that. we will keep an eye on the road and, of course, with this septa mess a lot of questions about the ordering of these trains, now have a problem apparently. evidently there was a delay getting those trains into service and very telling they will put some perhaps the older train cars into action. so, we will take a look at that. also this morning. >> police are on the the hunt foreman who tried to abduct
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two women in newark delaware. sunday man grabbed a university of the delaware student at colonial garden apartment complex at main street. the same man tried to push a 61 year-old woman inside her own car. that was yesterday at the main towers. investigators say that the student was unloading packaging when she was attack by a man who tried to put the a rag saturated with some chemical around her mouth. she fought him off and ran away. just four short hours a complex next door woman was attacked from behind getting out of her car. she for the back and got away. neighbors are now on edge. >> when we have a two-year old little girl, wife, and you are out in a place where anything can happen, like, even our lard lord is one of the nicest people on earth, it the is just shocking. it really is. >> would the men not hurt, police say suspect is a white male in his early 20's, 5-foot six or seven with a thin
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build. well, the rain could not stop the grand finally of the wawa welcome america festivities last night. >> art museum lit up in a dark cloudy sky, for the fire works. >> that same rain forcing several cancellations including a performance by philly pops. >> not all performances cancelled however. >> ♪ >> that was one of the stars from fox's hit show empire yas the greatest, he performed one of the bigger hits from the show you're so beautiful. >> during his set he thanked the city for all it does for him. watch empire every wednesday night right here on fox 29, that show is set to return this fall. >> you can see they were perform earlier in the day before the heavy rains came.
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4:11. a country concert cancelled the threat made that put a hold to the night of the fun.
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>> ♪ >> i love music ♪ >> all right. legendary r and b, the the o.j.'s hit the parkway
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performing some of their biggest hits. >> they rock it in the rain, it didn't stop them from putting on a big show but sue, it was soggy last night and it will be worse today. >> i was watching that. you could see when light came around you could see sheets of rain and umbrellas came up and it didn't matter folks were rocking and rolling and had a great time. now we have challenges this morning, post holiday challenges as i just tweeted with some heavier downpours moving through central delaware and thunderstorms heading in to southern new jersey. you can see all that lightening there and heavy rain around dover, delaware area. pretty steady rain in southern new castle county as well. we will show you, all of this part of the route 13, route 113, probably flash flooding going on as we mentioned high crow planing, ponding on the rode around the maurice river here up are township in cape may county and all this heavy rain is heading for parts of the jersey shore. if you haven't left just yet. be prepared, ocean city, sea
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isle city will be getting some pretty heavy rain and you'll hear from some thunder as well. there is towamencin township with heavy rain. they come in pockets. weak get big downpour and get a quick inch of rain before you know it and you have to take it slow and allow extra time, so for today, we expect this to keep up, through about 8:00 o'clock this morning, and then sunshine, burns through all of those cloud in the a afternoon and we may get close to 90 degrees, this one computer model is going with 89 for today. by tomorrow, we're in the 90's, by thursday, we're back in the 90's with the possibility of pop up showers and thunderstorms. as soon as this round of rain is over get ready for the heat to turn up and way up and stay that way for the rest of the workweek even in the first part of the weekend. 74 degrees, muggy in philadelphia, plenty of rain around, 57 where it is raining heavily in dover delaware.
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sixty-four in mount pocono. your average high is 87. we had tease event sat the day and sunday, but by monday we had high of only 80 degrees, yesterday with all those cloud to take we will go to 86, maybe even higher then 90's 90's, all the way through saturday that would be heat wave number two of the season. we will back down in the upper 80's by sunday and monday. look at those shore temperatures when you get some beach time it will be nice and hot there as well with the happened breeze, 88, 87. eighty-seven for the next couple of days, so, bob kelly, once we get through this challenge then we have to figure out how to keep cool. >> it will be a challenge whether you use rails or the roadways, as see just showed us rain throughout our morning rush hour. basically situation with september at regional rails are using a special schedule today, similar to a saturday schedule. so trains will run basically
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every 30 minutes. your best bet, before you even head out the front door down load that schedule at now each station along every single line has the suggested alternate, septa gives you a suggested alternate, to use a bus or a trolley to get to your destination. but it all depend upon what station you are originating and where you are going. that is another option if you do not have that vehicle to drive-in to center city or drive to anyone of the closed parking lots. they have offered free parking at frankford transportation center in northeast philadelphia a, that is where we have had our show up there in the northeast there and they have added extra trains on both market frankford line and broad street subway. but typically there are 65,000 seat on a morning rush hour commute with all of the trains a veilable, with the limited trains this morning we only have 35,000 seats for commuters. so, there is going to be some
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overcrowding, the the closer you get to the city expect those full trains to bypass you. we will see extra volume on the roadways this morning. rain is naturally going to slow things down. right now schuylkill in the bad at all but wipers are on and there is ponding from the the rain overnight. here's i-95 in delaware county and heading to the airport expect delays this morning at philadelphia international. chris and lauren, back over to you. we have an eye on this at 4:19. bill cosby's lawyers will take another run at getting his criminal sex assault case thrown out when cosby returns to court on thursday. two days from now. seventy-eight year-old cosby will be in montgomery count that i his accuser should be forced to testify before he goes to trial. cosby's lawyers want the right to question andrea constand at a pretrial hearing. prosecutors complain that they really just want to test her credibility. prosecutors say a new jersey man paid a philadelphia woman to allow him to sexually
4:20 am
a salt two girls for years. both adults face a range of charges including sexual assault and child endangerment. bergen county prosecutors, accused the man of having sex with a 14 year-old girl. investigators say he had been sexually assaulting the 14 year-old and 12 year-old since 2010. threats made in delaware ahead of the country concert prompted police to cancel the whole darn thing. look at these men, authorities say they walk in the americana bay side welcome center in shelby villain made alarming statements to the person working at the desk. security concerns prompted police to cancel a concert by the country music group the band perry. police are in the giving specific details about the threats but their investigating if you recognize these guys you are asked to call police. internet goes wild after kevin durant leaves oklahoma. >> this is unbelievable, how the rest of the nba is handling this news. speaking of the, well, sixers, they draft this guy
4:21 am
number one, right. this is future of the franchise. wait until you hear the news coming out about his first few plays on the court. >> yeah. >> here's your winning lottery numbers. >> testing. >> testing. ♪ music
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...lysol that. good morning i'm howard eskin. biggest name in free agent so far in nba had made news shaking nba. free agent players can sign anywhere but no one expect kevin durant to leave oklahoma city and go to the team that beat the thunder in the playoffs, golden state. kevin durant played his entire nine years of the career in the nba, signed a two year contract with the warriors, 54 million with the opt out after one season so he can sign another contract, 233 million. he and steph curry will both sign contract for that kind of money next year. sixers played last night, first one salt lake city, ben simmons, people want to see him, five assists, nice pass right there, shot two for nine, had ten points but left with an injury but i was told he was just fine. sixers lose 102-49.
4:25 am
phillies game was over after two innings. second inning phillies were up three-one, odubel herrera two run home run, miguel fran kentucky also had one. phillies win eight-two. that is sports in a minute. i'm howard eskin. ben simmons, he is not going to play tonight in the second game of the summer league, being played in utah. they say it is precautionary. >> the official word he is good but crampy. >> it is kind of like me getting up at 2:00 in the morning. >> it can hurt. >> it does. >> country celebrated its birthday yesterday. >> philly pops not only paid tribute to the country but to some philadelphia musical icon s. >> ♪
4:26 am
that is music of kenney gamble and leon hoff performed by fill you i pops. >> o.j.'s, howard melvin and others paid tribute the to the creators of the sound of philadelphia. 4:26. chaotic commute ahead for septa riders facing major delays this morning. we have a live report on how this may affect your morning commute. sue has an eye on the weather. that can also mess things up, sue. >> soaking start for many of us today, find out what your neighborhood is doing coming up when we check ultimate doppler radar for your back to reality forecast. when it's summer you can just feel it.
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all eyes on the radar, it is close to half an inch of rain had has already fallen in our area and now we're bracing for more and what this means for your morning commute. >> late last night with fire works or something? no comment. how about this, talk about a headache, my goodness, this is other major developing story for your morning commute. regional railcars taken out of service, tens of thousands will be stranded it looks like and we will take a look at. that bob kelly is all over this. ♪ >> look at the sky. >> okay. >> did you hear the noise last
4:30 am
night? it was big celebration here, we will tell you how we celebrate here in philadelphia in just a moment. >> day after, fifth of july, 2016 and that sue, the whole time we're sitting there with umbrellas we will say okay rain will die down and this will get better. it only got worse. >> we still had plenty of areas with heavier downpours. it is not raining every where we see a few dry slots on this wide shot of the ultimate doppler radar but looking out to the west and we will see more on the way for this morning and it looks like, new jersey shore, thunderstorms are here ape it is probably going to get loud there. lightening moving across delaware bay into cumberland county and raining heavily in dover ape to the north of us around doylestown, bucks county we are seeing heavier downpours right now. as a result of these downpours which could give us an inch of rain real quickly, we have got a flash flood watch in effect until 10:00 o'clock as this situation will continue throughout the rest of the morning. that includes philadelphia and all surrounding counties, and
4:31 am
including the jersey shore for folks decide to go stay maybe through this morning. and try to make your way home later on this morning. we will see what happens with that. anyway, it is mug which temperatures in the 70's. we have 64 in mount pocono. mid 70's every where else. visibility is an issue in a few place that he is could slow you down with the rain. reduced visibility in trenton and pottstown right now and millville, new jersey and dover, that is where they are getting heavier downpours. we have, sunshine in the forecast but not until later in the day. we will not make it through morning commute without any sunshine but it will warm up well in the upper 80's, your sunset time is 8:32. lots of challenges this morning, bob kelly, septa the major one. >> septa and the road, of course that rain mother nature will make things slippery, already, an accident here this is i-95 southbound, right here at penns landing, this fellow
4:32 am
facing the wrong way as we head southbound between center city toward penns landing. here's the latest, all regional rails operating on a modified saturday schedule which means basically trains every 30 minutes, make sure you down load it, the schedule which was made available on line last night at this is rush hour that we have been talking about since friday, the dreaded rush hour, where we will fine crowded conditions, closer to center city. that train will leave, beginning of the the stations thorndale paoli. closer it gets to center city once it builds up it will to have bypass the stations heading in to downtown. now, one option for folks is that each station suggested alternates from that station to center city. may want to check that out at if you are going to suck it up and drive to work, they are going to add extra services,
4:33 am
or i should say extra spots available at the train stations, the cynwyd line using shuttle buses until further are notice taking those trains off and throwing them in the mix. extra trains on the market frankford line and free parking available at frankford transportation center, chris and lauren, back over to you. travel troubles for septa riders as bob just mentioned it will be major delays. >> septa regional rail has taken these cars out of service in order to make repairs, on the new cars. these aren't old cars from the 40's, these are the newer cars, dave kinchen is all over this. people will be really stranded and in the rain. what a horrible confluence of events. >> reporter: my gosh, not to mention those new cars cost septa 274 million-dollar, they held them out six years ago and now they are having problems. the big problem today, the people who ray lion septa's regional rails will be feeling squeeze with the adjusted train schedule put in place this morning. septa says it is running on a
4:34 am
modified saturday schedule after pulling a third of the regional rail fleet, once engine found cracked in the steel beans in the silver liner five train cars. with the saturday plan in place the amount of trains heading in to center city are cut bias much as half, morning and evening rush hours will run close to every half an hour as possible, the transit authorities say that there will be crowds, nonetheless, and advise people to move to bus to subway serve business more parking on the broad street and market frankford lines. they are heading older train cars in the the mix to ease some of the tension, but a long those lines but they are bolstering service among the city and suburban trolleys too. septa managers say allow plenty of time and patients. we will send it back to you guys. >> okay. and, as we saw earlier wynnewood, and paoli thorndale line will be a real mess this morning.
4:35 am
people are heading back to work of course after the fourth of july holiday. >> sue just mentioned rain moving in. that will add to i already challenging commute. steve keeley is in bellmawr, new jersey with the look at the roads there, hi there steve. >> reporter: one of the famous transportation camera shots we will give you our professional camera look, creek road and bellmawr we are looking at first folks commuting back from the shore and into philadelphia early on and the rain has kind of slowed down at this location. boy, it is hit or miss. you heard problems that sue talk about. i think when i mentioned earlier bob showed penns landing may be the reason that car spun around is hydroplaning and little going too fast which you can do this type of the day still. so chris, another classic rock reference for you we are the rover crew today off physical graffiti off led zeppelin, i don't know if you known that recorded back in the 07's in accoustic at first. for you folks who have never engage anybody from britain
4:36 am
rover is the british sign for wonderer, we are wandering around, chris and lauren and hopefully we don't have any problems to show you. maybe the whole morning will go as smooth as this but don't count on it because heaviest rain was told by us, our weather experts to be between three and 8:00. we have gotten through the first couple of hours, without any heavy stuff where we are, but who knows what the rest of the time frame before 8:00 a.m. hold. >> physical graffiti a great double album released i believe in 1975. great reference my man, thank you sir. >> reporter: sir. a neighborhood on high leather, two women nearly abduct hours apart. how their attacker tried to subdue them. sue is tracking your full forecast. sue just told us that we have had as much of a inch of rain since late last night, there is more to come as you can see radar is still very active. my sweethearts gone sayonara.
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welcome back. your top stories this tuesday morning police right now are on the hunt for the man they say tried to abduct two with men in newark, delaware. they say on sunday a man grabbed a university of delaware student at the colonial garden apartment complex along main street. police believe the same man tried to push a 61 year-old woman inside her own car yesterday, at main towers. investigators say the student was unloading packages from her car when she was attacked by a man who tried to put a rag saturated with a
4:40 am
chemical around her mouth. she for the him off and ran off and then just four hours later at the same complex next door a with man was attacked from behind as she was getting out of her car. she too for the the guy off and got away. neighbors of course are really on edge. >> when you have a two-year old little girl, wife, you are out in a place where you know anything can happen, liken our landlord is one of the nicest people on earth, it is just shocking. the it really is. >> the women were not hurt, but police say the suspect is a white man in his early 20's, 5-foot six or seven with a thin build. a delaware man is behind bars after police found 3,000 bags of heroin on him. thirty-nine year-old mar cell us jones was pulled over on kirk wood highway on saturday after officers noted him violating several traffic laws police search the vehicle and that is when they found heroin and over 130 grams of marijuana jones faces several drug and traffic charges.
4:41 am
authorities say they seized, six kilos of cocaine hidden in the carry on bags in two men in allentown. costume agents in boston's logan airport said something didn't look like with the luggage and men seemed nervous two. packages were found in the liner of the carry on. they had just arrived on friday when they were arrested this morning they are being held without bail on drug trafficking charges. senate is ditching big technology, how this may affect how they conduct business straight ahead. and we will tell you all morning it the will be a wet, rainy day but how long will it last? sue has your forecast and we will have the latest after the break.
4:42 am
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we hold these truths to be self evidence that all men are created equal. that they are endowed by their creator with certain unalienable rights and among these are life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. >> that was hamilton star and philadelphia native leslie odom junior kicking the fourth of july celebrations off yesterday with the reading of the declaration of the independence at independent mall. >> that is also presented with the key to independent hall, for all of the work he has done on broadway but also for the work he has done right here in the city of philadelphia. how cool is it to see all of the parade preps going on right there as they marched right in front of the
4:45 am
independent mall yesterday to think 240 years ago this is where it all happened. >> yes, and special to be in philadelphia for fourth of july celebrations. >> it gives you the chills, sue. >> just hearing those words, yes, i don't know, i think chris, you did the same thing you did, you just walk over to independence hall, just to look at it yesterday. >> yes. >> of course, i took a selfie with my dog but that is what you do. >> yes. he was a yankee dog will roofus. we have rain moving through the area and there are places where it is pretty heavy and all to the south of philadelphia down in delaware and southern part of the new jersey. we will take the lightening away from that radar we will see smyrna delaware getting heavy rain in middletown, new castle county and we will see this orange and the red, that is where rain is heaviest, bridgeton, new jersey and look at this heavier rain now into cape may county on its way to the jersey shore. sea isle city, wildwood, stone harbor, we will all get this
4:46 am
heavy rain soon. you are in ocean city and atlantic city. you are probably hearing rumbles of thunderer cog your heavier rain. it is lighter to the north of news spots but parts of the bucks county still seeing steady to heavier rain and all that could make for some flooding on the roadways, flash flood watch continues until 10:00 a.m. for most of the area looking at the future cast we have a situation continuing on and off throughout about eight or 9:00 e heavier rain pulls off shore by then jersey shore is last place to get the rain. they are getting it now and that will continue. then we will head in the 80's with filtered sunshine throughout the afternoon. we could see a stray shower at 2:00 in the afternoon but nothing like what we're going to get right now. we are close to 90 degrees today. we should get to 90 degrees tomorrow ape thursday and day after that and day after that, we are in for a prolong period of heat and humidity. just like july is supposed to be around here.
4:47 am
65 degrees in mount pocono. seventy-one in lancaster. seventy-four in dover. and wildwood kind of muggy this morning as we look back. yesterday's high was 80 degrees, and today, we will well exceed that with enough sunshine to 88. ninety-three tomorrow. ninety-four on thursday, friday, probably the hottest day, and we will see the heat index well into triple digits, by probably thursday, and friday, and saturday it gets hot again but then with the cold front and some storms in the afternoon that knocks temperatures down to the upper 80's on sunday and monday and should get rid of the humidity as well. if this is your week to spend at the shore it will be hot every day on the beach with temperatures in the upper 80's, bob kelly. >> good morning everybody. not looking good for commuters, this is that morning rush hour we have been talking about since friday on a normal day septa's regional rails have about 65,000 seats available, coming into center city. today with the adjustments we are looking at only 35,000
4:48 am
seats. once that train reaches capacity it will bypass any of the the future spots. that will be the problem for the stations closer to center city. they are basically running on a modified saturday schedule which means trains running only every 30 minutes as opposed to ten minutes on a regular workday. you want to down load schedule made available last night at and think about your alternates. again, those crowded conditions will occur at all of the stations closest to center city, more chances that train will be filled and bypass you as you're waiting for to get on the train. now each station along every single line has a suggested alternate to get you from where you are going the at that station to center city. used for plans such as a snow day or when we do have problems like we have right now. so that is one option, if you do not have a vehicle or if you have no other option to
4:49 am
get your self to work this morning. there are additional parking spots made available which is good news. 1600 extra spots at the naval hospital if you can get down to the naval station there at broad and paterson, you can use broad street subway, there are 300 extra spots available at columbus and spring garden, access market frankford line from there and extra spots available at both frankford transportation center and along the are in is town high speed line, chris and lauren, back over to you. u.s. senate making big change is it seems long overdue. >> no more black berries on capitol hill after decade of be issued, congress is making the switch to android or iphones according to a memo sent out to staffers. black bring says production of all black bring os10 devices is being discontinued and future fulfillment cannot be guarantied. staffers can remain using the phones in stock but will continue to receive unlimited
4:50 am
warranty and technical support. about pasta. >> get this, according to a study, in italy. >> okay. >> okay. >> consider the source. they say pasta is good for you. italian resources found pasta in take is associated with the lower body mass in take. study published in the nutrition and diabetes looked at 23,000 people. they have found that those who enjoyed noodles were less likely to be overweight and obese, although, americans see pasta as a empty calorie. well, now the italians say they are using it as a bases of their food pyramid. cup of regular pasta provides 6.7 grams have protein, calcium, potassium. researchers did not tell us, how much is ideal or how much is too much. >> okay. boy, that all looks delicious. >> enjoy some pasta. >> all carbs, all sugar diet.
4:51 am
gray clouds didn't stop the party. coming up next a longer look at the grand finally. >> speaking of the grand finally, this all happened along the parkway. >> indeed. >> live look at the park ray right now.
4:52 am
winners are showing up all over pennsylvania. and with more than 500,000 winners of match 6, cash 5, and treasure hunt every single week, that's not a big surprise. winners, winners everywhere! play today!
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4:54 am
so you know yesterday was the first day of birthday of america and mallia obama turns 18 ape at white house fourth of july president the president was sure to embarras her. >> and it just so happens that we celebrate our country's birthday on the same day that we celebrate my oldest daughter's birth the day. so just a quick happy birthday for mallia. happy birth the day to you, happy birthday to you.
4:55 am
happy birthday dear mallia, happy birthday to you. ♪ >> so sweet. >> she has grown up. >> yes. >> right in front of our eyes. >> she was only ten years old when he what's electric and now she will be heading to harvard. >> inauguration in january of 2009, they were so tiny. now she's all grown up. same height as dad. >> how oldies sascha. >> three years younger that would make her 15. >> how cool your daddies president, it is fourth of july and your would it the day he won't be in office when he goes to harvard so secret service won't to have follow her around. >> exactly. >> dad gets you a gift you don't like, how does a return go return it. >> mail it back. >> yeah. >> philadelphia didn't let rain stop us from celebrating the fourth of july. >> we want to give you another look at last night's fire
4:56 am
works grand finally, here it is, take a look. >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> wow. >> man. >> that high notes. i saw you try it. nice. >> all right. 4:56 this morning. a commute that will be chaotic, 120 silver liners off the rails affecting us at 75,000 septa passengers. stations best to avoid and
4:57 am
alternative routes to get you where you are going. >> steve keeley is off the rails when it comes to covering weather. he will have a live report from new jersey as we look live, radar throughout the morning for you.
4:58 am
4:59 am
morning frustration, anger, depression. >> i'm nervous bit. we will all have to get up earlier and plan for this.
5:00 am
>> a chaotic commute after 120 silver liners are pulled off the track we have live team coverage of the septa situation right now. dave kinchen at ardmore station waiting for riders to show up. bob kelly in the studio standing by for more on that. >> but first wet wet they are morning. my goodness a flash flood watch now in effect what you should know before you head out the door. neighborhood on high alert two women abduct just hours a part what the attacker used to try to abduct one of those women a lot of concerns there in newark. in the meantime good day everyone. the it is tuesday july 5th, 2016. >> lets get right to our two big top stories, weather and traffic. let's start with sues serio with all of the extra cars on the roadway because of the septa regional rail situation we will have a a mess because of the weather. when you get these heavy downpours and we will zoom in, a lot of rain on radar, not every place is raining as hard but around dennis township in new jersey where it is raining very


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