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tv   Good Day Philadelphia at 9  FOX  July 7, 2016 9:00am-10:00am EDT

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the thing where you do the walking duck? >> ♪ >> we have to mime the rest of the show. >> oh, it will be fun. >> blaming you on the whole thing. >> it is all you, all you. so who will be on then? i'll just say -- here, maybe you should come over. can you come over, jaheim? >> squeeze in, common. >> on air? >> everything is back. >> oh, okay. >> we're good, we're good. so they can hear us? good. did you blow out our system? >> oh, they can hear us at home? >> oh, okay. >> you can't hear us in the control room. that's a blessing. >> thinking we weren't on? we don't blame you any more, jaheim. all love here. >> thank goodness. >> mill keyway wilky can read lips, so she has to follow along, because she can't hear us.
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so he's going to perform. >> so we can go roge (. >> good day everybody it is thursday, july the seventh, look how is here, lauren? high! >> you know philadelphia style magazine. >> i do. >> one coming up in a few weeks, best of style philadelphia style magazine got it. what's hot in the city of brotherly love right now? we have about ten different categories. what's the hottest place, hottest fashion, hottest haircuts, lala. >> smoking, as you say. >> smoking. >> i didn't make the cut. >> that's okay. well, you know, in the summertime, on thursdays everyone recovering from doing sips on wednesday, now something to do on thursday, keep it going. old city eats, new this summer, more than 30 restaurants are participating in this. so i went to a few yesterday. >> yes? again? alone. >> oh, well, there is nothing wrong with that, okay? >> okay. >> i'm okay about myself. anyway, so i gave you little preview of some of the great places you can try on thursday, that's for alex around town, mike.
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>> hey, is that the dude that can eat a chicken wing, with one hand? >> no, no, this is another, this is mark from jj bootleggers, been there before, mike. sometimes watch games there. >> yes. >> so another guy his name is tom with jasmine rice, not him either, but another guy. he can eat his chicken wings with one hand. >> would you do a demo today? show me? >> i can't do a demo but i can show you him doing it. >> okay. bigger -- bigger and better than ever, right? >> i was told not to talk. >> oh, you're not working now? >> someone said lauren don't talk. >> that's editorial, not technical. >> oh, it is? okay. >> don't say that. >> dinner emblanc, sixth year in a row where we dress in white clothes head to tow, find lou case outside of the philadelphia area, 5,000 people this year are going to do it, 35,000 want to do it. >> oh, wow. >> so do you have figure out how to sign up for this big night.
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the most rude cities, the criteria before into the ranking here. >> how cordial are the resident? when it comes to tourists? it is part how to determine the ranking. all right? do you want the top five? >> yes. >> number five is philadelphia. >> what? >> fifth most rude city in america? >> that's just rude. >> number four. >> new york. >> phoenix. >> oh, okay. >> and again, she has gotten to read lips here. >> phoenix, really? >> i guess because it is so hot, maybe they don't have time to be nice to people? >> it is hot in phone glick that's true. >> not surprising new york city considered a rude city, number three, and number two, los angeles but the most rude city in america, guess? >> he can say it because he's from there. >> that's a state.
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>> that's a state. >> he changes his minds. >> no, then there is new jersey, just city in america watch is it? >> most rude. >> having jaheim guess by the way. >> it is only a shower show. what? >> oh, good choice. >> he knows to say that here in philly, dallas. >> miami. >> miami? >> yes, miami. >> i didn't think they were rude there. >> i don't think anybody is rude. >> ♪ that song ♪ welcome to miami ♪ >> your fault. >> people are rude in any of those cities actually? >> what? >> i don't think so. >> oh, i think new york makes the list. >> i know i did it, partial. but here is the thing, go to new york and sometimes you have to excuse me, and people are like, they take off their ear buds like -- >> what? >> ya, and then you're like do you know how to get -- >> you don't get that around here? >> no, i know where to go
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here. so i don't need directions, like something, it is like a secret doorway, you don't know -- like do you know where -- >> always used to be this great place on 53rd and ninth street. it didn't have a sign. >> see? >> when they were open they had a lit vote i have candle out front. >> what kind of place was that? >> underground, cave, i can't remember. >> what, what, what do you need? >> how is everybody doing? have are you part of this rude chat? >> do you agree with the top five? >> ya. >> see? criteria little confusing because you are saying just like the tourist area, only go downtown, if you didn't go to north philly, southwest, south philly, west philadelphia, you know, germantown, all of these other places, and you jest focus on downtown, we're pretty nice downtown.
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>> fourth and market, go outside every day, people are nice, people have, you know, people are cordial, people tell people where you need to go. now, just starting to get to like the neighborhoods, okay, then i can agree. but not downtown. we know how to act downtown. >> we do. >> we do then give me a rude area of the delaware vale? >> oh, well, i'll say germantown, because i am from germantown. i don't want people from south philly, i'm in south fill, you don't get the parking, like they do down there, but i love you guys. north philly, not, not some of the nicest people, or places, south philly, or west philly or north. like i say, in the neighborhoods? >> everywhere except center sit. >> i ya. everywhere except center city. this is why i don't get this chat, it topic, because if you are talking about downtown like i said, we're nice, bill up delaware avenue, the art
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museum is nice. >> i'll tell you. >> you know, kelly drive, people are running, it is great. >> reaction of tourists because it is done in a travel magazine, travel and leisure so the impression is go into a city and lever the city quickly. that's it. >> so let's move on. >> i think, ya. >> 9:07. >> all of the place i said was bad i love it. every place. >> now starting to backtrack. >> get the shovel out of his hands. >> muri coon is and ashton kutcher may be inch seepier recall, and so in love right now explain why. >> judge? because they are married. >> there was a time when she hated that 70s co-star, this goes back to when they were working together. did not like each other, aling. >> and this month's glamour magazine she said she went through a period when she thought he was craze. >> i he is. >> because she thought he was full of himself. >> and he is. >> so she said she is now married to her best friends. the two tied the knot will cents year, currently expecting their second child. >> you know what i think
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happened here? during the 70s show he was the main star, he was the break out star, she was not. she was left behind. >> love watching that show. >> he took off on big movie career and left doing these smaller things, and then, then, she became the big star. now she is coming to up his level. >> oh, is that it? >> now it is time, we're okay to be together. >> or maybe she thought he was one kind of way then started work with him more, got to know him more, realized oh, he's not so bad, he is kinds of funny, i like him, then i see married and have babies. >> have you ever known someone, then it changes over couple every days into love? >> no. >> so when you were friends, then hated him? >> no, never gone from hate to love. >> she said she didn't like him. >> maybe not hate. that's a strong word. she strongly dislike or dislikes him. >> or how about somebody around the office, tv station, you never really -- >> talk to? >> never talk to, did the notice much, then one day, wow, who is that? >> are you about to reveal something? do you have something to tell me?
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>> no. >> but it does happen. >> let's say if you were going to have an office romance, do you have pick somebody, one of/co-workers right now, who would you choose? would you have to spend the rest of your life with? >> the rest of your life with? um ... >> they can be married, or in a relationship. >> oh. you can't pick someone who is already married. that's -- >> just say something happens to their marriage and they break up. >> i don't like this game unless go first. >> ya, then it is like a home wrecker. >> say something happens to the marriage? >> i think i might go keith? >> oh, that's true. >> keith would laugh at all of your jokes, he is the best laugh. >> kit cat kline. >> oh, ya. >> megan milky, megan, punch up. >> but megan would annoy you, two dogs around. >> that's right true, got to get rid of one of the dogs. >> oh? >> megan is fantastic. >> with you tell me your honest reason not to choose me? i want to hear this? >> that would be not as interesting because we're up
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here working together. >> oh, okay. >> but if push came to shove ... >> what would be your one reason, like what's the one thing, coy never live with this chick because of what? >> i don't not one. >> awe, he does. >> what about a dawn timoney in in is she there in the news room? look at dawn chatting up aaron, they're probably having an affair. >> someone must have told hershey was on the air. >> no. >> there would be nothing wrong with being with you. >> whatever. >> you're -- there has to be something. >> because realistically always something that would just like -- >> i can't come up with one. >> that's the safe way. >> i can't come up with one. >> you two are perfect women. >> okay, now we know you're joking. >> okay, so you don't have anybody? >> no. >> oh, sorry, keith, keith said hello. >> keith is pretty fun. >> i and i just wouldn't want to laugh. i'm cool with that. i would never pick chris murphy because i work with him. >> that's why i couldn't pick
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alex. we work too closely together. >> sometimes you tell people it is like we're married already. >> we are, we -- it is like we're married because we a now each other and there is no sex. >> (laughing). >> so that's what marriage is like, then i pick you, mike, i'm cool with that. >> that was taped. >> what, i would say i would marchy? >> if there is no other option left. >> oh, that's real nice. >> nobody -- that show we had or have on fox, last man oner? >> i would pick you. >> hold on a second. >> what? >> oh. a text from jessica. >> she said she would except your hand in marriage? >> she's happily married. >> yes. >> but anything can happen, as you said. >> anyway, how did we get here? >> yes. >> by the way,. >> that 70s show. >> i'm not done with mila coon as. >> also, in the glamour magazine, mila posted without make up.
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oh, that's break through. she says it was easy for her because she's very attractive woman without make up. no, doesn't wear much make up. she says she commends people who spend a half hour putting on heavy make up every day, that is just not her, she's not going to do it. okay? >> all right. >> one man in texas is putting his foot down. all he's looking for is a little piece of minds. and his here is his message, sharing on facebook, making pup plea for his wife, and mistress, to get along, common. >> his wife and his mistress? >> yes. >> he's saying putting out, there avenue wife and mistress in. >> he. >> which one do you think is the wife? >> these photographs, his wife, tammy, yep, on the left, and his mistress, is helen on the right.
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>> why do you pick that picture every a mistress? >> why pick that picture of the wife? >> she looks good, but i'm sure she's worn a swimsuit in her day. >> why have a mistress if she will dress like that on the left? >> and then guess what he says, one every his posts like she's my everything. >> which one. >> the wife. he called her my everything. >> isn't that a point of ac wife, where i don't have to put up with the mistress because i got a ring? >> wouldn't it be great if they somehow came together? >> oh,. >> and could get along. >> because he said, well, i want my cake and eat it too, in fact, i want multiple cakes. >> he said that, that's a quote? >> he want his cake and eat it too. >> he want cake cake cake cake cake. >> exactly. >> he loves cake apparently. >> apparently. >> who doesn't love cake? >> i think his wife is in a bad place, is this how she found out, on facebook they made a situation where let a hall pass or something or finding out on facebook?
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>> we need to follow up on this story and find out what the reaction of the mistress un the wife. >> and need to see a picture of him. who is this person? >> that's true, ya. what are you working with? >> right. >> ya. >> calling all these shots? >> putting out there. >> what are you offering? >> sounds like a baker. >> he likes cake. >> i like to eat as well. i'll go to this dinner emblanc. let's run outside. we will talk how you can enroll to be at the dinner end blank. >> don't want. >> aren't you glad it is not tonight? >> oh, ya, it is too hot. >> too hot. >> have you been? >> i've not been, no. >> secret location, of course, i'll finds out where that location is. >> can you get me invited this. >> oh, ya. >> all right. >> we can go together. >> i'll buy something blanc. yes, blanc is a good color to wear today. look how hot it is already. we're starting off with temperature of 82 degrees. and it is only 9:15 in the
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morning. it is 84 in dover, it is 85 degrees at atlantic city international airport. now let's see what it feels like, heat index already feels like 92 in dover, and millville, our heat index in philly is up to 88. this is factoring in the humidity of course. heat index of 93, in atlantic city, now here eight where we're headed to high of 94. and triple digit heat index by tomorrow when we get to the 90s, that will be three in a row. that will be an official heatwave. then some thunderstorms roll in on saturday with a cold front. so that will take away the humidity on sunday. so it will still be warm. but at least a little more comfortable out there. the heat and humidity come back though by the middle of the week. so welcome to july in philadelphia. something to look forward to, a little later on, is dinner enblanc big anniversary for that. >> yes, speaking every anniversary, congratulations foreseer a and russell wilson married during fairytale
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ceremony in england yesterday. singer and superbowl champ exchanged vows if s hundred plus guests at castle. they reportedly wasn't a dry eye in the place. she wore a roberto gown, some of the celebrity bridesmaids, lala, anthony, married to carmello, kelly roland, formerly of destiny child, and serena williams. that's exciting for those two. okay, dinner enblanc returns to philly, still time to get on the waiting list for ticket. mike and alex went outside to find out what's new and exciting next year. hi, guys. >> watch this out of these three people over here i'll try to get the secret location out of one of them. see if i can trip them up. excuse me. what's your name? >> michael silt job where are you from? >> thirty-three street hospitality. >> love it. you? >> rebecca foxman, from reading terminal market. >> oh! >> and you? >> that the talia, co-host of
9:17 am
emblanc. >> where was that this year? >> others that was too east. >> i explain what it is for people, thousands every people all dress in the white? >> yes, the fifth year happening in philadelphia, it rose each year, the first year 2012, we had 1300 people there is year expecting 5,000. >> now, give me a reminder where it has been in the past? >> the navy yard. >> okay. >> it has been in university city. >> logan circle? >> and logan circle? and broad street. >> broad street. >> it is fun. now, how, how, before we talk about food, how do i get to go? >> well, this year we have a lottery for the second year in a row. if you have gone before, you will automatically get re invited and phase one open right now. but the lottery for all new people start next thursday. >> how do i sign up? >> on our website. >> what's your website? >> dinner enblanc. >> where is it?
9:18 am
>> it is a secret. >> good one. >> i heard a lot of people already signed up for this? >> registration opened for phase one tuesday and 2500 people registered already. >> how many can get crammed into this location? >> 5,000. >> i better hurry up. give me a sample what you brought. >> some house cured lemon grass smoked salmon, going on the is smoke salmon. >> is that what you are going do that night? >> one of the dishes, yes we also brought rainbow trout lightly cured, with corned suck tash, and sauce verdict. >> suck tash. >> and then we brought grilled filet tip salad, with asparagus. >> what you did bring? >> great variety from the reading terminal market in philadelphia. we have whoopie pie, best of philly. >> whoopie pie. >> the bakery, caprise salad, from grilled cheese, rat from hot field deli, strawberry jam from couldn't meant philadelphia, bally peck reno, smoke, market bakery bread, and we also have juice from eye vine produce that is
9:19 am
apple, strawberry lemonade. >> strawberry lemonade. >> a saucer for the inch until until event. >> now, am i supposed to take my own food? >> you can, or you can order catering from our lovely caterers. >> if i do that will you bring the basket to my location? >> no? >> no. >> i have to pick it up from you? >> you have to pick it up from me. >> here is the thing. >> on site actually. >> we do bring it to them kind. >> when you come to this you have to have your own table, own decorations and everything, but makes it one step yes, sir for for you. >> exactly. >> so we'll get our basket this year. >> okay. >> we were at the navy yards last year. >> we were, at broad street the year before. >> that's right. and it rained last year, navy yard, and i thought it would ruin it, it made it more interesting, didn't it? >> everyone said it, it make it more electric and fun. >> plus we do want clear skies this year. >> the reason why you thought it was more fun, people wearing white, got wet, just saying.
9:20 am
>> and also gave out the army navy tickets, which made it more inter-active. >> get on line today. >> get on line today. >> when does it close? >> the lottery is next thursday. >> okay. >> see you out there. >> he you there. >> and we'll be wearing white next time. >> all right. old city east, new this summer, more than 40 restaurant taking part. so alex went to check out some places for to you try. that's next.
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9:23 am
>> all restaurant in olds sit. >> i taking part. >> alex goes to all of this stuff. because al sex around town. >> ♪ >> so now you're thursday evenings will be book up for the rest of the summer.
9:24 am
common dould to old city. old city east. more than 30 restaurant are all coming together. and they have drink specials, they also have food specials, so i wanted to gave you a little preview right in the heart every old city, along market street, and even though we are in old sit, we will start with something new. how about a new restaurant called jasmine rice? i'm very seeks it dollars here is the deal, when old city east you guys have happen ties that's are half price off. you pick some of your best ones out here. start with this one. >> that would be a crispy spring roll completely vegetable and with dipping sauce. >> then you have chicken wings. can't go wrong with those. >> okay there is one is a special one, that we create for old city area, we call it the spicy -- >> wait a minute. there is whiskey in these chicken wings? >> yes. >> yum. it has that peanut flavor. >> yes. >> very good. >> this second spot is one of my favorites. to go here in old city, i
9:25 am
lover the fact they're participating. owner with jj bootlegger. >> how are you? >> doing great. you're always doing great because you have all of this moon shine everywhere. >> we do. we do. we have plenty of moon shine. >> that's what you guys are phone for, but also known for your great food. these are the happen ties that's are half off here. you got have the chicken wings? >> yes, the wings are great. we have the white lightning wings, or the honey shine wings, either one, you can get for half price. >> and they have moon shine in the wings? >> yes. the white wings, traditional buffalo wing, but add hint of 100 proof moon shine. >> one hundred proof moon shine? >> one hundred proof white lightning. >> like you don't even need to get a drink? just eat seriously? >> right. >> this is monster. what's this? >> that's our barbeque ribs, smoked ribs. >> they have moon shine in them too? >> actually the barbeque sauce has a little bit hint every moon shine, apple moon shine in there. >> i think what we learned
9:26 am
here you can never have too much moon shine specially when you come to bootleggers on thursdays. cheers to you. >> cheese to you. >> cheers to you. >> for final stop on old city east tour, why don't we take a trip to london at the victoria, ed, how long have you been here on front street? >> three years. >> of course you know all things about england, don't you? >> english public. >> english public. so of course if you're going to get some appetizer here that are half off get something english because more distinguished, right? >> exactly. >> so to start off, what are these? >> so these are devils on horseback, they're dates stuffed with blue cheese and wrapped in bacon. >> i need to know, what the definitely is in these things? >> so they're pink because they're pickled in a beat root pickle. and just a classic deviled egg filling. >> you can't be in a english public without having some chips. >> that's correct. these are our hand cut chips.
9:27 am
they're topped with melted cheddar and our curry sauce. >> you know, highlight for me, alex? >> yes? >> the dates wrapped in bacon. i've had that other locations. >> you love them? >> they don't look so great on the plate, but my god they're good. >> great in your mouth, so good. >> for sure. >> here is the thing though. i only went to three different places but more than 30 restaurant participating in this old city eat, every thursday, throughout the summer, a lot of fun, and mike, you know, talking about national fried chicken day yesterday. >> yep. >> talking about how you can eat a chicken wing with one hand, like one maneuver? >> i can't do it. >> one move. at jasmine rice the owner there the one who showed it to me. so when we come back i'll show you how he does it. great, impress all your friends, i'm telling you. >> come back for the dates for a second? i try to wrap most meyer dates in bacon. >> whether go to old city certain staples really great that everyone mentions, someplace that is are there that are all really good.
9:28 am
>> have not heard of two of them, new bootleggers. >> okay. so the demo of the one handed chicken eating. >> yes? >> and philadelphia's style magazine is here, so they have their on all list of the best things, the most stylish things in the city of philadelphia. >> from hair to clothes to shoes. after the break.
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priorities usa action is responsible did you know people can save over $500 when they switch to progressive? i got your nose! i got your nose right here. i know that's your thumb, grandpa. talent! learn about it! >> ♪ >> okay, philadelphia -- oh, hi. look at that. pocono mountain shot. that's beautiful on this thursday morning. philadelphia style magazine's best of style issue is on newsstands as we speak and if you're wondering what's hot in the city, you better pay attention to this.
9:32 am
mike and alex are getting a preview of the businesses that made the cut. >> well, the person that would know about this is chris our friend over at philadelphia style magazine. the issue is out right. >> it's out, yeah, summer. >> so, you probably have over a hundred things you've showcased. >> hundreds. >> we can only do a few. >> we can. these are my editor's picks. something special here for you guys today. these are some of my favorites. >> fashion. >> fashion. shopping is one of our good categories. century 25. these are my summer favorites alexandra mcqueen sunglasses marked down to $40. >> what. >> they're having a great sale through the month of july. >> sounds good. what's the next one beauty. >> beauty so it was hard to pick one so i did choose. dry bar just opened salons across the country, 51st location and sort of a bar concept. >> what is it. >> seventeenth and market. >> you get it -- it's like a bar concept. you get your hair done they have all these cool products. perfect for summer they have a brand new travel size hair
9:33 am
dryer. >> it's so cute. a little baby. >> there's a whole company where you just go and get your hair blown out. >> there's tons of companies like that. you go and get your hair blown out. >> iowa he wants to know because it's a bar, beauty and a drink thing. >> you can't. >> you can. >> you can't. i don't think it's byob either i'm sorry. >> okay. i thought this was from tiffany. it's not. >> this is about face. they're at tenth and chestnut. they do lacers fillers facials and they have a great product line including their own. you can find the cool of the hottest beauty brands. >> nice. now, this mike and i love because we love the color purple. this is about design. >> this is our home category. evan teams designs behind some of the biggest weddings in philly. they have a retail boutique at seventh and walnut. mike if you ever want to get alex flowers you can stop over and they have tabletop pieces.
9:34 am
>> is that with this. >> they have -- >> is that for blimp that's for men, too. >> is this so popular. >> very exclusive. i think only some of the department stores. >> very nice. >> once our cultural category philadelphia museum of art obviously we can't talk about art and culture without talking about the art museum. they have two grate 60's going on. >> creative africa. >> the fashion is fantastic. >> so many colors. >> it's beautiful. and then they also have embracing the contemporarily and this is a replica of one of the works in the exhibit. >> what is? >> this little item right here and they also have some -- >> it's the black thing. >> art museum swag. >> very nice. mike is already convinced he is putting guacamole in there. >> i'm putting some guac in there so you don't know where the guac starts and ends. >> fabio is one of our
9:35 am
favorites. >> this is the noisest location on earth. >> it is. >> go ahead. >> i'll speak up. savio's doing picnic baskets for summer. order for lunch or dinner they put favorites in pick it up go to your favorite park they give you a blanket and stop and go bubbles on the way. >> i loch this. mike you love mozzarella. >> is that mozzarella. >> it is. >> so romantic this whole thing. >> it is. >> do you have anybody that you can go on a picnic with, maybe lay on the grass by the river. >> you know i usually go out by myself. [laughter] >> party next week tonight. >> yes, thursday. >> kimmel center. >> i'll be there. alex. >> i'm going there. >> philadelphia style parties are always the best, right, lauren. >> that's right. >> okay, we're going to toss things out to bob. he's having breakfast. where are you, bob? >> hey, gang, good morning, everybody. this week's breakfast with bob segment is also the birthday edition. i'm here at hagley's bakery where 86 years ago, this same
9:36 am
exact door, this is the original door opened up for business. come inside and let's say hello mayfair. >> good morning,. >> how are you. >> smell-a a-vision from may far when we come right back.
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>> ♪ >> all right. time for this week's breakfast with bob and he's in mayfair. >> yeah, bob you're eight haegele's bakery, right. >> haegele's bakery celebrating 86 years in the business today. let me introduce to you this is richard seconds generation, his brother harry we have glen who is third generation. eli in the back is fourth generation and in the bakery business we got one in the oven, fifth generation coming up soon. back here over this side here
9:40 am
is cheryl and this is jeannie who is celebrating her 83'd birthday today. [cheers and applause] >> the boss is making you work but the boss is your husband. >> right. >> there you go. celebrating 86 years today. are you ready to sing happy birthday. we got the crowd. light the candles. ready, let's sing. >> ♪ happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you, happy birthday dear haegele's, happy birthday to you ♪ [cheers and applause] >> richard, some of the treats here, these are not jelly doughnuts these are jelly sticks. >> these are jelly stings it's a french pastry dough with raspberry swirled around it then a coating of sugar. >> what do you have here. >> fresh apple cake with granny smith apples. >> this is my favorite cake. >> butter cake. alex get a close look. who loves butter cake.
9:41 am
[cheers and applause] >> take a look at this. you know, it's got to be jelly 'cause jam doesn't roll like this . >> [laughter] >> jelly rolls. >> jelly rolls. if you look closely it's a swan. it's cream puff swan made with whipped cream. >> strawberry short cake. >> flak forest cake filled with clock late custard inside. >> we'll close this door. take a look at this. all the favorite pastries right here. what's probably your big item. cream doughnuts. >> cream doughnuts one of the biggest sellers. it's delicious. >> we're up here in mayfair. 86 years. they don't make them like this. they certainly don't make the doughnuts like this anywhere else and they don't make family like this anymore; is that right. [cheers and applause] >> happy birthday. happy birthday may fear. we're having breakfast before dinner. i'm going out to quincy who -- i think he's got a waiter job
9:42 am
today. >> well -- i'm a g uso. we're going to cut this for the people coming up next. guys, don't be nervous. we're going to eat. you guys can eat, too. we're a foga de cao
9:43 am
9:44 am
>> ♪ >> thursday one of our viewers meet nate. happy sixth birthday.
9:45 am
>> happy birthday. >> if you've never gone to a brazilian steakhouse it is an experience like no other. they keep bringing meat until you tell them to stop. >> cooking it now it's time to serve. take your little place card and put it on green. >> careful. >> okay. >> fogo de chao is open here at king of prussia july 21 it's. you've been doing -- we've been doing a lot today. we cut the meat. >> we cut and butcher. >> cut and butcher. >> seasoned. >> seasoned, started grilling. now it's the big action right. we go to the floor, start serving the meat. why don't you take the rib eye, center cut rib eye, cut it and then take it to a table, grab the platter. >> all right. >> and i'll do -- >> you told me hold the knife. >> okay. >> you did excellent. >> all right. >> all right. we walk it out. >> let's go serve the guests. >> all right. i'm a little nervous. how do you know, you know, if
9:46 am
a guest wants food or not. >> so, the -- they have a two sided disk right. >> okay. >> isle show you right here this lady, she has -- she has been served already so she tint back to red and the other lady she's ready for some more. let me show you how we do it here. excuse me, ladies, would you like to try some of our house specialty, it's a prime sirloin. medium is okay for you? >> yes. >> perfect. >> you cut it -- >> slice it. >> okay. they kind of help that you. >> perfect. >> all right. >> now for the rib eye instead of a thin slice, the rib eye we do a little bit bigger chunk. >> go for it. >> would you like some rib eye. >> yes, please. >> okay. what's your name, ma'am. >> gwen. >> gwen. nice to meet you. i'm working for tips. [laughter] >> do you come here often. >> yes, very often. >> do we get it right here. >> go on the other side. >> this right here.
9:47 am
>> okay. >> she'll assist you with the tong. grab the meat from the plate. >> excellent. >> the knife -- before you take the skewer put the knife back. >> i knew that. >> now let's go to the next. >> we're looking for green. >> how about this table here, lovely couple. >> hello, ma'am, would you like some of this rib eye. >> rib eye. >> yes. >> okay. she has the green right there. watch your hands because we don't want flailing hands going on. do we do it right here. >> medium okay for you miss? >> yes. >> perfect. >> okay. >> allow her to grab it. perfect. >> grab it. >> you're doing awesome. >> all right. >> would you like -- no, we won't give you any sir. >> i'll take care of you, sir. >> ma'am, how are you doing? would you like some rib eye. >> yes, please. >> okay and then we tint arounturn itaround here. i can do this job. this is going to -- i'm not
9:48 am
going to say he's z i got it down. sir, would you like some? you look like you're about 15 years old. all right. watch this. okay. there you go. take that off. >> thank you. >> you're doing a great job. perfect. >> this is -- i'm not going to say easy 'cause this is a lot of work. >> well, butchering skewering, grilling and serving the guests. >> all right. >> hey, mike, back to you. alex, back to you guys. i'm just going to keep serving is. would you like some? you'll take some. here you go. boom. one is good. >> red means stop it. >> yes. >> keep coming around. >> it all looks good. >> let's get back to this other thing. i'm fascinating and you have been delaying showing this to me. i don't know why you're frustrating me. there's a guy in olde city -- >> guys that was called journalism. >> you're welcome quincy.
9:49 am
>> yeah. >> he can eat a chicken wing with one hand. >> yes. i know you're thinking you just do this. no, he has a method. his name is tom and he is the owner of jasmine rice on market street here in old city. here you go. >> all right. >> you take it, presses it down. >> okay. >> does that and you take it. look at this. >> stripped clean. >> and then you eat it. >> i haven't seen anybody eat a chicken wing like that. >> you get some of the gristle and stuff that you don't like. >> that's true. >> there are some people they believe in cleaning the bone all the way. it's good for you if you like cleaning the bone. wouldn't you impress your friends tonight. >> do it tonight with olde city. >> you going try that. >> two handed. [laughter] >> look at that. >> own it. you got to own it. >> cartilage and all. >> all of it. >> clean that bone, mike. >> are we ready for a performance or not. >> i'm so ready. jaheem i hope he's ready.
9:50 am
>> ♪ >> he's ready. >> so, jaheem is on good day. yes, he's about to perform and we'll talk to him about his new song struggle love. >> and a performance tonight that you can see right here in philly. >> ♪
9:51 am
9:52 am
i survived breast cancer. if the doctors hadn't caught it early i might not be sitting here. so i'm outraged that pat toomey voted to defund planned parenthood... ...which thousands of pennsylvania women depend on for cancer screenings. pat toomey was even willing to shut down the federal government to eliminate funding for planned parenthood. shut down the government over planned parenthood? i think we ought to shut down pat toomey. women vote is responsible for the content of this advertising.
9:53 am
>> ♪ >> this is one of my favorites. i love the fact that he told the men out there you got to put her first. >> always put her number one. >> we love that. you obviously have so many others but with this new one, this seventh studio album called struggle love, what are you telling the fellows this time. >> we got to get our thing together.
9:54 am
this one here is kind of like ghetto love but struggle love. >> we know the struggle is real but what kind of struggle are you talking about here. >> you know that struggle that that the world is out of control right now so if we want to bring it back together -- it's two editions. you can get this one and it's another edition. >> i'm going to hold it up so they can see it. >> it is in, what is it, target. >> with two additional tracks if you go to target. >> yeah. >> it's like a story line. you're like man this is something that applies to my life. like my shoes, it says my shoes but it's really how people really want to walk in your shoes but don't want to work hard to get in your shoes. >> that's the name of another song on here. >> yeah. >> and side piece what's that about. >> side piece -- >> i know you're not talking about alcoholic can ken. >> struggle love. >> 'cause there's ups and downs when it comes to love and you're encouraging us to stay together. >> we're encouraging you to --
9:55 am
songs to have -- ♪ >> he's ready to sing. before you go, you can see him perform tonight. it's going to be at the dell. >> at the dell. >> with monica, life jennings. >> it's going down. >> get tickets. we love the music series at the dell. >> tickets are sold out. >> i'm sorry. at least you're getting a taste right now. how about you take it away. thank you. >> all right. >> struggle love. >> you got it. you right there. >> jaheim. >> ♪ let's play a little, let's wait until it's raining and kick 'em all out like i'm march. >> reporter: let's order chinese, blow a few trees, pitter patter on the roof of your apartment, let's go to a flick put your butt up on my, bring your body real close.
9:56 am
♪ >> before we got fly, you and i, it was four chicken wings and rice and now we got more than we ever dreamed. we got it all at least the way it seems. if i could give it up the richer i get i really miss that struggle love. now ain't that love, ain't that love. ain't that love. >> love. >> love, love. >> if i could give it up the richer i get i really miss that. if i could give it up the richer i get, i really that miss that struggle love. ooh, ooh, ooh. >> i miss that struggle love. ooh, ooh, ooh, struggle love.
9:57 am
ooh, ooh, ooh, struggle love. >> ♪ ain't that love, so much love, love, love, love. if i could give it up the richer i get, i really miss that struggle love. ooh, ooh, struggle love. ooh, ooh, ooh, struggle love. ooh, ooh. >> we love it. jaheim and the jalettes that i'm going to callly you.
9:58 am
he'll be here tonight at the dell. >> thank you. >> thank you. (vo) want to be happy with your next vehicle purchase? at enterprise, we guarantee it. head to your neighborhood enterprise car sales and let the people who buy more vehicles than anyone... change your thinking about buying your next one.
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live from new york city, it's the "wendy williams show." >> how you doin'?. >> my girls are always turned out. i give it to you straight. >> now, here's wendy! [ cheers and applause ] ♪ ♪ >> thank you forow! [ cheers and applause ] ay hello to my


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