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tv   FOX 29 News at 6PM  FOX  July 7, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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joining us. i'm iain page. >> i'm lucy noland. our stretch of dangerous heat continues get used it to because it's sticking around. one way to beat the heat of course is to head to the shore and that's where we find meteorologist kathy orr. tonight she's in margate. kathy, where are you now? >> wow we're right at the beach where the beach patrol is at lucy is and i'll tell you we have a beautiful sea breeze. it's hard to believe that just, what, 60, 70 miles to the west in the city of philadelphia it is sweltering. but here it is beautiful. the temperature is only around 80 degrees. the ocean water is in the 60s. you can see some haze though as we look to the north up beach there you can see atlantic city and it is hazy but i'll tell you the sea breeze cuts down and that oh humidity of the take a look at the heat index what it actually feels like out there. now, we were in the upper 90s in 100s earlier but right now in the 90s in philadelphia and through pottstown the 80s in the poconos. more comfortable. in dover we peaked at 102 today. so really sweltering in a good
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part of the region that excessive heat warning continues through tomorrow afternoon at about 6:00 o'clock. it will really feel like it's 100 to 105 degrees. i think tomorrow is the hottest day and it is the most humid day and then it all will break over the course of the weekend. fur heading down the shore which i do suggest to beat this oppressive heat if you can come for the day. it will stay warm tomorrow. 87. 86 a few pop up storms and that's on saturday by sunday mostly sunny, 84. the ocean water temperature 69 to 72 degrees. so some big improvements especially the latter half of the weekend after the wind shifts. i want to introduce to my friend anthony here watch does your sign say. >> kathy orr is the shore. hope it doesn't pour. >> look at the skies. we have clouds. you think it's going to pour. >> no. >> i think we're in the clear through this evening. we'll have your forecast from the city to the shore as we go through the weekend and next week coming up later in the broadcast. >> all right, kathy, thanks. seal in you little bit. don't forget you can always
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beat the heat with our fox 29 app get the extended forecast and have alerts sent to your phone it's available on i tunes or google play. comedian bill cosby will not get a new preliminary hearing in the sexual assault case against him nor will a judges to out the case. his attorneys were fighting for both today in inside a montgomery county courtroom. judge denied that request and fox 29's bruce gordon is live outside the courthouse in norristown tonight. bruce? >> reporter: yeah, guys, the headline here this afternoon is that the latest attempt by the cosby defense team to derail the only criminal sex case against the legendary comic has failed. bill cosby left the courthouse in norristown without comment after yet another courtroom defeat that brings him another step closer to facing trial. andrea constand has accused cosby of drugging then sexually assaulting her when she visited the legendary comedian at his cheltenham mansion back in 2004. cosby admitted sexual encounter
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with constand but has insisted it was consensual. at a preliminary hearing back in may, prosecutors made their case using written statements made by constand months after the incident. she was available to testify in person but was not called to do so. at this hearing, prosecutor pros noted current pennsylvania law does not require in person testimony prior to the trial itself. and they said they did not want to lee traumatize constand by subjecting her to an additional round of testimony. the defense told the judge, cosby's rights were violated when they were denied the chance to confront, to cross-examine his accuser face to face. they wanted sex assault charges dismissed or at a minimum a redo of that may preliminary hearing but in the end judge steven o'neill decided the preliminary hearing was fair and produced enough evidence for the cosby sex assault case to move on to trial. reaction from both parties. >> we are confident that our state's highest court will right
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this wrong, will reverse this decision and allow us to begin our journey to making sure that mr. cosby is proven innocent and seeing to it that we restore his good name. >> this isn't a place to have a person that is a victim of sexual assault revictimized again. we'll produce her at trial and we'll be ready to proceed at that point. >> reporter: no trial date has yet been set. but for now at least the sex charges against bill cosby remain in place. he will indeed get to face his accuser in a criminal courtroom. lucy? >> all right, thank you bruce. in burlington county, new jersey, police are trying to figure out how a woman wound up dead inside her home. the homicide investigation has people in that lumberton township neighborhood very worried. let's get straight to fox 29's dawn timmeney live in front of the woman's home in lumberton. dawn? >> reporter: well, lucy, people who knew 45-year-old
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shannon o'rourke are saddened and shaken. this is a charming quite little neighborhood and things like that don't happen here. so far no arrests and that really has neighbors feeling very uneasy. one day after 45-year-old shannon o'rourke is found murdered in her nassau road home, lumberton township police are back on the scene gathering evidence. investigators are not saying how o'rourke was killed or why or if they have any leads. that has neighbors especially worried. >> it's a small community and everybody knows everybody. everybody takes care of everybody. and that's why this is scary. i'm very nervous. >> brianna and her family live right next door. she showed me picture of the victim who she says was a super nice lady. >> i was pretty close to her when i used to hang out with her niece katie. we you've to go over there all the time and hang out. >> reporter: we're told the victim worked at a printing business and walk dogs on the side. both brianna and her brother say they didn't notice anything unusual or hear anything
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suspicious before o'rourke was found murdered. >> i saw her sunday afternoon and that's about it. and my mom saw her on monday. >> it's scary. very scary. i can't really wrap my mind around it at all. >> reporter: neighbor who did not want to go on camera says a male friend found o'rourke dead on the living room floor. she says he ran into the street screaming much this is normal quiet neighborhood that rarely sees any kind of police activi activity. >> i couldn't believe it because the whole road was blocked off and there were just suv's and detectives and ambulance and emt's and fire department and that's knowl there when someone just passes away. i new something was up. >> reporter: something indeed was up. the burlington county prosecutor's office may release some details tomorrow. for now, they are not talking and o'rourke's murder remains a mystery. iain and lucy. >> dawn, thank you. the coast guard is
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investigating the death of a recruit who enlisted less than two weeks ago. 21-year-old erin red collapsed after completing a mile and a half run friday. medic on the scene tried to help read before he was taken to the hospital where he died yesterday. the run was part of initial physical fitness test designed to test a recruit's ability to endure basic training. the coast guard says read passed all medical evaluations before he enlisted. police made arrest in the west oak lane grocery store robbery. they say tyree shaw was one of three men who robbed the grocery on the 6400 block of north 20th street. an employee tried to stop them when they grabbed a box of money but they got away. prosecutors have charged shaw with robbery among other things. police are still looking for the other two men's. police also arrested a man they say went on one week burglary spree in port richmond. police stopped allen sanford on the morning of june 21st. they say he was carrying several things they took from a garage on the 2800 block of salmon street after reviewing
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surveillance video cops cezanne forward also burglarized six other properties. he's now charged with seven counts of burglary. you decide 2016. new information from the secret service tonight about the upcoming democratic national convention. the agency has announced a whole host of road closures before the event roles into town. >> some of closures will take effect before the convention even starts. shawnette wilson has details. >> philadelphia's democratic national convention is an incredible opportunity for the city. it's our chance tore mine the rest of the country that we're a world class city. to highlight our landmarks, our businesses and our neighborhoo neighborhoods. >> but with all the excitement for the dnc in philadelphia in just over two weeks, comes the need for heightened security road closures and some impact on people who live in south philly. today officials released a map road closures and detours around wells fargo, center stage for the dnc which runs july 25th through the 28th. some including a portion of broad street will go into effect as early as the saturday before the convention starts.
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other roads will be open only to authorized vehicles. but interstate highways and express ways including i-95 will remain open to passenger vehicles the entire time. with the exception of i-95 exit ramps at broad street and south philly. they will be closed to all passenger vehicles during the dnc. during the news conference this afternoon, commissioner richard ross said residents will be impacted but they are working to minimize it as much as possible. >> there will be significant traffic in a way of police activity and obviously delegate buses and things like that, but, you know, we're going to work very hard with the neighborhoods that we already have in coordinating with them, the chief already talked about having details that will be down there specifically as we do with eagles games and a like to make sure that those neighborhoods are policed adequately while an activity good s going on. fdr park will be used as grounds for protesting. fencing will be put up around that area. philly police will handle the protesters while state police
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assist with the highways. shawnette wilson fox 29 news. for a full list of road closures and everything else you need to know leading up to the democratic national convention in philadelphia, just log on to our website at two different shootings by police in minnesota and louisiana in just a matter of days have protests popping up around the country. 32-year-old ferlando castillo shot yesterday during an apparent routine traffic stop in minnesota. his girlfriend streamed the aftermath live on social media. there's also video from an officer involved shooting tuesday in louisiana. it shows a struggle between 37-year-old alton sterling and police just moments before he was shot. the justice department is now investigating that shooting. white house spokesman says president barack obama is quote deeply disturbed by both shootings. who knew that clean up could lead to big bucks. that's exactly what happened to one woman in new jersey. how she almost missed out on her big pay day.
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and mayor jim kenney had harsh words for the philadelphia archbishop yesterday. now, one catholic organization is responding what it's saying about the mayor today. sean? >> phillies trying to continue their four-game winning streak we preview's tonight game in colorado and they have a chance to go to the finals and meet each other. we'll see if they dough later in sports.
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>> new jersey woman almost missed out a big pay day while organizing paper work she came across a jersey cash5 ticket from april 2015 drawing. she decided to check the numbers. she was a winner of more than $400,000. even more lucky the ticket was just two weeks away from expiring. there's controversy now over some recent changes at a philadelphia theater. three former workers at the freedom theater feel they were unfairly laid off. they tell us that they've been with the company for several decades and their father was a
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co-founder we spoke to the theater director and she says the layoffs are ut part of a broader plan to cut debt and revamp the theater to did he declining enroll many. she did not have a comment of why they cannot be part of the theater's next phase. >> mayor kenney said archbishop chaput's actions were not christian. that's a quote. when he released new guidelines holy communion. an article on catholic leagu bill donahue said "james kenney was elected mayor of philadelphia. he seems to think that gives him the authority or qualifications to run the catholic church in his city. does it not. it goes on to say, it is an abuse of his office to use his platform as mayor to publicly intrude on what is clearly an internal church matter. and it is far from the first time he has used his position as government official to tack the catholic church. donahue says the catholic league
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hopes supporters will e-mail the mayor. here's live look at allentown right now where temperatures are still in the upper 80s but it feels even warmer than that as heat wave grips the east coast. how is it down the shore? >> that's where meteorologist kathy orr is tonight. >> kathy nose. she's in margate. hi, kathy. >> well, hello. guess what i have now? >> ooh, what? >> what? >> doughnuts. >> delicious donut. doughnuts, yes. i want to introduce to you juniors. give up for juniors, guys. (applause). >> juniors doughnuts and the anna marie and adrian n we'll talk sweets. we'll talk more suites but when you're down the should you you like to cheat a little bit, right. >> and they tell me here britney is telling me at juniors they get up really early in the morning you to make sure you have your sweets early. >> we start at 1:00 o'clock in the morning so we can keep up with all of you guys down at the shore. we are selling out like crazy come see us early. we are selling out by
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10:00 o'clock. so it is so important that we start at 1:00 o'clock in the morning. >> okay. >> so we have enough for everybody. >> you drew the short straw for tomorrow. >> i'm on at 5:00 tomorrow morning. >> wow! >> to train how to do the doughnuts. fill them and frost them. >> good. come on you guys. grab your doughnuts. go ahead. get the doughnuts. >> all right. we'll do little weather and then we'll meet the family because they have something that i have never heard about that is pretty maze. let's talk weather. let's show where you we are right here on our barrier isla island. margate located to the south of atlantic city -- i should say the south of atlantic city and the north of ocean city where temperatures are very comfortable in the 80s. we're looking at a beautiful late afternoon here with no weather concerns and you look at ultimate doppler few spot tow showers that are well offshore of lbi but for the rest of us beautiful. philadelphia we're still in the 90s. the same goes as you head toward the south in delaware and for the rest of us getting a little bit more comfortable especially down the shore. in ocean city, it's still
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holding on to 90 degrees but it is more comfortable in wildwood where we are sitting at 82 degrees. heat and humidity over the next 24 hours with showers and a few thunderstorms popping up tomorrow afternoon. that will continue into the dinner hour. there is a slight risk of severe weather, though, to the north and west of philadelphia during the day tomorrow. so i want to remind you of that. now, overnight tonight, in the city, 77. in the suburbs 71. fair skies but it will be muggy. down the shore we have a bit of a sea breeze. so it will be very very comfortable if you are heading down. tomorrow it will feel like 100 degrees. the warmest temperatures, highest humidity with the storms popping up in the city and our suburb it will not be comfortable and on the exclusive fox 297 day forecast, look at this. saturday 93. sunday 87. the heat eases after a front moves through. monday 88. tuesday it's back to the heat. 90 degrees. none degrees on wednesday. and by tuesday 92 degrees with those shore temperatures staying
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really warm over the course of the weekend. then they ease a little bit and then they warm back up. so we are looking at more heat and humidity during the week next week but i think this weekend the best or most comfortable day will be on sunday. back here live i want to you meet the family. tell us what we have anna marie and adrianna. what is special about these candies. >> go ahead. let's dig in here. >> we have our summertime specialty which are chocolate covered pretzels and our chocolate covered fresh new jersey blueberries. >> no way? >> um-hmm. there's delicious. >> all right. i'll have you lift this up really quick. we'll taste one, okay. >> definitely. >> i've never had a chocolate covered blueberry. >> you'll love it. >> all right. lucy and iain, maybe how would like this, too. oh, my gosh. look at that. it's unbelievable. >> they're healthy. >> and they're healthy a little chocolate. thank you so much. juniors thank you so much. >> we'll send it back to the studio. i have a few doughnuts left you guys. >> wait, the chocolate covered
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blueberries, bring them back. they look great. >> lucy grows blueberries. she's very interest. >> i sure will. back to you. >> bye kathy. >> i would like that, too kathy. forget about howard. forget about him. i want blueberries. >> you can forget about the blueberries. they ain't coming back. >> the phillies, everything good about them right now but how long that will actually last i don't know adam morgan is on the mound and he's been struggling. plus we have the williams sisters both in semi finals at wimbledon like the old days account williams sisters get back to face each other once again. we'll see if they're able to do that coming up next in sports. xe
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>> breaking news skyfox right now over a march winding through center city. this is on the heels of a police involved shooting in not only minnesota but also in louisiana. this march began at the convention center. it will most locately make several stops. looks like it's making a stop right now actually. it's supposed to end at the arch street united methodist church for rally. so if you are traveling through this area, be mindful. ♪ all right. phillies wrapping up the first half of their season in a little bit and they've been all over the place. i mean you really don't know what you're going to get from this team. nine game losing streak and win six out of seven and go right
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back to losing five straight again. currently they're on four game winning streak and that can change very quickly with adam morgan on the mound. morgan was basically demoted put to the bullpen after a terrible start of the season. one for six with 6.31 era. awful. most guys would never get another shot but you're in philly so he gets one more chance. he lucked out. finally he can finally take advantage of this one. >> i'm very grateful for the opportunity, um, you know, i just want to take advantage of it. i know i belong here, and i know that i just have been going through a little rut but, you know, i'm just going to work through it. >> over in wimbledon venus and serena they meet in the finals once again. venus 36. serena 34. this may be the last shot that these two sisters have to play each other in the finals. they used to do it all the time. we start with serena in the semies and she just untouchable the best player in the game by
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miles and it was obvious. she won six-two, six-zero advancing to the finals. venus just couldn't get it done. she lost six-four, six-four to angelique thurber at 36 this may be her last run after the match she said her heart was in it but her legs were not. in the ufc another shocker for john jones pulled from his championship match this weekend. check out his emotional response specifically to who he will be facing or would have been facing daniel cornier. >> i haven't had the opportunity to talk to him. i want to tell him i'm sorry. that's really. only player that could beat him is him. all right. that does it for us here at 6:00. see you back here at 10:00v a great night. see you back here at 10:00v a great night. inside edition is up next.
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>> facebook live police shooting. >> oh, my god. an officer just shot him. >> i told him not to reach for it. >> the shocking video sweeping america. >> please, officer, don't tell me that you just did this to him. >> what went wrong. >> i'm pulled over by a police officer. what do i do. >> mansion trashed. >> workers repairing some of the damage. >> a thousand people at the pool. showers of champagne. >> the epic party here comparing to the wolf of wall street. and iphone for lunch? the desperate dad who needs to save the family photos from the hungry gator. >> oh,


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