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tv   Good Day Philadelphia at 6A  FOX  July 8, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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justice will be done. i will have more to say about this as the facts become more clear. for now. >> the president speaking from poland this morning about the devastation in dallas. five officers dead. another six injured after what started as a peaceful protest in dallas. >> the protests on the heels of the deaths of alton sterling and castile, two black men killed 22 hours apart causing a nation of unrest. this is a live look at dallas texas, sniper shots started downtown before 9:00 last night during a peaceful protest. >> developing details every moment. here's what we know, a total of 11 officers were shot. five have now been confirmed dead. >> three people are in custody. a fourth suspect was exchanging gunfire with authorities in a parking garage downtown. we learned from our sister
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station in dallas that suspect shot and killed hills. >> the protests have been a response to the videos. two black men shot and killed by police. first shooting death of alton sterling in baton rouge. >> then st. paul of castile his death streamed live by his girlfriend. >> dave kitchen you have first hand accounts from dallas. >> reporter: yes, we always have remark as made from the president. we're monitoring video being fed in from our station capturing the attacks. we want to caution you. it may be hard to view. this video shows several officers on the ground. we have blurred them because of the obvious sensitivity of the situation. you can see that he can ducking behind their police cars. you will see an officer or two rush in and try to bring this
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officer, drag him or her out of the line of fire right there. very desperate situation as you can see and just very chaotic there. chilling video also showing one of the texas gunmen armed with a rifle opening fire on the streets of dallas periodically hiding behind the columns. you can see there of that building and then coming back out to fire more shots. we do not know which sniper this is. we do not that one of them died from a self inflicted gunshot wound and three others were taken into custody. meantime we are hearing from president obama at the nato summit in poland. >> we do not there has been a vicious cal calculated and despicable attack on law enforcement. police in dallas were on duty doing their jobs, keeping people safe during peaceful protests. these law enforcement officers were targeted.
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and nearly a dozen were shot. >> coming from main street, i saw the bullets hitting the cop car. >> you said you actually saw an officer hit. >> yes, i did. >> just devastating, obviously we're continue to monitor the events and we will bring you new video from witnesses of relatives and maybe those who were hurt who decide to talk, we will bring you all of that as it comes in this morning. >> dave kinchen thank you so much. back here at home. fun re hundreds of activists, clergy and people in our area marched through center city to protest the condition this week, it was the second consecutive night of demonstration that is seemed to stay peaceful. >> philadelphia police say they're always on high alert, especially these days and especially this week. steve keeley live at police headquarters in philadelphia with how local officers are
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responding to this. steve? >> reporter: viewers see us here at headquarters all the time. reason we're out back this is where the commanders are usually parked. you see the spots empty like they usually are this time of day but they've been empty most days this week as a popular vacation week but the leaders of this department lead by example. of while they may have not been here in the morning, you saw the top guys in the country hamming protest, chief supervisor joe sullivan and commissioner rich ross leading the police presence last night out there that a news conference talking about the future protest situation with the democratic national convention then hit the streets at the height of the heat and rush hour to make sure their men and women kept all the men and women and children protesting and walking through the busiest streets at the busiest time during the evening rush hour safe last night. we expect these guys will be back on the streets with the protesters today, special in late of what happened in dallas.
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because they're going to do what most people might not think they would do, not worry about their own safety but extra worried about the protesters safety, worried that anybody may blame the protesters here, say, as a whole for what happened in dallas to those law enforcement officers. so no word from police. don't expect any big announcements about what changes or what things they will do differently and new to be on the alert to make sure their officers are safe. i don't want to tip anybody off. you can bet for sure they're going to go over the plan again and again like they keep doing and will do for sure all through the summer. because we're going to have more protests today, more protests especially during that convention. sadly, the situation in this country doesn't seem to change for the better, but seems to be changing for the worse, making the job of a philadelphia police officer a lot harder.
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we all remember jesse hart nato summ summit. they will come through this as well. we'll let you know if rich ross shows up in the morning to have a command meeting and you can bet he'll have a word for us and it's public if he does show up this morning. >> much like those dallas officers ambushed as we saw on the video. 6:06, we're going down to wilmington delaware, looks like sue serio has already made it there. how does it feel outside. >> reporter: wilmington is welcoming us. they're rolling out the welcome mat already this morning, we're in the hb dupont put plaza on delaware valley by washington street, offer 95. roll on down delaware avenue.
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party is here, a little park right across the street from the hotel. the number of the day, we went down again from yesterday's six, because we have a greater chance of widespread thunderstorms, we got a five our 10, bus stop buddy is celebrating national ice cream sunday day. could it ever be any better day for that. we're expecting a high temperature later on with excessive heat warning in effect of 94 degrees today. a greater chance as we said of widespread showers and thunderstorms. we'll talk more about that coming up. bob kelly i know you cancelled exertion out of the day. we got a little bit of breeze and not too bad. >> all chores were cammed. i took that sticky on calendar and ripped it up. 6:07, almost pushing 80 degrees,
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so the ac is cranking. of some debris fell out of the back of a construction truck here along 422, eastbound right near route 29 as you head in towards collegeville. septa same scenario again, if you're tired of the setup and you want to try something different, the market frankford or the broad street subway. give it a try t there's trains every eight minutes, we haven't had a problem at all on the big work horses on the septa system, also free parking at the transportation center. dallas, five police officers are dead, six others injured after snipers opened fire in law enforcement in the heart of dallas last night. >> one civilian was hurt. more of what's happening in texas is coming up after the break.
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keep on scratchin'. . good morning. welcome back this is a cover of the dallas morning news. as you can see the headline in big bold print, ambush. >> 11 officers shot, four of them dead. that number has since restaurant tone five dead. we learned around 3:00 this morning, that one picture has been circulating all over social media with the male officer crying, as you can imagine the horror in the streets. it was a black lives matter protest ended with snipers killing five people, officers and wounding six others. >> that led they don't an extended stand-off with at least
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one gunman who was threatening to kill more people. doug luzader is in washington, dc. we just heard from the president speaking from poland about yet another tragedy on american soil. >> reporter: good morning, the president saying there can be no justification for this attack. police in dallas say appears to be a coordinated planned attack. of nothing short of an ambush, they say. and the death toll unfortunately has been climbing overnight. there was outright terror, protesters running for lives. police trying to get a handle what was happening after a series of gunshots. >> images would emerge of what appears to be a gunman using pillars of the building for cover but he apparently wasn't alone. >> i made it across the street into the parking lot. that's when i saw a downed
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officer. >> reporter: five police officers would be struck down and killed. some half dozen others wounded. all in the wake of protests over police shootings in recent days caught on camera in louisiana, minnesota. earlier this morning, president obama merged after traveling to poland to speak about the violence. >> i believe i speak for every american when i say we're horrified over these events and that we stand united with people and the police department in dallas. >> reporter: there had been black lives matter protests around the country, including here in washington. while there were reports in dallas of protesters taunting police officers, it wasn't until the end that the snipers opened fire, something that may have required several individuals an extensive planning. >> that's our assumption now, working together with rifles, try an gated at elevated positions in different points in the downtown area, were the march ended up going.
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>> reporter: how was it that this attack was -- was planned and coordinator? was there anyone else involved? the police aren't aware of. these are all significant questions that are still out there this morning as police try to figure out what really happened last night. >> one of the lippinger questions is where we stand as a country when it comes to race relations and tensions between white police officers and african-americans, it will be interesting to see how both hillary clinton and donald trump address this perhaps later today. >> reporter: it's almost certainly going to be part of the campaign trail. there are going to be some kind of legal proceedings playing out in both baton rouge louisiana and st. paul minnesota as a result of the those police shootings, we're very likely to see more protests. >> we've seen them in florida. the.
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two black men killed 24 hours apart causing a nation of unrest.
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that he is is a live look at the scene in downtown dallas, the aftermath of a shooting before 9:00 during a peaceful protest in response to two black men who were shot by police officers this week. >> those african-american victims in the states of
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minnesota and louisiana and then the violence erupted in dallas. it was called an ambush anne these officers. we understand that three of the injured according to tweets sent out by one of the agencies are expected to be ok. no word on the other three shot last night. again five confirmed dead at this point of the 11 shot. let's turn to our weather here. sue serio, you're in wilmington delaware this morning, it's going to be a scorecher today. >> reporter: come visit us in wilmington delaware at washington street and delaware avenue is where we are. across from the brandywine building. we got a fountain here to refresh you let's get to the temperatures, here's the deal, day three of the heat wave. it's already in the 70's and the 80's this morning, so things are already muggy out here. we didn't get a chance to cool
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off much overnight. that makes conditions worse for today. excessive heat warning continues and we're going to a high of 94 today. then around 90 tomorrow. increased chance of thunderstorms both this afternoon and tomorrow. today's storms are not going to relieve us too much but tomorrow's will with a cold front, so that means less humidity on sunday. then stays kind of comfy for a couple more days until we get to the middle of next week. by thursday, we're talking 90's once again. that's a look at your seven-day seven-day forecast. i'll have much more for the weekend weather but you already know about keeping cool and comfortable. find air conditioning or find us in wilmington delaware. >>. >> you're looking cool, got the fountain, short sleeve shirt. we got sun glare coming around the conshohocken curve as it's a hot one heading into and out of the city, no major problems on the majors keep in mind, friday
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afternoons are going to be heading to the shore. of if you're heading down the atlantic city expressway, give yourself extra time. same deal as you approach the parkway, exit 7 s, there's only one lane open to the expressway to the parkway. about 30,000 people expected to the convention center which hillary clinton is going to make a speech later on this evening. that's going to impact our evening rush hour here in center city. weekend concerts on the waterfront tonight and tomorrow. concerts over here along the camden waterfront and that's going to leave a lot of extra volume heading up and over the benny for evening rush hour plus over the weekend. crisp lauren back to you. we're going back to dallas and give you another live look at what's happening now. here we are about nine be ten hours after shots rang out. hearts are heavy for fellow
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officers, five kill in a hail of gunfire, six others shot and wounded. they started around 9:00 p.m. dallas time during what had been peaceful black lives matter prosecute protests. >> three people are in dwus, a fourth was exchanging gunfire with authorities in a parking garage downtown. our sister station reporting that that suspect in the garage shot and killed himself. oo . >> witnesses say they saw people lying down on the ground as snipers at that finders shots. this all started at hundreds of people were gathering to protest this week's fall police shootings in louisiana and minnesota. those shots and shootings taking social media by storm as videos recorded the incidents and the aftermath. we have much more on the latest developments alton sterling and philando castile being killed. authorities identified the two police officers involved in
6:22 am
the deadly shooting of a black minnesota man during a traffic to stop. offic officers have been with the saint anthony police department four years. officials say both office approached philando castile's car in the stop on wednesday night. he shot castile multiple time after his girlfriend diamond reynolds said the officer asked for castile's license and registration, she facebooked life the aftermath. she's speaking out for justice and peace. >> they shot him for no reason. they took his life for no reason. they did this to my daughter and they did it to me and i want justice and i want peace. >> officials say its investigation is ongoing including interviews with witnesses, squad car video of the incident have been collected. we've been told that saint anthony officers do not wear
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body cameras. the u.s. justice department is monitoring the investigation. of. in baton rouge where people also protested alton sterling who was shot and killed tuesday with two white baton rouge police officers, most of the altercation captured on cell phone video. we've learned the department of justice will look into whether civil rights were violated and if there were any other violations of state and federal law. the officers involved blamed salamoni a four-year member of the department and howie lake the second. each had prior complaints. the latest from dallas for offices are searching for what could be suspicious packages. we'll be right back.
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♪ ♪. fox 29 sports in a minute. i'm sean bell. the schuylkill expressway wrapped up the utah summer leading and ben simmons back on the court after missing last game with leg cramps. he gets -- he only had six points, seven rebounds and six assists. the sixers still get the win. in wimbleton, serena williams making it look easy, the best player on the planet in the
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semis, she won 6-2, 6-0 advancing to finals. didn't get a chance to play her sister, venous couldn't get it done, she lost 6-4, 6-4. this to is probably her last chance to have a deep run in warm. in one of the hottest days of the year so far the flyers hit the ice. rookies and some of the young players started out in voorhees, introducing the young guns to professional life. that's sports in a minute, i'm sean bell. ♪ . we are hoping that the fountain will cool you off a little bit. at least looking at it. i can tell you this, this is the coolest part of the day right now, hopefully you'll come see us in wilmington and we'll let you know about the break. it's all in your weather authority forecast coming up. dave? .
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we are monitoring break news coming out of dallas, five officers have been shot in a brutal attack. we will have the latest coming in from the lone star state and steve keeley is watching the scene with police in philadelphia. >> reporter: five dallas police officers shot and killed by snipers has made the job of every police officer in every city, including philadelphia, a lot harder. you're wondering how much harder can the job of a cop be? >> you
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. city of dallas is grieving and we're grieving with them. the country is grieving. president obama addressing the world after 11 police officers were shot last night in dalla dallas. >> you hear the shots ripping out. five of those officers dead. another six injured after what started as a peaceful protest. the protest on that the deals of the death of alton sterling and philando castile, causing a nation of unrest. it's friday july 8th, 2016. >> we have the latest from dallas right now and how it affects us. first let's go to sue and bob for traffic and weather. sue, your live in wilmington for us this morning. >> as we've been telling you live today from wilmington, delaware. welcome mat is out and we hope that to welcome you as well. you will have a chance to win the mazda cx 9.
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bus stop buddy is showing you the best place to be if possible by a pool but notice he has the umbrella and an ice cream sunday in his hand. he's balancing a lot. it's ice cream sunday day where we could see numerous showers and thunderstorms in the afternoon, excessive heat warning continues for today. and this is where it gets a little dangerous, because it didn't cool off a whole lot overnight. so you really have to take care of yourself and all those heat wave precautions we've been telling you about. don't overexert yourself. all that stuff about try to go stay in air conditioning. today is the day. it is sunny and hot throughout the day. strong thunderstorms could be popping up. eye on the sky for sure this afternoon with a high temperature of 94. once we reach 90, the heat wave will be official. but official or not, bob kelly, we know it's hot outside. so enjoy this temperature. >> that fountain behind you as mike jerrick written all over
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it. 6:32. a live look at the blue route we're starting to see volume, fridays are always a little different because it's friday in the summertime. folks scoot out, maybe a personal day, maybe get to work early so they can scoot out early. nothing changed as far as septa, same deal with regional rails, we have suggested alternates on our web page, if you're looking to try something different, give the market frankford or the broad street subway a try, they've been it's two big work horses all week long, trains every eight minutes. you're not going to see the problem you're having on the regional rails. plus there's free parking at the frankford transportation center. additional parking same deal naval hospital, columbus and spring garden and extra spots at the norristown high speedline station. chris and lauren back over to you. five officers confirmed dead, six others shot and wounded. sniper shots started ringing right before 9:00 p.m.
6:34 am
what had been a peaceful protest was interrupted by gunfire. >> developing details every moment this morning, here's what we know right now. a total of 11 officers were shot. five of them have died. >> three people in custody right now. a fourth suspect was exchanging gunfire with authorities in a parking garage downtown as early as a few hours ago. we've learned from our sister station in dallas, the fourth suspect in the garage shot and killed himself. >> the protests have been in response to these videos, two black men shot and killed by police this week. first happening on tuesday in bat roup louisiana, alton sterling was shot dead. >> then the death of philando castile in the st. paul suburb in minnesota, his death streamed live on facebook by his girlfriend. dave kinchen joins us with the first hasn't accounts from witnesses that dallas. >> these accounts are chilling and the video is also chilling. we have new video, actually coming into the station here. this came in moments ago, we're getting a look at the first body
6:35 am
of the fallen police officer leaving a hospital in dallas. we believe that's park dmren hospital. you can't quite see this part but there are officers saluting as this procession leaves the hospital. very emotional moment and a wanting for this next video. it may be hard to watch. it is shocking. this video shows several office down on the ground amid the attack as it's happening, we have blurred out the officers on the ground because of the sensitive nature of this situation. at one point you will she officers rushing in, hearing you. rushing in and pulling an officer dragging them to either safety or out of the line of fire as best as they can. incredibly stressful as you can imagine. and chilling video showing one of the text gunman armed, periodically hiding behind the columnss of this building and coming out to fire more shots. we do not know which sniper this is. we do not one of them died from
6:36 am
a self inflicted wound and three others in custody, now, a witness talks about what she saw. >> front of, like going around him and you could see more officers. actually happening people walking by and kind of like [inaudible] a police officer actually at a distance cop cars, they weren't cave harming anybody or anybody. that's when i heard the gunshots and saw everybody scatter. >> reporter: people running literally for their lives in this situation, at 7:00 you will hear from president obama who addressed the situation while at the nato summit in poland, we will have that for you at 7:00. >> we expect to hear from the police chief in dallas investigation. that's where john f. kennedy was taken after he was shot november 22nd of 1963.
6:37 am
back here at home. hundreds of activists, clergy members and people in our area marched through center city to protest the police shooting. it was the second consecutive night of demonstrations. philadelphia police of course on high alert especially in the light what's happened just this week, steve. >> reporter: police here share information with dallas police and police departments all over the country, especially in the big city, chiefs of police will all meet. remember charles ramsey while philadelphia police commissioner led the police chiefs association. don't be surprised ridge ross say that he's friend with the dallas police chief and a lot of the officers there, they not only share information but they also share that common bond being a law enforcement officer and these days, being a hated, a lot of days and a targeted law enforcement officer as well. so it's plain simple common sense that philly police and all police in this country everywhere will be taking steps to do checks of any overhead
6:38 am
parking garages or a spots where any copy cat want to be cop killers may be hiding, future protests but it's also common sense that police aren't going to be coming up making public announcements about any new actions they will be taking, to not just worry about those who want to do harm to law enforcement officers but now to be extra vigilant, extra careful to keep protesters safe with concern over any violent blaming backlash of protesters by someone who may want to do harm with a gun. somebody angry over the dallas police officers killed. now, maybe wanting to strike back against innocent protesters in the streets. of so yes, in you're wondering can the job of a police officer here in philadelphia get anymore tougher, dangerous? and the answer, sadly, this morning is yes, it can. as we face more protests for sure this week and a whole lot of protesters coming to town for the convention coming up h.
6:39 am
to say that it's been frustrating for septa riders, the regional rail trains still running on a modified saturday schedule. septa is still working with amtrak 10 new jersey transit to lease sets of rail cars as it works to repair the structurally unsound cars. what good has come out maybe it's a deal between the philadelphia parking authority, the ppa, and uber. >> that's right. the ppa letting uber x and pool legally operate from now until sent 30th. officials went for it just weeks ahead of the democratic national convention, and on the heels of septa's regional rail problems. they hope this deal will ease the travel headaches during the dnc by giving commuters more transportation options. >> we want philadelphia to shine during the democratic national convention. and we want to help alleviate some of the computer -- some of the commuter disruption caused
6:40 am
by septa's rail problems. >> uber x and pool have already been operating in the city despite the fact that it has been illegal. >> hillary clinton will be in philadelphia today, the presumptive democratic nominee for president plans to attend at the african methodist church tonight. and vice president joe biden later this morning. we continue to following the story out of dallas, more on chaos as snipers fire shots at police officers last night. >> much more straight ahead.
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. five police officers dead six others injured after snipers open fire during a protest in dallas last night. >> it was in traction to this week's police shootings of black men in louisiana and in minnesota. fox news correspondent has the latest from dallas texas. >> reporter: chaos ensues during a protest in downtown dallas, a
6:44 am
snipers fire shot at police officers thursday night. one suspect hauled up in a parking garage in a stand-off with police. >> at least two snipers from elevated positions as the protests rally march ended began firing upon our officers. ambush style. >> little trouble with the audio, following the development $, five officers killed, six others wounded in gunfire last night at dallas. >> we've bentyl you all week we're going down to wilmington delaware. sue serio is already there. >> reporter: many other people are out as well. we're glad to see a crowd starting to form already on this, see how we're spending this? this is the coolist time of the day. look at the temperatures, it is hot already in so many places. we have a couple places in the
6:45 am
80's. everybody else in the muggy 70's to get started this morning, as we look at our forecast for wilmington today, at least for while we're here, of course it's muggy to start but there's a little bit of a breeze right here in the dupont plaza, by 10:00 it will be warm and humid. the futurecast shows when the storms we've been talking about are probably going to pop up and you really start to look out for them any time after 12:00 noon between noon and 3:00 is when we'll start to see the storms and they could be more numerous than the few we saw yesterday. a few could be strong to severe. so remember if you're in the swimming pool or on the beach, you got to get away from that situation as soon as you hear thunder. as far as the center city is going to be about 94 degrees at the shore, high temperature of 86. poconos mountains, you're not going to escape humidity there either with a high of 84,
6:46 am
seven-day forecast has 94 degrees for today and 90 tomorrow. that will make it a four-day heat wave. and then we have less humidity for sunday. and stays that way monday and tuesday then sticky again and back in the mid 90's by thursday of next week. as you can see here at dupont plaza, washington street and delaware avenue. people are taking pictures of us while we're taking pictures of them. basically you get through today and tomorrow and then the forecast is just peachy. look at you out there looking if in your brand new short sleeves. you dropped the peach. 6:46. good morning, everybody. live look at sun glare, hello downingtown, 30 bypass, by the way, blob fest in phoenixville this weekend at the head. the thunder could be driving along with you, closer you get
6:47 am
to the parkway, the atlantic city expressway ramp to the garden state parkway still only has that one lane open through the construction zone. concert weekend on the waterfront, florida george line, tomorrow hall and oats. using 676 and route 130. there's also a big convention tonight in philadelphia, 30,000 expected to arrive at the convention center and also hillary clinton set to speak there this evening, keep that in mind if you're in and out of center city, the same deal with septa again today, if you're really looking for a different option, you just tired of the last couple days and updo something different, market frankford or broad street subway lines are a great suggestion, trains every eight minutes, we haven't had a problem all week long on both of the work horses, free parking at the frankford transportation center, may not be the best option for
6:48 am
everybody. understand that, but if you look for an option and trying to find alternates put that on the top of your list, the market frankford or the broad street subway. let's get back to dallas where five police officers are dead, six others injured. >> after snipers opened fire during a protest in dallas that last night. in robs to this week's police shooting of black men in minneso minnesota. >> reporter: chaos ensues during a protest in downtown dallas as snipers fire shots at police officers thursday night. one suspect haul up in a parking garage in a stand-off with police. >> at least two snipers from elevated positions as the protests rally march ended, began firing upon our officers. ambush style. and shot what we believe at this point 11 officers. >> reporter: the bodies were
6:49 am
scattered around the scene while hundreds of protesters scattered and ducked for cover as at least 50 shots rang out. >> after all the cop cars went by, there was hundreds of people running in the opposite direction of the cop cars. >> reporter: the shootings happening amid an antipolice brutality protest following the death of two black men at the hands of white officers, one in louisiana, another in minnesota. the dallas police now believe the sniper shootings were planned out. >> we still don't know all the facts. we do know there has been a vicious cal calculated and despicable attack on law enforcement. >> reporter: federal and state governments offering assistance. >> i've heard from both the white house and governor's office extending their help. >> reporter: police continues their search for any additional suspects that may have been involved in this shooting.
6:50 am
that is the latest from dallas, casey steigle fox news. authorities trying to determine what prompted a 16-year-old to take a fatal plunge into the delaware water known as graffiti pier in fishtown, police received a 911 call after 5:00 that a boy jumped into the river and never resurfaced. rescuers managed to find the teenager an hour later, rushed him to the hospital but it was too late. > . a district attorney says he's using a recent rule change to spare accuser andrea constand from being retraumaed. they asked to schedule a new preliminary hearing. prosecutors are relying heavily
6:51 am
on a decade old police statement. the 78-year-old was accused of drugging and molesting constand in 2004. sad time for broadway. john mcmartin has died at the age of 86. >> his career spanned several decades. he died of cancer in new york on wednesday surrounded by his family. >> sweet charity into the woods, high society, mcmartin also had many tv and film roles, he played a newspaper editor of all the president's men, a great film about the watergate break in and what happened to nixon's presidency. i think that won best picture. >> we continue to follow the breaks news story out of dallas, coverage continues five dallas police officers dead. six others injured after snipers opened fire on law enforcement right in the heart of the city.
6:52 am
>> what we know so far straight ahead after the break.
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. good news final tulle at 6:54. the mega millions jackpot climbing to $540 million. that's the cash option of 380 million. ticket sales are surging twice rate they were, this is the longest mega millions run without a winner, also seventh highest in history. i can't even speak correctly it's so mind boggling. >> the jackpot.
6:55 am
mike and alex are heading down to wilmington delaware. are you guys there yet? >> we're here in the dupont square. it's kind of a circle. a little bit i guess it is, it's basically, what? wilmington at delaware? you know where it is. >> the dupont plaza. >> fountain is set up. speaking i think you guys were talking about the mega millions tonight and i bought yours like i always do. again i'll ask the question, if you win tonight, about 10:59, do what you think is right. >> i'll do what i think is right, you're right. >> you're going to do what you think is right. >> you'll find out if i win. >> some people will say i'll split it with you. >> i don't know if i'll split but you'll be a happy man. >> as you know, with the situation in dallas, had to make a decision, do we come and do this or not? we felt like we made a commitment weeks and months ago
6:56 am
to the people of wilmington, a lot have come out and we'll talk to them. >> it's not just the situation in dallas but also minnesota, it's the state of the country right now and what all is going on. we recognize that. but like we said, we wanted a make sure we honored our commitment and we will be out here. >> full show, come down and see us live here dupont plaza from 7:00 to. see you in a few minutes.
6:57 am
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6:59 am
. this is good day philadelphia. devastation in dallas. snipers open fire during a peaceful protest over police involved shootings over louisiana's minnesota, five police officers are dead, six others hurt. a stand-off with one of the suspects ended hours ago. what we know about the others in custody this morning. >> we don't support each other. they feel like they can take us out and it's not ok. >> the girlfriend of philando castile making an emotional plea after he was shot and killed by a police officer in minnesota. the reason why she kept her camera phone rolling in the moments after the shooting. similar peaceful protests happening here in philadelphia. how what happened in dallas will change the way philadelphia
7:00 am
police respond. >> good morning from wilmington, as you know all summer long every friday on good day philadelphia we have ventured off into a viewing city. in our viewing area and we wanted a keep our commitment to wilmington. thanks for coming out to see us. even with all this going on in your hometown of dallas. i thought of you immediately lack of night about 9:30 when i heard the first words of shots fired in dallas. >> i woke up to a lot of text from family members and the dallas morning news, what they had on the cover of theory their cover this morning it says ambush. it printed four police officer now we know it was five. it started off as a peaceful protest in downtown dallas, the dallas police department were tweeting out pictures, showing all of these and one of the


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