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tv   Fox Morning News at 5A  FOX  July 7, 2016 5:00am-6:00am EDT

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captured on camera, what happened that led to the deadly exchange. >> and, outcries around the country. as people protest the death after man killed by police, in baton rouge. the case that now has people here in philadelphia, in handcuffs. >> plus a developing story here at home, another teenager hospitalized as a result of gun violence in our city. the third teen shot in 24 hours. what she was doing when she was hit by a stray bullet. >> temperatures reach near triple digits, hundreds will be waiting on train platforms yet again, if not thousands, how septa is now work to go get people to and from work on time. good day everyone, it is july 7th, 2016. thanks for waking up with us. >> soup, not the best weather day when it comes to humidity. storms later this afternoon? >> possibility of pops up, number of the day consult at committee, first chris murphy says it is a two, it is terrible out there. but, you know, the sun will be shining, and if you're in
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air-conditioning, looking out the window, it is great. six out of ten. the two. excessive heat warning in effect again today, and tomorrow, nothing to show you on radar, at least not yet. but whether we see the future cast in a little bit, you will see the possibility of some pop ups today. 75 degrees, 74 degrees, lancaster, 71, six a mount pocono, muggy 73 atlantic city and dover, delaware, close to 80 already, 77 degrees, dew point are in the upper 60s, lower 70s, at 73 degrees dew point in philadelphia. means we're in the oppressive range. and that's where we will stay for the rest of the day. wick warm wednesday, took us to 95 degrees when we should have been at eight # seven. and, we are looking at pop up thunderstorms later on, i would say, any time after
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2:00 this afternoon, start watching the sky, 8:32 your sunset time. there is your steamy thursday, bob kelly, all week long, folks have been steamed, haven't they, about the regional rails? >> exactly. steamed if you use the trains, steamed if you use the alternates, steamed if you're on the roads with everybody else. just been a rough couple of days here. >> see the left over work, over night crews, even though it is hot, 77 here right now, at least better than the daytime, if you kind of look close, you can just kind of see the mugginess in the shot here. >> last day for refund on your septa passes, must be postmark by today. septa giving you your money back for the weekly passes for the week that started
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july 4th, or for the monthly passes for july. if you give up on the passes send it back to septa, and it must be postmarked in the mail by today. the market frankford line added extra service in the subway for morning and afternoon, free parking up here at the frankford transportation center, and 6:15 was the magic number where we saw the first packed train come into ardmore station. >> breaking news out of juniata, two people have been shot. >> one of the victims teenager hit by stray bullet it, makes the third time in just over 24 hours, the teen has been shot in the city of philadelphia. steve keeley, with more on this. steve, good morning. >> a lot of people saying either talking about septa, hot trains, or probably some so scared to death parent standing in a hot emergency room, wondering if their son
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or daughter survive being shot in the city, saturday, the first teenager we reported on on this holiday week on monday morning, did not survive. and then yesterday, dave kinchen is south here there is time yesterday morning, reporting on 13 year old boy critically shot and a 14 year old girl shot. now we have within hours, a 16 year old girl shot before the day ended last night, while schratwieser out here reporting on the previous shootings in the in addition to the girl, a 23 year old guy shot in the heart. >> fortunately a business at o and lycoming, does have several exterior surveillance cameras. several of the cameras are facing in the decks of where the balistic evidence was and where the 16 year old female was found after she was shot. so, east detective are on location, processing the scene, trying to get a copy of this recording, to see if she
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could help with us this double shooting investigation. >> and who knows if they're going to catch the shooter. don't be surprised if that's another teenager because just kid on bicycle, according to the witnesses. wow, so, the day finally end at midnight. schratwieser out here, and within minute of him saying that a 17 year old, another teen, turned himself in, from one of the previous shootings of teenagers, we get this shooting from police. >> day three of travel woes for septa riders as they continue to cope with those long waits and crowded train cars. septa, now working with amtrak and new jersey transit to lease sets of rail cars, it is also working on timetable to repair the 120 defective rail cars, septa's general manager tells fox 29 a plan should be in place by the end of the week, and in the meantime many ride remembers dealing with delays of an hour or more fairley reliablement it is really really tough.
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>> can't move. conductor can't get around. everybody pissed off because they are like trying to get home. >> commuters being encourage today use other modes of transportation subways, bus, trolleys, septa regional rail lines, will continue running on modified saturday schedule until further in the. and just a reminder today is the last day to mail your request for a refunds from septa. >> big column bye's lawyers will take another run at getting his criminal sexual assault case thrown out. >> so crosby's team now will renew arguments his accuser should be forced to testify before cosby goes to trial. dave kinchen on this now live outside the montgomery county courthouse, good morning to you, dave. >> reporter: chris, lauren, good morning to you, few things that could happen today. cosby's team of course demanding that cosby's accuser testified or get this case thrown out. now, if the judge decides this will indeed go to trial, co-set that trial date today, things getting underway, usually things have been starting around 9:30, but it
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is later today at 1:00 in the afternoon, cosby's attorneys, cosby's attorneys, will ask the judge to do those things in this case, before the trial starts, now, cosby's lawyers say that there should be no trial until constant testifies and until cosby's attorneys can cross-examine her, however, prosecute verse argued that a recent ruling allows them to use constand ace statement to police at the may preliminary to go ahead instead. cosby charged with allegedly drugging and sexually assaulting constand in 2004. the case reopened last year, but cosby has said that their sexual encounter was con sense youth, so things will start at 1:00 today. cosby expected to be in court, and of course we'll see if we indeed get a date for trial at the end of this hearing today. back to you. >> we'll see, dave, thank you. well, another deadly police involved shooting this one in minnesota where an officer shot a man during a traffic stop. >> the man was sitting there in the passenger seat, he was
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shot, as he reached for his wallet. his girlfriend in the drivers seat captured disturbing images on her cell phone and describes what happened. we want to warn you, this is disturbing. >> licensed to carry, trying to get his id and wallet outside his pocket, let the officer know that he was -- he had firearm, reaching for his wallet. and the officer just shot him in his arm. >> you could hear him moaning sitting next to her as she described what had just happened. you can see the officer pointing the gun after he had fired those shotment the man did die right there in that passenger seat, with within second every being shot in the arm. he is a 32 year old named fill andre castile, it happened around 9:00 last night, catille's girlfriends said he told the officer his id was in his pocket but he also had a pistol and license today car that i gun. authority have not released any details about this
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including moment before the shooting. we know child in the back seat of the car at the time. we understanded the girlfriend's daughter she was not hurt. the minnesota bureau of criminal apprehension has been called to investigatement meantime down in louisianna the justice department and the fbi have now opened up a civil rights investigation into the death of alton sterling. the father of five was approached by officers after officials say they received a 911 call about disturbance at convene yen store, sterling selling cd's out front. store was fatally shot when officers say he appeared to have a gun, not back tearing in front of reporters saying how his five kids will be forced to grow up without a dad. >> the individuals involved in his murder took away a man with children who depended upon their daddy on a daily basis.
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>> so the two officers involved in the shooting have been placed on administrative leave while the investigation is conducted. >> over center city, last night, where professors marched through the streets calling for justin in the shooting death of alton sterling, philadelphia police arrested protesters they blocked an onramp off the suing skewing, in a ramp now clear and open to traffic. >> 5:10 the time, turn to politics now, hillary clinton on the campaign trail, making a stop, in our area. in ac yesterday, clinton took to the stage on the boardwalk to bash her rival, donald trump. so, clinton set up in front of one of donald trump's failed atlantic city casinos and slammed him for his business handling. the former secretary of state highlighted trump's multiple bankrupcies and struggling shore town. she says, that the people trump hurt the most were middle class workers in small business owners. and added trump's success has come at the expense of
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investors and contractors who crossed his path. >> we do if they get rich by destroying other people in the process. >> saying he got in, made money, gout out at the right time. clinton however said trump's businesses were failing rest before of the rest of the town started struggling. >> donald trump took to twitter teasing up comp national convention inbetween the series of tweets between democrat, failed leader snip atlantic city. billionaire businessman said today he will announce the list of speakers for the convention, while speaking at an event last night in cincinnati, trump told the crowd if he wins the presidency, newt gingrich will serve somewhere in the government. >> 5:11, still ahead, 14 jerold is in critical condition after being shot with a gun. what police say she was doing when a group of friends,
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whether it happened. >> plus a shift in us policy.
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is on, yes, slow downs again, nobody has to tell me twice. closure curtains, avoid using the oven. love that villes. drink plenty of water, and put a bowl of ice near a fan. and if you don't have air-conditioning, that sort of make shift air-conditioning, but go to the mall or the movies or someplace that has air-conditioning at least to get a break. another day, where the excess i have heat warning; not to mention you have to be careful if you have a condition such as asthma, where the air quality is an issue, because this is an air quality alert day for sure n just about all of the area. so right now we don't have anything to show you on raid area. we will check the future cast. because we do see few pop up showers and thunderstorms rolling in not at lunchtime, but the computer mod rest
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showing maybe 3:00, 4:00 might see few pop ups, very few and far between, but they will be around throughout the afternoon. later this afternoon, early evening, pop up showers and thunderstorm, another hot and humid one, 75 degrees in philadelphia right now, 77 dover. six a and humid even in the mountains today. yesterday day one what will be a heatwave, virtually certain, 94 today, 95 tomorrow, and then on saturday, looking at highs in the 90s, as well. before cold front comes through, that will touch off some thunderstorms on saturday. still in the zero's for the middle of next week, but it will be at least initially little bit more comfortable. so, day one is in the books, bob kelly, day two, today. >> all outdoor chores, canceled. >> right.
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>> 5:17, not that bad on the blue route, four # six. guess what today is? it is national chocolate day. >> what? >> doesn't get any better than. >> this look at this little guy. in his glory. but do you have eat it fast. melt in your mouth not in your hand. the blue route, 476, looking good as you head in toward the schuylkill expressway up toward mid-county, 42, not bad at all as the headlight come in toward the city again, light volume. everybody moving little slower because of the heat. keep in mind, septa, nothing really changed over the last couple of days. each station has those suggested alternates, for the bus or the trolley. just to be clear, the only line using shuttle buses, the cynwyd line, take the two trains from the cynwyd line, put them on other lines, but no other regional rail line is using shuttle buses to supplement. you can't get as many people
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on a bus, the buses have to navigate some of the neighborhoods, and he just not one of the game plans, not one of the options in the game plan, at least for right now. and today is the last day for your refund, if you want to turn in the passes, but it must be postmark by today with those passes in the mail back to septa. chris, lauren, back to you. >> thanks so much, bob. fourteen year old remains hospitalized in critical condition this morning, after being shot in east germantown. police say she was with a group of friends playing with a handgun. last night, 17 year old surround end end to authority in connection to that shooting. it happened inside a home on the 5600 block of blloyd street just after 3:00 a.m. yesterday. girl hit in the chest and hand, the latest of three teenagers shot this month, in a situation where kids were playing with guns. temple university hospital, now offers free gun locks to gun owners with children, scott charles spear headed the program in hopes of preventing tragedy.
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>> before that just a dribble, and now, as a result of course of the shoot that is happened in the city, the demand incredibly high for gun locks. >> if interested in getting free gun lock, more information about the program on our website. >> medical examiner is now called in and he's calling a navy seal training death a homicide. deed in may after swimming drill in california so investigators say, as he was struggling to tread water, instructor dunked his head under the water at least twice, after he struggled for about five minute, the instructor pulled him out. lovelace lost consciousness, soon thereafter, and died at the hospital. medical examiners say a heart problem was a contributing factor to his death. the navy is has not determine whether charges should be filed. >> another shift in us policy in afghanistan, president obama now says he'll leave about 8400 troops in that country until at least next year. came in to end the war in afghanistan, yet 10,000 troops
5:21 am
remain. but he says the major grounds war in afghanistan is over. and, with the focus now on stabilization and political conciliation, he want to give the next president the flexibility the fight as it evolves. >> not minutes g words in response to something the archbishop said. charles chaput issued new guideline for clergy and other leaders in the archdioces yesterday. he says differ ores and sievely remarried parishioners should live like brother and sister, meaning, not have sex if they want to receive holy communion. it is his attempt to clarify document from the pope. well, mayor jim kenney tweeted this comment last night. jesus gave us the gift of holy communion because he so loved us, all of us. chaput's actions are not christian. >> still ahead, remember roll over cell phone minutes? how about roll over data? verizon make that happen, but you will have to pay a price, and that's starting today. >> and something you need to hear before going out into this heat. several popular sunscreens
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adding spf at least 50. team admit the the research was limited because of lack of demographic information from the consumer reviews, but, they say the findings under line the fact that dermatologists need to council patients on ways to find the best sunscreen for them. okay, in your money, verizon hiking prices for its wireless plans today, but it could actually mean more money in your wallet. >> current customers who decide to switch to the new plans will see their bills go up five to $10 a month, but l be able to carry over unused data, and you will have better options when traveling to canada and mexico. if you're not ready for a change, you can keep your existing plan by simply doing nothing. >> sixteen giga bite iphone, to ditch the models when it launching newest smart phone coming up in september according to wall street journal. new entry level iphone will come with 32 gigabytes of storage, other big changes, planned for the next iphone
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include a significant upgrade to the camera, and no head phone jacks. the company hopes the new model will help increase revenue, of course. >> good news for snap chap users, soon be able to save your snaps. rolling out new future called memories, collect the stories and snaps you create on the app, so you can revisit them later and share them again. tool will appear when you swipe up from the bottom of the camera screen, the update is expected to roll out over the next month. >> i thought the whole idea between snap chat, it goes away? >> right? >> let me do something that i don't ever want anyone to see, 52nd later? >> but now you can save all of the memories. >> oh, that's dangerous. >> still ahead, 32 year old minnesota man dead this morning after traffic stop. the officer is on leave. an investigation now underway. the cell phone video that captured the moments after the officer fired those shots. >> and, outcry around the country over the death after man killed by a police in baton rouge. why the case now has people
5:27 am
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developing overnight, another teen hospitalized, as a result of gun violence in the city. this is the 13th shot in more than -- thirds teen shot, when she was doing when she was hit by the bullet. >> bill cosby back in court today, his lawyers still work to go get the case tossed out. >> as the temperature reach triple digits, thousands will be waiting on train platforms yet again. how septa's now work to go get people to and from work on time. >> good day everybody, it is thursday, july 7th, 2016. septa's working in a uber drivers working behind the scenes to see if they can cash in on this big mix-up, right? >> nice air-conditioned suv. >> right. >> and you need the air, sue serio, because it is hot outside. >> or swimming pool good alternative, too, bus stop buddy hanging out today with muggy the dog which means it is another humid day. water booth toll reminds you to stay hydrated there is the umbrella could have few pop up
5:31 am
storms, and you don't have to be specially careful if you are in or at a pool, and you start to hear thunder. get out of the pool. 70s to start. >> ex session i have heat warning for today, tomorrow, right now don't have any precipitation to show you on radar but we will when you see the future cast. look at the beautiful sunrise, happening, officially, at 5:40, so it is pretty much here. 77 degrees, right now. >> atlantic city, 73 degrees, dew point are in the upper 60s, lower 70s, already, this morning, which means, we're in the uncomfortable to oppressive humidity range now. later on, when blazing sunshine is going to be even worse, so with a wick warm wednesday, with mid 90s, 95 degrees high temperature, back to the mid 90s today, sunny, hot throughout the afternoon, with pop up thunderstorms late in the day. we time it out for you, and talk about the weekends,
5:32 am
coming up in just a few minute. >> tack a look at this shot, can you just see the mugginess? again, hot when you walk out the door, hit the ac cranking as us roll out of the driveway, and down 95, live look, good morning to fishtown, again, you can just casino of see it in the cameras here. septa, you know the drill by now, each station has a suggested alternate. again if you want to try something different, go to our website we have everything you need to know before you get on the go. the links to septa and each alternate, from each station, maybe give a trolley or a bus a try. but the only regional rail line is the cynwyd line, because that's all they're using, pulled all of the trains to throw them on the other lines and using buses,
5:33 am
now, extra service on both the market frankford and broad street subway just casino of time stamp here. 6:15 when we saw the first pack train bypass the ardmore station yesterday. so, again, if you can go to a station in the beginning of the line, you will have better chance at getting a seat and getting on that train. chris, lauren, back to you. >> develop in juniata, two shot with a automatic weapon at lycoming and o street last night. authority tell us 23 year old man was shot in the chest, and is hospital in the critical condition, and a 16 year old girl was shot in the leg by a stray bullet in stable condition, makes the thirds time in just over 24 hours, that a teenager has been shot in our city. >> bill doing bye's lawyer will take another run at getting his criminal sexual assault case. >> will renew argue the his @ kuester should be forced to testify before cosby goes to trial, gave kinchen where cosby expected to appear later
5:34 am
today. good morning, dave. >> look to be the last big push by cosby's legal defense team to keep this from going to trial, and/or demanding. >> thing will get underway around 1:00 p.m. today. >> cosby's attorneys will ask the judge to do one every two things, either toss out the criminal sexual assault charges against him, or allow the entertainment ledge toned come face-to-face with andrea constand before the trial start, cosby's lawyers should have the right to cross-examine, to cross-examine constand before a trial, but, prosecutors argue to police, at the may pre limb, instead, as you know, cosby is charged with allegedly drugging and sexually ago ought g constand in 2004. the case was reopened late
5:35 am
last year cosby says it was end counter and things will go at 1:00 today, will be abbreviated because likely everything starting around 9:30 in the morning, so, we'll see what happens this afternoon, back to you. >> dave kinchen, thanks so much. day three of travel woes for septa riders as they continue to cope with those long waits, crowded train cars. septa now working amtrak and new jersey transit to lease rail cars, also working on timetable to repair the 120 defective rail cars. septa jest general manager tells us a plan should be in place in the week's end. meantime many riders dealing with delays of to up an hour or more. >> really tough. i rely on regional rail, usually fairly reliable, really tough. >> can't move. conductors can't get around. everybody like pissed off because they're lying trying to get home. >> commuters, buses, trolleys,
5:36 am
uber maybe, and we continue to run on modified saturday schedule and reminder today is the last day you can mail your request in for refunds from septa. >> breaking news, there has been another deadly police involved shooting this one out of minnesota where an officer shot a man during a traffic stop. >> the man was a passenger in a car, shot, as he reached for his wallet, the man's girlfriend captured the disturbing images on her phone, we want to warn you, this footage is disturbing. trying to get his i department and his wallet out every his pocket. he let the officer know that he was he had a firearm, reaching for his wallet, and the officer just shot him in his arm. >> could you hear him moaning there in the passenger seat. here he is, 32 year old philando castile, happened falcon heights st. paul around 9:00 last night, catille's girlfriend said he told the officer his id was in his
5:37 am
pocket, caring a pistol, and also that he was license today car tai gun. authorities are not releasing many details including what happened before the shots were fired, we know there was a child in the back seat at the time evidently that's the girlfriends' daughter. has called now for an investigation. meantime, the justice department, and the fbi, have now opened up a civil rights investigation into the death of alton selling, the father of five, was approached by officers after official say they received a 911 call about a disturbance at convenience store, fatally shot when officers say he appeared to have a gun. the two officers involved in that shooting have been placed on administrative leave while the investigation is conducted. >> peaceful protest he is have errupted throughout the country including right here if philadelphia. this is skyfox video, over center city last night. while protesters were marching through the streets, calling for justice, after this death of alton sterling, philadelphia police say they were forced to arrest
5:38 am
protesters, because, they blocked an onramp off the vine street expressway. that ramp is now clear, and open to traffic. >> we'll keep an eye on both of those major cases around the country, meantime, at 5:38, hillary clinton spends the day in atlantic city, footsteps from the builds that bears her rival's name. she was not holding back. the latest on the war of horrors straight ahead.
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♪ >> still ahead, prince's most famous backing band. reuniting where you can catch the late pop star.
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>> frustration mounting, day three of the delays, bob. >> crazy holt, she said. you know what, if you have had it, and you want to throw in
5:45 am
the towel, throw in the pass, septa says okay, we will give refunds. but here is the deal. refunds for the weekly passes that started july 4th, there is the refund for the monthly pass for the month of july, gladly give your money back. here's what you need to do. take the pass, mail it to septa, and it must be postmark by today. whatever the mean every payment for the pass, that's how you will be credited, or given your money back, you have a credit, you can use the credit up to october. the key here is that folks have been complaining that they paid for the passes you won't be able to use that pass for the rest of the month or maybe go on daily or weekly pass. again each station has suggested alternate. we have everything up on our website at market frankford and broad street subway, i have to say are your two best options, the
5:46 am
work horses of the system, they run every eight minutes, as opposed to a question mark, as far as when the regional rail trains are going. if you try to get to a station, i would suggest you try to get to either the market frankford or the broad street subway stations, to use for into and out of the city, there is free parking, at the frankford transportation center, and just a key here, in about a half hour, compared to yesterday, is when we saw that first stacked and packed train pull into and bypass the ardmore staying. sue, i guess the big question when when you get a boards that bus, treanor trolley, let's hope the air-conditioning units are working for the morning rush hour. >> even if it is working let's hope it is up or down enough, because could you have the air-conditioning on and it might not even matter so just got it calm down, maybe
5:47 am
meditate little bit this morning. and say this will pass, we'll get through it. this the warm air barreling in from the southwest with a lot of heat and humidity, so much so, that we have our excessive heat warning continuing today. with many heat indexes, up to 100 degrees or more, that's what it will feel like. plus the air quality alert, another day of high concentration, of air pollution, just, isn't it fun to live in philadelphia in july? yikes. right now, we don't have any rain to show you. but look real quick at the future cast, show you, when we expect some of the pop up thunderstorms to happen. and that will be, let's say, any time after 1:00, 2:00 in the afternoon, there you see 3:00, 4:00. very isolated, very few, far between, but they will be around, and if you get a thunderstorm it, could be small, but intense, with heavy downpours, so, keep that in mine for later on in the day. so yesterday, we were in the
5:48 am
90s, today, tomorrow, will be official, we have that official heatwave, looks like it will be a four day heatwave through saturday. much more comfortable on sunday, with less humidity. and in the upper 80s, through the middle of next week. and even your shore temperatures, with land breeze, will be pretty hot. awe week long, but at least, lauren, chris, take a dip in the ocean. >> long time physics teacher pleaded guilty to having relationship with a student. also a track and fold coach, and investigators say he became close with the student and that their relationship eventually turned sexual. he was sentenced to seven to 23 months in jail, plus, five years probation. police arrested man for shooting paint ball at cars in moorestown, lyle a marks of cherry hill shot paint balls out of the white pick up tuesday night near route 38 and lenola road.
5:49 am
one person says a paint ball hit her in the stomach. now faces several charges including aggravated assault. and, we now know what started a fire in delaware, that killed two children, investigators blame an unattended space heater, for that fire on the 400 block of north monroe street in wilmington back in january. two children just three years old and three months old, died in the fire. their mother, seriously injured, when she went back inside to try to rescue her babe. >> i talking politics, shall we, 5:49. hillary clinton on the campaign trail making stop in atlantic city, clinton took to bash her rival of course, donald trump. so, clinton set upright in front of one every donald trump's failed atlantic city casinos and then slams him for his business dealings. the former secretary every state, highlighted trumps multiple bankrupcies in the struggling shore town, she says, the people trump hurt the most were the middle class workers, and small business owners. and added, trump's success has come at the expensive investors and contractors who crossed his path. well, donald trump, as usual,
5:50 am
took to twitter. this time, teasing the upcoming republican national convention in cleveland. inbetween series every tweets, about democrats, failed liter ship in ac, billionaire businessman tweeted that today he'll announce the list of subpoening ers for the convention. while speaking at an event last night in cincinnati, trump told the crowd, if he wins the presidency, newt gingrich will serve somewhere in his administration. >> all right the revolution, prince's most famous backing bands will reunite for pain of tribute shows. >> the bands will perform at the first after night club in minneapolis september 2nd and 3rd, iconic night club, and partial setting every prince's 1984 rock musical, triple rain. the group principal's back up bands started in 1979 but weren't officially dubbed the revolution until the release of purple rain. all five current members were with the band in 1984 when purple rain was released. back up band?
5:51 am
>> back up band, whatever it is. >> hey. >> hi, mike jerek, see the music that will be provided during the convention here in philadelphia? snoop dog just named last night, one of the performers. >> i think it will be at the electric factory, during the convention. >> he had lady dykstra in earlier this week. >> lenny dykstra. >> same thing. >> coming up in eight minutes. the city's biggest secret, dinner enblanc expecting 5,000 people to dress up in white outfits and eat outside in the city of philadelphia. >> you've done there? >> i've done it three years in a row. as i remember last year at the poured at the navy yard, still so much fun. organizers are joining us outside the studios for the details on this year's all white event, talking white clothing of course. so we'll get into all of this.
5:52 am
yes, how you have to register, it is on line, and plus damage to sling your belly, weaver fruits, vegtables, and spices to reduce belly fat. >> so eating and drinking certain things. >> are you learning all of this from your cleanse? >> i am i've learned a will the from my cleanse. >> how is that going? >> put out on instagram, picture with your rad i can justly looking concoction, how long do you think mike will last on this cleanse? i got some interesting responses. >> thirds day of seven. no, of ten, seven more to go after today. >> how are you doing? >> i'm out of my mind. >> ya, ya people is here today. r&b singer of course, and actually going to perform for us, a lot of times we don't have live performances, today we've chosen to do that. >> that's good. >> he's cool. >> is he going to crews in in that vehicle? snow idea who is fighting me. >> he'll be here to perform.
5:53 am
>> can't wait. >> go get your cucumbers and carrots and we'll all finish the show. passenger loses some cash in the back of a taxi. talking six figures, the amazing thing the driver did when he found the money. prodders, shuckersers, and sniffers, [ inhales ] all giant produce is triple checked. farm, crate, and store. we're focusing on fresh... you don't have to guess. my giant.
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judge ♪ >> man loses $187,000 in cash, $187,000 in cash. he's got it all back. thanks to a honest, cab driver, believe it or not, 72 year old raymond found the money in the back seat of his taxi. this is in boston. so he says a customer got in his cab, and asked him it take him to a hotel. but at one point the customer said he had an errand to run, and he would be right back. well, the cab driver waited for 20 minutes, but the guy never returned. so, he went to the hotel to drop the bag off, he look inside for some id, and instead found more cash than he had ever seen in his life. >> i go back, looking for him, because i know he is looking for me, take it home, you know, or go to the police station. >> so, police were able to work with the hotel to track down that owner. he is a 46 year old homeless
5:57 am
man who was left an inheritance, that man tipped the cab driver $100 for returning all that cash. man, all right, next on good day, comedian bill cosby set to be back in court later today. house had i lawyers are set to work this case out, tune get it tossed out. and day three of the septa slow down, a bad situation could get even worse today, because of all of the excessive heat. sue's tracking your forecast, bob has the very latest on your commute straight ahead.
5:58 am
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this is good day philadelphia. >> do you want knee sing? >> go for it. >> ♪ common ride that train ♪ ride it ♪ what the what the. >> thank you. >> heat, and a commuter problem. so, this is what we're asking. keep calm, stay cool. our area under excessive heat warning right now watcher can we expect in the form of relief, sue? >> it is really tough, i rely on septa regional rail. usually fairly reliable, really been tough. crazed commute expect much of the same, as people pack on septa, even earlier, due to the lack every trains. how you can get a regional rail pass refund or credit. protest also happen this afternoon, sure yesterday afternoon, protester taking to the streets, to protest the shooting in baton rouge of alton


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