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tv   Good Day Philadelphia at 9  FOX  July 8, 2016 9:00am-10:00am EDT

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did you know people can save over $500 when they switch to progressive? i got your nose! i got your nose right here. i know that's your thumb, grandpa. talent! learn about it! >> ♪ >> welcome back to wilmington here. what an interesting day on "good day" philadelphia. we're having this battle back and forth, trying to have a good time and one of our favorite viewing areas wilmington delaware. then you just come out of this press conference which was kind of shocking about the horrible thing that happened in dallas last night. >> it was the dallas police chief brown who was talking about what went on and what
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they know bouts suspect. this is because they had an hours long standoff with the suspect before the suspect was then killed. this is -- we're learning new information about what the suspect had to say and what police know about what happened in dallas last night. >> this is not -- let's get to chris and lauren. they have more details. you guys heard the press conference as well. >> yeah, we'll show you what happened last night right before 9 o'clock. take a look at this. >> ♪ >> (sirens). [gunfire] >> that was the scene in downtown dallas last night. the mayor has just updated the number to 12 police officers shot. five have died. seven others injured during a black lives matter rally. snipers aimed guns directorially at police officers. the dallas police chief says one of the suspects said he was upset about recent shootings and wanted to kill white officers.
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>> there's more details coming in. it seems every moment. here's what we know right now. we do know as lauren said 12 officers were shot, five have died. >> three people are in custody and a fourth suspect was exchanging gunfire with authorities in a parking garage downtown. we've learned that negotiations broke down with that suspect. he revealed a lot of information. he was killed when an explosive device was detonated. two other civilians were also injured. >> and we are getting our first look at one of the officers killed. this is 43-year-old brent thompson a dallas area rapid transit officer the first ever killed in the line of duty. he joined that agency called dart in 2009. >> also learning he just was married two weeks ago. the protests have been in response to these videos, two black men shot and killed by police. the first the shooting death of alton sterling in baton rouge louisiana. >> then the death of philando castile in a saint paul suburb his death streamed live on facebook by his girlfriend when this all happened. dave kinchen now tracking the latest information for us. dave, good morning.
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>> good morning to you. we just heard from a -- a lot of local officials here the mayor and the police chief in dallas at a press conference the police chief asking for the nation to pray for police officers in dallas and around the country saying that this is a team to heel wounds and not create them and he also said many officers had no way of really protecting themselves on the ground dooling with sniper fire from above. this comes as processions begin for fallen officers here the body of one of them leaves a hospital in dallas. you can't quite see it here but officers are saluting the procession. in a warning this next video is a bit shocking this video shows several officers on the ground around their patrol cars also a the gunfire ensues. we have blurred them because of the sensitive nature of the situation but you can see just how chaotic the situation is. at one point an officer is dragged an attempt to drag this officer the safety right here. take a look. you can see that right here. now there's more information from dallas police chief brown.
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>> dallas officers are hurtin hurting. we are heart broken. there are no words to describe the atrocity that occurred to our city. the suspect said he was upset about black lives matter. he said he was upset about the recent police shootings. the suspect said he was upset at white people. the suspect stated he wanted to kill white people especially white officers. >> and of course this continues to develop. we'll follow the latest. back to you. >> thank you so much dave can kinchen. >> so much to keep track of. i think mike put it perfectly in wilmington today, good day is trying to have some fun but in light of what happened overnight in dallas and around the country just this week trying to balance that out a little bit. guys we'll sends it back to you for now. >> yeah. >> we made a commitment that
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we would be here and so we've been talking about it all morning getting the feelings from the mayor and from some of our senators andly the community here and officers that are here in the area. >> yeah, we all met out here this morning to have some fun right and now we have to deal with this and everybody wants the talk about it. let's share our feelings about it. starting with quincy harris. you got a couple little boys at home there. >> yes. >> how are you going talk to them about it? have you talked to them about violence in the past. >> my sons are five and two years old. i found out about this late last night. it was hard for me to go to sleep. some of the things i've seen on social media people saying oh this is pay back, oh, you know, an eye for an eye. i'm upset of the actions of the officers that killed, you know, alton sterling and fill lain degree castile. i'm not mad at all police officers. i'm mad at those specific, you know, officers that made those actions. i'm just upset at people thinking this is the answer. you can't answer hate with hate. that's not the world i want to
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live in. you know, their lives there are -- all families are going to be affected from this for their entire life. now you have people that are going to say oh, you know what, i don't like plaque people and this will keep going on and on and compounding late is not the issue. it's not the answer. i'm just upset. now how do you think like every time my wife levers the house with my two sons, will i ever see them again because of the acts of violence we have, random acts of violence. this is just -- this is not the answer and people that think this is the answer, that's scary. that's the scary part of this. one thing we did when we came down to wilmington, i was feeling -- i was feeling really down me and mike, the camera operator we were talking about the issue and then we went into libby's diner there in wilmington delaware and we were talking to libby, the owner of libby's diner and just the interaction with the people, it kind of lifted me up. it shows that people are still good people. just don't let the actions of
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a few affect, you know, the action of many and i just want to kind of compound this hate with love. we have to use love, guys, like honestly use love and be compassionate and don't oh this person is a police officer he represents every police officer or that black person is bad or that white person doesn't like -- let's not go there. let's not go there and i know there are issues in the past. i know -- i saw things in the media they said that it was one guy that did these actions and it's like the media is always messing up. we sometimes get things wrong sometime. they corrected it. this isn't a conspiracy theory. this just a small actions -- big actions of a few people that really affected all of us and will change the way that we think about this moving forward but i just think the answer to this problem we have to start loving each other more, you know. those police officers, they have families. >> that's right. >> they're never going to go
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back home to their families. can you imagine that? can you imagine that, mike? i'm shocked, man. i'm really shocked. the only way we can combat this is love. >> people are -- people are shocked and they're a little scared this morning because it seems like it could be a tipping point. i hope it's not where we turn against each other. the other way to go is to come together. that's true. like you said love is the only answer and that's the only way to fight this off. >> anything else is counter productive. >> yeah. >> purpose would it have. >> quincy thank you for those thoughts. hug your kids tonight for sure. >> let's get some ideas from some other people. do you want to talk about it. where are you from. >> i'm from new castle delaware. >> who are you. >> my name is odette parker. >> you just heard about it last night. >> i did. >> what came to your mind. >> basically what came to mind based -- i have a son that's 22 years old. my son is the first person that comes to mind. we have had a conversation before around, you know, police officers and different
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things like that and he understands the importance of making sure that he does what he's supposed to do if he's ever being stopped. >> that's one side of the story. the other one is how this person reacted against white officers. that is not the answer of course. >> that's true. that is very true. that is not the answer. we need to make sure that, you know, we as citizens and everything like that just do what we need to do. >> but in this country it's a legitimate side of the story you had to talk to your son about being stopped by police officers. >> well, if he's ever stopped by police officers exactly what he needs to do. you know, just follow the orders and everything and everything should be fine. >> i think that's a conversation that happens in a lot of african-american families in this country. >> it's very true and i've been hearing from a lot of people and they told me this morning we've been talking about it and 33 said i had to have a conversation with my children if it's not just about what to do if you're stopped by police officers, it's about the violence and addressing it. think about it kids are at home right now and they're seeing this. >> and the conversation continues. the answer is not what happened last night in dallas by killing each other no
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matter what our race s anybody else wander to just real quickly. >> yes, i wanted to say that violence shouldn't be in telling wear too much. >> we've had issues here in wilmington no question about it, too. and we talked to some of the believers, how they're going to handle any protests that my cropping up in their community and of course we have to talk about the philadelphia big convention that we have coming, what, in two weeks now. >> that's true and a lot of people wondering how is this going to lap. you know with any convention there are protests. >> rider. >> and the goal is always to be peaceful and we were talking to some of the senator who's were here. they said you know we're going to take -- what have we learned, what do we know, let's focus on that but there's definitely something that should be learned from dallas and it was a peaceful protest it's just at the very end, very few can take that to a different level. >> yeah. >> very few. >> we'll continue to talk about it with the great citizens wilmington in about two minutes.
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>> it's a hot -- what's the name that of song. hot town sundayer in the city. is that right, hot town summer in the city. >> yes. >> i'm the oldest person here. we're back in wilmington where it's going to be very hot today. who are you. >> my name is justin. this is rob. >> where are you from. >> my cooling >> it's a cool place. >> very cool. >> this is a ice vest. this vest has ice inserts. if you're working outdoors or where you don't have air conditioning you can wear this regulate your body temperature help prevent heat tress and it's one size fits all. you can feel the cooling effect instantly. >> what do i have on. >> very similar. that's a face change vest. this is going to last four to six hours so again if you're
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working somewhere where you don't have good ventilation circulation this vest is really going to help regulate your body temperature. >> does it make my -- >> seriously. >> how do we keep it then? do we put these in the freezer. >> those you can freeze. you can put them in the refrigeratorly i put those in the cooler since last night and they're still nice and cool. >> we love these things alex and i. what is it exactly. >> these are just personal misting fans. they have a little trigger here that releases some water here and the the fan to keep you cool. >> i love that it's finding dory or finding nemo fans. they have a froz "frozen" one or here. >> "frozen." >> it squirts out a mist. >> y it keeps you cool from the process of evaporation. the water helps regulate your body temperature. >> and always wear a giant hat, right. >> yeah. >> got it on backwards. >> that's not just any hat is it. >> no, it's not. it's a solar powered cool
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breeze hat. when you're in direct sunlight this solar panel willpower up the fan and you'll have tremendous circulation going on. >> there's a fan. >> there's a fan in the front. fortunately we're not in direct sunlight it's real shaded which is nice but if we were in direct sunlight this hat would work. >> does it take awhile to start up. >> no it's and stand. >> as soon as i hit the sun the fan is on. >> how much does this run. >> 35 to $40. >> you can afford that for me he. >> the fan blows on me. >> it's all on the head. >> how much are these vests. >> cooling vests range between like 30, $40 for evaporative vests that just use water. some of those run in the hundred dollar range. >> do you have any of these for animals or pets. >> we do have cooling vests for dogs as well because. >> horses. >> yeah, dogs, horses. here we go. >> he likes it. he wants to get one. would you like were you ever these. >> yes. >> you like it. >> real quickly tell us about
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that -- she's a new customer. >> tell us about that dog. how far across the country did he go. >> $66,000. he's been to saint sturgis. >> on a bike. >> he even has his own helmet. >> yes, he does. >> sue you would love to see this. >> oh. [laughter] >> sue maybe you should get one of these vests for rufus. >> yeah, rufus and with our new friend theo as well. theo could use a cool down here. isn't that the most beautiful face. now theo is available for adoption from the delaware humane society and greg munson is here. thank you so much for coming out. >> hi sue. how are you. >> tell us about how to keep our dogs safe in this heat because we're of course concerned about ourselves but our pets we don't always think about what they need. >> you're right. it's interesting that pets and people are very similar. did you know that pets can actually get sunburned? >> i did not know that. >> so, theo could get a sunburn. >> theo could get a sunburn.
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if your dog is about to be out a little bit there's a sunscreen available for dogs. i thought that was very interesting on that. dogs obviously need shade. they need shade. they need water. but they can't cool themselves. they will pant, they will sweat but it's not going to cool themselves like it would with a person, you know, sweating. >> they need more water than we do. >> they need a lot more water than we do and then one of the things that people are always wandering to take their dogs out and let their heads stick out and let the wind blow in especially in the heat not a great idea because the dry heat will get their eyes, their breath and that makes them that much hotter. >> hotter. >> you got it. >> it's hard enough to get through because they're wearing such a fur coat. you don't want to leave your dog out in the yard for too long. >> correct. >> try to keep the dog as well as yourself in air conditioning. >> you do. >> how long do we take walks. >> if you go go in the morning time that's great and just like a person if the pavement is too hot for you or if you go to the beach and it's too hot it's going to be too hot for the dog. >> all right.
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this is great advice greg. how can we adopt three yo' and make him our best friend. >> theo is that available for adoption one of about a hundred animals we currently have at delaware humane association. we're literally 2 miles from here. >> 2 miles away right here in wilmington delaware what is your web site. >> delaware >> easy to remember. thanks for coming by today. >> thank you. we appreciate it. >> we will be back with more of "good day" philadelphia. good day drives you from wilmington delaware. we'll be right back. >> ♪
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>> good day philadelphia wilmington delaware. starting to get hot and sticky. we need to cool off alex. >> with ice cream. >> that's the best way to cool off. what's your flame. >> i'm from drop squad kitchen riverfront. >> i know the riff front. >> drop squad.
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>> like the spike lee movie. >> spike lee joint that's what you call them. >> spike lee joint. we'll have to do some squats after doing all this. banana splits. >> it's called a nana split named after my nana who liked caramel instead of pineapple which is the traditional way. today we'll use a little bit of caramel instead of the pineapple. >> love that idea. >> we'll use strawberry on top of strawberry. >> yeah. >> and last but not least chocolate on chocolate. >> chocolate on chocolate. >> then we take the very, very fresh bananas, put it on the side. >> that's. >> that's what makes it a ban banana boat. >> you put it on the top. >> got to keep the secure. >> i'm going to sneak in the last minute squirt, squirt, squirt. >> alex who is our taste tester. >> we have daesean. >> how old are you. >> seven. >> what have you always wanted to be. >> be on tv. >> what would you do if i told -- when i told you you
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were going to be on tv you show me. you get to not only be on tv but you get to eat an ice cream sunday. are you excited. >> yes. >> take a bite and let me know was think. >> what's your favorite chocolate or strawberry? he went right for the strawberry. >> good. >> good. >> it's good. >> you can keep eating. you can keep eating. is it okay dad. >> yeah, yeah, go ahead. >> he said it's okay. >> the waterfront is one of the best parts of wilmington no question about it. >> we love it. >> wait we forgot the cherry. >> oh, shoot. >> got to have the cherry on top right. >> uh-huh. >> how is that? you like a lot of cherries. >> nope. >> nope. >> okay. i'll eat the cherries how about that. okay. >> it is a friday . >> [laughter] >> what you doing. hold on now. hold on now. >> okay. [laughter] >> who else wants to cool off. >> there it is. >> always the bearded guys. >> hold on mike. you're always doing it to
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other people but you don't take it. there we go. [laughter] >> that's okay. okay. oh, see, now. >> okay, let's take a break so mike can clean himself up. a little on your collar there. okay, that's one way to take care of it. >> thank you. >> we'll see you at drop squad kitchen. [laughter] >> come on back to wilmington. good day is in wilmington delaware the first state. >> ♪ (vo) want to be happy with your next vehicle purchase?
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9:29. we have breaking news to tell you about the us cap ton on lockdown due to application
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activity both the capitol building and the visitor sent remember involved in that lockdown everyone being told to shelter in place, capitol police say they're searching for an individual, but not saying much more. >> staffers say for their part the house met briefly and then immediately was recessed. >> and we continue to follow this big breaking story, the latest developments out of dallas, the mayor has updated number to 12 police officers, five have died, seven other injuries, during black lives matter late last night. snipers aim their guns directly at police officers, and the dallas police chief says one of the suspects said he was upset about recent shootings, and wanted to kill white officers. >> we don't feel much support most days.
9:31 am
let's not make today most days , please, we need your support to be able to protect you from men like these who carried out this tragic, tragic event. >> pray for these families. >> police chief went ton say we are heart broken. here's what he shared with us. we know now that 12 officers were shot, five have died. three people are in custody, that fourth suspect now dead after an explosive device detonated police say he had barricaded himself in a parking garage, negotiated when officers for several hours, that's when he told them he was angry about the police shootings. >> and a sad update here. getting our first look at one of the officers killed. this is four had three year old brent thompson, a dallas area rapid transit officer, the first ever killed in the line of duty. they brought in armed uniformed officers to that
9:32 am
agency, 1989. he joined dart in 2009. and lauren, you reminded us that he was newly married? >> just two weeks ago, all of this comes as processions begin for the fallen officers, here, the body of one of them leaves a dallas hospital. you can't quite see it, but their officers saluting that procession, and a warning, the next video is pretty shocking, the video shows several officers down on the ground around their patrol cars, we have blurred them because of the sensitivity of this situation. but you can see, just how chaotic the scene was, at one point, one of the officers has to be dragged out of the line of fire. and here's new information, from dallas police chief, david brown. >> so we'll get to more from the mayor and the police chief, and then first we want to share that the protests were in response to these videos, as you well know, two black men shot and killed by police earlier this week. the first, the shooting death of alton sterling, in baton
9:33 am
rouge, louisianna. >> then the death of phil aroundro castile, on facebook, his girlfriends streamed it live as it happened. >> so much to keep track of, including, the man who barricaded himself, was talking with police for hours, warning that there would be ied's around the city of dallas. that's what the police chief shared just a short time ago. of course an improvised explosive device. so far no more information on that. >> of course the story still developing, we'll keel you updated throughout the day on line and here on air. >> back to mike and alex who are in wilmington. good morning, guys. >> you know, we have a lot of people around us. do you say that washington, d.c. is in lockdown right now? >> yes, and there is no word specifically if it is related to anything that transpired in dallas or not. but yes, they sent congress home after meeting earlier today, and they've all been told to go home, and evaculated the building. >> okay, well, precaution all over the country, that's for
9:34 am
sure. and also we had some information about scranton, pennsylvania, true? >> yes, hillary clinton and joe biden, they had an event, but they canceled it in scranton. >> again, we're trying to balance this good day friday idea, every friday we go and have fun in a different community, so trying to balance what happened last night but still trying to hug and join hands with citizens who watch our show every day. so one of the things, they're lined to up do right now in wilmington is eat. so i'll take the first truck, okay? >> this is the brunch box. >> what's your name, sir? >> from the brunch box. >> do you have a brick and mortar? >> yes, restaurant up in hokessing delaware, 20 miles from wilmington, drip cafe. >> drip cough aing. >> breakfast all day, farm fresh ingredients, awesome,. >> where do i find the brunch box snuck. >> at the hercules building 13th and market or friday's barclay at the river front on thursday. >> we got great sandwiches for you. park sausage sandwich, house made power jam, after regula,
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jam, pretzel roll from philadelphia bakery there, delicious. we also have the our crab hash here too. >> crash lab? -- crab hash? >> the brunch box, let's see, alex, what do you have? >> you might remember this truck. we were here two years ago, for the first week. >> oh, what's up guys? a little filming ton, wilmington, how are you guys doing? >> of course i remember these tacos, we have to have them again. >> we got them right here for you guys. >> okay? >> and then we have some awesome hawaiian -- >> just me, mike getting ready for the next shot. you help me out, girlfriends. here we go. >> spicy and sweet? >> you got it. >> little herbs on top, cilantro, wash it down with fried apple tea. >> pineapple tea. >> i love tea, and i love pineapple t all works. >> oh, that's amazing. >> refreshing? >> very refreshing, so if you can't get me on the truck, check me out kapow kitchen.
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>> thank you for coming back out. >> thanks for having us. >> now, i got to catch up with mike, okay, here we go. it is like a relay race here, mike. gout to say -- hey. >> we had suggestive hand offment mike, good to see you again. >> welcome back. >> wild witch? >> wild sandwiches. >> you have wild sandwiches. start with this one. >> our sigh began, instead of traditional meat most vietnamese sandwiches, hickory smoked salmon. >> hickory? >> and then these two here are the jolly mon. this is a spicy and sweet jerk chicken topped off with mango chutney. >> alex, you like jerk chicken, don't you? jamaican jamaicanucrazey? >> i got this fork there. >> strawberry lemonade. we can't help but bring it everywhere we go. they'll be mad at us. >> where can i find your
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truck? >> right behind me, but rodney square on wednesdays. and on thursdays we have few other places local, but just opened our cafe this winter, two blocks from here. delaware avenue. >> very nice. >> where can i find your headband? >> amazon. >> i had to think. >> lemonade is amazing. >> it is so good. all right, let's refresh ourselves and come back to wilmington, boom. toilet germs don't just stay in the toilet.
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>> ♪ >> guys, i'm going to have -- i'm having such a good time, uptown, a treasure right here, in wilmington. this is the river taxi. you can drink, you can sing, check it out whether we come back.
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>> talk about a big fan, you made this shirt?
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>> this morning, just for you. >> she knows my favorite color, that's why she has purple in here. >> hey. >> where are you from? >> north wilmington. >> do you sell shirts? >> yes, i do. >> where, what's your business? >> mrs. p pretty t's. i do all sort of things. >> can you make pants for me? >> i can. >> like fox 29? >> sure. >> like juicy couture, but fox 29 across my butt. >> i want one of these shirts seriously. >> ill. >> we appreciate dunkin' donuts, our sponsor, and they have lots of jelly donuts. so bob kelly, maybe we should bring some back for bob kelly. what do you say? >> what's the number one selling donut? >> good question. >> glazed. >> probably glazed, ya. >> i like the pink ones with the sprinkles on it, and of course they have the sweet tea lemonade, iced coffee. come out, when we have these live shows, get lots of free stuff, free food. okay, quincy, we're coming over to you. you're on a boat?
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a river boat? >> i'm on a boat, i'm on attacks i. how are you doing today, sir? >> doing good, how are you doing? >> good time to spends some time and just relax. >> nice river to sale on. >> yes, okay, so where can we catch the river taxy? >> catch it different locations, we start at dravo plaza, every hour on the hour until 7:00. start at 12. do that six days a week, mondays our only day off. >> pretty cool. how much is the admission? >> it is $7 for adults, $5 for children. >> that's it? >> that's it. >> you were telling me you got carstarphan oke as snell. >> tuesday nights we do karaoke, you can come and sing if you want. >> listen, you know aim good singer. >> i've been watching, ya. >> you lot it. >> and i won't tell me how it is, just come find out for themselves. >> thank you, captain. now, you also do wine here, as well? >> we do wine. >> what day is this? >> wednesdays at 5:30, 6:30,
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7:30, cost you $15, takes several different ones, red, white, only couple of reds, white, and the sweet or a berry type wine. >> ya? >> we do that. and it only cost you $15. >> man, this is cool. hey, how are you guys doing? you have oh, this is good like date, coy come out here with my wife? >> ruth. >> i people come from all over to bring their dates to the ride. >> this place has a lot of history. you were telling me, a lot of things? >> yes. >> delaware has a lot of heritage. where we're passing now way in the background see some smoke stacks. that was jackson and shark. jackson and sharp actually built rail cars to ship peaches. delaware was the first peach capitol of america. nobody grew more peaches than we did in the 1800s, right here in wilmington. >> you have a wealth of knowledge, sir. >> just a tad bit. >> ya. >> they need to come out here and see you every hour on the hour every day except for
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monday. >> that's right. >> okay. can i post a little bit? >> ya. >> we're going to toast, ladies, gents, we're going to toast a little bit. come on, man, the river taxi. all right, this is so much fun. alex, mike, i'm having a good time. >> water safety. >> okay, that looks like it was a lot of funment quickly let you know the capitol we've been reporting, the lockdown has been lifted. our fox station said a representative, who is at the us capitol says the lockdown was ordered after security image showed possible weapon in back pack, lockdown has been lifted. >> tension all over the country after what happened last night, the last couple of nights. back to wilmington, we are going to make the announcement, the next finalist for the mazda that we're giving away on july 22.
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>> so wait for it. could it be you? >> wait for it.
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hey, welcome back to wilmington. you made it finally, a finalist for the mazda. are you feeling better. >> yes, i'm pretty good today. >> you're a finalist from last week. >> yes, when i heard that you were signing up every single day. >> every day. >> every day. >> there go. >> very weight. >> thank you. >> who is this? >> my grandson jaden. >> say hi. >> well, we'll see you july 22 at the del music center yes. >> we also have to announce the finalist for this week. are you ready? it is lauren
9:54 am
bensly. from marlton. see you july 22. >> nice looking woman. >> here is a good looking group. what's your name? >> naja nicole. >> what's the name of your group? >> naja nicole. >> and were you on the voice. >> i remember you actually. we remember your voice. >> or your face. okay, fire fly in delaware? >> the lady bug, little different. >> explain the difference between lady bug and fire fly. >> celebrating women in music. >> okay. >> can you play us out with something? we need some love in this country, in this stays, that we're in. what could you play for us? >> we'll play is this love. originally by bob marlie. >> take it away. >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪
9:55 am
>> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪
9:56 am
>> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪
9:57 am
>> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> so a prepare pro at on a day like today, we do need love. >> i might get with us last hug, that was really good. do you have cd's out? >> journey to become naja nicole on itunes, amazon. >> you know what i love about this drew? one from jersey, one from philly, one from delaware. >> i want to say thank you for the people in wilmington. we know it is a tough time, but a time we should all come
9:58 am
together and celebrate each other. all about the love. >> see you tomorrow morning for good day philadelphia, saturday. tame frizz-prone hair with wholesome, smoothing care. new whole blends by garnier. blending our best into new smoothing haircare. paraben-free formulas enriched with coconut oil
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& cocoa butter extracts. whole blends protects from humidity. for hair that's irresistibly smooth and full of shine. whole blends is true smoothing. new garnier whole blends coconut oil & cocoa butter. wholesome loving care blended for naturally beautiful hair. find your blend.
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live from new york city, it's "the wendy williams show." how you doin'? the kids have come to play today. you won't believe what i'm about to tell you. with all due respect -- my girls are always turned out. i give it to you straight. ♪ >> now, here's wendy! [ cheers and applause ] >> wendy: thank you. ♪ >> wendy: thank you for watching our show. [ cheers and applause ] >> wendy: say hello to my


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