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tv   Good Day Philadelphia at 6A  FOX  July 5, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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can show you coverage options to fit your budget. oh -- ohhh! she slimed me. [ laughs ] we have a weight problem, the ride back to work after the holiday could be a slow one for thousands of people, some commuters could be left stranded after a third of septa's regional railcars are pull from the track. >> got a mess. dave kinchen and bob kelly are tracking trouble spots as both septa commuters adjust to the new schedules. >> and another mess, let's add some rain. nearly an inch of rain already in some spots overnight, and more is coming, sue is on that story, alex. even the rain cannot stop a good party, how philadelphia celebrated the fourth of july, despite the glummy weather. >> you know what was great,
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great part about sitting at a concert in the museum in the pouring rain, do you know what the good part was? >> what was that. >> not one thing. >> no, no, my dad made a good point when i woke up and said had it been a nice summer day, or summer night it wouldn't have been memorable. fact people are still out there dancing in the rain. >> look at my hair. >> let's in the talk about hair. >> i'm struggle telling morning. >> we're here, that is what matters. >> we will run a seinfeld clip that relates to the bad hair day. good day, it is july 5th, 2015. lets get a check then. >> are we go to go bob first because of the traffic. >> i swear i am here. >> here i am. just look at the pictures, folks, we have seven out of ten, it is a rainy start with bus stop buddy as the umbrella ace up, rain coat is on, eventually you'll be able to enjoy backyard pool but not
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yet. temperatures in the 70's, muggy out there and you can see most of the rain is south of philadelphia, this line we have been watching all morning moving from the baltimore washington area through dover delaware and southern new jersey, new jersey shore has been getting hit with heavy downpours at least part of it today. flash flood watch continues for south jersey and delaware until 10:00 o'clock this morning. there are your muggy temperatures in the 70's mostly and we will head to 88 degrees. once that sun does come out and it should happen by lunchtime. sunset is in the until 8:32. we have a lot of time. bob kelly, you'll need to take your time. >> take your time, rain certainly will impact, already. we have had a number of accidents, the westbound vine street expressway, approaching the schuylkill expressway, look at all of the construction zones, even here on the vine we have had that ponding, this morning. of course, other top stories, septa running on a modified
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saturday schedule, trains every 30 minutes. make sure you have current up daded schedule. we have it on our when site i have put the direct lincoln my facebook and twitter pages, cynwyd line using shuttle buses until further net is. you'll see crowded conditions, closer you get to center city. some folks may wanting to outbound in order to come in bound. trains have been empty so far at beginning of the line but as moving moves on and closer to center city once that train fills up it will bypass the station. an option for anyone or everyone, every septa station has a suggested alternate listed on its web site. for example, the cynwyd line or the ambler station has a suggested alternate, maybe a bus, trolley ride, maybe two buses and trolley to get you where you you are going. if you don't have that vehicle, that is an option by going to septa's web site f you want to drive there are parking spots available.
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1600 at naval hospital pick up from subway there 300 at columbus and spring garden. take market frankford line from there and they have waved parking fees at the frankford transportation center, in northeast philadelphia. mike and alex, back to you. lets check on the ardmore station right now where davis, dave? >> reporter: folks lining up for their train moving into center city. septa adjusting train schedule putting a squeeze on those like these folks who rely on the regional rail for morning commute, fewer trains mean more crowding and now many are finding other ways to get to work including using uber. it is benefiting one uber driver we spoke to in a bit. septa is running on a modified saturday schedule. they have pull a third of the regional rail fleet when engineers found cracks in the steel beams of the 100 silver liner five train cars but with the saturday plan in place the amount of trains heading in to
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center city are cut by half. morning and evening rush hours will run close to every half an hour as possible. transit officials say there will be crowd and they advise people to move to bus or subway service or consider other ways to get it around uber where you can call right from your phone. this can be big business for you. >> it possibly could, yes. >> reporter: what are your thoughts on that. >> obviously, make me happy: more busy it gets the better we are off as uber drivers. >> everything in this area is here, surge pricing, forty-ninth street, ardmore station where we are at right here. >> reporter: septa says its riders should know once a train has full capacity they cannot make any more stops to pick up added passengers especially at stations closest to center city. bottom line check septa a for a good look at the this modified plan and make sure
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that you have everything that you need to know when you go to work this morning. mike anal he can. >> let us know what you see there if the train pulls in. >> you got it. >> also get traveling, tweet us, let us know what it is like. >> tweet a picture of a local train. weather is not enough to stop a wawa welcome america fire works show last night over the parkway, despite the rain many stuck around to see this show. although low clouds did hinder some of the fire works display. philly pops cancelled their performance because of the rain. they were scheduled to conclude the show head line by leslie odom junior, yas the greatest, leon bridges and others including intruders, harold melvin and blue note's and o.j.'s closed out the show. much more on last night's event, coming up on good day fail this morning.
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detectives are working the crime scene at clifford brown walk and sherman street in the early morning hours. no motive released and no suspects have been named. listen to this one, prosecutors say that a new jersey man, paid a philadelphia woman, there she is, to how him to sexually assault two girls for years, both adults now face a range of charges, including, sexual assault, child endangerment, bergen county prosecutors say that they have learn the male suspect hear was engaging in sexual activity with a 14 year-old girl, they say an investigation determined he had been sexually assaulting that 14 year-old and 12 year-old girl since 2010. we will stay on that story. delaware neighborhood on high alert two women abduct just hours apart, how their attacker tried to subdue them.
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plenty, enemies to friend, the big event bringing together president obama a and one of his former political rivals. i'm sure you can probably guess who.
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police are on the the hunt for a man they say tried to abduct two women in newark, delaware. >> sunday a man grabbed a university of delaware student at colonial garden apartment complex on main street. he tried to put a rag, saturated with a chemical
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around her mouth, she for the him off and ran away. then just four hours later at the complex next door a 61 year-old woman was attacked from behind as she was getting out of the car. she too for the back and was able to getaway. neighbors are really nerve bus this. >> we have a two-year old little girl, wife, and you are out in a place where you know, anything can happen, liken our landlord is probably one of the nicest people on earth, it is just shocking. it really is. >> woman were not hurt and police say suspect is a white male in his early 20's, approximately 5-foot six or seven with a thin build. 6:11. overseas murder mystery may be closer to being solved this morning, break through investigators made in the investigation in the death of the u.s. student in italy. bob kelly? >> 6:11. not only do we have problems on the trains also here this is our second accident of the morning, live look at i-95, in center city, rain causing
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delays not only on the roads but also, probably down at philly international, we will grab a cup of coffee and come right back.
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the fire works didn't go off as planned in plymouth harbor, massachusetts, alex. >> a spark set off the entireties play on fire causing them to all blow up at
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ones. it was colorful, even though it went prematurely. the launch barge was destroyed no one was hurt. >> it was over in about 30 seconds. >> a lot of people, you love the whole show, you wait for grand finally. >> yes. >> we should have that right away. >> grand finally right off the top, sue serio. >> got it over with. >> maybe it was going to rain some more. up there it wasn't as rainy as it was here. this was a southern storm. it should be out of here. you will probably get a decent beach day in down the shore with temperatures in the mid 80's this afternoon. you got to wait, southeasterly breeze at ten, surf temperature is around 70, low risk of rip currents, uv index is an eight. flood advisory for area in green until 7:45, this area that has been hardest hit with heavier downpours all morning and it is because of the placement of the warm front and low pressure system moving along the warm front giving us
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lots of rain in some places this morning and some thunderstorm activity, mostly moving off shore but as we zoom into a few neighborhood we will look at kent county in delaware, northwestern portion there around twin eagle farms really heavy rain there then we will go over to the new jersey shore where we have a downpour just moved off somers point in atlantic city but you we will move to galloway township heavy rain with their absecon. when you get it, it is fast and furious. in philadelphia we have eased up a little bit but around port richmond and morrisville it is still raining likely this morning. the as we look through the rest of the morning, rapist gone by lunchtime and zooming in the upper 80's by the end of the afternoon. days are still very long. by tomorrow, 90. by thursday back to the 90's and chance of showers and thunderstorms, that is what happens when it builds up, not only hot but very humid, for the next couple days.
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74 degrees right any in philadelphia. it is very muggy with the moisture in the air. visibility is le in atlantic city international. not too bad at philly international but that could slow down as well. we have heat advisory down to the southwest of us and even just to the south of us in north and south carolina and georgia. this hot air will be heading our way for the rest of the week, so we will start in the 90's tomorrow, but by friday it should be an official heat wave and we go back in the 90's before a cold front comes through and takes away humidity for second half of the weekend. checking those shore temperatures again, upper 80's today, tomorrow and thursday. that is your seven day forecast, so in addition to the rain couple other problems bob kelly. >> well, rain has caused for some accident on i-95. this is southbound i-95 right the here near center city backed in the cop create barrier. it looks like a tractor
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trailer involved here. one lane opened. south i-95, so that will cause delays down toward the airport. here's septa's train view, the first three trains here already have double digit delays, 42 minutes on the malvern line, west trenton and norristown line. three big lines double digit delays. i know earlier this morning we saw, ten train, ten car train go past steve empty. we have seen that happen today. things will change. i know it is a busy holiday or busy vacation week normally septa has 65,000 seats on a morning rush hour. today and indefinitely there will only be 35,000 seats. the once that train reaches capacity, it will just bypass the rest of the stations. bottom line it is a modified saturday schedule which means trains running every tenth 30 minutes instead of the normal eight to ten minutes.
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just to give you perspective there. you want to make sure you have the current septa schedule. it is not a saturday schedule but current schedule is for this new game plan here and i put that link up on facebook, twitter and we have it on our web site at fox 29. in addition every train station has an suggested alternate. it may be a bus, two bus trips and a trolley to get new to center city. so that is one option if you do not have the car to play with today. mike and alex, back to you. keep us updated. we have breaking news, an et willal flight in new york city has landed safely following a bomb threat. plane was escorted by military jets cross ago cross europe. >> we will get more information on it. 6:19. italian police say they have arrested a homeless man in the death of the american college student. nineteen year-old beau solomon was reported missing last
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friday just hours after arriving in rome for a university exchange program. his body was found in the river yesterday. solomon fridays wisconsin. his family says thousands of dollars were charged to beau's credit cards after he disappeared. welshing former rival hitting campaign trail together for the first time. president obama will join hillary clinton on stage at a rally in north carolina they ran against each other as democratic primaries in 2008. the president is expected to tell the crowd how hillary clinton won him over. oh, really. went from faux to friend, of course, he named her his secretary of state so i think they are on the same page. >> they have been for a while, the primary got tense there. >> those debates were something. >> clinton campaign hoping a show of support from the president will bring their party together. >> hear he will give her a ride on air force one. >> yeah.
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>> causing questions. >> yeah. >> talk to bill clinton like loretta lynch did. donald trump is defending himself this weekend. trump was accused of using a star of david as backdrop for texts describing hillary clinton as the most corrupt candidate ever. the image was deleted and replaced with the circle. yesterday trump defended the original saying it was a sheriff or plane star. he said media is overly critical. first was posted on the white supremacist web site. >> that is lovely. sixth are number one overall draft pick makes his summer debut, would you call this summer camp or summer cramp. he already had to sit down. >> no. >> yes. >> he is cramping up. >> it is not an embiid situation. >> i hope not, just a cramp i hope alex. >> i think we're cursed. >> hey, lottery this week if you win them both you will
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have 700 million-dollar? did you hear me. >> that sound like good money. >> yeah.
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free agent cap sign anywhere but no one expected kevin durant to leave oklahoma city and beat thunder in the playoff golden state. kevin durant played with the thunder nine years of his career in nba.
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he signed a two year contract with the warriors, 54 million with the opt out after one season so he can sign another contract after this season, 233 million. he and steph curry will both sign a contract for that kind of money incomes year. sixers played their summer league game, last night first one salt lake city ben simmons people want to see him. he had five assists but only shot two for nine, ten points, left with an injury but i was told he is just fine. sixers lose, 102-94. phillies game was over after two innings. second inning, phillies up three-one. odubel herrera two run home run, miguel fran owe had one. phillies win eight-two. that is sports in a minute. i'm howard eskin. >> i love that kevin durant, to the warriors, shocker. >> very shocking. >> wow. >> they are going to be so good next year. >> we are getting a look at documentary coming up in just a few days about michael vick. >> in it, donovan mcnabb compared his old eagles teammate to steph curry.
6:26 am
>> speaking of the warriors. >> like what we see with steph curry's jump shot. i remember him throwing a post pattern about 55-yard and it looked like it was on a rope. >> watch this. >> the bleacher report documentary vick comes out, july 11th. >> seven on 11. >> lets check on that septa situation here we have a situation, dave kinchen. >> yes, that is right, we have some people here hoff gotten up early at ardmore train station to head to work in center city because of the cut down on regional rail fleet. we will tell you how others are fairing with the new schedule after the break. (vo) shop all makes, models and colors in your neighborhood...
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people who buy more vehicles than anyone... shift your thinking about buying your next one.
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septa operates without more than 100 railcars, a third of the force. dave kinchen steve keeley and bob kelly are all on this story, as we tackling a morning commute on tuesday. when will it end? an inch of rainfalls in spots overnight sue is tracking threat for flash floods. it rained right to fire works display last night. >> sure did. >> and concert. >> concert, i was dripping wet but it was so much fun. fire works over parkway, despite glummy weather but a big part of the show was
6:30 am
cancelled. who cancelled? come on. good day, everybody it is july 5th, 2016. >> i was wondering when concert stopped, we will come back from the fire works and i was like wait a minute you didn't have anything scheduled. i realized philly pops had to cancel because of the rain. >> yes, they got valuable instruments to play and that is understandable. bus stop buddy, has his umbrella, playing that today, rainy start for us this morning. temperatures in the 70's, eventually you'll be able to use the backyard and maybe even the pool but not really, just yet. do you see this line of rain, moving from west to east through the heaviest rain through southern delaware and southern new jersey. that is where we have been seeing downpours this morning which is why those areas are still under a flash flood watch until 10:00 o'clock this morning. we have mid 60's in the mountains but 70's every where else. mid 07's to the south of us and here in philadelphia where
6:31 am
it is 74. rain, possible thunderstorm throughout the rest of the morning and then we will start to warm up, a lot today, once the sunni merges around lunchtime mix of sun an included for rest of the the day and a high of 88 degrees. possibly a stray shower later on in the day but mostly just getting hot and speaking of hot wait until you see how hot it will get in the seven day forecast, but before we can get to that bob kelly, we have to get through this morning. >> tempers will be hot using regional rails and extra volume pushed on to the roads this morning. this is not one of the free septa parking spots here. this is a crash from the ramp from the blue route to the schuylkill but an example oven though we just had a light drizzle, everything is wet. we have had a handful of accidents this morning. the here's latest on numbers on septa normal day 65,000 seats available. to take only 35,000. that 35 number is going to be
6:32 am
the deal, you definitely hear with this whole situation. once the train reaches capacity it will bypass the future spots. it is basically a modified saturday schedule. trains running every 30 minutes as opposed to every eight to ten minutes. lets go outside to dave kinchen where there is a train right behind you now and tell us what you can see at the ardmore station this morning. >> reporter: it looks like wow, really old one, at least it looks older, one of the september lines that just left here at art more station heading into center city. so many people who rely on septaes a regional rail service feeling squeezed with the adjusted train schedule in place with people waiting here trying to get downtown. septa is running on a maryland filed saturday schedule and bob just talk about they pulled one-third of the regional rail fleet. they found cracks in the steel beams of about 100 silver liner five train cars and with the saturday plan in place the amount of trains heading in to center city are cut by
6:33 am
half. here's how people are handling it the this morning. >> i normally take 6:47 but with the all of the changes i better take 6:15 head in early and caught train in. >> i saw the amended schedule and start with the modified schedule. i looked at that last night before going to bed and here i am. i'm a believer that it might over hype it just to get everyone, you know, a tuned to maybe alternative measures, driving buses which is not the end all for me would be the way to go. i'm here expecting the best. >> reporter: lets see if this is a train coming in right now. >> dave, this train is full all the way. i was looking in the windows. the last train was empty for this last train. come on over here, go in the doorway, come to the left inn get a peak in. this is last train and these have been empty. walk in there and get a shot, you can see how full, no bags
6:34 am
on the seat next to you, be courteous, nice, everybody happy, to problems reported, but this is as full as we have seen and we are showing you a very long train. we will see how long it stays here but we are walking length of of it. if i was a passenger, lady searching for a seat. greg, duck down here, greg come back here and here's a woman walking through a train and go to the next wind up here, she's looking for a seat. that gives you a sense that some don't have any empty seats, everybody has their mine. she will be standing for the ride and then there she goes, she found a seat. one last seat and she got it. there is a look alex and mike we are experiencing. it is still semi early in the rush her so it could get worse, but we have some happy news, on the weather front where we started our day. we have sun out. if you are waiting on these platforms you will not get drenched like the other fear this morning. >> great job there, nice
6:35 am
report. only 6:34 and that train is pack. in delaware wilmington police are investigating the shooting of the teenager. >> authorities say a 15 year-old was shot in the head just before 11:00. detectives were working the crime scene at clifford brown walk into the early morning hours. at this time they are in the releasing many details but in one has been arrested. in chester police are investigating a fatal shooting that happened around area of third and kerlin street, when office's arrived yesterday evening they found a older model crown victoria still turned on and on drive. thirty-one year-old man was found in the driver's seat shot in the head and pronounced dead at the scene. this is as chester's 15th homicide this year. two car accident sends at least one person to the hospital around 12:30 this morning. police were called to cheltenham avenue and covington road, in oak lane. when they arrived, one person had to be freed, who was trapped up side that car. there is no word on that
6:36 am
person's condition, we will check on the hospital now. police are investigating the cause of the crash because that is what they do. police are trying to track down men who made threats to the country music concert that caused it to be cancel. authorities say two male suspects walked in the americana bay side welcome center in shelbyville, and made alarming statement to the person working at the desk. security concerns prompted police to cancel a concert by the band perry. police are not giving specific details about the threat citing their investigation if you recognized these men, call police. in the north philadelphia, an explosion at an atm has police on the hunt for what happened. the blast sent officers in the 2500 block of westerly high avenue at 4:30 yesterday morning. something went off inside of the atm right in front of the barber shop. police are still trying to figure out what it was and no one was hurt. bill cosby's lawyers will take another run at getting his criminal sex assault case thrown out in court when cosby returns to that court in
6:37 am
montgomery county. that will be day after tomorrow. so 78 year-old cosby will renew arguments in montgomery count that i his accuser should be forced to testify, before he goes to trial. cosby's attorneys want the right to question andrea constant at a pretrial hearing but prosecutors complained they really just want to test her credibility. we will stay on to that story it will happen thursday morning. 6:37. a lot of people have been tweeting, asking about last night, because we went out to see wawa welcome america concert celebrating the fourth. >> stayed with you and your mother and father, were both there having a good time. >> it was a great time a lot of people wondering will fire works still go on. >> they still went on. >> it was a diffused look because of the low cloud and rain but still a good show.
6:38 am
>> it looked like a light show because you could just see the lights but i'm so glad they were able to have it. people were waiting and wanting to see fire works. >> rain did cancel performance by philly pops. we were sitting around waiting after o.j.'s. >> i was disappointed, i mean really disappointed because they were going to to a tribute to the sound of the philadelphia, kenney gamble and leon hoff were there. but we still had o.j.'s and they turn it out. >> yeah. >> i love it. >> ♪ >> you really can't tell here but it is pouring rain. >> you see umbrellas and everything. >> yeah. >> i don't know if you can tell but they have their shirts all open, showing their chest, they were moving. it was great. >> he still got to move. go eddie, go now.
6:39 am
>> so, that was o.j.'s. it was really great. we were dancing and singing. then they went off the stage. they came back out for a grand finally because you have to do the love train. >> love train. >> o.j.'s. >> ♪ >> take a look at this stage because everybody came out. anybody who performed at the fourth of july concert, there is yas the greatest, there is leon bridges dancing there, gamble and hoff were out there. >> yeah. >> o.j.'s. >> um-hmm. >> harold melvin and blue notes, the intruders, it really was a love train. here's the best part they are singing, dancing, and they started to have solo moment. they had brotherly love, leon bridges started to do something and yas came out and i guess we can call this the remix. >> here we go.
6:40 am
>> ♪ >> it was so good. he started rapping with o.j.'s and eddie lavert, i said okay, this is remix, i have to admit people were like okay, we knew he was into music and he wrapped before empire but he has some skills. >> and that was impromptu. >> free styling. >> best ball of the night, i didn't care that it was rainingy didn't care either. >> there were great moments including mike, did you something that was funny. we will detail more throughout the show what did i do. >> i was taking videos of you. >> you were. >> i was a couple rows back. >> yes. >> must be nice. >> well, punch it up, brian. punch it up. there is a train. live shot of the train coming
6:41 am
into fernrock. lets see how you loaded this sucker is. it looks like it is leaving. that guy was left behind. >> maybe it was too full. if it gets too full they will pass by. >> it will get through the station fit ties full. further and further, the further out you start the better off you are, right. >> yes, exactly. >> yes. >> closer you get in the city. >> yes. >> further, farther. >> it is farther, far, distance. >> farther out you are the better off you are. >> when you say further you cannot put a advertise tans on it. i won't go any further with you. >> will you go further with me today. >> maybe it is. >> i know it is like a mile or something. >> let's move on. we need a english teacher on twitter immediately. he may not be the presumptive nominee but presidential candidate bernie sanders is still pulling in a big crowd, a big crowd.
6:42 am
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the instant you play could be the instant you win. keep on scratchin'. it is wilmington delaware this friday. i love wilmington. nice city. nice people. it will be friday. 7:00 to 10:00 a.m. we will be in wilmington delaware. >> we still don't know where. >> really. >> every week. every week it is the same thing. >> we will tell you, i promise, we will tell you before the end of the show. we want to you come and join us, and plus you get the chance to win a mazda cx9. >> that one. >> isn't it beautiful. >> go to fox and enter the contest, put the in the information, once every 24 hours. we will pick a final list once a week n fact we call you that is how big this is, we will tell you, you are a finalist, and then we will have our final show at the dell, and it will be a party.
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>> party at the dell. >> um-hmm. we will give you more details, we want to you show up there. it the is not, and if you have been watching all of the fun we have been having every week, this is special. we will close it out in a big way. but we have to make it fun for everyone. >> free concert at the party at the kill. kin dread of the family soul will be there. >> if you know he how dell has their concerts in the summer then you know it will be fun. >> get the philly pops to come over since they didn't show up last night. >> oh, yeah, philly pops. >> that might be good. >> they had the night off from last night. westbound schuylkill this fellow off to the shoulder an accident, east and west on the schuylkill, road are wet, watching in the work zones like i-95, 412 and situation in bellmawr. we have four trains now in double digit delays, of 39 minutes, 26, west trenton line, 16 minutes as we saw from dave, and from steve's shot there, we're starting to
6:47 am
see cars filled to capacity. a couple of options, every single station has a suggested alternate on septa's web site. depending where you begin and end your trip. maybe one bus and, check out web site, there are alternate there expect a crowded condition will occur, closer to the city, and better off we will be. we may want to think of going overbrook, outbound into in bound and catch a fully empty train. closer to center city, fernrock was already stacked and pack. if you are going to drive there is park ago veilable, 1600 spots at the naval hospital, 300 downtown here at columbus and spring garden, they have had extra spots at the frankford transportation center and norristown high speed line and free parking at
6:48 am
frankford garage in northeast philadelphia. how is weather going to cooperate for today's septa mess. sue has the answer in 15 seconds. we have a flood advisory in effect, from central delaware into southern new jersey has been hardest hit this morning. we have all had some rain thanks to the warm front that is, slowly moving northward but it looks like for some of the thunderstorms have all moved off shore but we are still seeing heavy rain, and dover area as well, there you see dark red and orange around chestnut grove, little creek, we will move over to the jersey shore atlantic city steady rain there and moving
6:49 am
all the way up the atlantic city expressway and heavy rain in center grove and millville in cumberland county. these downpours still popping up, it looks like steady rain in wilmington where we will be on friday and lighter rain in chester delaware county. seventy-four in philadelphia. everybody else is staying in the 70's with the cloud cover we have had this morning. there is some places where rain has stopped and sun starting to get through those clouds, two and a half miles visibility in millville. foggy in wildwood with moisture in the air and lots of places with excessive heat warning. we mentioned that because look at how high over the next couple of taste, 90's all the way through to saturday and after thunderstorms saturday we should if the a break for second half of the weekend but we are getting ready for the second heat wave of the year. >> thanks, sue. get ready for a new segment. we want to keep you up to date and let you know about stories everyone will be talking about at work or around town. let take a look at your top
6:50 am
headlines. we will break down top three topics that are buzzing on line and social media, we will start local and compare that with national the headlines. let start with your top three local headlines we're talking sixers at number three. number one pick in last month's nba draft, rookie ben simmons, he is battling cramping in both legs during his summer league debut. nineteen year-old needed assistance getting off the court in the fourth quarter of the loss to the boston celtics. simmons did not return to the game. i'm sure fans are worried do we have another joel embiid on our hand? and then number 24th of july tradition on coney island, the 100th nathan's annual hot dog eating contest. joey chestnut ate 70 hot dogs in ten minutes beating a world record he set in 2013 when he ate 69 hot dogs. i'm told he goes bread first and then eat the weiner there. >> yeah. >> and taking our top local spot because thises was a big event in philadelphia, the
6:51 am
sound of philadelphia, rain can put a damper ottawa was welcome america festivity. yas greatest there concert brought out thousands of people letting officials know a little wet weather never hurt anybody and doesn't stop the party. we will recall the great moments seeing o.j.'s there if you go to my social media page, alex holley tv instagram. we will share video. now top three national headlines. national three nationally carbs lovers time to rejoyce. italian researchers found pasta in take is associated with a lower body mass up decks. it is okay to eat pass to. those were less likely to be overweight and obese. second place, donald trump says media is overly critical of him after a meme he posted on line. he was accused of using a star of david as a backdrop for a text describing hillary clinton as most corrupt candidate ever. trump is defending the image saying it was a sheriff's
6:52 am
star. number one national spot, yesterday was not only the birthday of america but also, mallia obama's birthday. >> okay. sorry. i was getting ready to dance there because president obama was singing, and so he is a very proud dad of course so he sang to his daughter at white house fourth of july party. malli. a is 18 and heading to harvard next year. i hear she will spend the sum her spain with a quite lovely internship. so back over to you. >> in spain. >> thanks, alex, i like this new segment. >> thank you so much. what do you call it. >> that is the thing you might want to help us out. we want to know what to call it, top headlines, coffee talk, water cooler stuff. >> it is what is trending right now, that is an old term that we don't want. >> we want to move away from trending, we need something caller. >> look add it. >> it looks like your normal
6:53 am
head. >> all greasy. >> yeah. >> yeah, baby. >> sorry. >> out of this world accomplishment, reason scientists over at nasa are now partying. nasa guys and women party? heavily. when you're the parent of a disabled child, you realize that the world can be a harsh place. but you also realize it can be a really loving, wonderful place. when i saw donald trump mock somebody who was disabled, i was appalled. you gotta see this guy... ahh, i don't know what i said, ahh, i don't remember! that reporter suffers from a chronic condition that impairs movement of his arms. it told me everything i need to know about his heart and what he believes deep down.
6:54 am
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6:55 am
something incredible happened in the sky. >> you mean fire works. >> oh, yeah, fire works. >> no, not the fire works. >> no,. >> little bit high are in the
6:56 am
sky. nasa, sort of that high. yes, trying to headache a joke. >> it was great. >> thank you. >> spacecraft juin has reached jupiter. >> wow. >> five-year voyage to begin exploring the largest of the planets and ground control at nasa jet propulsion laboratory and lockheed martin erupted in applause when solar powered spacecraft beamed home news it was circling jupiter's pole. >> after five years. >> long journey. >> scientists promised close-up views of planet when it skims the cloud tops during the zero month mission. >> we will look for that. >> steve, what is going on the at four minutes before 7:00 report report look at the platform, not too many people here as we get to the rush hour. this is most popular vacation week so i don't think problem will be as highlighted new as it normally would be. that is another positive thing about this. no complaints. we just had a express train running by, bypassing these folks waiting for a train and there was a empty car on the end but we are waiting for trains ape so far in problems
6:57 am
and in the one complaint they are happy september put their passenger safety first.
6:58 am
if you want to soar along the highest, longest and fastest zipline in north america,
6:59 am
there's only one place to do it. and that's not the only thing you can only find in new york state. ♪ it's all in the catskills. only in new york. new york. it's all here. it's only here. plan your summer vacation at commuter chaos. >> please be patient, this is very challenging for us, and left behind as septa operates us judge 23rd capacity. we will update from septa's general manager how they are dealing with the mess this
7:00 am
morning. and it is not only the trains causing traveling problems a flash flood watch is in effect as a inch of rainfalls overnight, with more coming. and sue serio tells us when it will end. plus, a attack on a delaware neighborhood. >> it is just shocking to me. it really is. >> two women abduct just hours apart how they were able to fight off their attacker. and, not even the rain can stop a good party, thousands gathered to celebrate our nation's birthday, a celebration that ended with a bang. straight up 7:00 o'clock, sue serio, give us an update. >> it is going to end. it will end before the end of the day. >> really. >> we will see sunshine. it will start getting hot. >> what is the number. >> we will go with the six because it has been such a messy morning but end of the day, you will be sticky and humid, so 70's right now, raised


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