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tv   Good Day Philadelphia at 7A  FOX  July 7, 2016 7:00am-9:00am EDT

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>> oh, my god, please don't tell me he's dead. >> please don't tell me my boyfriends just went like that. >> video from the victim's girlfriend captures the moment right after the fatal shots were fired. >> police in baton rouge, louise ann, a the case sparking protest around the country including a dozen arrests here, in philly. >> plus, it happened again. for the third time in just over 24 hours, teenager hit by gunfire in philadelphia. this time, by a stray bullet. why police are hopeful they will be able to track down the shooter. >> and controversy between church and state. mayor kenney responds to statement from the city's archbishop. why the mayor says the guidelines are wrong. >> buzzing about those guidelines about divorce, and taking communion. >> and live like brother and
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sister. >> yes. number gone down why is that? >> because chance every thunderstorms later today. already, wet from our sweat. >> right. yes, little bit of rain is a relief on day like today, or jumping in the pool. just don't be in the pool if you've got thunderstorm around, you know that, we've got an umbrella, sunglasses, water booth the, and muggy the dog all with bus stop buddy today when we're off to such a muggy start, temperatures already well into the 70s, and our excessive heat warning continues today haze is sunburning already, 77 already with just 3-mile per hour breeze not even wind to make it feel bert. who about nine # degrees with pop up thunderstorms today? sunset time at 8:32 and you talk about haze out there, bob kelly your traffic cameras tell the story 77 degrees, you
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can see it in the shot here, so thick you can cut it with a knife here in the try line working your way down towards the schuylkill so air conditioners are cranking, tempers are hot, eastbound on the pa turnpike, several tractor-trailers offer to the side right before you get to valley forge. one of them has a fuel leak if you are looking for alternate or try something different with the septa mess here let me suggest the market frankford and broad street subway if you need to drive to a station, get to anyone of the stations and give that a try today. seen packed trains, bypass kin kin town station, saw it happen yesterday at ardmore but each station has suggested alternate. if you really don't have means of getting to another station, with vehicle, either bus or trolley, may take two, three connections before you take your trip into downtown, we split all of the links everything you need to know before you get on got on our
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website at mike and alex back to you. >> 6:00 steve keeley tried to get on the train. think he is on the train? let's see. >> nope. >> and i am app not getting on next train either, announced next train only want people going to university city on that train. but they promise, look at the crowd, chris, spin around, look at the size of the crowd starting to build here. they promise there will be a train that follows that coming from rosalynn. however, you can judge, they said the next train already pack. and they'll squeeze some people on here, they said, definitely will stop, i don't know how they'll squeeze people on here. look at this lady here with the luggage here. look at the lady with the luggage, there is people not exactly traveling light, because maybe they're going to the airport zero going out of town, but a lot of luggage here, from what we've seen hardly even room for 2 feet to stand on the trains, so next train only has four cars, they said. so, unless this whole crowd is getting on, at university
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city, i don't know how you'll squeeze all of the people onto four little cars. see the second train we were toll would be hereby now which the first train isn't even here. vaux chris our senior assignment editor, stand to go chris fox's right, in his pink bermuda shorts, deck shoes, socks, he will mailing the station saying i know i'm supposed to be on the assignment desk as senior assignment editor deciding decit breaking news i'll cover but standing here in ken kin town with keeley because i haven't gun my commute yet. so i'll be extremely tardy. however since interviewing him at every half hour, he's actually on over time working early. here we go, here is the train. we believe to university city only. if you want to stick with the live shot. doesn't look like it is stopping. going pretty fast? i don't think it is stopping like promise the. here go, here is train number three, in the last hour, that has blew by us, without stopping, and this fellow from
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septa here, this guy, look, he doesn't want to be attacked. before you attack me, he just said ... >> chris? go up there. >> what's he saying? let's listen. >> get in front of him. >> plan b was the local, that was supposed to turn at 30th street street. i am very them go to university sit. >> i so now what he's saying is the train supposed to pick the rest of us up local now that's going to university sit. who knows when i'm going to get on the train. >> okay. >> plan b? >> he hasn't even had time to put on his uniform on, he is a septa employee, he's trying to be nice, he is an at least understandable, unlike the intercome system which is all that is salt i can and noise for you folks that work at septa, it is a disaster, your intercome system. >> the intercome system in new
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york -- >> lock at this, look at this lady here. she is letting him have it. even though she's dressed for the weather, she not happy. and he is taking the heat from everybody. figure tiffly and literally today. look at her. >> he promised her i'll be back and we'll step on the train together. so of course, chris told us when we met him here at five of 6:00 way better than all week, now the worse day by far so far. ma'am, can i talk to you real quick? >> i've been waiting here. >> yes? >> half hour. >> half hour? >> the train, train coming from rosalynn, only three should be in ten minutes. >> that's right. >> but he's promising he will walt you on to the next train is that correct good? >> no, not good enough. first of all it is late. secondly, it contradict what i
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was told. here is something, look. >> that's going the other way. >> the other side. >> all right. so your patience is wearing thin despite your smart choice of hat today. >> thank you. >> steam coming out of your head still. that's why it is good it is open. >> thank you, thank you, but i'm supposed to be at work at half past. i will never make it. >> well look we are giving awe tardy pass here, your boss probably watching so do you want to say something to your boss? >> no, he is not there. he lives -- >> you why are you still worning? >> because i love it. >> well there you go, look at that smile, you are smiling, not so bad. you're okay. >> i feel sorry, for you, as well. >> no, don't feel sorry for us. >> i know it takes a few days that you will see how many people come to this station, and you really need an empty train from rosalynn to pick us up. >> that's right. and there to will be full, you though that. all right, mike and alex, this is why i love working in the field because i meet lovely people like this. >> and you are so charming. you got her to smile.
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>> yes. >> here is the thing. >> let me tell you something, if she is right, and i'm right and that rosalynn train is pack and she doesn't get on it, i think she has the ability to throw a good punch. >> i do believe it, too. >> steve, you show the woman with the suitcase? can you imagine trying to get to the airport and trying to catch a flight? you'll miss it. >> yes, that woman actually 30 years old when she showed up at the station. >> oh. >> stop. >> and reminder to anyone who wants to get a refund for their septa regional rail weekly or monthly pass. you can simply mail in the pass back to septa, no later than postmarked tonight at midnight in order to get that refund. of course you won't have a pass any more, so you'll need uber, something like that. weekly passes starting july 4th or monthly passes valid july 1st through the 31st, in other words, monthly
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july pass. >> sixteen year old girl was hit in the leg late last night becoming the 13 shot in philadelphia in just over 24 hours. >> the third teen shot. >> the girl taken to saint christopher area hospital in stable condition. police say someone opened fire with semiautomatic weapon at lycoming and o street. authority tell us 23 year old man was also shot in the chest and hospitalized in critical condition, for the same shooting police checking surveillance video to track down suspect. >> big day in court for bill cosby. his attorneys will take another run to get this case taken out. >> renew argument his accusers should be forced to testify before the trial. that's the big thing here. will andrea constant be forced to go on the stand before the trial? >> what do you think dave kinchen? >> exactly what bill cosby's attorneys want. and we could even find out a trial date today, everything starting later than usual usually starting around 9:30,
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this one getting underway at 1:00 p.m. to teachings will ask the judge to do one of two things, either toss out criminal sexual assault charges altogether or allow the ledges end deer comedian to face, come face-to-face, with accuser andrea constand before the trial start. cosby's lawyers say their attorneys cross-examine her, how much, prosecutors argue, a recent ruling clears them to use constand's statement to police at the play pre limb instead. train coming in. >> is this for everybody or just university city? >> everybody. >> we have the equipment we think toroid this train, so broadcast the signal. >> everyone still seems pretty camment. must be running to get onto it
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train. >> this lunatic. >> lunatic? >> well, looks like everybody though will get on this one. >> other people standing there. will get on the train? >> we'll see, let's watch this play out. >> standing room only for sure. >> is there audio on this thing? oh, there is a lot of seats, okay. >> signal holding up. fourth train, fourth and finally stop the first flew blew on through the station. >> looks like the laid how steve keeley was interviewing earlier with the hat on, took off her hat, now in her seat, looks to be smiling, glad to be finally on a train. >> looks like they're head today university city.
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>> sent this big rounds every applause like it was chase utley hitting game homerun. that's howie late dollars everybody was, it's been hour wait for a lot of people. and look at this, not only did the train stop, but we have seats, and i, unlike yesterday, will give up my seat as soon as this train fills. >> fate in septa restored. he promised her he would walt her on, so we'll leaf jenkintown watch is it, just after 7:00 we plan to leave just after 6:00. so chris, one hour ten minutes late for work and counting so far. we'll see if it train stops anywhere else, we do have this train to put on other people. just a suggestion. >> where are you? >> story headline all week, why don't you guys instead of the mazda car, why don't you take mass transit down. >> sounds like good idea.
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>> jay-z did it to one of his concerts, maybe we should. >> we'll check with him at the next stop. we have to get back to this story out of minnisota the national number one-story, been another police involved shooting, at a traffic stop. >> and it is the moment after that we're streamed live on facebook, lauren, you have the moment that happened right after this. >> yes, this happens all in falcon hipt minnesota around 9:00 last night, victim eight girlfriend driving the car captured the moment, as alex just mention on facebook live just after those shots were fired. we have to warn you, though there is video is graphic and pretty disturbing. >> license today carry, trying get out his id, his wallet out, his pocket, and he let the officer know that he was -- 'd firearm, answer was roving for his wallet. and the officer just shot him in his arm. >> i told him not to reach for t i told him to get his hand off it. >> you told him to get his id sir his drivers license. >> please don't tell me he's
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dead. >> amazing how calm she was, could you hear the victim moaning in the background, he was shot in the arm, died at the hospital, according to the minneapolis star tribune. he's been identified by family members as 32 year old filanddr cast till, he told the officer was reaching for his id his girlfriend said, he was caring a pistol but had permit to carry. they are work to go find out what happened just before those shots were fired. the woman tells us her daughter was in the back seat watched this all happen. the minnesota bureau of criminal apprehension has been called in to investigate. that officer has been placed on leave. on tuesday, another police involved shooting there is one, in baton rouge. there is now a second video showing that altercation, between police, and alton sterling. it was taken by a witness standing only steps away from where that 37 year old father of five was kill. you can see, he is on the ground, after being taken down by police, outside after baton rouge convenience store, the officers tell sterling not to move. then one says sterling has a
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weapon, short time later a series of shots are fired, this all started with a 911 call regarding sterling selling cd's and allegedly making threats to someone. his family gave an emotional statement after seeing footage of their love one being killed circulated all over the internet. >> he's 15 year old. he had to watch this, as this was played all over. and everything that was possible to be shown. >> hard to console that 15 year old there. the two officers involved have been placed on administrative leave. the department of justice is now investigating. and that shooting has spark outrage and protest across the country including right here in philadelphia, a dozen demonstrators were arrested last night when they blocked the onramp to the vine street
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expressway, in center city, of course, backare opened nowment mike, al next. >> the young man in tears of course is alton's 15 year old son. >> thank you, lauren, 7:16. >> philadelphia mayor jim kenney coming out with strong response to something the city's after bishop said yesterday. >> archbishop charles chaput issued new guidelines for clergy and other leaders in the archdioces yesterday, and guidelines for catholics, parishioners. he says divorce and sievely remarried, not necessarily to each other, divorce and married to other people, those parishioners should live like brother and sister, meaning, no sex. if they want to receive the sacrament of holy communion. it is his attempt to clarify a document for pope francis.
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>> got people talk willing in the area then the mayor jim kenney tweeted last night: jesus gave us gift of holy communion because he so loved us. all of us. chap youth's actions are not christian. >> well, we have to clarify what he means by that, and we'll take a camera to you today. hopefully the mayor will speak us to or text us right now. clock 17. >> yes, because he watches every morning, and that's a very strong statement. all right, sue? this weather, will we be able to stand it today? >> well, if you made it through yesterday, you have good chance of doing that today. 95 degrees, yesterday's high temperature, the normal high of 87, well above average again today, so, another excessive heat warning in effect where the heat index will be right around 100 degrees, even though we won't make it to 100 it, it might as well because it will feel like t air quality alert letter continues today, will happen tomorrow, probably saturday. but today is a day a little later on for the 5:00 and
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6:00 news where you can meet kathy orrment look at her mode of transportation down the shore, little one person by plane, right? 87 degrees, sunshine, humid at the shore, humid in the mountains today, there are few places where we could get pop up thunderstorm. disturbance nearby we could touch off some of the storms any time after 2:00, 3:00 in the afternoon. see how widely scattered they are on the future cast, but the possibility is there. just be aware, waist going on, specially if you're at the pool or on the beach today. ninety-four today, day two, once wean hit 59 friday, we're having an official heatwave. >> the second one of 2016. thunderstorms possible after saturday after we hit 93. that means we will take away the humidity, because that's a cold front coming through on saturday. give us relief sunday from all of that humidity so bob kelly
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the better way of the weekends undoubtedly sunday. >> you got t clock 19 exactly. good morning everybody on this thursday. as we've been watching from steve out of the jenkintown train station, there, they're bypassing with the packed cars, we now have an accident here, this is southbound lanes of 95 in the construction zone at allegheny. look at the tight squeeze here, looks like only two lanes officially getting by, police aren't even on the scene again it is south 95 in the work zone. >> what's worse, septa not telling us anything, or trying to tell us declares, because here is a example, the train have you here, which is available on line showings biggest delay of only 17 minutes. on one of the lines into from suburban station. >> fellow hearsays wait, you just told us ten minute ago a train just sippled on by, so 30 minute on one, 17 on
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another. i think they're trying to over compensate here. and that's frustrating folks even more. who is ready to eat? haaguely's bakery celebrating 86 years in mayfair. that's where we're going today for our breakfast segment. you know every thursday we pick different neighborhood. see you up there, starting at 9:00 bring your appetite. i'll bring the tv cameras, i'll have some yell i donuts and butter cake in northeast philly. alex, back over to you. >> i love butter cake, my goodness, you must share, bob. clock 20. half million of the hottest gift from last year, are now being recalled. what you should do if you buy one of these hoverboards in the past year. more trouble. plus, ac parent, it is expensive. so our money expert tells us the five worse money mistakes you're making as a parent and how to avoid them.
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shut down the government over planned parenthood? i think we ought to shut down pat toomey. women vote is responsible for the content of this advertising.
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>> week pick up this train, four people went by these particular people in jen skin town, this one stopped, three blew by. heading to university city looks like. >> major recall for last year's hottest holiday gift, talking about hoverboards. should we be surprised by this? talking about the batteries, how they would he can provide. >> lauren, i've given up on the hoverboard. >> are they still cool by the way? >> no. >> haven't seen one. >> nobody cool rides them. >> all right. so if you have one, laying around, you can actually get your money back. this is what you need to know. if you bought a hoffer bought from june of last year to may of this year that cost between 350 and $900 you can bring it back for full refund. there is an issue right now with the lithium ion battery. the government says there has been at least, at least, 99 instances of the batteries over heeding, burning, riders, burning property nearby. ten different companies swam way.
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>> yes. >> if you go to the website for this you can look at all different all of the companies in the makes call back the hoverboards to get your money back. >> across the street, seventh and sixth, there is a mcdonald's, quite busy all the time. >> what are the changes to the breakfast? >> i totally forgot about that mcdonald. >> yes. >> so, as you guys know, they are doing the all day breakfast thing, but you can't get the mc griddle all day. now you can. you can get a muffin, mcmuffin, biscuit, some of the country can get only a muffin, part of the country only a biscuit, now get both and the mc griddle all day long at motorcycle done add's starting in september. >> i have to say this. i'm not a fan of the mc griddle. >> you're not? >> me neither. >> i don't want syrup on my breakfast sandwich. >> i thought i was the only one, no, not right to me
7:26 am
either. so glad you said that. >> then don't order it. >> but most requested item. >> over an egg motorcycle muffin that would be my go to. >> and the reason we are talking about this in business by the way, since mcdonald's did all day breakfast their stock is up, really good for their store sales. >> people loving it, remember the days we used to go and it would be like 9:48 and you're like can i make it there? >> no, 10:30 was the last time alex. >> i thought it was 10:00 in maybe chick-fil-a is 10:00? >> well, 10:28. >> trying to get there and get it before the last one. >> lauren, see you tomorrow. >> have a good day. >> should we take a break? >> we'll go to quince. >> i and quincely take us to break. >> that's a good plan. >> guys, gosho chef. new restaurant, opening in king of prussia mall. so, around king of prussia.
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how do i look? we'll be back.
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>> steve was up and rolling there. >> i can't imagine. so many people waiting there. >> day three, on the commute home, sue, air-conditioning wasn't to up speed. >> well, with all every those bodies pack in, there hard to even feel what's happening. so, maybe if you can elect to stay by the pool today, wouldn't than nice? bus stop buddy ready with his water bottle. and his dog muggy, possibility of pop up thunderstorms later in the day, excess i have heat warning continues throughout the afternoon with temperatures in the 70s now. headed to 94 degrees later on, with pop up thunderstorms in some places tonight few evening storms, then overnight low of 76 degrees when will it end? we'll tell you in the seven day forecast, coming up l we'll get relief be bob kelly, eventually. >> what a relief. 7:30, good morning on a thursday, accident 95, southbound, at girard avenue.
7:31 am
in the construction zone. look, then i got the penndot truck here, so only one lane open in the construction zone. we are stacked and packed from pretty much academy all the way in to downtown. also, an accident on the pennsylvania turnpike, this is westbound approaching ft. washington, looks like there is about two, three vehicles involved. again, it is on that westbound side, and that's causing a delay from philadelphia here, in toward ft. washington, and then there is also that eastbound accident, right near the valley forge interchange, that involves a tractor-trailer, that has punctured fuel tank. double trouble on the pennsylvania turnpike right now. between ft. washington looking for alternate for the whole septa mess, best bet is going to be either the market frankford or the broad street subway, they're running with no delays, and pretty much trains every eight minutes, mike, alex, back to you. >> bob, 7:32 now on this thursday, two deadly police involved shootings in two days
7:32 am
has the country on edge this morning, both men were black, shot at the hand of white police officers, and there is graphic video of both shootings. >> so the first one we will tell but when we were talking about yesterday, the shooting death of alton sterling, tuesday, in baton rouge, louisianna. shot on the left, shot after being pinned down by two officers, than is a newer video that shows up close view of what happened. police say they were responding to report of man with a gun, and sterling was armed. department of justice investigation is now underway. >> second shooting happened last night in falcon height, minute society, a that's suburb of st. paul, minnisota video from the victim's girlfriends on facebook shows the moments after the shooting during a traffic stop. she says her boyfriend was reaching for his id in his wallet, but, told the police, he had a pistol, admitted that, and has a license to carry, going for the permit. the woman says that's when the
7:33 am
shots were fired into his chest. >> so since both of those shooting, outrage across the country raising several legal questions, there has been a lot of protest, brinking in fox legal analyst ken rotweiler and chad with penn. >> i know, both cases, it is too early and baton rouge, it is too early, minnesota to analyze that tape. we don't see what happens before the tape begins, pretty standard response. >> i think that's probably true mike, we have to wait until the fact come out. let me tell you it is extremely difficult to prosecute the police, let me give you some ex amount. the freddie gray trial, three of them, there has been three no convictions, two acquittals, one hung jury. haven't been any conviction in the freddie gray trial. we saw that videotape. eric garner man choked in new york, there was no indictment of that. police officer. michael brown, who was shot by darren wilson in ferguson, there was no indictment that far police officer. and tamire wright the 12 year old who shot by police no indictment in that case
7:34 am
either. so, we know historically it is very, very difficult to prosecute the police because the standard here mike is if the police believe reasonably that they were end in danger of their life, it is okay for them to use deadly force. and in both of these instances i can tell you right now that these police officers are going to say that because these individuals had weapons on them, that they were in fear of their life therefore the shooting was justified. >> so ken basically saying you think they may not be convicted even though we see the video? >> i don't think they will be convicted and mike's right, they probably won't even be indict the. you know, with the shooting that happened alton sterile, why were the police called to the scene? because 911 call where the 911 caller basically said man in a red shirt which often sterling was wearing, who was caring a gun, threatening people. so when the police got to the scene, they already had in their mind somebody had a gun. they then told alton sterling
7:35 am
to get down. he didn't do it at first. they had to taze himment then when they took him down, and you can see this from the video, there was this call out that he has a gun. and then there were shots that were fired by the police. now, what's interesting is you can't see alton sterling's right hand, and that's where the police pulled a gun out of his pocket. i guarantee that those police officers are going to say that alton sterling was going for his gun. therefore, it justified them using deadly force. >> all right, tape will have to be analyzed more closely. well, let's go to chad. chad, i don't know, every time you come in here we have a story like this, what are you feeling? >> well, for me, the only thing that makes sense is to borough from james baldwin, james baldwin said to be black and conscious in america is to be in a constant state of rage. and when baldwin was talking about how blacks have to deal with white supremacy, how blacks have to deal with some whites, and specifically law enforcement.
7:36 am
looking at them as sub human. if you can render something sub human then what you can do is owe press and marginal eyes it, you don't see them as human. so as you heard ken say, gardner didn't seem as human. this gentleman was not seen as human. there is no reason whatsoever to pull a gun and shoot and kill this individual. >> but chad you don't know what's in the mind of these officers in. >> i know what's in the mine after lot of these officers is the psyche of white supremacy, and we're in denial in the united states of america, in the united stay of amnesia. we need to come to the vast realization there are a lot of really sayings see black males as sub human. it is the psyche. as social sciences we stud think. we're not saying all police officers but we certainly don't see this on the other side of the color line. we didn't seeing this with dillon, didn't see this with ted bundy, didn't see this with the unabomber. they all walk into a courtroom of law. they are all arrested, given the benefit of the doubt. media quick to say well he had
7:37 am
a gun, oh, he had a record. we can't trust the department of justice. this is the same department of justice that couldn't even bring charges against hillary clinton. >> they jumped in this time. >> they sure did. >> that's what they do. we need to take this to the united nation action. one of my colleagues said to me the other day, he said, this is a human right violation. and ken is absolutely right. that there is nothing, nothing will happen to these officers, and we can't really trust the department of justice which really is the department of them. >> well, chad -- >> to investigate them. >> how do you feel then about the fact these videos that they keep coming out for example minnesota, what happened overnight, do you think then there is no point? because i think a lot of people think okay, taking the video getting on social media. talk are talking about it. >> definitely a point. because it sparks change. that's why you have protest he is of people all over the country on every color line. >> what syringes have we seen? >> seen individuals come together, coalition of humanity, that speaks back to this. you have people who were decide to go run for political
7:38 am
office. you have certain police stations, all over the country, that are deciding to diversity training. so one of the things i'm concerned about is we need to have frank conversation about race in america, as it pertains it black males, brown males, also need to do more diversity training, what we also need to do look at how the impact of these videos traumatize the viewer. >> we've been staying for years, chad. quickly before we have to go, i want to know about facebook, the woman facebook live, streaming this live as it is happening. could the officers, is that your right to do, ken it, seems to me it is or account officer say put down that cell phone? >> no, you can do it, the police don't have any right to tell you to put it away. >> none whatsoever. >> absolutely. the one thing i will say, i absolutely agree with chad, it seems to me if you're grabbing in america and you have a gun, the police are kicker to shoot hand in you are white in america and have a gun. i think that's what goes to the very issue here, about, you know, how african-americans are treated by police in this country.
7:39 am
>> the question i have this morning for the situation in minnesota, the girlfriends said okay he told the officer avenue gun, but i do have a permit to carry it. what is the protocol then for letting a police officer know avenue gun, should i put my hand on the dashboard? >> do i go reach for it hand it over? >> i think they did everything. she was so for the coming, even told the police operation err he has a gun, he has a permit to carry. the police officer still fired away. >> it doesn't matter. >> what he's going say, i guarantee, he will say that he believed this man was going for his gun. >> absolutely. >> he is going to say he was if fear of his life therefore justified. >> the narrative is on their side every time. >> chad's absolutely rid. >> also just indicates hooding it is it is to be a police officer. >> also dangerous, mike, you know i respect you, mike, also being dangerous a citizen in a community and in various communities where the police are viewed by the community as occupying terroristic force. >> thanks for coming in, guys. >> thank you so much, and of course we'll bring you more information as we learn more
7:40 am
from these investigations going on both in louisianna and in minnesota. >> quick update on steve keeley's train, we'll get it to you in about two minute. [ ghost voice ] the name your price tool can save you money
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by finding a policy to fit your budget. [ coughs ] sorry, tickle in my throat! water would be nice, but that would go right through me. ghost problems.
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>> you feeling fresh this morning, bob? >> i'm feeling fresh. my mom called mia fresh face, but for other reasons. >> have we isolated the picture in. >> i think we have a shot there. >> let's go to it. >> look at that, guy with a donut in in is hands. >> jelly donuts there there this morning, asked cup of questioning, followed me from when my alarm went off 2:00 in the morning, to coming in here, getting ready, some of the things i like to do, places i like to eat, places i like to go, what it is like to be working along sue serio. i don't know why they only ask
7:44 am
me why it is like to work alongside sue. >> well, she a hand full. >> because you work close together. >> a lot of fun hanging out with these guys. and the fellow from -- >> you're alongside me. >> there she is right there. >> eddie, the editor here, his wife is a child life specialist just like my wife carry, so we had something in common there. some cool picks. >> alex, what about that one? >> oh, bob? >> me? yes. >> look where they put the staple. >> that's a jammo. >> is that my clicker there? >> no, covers everything. >> that's my clicker. >> congratulations, bob you're always very fresh tasted. >> better be fresh today. we have a septa problem on our hands, check in with steve's train, we think outside of fernrock, we'll check on him.
7:45 am
one american park is larger than yellowstone, yosemite, grand canyon and glacier national parks combined. and that's not the only thing you can only find in new york state. ♪ you can find it all only in new york. new york. it's all here. it's only here. plan your summer vacation at
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dog chow for 36 years now.d i've been making my dog girlfriend is 17 years old. she's been eating dog chow from her very first day and she can still chase squirrels. she can't catch them, but she can still chase them. after 17 years i'm still confident in feeding her dog chow because i see the high quality ingredients that go into it.
7:47 am
i'm very proud to make dog chow right here in edmond, oklahoma. >> we've arrived, steve ' train finally arrive after what getting a late start of over 40 minutes from jen skin town. finally made it into suburban station. >> getting our assignment handed out as soon as chris gets up to the assignment desk. i don't know if steve can listen, or can hear us, mike question, is that with a packed train like that is the
7:48 am
conductor even able to go down the line and collect the money or tickets, or is this one free for all, everyone packing in like sardines? >> steve? >> reporter: that would be a no, $23 round trip from jen gin town to suburban tickets, we have clean three tickets we can scalp later, still not punched. >> interesting. that's something i was curious about. because everybody's either deciding whether they want to turn these passes back in and get your money back, not even collecting any passes on the trains, so obviously, things crazier, crazier today than we've seen the last couple of days, even from the tweets and the train view and the times, you know, a loft frustration coming from the social media side of it, there or twit he and facebook, northbound on the blue route, 476, bamm, an accident, right here, between media swarthmore and route
7:49 am
one. ouch. look at this fellow there. the whole front end all crunched up. only that far right lane getting on by. that's causing delays 95, on the ramps to the blue route, south 95, an accident at girard avenue. and in the construction zone. also, an accident on the pennsylvania turnpike, here, this is on that westbound side, as you head on over to ft. washington. two car crash right near .
7:50 am
>> everybody in delaware almost has a name dupont. anyway, 76 degrees, at 6:00. eighty by 8:00 we will be in the mid 80s already, by 10:00 in the morning. so dress cool, and column affordable, to come see us tomorrow. because the excessive heat warning of course continues for today, so does the air quality alert. >> it is july, mike and alex, after all all. >> i'm learning a lot. so talking about his bedroom, what it is like there, apparently, bob kelly, you have a giant model train set?
7:51 am
your bedroom? >> yes, in the sitting room. i built a model train, it seats me, calms me. >> do you dress up as a conductor? >> a lot of trains going into the tunnels? >> meet after meet at me until you go blah. >> yes. >> red light, green light? >> and quincy, you have the green light. >> i have the green light, okay. yes, this is teaching me how to sharpen my knife. >> so, you try to move just your wrist.
7:52 am
>> okay? >> and smoothly slide the blade on the sharp nerve. >> okay? >> one side, then the other side, try to do it smooth. >> yes. >> excellent. >> first step teach me how to just cut this meat right here. we want to tell you this, is it show? >> opens here in the king of prussia first day need to come here, amazing, you can look at the view. amazing place. we'll see that later, okay, cutting this meat. >> so this is how the specialty cut. >> okay. >> the prime part of the sirloin. >> most popular cut. >> so the cut about 3 inches wide. >> okay. >> and weaver one display here. >> already, prepared, and we're going to take the wider side, okay?
7:53 am
we start there three-inch cuts straight across. >> and how long have you been doing this? >> for about 15 years. >> oh, okay. >> you just started. okay. >> cut here, here. >> 3 inches. >> about three? >> little bit smaller. >> right here? >> right there. >> perfect. >> one more time. >> one more little cut there. >> i'll cut you, right. we put this on. >> so here. >> put it on the skewers. >> wider part right there. >> right? right here? >> right there. >> okay? >> get a grip on the other side. >> okay, always trying to get
7:54 am
a grip. >> we out here, like that. >> interesting. >> if you've never been to brazilian steak house, it is quite the experience. they just keep brinking it until you say no more. >> don't eat at all all day. >> or the rest of the month. >> live shot out minneapolis st. paul area, a protest now starting, looks like they're trying to block one of the roads, i'm not sure this is falcon heights, sub meshes which the shooting happened over night. >> this of course is over that video that's come out of a woman facebook live streaming what happened to her boyfriend moment after he was shot. >> he's dead .
7:55 am
7:56 am
7:57 am
>> growing number of people starting to talk about the pastoral guidelines, handed down by the catholic church by pope francis, back in april, including, our archbishop. >> the guidelines even generating egg change.
7:58 am
words between phillies mayor, and archbishop charles chaput. >> chris murphy of all people on this one, chris? >> right. i am a catholic, right? so 250 page document, the catholic document called the join of love, translation takes serious look at christian marriage, family, and other issues. so the guidelines are new, because this is a new document. the pope did not change any church doctrine, how much. pope francis didn't create to remarry catholic, progressive had wanted, so in response to this, archbishop charles champ up a issued new guidelines for clergy and other leaders in the archdioces yesterday. so he says divorce and remarried parishioners should live like brother and sister, meaning, they shouldn't have sex, if they want to receive holy communion every sunday. @ tempt to clarify which opens it doors to divorce and remarried cat links. so here is a statement from chaput. he says the document is a serious annex tens i have
7:59 am
reflection, while it changes church teaching or discipline, it does stress the importance of pastoral sensitive any dealing with the difficult situations many married couples face. >> so, charles chaput is known within the clergy to be one of the more conservative members of the church. and philadelphia mayor jim kenney, did not mince any words, mayor jim kenney tweeted this last night: jesus gave us gift of holy communion because he so loved us, all of us. chaput's actions, are not christian. >> empowering to make judgement calls on how church teaching should be applied in their individual diocese. but many like the mayor they don't think these guidelines made any sense so the pope essentially saying hey let's be more inclusive but i'm life it up to you to head of your individual. >> and he'll say church let's go back to scripture and see what it says there and stick it to the letter of the law.
8:00 am
>> new guidelines to this. >> what was mayor's kenny's comment? it says here archbishop chaput not acting like a christians? >> that's strong. >> very strong words. >> maybe we can get the mayor to come in and explain that tomorrow. thanks, chris. 8:08. >> no, 8:00. >> on '77/2016. >> you're right about that. >> lucky seven. >> conductor can't get around, everybody like pissed off. >> could relief be on the way? it better be. >> first, to louisianna, now minnisota another deadly police involved shooting caught on camera, the video showing the moments after the shots were fired. >> he's back in court.
8:01 am
bill cosby's attorneys will try to get his criminal sex assault case thrown out. we'll tell you how. >> retirement over college? parent, you may want to rethink your savings strategy. the five worse money mistakes new parent make. >> banish the belly. besides watching what you eat, watch what you drink. what you can zip on right now to sling your belly. and it is probably not my vanilla latte, is it? >> i was just going to say. >> i don't think so. >> no. we'll check on steve because he's been on this jenkintown train, i think suburban station, but first quick weather and traffic. >> we are giving today six out every ten. yesterday was a 7t got to 95 degrees. but today we add few thunderstorms, into the forecast, not everybody will get one, bus stop buddy has the umbrella to remind to you keep your eye on the sky later on, especially, if you like he is at the pool.
8:02 am
muggy the dog is there, too, because it is so humid, that's why we had the excessive heat warning in effect, so there is the blazing sunshine, at 8:00 in the morning, at 80 degrees, already. and it feels like 85. you see where we're going from here? with 94 degrees? and triple digit heat index, later on in the day, few pop up thunderstorms what we call summertime in philadelphia. bob kelly? >> summertime, summertime, you got it, 8: 02, 08 degrees outside, tempers hot on the blue route, northbound, 476, an accident here, between mcdade and media swarthmore. and that's causing delays rolling all the way back to i-95. south on 95, the lucky seven, or unlucky seven i guess, speedometer reading, southbound because after accident in the work zone, at girard avenue. a crash on the westbound pennsylvania turnpike, near the ft. washington interchange, also another one, near willow grove, crash in new jersey, sicklerville and jarvis, and if you are looking for an alternate for the septa mess so far this week, the
8:03 am
best tip for the day would be the market frankford, or the broad street subway, they've been running trains every eight minutes, without a problem, there is also free parking at the frankford transportation center. now, let's go back out to steve keeley who started out in jenkintown, he's now at suburban station, steve, good morning. how was your trip? >> we have arrived and we have it all to ourselves. lock at the platform, shot you haven't seen all week, completely empty, and bob, look to the left. there is the culprit. bad trains over there, they didn't have room to store them at the rail yard as they work on them. so they stored some of them over there called the track zero, bad zero for those leaning cars. hey what's up? look how happy everybody at septa is. >> live on tv. >> this is fox 29. >> fox 29. can you guys go back upstairs? >> yes, we. >> we have to talk to you. >> we r we get kicked out in the middle of our live shot. >> let me finish my live shot in 30 seconds, will you? >> sorry, you're not supposed to be on the platform. >> we didn't know that. >> do you know that.
8:04 am
>> yes, we new that. >> i know. >> mike, look, that thing, most of the trains on time, late, had late, late, late, look like one every your time sheet. but good news, we are getting kick out live on tv. isn't that great? stant a great welcome? >> hang with you. i want to get him kicked out. >> i want to see what he he says to you. >> oh, you're getting a talking to? >> he use -- no, ya, mike, and -- >> i know what's' going say. >> we're supposed to know the rooms. did i see chris o'connell down there last night, so there was big crowd, but maybe they had bigger things to worry about, but no, but no. sir, i can't talk to you now on live tv the i'll be right with you. so we go outside. look by the way the air is fresher up here. we had good ride n guess what we never had to give up our seats. we were good. and the train never filled up. here is another board here. you see, three late trains on the first one, so we'll wrap it up there and guess what? we get to get back on a train and commute back out to
8:05 am
jenkintown to meet one our live truck, drive back in as regular commuter on the roads, so quadruple commute today for us. >> we appreciate all that do you steve to help us out. >> you know what the guy wants to talk to him about? >> what? >> keep your hit shorter. , ya, rap when we tell to you wrap. that's the number one thing he gets all day long. >> i want the camera to be there. i want to hear what he has to say to him. >> don't get steve keeley in trouble. >> don't real him. >> it will be 1:00 this afternoon, cameras there, bill cosby back in court. >> so team will make another attempt at getting criminal sex assault case thrown out. >> dave kinchen live in the montgomery county courthouse what we can expect, dave? >> alex, cock the last attemptment by bill cosby's lawyers to do so, sort of last stand, if you will, a judge could even name a start date, a court date, for a trial to begin. everything getting underway around 1:00 this afternoon, today, bill cosby attorneys will ask the judge to do one of either two thing, to either
8:06 am
toss out the criminal sexual assault charges against the entertainment legend or to allow him to come fast to face with had i accuser, andrea constand, before the trial start. cosby's lawyers say that there should be no trial until constant testifies, and cosby's attorneys cross-examine her, however, prosecutors this case have argued a recent ruling clears them to use constand's statement to police is he may miami instead. cosby charged with allegedly drugging and sexually assaulting constant in 20,004. this case was reopened last year, and cosby has since said that that sexual encounter was concentual. court start 1:00. we'll be here, back to you. >> all right, with a report tonight at 5:00, 6:00 and 10:00 at as it is happening. >> 8:06. two deadly police involved shootings in two days, has country on edge this morning. both men were black, shot at the hands of white police officers. and there is a graphic video up close of both shootings.
8:07 am
>> second shooting happened last night, around dusk, that's the right hand footage. >> sub ever of st. paul, video from the victim's girlfriends shows the moments after the shooting took place at traffic stop, using her facebook mentions, her facebook live. >> lauren, ten minute video, but showing the parts that are the most disturbing. >> that's right. so we start with the shooting in falcon height as you mentioned, around 9:00 last night, victim allege girlfriend driving the car, captured the moment after the shots were fired on her facebook app. >> license today care. trying to get out his id and his wallet out, his pocket, and he let the officer know that he was -- 'd firearm and he was reaching for his wallet. and the officer just shot him
8:08 am
in his arm. >> i told him not to reach for t i told him to get his hands off it. >> you told him to get his id sir his drivers license. >> oh, my god. please don't tell me he's dead. >> ten minute video, she unusually calm. victim was shot in the arm, died at the hospital according to the minneapolis star tribune. identified by family members of 32 year old castile. police have not released many details, working to go find out what happened before those shots were firedment the woman tells us, her daughter was in the back seat and watched it all happen. the minnesota bureau of criminal apprehension has been called in to investigate the officer has been placed on leave. and on tuesday, another police involved shooting there is one, in baton rouge, now a second video showing that altercation between police, and alton sterling, taken by a witness standing only steps away from where the 37 year old father of five was killed. you can see, in that video, sterling on the ground, after being taken down, by police, outside after baton rouge
8:09 am
convenience store. the officers tell him not to move. then one says sterling has a weapon, short time later, a series of shots are fired. this all started with a 911 call regarding sterling selling cd's and allegedly making threat to a person. his oldest son, breaks down at a news conference while his mother is speaking. >> the individuals involved in his murder took away a man with children who depended upon their daddy on a daily basis, my son is not the youngest he is the old else of his siblings, he is 15 years old. he had to watch this as this was played all over the outlet. and everything possible to be
8:10 am
shown. >> us justice department is now investigating that shooting, well, the shooting has sparked outrage, and protests all across the country including right here in philadelphia. a dozen demonstrators were arrested last night, when they blocked the onramp to the vine street expressway, in center city, calling for justice. so, as we said, michael and, the investigation continues in both of these shooting to show what happened. >> the man, young man, could not be con sold at that press conference, alton's 15 year old son. 8:10, thanks, lauren. >> okay, well, retirement over college. parent, you may want to re-think your savings strategy, the five worse money mistakes new parents are making. plus guess who is coming in today. >> here is a tees. crank it up.
8:11 am
>> ♪ >> ♪ man: life gets so busy with work, and it's really hard to just kind of put that all aside and sort of focus on having fun or playing, even. hey, playing is a lot of fun. ♪
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>> coming up on 8:14, here's
8:14 am
what's happening, jet stream, south of there, we got plenty of room for hot air to common in from texas, and other places south and west of us. and that's what started happening yesterday, we will continue today, with our excessive heat warning, and it will be warming, it will feel like 100 degrees, or more, again, today. in some places, and if not, there is your air quality alert by the way. right now nothing but few clouds to show you on radar, so talk temperature. it is 8:14. and it is 80 degrees in philadelphia. millville, look at dover, already up to 84 degrees, let's check the heat index, what it feels like outside. it already feels like 92 in cover, delaware, looking at the projected heat indexes, mid upper 90s rest of the day today and someplace also reach triple digit by tomorrow. so nine's, nine the's, 90s.
8:15 am
official heatwave by friday. we do at least dry out little bit on sunday, meaning, lower humidity, after some thunderstorms with cold front, on saturday, and not much relief from temperatures, at the shore, with that lands breeze all week long. even on the beach, it will be in the 80s, and nine 90s, all week long, bob kelly? >> got to love it if you're down there, 8:00 czars you pick good week, especially getting away from all of the traffic and problems we have here in town. good morning everybody on the blue route, that accident northbound near mcdade. guess what today is? >> it is national chocolate day. melts in your mouth not in your hand. take a look at this, we go up to haaguely bakery in northeast philadelphia, mayfair, for breakfast segment today. definitely chocolate up there. and 422 eastbound, jammo, from collegeville, all the way in toward king of prussia. again, the roadways coming out of the suburbs, have seen more volume over the last couple of days, 309, 202, 422, we had
8:16 am
the water main break in south philly, still some local detours, around fifth and snyder, roads buckled there, so that will be a mess for the midday crew. and then, south on i95, still heavy cottman, down through girard, because of an earlier accident, in the construction zone. mike and alex back over to you. >> bob kelly has six children and it costs $245,000 to raise a child from baby to 18. >> yes. >> i need a raise. >> not even talking college here. >> geez. >> so mom and dad we know do you have make every penny count. and dan, our financial expert, all a help us do that. >> bus stop buddy when he was a baby cost 245 grand until l time he graduates high school, right? that's a lot of money. so we don't want to make too many miss take, of course we'll make some, but let's try to figure out how to avoid the big ones. >> talk about retirement versus college. >> i should save for my right, right? >> absolutely first priority because last year 7% of workers rated their retirement
8:17 am
accounts. >> yes. >> for retirement, you can borough for college, right? and the best thing we can do as parents, guys, make ourselves independent requirement, so not depend didn't on our kids sitting in their basement eating cat food bank g on the pipes asking to turn the heat up. so let's focus on retirementment any extra cash can go to college, but want to focus first on retirement. >> that is interesting. the way my parent were they started fund for college, when i was a baby. so i wonder if they're doing okay, because they ' retired now. >> the point he's trying to make if you can get scholarships, scholarships. >> community college, as we talk about on good day, a million ways to pay for college without becoming a student loan zombie, right? or becoming bankrupt. >> .1.2, life insurance, right? when you have a baby have a child, guess what, you need life insurance. no one wants to think about life insurance.
8:18 am
rather that begin to the or the doesn't innings, but the good news it is easy to do, on line, actually buy cheap term policy without ever talking to a salesperson. right? so, go ahead, add the life insurance. next up, how about a will? we don't want to think about this either. but ya, you need a will. >> when? >> need a will when you have a child. here is the reason. if you die, god forbid without a will, guess who determines who your custodian is for your child? a judge. you don't want a judge giving your kid to those creepy in-laws, right? you want to decide in your will if something happens to you who takes care of your minor children. >> hey, can you tell me about this app mint? >> new parent tends to splurge a lot. let's go get the stroller gps and air-conditioning, let's spends a lot of money on the fancy gadget for these little tiny babe hoist really don't know we're spending the money. it is a smart phone app, put it on your smart phone it, will help you and your partner stay on track in terms of your spending, so that you don't
8:19 am
over spends, right, forget the 50-dollar bunny is at the designer store, go for the $6.01 at wal-mart. kid doesn't notice anyway. can kid will puke on the bunny is whether it is six or one buck. >> you hit the thing about saving for retirement over college. oh, baby on your health insurance? >> huge. guys. >> what? >> typically you have 30 days to add a new baby to your health insurance policy. okay? so new parent, you're sleep deprived, not thinking of this, but the reality is, you know, you have 30 days, culture health insurance company within the time the baby is born and say i want to add the little guy, the little gal, to my policy. because if you forget you might be liable for some pretty big health insurance bills later on, mike. so let's get that done before you lever the hospital. call the insurance company and say we just had this great event, i would like to add junior to my policy. >> wow before you leave the hospital? >> before you lever the hospital get it done. >> one every his tips hearsays resist getting a bigger house. >> well, here is the deal.
8:20 am
i can't tell you the number of people i see who as the kids become teenagers, they want to buy a bigger house. >> to show off. >> wrong time to do it. >> college is right around the corner. the goal should be by the time your child is in college you want to free up some income, maybe do re few, maybe down size, as opposed to spending more money during those crucial college years. and remember this, mike you're a parent, i'm parent, alex some day you'll and parent. now she is rethinking it? 245 grand. >> that's a lot of money, just thinking. >> that's a lot of money. but here is the deal. your kids, we have learned this, your kids will remember the money, not the money you spends on them but the time you spends with them, right? it is true. here we go. that's true. >> let's hold hands. >> i want to take to you a party, let's go, dinner enblanc, everybody dresses in white, you stuff your face. this year, alec, they think they might have 5,000 people want to go. >> that's a lot of people. >> actually 35,000 people have signed up, but only five can go.
8:21 am
>> who is going to get the lucky ticket then? but first, taking on zika, what camden county just got to control the mosquito population. >> those look huge.
8:22 am
8:23 am
i survived breast cancer. if the doctors hadn't caught it early i might not be sitting here. so i'm outraged that pat toomey voted to defund planned parenthood... ...which thousands of pennsylvania women depend on for cancer screenings. pat toomey was even willing to shut down the federal government to eliminate funding for planned parenthood. shut down the government over planned parenthood? i think we ought to shut down pat toomey. women vote is responsible for the content of this advertising. did you know people can save over $500 when they switch to progressive? did you brush your hair today? yes, mom. why?
8:24 am
hmm. no reason. >> now the push is on in south jersey to combat zika with these fish, mike. >> yes, new hatcher i in camden county just received more than 100,000 fish yesterday, why i can't get a bowl no the studio, i don't know, but maybe i'll just go over there and get it myself. anyway. >> these types of fish are nature i have to our area, love to eat mosquito larvae. >> so they're doing the eating? >> yes, they are doing the eating of the mosquitos, of course the larvae will drastically reduce the mosquito population, if the enough of larvae is eaten by the fish, far healthier alternative to pesticide, you better believe that, with and of the runoff into the ground
8:25 am
water. new hatcher i in lindenwold will serve as hub for all areas of the state to get these fish. if the first of its kinds in south jersey. not so sure of that, another community, but it is important to remember, a reminder, to, to remember, mosquitos are a key part of the echo system, in fact, male mosquitos eat nectar. >> so they're critical just like bees to pollination, we need male mosquitos to do their thing, you know, as those males want to do. >> like the circle of life? >> it really is. >> nature, all of that. >> hey, i have bats by my apartment at fourth and walnut. >> do you? >> in a chimney, in the apartment, next-door to me. >> serious? >> so you know the purpose of bats are ugly, go out, eat mosquitos, different insect, so we're not bitten.
8:26 am
>> so you like the bats. >> no. >> maybe you're a vampire and didn't know it now that explains why you're up all night. is that your vampire face? >> did you meet the new woman that came in here? >> here is the thing, sorry i, have to do this one test. >> if you're vampire that means we won't see you in the mirror. ready? >> there is nothing there. >> oh, my gosh. >> that was weird. anyway, come over, meet this woman. >> i do have a widow's peak here. >> these flavored waters will reduce your belly fat. right? >> yes. >> and help you lose weight. >> we'll tell you the veggies and the fruits you'll need, and the spices. >> and the spices, to get a flatter belly almost as instant will. >> almost instantly. (vo) with thousands of quality pre-owned vehicles...
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and exceptional customer service, head to your neighborhood enterprise car sales and let the people who buy more vehicles than anyone...
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flip your thinking about buying your next one.
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>> ♪ >> i love this song, and who doesn't love jaheem coming in the studio has new albumn out, has people comparing him to luther and teddy? >> wow. >> so he's going to perform his latest single on good day, he's in the studio, plus tell you where you can see him tonight in the key is putting the woman first in your life. >> oh, well women should always come first. >> how rude. >> the sit which brotherly love, we call philadelphia, getting very little love on the list of the most rude cities in the country. we are in the top ten, but not number one watch do you think is the most rude city in america, sue serio? >> well, everybody would say new york, right?
8:31 am
>> oh, gee. >> they're not number one. >> i have the wrong thing up here. all right, i got to go fix this. >> what do you want? >> i'll preview the weekends see i was getting weekend wendy ready for this weekend because it will be a lot of fun at the pet palooza in chestnut hill. this sunday. so, that's little preview of coming attractions. radar is up right now. we don't really have anything to show you, yep, few clouds around this morning, butts stop buddy has an umbrella for later on, because, there could be a pop up thunderstorm or two, going on, yes. so we've got a lot of large cast of chars ers here at fox 29. temperatures in the 70s right now, we have our excessive heat warning in continuing today, with our high temperature of 94 degrees. eye on the sky later on for those pop up thunderstorms, sunset is at 8:32, so the days are still nice and long, plenty of time, to get well into the 90's bob kelly. >> 8:31, almost 8:32, we call
8:32 am
it, on this thursday morning. jammo, on 95, had that early morning accident, southbound, at girard avenue. we are just bumper to bumper to bumper, close to an hour, from academy road, all the way in to center city. and then, southbound, as i mention, with the accident at girard, a lot of folks bail and trying to work their way through the neighborhoods, as well. we had the water main break at fifth and snyder, in south philadelphia. because of the road buckle, you will see work crews out there, this morning, and delays on the blue route, both directions, between route one and 95, and that's mainly because of an earlier accident, northbound, near media swarthmore, mike and alex back over to you. >> okay, i have heard the term recently, bob, alex, that you may not be fat, you just might be bloated. >> now, that's what you say. >> i've actually heard from some nutritionist. >> here is the thing in the summertime, because people wearing less clothing, okay, thinking about your boyde, how it looks, because you want to be summertime fine. >> you have nice belly though.
8:33 am
>> really? >> i saw you at the beyonce concert. >> belly? whether you say stomach, when you say belly, it implies i got stuff going on. >> you have a nice flat stomach. >> thanks. >> certain drinks that you can drink, to get rid of the bloat, make you feel and look like you have flatter tummy. doctor is here again, good to see you, doctor. >> thank you for having me again. >> i call you registered dietition, nutritionist? >> yes, registered dietician nutritionist, and a clinic in malvern? >> my business in malvern. >> wonderful. apparently you can help me out. because i have a belly, thanks, mike. so what should i be drinking then? this will immediately bring it down little bit? >> believe it or not, summertime is the time where you can easily pack on pound with all of the liquid calories that are out there. so, the drinks that i have here are not only refreshing, they're also good for summer hydration, but also, help us lose some weight and sling our bell.
8:34 am
>> i basically flavored water. >> let me go through the first four. you have your stray berries, cucumbers. >> and tyme. >> limes, lemons. >> cinnamin and clove. >> you've dot kiwi and blueberries. >> can i do this? can we make a drink of can he we and blue berry? it sounds good to me. >> yes, what we do pour water and ice in a glass, then we throw in some kiwi slices, right like that, and then some blueberries, in there. >> how long would i let it sit? >> make it sit, you know, probably like ten, 15 minutes, and then you can just drink a fresh refreshing blue berry kiwi drink. >> does it matter how many you put in? >> no, put whatever you want. as long as it is not filled with blueberries and kiwi and no water. believe it or not, flavored water is is a great way to lose weight specially if you drink before your meals, it can help curb our appetite, and in turn, will help with weight loss. >> oh, and gives us some flavor.
8:35 am
>> some flavor. >> and i don't like drinking water because it is like wet air. >> it is better than added sugars, you know? flavored water has natural sugars in it, natural fruit, herbs, spices. that is a watermellon smooth i. so smoothies are great way to hydrate during the summer season as long as they're portion controlled and there is not much added sugars in it, so watermellon spool i is great smooth i base, because it has lykopene in it, antioxidant, cancer fight being property. >> is that nothing but watermellon juice whipped up? >> it is watermellon, honey, and lime juice, whipped up in a blender and then you can is her it every up with some ice, and that, believe it or not, is only 56 calories. alex? >> what do you got there? >> very good. >> spices. >> that is iced pepper minute tea. that is pepper minute, fresh.errmint. loose, some lime, some mint for garnish, and that's a tea
8:36 am
bag to drain your pepper mint iced pepper mint tea which helps your cravings, nighttime craving, zip on, that caffeine free. >> i love it. >> oh, i like that. >> very refreshing. >> green tea. >> that's green tea. and green tea is also believed to help us lose weight, because it boosts our body metabolism. and simply what you can do is make your green tea, throw in some lime, some fresh mint or lavender, like i have here, and you can zip ton. >> i love lavender. >> lose your belly fat. >> how should you be doing this, every day? >> you can drink these all, every day, as often as you want, as long as there is no added sugars and under portion control that i have here. >> okay. >> thank you, doctor. >> thank you! i feel like an iron man. >> speaking of iron man, my belly still there. >> i can't see my shoes. iron man, we have update on this, superhero getting the make over, replacement surprising people this morning. iron man like you've never
8:37 am
seen iron man before. i don't like it.
8:38 am
when you're the parent of a disabled child, you realize that the world can be a harsh place. but you also realize it can be a really loving, wonderful place. when i saw donald trump mock somebody who was disabled, i was appalled. you gotta see this guy... ahh, i don't know what i said, ahh, i don't remember! that reporter suffers from a chronic condition that impairs movement of his arms. it told me everything i need to know about his heart
8:39 am
and what he believes deep down. priorities usa action is responsible for the content of this advertising.
8:40 am
>> fans of severe iron man getting fresh take on the classic come glike marl has revealed the replacement for tony stark. remember the character had been played by robert downey, jr., the last few years, passing on the role to a 15 year old black girl from chicago named re re williams. there she is. >> what? fifteen? >> looks older in the picture. >> by the way a genius, studying at mit builds iron man outfit in her dorm room. my problem, they still call her iron man? should call her iron woman. >> ya, i agree. iron girl, something. >> getting a lot of positive reaction on line, people think
8:41 am
it is a step forward diversity. >> i like it a lot. >> mit, go girl. when i saw the picture of her i thought, you know what? she remind me of yaya next top model. >> oh, my god. >> they should use her, and make the movie let's get this going. can't you see it? >> what series is she in? >> she did live time movie of whitney and done some other roles, and we first met her on america's next top model. she won one every them. >> she is gorge. >> she is. >> quincy is being a groucho on do my job day, not a cowboy, a server every math. >> we're moving the meet around right now, the meat i cutlass hour, i'll serve it but see this first after the break.
8:42 am
8:43 am
8:44 am
>> ♪ >> ♪ blank >> pom morning, wilmington, in the pocono mountains where it is beautiful. not quite as hazy as it is around here. with all of that humidity, but it will be humid, there, in the mountains, at the shore, and in wilmington, delaware, you can't really escape. so you may as well have a party with us tomorrow morning for good day drives you now if you get there when we get there, at 6:00 a.m. i'll get started at 6:00 with
8:45 am
the mazda. heating up to 08 degrees, when we get finished the party it will be about eight a degrees. so, what is good day drives you? ya, here we go. it is every friday, few more friday's left between now and july 22 weigh we take over local town, it is wilmington, delaware, delaware avenue right at north washington street. the hb dupont plaza, right across the street from the sheridan. so driving into wilmington take the delaware avenue exit, and you'll see us, right on the left, there so the best part is you can win this car! it is the mazda cx9. take a look, see how good you'll look in your new car, head to click on the contest, right on the home page, you can enter every single day, pick a
8:46 am
finalist, on the show in fairmount park, the big give away, and that will be at the del, music center, and inbetween now and then also be in haddonfield, new jersey so make plans now to take the day off, right, alec, you want to join us for the party. >> aisle ' be there, it will be a lot of fun. 8:46. thank up, sue. christie harris has new job this morning, learning how to be at a breast qual yan steak house, ready to start yet? i'm ready to see do you there. >> not yet. go to the second step, put on the fire. >> town sender jump two; i want to know what's the difference between you have a white tie, not red tie?
8:47 am
>> traditionally, during the war, the civil war, the red scarf was the rebel, and the white scarf was the government. right? and the white scarf -- >> got you, okay. so we're going to season the math, the second step. how about we start with this filet minon, see salt only, light, light sprinkle, even sprinkle. >> now spread it around the other side. >> how hot is this?
8:48 am
>> one row right here. go-go on, because we want to put it very close to the fire light brown color, then move it down so we can finish. >> okay? >> same thing, satisfy salt, light season, light coat, other side. >> this is like 600 degrees? >> at least six of hundred degrees. >> fresh white wine, fresh mint leaves, house mix.
8:49 am
>> excellent, mover continued the fire again. >> all right, part of this. >> next hour, people out there, waiting for the food to be served. i heard hard part, we have to cut and serve at the same time no now pressure on, because serving the guest, nice, very important, .
8:50 am
>> don't touch me. >> wedding surprise. jon bon jovi, can't just be guest at wedding reception, start playing his puke music, he has to pick up a mike. we have the tape.
8:51 am
8:52 am
8:53 am
>> good morning, 8:53, jon bon jovi living on a prayer, especially wedding staple. almost every we g reception at some point mr. play that song. everybody has the dance shoes off. >> so, pretty much every band has their on version of it. what happens when jon bon jovi at the wedding and decides ill de this one.
8:54 am
>> what? >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> well, of course the wedding band, it wasn't totally by chance, the singer at the wedding in florida says she was told that jon bon jovi wanted to sing with the bands, so she arranged two of his songs to be displayed we this wedding bands and he got up and sang. >> let me handle this, girlfriends. >> i got this. >> please. >> i got you. >> the city of brotherly love and sisterly affection getting very little love on the list
8:55 am
of the rude rudeest cities in the country. who do you think, which do you think is the most rude city in america? and where does philly rang in the top ten? >> and then, i'm so excited about there is he is looking at me right now. yahem is here! >> ♪ >> luther and teddy, that's what they're saying, i have to hear this single. >> oh. >> hi, jahim.
8:56 am
8:57 am
think yotry nexium 24hr.'s best for your heartburn? now the #1 choice of doctors & pharmacists... for their own frequent heartburn. get complete protection with nexium 24 hour.
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i'm looking at him right now. >> ♪ >> hey. >> ♪ >> just keep cranking up that music. are our microphones working? >> they just said we don't have audio. >> play this music video little bit more. are we hearing that? are we hearing that? >> we have no audio? hopefully? do we at least hear the music video? anybody? >> they can't hear anything. >> here we go. >> ♪ >> come on, place this up. >> ♪ >> maybe we can do -- (what's
9:00 am
the thing where you do the walking duck? >> ♪ >> we have to mime the rest of the show. >> oh, it will be fun. >> blaming you on the whole thing. >> it is all you, all you. so who will be on then? i'll just say -- here, maybe you should come over. can you come over, jaheim? >> squeeze in, common. >> on air? >> everything is back. >> oh, okay. >> we're good, we're good. so they can hear us? good. did you blow out our system? >> oh, they can hear us at home? >> oh, okay. >> you can't hear us in the control room. that's a blessing. >> thinking we weren't on? we don't blame you any more, jaheim. all love here. >> thank goodness. >> mill keyway wilky can read lips, so she has to follow along, because she can't hear


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