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tv   Good Day Philadelphia at 7A  FOX  July 5, 2016 7:00am-9:00am EDT

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morning. and it is not only the trains causing traveling problems a flash flood watch is in effect as a inch of rainfalls overnight, with more coming. and sue serio tells us when it will end. plus, a attack on a delaware neighborhood. >> it is just shocking to me. it really is. >> two women abduct just hours apart how they were able to fight off their attacker. and, not even the rain can stop a good party, thousands gathered to celebrate our nation's birthday, a celebration that ended with a bang. straight up 7:00 o'clock, sue serio, give us an update. >> it is going to end. it will end before the end of the day. >> really. >> we will see sunshine. it will start getting hot. >> what is the number. >> we will go with the six because it has been such a messy morning but end of the day, you will be sticky and humid, so 70's right now, raised umbrella.
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you will be able to use the backyard eventually. we will see heavy rain moving through central delaware, place that has gotten hit hard these morning, ander place cumberland county in new jersey and more heavy rain headed toward jersey shore where it has been a rough morning there. that is where flash flood watch continues in the highlighted counties until 10:00 a.m. right now in philadelphia 74 degrees and rain has stopped here in olde city. we have 10 miles an hour breeze out of the west southwest but 93 percent relative humidity. by lunchtime at latest we will see sunshine from behind those clouds. most of the rain is out of here by then. eighty-eight is the high temperature. sunset time 8:32. we have our second heat wave on the way. we will tell you all bit coming up. bob kelly. >> of course, rain not cooperating with the roadways, live look in a second at an accident, second one of the morning on i-95. here's a tweet that popped out second train out of fox chase,
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is stacked and pack and there is four more stops to go, that is from tj calendar what he is seeing on twitter. expect crowded conditions close tore center city. trains are empty this is beginning of the line, closer they get right here for example like inard more, fox chase where we are starting to see that crowding. it is a modified saturday schedule which translates into trains every 30 minutes instead of the 20810 minutes. make sure you have the correct schedule, you can down load that at i have put a link to that schedule on my facebook and twitter pages. a couple of alternates. every station has a suggested alternate to get you into downtown. it may be one bus and one trolley, maybe two buses, connecting with another trolley, but there are alternates for every station on septa's web site. if you are going to park here are spots with additional parking spots available, until
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further notice until we can get this whole thing straightened out. mike and alex, back to you. >> okay. art a more station, should we start in fairmount. >> that is where steve keeley is right now, hi there steve. >> reporter: oddly only problem so far we have seen here, this guy, who not so smartly walked across tracks like you are not supposed to do, jaywalk ago cross railroad tracks but right in front of the couple police officers. the these police are stationed. he is getting cited right now. that is the only problem. we have not had one complaint from everybody. everybody is following news and they realize if i want to get a seat, get here earlier and expect train to be later like bobbies saying and i will not get in any trouble at work because they necessity is there a big problem and we are dealing witt as it comes. we have seen one train go by like i mentioned in the tease, express style, didn't stop, bypassed these folks. i expected it to be completely full.
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no, the last car was completely empty, maybe nobody knew that the car was empty and guy said we will bypass, one of these last stations, close to the city like we keep saying, this will probably be the hardest part to get a seat on the rails because most of them are taken up by people further out. i hear some engine down on the train but no headlights in sight. it never happens live. i was asking if kinchen had a live train. maybe we are seeing the lull to expect trains running every hour, but we had several going by earlier, and we popped on there and saw a lot of full seats. folks, this will not be a morning where you can stick your lap top bag next to you and purse and expect nobody to sit down. be extra kind, extra courteous and expect it to be like an airplane. you don't see one empty seat on the airplane anymore because airplanes don't want to fly, they want to make every dollar out of every seat and they don't fly unless they can fill the seat up and that is what it is like for septa for time being and maybe even
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worse as we get out of the peak vacation week in the summer which is fourth of july week. it was a dream drive here from south philadelphia into new jersey. it was like a holiday there was no one on the 42, bridges, a quick ride up here. i said that tells you that so many people are on vacation this week. >> i want to challenge you now. you just should keep talking until the train comes in i could do that because i'm talking to you, if i'm talking to you, we can talk forever, you know, have i ever covered an election story. how many times have you say presumptive talking about the nominees. i thought every time i toss to you i will say presumptive broadcast pioneer hall of famer, mike jerrick. i will to have say it longer because the conventions are coming up. presumptive will be washed away, but, how long before the broadcast pioneer hall of fame, puts you, it is like babe ruth is not in the hall of fame. i call you the pete rose of
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the broadcast pioneer hall of fame. maybe is there something there keeping voters from electing you like pete rose. i don't know. i look at some of these hall of famers, hurricane schwartz is in the broadcast pioneers, but mike jerrick. >> sue you serio is. i went to her ceremony. >> i have not been asked to be a broadcast pioneers hall of fame. >> really. >> there are convicted criminals in the broadcast pioneers hall of fame, o.j. simpson, nfl hall of fame but you are not the. >> what did you do? >> i haven't been here that long. you have to be here your whole career, is that what you have to do. >> reporter: you have been here longer then a lot of people in that hall of shame, we will call it, until you are in there. >> how about that. >> i got a rap so we will not talk until i have a train. kinchen. the wait, wait, we dit, mike. >> wait, it will be coming. >> ryan in the control room do we wait for this train.
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>> all right. >> by the way, ryan is the greatest person in the control room. super calm, yeah, let it come in. let it come in. >> you are right. >> like another guy jaywalking right in front of the train. >> there you go. >> are the officers right there. >> look at the sign, danger. look at this. >> my gosh. >> yes. >> we have some breaking news. these trains, job is not hard enough for train conductor, and beep his horn. he waits for the train, almost like he was waiting for a train to get by on television. is there greg doug the squat down, too tall for windows. i don't see a empty seat. we will get a good thing we have positioned ourself on the end line here, completely full, one empty seat, one guy standing but that might mean he is getting off. we will get the last train here and look both ways so you will see on both sides, one way i don't see anybody.
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>> get out of my face. >> we will go on the other one then. >> yes. >> one seat here to the left, and you are not supposed to look. you can see how crowded these trains are. thinks like if we had a live shot and we had a audience, it would be a sellout for mike and alex show. thinks crowd we will get for quincy's show. >> yes. >> we have a guy here we will follow this guy. greg, come on down here, squat, walk follow these people to find an empty seat. >> here we go. we are at fernrock where bruce gordon and bob kelly told us if you are closer to the city. look at this guy. come on over here, greg we have people standing this guy gave up and now going back. there are people on these trains that have to stand room only, sro on the septa line, so there you go, we did it.
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we did it. >> you know what mike, here comes dave with another train. >> another train. >> it continues. >> dave has a train. >> one train to another. >> yes. >> we have a train. >> train right there you can see coming through, folks getting ready to go. sir real quick, what have you thought about this whole thing here. >> not much to say about it, you just have to go bit. it can be frustrating. >> reporter: did you get out here early. >> yes, earlier station so i can hopefully get in and find a seat. >> she's told to go to the different side to get inside this train here a lot of folks, they got out here earlier. we talk to people about 30 minutes earlier, so not too bad, and we saw some trains earlier this morning that were pretty empty as well. thing we saw people coming, maybe a little bit later. well, not this one, one we saw
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earlier, was much earlier this morning, but these are packed up here. take a look here, chris, pan up and show the folks. there is standing room only here, and this train is still being filled up as we come back down. we will come back down to the platform here chris and show you people are still going on. they had to go back. that woman we were just talking to had to actually go further. you see her walking down to try to get on to one of the trains. standing room only on this car, likely the cars, from down here, woman right there that just came out of the rest room can you imagine how upset he would be if he missed this train. this is one of the things that is flute thing. you didn't know how it would go until we see it happening. this woman is not get together train. the she's just taking pictures or waiting for next one.
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that could be a long wait. one more shot here of just standing room only. we have folks, going downtown, not really holding on. there is no railing to hold on. just standing room only here. this car here. people standing up. people standing up. seats full in this one, this one, this one, and this one, and this one, and this one, and that is a wrap on a train, well, train 160 out of ardmore. >> it has left the station. >> 7:11. a lot of people standing than those trains this morning. in delaware wilmington police are investigating the shooting of the teenager. >> authorities say a 15 year-old was shot in the head just before 11:00 last night. detectives are working the crime scene at clifford brown walk and chairman street in the early morning hours. no motive,. >> in chester police are investigating a fatal shooting happened around their and kerlin street when office's arrived yesterday evening they found a older model, crown victoria still turned on and
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still in drive. thirty-one year-old man was found in the driver's seat shot in the head, he was pronounced dead at the scene, this was chester's 15th homicide this year. prosecutors say a new jersey man, paid a philadelphia woman, to a how him to sexually assault, two girls, and this went on for years. both adults now face a range of charges, including sexual assault and child endanger. the male suspect here was engaging in sexual active with a 14 year old girl. they say investigation had been determined that he was sexually assaulting a 14 year-old and 12 year-old girl at the same time. this has been going on for six years. police are on the hunt for a man they say tried to abduct two women, in newark. they say, sunday, a man grabbed a university of delaware student at colonial garden apartment complex, along main street, he tried to put a rag saturated with a
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chemical around her mouth. i guess, so that she would pass out. she for the him off, and ran away. then about an hour later, at the complex, same complex, a 61 year-old woman was attacked from behind as she was getting out of her car. she too for the back, for the the guy off, neighbors, are on edge. >> you have a two-year old little girl, and wife and you are out in a place where you have known that anything can happen, like, even our landlord is probably one of the nicest people on earth, it is just shocking. it is really shocking. >> the woman weren't hurt physically. he was a white male in his early 20's, approximately 5 feet 7 inches tall. very thin guy too. 7:13. donald trump is cast pink blame at the media after one of his recent posts stirred up criticism.
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>> you take a look, it stems from the star, a red star he used, talking about hillary clinton, chris murphy, what is it. >> take a look for yourself. here it is, trump used car with six-point and one of the text describing hillary clinton as quote the most corrupt candidate ever. trump's critics say star looked like a star of david, his advisors say nobody from the campaign was intending to be anti sematic. star was deleted and replaced with a circle. trump says this is all a misunderstanding, he responded with this quote dishonest media is trying their absolute best to depict a star in the tweet as a star of david rather than a sheriff's star or plane star. hillary clinton calls trump's use of the star disturbing and says it should be a concern to voter. interesting. >> now they are talking about stars. >> yeah. >> okay. >> i mean it would be inappropriate if he had star of david on there.
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he is always blaming the media. >> star of david is blue and white, it looks like a sheriff's star with me not the that i'm siding with donald trump. bernie sanders is good for businesses specially at a pennsylvania campground. >> just outside philadelphia, getting booked by sanders supporters planning to protest during this month's dnc. all 200 campsites at four seasons in pilesgrove, new jersey has been book. it is usually just reserved during holidays and during the pope's visit to philadelphia. >> we're just days away from that convention sue serio. >> i'm starting to feeling it, seeing dnc donkeys around town in the different streets. >> they are coming. >> they are every where. >> i walk by one yesterday. >> we have a flood advisory continuing for about a half an hour, in the area that have gotten the most rain, this morning and radar is here to show you, we will look at
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radar, and show you that. we have to look at the philly forecast today with 85 degrees at game time today's game time is 7:05. let's hope we have a same kind of outcome meaning that we will win. be prepared for a muggy night. rain will be gone, completely by the time it is game time tonight. is there radar. and it is showing the heaviest rain once again moving through kent county, delaware right across the bay i should say into southern new jersey, cumberland county, cape may county, part of the atlantic county of been particularly hard hit with heavy downpours. that is what we will see the highest rainfall totals when all is said and done for this morning's rain. we will zoom in closer, just south of dover, delaware, we're seeing heavy rain around magnolia and then across, to the very heavy rain, in cumberland county, cape may county, dennis, corbin city in atlantic county. philadelphia we are seeing rain and umbrellas still up
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outside of our block but it is not very heavy rain. so it is muggy, temperatures in the mid 70's and we are heading to a high of 88 degrees once the sunnies out in full force and rain is gone. then we will start with heat and humidity tomorrow, thursday, friday, saturday, and 90's all four days, a cold front comes through on, saturday, and then hopefully takes the humidity away by sunday. that is your seven day forecast, bob kelly, it has been a interesting morning so far, it is not any less interesting between problems on the rails and roads mother nature not cooperating jammed solid on i-95 from the betsy ross bridge into center city because of this accident with only one lane squeezing on by. tractor trailer can make out the beginning of the front of that tractor trailer. this is right underneath ben franklin bridge here in center city philadelphia so we're jammed solid there. here's your numbers on a normal day 65,000 seats
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available on the regional rails, today and even definitely we are only dealing with 35,000 seats and we have been seeing once that train hits capacity it will bypass the future stops. you will see crowded conditions, closer you get to the the city, now the evening rush should be interesting because, we have had chances to pick up folks all along the line here bringing them into center city. evening rush hour is going to be exactly the opposite. everyone is going to originate at only one of the three big stations trying to get back home. so your game plan this morning is going to have to be different for that commute back home. there are shuttle buses until further notice on the cynwyd line, they are using those trains on the other lines, in order to boost the will volume, extra trains and free parking on both the market frank for line and subway, free parking at frankford transportation terminal. basically it is a modified saturday schedule with trains
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running every 30 minutes as opposed to the normal 2080 minutes. make sure you have the current schedule. down load that at i have put a link to the schedule on my facebook and twitter pages. alex, back to you. oh, look at that, lot at fire work last night, weather did not stop the fire works. that was biggest question. have fire works still happening. are fire works still happening? they did. there were low clouds and still pretty cool to see. philly pops had to cancel their performance because of the rain but many other events went on as scheduled as people partied in the rain. so one of the stars from the hit musical hamilton made an appearance in the celebration of the freedom event reading declaration of independent prior to last night's concert. leslie odom, junior. >> in the course of human events, it becomes necessary for one people to dissolve a political ban which has connected them with another. >> he was also presented with the key to independent hall, for all of the work he has done on broadway but you for
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work he has done right here in the city of philadelphia because he fridays this area. then lets move to the parkway where there was a concert and leon bridges performed. >> ♪ >> of course, while we love leon bridges we have a old school feel and he is wearing red, white and blue. he is very sweet. so, tense of thus oz have people turned out to see him perform his songs. he was also at root's picnic. he will be big. i know it. also the o.j.'s perform. a lot of great stuff. yazz the greatest, we will recap and especially one moment that people are talking about. 7:20. no backup plan, the reason some experts are saying european companies are not thinking about your future after the brexit vote. it is back to work but for
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those who depend on the train, there is a major headache. what septa wants you to know before you head to the station this morning. blank .
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month plan b for many companies across europe. >> that is after great britain voted to leave the eu, or of course that was the big news last week. lauren simonetti what are you talking about here. >> exactly just that. the vote was, two weeks ago, right. >> yes. >> all of last week we were responding to it. first everybody went selling, selling, selling, and then we were buying, buying, buying, it was for your 401k the best week all year go figure. now we are selling again. this is uncertainty out there. big question mark, like what happens now how does great britain get out of the eu and what happens to the banks and airlines, et cetera, doing business with that country and the rest of europe.
7:25 am
there is no plan b for so many companies right now, easy jet ryan air, they are warning they are like 70 percent of our flights are international flights when they are looking at business coming to, and leaving. what do they do? so there is a lot of question marks right now. you are feeling it in your 401k, going up and down and big ways and i don't think we will have an answer anytime soon. >> i don't know what to take away from this report, lauren. >> reporter: that is probably the whole point. >> stumbling around in the dark. >> we are stumbling around in the dark. >> the guy who was in charge, basically is getting out and going to leave, yeah. >> yes. >> i'm out. >> what are we supposed to do. >> this is a huge economy. >> well, that will be the story for the rest of the year, lauren, thank you, we will see you tomorrow. kevin durant will go to
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the golden state warriors. isn't that wild. >> people are freaking out. >> we have an interesting take on this kevin durant to the warriors deal here, comedian frank calieveno i am person nights a favorite actor and we will play frank's buddy in a bit. >> it is time for convince toy do another job. >> morimoto, 723 chestnut, can i make sushi rolls, we will find out coming up next like kevin durante won't be a chicken.
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well, star center fielder for the philadelphia phillies, and world champion turned selling, lenny dykstra is opening up about his rise and fall in his new book, you can catch him on our show in about 30 minutes or so. lenny will be in the studio. >> he gave a voice to animals and now after a sad story, george bengal's message lives on. how his friend are continuing his mission right now. coming up on 7:30. here's sue with a six out of ten. >> it is, because we are off to a rainy start. bus stop buddy is waiting to use the backyard pool and have some fun today. that will happen before the day is through but for right now we are still seeing rain around. we are seeing it on ultimate doppler radar but what you see as we zoom in is beginning of
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the end of the heavier rain. we have been saying all morning ever since 4:00 a.m. this thing will be with us through about 8:00 and it will play out that way but we have a flash flood watch in effect until ten a m. we will see if the national weather service lifts that earlier. here in olde city, it is raining lightly at 75 degrees, with 90 percent relative humidity. not the a a good hair take. 88 degrees with the sunshine emerging pretty soon. we're down to 74 as cloud clear out completely, get ready for heat and humidity. we will have lot have of it for rest of the week and weekend too, details on that coming up in the seven day. >> good morning. 7:30 on this tuesday morning. speedometer readings slow gone from 95 south to cottman in center city. just opened the lanes from an earlier accident. rain is not helping during our morning rush hour. delays coming from new jersey, look at the work zones, where the ponding could be a little tough. we have about eight or one
7:31 am
lines now already with double digit delays here, time-wise, on your regional rail lines. a normal day 65,000 seats, until further notice we are only using 35,000 seats to get folks into center city. once those trains fill to capacity you will see them bypass. the evening rush could be tricky because we have 75 stations, trickling into the three main stations for the morning. once you get there today, to think about your commute home, everybody is going to original at these three, trying to get back out of downtown. the crowded conditions are occurring, closer you get to center city but each station has a suggested alternate depending upon where you are going. check with septa's web site. it could be one bus and one trolley will connect new to downtown. if you must drive there are plenty of parking spots that are extra and added. i have put links on facebook and twitter pages this morning, mike and alex, back
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to you you. how many fewer seats. >> overall, 30,000 less seats. >> 30,000. >> 30,000 less seats across the board for each rush hour. >> because of the silver liners taken out of service. >> and these are the new cars. >> new ones, yeah. >> they have to fix those flaws. >> hey at least they are fixing it before it becomes a bigger problem. >> yes. >> the trains are full. we have been looking at a lot of trains and most of them are full. a lot of people are standing, standing room only in some of these cars. listen to this. >> be patient. this is very challenging for us. we have everybody working, to understand the problem and what the solution is. >> so, lets get septa's general manager up here with us. jeff, good to see you. thanks for being on "good day philadelphia". >> good morning, mike, alex. i just listened to bob. did he a good job complaining the situation. >> i guess we don't need you then, bye jeff, see you later.
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>> no, this is a very tough situation for our customers. the new schedule we had to work like crazy over the three day weekend to put it together. it was going well, but now you are starting to see delays as this is really the heaviest time the peak of the peak. some trains are starting to get delayed substantially because it is just taking a long time to get people on to the train and get the train out of the station. >> what is wrong with these new cars. >> well, the main suspension system we're finding cracks in something called the equalizer beam, that is engineering talk but the point is, you know, we're very fortunate that our car inspector did a great job, was following up on something that didn't look right and over within 24 hour period we were able to determine we had a major problem, took everything out of service for silver liner five.
7:34 am
so, bad story today but fact that we didn't have any kind of a serious accident is a good thing if there is anything good from this. >> where are these cars made. >> hyundai road town, the shells and things were made overseas and shipped here and everything was assembled here in south philadelphia. i do want to say, you know, as bob mentioned, you know, especially the crowding on the way in the morning gets tough as you get closer to center city. we have strong service on the market frankford line, broad street line, norristown high speed line, sharon hill line, those are good alternate ways in the city. also or bus that he is connect with many lines. >> also the fact that you guys have more parking for people going to those other stations. >> yeah, we have put up a couple of parking options, we are not seeing them used yet. would i like to mention the
7:35 am
naval hospital we have 1600 free spaces added down near at&t station or paterson avenue. there are things, we have got parking spaces at festival pier along market frankford line and spring garden. we will be working on this. we are talking to other agencies trying to get more equipment, we are looking at other things that we could possibly do with buses. this whole situation, we will be react to go how customers have change their patterns. we will continue to work hard to get this as best as we can. we know this is an incredible disruption for our customers and we are doing everything we can. >> even though you are making changes this is something we should get used to because it will take all summer. >> well, you know, engineers are working feverishly on this. possibilities some that some of the cars can get a faster fix but some of them do need a fairly sub standings part fabricated and made to be put
7:36 am
in the cars. it is a really tough situation. i know, mike. it is too early to say but we are going to work as hard as we can to get things back in order. >> at very least expect to be a little bit, to get used to it for a little while. >> for a little while and we want to let everybody know what is going on. we want to be completely transparent and continue to have all kind of coverage and we appreciate fox and others, giving us this chance to explain things. >> jeff, we appreciate the transparency, you are not hiding about this all and that is good. >> no. >> real quickly any other cities have these train cars and going through the same thing. >> well, colorado, denver has the same cars and they have the same suspension system. their cars have not been in service very long but certainly, you know, they are going to be looking at what is
7:37 am
going on to make sure that their cars are safe as well. >> i bet you are not very happy with the manufacturer this morning, jeff. >> what are you going to do. >> we will talk to you, maybe every day throughout the summer. >> get used to us. >> i will be available. >> thanks, jeff. >> 7:37. >> we have the receipt. >> for those cars. >> silver liners. >> if you don't have a receipt what do you get a store credit. >> store credit. >> okay. we have heard the saying everything sounds better when morgan freeman reads your name. >> some people have them as their gps guy. >> didn't he do hillary clinton's campaign ads. i'm pretty sure he is in one of the hillary clinton's campaign ads. i just said that twice. since morgan freeman was busy
7:38 am
they had to use somebody else what he read has some people laughing out loud this morning about kevin durant.
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i survived breast cancer. if the doctors hadn't caught it early i might not be sitting here.
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so i'm outraged that pat toomey voted to defund planned parenthood... ...which thousands of pennsylvania women depend on for cancer screenings. pat toomey was even willing to shut down the federal government to eliminate funding for planned parenthood. shut down the government over planned parenthood? i think we ought to shut down pat toomey. women vote is responsible for the content of this advertising.
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you probably know by now, this is shocking news, kevin durant, great basketball player, oklahoma city, has decided to leave oklahoma city and faux to the well, some say, the golden state warriors one of the best teams. they lost to cleveland. >> dray green, steph curry. >> wow. >> so, to ease the pain for the oklahoma city fans, because they are kind of hurting, you normally have something like morgan freeman read the letter saying i'm leaving you folks and going to the golden state warriors. it lets you down easy. have morgan freeman read the letter of resignation. >> wow calm me down. >> he was ant veilable so comedian frank caliendo a great i am person nateer of
7:42 am
stars and he read kevin durant's letter to, well, ease out of oklahoma city. >> ease the pain. >> here's frank caliendo and as morgan freeman about kevin durant this has been, by far, the most challenging few weeks of my professional life. i understood cognitively that i was facing a crossroads in myself losing as a player and as a man that it came with exceptionally dip choices. >> that is a letter that kevin durant wrote to the citizens of the oklahoma city. >> that is an amazing impression. >> shawshank redemption, one of the best movies ever, right. >> yes. >> is better get busy living or get busy dying. >> that is a pretty good impression. i like that. >> yes. >> walking across the field
7:43 am
and all of the bugs are flying around him. can you find that scene? at the even of the sean redemption and i asked morgan freeman about this. >> of course, you have met him. >> many times. >> number one stuna, shine every suma. >> kitkat kline could get that right now. >> here's the thing. >> there is ryan. >> here's the thing, people are like what are your thoughts, because everybody is bringing up all of the greats, same three teams and now we have the same finals every year. it can be exciting. wouldn't you want to share the led a little bit. >> i'm looking forward to is the sixers season to do what they do with these giant players. >> you need some veterans there to help them and guide them. >> they will get it. >> okay. >> i was than the talking about the sixers but nba in general, it will be golden state warriors verse cleveland again.
7:44 am
>> you should get busy living or get busy dying. >> all right. >> all right. >> how but get busy winning. >> first you have to get busy. >> we're going to break. >> sorry. >> i understand why he did that. >> then he said break in my ear, it is fine.
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when you're the parent of a disabled child, you realize that the world can be a harsh place. but you also realize it can be a really loving, wonderful place. when i saw donald trump mock somebody who was disabled,
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i was appalled. you gotta see this guy... ahh, i don't know what i said, ahh, i don't remember! that reporter suffers from a chronic condition that impairs movement of his arms. it told me everything i need to know about his heart and what he believes deep down. priorities usa action is responsible for the content of this advertising.
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here's your speedometer reading, slow go on the blue route, schuylkill, i-95, remember because of the septa situation folks are opt to go drive today until they see how the situation will unfold. as we heard from jeff, our general manager over there at september, normally we have 65,000 seats on the trains for rush hour, today, and indefinitely we are down to 35,000. once those trains reach capacity, they will pie pass all of those future stops. we talk about additional parking. hardly anyone pulling in the naval hospital, free parking, 1600 spots at the naval hospital and use broad street subway from there. 300, at columbus and spring garden and festival pier. they have added extra at frankford transportation and norristown center. basically it is a modified saturday schedule with trains running every 30 minutes, instead of the normal eight to ten minutes. there will be gaps in between when follow, closer to the
7:48 am
city standing on the platforms waiting and that train is stack and pack as you drive on past. but each station has an alternate, they call that an snow emergency alternate where you can use a bus or a trolley to get from you whatever station you are starting at into downtown. make sure you log on to we have provided links on our web site and i put a lincoln both my facebook and twitter which takes you right to septa's web site so you have the right game planning for the morning rush hour. how long will this rain hang around? sueby has the forecast in 15 seconds. we're looking at a shore cast for the day that is improving. you will probably get your beach day in eventually. just not yet.
7:49 am
you have to wait until the sun comes out ape rain is gone and threat of lightening is gone and all that will happen, surf temperature 07-degree. low rip current risk, eventually, uv index is about an eight. don't forget that sun screen, eventually. rain is still around thank to this web front that moves to the north and all of the heavy steph has left delaware, just about all of it and moved into cape may county in new jersey. it is another round of heavy rain for parts of the shore, and also, it looks like a little bit of kent county delaware, bowers beach, thompsonville still getting heavy rain. look at this orange and red oversee aisle city right now. dumping a lot of rain in a very short period of time. still light rain around philadelphia area. still a couple of umbrellas in our neighborhood. 88 degrees today. once the rain is gone and sun comes back out and then the heat is on for the rest of the workweek and first of the
7:50 am
weekend which looks like a second heat wave of 2016, lasting through saturday. cold front comes through and thunderstorms on saturday. then rest of the shore temperatures for rest of the week should be in the 80's. as soup as we get rid of the rain, mike and alex, the heat is on. >> the heat is on. heat is on in the kitchen. >> i always wanted to take a sushi making class. q, does your job every now and then and today he is doing the job of somebody preparing sushi at one of the best sushi restaurants in the world, morimoto. >> beautiful. >> gorgeous. >> thinks over at chestnut street. this has got to be 15 or 16 years old. >> i love it. >> even door handles are a green color, yes. >> it vice cool. quincy is that how you roll. >> that is how i roll, i roll big and often. this is called a sushi m ahi.
7:51 am
chef, how are you doing right here. i want to learn how to do this. >> okay. >> have you been here. >> two and a half years you know how to make these rolls rolls. >> yes. >> what will we do right now. >> space i roll. >> pretty difficult to make. >> pretty basic. >> i will learn the steps this hour and then i think i'll attempt to do this next hour. the first step. >> make sure your hand are damp with water. grab your piece of nori. >> nori. >> see weed. >> yes. >> grab some rice. i tell people one and a half egg sizes. roll it down. covering the nori completely. and grab your sesame seed and spread it around flip over the
7:52 am
nori and space i mayo or any other condiments that you like, some scallions. >> this doesn't take very long. >> no. >> put these out in a minute each. >> i will not lie or say i can do every job well but this looks like something i can tackle. >> i think you can. >> what is the next step. >> put the fish on top and then role the nor i around the dish, so two or three steps, fold it you over and then tighten it up. >> how long will we make this rice for. >> it takes about an hurry to make, 50 minutes in the rice cooker and then we add sushi to help cool it down and season the rice. >> is that it. >> sharp knife. >> very sharp. >> watch yourself. >> cut tonight six pieces.
7:53 am
and then in half first. >> i will learn how to do it. that is easy. i will make this in what kind of a role. i'm a mayo kind of guy. i will dip it in the mayo. i will do it next hour. >> he kay, all right. >> when i go to morimoto, i sit on the corn other have that bar, you can watch these guys do their thing. >> you always like corner on have the bar. >> then you can look at each other and talk. >> or just get a table. >> that is boring. >> i always wondered about those light fixtures on each of the tables there. >> what about them. >> they just look interesting. do they come with batteries. later on "good day philadelphia", lenny dykstra is in the building, he is in the green room right now. yes, he is. this should be quite
7:54 am
interesting. lenny dykstra live on television. there's one place where america's pastime is preserved for all time. ♪ and that's not the only thing you can only find in new york state. ♪
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7:57 am
all right. here's a head line for you, it is facebook, as bad as doing drugs for your brain? >> really. >> i know some people are obsessed with checking their facebook but doing drugs, doctor mike. >> seriously. >> it effects your brain's biochemistry and dopamine levels just like all kind of things. just as drugs. you can get addicted. so this new research, actually shows, that and, competition to it, and you can get that dopamine release when you show a picture of yourself and everybody likes it. now, the to the opposite side, if they don't like it or they disa vow you or whatever you call it, not your friend
7:58 am
anymore, i'm not a member but i'm not a friend f they unfriend you, then you get depressed. if you are a real quick points i want to tell you, these are ways to make sure you get your kid out of trouble. no screens at certain times, before school and before bedtime. next, designate a drop zone. >> what is that. >> put all of the phones in one area can have dinner and not be facebooking and not eating dinner. everybody has a charging station. everybody charge you have their phone. >> i thought dopamine is a good thing but word dope is in a dopamine. >> it is unless you have low levels and then you get depressed. >> i would like to lose ten or 15-pound. i have been trying to cut out pasta you don't need the carbs. >> apparently, it can help with your body mass index. >> it can, but here's the deal. this is a study that was done in italy. they found pennsylvania theme one zoomed pasta had a lower body mass index.
7:59 am
but, this is why? it is mediterranean diet. they just eat 2-pound of pasta, but they didn't work 12 hours a day. they didn't eat all kind of things like cheese cake afterward or other dessert. they watched their calories. don't go out and think pasta will make you lose weight. a calorie is a calorie is a calorie. you eat in moderation. >> i have a whole thing of pasta in my refrigerator right now, i mike a big bowl of it and add stuff throughout the week of it. >> i might eat pasta every day >> i might. >> and look at how svel t. >> i wish i was your size. >> my goodness. >> good to see you doctor mike. >> you are beautiful. >> thanks for bringing pasta because we didn't know what pasta looked like but that was good. >> he will take it and try to eat it.
8:00 am
>> true. i will tell but a horrible accident last night that i had, i will tell you hater in the show. >> i was with you last night. >> it was after i was with you. horrible. >> bad things happen. >> true. >> good day it is tuesday july . >> here we go. >> off the rails. >> i'm a little concerned, yeah, i'm not sure what i will do. >> reporter: septa pulls trains out of services for the morning commute and i mean a lot of trains. thousands of people left without seats from the city to the suburbs, what you need to know this morning before that commute. the ride to the dude, from drinking to drugs to black mail he is not only back in his new memoirs plus the reason he says there was something special about winning and losing in philadelphia. he gave a voice to
8:01 am
animals. >> one of my main goals is that the work is carried out after i'm gone. >> reporter: now after his death george bengal's mess aim lives on how his friend are continuing his mission right now. ♪ >> the show goes on, the rain, could not stop the party on the parkway, but did you miss it? the big moment that brought the crowd to their feet, including mike jerrick. >> what is this. >> a star studded fourth of july, taylor swift and her a list friend celebrate on the beach? which beach? what her new boyfriend responded and was wearing that some called embarrassing. >> it has gotten nearly 2 million likes. >> i will be lucky to get a couple hundred. >> yes. >> that is right. >> taylor swift's boyfriend
8:02 am
name. >> yes, tom huddleston. >> yes. >> next. >> apparently is there footage of me dancing last night at wawa. >> yeah. >> what? >> i am i'll always pulling out my camera. >> will we play that today. >> we will play that today. >> lets get to the weather. i can't wait for this buddy, we're restart nothing some places. in others it is starting to end that rain. you can see it on ultimate doppler radar but we are seeing the beginning of the end. most of today's rain especially heavy rain but it is still pounding cape may county right now with heavy rain and atlantic city we are getting decent rain as well. flash flood watch continues for kent, cumberland, cape may, and atlantic counties until 10:00 o'clock this morning. still cloudy here in olde city as philadelphia international is still 75 miles an hour wind with wind out of the west and 90 percent relative humidity. eventually we will get to 88 degrees with that sunshine.
8:03 am
warmer and more humid today with wind out of the west at 10 miles an hour. that is your forecast for the back to reality day, bob kelly and what a kick in the pants it has been. >> yeah, first day back after the holiday we have got rain, septa problem, look at this 40 minute delays on the west trenton, warminster, double digits all down the line. these are delays on top of the fact that the trains are only running ever 30 minutes. within train, 13 minute delay. so for that gang it could take over an over. bottom line modified saturday schedule. instead of trains typically every eight to ten minutes they are running every 30 minutes. down load schedule from septa's web site. we have it on our web site fox and i have put it on on my facebook and twitter pages. each station has a suggest suggested alternate for like when we have a snowstorm or they cancel the regional rails. so from each individual station septa already gives
8:04 am
you a couple alternates, maybe a bus, bus to a trolley but at least it is an alternate. expect those crowded conditions, the closer you get to center city, here's additional parking spots we have been talking about, hardly anybody using 1600 down at the naval hospital and this afternoon will be tricky, and you have all day to come in the stadium area and when that concert is over like when bell rings this afternoon at 4:00 o'clock, everyone all at the same time trying to get back home. once you you get there this morning, lunchtime, think burr game plan to get out of downtown later this afternoon. back over to you. let's check out two stations here, ardmore and fernrock. >> we will start with steve keeley because he is a at fernrock. >> hi there steve. >> reporter: hi there, a lot of people feel like they are kid again because it is like you are at kid birthday party. haven't would go and there is a chair short. that is what it is like riding these regional rails g news
8:05 am
not a lot of people here today. we talk about how it is a popular vacation week. if you don't count that septa employee, greg, go to the right and you will see one laid any what looks like a bus stop and two guys sitting on benches. only three people need seats on the next train that comes by. here we are again seeing another knuckle head, two knuckle heads across the track. we have got guys crossing the tracks down there again and train just went by there and police were telling us from a six to 60, they saw a grand mother with two grand kid carrying across tracks. we showed you guy with the headphones earlier walking across the track. mike, one smart thing you hear politicians talk about how great founding fathers were, how smart they were, they did everything. they didn't live out on the main line. they didn't to have commute into independent hall, to do that declaration of independence thing that they did had we celebrated yesterday. george washington though little known historical fact he did live in cherry hill and
8:06 am
he toss that had silver dollar across. that was first drpa toll. i understand dave kinchen may have a train, do you have a train coming in. >> reporter: i have a train going out and in. how about that. so, we've got it covered, people arriving and leaving here, we have got some folks waiting in line for ardmore getting ready to head on down. excuse me sir can we talk to you for a minute. what are your thoughts on the scheduling situation going on here for septa regional rail. >> it seems to be a disaster. >> reporter: how has it been impacting you and how early did you get up to come out here. >> i came out at normal time but it is half an her late already. >> half an hour late already. the gentlemen i heard told you, he added 50 minutes to that. >> i'm more concerned about getting home this evening. >> reporter: we saw last train that came through they were full, people were standing in the aisles because seats were pack, your thoughts on that. >> that is to be expect. >> reporter: tell me your name, where are you from.
8:07 am
>> matt hamilton from haverford. >> good luck to you and everybody else making their way down here. they are wait forgo a train that was going to be a half an hour late. we have a train, folks. we have one leaving and one coming our way and lights are blinking, just for everybody here. so the question is will this train indeed be like the many others that we have seen fully packed, fully loaded up where people have to stand in the aisle, and it is not like a bus or subway where you have something to hold on to where you have a railing to hold on to we will see if live picks tour. so we have one going by real quick. there is no wait for this. >> that could have been a express but we have heard that the closer you get to center city philadelphia, the trains may blow through the station because they are so full they cannot take on any more passenger. >> that is the big question,.
8:08 am
>> look at the people waiting, for a half an hour. >> it will be like this for a while. >> probably rest of the summer. mallia obama her birthday was yesterday, how about that the fourth of july. >> the president proves he is just like any other parent out there what he did that would have left any teen blushing, come on, dad. rise and fall of the dude, man lenny dykstra on good day philadelphia, he is in our studio. >> he is right there i see him right there. >> welcome. every part of you is strong. time to bring... that strength to your tooth enamel. new colgate enamel health mineral repair toothpaste. strengthens weakened enamel 4x better. so smile.. with strength. with new colgate enamel health mineral repair.
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8:11 am
did you know people can save over $500 when they switch to progressive? did you brush your hair today? yes, mom. why? hmm. no reason. after a rainy start to the fifth of july, it is getting better, unless you are at the jersey shore. we're watching rain moving out of kent county delaware across the bay and then right into cape may county, wildwood about to get a heavy downpour, stone harbor getting one right now, so is sea isle city, ocean city still raining heavily as well and parts of the burlington county but rain is moving out of the city. it is in the mid 70's at the
8:12 am
moment, heading to 88 degrees by the even of the day and into the 90's on wednesday, thursday, friday, and saturday before a cold front comes through. it doesn't get too much cooler after that just in the upper 80's but we will take away humidity by sunday. if you are heading to the shore this week, vacation for you, nice, hot on the beach every single day, bob kelly, hot, hot, hot, good morning. 8:12. a lot of folks using alternate for septa, the alternate for september would be driving from the burbs and where we are seeing volume like 422 eastbound from collegeville into king of prussia modified schedule trains running every 30 minutes instead of the normal 20810. have that new schedule that septa put out last night. get to our web site at fun i put the whole game plan on my facebook and twitter page. each station has a suggested alternate. this is my suggestion.
8:13 am
if you use any regional rails go to the septa web site, look at the station where you typically would take the train and take a look at bus or trolley alternates. alternates for every station to get you into downtown. otherwise, roads slow go south on i-95 from cottman all the way into center city. delays from the schuylkill, conshohocken to downtown and delays from south jersey as well. we are dealing with the first day back after the holiday. dealing with the septa situation. that is putting extra folks on the road and mother nature not cooperating with the part think morning causing road to be wet, slippery for our tuesday morning commute, mike and will alex, back to you. >> strap in for next six minutes on good day philadelphia this will be something else. star center fielder for philadelphia phillies, world series champion with the mets, turned sellin, lenny dykstra is opening up but the rise and fall of his life in this great, interesting, new book. >> very interesting. it is very real too.
8:14 am
book is titled house of nails, memoirs of life on the edge. it is being hailed as a tough upsetting but strangely beautiful, sports autobiography. many are saying nails, nailed it. >> good to see you lenny, welcome back to the show. >> i love philadelphia. >> i know. >> always going. >> how do you know jack nicholson because he is says thinks one of the best autobiographies. >> jack used to go to the stadium and he used to bring his son out and bring him before the game started before batting practice and he would always be stealing from me. first time jack ever done this type of book. he is cool without even trying to be cool, you know. that is an honor and privilege right there. >> on the front to have steve up king. >> steven king gave it a recommendations within of the
8:15 am
best writers of all time. >> that is an honor because he is so important. i read his books in the cooler. >> the cooler would be prison. >> i never read a book until i got there. it would hurt my eyes for baseball. >> he is telling the truth. >> the dude next to me, the guy they said killed michael jackson, conrad murray. he didn't kill michael jackson. and the other guy was the head of the mafia was ordering hits from his cell. >> your cell mate. >> i was like in solitary confinement, so i stayed in a becomes for 24/7 for like two years. >> can i ask about the front cover here, lenny, is what in your mouth there. >> tobacco. >> it is all part of the show, man. everything is about putting on the show and putting people
8:16 am
in the seats. that is what it is all about. it is entertainment. winning helps too. >> yes, winning does help. >> this is one of the best pictures ever. this is at ritz hotel in paris. >> what happened you are out cold good what happened, i never been to a friend much prostitute house or whatever. >> house of prostitution. >> someone took me there, next thing you know i'm down three grand but i didn't order it. and then i was recovering. >> did you get roofied. >> you can't company that to me. our team took so much stuff. >> you were high playing baseball. >> all the time. >> it was approved by f.d.a. so you could feel good about
8:17 am
it. >> but bottom line is the 70's they were all taking amphetamines. >> no, i don't but they were taking them too. my whole problem with the hall of fame is what is the threshold why isn't barry bond in the hall of fame. what is the threshold. what made you a bad enough person. >> babe ruth is in the hall of fame. he was a womanizer. >> i was like the hall of fame because they went after me. so i dropped a jack nicholson line, i want answers. i want the truth. they wouldn't give to it me. what is the threshold. like how many steroids do you have to take or what about the amphetamines. so they don't know. it is a weird deal. >> you mentioned lance armstrong, he did his charity and donated millions of dollars. >> i mean, he is not a real, he is kind of a dei or whatever but still the guy won
8:18 am
seven, i mean, come on. but what i learned about that in the cooler again it wasn't steroid it was to get more oxygen to his brain. it is like a six million-dollar man. he could blood flow. >> exactly. >> can we go back to the 93 world series. >> you talk about that. phillies were in a similar time. they had no major big championship for a while. they were in that same feeling right now what does that feel like having that pressure from phillies fans. >> the other teams had pressure. our fans were so awesome and in one wanted to play us here: especially in that cement pit. the vet anus. people just wanted out alive. in new york, they through
8:19 am
coins at you. in philly they throw batteries at you. >> did you even want to come to the phillies. >> yes, i did. if i got traded anywhere i would have pick philly. but i got in trouble we they said we're going to live. new jersey. you could not pay me to live in new jersey. i had to apologize for that. it wasn't my fault. >> philly fans, they get such a bad wrap but you said several times, philly fans are real fans. this they wear their hearts on their cleaves living and dying with the success and failure. they stayed until the last out. we always found a way to win. phillies fans care. >> they also understand how the game works. if a guy left second base your job toys get over to third with no outs. so you make an out, rarely you see the fans, clap. but they do that here because they know the game. in l.a. they are just like
8:20 am
they are in l ala land. >> they he they all put shoe pol niche my hair. >> by the way, mustache is new. >> yes. i don't know. >> do you like it or not. >> it is a lidle seedy. >> i don't know. >> porn starrish. >> bottom line, by the way. >> real quickly here. >> look at this, this book, your life. what was the highest point in your life and lowest point in the life. >> highest point you were ill not believe this either, it took me a long time to realize what it was. i bought my own plane, my own everything. my mom's birthday, i had great parents, they had in money. i started to make some money. my mom always wanted a mercedes. >> you bought her one. >> i call the mercedes dealer up where she lived and give her a white mercedes and put
8:21 am
the a bow on it and put tonight her driveway. happy birthday. take a walk outside. she walk outside and she started crying. >> that is great. >> of all of the stuff i have ever bought it didn't even come close to matching that. >> the joy on her face. >> you see what happened with me i got to chasing the money so i remember back now about when money was used the right way it is no the eye bad thing but when you try to do it the wrong way you you end in a bad place. >> this book is fascinating. your relationship with charlie sheen, you go into that, you knew he had hiv before he announced it. you tried to get him to go public. >> we had larry wineker, one hour away, would have been in front of the scene. the guy is actually when sober a great guy. the problem is, he is never
8:22 am
sober. but that is a complicated chapter. the book is all real. >> it is very real. >> are you having a book signing tonight. >> i'm signing at the intersection, you know, the two streets cross, heaven and hell. >> yes, that is my life. >> i'm signing, where are we signing. >> we will get the people out their information. >> we have pondering right there chester county book company today a at what time, 7:00 p.m. tomorrow barnes and noble in cherry hill. people will get to meet you. >> i will look them right in the eyes like a man. >> that is just me, in california they look away. man. >> philly we will look you in the face. >> i love that. >> that is what i love. >> congratulations on the book >> thank you so much. >> all right, lenny.
8:23 am
>> how are you doing in that regard. >> i'm doing well. >> we can talk bit during commercial break. >> you are still nailing it. >> i just change my approach, more of an artists now. >> sure. >> you are smooth then. >> more of like, it is more of this. >> she's starting to date a baseball player, is that a good idea. >> no. >> okay. >> do all baseball players cheat on the road. >> i don't know but i didn't really cheat. i. >> you helped them. >> yes. >> like charity cases. >> yes. >> thank you for helping society. >> are we still on.
8:24 am
>> yes. >> it is the truth. >> oh, sure. >> in other word, thank you for your service. >> this is good. i love it. >> come out, meet him tonight and tomorrow night. from broad way to this, hamilton star, manual miranda, he remembers the pulse nightclub shooting victims with a song. we will play that song after the break.
8:25 am
with advil, you'll ask what muscle pain? what headache? what arthritis pain? what bad wrist? advil makes pain a distant memory
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nothing works faster stronger or longer than advil it's the world's #1 choice what pain? advil.
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reviews are coming in on my twitter account here. wide ranging. so what we're going to do we are going to almost immediately post that to our web site at fox to watch that again if you can. >> the commercial break talk which was just as interesting. >> he had a great line i will start using. >> come on. >> after the show, show. >> we will talk bit on facebook mentions after the show. >> wow. >> what a line.
8:28 am
>> he gave voice to animals, now after his death george bengal's message lives on and how his friend are continuing his mission. lucy noland is here. >> hi lucy. >> hi mike. >> will you hang around. >> i'm in.
8:29 am
8:30 am
look around pennsylvania and it's not hard to spot winners. and with over 2 million winners match 6, cash 5, and treasure hunt every single month, that's hardly a surprise. winners, winners everywhere! play today!
8:31 am
buddy is hoping to get to use the pool after a rainy start, still have an umbrella for areas with a few left over showers but in general we're starting to see the rain, pull away from the coast, and the cloud will eventually start to clear by lunchtime. still kind of cloud any olde city with a 57-degree temperature and 90 percent relative humidity. luckily a breeze out of the west at 12 miles an hour. eventually we will get to a high of 88, and days are nice, long with sunset not until
8:32 am
8:32. get ready for heat and humidity and lots of it in the seven day forecast, bob kelly. >> good morning. here's the latest from septa, we have been watching this all morning long. as we get ready to step out of the front door, modified saturday schedule is change for the normal eight to ten minutes undown load complete schedule. we have all of the skinny on our web site at fox and then each station along every single line has its own suggested alternates, septa put up there maybe a bus to a troll that i will get new to downtown. so go to the when site, find your station and that will give you you an alternate for the actual trains. this is a look here at the ardmore station. that is one of the amtrak trains. we have amtrak and septa, that both use the ardmore station. amtrak another alternate, another option depending upon where you will begin your trip and coming into center city. everybody ace trip istive
8:33 am
rent. that is why there is no one good overall alternate but a couple of the suggestions there on the web site if you really must drive, there you go, 1600 extra spots, free parking at the naval hospital, from there take broad street subway, 300 downtown here at columbus spring garden at festival pier. and then they have waved the parking fee at the frankford transportation center. mike and alex, back to you. less than a month ago a friend of the show and friend of all animals, and people, george bengal, died at the age of 69. >> those he left behind are working to ensure that his legacy lives on. >> for more than 20 years, if there was an animal cruelty story in this city george bengal was on it. >> this is horrendous. i mean, animal cruelty, at its worse. >> it is typical of a breeding and fighting operation. >> reporter: when he was diagnosed with the rare form of mesothelioma his co-workers
8:34 am
at the pennsylvania spca threw him a thank you party. the group even announced a fund in his name to ensure that his fight for animals would live on. on may ninth, george bengal made his final appearance here on "good day philadelphia", explaining crucial role of the public when it comes to humane law enforcement. >> the public need to know that we run on donations. we get month no than moy from no government agency to run a whole law enforcement department like we did. >> george died june 18th, less than four months after his diagnosis. >> just nine taste after being on our show. >> nine days. >> here to tell us about a fundraiser the family put together for george's name sake funnies his friend and also 10:00 p.m. anchor lucy noland. i will call you george's right-hand woman, okay. >> hi nicole good and michelle, you put this all together. >> yes. >> you have aladan the therapy
8:35 am
dog. >> he is world famous by the way. >> world fame news what way. >> well, what is happening today. >> he is a finalist in the american hero association dog a war. >> national. >> national. >> dog of the year. >> yes, he was one of the 30 dogs chosen in the you had for his therapy dog work. >> what is most recent work that he did. >> he was down in orlando working with the shooting victims and staff and owners of the pulse nightclub. >> pulse nate club. >> how does that work a therapy dog why does it make people feel better. >> he makes everybody feel better. he knows whether to get in someone's lap or just sit with them or we go to ronald mcdonald house every week and he plays with the kid and sits with kids who have gotten chemo respect surgery. >> nicole, lie in your face we lost george. >> it is hard to believe. >> so odd he is not with us anymore. do you think about him every day. >> i do. he was in my life for over 15
8:36 am
years now. he was one of the best men i have ever known. now i'm going through his office trying to figure out, you you know what to keep and what we can, different things and that is always tough but we have got a great team that are proud who have work for him and proud to carry on his legacy and just hope to have the opportunity to do so. >> it is such a strong leg ace tie in that area. how is the family doing. >> they are doing well. it is tough. i don't think full impact has really been felt. in times like these it is not until you start trying to get back to your normal routine that you start feeling fully affects of it. he was suffering for a while to some degree that his
8:37 am
passing brought some peace about that just because you don't want to see somebody you love so much suffer. >> one thing that will help us is continuing his legacy. >> that is a valid point. i met george may fifth which seems weird, i have been part of the family and i love the family and his wife and she's back at work. her first day back at a work. his daughter is back full force as a nurse again. they are picking up and moving ahead. we want to move george's legacy forward as well. we were able to go up to harrisburg and share george's story and his dying wish, that is what he called it was law makers in harrisburg, governor and everyone to have heard them. they were first of all stunned by the power of his life and then they were shock that this man in his department who up holds the law of the commonwealth of pennsylvania that not a dime, penny from the state in funding. most people think they are
8:38 am
state funded. lawmakers thought they were state funded. >> didn't he put his dying wish on tape. >> we went to his house. >> let's roll that tape here. >> if the serve writes to go away tomorrow and we would go out of business there would be nobody stepping up to the plate to be able to do animal cruelty at the level that we do it f there is anyway that the state can help us, off set that expense i mean this is my last dying wish. >> wow, that is powerful. >> it is powerful. >> i will tell you that the governor called me which i was shock. i never had a governor called me and left a message saying he was so powerful and he wants to work together to get state funding, finally. >> part of that is putting to go this fundraiser. >> bengal fundraiser is july 15th. this woman saw george's story. >> way to go, michelle. >> where do we go. >> it is going to be at a
8:39 am
private residence in chestnut hill on the 15th and we have amazing sponsors. tito's vodka is providing all of the vodka for the night. >> i will there been. >> we will have great raffle prizes and humane officers will be there as well. >> george's team will be there, they are looking obviously to support this whole heartly. they appreciate all of the support that everybody has brought forward and just want to continue to see it stray strong. >> a hang in there nicole. >> we send our love to his family as well. >> carroll, we're thinking bit. >> private residence, open to the public, we want everybody to come out because right now they get no funding. donations are the backbone. >> they can make a donation on the site which is through path spca. >> we have information on our web site fox so lets do it for george. >> okay. >> it will be fun. >> i will be there. >> i love sushi. i could eat sushi every single
8:40 am
day of the week. >> quincy is rolling sushi this morning. >> that is how he rolls rolls. >> um-hmm. >> last hour i learn how to make sushi. morimoto, now i will make my own sushi and serve to it that lady back there waiting for the sushi coming up. prodders, shuckersers, and sniffers, all giant produce is triple checked. we're focusing on fresh... you don't have to guess. my giant.
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trying to make me eat my greens?low. no, just trying to ve you some green. whaaat?! thousands of blue tags. thousands of low prices. my giant. quincy, is what up. >> i'm here morimoto, seventh and chestnut. i'm learning how to make sushi. i put them here. what is next. >> make sure it is all evenly spread. >> it is evenly spread. >> put a little sesame seed on top of that. shake it on top. >> all right. >> flip it over. >> all right.
8:44 am
>> it is flipped. >> okay. this is called a nori, okay. what is next. take that spicy mayo and put it on top. >> okay. >> then green beyond beyonds, spin it around and take that tuna and spread ate cross evenly. >> doing good so far. >> you roll it up. >> okay. that rice is really good. >> you said bring it back. >> like this. >> boom. >> you cut it down right there >> how does this look. >> a little different. give it to this lady. say good bye to that. you take a bite of. that i take a a bite out of this q, do my job at morimoto.
8:45 am
>> nice job. >> that sushi is so good. >> i love the atmosphere. >> hi, shannon. >> star studded fourth of july taylor swift and perfect a list friend were celebrating on the beach, what beach? >> i'm not what beach but what her boyfriend was spotted wearing that some were calling embarrassing. i think he is trying to make fun of us. >> we will discuss.
8:46 am
8:47 am
8:48 am
it is getting there in the pocono mountains and camelback, we will see the cloud starting to clear and that will be the case over the next couple of hours, for all of us. so by the time we get to game time tonight, phillies go for another win with the braves, it will be 85 degrees. we will have clouds around but hazy sunshine at least for the first pitch, sunset is not until after 8:30 and it will be a muggy night tonight. you will see the worst of the rain has finally cleared the coast, zooming in closer and just a a little bit of on showers left in atlantic city. temperatures in the muggy mid 70's just about every where. we will get to 88 degrees later on and 90's until the
8:49 am
even of the workweek and even through saturday before a cold front comes through and changes things and takes away humidity by sunday, and it will be a nice hot one, as steve keeley said it is a popular vacation week this week and i guess that is only thing that saved us this morning, bob kelly. >> that could be true. we have popular vacation times but mother nature didn't cooperate and travel delays at the airport, into and out of both philly and new york this morning, delays coming back from the shore and on the freeway both 55 and 42, jammed coming in toward the city. again as far as septa goes this isn't just day number one. each station suggest alternates. they typically use them for the snow delays, or when they cancel, the train lines. so that is an option for folks as we move further in with this septa situation, if you are going to drive, 1600 extra spots opened up at the naval hospital.
8:50 am
from there broad street subway can take you in center city. free parking by the way. 300 at festival pier. they have also waved the parking fee at the frankford transportation center. mike and alex, back to you. taylor swift partied like a rock star this holiday weekend. she was drowning in celebrities, born on july 4th, beach bash, and it looked amazing. >> what beach is this, dax. >> well, this is the beach right off of, you know where her house is in road island. she can walk down steps and head out on the beach. she had her annual fourth of july party. of course, the celebrities come out in droves for her because she's just opened up her house. she has a big bounce house that she puts up next to the pool. she has a great time. i can tell you, cara dell levin, and blake lively, ryan reynolds and gig. haddid but they took a moment to go town to the beach to hang out in the water, take
8:51 am
photos, group shots. if you look closely tom her her boyfriend is wearing a top that says i heart ds. >> we have been debating this and some people are sailing that is embarrassing. he is poking fun at the media and paparazzi. >> it is embarrassing. >> it is embarrassing. >> i think he is making a joke. no man will wear i love take already swift shirt. >> someone will give to it him as a joke and he sported it around but it is still fun toy see him out in the water wearing a tank top anyway. >> does tmz have that photo. can i see it on the web site. >> it is on the web site. we have all of the people out splashing in the water up on our web site. >> must be life to live that life, must be nice. >> well, i have a t-shirt that says i heart dh.
8:52 am
>> such a dork. >> now that is embarrassing, dax. >> see you next week or probably later this week. >> all right, guys. from broadway to orlando, hamilton star the main star, lynn manual miranda, remembers the pulse nightclub shooting victims with the song and well play that song for you. if you want to soar along the highest, longest and fastest zipline in north america, there's only one place to do it. and that's not the only thing you can only find in new york state. ♪ it's all in the catskills. only in new york.
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new york. it's all here. it's only here. plan your summer vacation at i survived breast cancer. if the doctors hadn't caught it early i might not be sitting here. so i'm outraged that pat toomey voted to defund planned parenthood...
8:54 am
...which thousands of pennsylvania women depend on for cancer screenings. pat toomey was even willing to shut down the federal government to eliminate funding for planned parenthood. shut down the government over planned parenthood? i think we ought to shut down pat toomey. women vote is responsible for the content of this advertising.
8:55 am
it is 8:55. jennifer lopez is teaming up with hamilton star, the main star, he wrote it, didn't he. >> wrote it and stars in it. >> lynn manual miranda to pro december a benefit song for the orlando nightclub shooting victims. >> ♪
8:56 am
>> ♪ the >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> i like it. a song called love makes the world go round and it proceed will go to a fund in the hispanic federation and an official release day has in the been released but i hope it does soon, i like it. >> he is star of hamilton and hamilton only has four more shows. >> we are trying to debate how much do you think those ticket will cost to get the last show. >> last one is july 9th. >> leslie odom junior is leaving with a jazz album. he will not there been either. >> speaking of leslie odom junior, he was this town, probably still at a hotel right now. >> hi, leslie. >> let's play this from last
8:57 am
night.: >> ♪ >> leon bridges, it wasn't raining yet. >> but the rain started and that is when the party really started. >> did you miss it, okay? a lot of people saying i didn't see it that is okay. we will recap it and big moment that everyone is talking about this morning and we will show it to you. >> is it me dancing. >> well, that was a moment but not the one. >> we have it on tape. by the way, i forgot to tell you this it is national bikini day, so if you think you cannot rock a bikini you are wrong. we have about four or five different types of bikinis and we have models in the studio in the 9:00 o'clock hour. >> sound good to me.
8:58 am
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