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tv   Fox Morning News at 5A  FOX  July 6, 2016 5:00am-6:00am EDT

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heat and humidity taking over the area, how high those temperatures are expected to rise. good day, it is july 6, 2016. i dare say, the higher the humidity, the lower the number. >> okay, well, let's see what numbers sue decided to choose for today with all of this excessive heat warning. >> well, i consulted with my chit owe, my number advisory committee, which is you guys, here in the studio, and we all came up with a seven out of ten. now, we don't have any rain in the forecast, but it will be very hot, very humid, very uncomfortable. in fact, there is excessive heat warning in effect today through friday. so, it is not just today. in fact, that same headline from the daily news could apply to the weather. just you wait. because will get hotter tomorrow and on friday, and saturday will problem continue the heatwave, as well. but a change from yesterday, no rain to show you on ultimate doppler radar. so let's check temperatures, 75 degrees, sunrise time, 5:39. coming up pretty soon.
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days are still nice and long, and we have a lot of daylight out there, giving us a chance for it to just get hotter and hotter. once the sun comes up, it is more comfortable, 61 degrees in mount pocono. sixty-eight in allentown, 72 in trenton, 74 atlantic city and 78 degrees in dover. and our dew points, well, they are still in the 60s, and the 70s, so, they're going to get a little warmer, as the day, you know, the higher the dew points get, the more uncomfortable it is, that's why we talk about dew points, so muggy start, sunny and sticky, and topping off at 93 degrees, in fact, when the game begins today, the phillies have a day game, it will already be, bob kelly, 90 degrees when you get there at 1:05. >> when you get there, i just mentioned, national beer pong day by the way. >> oh, nice. >> for the parking lot down there. 5:01. live look, orange glow back here, not the sun, just left over construction crews, working between the expressway and the freeway.
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i think we'll see more volume today on the roads, and trying to use the rales as folks are back in the extended holiday, live look at the schuylkill looking good coming into downtown. here is septa day number two, modified saturday schedule, trains running every 30 minutes as opposed to every eight to ten. they've added extra service on the bus and trolley routes, a suggestion for this morning, if you want to try something different, every station has a suggested alternate for bus or trolley, depending upon where you're beginning and where you want to go. maybe check that out. we have all of the links on our website at additional parking, 1600 extra spots at the naval hospital. you can use the subway, the columbus spring garden parking lot, you can use the market frankford line. and again, the closer you get to the city the crowded it will get, that magic hour, that we saw from steve yesterday out here in ardmore, was around that 7:15, 7:30 time. so, the closest you can board
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the train to the beginning of the trip, the better shot you're going to have of getting a seat and getting on that train this morning, chris, lauren, back to you. >> bob, unfortunately we have to get to this breaking news, it was violent night in philadelphia. teenage girl shot in the chest and hands just about an hour ago. >> police say this happened east germantown. let's got right out to dave kinchen who just arrived on the scene with more. dave? >> just got here. we found out that this scene actually has two weapons added here, on the 5600 block of boyde street, germantown. i just spoke with investigators, i can tell you what they tell us, 14 year old girl was playing with a handgun, with other people in the house, when a male, we don't know if it was another juvenile or adult, male had shot this, one bullet going into her chest, and also hit her hand, she's in critical condition. police say they believe she will survive. she was talking with investigators, and police tell us that they were playing with this weapon, and it was discharged by another person
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as they were playing with it, that girl is at einstein hospital, right now, in critical condition. firefighters were actually called out to the scene here, and what they found, they found two guns, a handgun and a rival, on the -- a rifle on the roof of the home. that's part of this investigation, as well. and this happening, just about four hours after we were covering another shooting, a 13 year old, shot, in a incident tied to road rage, two separate cases, but two children shot within hours in the city of philadelphia, a 13 year old in that case, in this case a 14 year old, critical condition, again, if you are just joining us, 14 year old girl shot while playing with a gun, with several people inside a house, a male, don't know if that male is a juvenile or adult, shot this girl, one bullet striking her hand, and also, striking her in the chest. she's critical, but was able to speak with investigators, and now we're trying to get more information on this case,
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as it develops. certainly we're praying for two children now in hospitals with bullet wounds and fighting to stay alive. back to you, chris, lauren? dave, thank you so much. to that story dave spoke about, another teenager in stable condition this morning, after being hit by a stray bullet in hunting park. police say this happened around 11:30 last night along the 4300 block of north darian street, minute before the shooting. cops say a woman driving a new err white car almost hit a group of kids playing on that block. she left that scene, came back with a man who started firing shots into the group of people. a family member rushed the boy to st. christopher's hospital for children. he is in stable condition as we said so far. no arrest haves been made in that case. >> keep an eye on all of that crime going on. meantime, brace for another horrible day. ya, one third of the regional rail cars as you know have been pulled off the tracks due to defect that they found. >> the passenger fighting for a seat just trying to pack onto that train, taking a lot of extra time on their commute. steve keeley at the ardmore station with more this morning, hi, steve. >> reporter: well, the first
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commute verse arrived and they've arrived way earlier than they normally do. we talked to a woman who says she would never get up this early but an hour up earlier, and then she told me about last night's commute that she just gave up on. she was trying to take this 7:00 train. she waited an hour and a half, it never came, she gave up, called the husband, found an alternate route home. i asked her how is she going to get home tonight? she said i don't know. we keep hearing this, you know, goofy phrase modified schedule. there is no schedule. the trains go as they go. so, forget any schedule. nobody's told us anything hitting on schedule, even where we are right now, this early, the first trains of the day, this train is supposed to be here at 5:06. chris, lauren, what time is it now? >> as we said, 5:06 and change
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now. >> reporter: yes, so even the first train isn't on time. i'm done, guys. >> unbelievable, all right, steve. >> here comes the train. here comes now. here comes now, finally. >> basically, the 5:06 running a little late. >> but not by much. >> well, we will continue to check the progress throughout the morning, and of course throughout the day. meantime, we have to get to breaking news at 5:07. out of south africa for you. south african judge has just handed down oscar pistorius' sentence for murdering his girlfriends, reeva reeva steenkp back in 2013. he's now head today prison for six years, prosecution was seeking at least 15 years in prison, the former south african parot i am pick athlete accused of shooting his girlfriends reeva steenkamp. he was released last october after serving one year for manslaughter appeals court later upgraded to murder again the sentence handed down just in the last hour, six years for oscar pistorius. >> hundreds every people in south philadelphia mourning the death after 16 year old after someone shot him during
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a fourth of july cook out. a vigil was held for a shot in the back and died. police say they're searching for the two gunmen who opened fire on brown and his friends at backyard barbeque in the 1800 block every south 31 street. james harris spoke to the large crowd of mourners, he coached the teenage athlete since he was just five years old. >> it is a tragedy. he was a good kid. he wasn't in the streets, you know, every little kid gets in a little trouble. but he was a good kid. it has got to stop. you know, they are babies. you know, it is sad. it is sad. >> police believe this shooting could have been the result of some type of conflict between teenagers, from 31st street, and the wilson park amounts. in northeast philadelphia, police are looking for the person who shot a man in the stomach. this happened on the 7400 block of roland avenue, this is right by lincoln high school. twenty-one year old victim is now at aria-torresdale hospital. he's expected to be okay, believe it or not, no word yet on motive or description of
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that shooter. >> a septa bus driver is recovering after she was attacked and maced in olney. police tell us the suspect tried to flagg that bus down mid-block but the driver followed protocol, and waited to stop at a bugs stop. that's why they call it a bus stop. the driver was helping a pass inning near wheelchair, when police say that suspect ran up, and maced the bus driver. the woman was arrested a few blocks away. turning now to you decide 2016, democratic presidential nominee, hillary clinton, will speak today about donald trump's failed atlantic city business record. she is expected to focus on his multiple bankrupcies, and quote, loss of hundreds of johns while pocketing cash for himself. the former first lady, and secretary of state, is scheduled to speak in front of boardwalk hall at 12:15. the public will be given access to that area to hear her speak about 90 minutes earlier, around 10:45. >> after a long investigation into her emails, the fbi says it is not recommending a presidential candidate be
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charged for using a private e-mail server. in a news conference yesterday, the fbi director said clinton's e-mail use was, quote, extremely careless, but did not rise to the level of criminal charges. he says his agents found that clinton used multiple devices and servers and that from a group of roughly 30,000 emails handed over to the state department, 110 contained classified data. >> any reasonable person, in secretary clinton's position, or in the position of those with whom she was corresponds being those matters, should have known that an unclassified system was no place for that conversation. >> yesterday clinton's spent the day campaigning with president barack obama in north carolina. it was his first outing on the campaign trail for his former secretary every state, neither of them brought up that investigation. >> donald trump meantime was also campaigning in north carolina, and criticized the f.b.i. fbi recommendation not to charge. an example of what he calls a rigged system, and clinton is
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getting special treatment. he sent out series every tweets, again, calling hillary clinton crooked, and calling the investigation unfair. >> still ahead, carson investigation underway after 14 suspicious fires, what police are now telling people in the area of camden, to be on the look-out for. >> and how low can you go? steve picking family's only memory of their loved one's sacrifice for our country. their plea to get back what was taken.
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>> all right, today is what they call the business person's special. is it will be hot, hazy, humid, for the entire game. let's hope the phillies bats stay hot, as well. excessive heat warning in effect through friday. it actually kicks in at 11:00. but let's just say today, tomorrow, friday, it will be heat index each afternoon of 100 degrees or more with actual temperatures in the 90s, and air quality alert in effect for today, and tomorrow, as well. so, yes, this is another one talking hot weather safety, where we are underneath the jet stream t gives us the heat it, gives us the humidity it, guess us the southwesterly
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winds talking about interesting tips to slow down, nobody has to tell me twice, closure curtains, good idea to keep your room cool. avoid using the oven. again, nobody has to tell me twice. drink plenty of water. put bowl of ice near fan if you don't have air-conditioning, that's good tip. but, stay in air-conditioned places go, out to the mall, if you can, just to keep cool during the heat, the hottest part of the day. 57 degrees in philadelphia right now. 78 degrees in dover. it feels, feels like temperatures not that different from the actual temperature, things will be changing as thee dew points go throughout the afternoon, in the upper 60s, to around 70 right now, so already at uncomfortable oppressive by the middle of the day, chance each day tomorrow, friday, saturday, pop up thunderstorms, by friday we'll have heatwave two of the year by the second half of the
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weekends a little bert. that's a look at your seven day forecast, so not only are the temperatures hot, bob kelly, but with this septa situation, tempers get hot, as well. >> exactly, especially, on the trains, and on the platforms, going to be rough day ahead every us, 5:16. good morning, everybody, accident just popped up here. northbound lanes of the new jersey turnpike, exit four, that's for route 73. two of the three lanes are block there. hello northeast philly. looking good here along i-95. no problems on the blue route, at the moment. coming out of norristown, and we're in good shape on both 422 and the schuylkill expressway. all right, day two here, for this septa situation. let's bring in on the phone, from septa headquarters, up the street, heather red fun, heather, good morning. >> morning, bob. >> is there anything new, any new tips that you may want to offer the commuters we all know the trains are still not ready to go back and service, but any suggestions that you have, after seeing what happened yesterday? >> you know, we really are
5:17 am
trying to push our commuters to get to alternate means, to use the broad street line, the market frankford line, the norristown high-speed line, the media sharon hill trolleys, the city trolleys, and the buses, just find another way, you know, we noticed yesterday that people weren't moving toward those. we set up the extra parking to make it more convenient. that's what we real i would like to see people move to. >> heard as you're talking i'm watching a video, something brought to my attention earlier today. lady, watch this here. now, watch this lady stick her head out. oops we won't show t the lady was sticking her head out and almost got hit by the train. let's stay with the video for a second. what's your concern for safety on the platforms, not only during the morning, but, in the evening, when the platforms are just so crowded? >> you know, we want people to be safe at all times when they're commuting, but specially in situations like this, when there are more people. you have to stay behind the
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yellow lines. don't push people forward. and, you know, looking down the platforms, not going to make the train come any faster. >> see that? boom. >> you just have to stand back, you know, looking in center city, possibly cueing above the platforms, if we have to, but when you're out at the stations, outside of center city, you know, we have staff on hand. listen to them. just stand back. >> heather red fun from septa, thank up, good tips there, safety obviously the concern with today, i think we'll have a lot more volume, as folks are back from that holiday weekends, as we look at one of the set of tracks waiting for those trains to come around the curve, and another alternate would be driving. you have 1600 spots available at the naval hospital, 300 down here in center city, and of course extra parking added at the frankford transportation center, and in norristown. chris, lauren, back over to you. >> thank you, bob, police asking people in camden to
5:19 am
keep eye out for anything suspicious as the search for the person setting fires in the southern part of the city continues. all of the fires were in that part of the city. they happened over the weekend starting saturday. most recent ones occurred monday. all but one vacant homes, still big concern to firefighters. balls, the homes are affecting row homes, which make it easier for the fires to spread quickly. people who live near where those happened are terrified it could happen again. >> i'm telling you, in two weeks, them boards will be down. people will be back in here again. and it will be burned down. >> do you have a vacant house fire in a row home, the odds of it traveling to an occupied structure is very good. >> yesterday, crews were outboard g up vacant homes that were set on fire, firefighters say they rescued one person trapped on the porch, and the roof of the home, seven firefighters suffered minor injuries, anyone with information on the rash of fires asked to call the camden county fire department. >> all right, 5:19 the time. north wildwood family is desperate to get back their
5:20 am
treasured american flag that someone stole on the fourth of jump. and it is not just any american flag. this flag draped the casket of patrick core kerr and, us sailor, that made the ultimate sacrifice during the viet nam war. farther judge high school graduate died in 1969 when the ship he was on sang. the navy never found his body. the corriveau and family so treasured that flag, they fly it once a year, well there is year, on independence day, they're pleading for the flag's return, with a reward offered. no questions asked. head to fox 29 could the come for a link if you know anything about this missing flag. >> he's a philly native, broadway star, already won a tony, now his own city showing him a little love. >> yes, crowd backed into philadelphia city hall yesterday as councilwoman blondel reynolds brown honored hamilton star leslie odom, jr., odom grew up in east oaklane, and just performed at the wawa welcome america concert. he says, it is good to be home.
5:21 am
>> i'm so glad, so grateful for the opportunity to say thank you, because you feel the gratitude, you know, i have the gratitude with me always, you know, for what joan myers brown has done for me, freedom theater has done for me, so just wonderful for the chance to look at philadelphia, say thank you in person. >> so, odom's last performance in hamilton is this saturday. can you imagine? what saturday's tickets will cost? he says, he'll now focus on his own musical career. hamilton ticket going for how much? >> i don't even know now. i'm out priced. >> sounds like at least 2,000, probably more than that. >> ya. >> saturday will be craze. >> i the show's creator lynn, leaving at the same time as odom. if you didn't get to catch him in action, film two of the performances so maybe we'll get to see those. >> i wish i had done that interview with him last night, then, maybe kick me a ticket? >> good luck. >> i love that you just laugh at me at my face. still ahead: no winners from
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last night's mega millions drawing. but someone is a little bit richer in our area. we will tell you why, straight ahead. >> and, bad news if you have an android. the malware millions of devices are reportedly infected with. >> and back to the lottery. here are your winning numbers. if you want to soar along the highest, longest and fastest zipline in north america,
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>> needs 39,000 donations, red cost says the holiday weekends may have caused regular donors to postpone donation, if you would like to donate go to look under seen on tv for more information. >> next apple ios will encourage those to sign up for organ donors, part of the apple health app under the medical id app, can donate for organs eye, and tissue, that information sent to the donate life registry, will appear when the phone is locked on
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the emergency information screen. bad news if you use an android phone. cyber security experts say 10 million devices are infected with malware. >> is this an android? >> that's a droid. >> oh, no. security company check point has been tracking the bug called humming bad. since its discovery in february t says the number of devices i am expected is exploding, biggest concern with the malware if it targets businesses or the government, then, those behind it sell that information to cyber criminals, on the black market. >> oh, oh,. >> great. >> all right, still ahead. ment hillary clinton sets her sites on our area, how she plans to take shots at presumptive republican presidential nominee, donald trump. >> steve keeley covering the morning commute, in the wake of the slow-down with septa trains. hi, steve. >> always looking for the good in a story. i found it, what good is this storey? we found a guy happy about this. looking at marcus a robinson, uber black car driver, look at
5:27 am
that suit anti. business up 30% yesterday, expected to be up 40% today. so many frustrated people bypassing the train and going with marcus a.
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>> a slow down for septa. worse than yesterday? >> overnight, teen rushed to the hospital after being shot, his update, and the latest for who may have done it. >> how high will the mercury rise? sue is tracking the hot and humid temperatures. can you imagine trying to play baseball in this stuff? that's what the phillies will try to do today against your braves. >> why don't you talk about bus stop? that's who showed up. that's the best idea for day like today. >> what dow want to talk about is a laid who took to the park in memphis she just red for me on twitter. what does it say there? >> she -- >> you can read it, if you want. >> sue? she was found naked because
5:31 am
she was just trying to air it out. >> it is hot, that's what she said. >> that's what she told police. >> well, you know what? we always -- we always say, wear as little clothing as possible, sometimes people really take that literally. now, bus stop buddy, he's got his swimming trunks on, t-shirt for this morning, but the important thing is the water bottle. there is muggy the dog. whenever he appears, you know it will be sticky kind of day. so off to muggy start, sun's about up, temperatures are in the 70s, excessive heat warning in effect, not only today, but tomorrow, and friday, as well. so, right now, we are looking at 75 degrees, sunrise happening in a few moment, at 5:39. 61 degrees in mount pocono. seventy-two in trenton. seventy-four atlantic city, 57 in dover. it is not excessively humid yesterday. but it will be. by lunchtime, really, 1:00 phillies game it, will already be 09 degrees. ninety-three, should be our high, but in someplace it is
5:32 am
will feel like it is 100 degrees, or at least close to that, the heat index in the upper 90s with all of that humidity, sunset time is 8:32. so, we'll of course help you through all of it, and not only this heat, and the heatwave that's on the way, but the hot tempers, with the septa regional rail situation. bob kelly? >> sue, good morning, yes, 5:32, another rough day here on the rails, and already problems on the roads. north on the new jersey turnpike, an accident, at exit number four, which is route 73, the mt. laurel interchange, watch for delays there. otherwise, starting to see folks coming in toward the city, on the 42 freeway, everybody, a lot of folks came back from the shore yesterday, so i think today's going to be whole new mix of everybody back after the holiday weekend, no problems here along route 309. everybody has the horror stories from yesterday, so today, i think, will be let's try something different. every station has a suggested
5:33 am
alternate for the bus or the trolley, that septa is trying to push folks to use, all every those links and options are on our website. we have one big link for you right there at parking lot, i think a lot of folks will just say you know what? i'll drive until we can let this dust settle and see what's going on. 1600 extra spots at the naval hospital. from there take the broad street subway. 300 extra spots here, at columbus and spring garden, right at festival pier, from there use the market frankford line. they have added extra spots at the terminals, the frankford transportation, norristown, and again, there is crowded conditions, started to occur, the closer you get to the city. the trick is get to a station, closest to the beginning of the line, like exton, malvern, pretty much guaranteed a seat, to further your trip into downtown. chris, lauren, back to you. >> thanks so much, bob. now day two of the septa slow down bob just talk about, third of those regional rail cars pulled off the tracks due to some defect. >> now, passengers will just
5:34 am
be fighting for seats, depends where you are on each line to get one of those seats. steve keeley at the ardmore station with a look at that, hi, steve? >> how about the possible in this? third less for septa rail cars on the tracks, how about a third up in business for our man marcus a robinson one of the many uber drivers realizing big profit and big business booming, because people need a ride in. and boy, why would you want to be on packed sweltering training when you can ride in matthew motorcycle con he style with son lincoln continental air-conditioning. marcus a, business way up because of all of this havoc out here? >> well, business was up 30% yesterday, steve. we expect it to go up a little more, more than too long help out our transportation counterparts, main okay joke tiff try to retain our business, letted our friends and the surrounding counties know that there is another viable transportation option in this town. >> now, it will be feeling like 100 today. you got that dark suit on. i know you got great air-conditioning in there. are you going to be able to
5:35 am
keep cool? >> oh, steve trust me, i stay cool, brother. >> there is the definition of cool. so if i needed a ride in from add more, i couldn't get a seat on a train, i'll take one of these luxury seats with marcus a any day. guys? >> wow. >> he is too cool. putting on the sunglasses. >> you are the man! >> no, you are the man, marcus, i know you can't hear us. >> all right. >> classy. >> 5:35 this morning, the violent night in our city after two teenage remembers shot one happening in hunting park, the other east germantown. >> so dave kin chin on one scene, went on the air at four # rales dollars to another scene, second one in germantown. dave, what's the latest? >> reporter: well the latest right now police holding the scene right here, we know 14 year old girl, was shot, and while playing with a gun, shot by another person. this is the 5600 block of blloyd street, with in germantown, now, police telling us 14 year old girl was shot in the chess and in
5:36 am
the hand while playing with the gun inside after house here, the person who shot her is a male. we don't know if it is a juvenile, 18 or an adult, police are telling us that there were several people involved with this gun being played around with, the girl is in critical condition at einstein hospital and talking to investigators, called out as part of the response here and found a handgun and a rifle on the roof area of the house. we're trying to find out more about those weapons, and all of the involvement here. now there is shooting, of course, comes four hours after a 13 year old was shot. but let's list never to investigators here. >> after talking with investigators, doing an investigation, we determined that the 14 year old was inside of a private residence, in the 5600 block of blloyd street. she was with several of her friends. they were playing with a gun. there was a male, who was pointing the gun at several of the friends, including the
5:37 am
female, the gun preliminarilly, we believe, accidentally discharged, striking the female, in her left hand, we believe it was the same shot that struck her hand, and then hit her in her chest. >> this shooting happening four hours after the 13 year old, we told you about, shot across town. police say, that boy was struck by a bullet, in what started as a case of road rage, at least eight shots fired, when a person, male fired, into a crowd, the 13 year old hit in the leg. that person stable, it started out with a person who almost hit a group of kids, there was an argument then that person drove away and came back with the shooter, who shot into a crowd, that's when the teenager, 13 year old, hit there. so we have 14 year old in this case 13 year old in the other situation both in hospitals now, fighting to stay alive, and police investigating both cases. back to you, chris, lauren? >> horrible case, dave, thanks. still ahead: good news if you like to cheer on venus and
5:38 am
serena williams. why a finale or a final between the two isn't out of the question yet. at wimbledon. >> ♪ okay, ready? whoa! [ explosion ]
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>> this is fox 29 sports in one minute. >> good morning, i'm howard eskin, phillies are on a role, won three straight but with all due respect, playing the atlanta braves, who would have trouble competing at the minor league level. this baseball team is horrible. but, the phillies did what they should have done. going to the ballpark. last night, tommy joseph, the
5:41 am
last of four solo homeruns, tommy joseph makes it five-nothing, phillies. and the itching against this minor league disaster after team, zach, he went nine inning, six hits, only through 96 pitches for his first major league win, the phillies win it five to one. and the all-star teams were selected last night, representing phillies in the game next week right here on fox, that would be outfielder herrera. and the sixers have signed another guard and he's local, gerald henderson, played with two other teams, he signed for two years, $18 million. and the phillies finish up their series this afternoon, with the braves, that's sport in a minute. i'm howard eskin. >> 5:41 this morning, still ahead, statue that's been stashed away for years after scandal that grabbed headlights around the wormed. we'll tell how is asking for the joe paterno statue to return.
5:42 am
>> doctor on the run? >> what we ask that caused all of this tonight.
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ac cranked up, yes, we are heading down, well, to wilmington, delaware there is friday. we will be there from 7:00 to 10:00. it already a lot of fun, right there, at the plaza corner of delaware avenue and north washington street. >> okay, so you can win a car, maybe, do you have sign up first. it is a brand new mazda cx9. go to the website
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on the home page there is a contest page, click on, that end tow win, pick a finalist once a week, then in the final show we have big give away. but there are couple of shows before the final show. >> here they are. we will be in wilmington, haddonfield, new jersey, east fairmount park the big finale on july # two, as you can see, right there at the del music center fairmount park. come out and see us, sign to up win the brand new mazda cx9. >> sue serio, so, excessive heat warning, is that what we have in effect? >> it will be stick any wilmington -- wilmington, too, maybe couple every degrees warmer, and even in the early morning, it will be quite muggy. >> by this afternoon, and tomorrow afternoon friday afternoon corks have places where the heat index will feel like 100 or more air quality alert in effect for today. headed back to the 90s, first heat season of the season was at the end of the may.
5:46 am
we haven't managed three, 90 degrees in a row, so we check national temperatures, just to see where the heat is coming from. dallas, texas, new orleans, 8 degrees, orlando, 08, southwest winds means we're get that. it is 75 in dover 72 wilmington, 60s to the north of us, 61, as we look at the future feels-like temperature, the heat index, will probably feel like we're in the mid 90s today. upper 90's, heat index for friday, so, ya, it is coming and it will be here for awhile friday, saturday, that could end up being a four-day heatwave for you. but there is a chance each day pop up showers and thunderstorms starting tomorrow. with the build up of heat and humidity it happens every summer. then we look at the shore temperatures, and even they will be pretty hot. but at least you'll be at the shore, so that's some comfort.
5:47 am
little cooler in the mountains, but still, very humid in the poconos, as well. that's a look at your weather authority forecast, bob kelly, how are we doing so far? >> doing pretty good. so far megan brought in gift from mom and dad, out shopping and they found some jam. not just any jam. it is traffic jam. >> oh, come on. >> cute. >> can we see that? little jar of traffic jam? little strawberries. rube after, the whole thing going on, little jack to go with our traffic this morning. north on the new jersey turnpike, accident exit number four, which is route 73. that's the mt. laurel interchange. here is a live look, at 422, and you can just casino of see how hot it is. right there. just see the haze kind of laying there, right over the curve? so again, air conditioners cranking this morning on your way into the office. forty-two, working your way in toward philadelphia, starting to see some increased volume. we had a lot of volume.
5:48 am
folks coming back from the shore yesterday. soap, i think we'll add some extra folks into the party today. and of course, with septa, we all have the horror stories from yesterday. so, i think today will be trying something different. maybe getting a earlier start. one suggestion would be find an alternate. we have number every links on our website maybe offer some bus or trolley alternates from the station. how about we ride the car into work today? 1600 extra spots at the naval hospital available, 300 here in center city, at columbus boulevard, they've also added extra spots in norristown, and northeast philly. and think of going out bound before you come inbound. the trains are empty, right here, at wayne. at the ex at any station, jump on malvern, downingtown. that will almost ensure you a seat working your way into downtown, chris, lauren, back to you. >> thank you so much, bob. tuition at the university of delaware about to get little pricier for the upcoming
5:49 am
school year. university raising tuition and fees, as well as jacking up the price for room and board. tuition and fees will increase little more than $300 for residents, more than 800 bucks for innocent-resident. room and board increases are about 2%, the total cost for undergraduates who live on campus will be just under $25,000. foreign state resident more than 44 grand for people who live out of state. >> do you have to have blue blood to be a blue hen? >> penn state players, to put the statue to the at this time back. >> 200 former players sent formal request, to the university, to have the statue erected once again, paterno fired back in 2011 a mid the jerry sandusky child molestation scandal. statue removed. so far the university has not responded to the players request. >> do you watch tennis, big wimbledon fan? >> not huge. i watch. >> this is kind of fun, right? if you like to cheer on the
5:50 am
williams sisters. >> go on. >> serena williams, sister, named venus, the top side, serena, defending champion shall advancing to the semifinals, and so is her older sister, venus, first time venus has reached grand-slam semifinal in seven years. >> so american siblings win the matches will face-off against each other, in finals for the first time since 2009. so that all means all williams sister wimbledon final is still final. how cool is that? >> okay, last night, not a lucky night for people who played the lottery. >> these signs take say it all. no one last night's mega millions jackpot. that means the jackpot for the next drawing grown to estimated $508 million. half a billion dollars. that's $357 million to take the cash option. that makes a record 34 roll-oversment the previous record was 22 roll overs. just in case you won, a lesser amount, here are last night's numbers.
5:51 am
next drawing is friday night. >> thirty-four roll overs last night. >> someone in new jersey now $8 million richer, lottery officials say the cell winning, sold in gloucester county, that person matched all six numbers to hit the jackpot. ticket sold buck road mini mart, monroe ville. the winner has not come forward yet. could be you, mike jerrick. >> i'll play. >> so high now i figure i'll play. >> have you heard what's going over in south jersey? brownie battle. local third grader makes comment about brownies at a school party and fellow student thought it was a racist comment. the police were called. >> oh, oh,. >> we'll talk about that. also, wedding etiquette. these are always fun. do's and don't's foray tending wed this is season. and he had quit expert joins us to talk about the five things you should never do at a wedding. >> oh. >> i think i have an idea, one of them. >> what? >> can i bring someone? >> oh, ya, don't insist on a
5:52 am
plus one. >> ya. expensive. >> and you better be hungry today. because it is national fried chicken day. we have seven area restaurant coming in, they'll be out strung along market street here at fourth. >> my favorite. >> can i get in on this? >> please, would you do the sampling of the seven pieces of fried chicken? >> you want me to be your sampler? >> yes. >> try this segment. >> oh, are you going to cleanse or something? >> actually on a cleanse. >> you're cleansing? >> at lows it is a cleanse and not a diet. >> not a diet. >> you know what cleanse means? >> boredom? >> you're irritable. >> oh, i'm already irritable. >> is it a liquid die net. >> yes. >> oh, that's not good. >> i don't want to talk about it, only the second day and i'm already cranky. >> oh, so we want to mow what is your favorite fried chicken in the delaware vale? >> what time are we doing in a? >> about 7:15. >> all right, see you soon. still ahead, beach town gearing up for big concert. who is putting on the concert,
5:53 am
thousand will help a fun. >> oh, fried chicken. emerge restored. fortified. replenished. emerge everyday with emergen-c packed with b vitamins, antioxidants, electrolytes plus more vitamin c than 10 oranges. why not feel this good everyday? emerge and see.
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can show you coverage options to fit your budget. oh -- ohhh! she slimed me. [ laughs ] >> ♪ >> ♪ >> 5:55. 75 degrees. ever since we have our producer megan in, country music lover. so having some country music
5:56 am
playing. >> wildwood, those behind the beach glow music festival gathered on the beach yesterday to say everything is a go for this weekend's event. non-profit group hosting the concert all of the money raised will go toward supporting under funded music programs. >> we think that music programs are a great thing, in the general sense of it, the word musical festival, great having musical charity involved with us, we think giving back to a community, to young people through muse sick great. >> transforming children. >> the philadelphia school district music department will see some of the fundraised, event friday and saturday on the beach at east burke avenue. next on good day, following breaking news, two teens shot in two separate cases, one of them hit by a stray bullet, more on the investigation that's underway right now. and slow down for septa, day two, commuters taking the regional rail are bracing for another round of long delays in the sweltering heat. and today could be worse than yesterday. >> ♪
5:57 am
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>> so very tough to gauge how long things will take. >> it is running late, it is hot, and people are miserable. >> just you wait, and wait. crowding and confusion. yes, we have a septa situation on our hand right now. steve keeley at ardmore station, bob kelly of course in the studio here, with all
6:00 am
of the -- try to avoid this headache. >> and two teenagers shot in separate shootings overnight. one of them hit by a stray bullet. the latest coming from east germantown and hunting park. plus: >> can you imagine him sitting in the oval office? next time america face as crisis. >> hillary clinton in new jersey of course she is talking about donald trump. also, bill clinton brought up, loretta lynch was brought up, president of the united states was in atlantic city. all of the details coming from ac. >> plus, hot and humid. if you were wondering where the summer was, just you wait. sue is covering the rising temps hitting our area? just a moment. >> two big stories of the day are book ended here on the set. you got your bob kelly with the septa situation here, and then temperature, what, 93, 94 degrees, the high today? >> right. that's not the actual temperature. it will feel even hotter. >> that's the problem, what it


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