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tv   FOX 29 News at 6PM  FOX  July 8, 2016 6:00pm-6:31pm EDT

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black lives matter demonstration and in downtown dallas last night. five of those police officers were killed. two civilians were also hurt in the chaos. the ambush finally came to an end when the gunman was killed by a bomb squad police robot. investigators now trying to sort out the pieces of this horrific massacre and the homeland security department just revealing that there appears to be just one gunman. g evening, i'm dawn timmeney. >> i'm chris o'connell. here is what we know about the shooter. he has been identified as 25-year-old micah johnson. he was an army reservist who served in afghanistan. he was late last night when gunfire erupted in downtown dallas during that black lives matter demonstration where officers were killed. johnson was later cornered in a parking garage, a bomb squad robot was center in and killed johnson after failed negotiations. we have team could have ratch tonight. bruce gordon spent the day with local police, religious leaders and black lives matter leaders.
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jeff cole with state homeland security but let's go first to fox's joel waldman live in dallas. >> reporter: people here in dallas and across the country trying to make sense of last night's deadly sniper attack targeting white officers at a police protest. in the earl the stages police say the attack appears to be racially motivated. the suspect said he reported wanted to kill white police officers. attorney general loretta lynch says the justice department is keeping a close eye on the situation. we intend to provide any assistance that we can to investigate this attack. and also to help heal a community that has been severely shaken and deeply scarred. >> reporter: meanwhile police departments across the country are taking extra precautions. many including new york, philadelphia and las vegas ordering their officers to patrol in pairs or groups. some officials say the shooting and the increased threat is the direct result of a recent pattern of disrespect toward law
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enforcement. >> we need to honor the fallen and never forget them and then we also need to start figuring outweighs that we can support our law enforcement officers. >> reporter: in dallas police still out in force hoping to transform the tension here into a feeling of safety. but many say the attack coming during otherwise peaceful protest is a sign the city needs to change. >> for this to happen and for officers to be killed during this is like awake up call that something different needs to happen. >> reporter: police killing 25-year-old micah johnson after a tense standoff that went into the early hours of this morning. it turns out he's a former army reservist who served a tour of duty in afghanistan. live in dallas, joel waldman, fox news. all right, joel, thank you. we want to bring you some breaking news right now out of north philadelphia. skyfox is over a group of a couple dozen people marching south on broad street. we're hearing they are marching in response to the recent shootings in louisiana and
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minnesota. now, we're told the group will stop at philadelphia city hall as you can see right now this appears to be a peaceful prote protest. the group continuing to march and we will continue to bring you updates. well people array cross the country are feeling the impact of the ambush in dallas last night. >> here at home police are taking precautions and the leaders of recent anti police violence protests are urging calm. fox 29's bruce gordon joins us live now from outside of philadelphia police headquarters. bruce? >> reporter: chris a little historical context. this was the worst mass police killing since the events of 9/11 15 years ago. of course, this case is a little different in that cops were specifically targeted. it happened half a nation away from philadelphia but tonight shock waves from that violence are hitting this community hard. in the wake of the dallas police massacre, philadelphia's top cop says officers here will pair up two to squad car until further
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notice. >> you just can't get your brain around, you know, some of the chaos that's going on right now across this nation. >> reporter: with near daily protests threatened and the run up to the democratic national convention philadelphia police face the dual threat of saving guarding the free speech right of those criticizing while keeping an eye out for a copycat killer. >> you can't prepare for that. absolute follow way to do that. you have to be ready for it and be trained for it which we are. >> philly chapter of black lives matter released a statement on friday that said in part, black active visits have raised the call for an end to violence, not an escalation of it. yesterday's attack was the result of the actions of a lone gunman. to assign the actions of one person to an entire movement is dangerous and irrelevant responsible ". >> this is complicated relationship with law enforcement and the community. we need each other but we got these issues between us and we recognize their humanity so my
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heart goes out to those famili families. >> reporter: reverend mark tyler was among the organizers of the clergy led protest against police misconduct thursday evening. he asks that police protesters not be tarred by the actions of the loan or even a few gunmen. just as he asks his protesters to remember there are lots and lots of good cops. >> in our marches to hear the kind of chants that i guess if i was an officer i'd probably think there's no way i'll hang around this march when they're talking about police in this way but they are there and they would literally jump in that front of a bullet, i believe, for many of us if someone were to attack those marchers. >> reporter: philadelphia mayor jim kenney released a written statement in which he expressed support for police and for those peaceful protesters out there. he expressed the wish that both sides in this debate would listen to each other and truly hear what the other side has to say. chris? >> bruce, thanks. now the shootings in texas
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have law enforcement in our area reaching out to offer assistance to dallas police while continu continuing to and plan for events here. jeff cole spoke with some of those agencies joins us live now from the newsroom with that story. jeff? >> chris, what we heard was law enforcement and city agencies thinking on two levels. long-term how to keep police community relations calm and make them strong. shorter term the coming democratic national con vince. outside of city hall a scene of children of play. the events of that batter ton rouge, st. paul and now dallas certainly on the minds of law enforcement here. federal agencies tell fox 29 they've offered support to the dallas police while operating on a high tendon sense of awareness local. their goal to the dnc a safe event which allows for peaceful protests and absolutely no violence. >> we just cannot accept people who are upset going rogue and taking law in their own hands and murdering civilians,
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murdering police. >> reporter: law enforcement thinks at least they hope experience should help. the city's experience safely pulling off big events like the visit of the pope, safely making those happen. they hope that will go a long way when the democrats arrive here the end of july. jeff cole in the newsroom. chris to you. >> jeff, thanks. as the details from dallas continues to come in we remember the original reasons for last night's otherwise peaceful mar march. alton sterling was killed in police shooting tuesday night and in baton rouge, louisiana. ferlando castile was shot in traffic stop in minnesota on wednesday. video showed neither man was threatening police with weapon and last night in dallas philadelphia and around the country there were peaceful demonstrations calling for accountability and the end to police violence. our coverage of the ambush in dallas will continue throughout the night and on you'll find the very latest on this developing story right on our home page.
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police say the man who was shot by toms riff police is expected to survive. 29-year-old timothy sau. rs allegedly point add gun at officers yesterday near the corner of cedar and haines drives. officers opened fire at him but he managed to run away. sawyers was found an hour later wound. investigators are still piecing together just what happened. no word on charges. turning to your fox 29 weather authority now. it was hot, steamy day in north wildwood today. locals jumping in the water to get little bit of relief. water looks actually pretty good. the change could be on the way in the form of storms. let's check in with meteorologist scott williams with what's happening this weekend. hey, scott. >> hi there, chris. in the midst of a heat wave, 95 degrees wednesday, 94 yesterday. and 94 degrees making heat wave number two official. a little bit of relief on the way for the second half of the weekend, but as we look at ultimate doppler right now tracking pop-up showers and
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downpours in particular right now mercer county look at the heavy tropical downpours right now around lawrence, trenton, robbinsville also princeton. moving a little farther to the south. you can see northeast philadelphia looking at some of those downpours also as we move toward the cinnaminson area, 130, down toward palmyra getting ready to see some of that thunder and lightning. diminishing activity right now in atlantic county. so, of course, keep an eye to the sky. not everyone will see this as we go hour by hour, most of the coverage by eight, 9:00 o'clock weakening down the shore but we have another chance for some storms as early as tomorrow. feels like temperature in philadelphia right now 94 degrees. feels like 94 in millville. so here's your planner. scattered showers and thunderstorms next couple of hours. otherwise it stays sticky. we'll talk about the entire forecast coming up. >> thank you, scott. happening now, the presumptive democratic presidential nominee speaking in center city.
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hillary clinton address ago large group at the african methodist episcopal convention in center city. she's expected to address the shootings of alton sterling and ferlando castile and talk about ambush on police officers in dallas. our crews are there. we'll have full report for you tonight on fox 29 news at 10:00 o'clock. a big break today in the string of suspicious fires throughout camden over the fourth of july weekend. who they're saying confessed in the arson. plus tens of thousands of frustrated commuters are sick of delays and they want answers. septa's new plan to get more people moving faster in the weeks ahead. sean? >> dawn, the phillies were destroyed last night because of bad pitching luckily the best starter is back on the mound tonight to get things back on track a preview of that game in colorado coming up later in sports.
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>> support continues to pour into dallas a mid the ambush of a dozen officers. on capitol hill lawmakers came together a mid the tragedy house of representatives texas delegation leading a moment of silence and honoring the victims on the house floor. texas congresswoman edy bernice johnson who represents dallas is making an appeal for action that could ease the today lating tensions between law enforcement and the communities they serve oh on social media a ton of celebrities shared their outrage over the shooting. comedian and philadelphia native kevin hart sharing this message demanding leaders make reforms in part heart says "i want to see the justice system change i want to see people walk down the street without fear. the changes have to come from the top. it goes on to say, if we ban together, we can be heard in a tasteful way. in other news, camden authorities make a big arrest. >> the man accused of igniting a series of fires over the fourth of july weekend he is now behind bars.
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44-year-old charles ricks, jr., charged with 14 counts of aggravated arson in all police say 16 fires were intentionally set in less than two days apart. all in the southern part of the city. seven firefighters were injured fighting the flames at least one has not returned to work. he suffered from carbon monoxide poisoning. >> in the the city of camden was terrorized over the independence day weekend as we experienced 16 separate arson declared fires in just a 43-hour period. >> it was just so over taxing that we actually had to depend on some of our mutual aid partners to assist us because of the fires being almost simultaneously one after anoth another. >> most of those fires were in abandoned buildings but at least one of them damaged an occupied home. police in north wildwood are offering reward for a stolen inner loop flag. a flag that means a whole lot to one family. that's because the missing flag draped the casket of patrick
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corcoran u.s. sailor who made the ultimate sacrifice during the vietnam war. the father judge high school graduate died in 1969 when the ship he was on sank. navy never found his body. the corcoran family treasured the flag so much that they only fly it once a year on the fourth of july. well this past holiday, someone took that flag. >> i doubt very much that these are hardened criminals. i'm sure these are people down here in north wildwood enjoying themselves and they simply made a mistake. they thought they were making a practical joke. as we know it's not practical joke. they have an opportunity to step forward and do the right thing. >> wildwood police say officers are going door to door and looking at surveillance video trying to track down the flag. the family says it has been overwhelmed by offers from people all around the country for a replacement flag. bad news if you're septa regional rail commuter. one third of its fleet is still out of service and the fix not
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going to be a quick one. septa says system changes and delays will remain in effect at least through the month of august. it is now making a new schedule and adding some new cars to its fleet from amtrak and other companies of the 120 cars taken out of service there were structural issues with at least 115 of them. for now it's still not clear what caused those cracks. it's early i mean this is -- this is one week and we're moving on lot of different fronts and it takes time for the commuter modeling, the metallurgical testing all of that it really will be a very big moment when everyone agrees as to what were the causes. big and expensive this is all costing septa millions of dollars in leasing and employee overtime costs as well as refunds it's making to its customers. let's head back to fox 29 weather authority now. meteorologist scott williams tracking some possible storms
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moving in, scott? >> that's right. tropical downpours depending on your location. everyone will not see them, chris, but as we look at ultimate doppler look at activity moving out of maryland into sections of new castle, kent county, just outside of the dover area, but in particular, i want to zoom in on some of the downpours moving in a part of philadelphia county, burlington county, camden county right now, also, moving toward bucks county and mercer county. you can see around trenton, bensalem, moving along route highway 130 here delran moving toward cinnaminson, palmyra, back toward the pennsauken area looking at those tropical downpours. we'll continue our tour just outside of the pine hill area clementon toward voorhees berl berlin, 73 getting really wet right now, that will continue moving on off kind of drifting if you will off to the east at about 20 miles an hour. diminishing activity right now down the shore. it looks a little ominous. 89 degrees right now. it feels like 94 degrees and
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look at that high dew point at 70. feels like temperatures earlier in the day were around 100 degrees in philadelphia. 89 right now the current air temperature. 87 in millville. rain cooled mid 70s in atlantic city along with trenton. so over the next hour or so we're looking at that activity drifting toward south jersey. diminishing though by 9:00 o'clock. pretty much area wide but then again tomorrow we're going to talk about more pop-up showers and thunderstorms. look at the clock. by 2:00 in the afternoon keep an eye to the sky. not everyone will get wet tomorrow then many improved by sunday with lower humidity. tonight it stays mild and muggy those storms early. 90 degrees for the high temperature tomorrow and that seven day forecast is going to show another potential heat wave brewing you guys as early as next week. sean? >> scott, nothing went right for the phil he's yesterday. they got destroyed, 11-two. but now vince velasquez is back on the mound look to go turn
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things around for the phils. hoping for heavy weight national wimbledon. one of the players just couldn't get it done. murray and federer both in action. which one just fell flat on his face coming up next in sports.
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youthat's why you drink ensure. sidelined. with 9 grams of protein and 26 vitamins and minerals. for the strength and energy to get back to doing... ...what you love. ensure. always be you. ♪ the phillies were destroyed yesterday. 11-two. adam morgan terrible pitching let them down once again.
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they're trying bounce back before the all star break to get something good going into their little vacation tonight hopefully vince velasquez can get things back on the winning track. he had a little trouble in his last start. after a few pitches the trainers came up to see if he was hurt but all is good. lights out for the rest of the game. he went six innings striking out seven. giving up two runs and a win after the royals. after morgan's terrible performance they count on vince to pick them back up. >> everyone has their ups and downs but, you know, we're still -- we're still pushing each other and, you know, we got each other's backs all the way through. no matter what the circumstances, um, but, you know, on that note, yeah, definitely we're always -- that's what a team is. >> larry brown well he's back at it again. the guy can't stay anywhere for too long. ultimate fear of commitment i guess ladies probably love him. larry that's larry. that's he's about.
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he resign as head coach at msu over contract dispute. he's coached them for four seasons. won ncaa eastern. he coach the sixers for six years. detroit for two, the knicks for one. charlotte for three. he can't stay anywhere for too long. his foot is always 1 foot out the door. all right. so wimbledon we missed our shot all williams final over the women's side but on the men's side we still had a chance at a heavy weight matchup. murray and federer still in pl play. federer taking on sixth seed row niche. this set federer trying to return and twists his ankle that. would be a problem for the rest of the match. now match point row niche approaches the net. federer goes wide. that's out of bounds and row niche will get to the finals gets the upset in five sets. that's -- leaves andy murray with an easy pad he took care of business in the semi finals matchup winning six-thee,
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six-three, six-three. with feather err and djokovic out of play, guess what his first major final he's actually going to be favored to win. once again back to larry brown, this is what he does. he tried to say he wanted to be there longer. they offered him a contract that goes like 2020 but he's out. this is what he does. four years i'm gone. two years i'm gone much this is what he does. why do we even higher him if we think he'll be out so quickly. >> fear of commitment. >> they're paying him. >> women, it's a problem, right, dawn. >> i'm not even going to go there. all right. be sure to join us back here tonight for fox 29 news at 10: 10:00. a pennsylvania dad is tugging at the hearts strings of the nation aft this picture went viral on social media. why he was sleeping under his baby's crib. >> that will do it for us tonight at 6:00 o'clock. we'll see you back here at 10:00 o'clock. have a great night. inside edition straight ahead. ♪
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crisis in america. >> cops everywhere on edge. >> get out of here! >> the ambush as it went down. >> there's a sniper from up here somewhere. >> it's a sniper? >> panic in the streets. >> oh my god, no! >> it's hard for every police officer to see this. >> what we've learned about the sniper. and downtown dallas on lockdown. it's a ghost town. then, kidnap survivor jaycee dugard's blockbuster new interview seven years after she was found alive. >> do your daughters want you to find someone? now, "inside edition" with deborah norville. >> thanks for joining us. i'm diane mcinerney in for deborah norville. heart break across america today over thde


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