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tv   Chasing News  FOX  July 6, 2016 12:00am-12:31am EDT

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>> now, on chasing news. >> 18-year-old connor connor had to have his left leg amputated below the knee. investigators are calling it a freak accident. it happened in central park over the holiday. >> that the serious explosive device to take a look but. >> i had the opportunity to shadow the shadow were, the interns of the overlook to summer internship program. >> students come in thinking they want to be a neurosurgeon, oncologist, that's not what this is about. >> i put on my own 19th century had a great jacket. he took a soft lead shot to one of these things at close range
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you are not a happy camper. >> many of us are heading back to her day job today, these animal activists i've been stationed outside emerson, new jersey. >> there protesting against a store owner, vincent who stores open today despite not having a license to operate. >> the public outcry has been clear that they are not comfortable with this business in town. there's an ordinance that says the public expresses their opinion and supports not relicensing a business than the council can do it on that. >> they have applied for a license but are not in the timeframe for what they expected. they expect all documents to be expected by june reviewed by a town council. >> basically expected expected the borough to issue a license the next day.
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without the council voting on. he's doing it because he's afraid to come before council. >> but but the man said he was not required to do that underlie and he feels he's being unfairly targeted for past allegation. >> what they want and what the law dictates are two different things. there's no law that says when you have to have it and are not as long as it is prior to your current license expiring. >> you might recognize this man, he's been in the headlines in the past closing two of his other locations. in april his location was shut down after 67 puppies were found inside a van. in march roughly 200-counts of animal cruelty were charged against him, that location also closing. those. those two cases are now tied up in court. he says that he's innocent and hopes that the emerson location how he cares for the animal. >> they have no idea. they've they've never been in here. >> protesters also say the store has no business in the area because there is a law against puppy mills.
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but the owner says he does not get his puppies from those facilities and says he has a breeding facility a little further away. >> this at thing here is it is very easy because he is an unpopular figure to say the business should be shut down for paperwork. if this or other business will be crying the exact opposite to say come on, for couple weeks or couple of days. really, i be surprised at that. >> allows clear, if he doesn't have a licensed operator can operate. >> this man has a pattern, the day before his paramus location the day before his paramus location close to you love me inside and the next thing you know we had to tell people this business does not open anymore. she has been deemed unfit for two businesses, there is a lot of reason to question him right now with this other location. >> he has not violated anything yet. he has right up in a storefront the requirements needed to have a business opening. he doesn't have his license up because according to him he didn't get it in on time.
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but the government has given him for the help has been a proof, the other inspections, so he so he has what a lot of protesters outsider claiming he's mistreating his animals unfairly. they're not talking about the license requirement they're debating about his past allegations which are still in court today. >> thank you diana. >> you are chasing a story about a man who stepped on a homemade explosive lost his foot and a part of his like in central park, of all places. >> this is a terrible story. 18-year-old connor golding is recovering tuesday here at bellevue hospital in manhattan eastside. the university of miami student that was severed in what investigators are calling a freak accident. that happened in central park, he was climbing a rock just off the path when an explosion
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mutilated his foot. is is a music major from fairfax, virginia was with two friends who travel to the city to celebrate the fourth. saturday they set out to have an adventure in the park and the bazaar blast happened just before 11:00 a.m. emergency responders rush to the scene taken golden here, where he had to have his left leg amputated below the knee. the lieutenant mark torre, the commanding officer of nypd bomb squad said the college student stepped on a shock set sensitive explosive device. they believe it was a homemade firework left in a plastic bag and it was discarded after a failed attempt set it off on friday. please say this rudimentary device created an isolated incident with no linked threat to nyc. they're looking at the device and investigation and will get
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results back tomorrow. as of right now golden is in stable condition. there is some press lined up behind me so he may be released today and of course all of our thoughts and prayers are with him to have a quick recovery. >> that is a pretty serious explosive device to take off of what because the amputation of everything below the knee. that is serious stuff. do not talking about fireworks here. >> the lieutenant alluded to was that the chemicals that were in the device are things that are readily available. anybody has knowledge of chemistry would have an ability and a google search engine and, would have the ability to put this together. it's too early to expect speculate. >> how is he doing? >> is in stable condition. there's people waiting around thinking he may be released today so i'll keep you updated. i'll be here to catch him when he comes out. >> thank you. high-speed chase. >> there's been another gruesome attack outside of a mosque this
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time in brooklyn. surveillance video captured two muslim teens being beat down leaving the brooklyn muslim community center. witnesses claim the attacker yelled out you affect bomb terraced which has many in the community up in arms. they ruled that out as a hate crime for they said these teens were attacking a woman and then her boyfriend came out and took action. right now police are on the hunt for him. >> donald trump actually thought fireworks or an attack on america. >> with old bomb is unbelievably weak now were under attack on the east coast. >> that's not true but this was an awesome impression of him. >> him you got him right now they seem to be probably an associate of isis, they sound like a terror.
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>> alice, you're chasing a story that we have been talking about now for a good week. state budget in budget in new jersey. passed almost $35 billion of spending in the governor took out his red pen and did line item veto about 300 million plus before he jetted off for vacation he froze spending on not only on construction projects but it another 250,000,000 dollars dealing with the health care situation of state workers. with that we do before you dive into the budget details we would check in with the christie tracker. >> he is still in italy. >> we don't know when he's coming back? >> nothing yet. >> keep us posted. alex, what did you find? you through the budget, i have, i have to believe there is still a mess to deal with.v
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this is some of the tough decisions every has to make what comes to the budget, not just the pork battle spending that comes along every once in a while. it's the nitty-gritty of having to do a balanced budget while giving people the service they desire and the services they need. some of these items are big, some are small, but the governors trying to send a message to what he says his ears possible spending by the legislature. he's trying to be the adult the room. will show. will show a threat this week that there's some things the governor could have vetoed but chose not to. there is a right now because of the ongoing dispute between him and the legislature over the transportation trust fund. if he comes back that he could kill them for good. >> keep us posted.
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>> danica from the new jersey devils was on bill spades show talking about his career in hockey when he three championships for the new jersey devils. he also also opened up about his history with alcohol abuse. >> have been recovering for years now, had a problem with drinking as well, mine was publicly documented, in the papers and media. i sought treatment while in my plane days and during the season. >> coming up this summer he's going to be at a culture to yachting you can go golf with him and i will tweet out a link. >> look at that. it is the sound of civil war. take a soft lead shot from one of these things at close range, specially got shot, you're not
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>> have a story we should know about? help us chase it down. log onto chasing >> it's all about the -- >> the tuesday after long weekend i think it perfectly sums it up with the tlb in the tuesday and the cat being just trying to hang on after having a little too much fun.
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but this cat looks like his favorite toy is its tail. >> hear that bill? at the sound of a civil war. more specifically the ubiquitous muzzleloading springfield rifle, weapon of choice for the union army and campaign at fredericksburg. the battle of gettysburg bought 183 years ago this week. one of the people keeping the tradition of the grand army of republic alive is meikle michael patrick. he thinks his own way weathers in the state house are dressed in a wool uniform of a civil war reenactor 90-degree he. he offered to show me how to's shoot like a soldier soldier but i had to bring -- is a very good point. i i do have ancestors that fought on both sides of this war. both sides sides of the mason-dixon, but i
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am a tar heel born from a tar heel bread. i put on my old 19th century had gray jacket and headed up range. >> now that you have your wild west city had on. >> wild west would've been like the 1870s or 80s, the din of revolvers back then. >> met the some women and is passionate about history says the reenacting brings them closer to the past because it places him in the mind of the men's who fought and died on both sides in america as a bloodiest war. you can see with these things can do, you take a soft lead shot from one of these things are close range, specially it got shot, you're not happy camper. it's important to important to find out what motivate those people, with wyatt were they so more motivated to walk across the field. >> this is what you paid to the sea, cold steel weaponry. i bought for just in case. they
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showed us how to load the civil war way, first the powder than the row, priest with beeswax to help them move the muscle. you get the bullet in the position with the ramrod. do it the right way. [inaudible] the percussion cap over the firing pin, contact the hammer and selector target and let it rip. i don't know where it went but you look at shooting it. as as time went on i found that hanks military training he was a soldier in the us army kicked in and he was able to get his targets a little bit better. while i was a better on the first shot but improved in my speed load in the rifle round. they said that the best guys get about three or four rounds during the civil war. >> i wish it were me but i were aiming at different targets all
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in all it was a real eye-opening experience and some that helped us appreciate what a guy like michael patrick carol thinks when he embraces history. it's important to know what people are willing to sacrifice were in what they're willing to do to sacrifice what they believed in. in our history it sort of exemplary and indicative of why we exist as people in my were special. unfortunately i don't think we get that sense anymore asked why these men felt it was important to fight the civil war. >> i know right now that he is making the sign for jesus welcome to heaven. and that's going to be met sign we got there. >> @right now what reads welcome to heaven for the legendary artists well-known for the welcome signs in the county, including the welcome to verona sign where matthew was killed. he was killed and 70 prosecutors
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have no lee. they release these photos from the scene and point to people who may have been witnesses to come forward. >> whoever did this, just come up and say i did it. >> family prince a this man that so much to north jersey and cannot believe whoever did this did not have the decency to stop and try to help. >> that one moment in everybody's life changed. it's terrible. >> it's one-of-a-kind, he was a great person. he was like a family with us. >> a memorial now mac marks the place where he was killed. even where he held services. he made those signs looming out front. he was friends with county executive joe, and they say this was a man who always with the extra mile to make anyone stay. on fortunately my house got
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robbed three years ago and he was right there and how we get a new door. i didn't have to ask anything. that is the type of man he is. he is always there for anybody who needed him. >> is sad. they don't know what happened. they still have any leads. >> no not at all. >> it happened late at night so you can assume that it was dark still, knowing you hit something hard. you know if you hit a car you definitely should not be at a person. person. >> i was actually verona shooting a story couple months ago and the sign was a big part of it. i was going into the park and it was absolutely beautiful. and it was made by someone who is local and his legacy will carry on through his work. >> absolutely. i had the opportunity to shadow the interns at the overlook medical center. >> this is about, about, can ibm neurosurgeon and still raise a family? see them on a stress they have other hand is interesting.
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if i feel at what i do i'm not one to kill someone. >> u.s. men wrote across
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>> coming up next, a belly rub just isn't enough for total.
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>> it's a dog's life, which we see this. this dog is quite
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a guy was delivering a game ball to a soccer game in oklahoma city last night had his it go pro camera rolling the moment he lost his parachute. he had a successful landing on his reserve ride and he delivered the game ball. >> a belly rub just isn't enough for todo. he wants a full massage. take. take a look at this 2-year-old male dog that he lives in thailand and he just lays there and he gets quite the massage. what is wrong with you?
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>> as i'm not sure if you know this that millennial's are apparently obsessed with watching videos of surgeries and medical procedures online. the the hottest our cosmetic surgery such as rhinoplasty, really gross ones of the dermatologist ones, visit popular ones. millions of use. that got me thinking, got me thinking, of the other people these days interested in being voyeurs, are anyone really actually interested in pursuing been a dr. getting into the medical field. i had the opportunity to shadow the shadow worse, the interns at the overlook summer internship program at the overlook medical center in summit, new jersey. the highly selective internship is something new. the gifted gifted students chosen early in their college careers and can really experience everything that a dr. does day in and day out. >> a lot of students come in try to figure out they would be a neurosurgeon, colleges, neurosurgeon, colleges, that's
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not what this is about. it's about what is it like as a life of a dr. can can i be a neurosurgeon's stories of family? can i coach soccer and be a cardiologist? >> bright and early like every other day they start at 17 they all knew that i was there but at the hospital so it's not like they're sitting in but stand here and you can shout this. you better follow us if you can keep up and if you can't keep up in your not going to get the story. so i is running basically the whole day. so first i caught up with emily. >> it's really competitive. [inaudible] so couple hours later i got an e-mail saying that i was accepted. >> she was on her way to see doctor louis a psychologist in the emergency room. there are three patients who needed a psychiatric evaluation to see if they are going to be admitted into a mental institution or their suicidal. >> next up was pathology, came
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down to meet with carl, they're looking into microscopes and samples to see if there is in a topic pregnancy or miscarriage and in an individual. >> so this proves that the pregnancy -- [inaudible] >> so finally i can't caught up with doctor bernstein, not many get to see what goes on in the er done in the surgical department. but it sounds very manly but i had to get dressed. the surgeon is the rock star. that's what i hear. no comment. >> so he did a tricky surgery on a pregnant individual and he was in and out he can do up to 57 surgeries per day. >> she held it well.
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>> if i fail at what i do i make it yell that, not going going to kill somebody. so seen the amount of stress and lives that these guys have in their hands is interesting. [inaudible] so if you are interested or someone is interested in seeing what it's like to be a dr., you can apply at atlantic backslash outlook summer intern. >> the u.s. men wrote across the finish line in time to qualify for the 2016 olympic games. the head coach took me out to practice.
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kodos: you and your stupid makeup. we missed halloween! d'oh!
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(tires screeching) (grunts) ooh! (yawns) chalmers: ah, ah, ah. i'd like to welcome all of the principals from the springfield school district, including skin-ner! wein-berg! sack-ett! and gwendolyn hertz-feld-mastroantonio! we are here for the annual dance of the lemons, where each of you gets to trade your worst teacher to another school. the union's happy, the parents are placated, and only the children suffer. (over video, whispering): chalmskinn. behold your lemons! sociopathic child haters who are only teachers because they got tenure after two short years.


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