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tv   Good Day Philadelphia Weekend  FOX  July 10, 2016 7:00am-9:00am EDT

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>> this morning on good day, we're learning more about the man who killed five police officers in dallas and an attorney for one of the police officers who killed a man during a traffic stop says race had nothing to do with the shooting. continuing coverage of a nation in crisis. >> plus, protests, shootings, anti police rhetoric how do you talk to your kids about all of this? what they're seeing on the news and hearing on the streets. >> and the two local men trying to use social media to make the world a better place. they join us live in studio. >> from the fox 29 studios, this is "good day philadelphia" weekend. good sunday to all of you straight up 7:00 o'clock. thank you for waking up early and joining us on this sunday. good morning bill anderson. >> good morning karen hepp. >> scott williams a pleasure to see you again, sir. >> yeah. >> you adjusting to this. >> thanks for having me.
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>> you're home. >> if you had to give today number what would you give it? >> an ledge. >> whoo! >> you can come back any time. we love that. >> it's beautiful. i mean compared to yesterday it was soupy, tropical, we had tropical downpours, live look right now in old city. nothing but sunshine out there. so have the sunscreen handy and look at the pleasant temperatures that we're waking up to across the area on this sunday it's absolutely beautiful out there right now as we take live look at center city. but first we want to get to sue serio and also weekend wendy to see what's happening. take look at weekend wendy. she's smiling but i think inside she's secretly a little scared of the blob. yes, it is time once again for blob fest in phoenixville. now you may or may not know about this cologne yann theater is the sight 1958 sci-fi film it's their claim to fame. they have a big weekend of it
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every year, and today there will be multiple screenings of the blob and other 1950s b movies along with all kinds of other celebrations. that's in phoenixville, pennsylvania. will we feel like blobs of perspiration today, scott. >> sue, thankfully the humidity has dropped across the area so beautiful weather forgetting outdoors on this sunday maybe head to do church or sunday brunch. looking good as we take live look at the philadelphia international airport 71 degrees right now and look at the dew point. down to 60 and the wind direction has shifted as well. we have 69 degrees right now in millville. mid 60s in allentown. upper 60s currently in wilmington. so area wide, take look at the forecast. sunny, nice, center city a high of 84 degrees. down the shore, don't forget sunscreen, breezy 83 the pocono mountains very refreshing, a high temperature of 76 degrees. comincoming up we'll talk about another brewing heat wave but
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right now let's check on traffic with bob kelly. >> good sunday morning everybody. the hispanic fee at a continues down here along pennsylvania landing today. that will leave us a lot of volume up and down i-95. we also have he will haul and oats concert across the river at the camden waterfront. septa get ready for another rough day. but if you're looking to do something different for tomorrow, let me suggest the market frankford line or the broad street subway. they have trains running every eight minutes. they've added extra service on both of the rush hours. and there's also free parking up here at the frankford transportation center. may not be best alternate for everybody but that is one -- actual toll of the big work horses have -- we didn't have problem at all last week with the broad street subway or the market frankford line. so they're just two options for you. the additional parking if you are going to drive, 1600 spots at the naval hospital.
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from there you can use the broad street subway to get into downtown. 300 spots at columbus spring garden use the market frankford line to work your way into center city from there. we'll have the latest on the septa situation. we'll check all the jam cams bright and early tomorrow morning on good day. tensions remain high following that police ambush in dallas and the deaths of two men killed by officers elsewhere. demonstrations were held all over this country following a week of violence including right here in philadelphia and we're also learning more about those who were killed. fox's joel waldman reports. as the investigation continues we're learning more about the victims in thursday's deadeadly dallas ambush as wells more about the social security inspect. dallas police receiving an anonymous threat heightened security. this has body of dallas area rapid transit officer brent thompson.
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>> to keep peace and to let it just be a calm gathering for the protesters. roar report now we're learning about the other four police officers gunned die by micah johnson thursday in the deedily yesterday single attack against law enforcement since 9/11 dallas police officers lorne ahrens 14 year veteran of the department mike cal smith a 27 year veteran, patrick zamarripa and michael krol were all kill killed. >> we're all human here. and i think that people feel each other's pain. >> reporter: suspect was cold by a bomb carrying police robot. he had no criminal record or known terror ties but a pile of weapons, bomb-making materials and attack ticks journal were found in his house. he served in the us army reserve from 2009 to 2015 training as a carpentry and masonry specialist and was deployed for several months in afghanistan where he was accused of sexual harassment then sent home. some who knew johnson say hear a loner possibly most 58ed by recent police killings against
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black men. he had also liked milton black groups on facebook. joel old man, fox news. this morning we're hearing from the attorney for officer geronimo yann nose the man accused of of killing ferlando castile last week. attorney thomas kelly says the police officer reactioned to the actions of the driver and that the shooting had nothing to do with race. castile's girlfriend who streamed the aftermath of the shooting on face bock live says had he was shot several times while reach fog his wallet after telling police that he had a gun and a permit to carry it. yanes and officer he was with during the shoot having both been placed on administrative leave. in the wake of last week's police involved killings alston determine and ferlando castile protesters here in philadelphia are demanding justice for the men, and to what they call police brutality. >> jennifer joyce joins us live at 24th police district where last night's demonstrations ended.
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jenny, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, bill and people were angry last night. marching these streets yelling and criticizing police. >> it's starting a really important dialogue. i think that, um, any innocent person murdered -- that we can't have that. we can't have that. , and, um, the violence overall needs to stop and that's what we're out here trying to say and trying to make happen. >> reporter: calling police pig after two fatal police shootings of black men while a crowd marched from kensington to the 24th police district he is cored by police. some protesters with the group philly for real justice say they fell suffocated by police during the event. sandwiched into the streets by a large police presence. officers say they're here for a reason to protect. they did not respond to the protester who's shouted at them and called them names. allowed the groups to express
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their feelings. some of the protesters were against the divisive sentiment hoping to bring both sides together uniting both sides we are expecting moral lease to pom up in the coming days. karen and bill. >> jenny, thank you. so many tensions out there. our coverage of everything that's going on here in philadelphia and all around this country all the new developments right there breaking on our website the stories on our home page. 7:08. happening now, a 13-year-old girl is recovering after she was stabbed inside a home in germantown. police say the girl was stabbed once in the neck yesterday afternoon on marian street. no one has been arrested in the attack and this morning she's in stable condition. we do know two people are in the hospital following this crash on the ben franklin parkway. wow! look at that happened right there at parkway and 22nd streets. we don't know what the cause was or the conditions of the victi victims. feltonville, about two hours ago police were called out to rising sun avenue there was a
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disturbance there. so when police got there, they found two men shooting at each other. police say they first began fighting over a woman and that escalated because they're fighting to gunfire. they say no one was seriously hurt. that's got news. one of the men was arrested. the other ran away. continuing with the discussions everybody has been having, protests, shootings, anti police rhetoric, we've got updates for you. how do you talk to your kids about this one? i've had this conversation with my own children. i certainly don't know i did it right. i don't know what you say. we'll have an expert that's going to give us some tips on how we speak to our kids. >> at least two local men are trying to use social media to make the world better place. this is their solution to the problem. join us live in studio. they will be here to talk about their call to action. >> we love when you send in pictures or comments. they're trending right now. we have lot of heavy news. when we have something sort of funny, breakfast songs or movi movies. ready? >> dancdances with waffles. the egg sore sift starring kevin
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bacon. can you think of some? use the hash tag fox 29 good day. >> the eggs men.
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look around pennsylvania and it's not hard to spot winners.
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and with over 2 million winners match 6, cash 5, and treasure hunt every single month, that's hardly a surprise. winners, winners everywhere! play today! >> 7:12 is the time and this is a story that continues to develop. our national crisis with these protests. people so upset all across this country st. paul, minnesota, reaction to the deadly shooting of ferlando castile shot and
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killed during a traffic stop on wednesday much police say protesters through firework, bottles and rock at officers. this comes as dallas, tech text, continues to grieve the loss of five of its police officers killed in an ambush by a shooter who said he was upset about these recent killings of black men by white officers. how do you explain this to our kids? with all the videos out there we decided to bring an expert to make sense of all of this right now. joining us this morning psychologist dr. rosslyn pits joining us. it's so confusing i was watching the news on friday and my sons watching this with me. mom, what's going on. >> i was at a loss for words. my first reaction let me figure it out, too and how do we frame it. >> what do we say. >> you need to figure it out. as parent you have to be informed, you have to understand your emotions and you have to understand your response to what's going on before you can talk to your children. once that is done, we have to be honest with our children. we really have to look at saying, we have a problem in our community.
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we really need to look at what's going on with the police as well as what's going on in the african-american community. we really want to stop using exclusive terms like all or every and we want to start using words like some. some police officers are misusing their power and they are abusing men of color, african-american american in particular. we have to walk a fine balance particularly for african-american parents where we teach our children that police are there to protect us, balancing that with the understanding that there's some police officers who abuse their power and hurt many and women who may look like you. >> how do you have -- that's actually one of the things die say to my children and i crimple whenever speak such a volatile subject. i said to my son, sometimes you're the big brother and you pick on the little brother. we can pick on people who we perceive to be weaker than ourselves. we can abuse our power and that's the way i sort of frame it. how do we have that conversation with our children and say in some cases it's important to
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really use our power so wisely? >> well, i think the first thing we haved to, we have to start teaching about fairness and that even starts from the little ones like two. because if you give one child a cup of juice, 6 ounces and another 8 ounces it's like world war three in your household. so when children start to understand the concept of fair, and you start to bring that into the conversation, it is not fair that when african-american are stopped in their cars that they have to be afraid for their lives. it's not fair when pee he police officers start to abuse individuals because they have power. children start to understand that. and when we teach them to become allies to speak up and speak out against injustice and unfairness in their world, so as they become adults they will become advocates and allies to people who may need their support. >> you know, we have all these police officers who are op obviously tragically shot at many of them lost their lives. so many losses and so many different components to this story. is there a way to teach our children that it's important for
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us to -- how we can fix this? i don't know if there's an answer. problem there's flexible answer as grown ups much how do we sell our children we can fix it. >> i think our biggest thing as parents to is make sure our children believe that they're safe. believe that they can protect them and believe that we will do everything in our power to ensure that they're lives are happy and they are well taken care of. i think what you're talking about is a much bigger systemic effort. one of the things we have to do we have to have these conversations around race. we have to have the conversations around the injustice. we have to have the conversations around police brutal l we have to the the conversations around black lives matter and why this is an important movement and it's not to the exclusion of on the people. it's saying in this particular instance at this particular time in american history black lives are at risk. so i have a younger brother he's 35 years old, and it fry tense me that he could possibly be stopped and harmed just because he's an african-american man
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because a police officer is inherently afraid of him. you have to start having these discussions around diversity, around multi culturism around acceptance we can live together as a community because right now, we are in crisis, and it's -- we're afraid. people are afraid. >> i think that's so true. thank you. hopefully we can move in direction of understanding on all different fronts. thanks so much for your time as we try to explain this to our kids as well. it is 7:17. >> let's get a check of the wet right now. scott, you've got in news. >> beautiful on this sunday. yesterday we had muggy conditions and also scattered showers and downpours but a live look right now at reading, pennsylvania, berks county, beautiful weather. sunshine out there right now, so don't forget that sunscreen but the humidity is much improved today. look at ultimate doppler from yesterday. we had those scattered downpou downpours, even several severe thunderstorm warnings across the area with some locations reporting a little bit of storm
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damage but those tropical downpours are long gone clearing skies out there. beautiful right now at the philadelphia international airport. no airport delays. 71 degrees but look at the wind direction that is key out of the west northwest at 8 miles per hour. dew points dropping now down to 60. remember yesterday dew points were in the upper 60s. even low 70s across the area. so here's the bottom line. what you need to know on your sunday out the door. a refreshing start. lots of sunshine, but another heat wave is brewing as early as next week in that seven day forecast. here's the frontal boundary that brought the severe weather yesterday. high pressure building in. so that will bring us a lot of sunshine and that low humidity for the time being. so enjoy it. temperatures right now you're waking up to upper 60s in wilmington. 68 in trenton. 70 right now atlantic city. 60 currently in the pocono mountains. so around town, we're looking pretty good. breezy by 1:00 o'clock. 80 in philadelphia. 84 degrees for the afternoon
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high. the pocono mountains beautiful weather. 73 degrees by 1:00. 76 for the afternoon high. what about conditions down the shore? a lot of sunshine, breezy conditions, mostly sunny, 79 at 1:00. low 80ing for high temperatures. that seven day forecast shows beautiful today but look at next week. low to mid 90s and it looks like heat wave number three. >> bill? >> i'll take it. i just got back from vegas. it was 107 degrees. 92 seems good. >> that's dry heat. >> hey, listen. >> that's what they always say. >> i love 92. political conventions are getting closer democrats coming to fill until about two weeks and the republicans are in cleveland next week. >> we don't even know who the vp candidates will be right now. we've got speculation when it comes to who donald trump's running mate may be. it may surprise you who is lobbying for the job. >> plus twitter getting into new game coming up how the social media site wants to expand to more than 140 characters so
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people can stop correct mike grammar when we tweet. >> we're looking at basketball players. are they going to show sports. >> we'll have sports discussion in just a little bit. that's steph curry. ♪
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♪ welcome back. 7:23. we take a look at the pocono mountains much did you know that this was written in -- by stevie wonder in the '70's? and then it was sampled by cool yo and become gangster paradise. >> i do know that. you kept talking about it. it shocked you in expanding the discussion to the whole news room. >> i didn't realize stevie wonder had written it. >> who else did it. >> patti smith in 2007. i got movie for you. ready the french toast connection. >> the dark bread returns. the broken pop tarts club. you can share with us these are all on twitter right now. we're talking about twitter and this is kind of goofy things that's trending but this is fascinating they may be doing more life sports reportedly in talks with the nba major league soccer and the cable network
7:24 am
turner to stream content that could be shows. we don't know fit will be pre-game stuff, maybe post hiv game stuff or similar to what they've done with wimbledon coverage which is going on today and yesterday. instead of pursuing streaming of live games similar to what they do with those thursday night games with the inform fl in the fall. >> yeah, that sounds very cool. >> really cool. >> take the games with you. >> all right. here's sports in a minute. ♪ >> this is fox 29 sports in one minute. good morning i'm sean bell. ben simmons and brandon ingram both in act last night but it was a guys the sixers wanted to draft last year that stole the show. the sixers wanted deangelo russell yesterday you could see why. look at this with seconds left russell with the clutch three to win the game. ice water in his veins. 22 points, five assists, the lakers win 70-69. wimbledon serena william is the best in the world by far and she made it clear last --
7:25 am
yesterday. williams beat to win her seventh wimbledon title. 22nd grand slam title staying instead of faux graph for the second most grand slam titles most in the open area and then decided to go help out big sis in doubles play. venus and serena win their 14th doubles title. sixtsixth at wimbledon. getting it done. making it look easy much that's sports in minute. i'm sean bell. >> and also, in sports the phillies were back in action against the rockies. fourth inning carlos ruiz, chooch, blasts the past infield. tommy joseph score and the phillies were up to two nothing but it didn't last long. fifth inning tyler anderson goes deep to right. two run homer that tied it up and the next inning they took the lead three more score. that winning streak was short lived. the rockies beat the phils eight to three.
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doctors developing a test this could change millions of lives really amazing and ground breaking. >> coming was that they're hoping they can do to help other doctors with one they describe antibiotics. plus, busy summer travel season much lots of trips in the car. coming up, some simple things you can do to prevent motion sickness. >> i need that. i get motion sickness much it's awful. your comments. we would love to hear from you and they're already coming to us. willie won can the chocolate factory with john candy. even got in my throat. >> breakfast songs. the big short stack that cracks me up. so keep your movies with breakfast themes continuing or just anything that's happening in your life, your kids, your activities. >> amazing the things that crack you up. >> big short stack? that's go good. >> that's funny? ♪
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my sweethearts gone sayonara.
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this scarf all thats left to remem... what! she washed this like a month ago the long lasting scent of gain flings
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♪ >> look at that. that looks great. ben franklin parkway, it's colorful, the water is going. >> chamber of commerce day. >> it looks good. >> it is fabulous. >> we'll check in with scott in just a minute to get the forecast for this day. >> but first let's take look at some of this morning's top stories. police in st. paul, minnesota, say several arrests were made and a few officers were injured after protesters began throwing rocks, fireworks and bottles at police last night.
7:30 am
after march outside of the governor' mansion to show their disapproval of the police involved shooting death of alston determine and ferlando castile. demonstrators started to block the interstate and apparently assault officers. in the bahamas, that industry of foreign affairs and administration warning citizens traveling to this country for their independence day to be very careful while traveling in the united states. officials in that majority black caribbean nation said in a statement travelers should avoid crowds and demonstrations and not be confrontational and cooperate. >> newt gingrich says he thinks donald trump is a necessary candidate on the international stage. gingrich says he believes trump will make his financial pick the week before the republican convention but he added that he wouldn't automatically say yes if he was asked. governor chris christie is also in consideration for trauma pops
7:31 am
vice-president. he is set to campaign with donald trump in have a have tomorrow. and we were taking a look at that great picture. scott already said an 11, right? >> whoo! >> i'll hold you about it. >> forget about an 10. it will be an 11 today after all the heat wave and humidity we were dealing with the past several days. we saw those severe thunderstorms kind of roll through the area late yesterday afternoon and evening producing some damage in cumberland county around the bridgeton area, some trees down also in mercer coun county. severe thunderstorms caused some damage multiple reports of trees down in around the trenton area. but look at the dew point. the measure of moisture in the atmosphere. any time it drops below 60 it starts to feel more comfortable. they continue to drop in the wake of that frontal boundary so temperatures this morning right now 71 philadelphia. 69 in millville. mid 60s currently in the lehigh valley. an area wide center city, yeah, a chamber of commerce day. he wills from company, dying for
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your brunch that sounds good today. sunny, breezy down the shore low 80. 76 degrees in the pocono mountains get out and enjoy. let's talk about what's happening in the medical field with chris murphy. ♪ in your health this morning it is the summer vacation season, right? for many of us that moans taking a summer road trip but it's really no fun if the person sitting next to you gets motion sickness. so let's bring in fox hemmed team's deena centofanti how to prevent this stuff. my wife will say pull over and lemme drive because she can't stand being passenger. >> reporter: right. some of us don't know if that's a trick pretending they have motion sickness they want to sit in the front seat much that's what my kids accuse their little sister. she's not really sick. she just wants to sit in the front but it is true. so what happens with motion sickness it's an inner ear issue your brain is getting conflic
7:33 am
conflicting signals. think of yourself in a cruise ship and you're in cabin you don't see the motion of the water but you are moving so your brain is getting couldn't plicking signals your inner ear gets confused and that needs to the nausea, disneyness, sweatiness all those symptoms that are pretty miserable actually and people can become very ill and it takes awhile to get passed it even aft you get out of the car or get off the boat. so what can you do about it? there's couple things. an interesting new device out relatively knew it's available at drugstores or online called the relief band and this is actually an electronic pulsate did he go advice that you wear it sends electronic jolts to your inner wrist area. now, does it work? well, it's kind of depends on who you ask. there's some research that says it is effective. in this area there's accupressure points there that help to calm down your nausea. so you can also buy those accupressure bands again do they work? it depends on who you a
7:34 am
ask. some doctors say the could be placebo could really work. you can also, chris, just take your three fingers and put them on your inner wrist and push down in a pulsating motion and some say, you know, that, too, can work. sort of the very -- the low cost -- the low cost budget way. >> right. >> to do some accupressure. ginger there's some evidence that ginger helps with upset stomach. it has to be legit ginger, though. so you can buy ginger, ginger tea, you got to read the label to make sure you're getting ginger. dramamine a patch some people put on the back of their ear that can come with decide effects, dry mouth that sort of thing, but really some of this is about just preparing with crackers, maybe a fizzy drink, fresh air, lying down sometimes helps people or keeping your head still. i always tell the kids, look out at the horizon because that helps you -- that helps your brain and your inner ear and everything work in concert. >> right. >> because you know you're
7:35 am
moving and you are keeping an eye on something ahead of you. >> back to your cruise ship comparison and analogy you can't see the water so then it freak out the brain and you have this motion you can't see what's coming from. is that why when someone looks down and starts reading they get motion sickness? >> yeah. exactly. in fact some people get motion sickness looking microscope even because their body is not moving but something image inside the microscope is moving. yeah that's exactly it. when you're reading, your eyes are thinking that you're in a steady place but really your body is in motion and so that's what it is. that's why if the kids are in the car looking at devices, looking at their phones, reading a book sometimes it's not good. >> this explains everything. you said it has to do with the ears. my wife and my kids don't listen to meme no wonder they have motion sickness as well. thank you for explaining that. you should be a doctor. >> you're welcome. >> thank you very much for weighing in medically speaking. we'll zen it back to you karen. >> thank you chris.
7:36 am
life can change in a second. every day when we're out reporting on stories there's people who have a terrible car crash, an accident. some of them survive and have these efforts to just make strides. we have a couple profiled amaz amazing stories of inspiration. >> and doctors are developing a test that could eventually help save millions of lives. coming up we'll tell was they're hoping they can do to help other doctors when they prescribe antibiotics.
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♪ >> this is one of those songs i don't know a single word in it but you try to sing along people get really irritated. wait, i do know breakfast at tin taffy's. one line. >> how about that? >> i'm learning things. >> all you have to know is the chorus to almost any song. >> moving along. >> more research. >> research hers is the university of normal alabama are working on a test that may one day help doctors know what antibiotics will work on you and what ones won't. the test will be similar to pregnancy test. so colors would change showing if the bacteria is resistant to antibiotics. this way you wouldn't have to wait weeks to get the results. >> the average person it would
7:40 am
decrease the cost of health care because we would then eliminate doing blood cultures and urine cultures and sputum cultures if they weren't necessary. >> it will change how we use antibiotics and serious about regulating their use, then 30, 40 years from now we won't have antibiotics. >> doctors are hopeful that the tests will be developed before the end of 2016. and one out of every 12 cancer patients end up developing a second unrelated form of the disease and that second cancer it's fatal more than half of the time. this is according to a new study. researchers look at over more than 2 million cancer cases over 20-year period. patients were initially diagnosed with cancers of the prostate, breast, lung, colon, rectum, bladder, uterus, kidney, melanoma or non hodgkin's limb foam m the most common second cancers for those patients were lung, prostate and breast canc cancers. study authors say overall the work shows the need for continued vigilance in screenings among cancer
7:41 am
survivors. coming up we've got big news for all the theater lovers. there's a big change for broadway's hottest hit. >> we're talking about the big show that won all the awards at the tony's hiphop musical hamilton. why ticket prices may go down slightly in third price. >> a local woman is making ama amazing strides after being paralyzed. we'll tell about the therapy that's helping rebuild people's dreams. >> 7:41. your breakfast songs and movies how about this one poach carter look at this picture. kids together, friends, so sweet. i love this picture. that's a little boy and his best friend. >> we'll learn more about that coming up.
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♪ last week i said can we get new edition? i need something. aaron you'll have to mix it up in the control room little bit. >> that was pretty mixed up. my kids like that one. >> a little bobby brown. can you do that? >> we'll mick the all in. the viewers request do a little weekend jukebox use the hash tag
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fox 29 good day. in our lives, you can be driving down the street and something can happen all of a sudden you could have an accident. everything changes in that second. many people who get injured in crash or through some sort of tragedy need to move on with their lives and there's some amazing therapies that are happening in our rehabs there are people rebuilding their bodies and their dreams. ♪ >> karen, came home from the hospital with her beautiful baby boy wesley. and a terrible infection from her epidural. >> woke up one saturday morning, couldn't move my legs, couldn't feel my legs. rushed to emergency surgery later thon afternoon. came out with paralysis from my belly button down. >> paralyzed she went through all the stages of grief. but made promise to herself -- >> it actually inhibits walking just a tad. >> i got to buck up here and get on roll so that i can walk before my son does and that was my goal. that was what pushed me.
7:46 am
>> she harnassed all those emotions -- >> yup. >> and poured them into hard work. sweat and tears in a clinical trial for local motor therapy at magee rehab making huge strides. >> i can already feel my body responding to it. i went from not being able to walk at all to taking my first steps three months later. >> from slow steps to a run thanks to physical therapists like kate at her back and two more at her feet lifting and pushing her. >> we're trying to stimulate her neurologic system here. >> whoo! >> karen can now walk by herself with canes. and play with her kids. yes, kids. she went on to have two more amazing beautiful boys, preston who is six and justin who is now three. >> and as they went to school so did she.
7:47 am
she got her bachelor's and law degree and decided to seize every opportunity don what she can. >> so she sky dives and goes tuna fishing and went dog sledding in alaska and creative a foundation to help others get locomotive therapy like this patient who is meeting her for the first time and thanking her. >> where i am right now is well on my way to where i wanted to be when i first was injured. i'm going to pick myself up and move on. >> there is inspiration and perspiration in every corner of magee. >> i love everybody here. i think they love me too. i come in, hey are, durnell. >> durnell was paralyzed in a motorcycle crash 12 years ago. >> now he work out all the time in the wellness center. it gives him purpose. >> it's helped me. it's opened me up. i'm not laying in the bed hiding under the sheets playing play station all day wasting away.
7:48 am
>> now, he's actually looking quiet fierce, a bionic man sporting a superman exoskeleton. >> this is aggressive piece of machinery. it's stream lined, and people look at you. so i'm wearing $150,000 suit. nobody can say that. i like it. >> power unleashed helping him to walk and move forward in so many ways. >> it helps me see people eye to eye. >> he's earn every second of their respect. >> one of my best walks i've h had. >> his legs will never walk on their own but he doesn't let that stop him from his forward momentum. as his kids went to college so did he. >> they inspired me. >> he's planning a second act an new future. times sometimes the life we lead isn't the one we plan but it can be pretty darned good. >> i think everything happens for reason. i'm couldn't tint. i can't say happy but i'm content with the way things are. >> good to see you. >> my life is better than i could have ever expected. i have three beautiful children
7:49 am
an job that i love. i am well on my way to becoming a delaware barred attorney. >> i mean so inspiring on every level. i was so moved by their stories and their strength. if you'd like to help out in any way karen has foundation call the fidler foundation helping so many others to get therapists. we put a link on our website >> that was a good story, karen. >> great piece. >> thank you very much for that. sixty two scott we'll hold you to it. all throughout the show we take look at the poconos. that looks great. now you're on record. what you see is what you're going to get for the remainder of the day, bill anderson. i mean a lot of sunshine. low humidity. so here's the bottom line for your sunday. stepping outdoors a breath of fresh air. i mean the dew points are dropping. the temperatures are comfortab comfortable. lots of sunshine so don't forget that sunscreen if you're stepping out. another heat wave, though, is going to brew as early as next week. a live look right now at the philadelphia international
7:50 am
airport. no airport delays. temperature wise, 71. winds out of the west northwest at eight. dew points down to 60. temperatures right now pretty uniform across the area. upper 60s to low 70s right now. 73 wildwood. 73 dover. upper 60s in wilmington. mid 60s as we move toward allentown. look at conditions down the shore. beach haven 72. 71 ocean city. 73 right now as we move toward wildwood. the culprit for yesterday's showers and storms, that cold front that is moving out to sea and take look behind that system. high pressure, that is settling in overhead. is he that means a lot of sunshine and dry conditions. here's the forecast for the philadelphia center city area. we're looking at a lot of sunshine. the breeze will pick up. 10 to 15 miles per hour by this afternoon, 84 by 5:00 o'clock. the pocono mountains beautiful weather. 73 degrees at 1:00. by 5:00 o'clock, 76 beautiful, refreshing and once again down the shore, looking pretty good.
7:51 am
temperatures by 1:00 o'clock right around 79 degrees. we're looking at those numbers climbing to 83 and once again don't forget that sunscreen. so a break from the heat and humidity now but take look at what happens by the middle and latter part of next week. more heat will build from the southwest and that will set us up for another heat wave. so what to expect. in around center city 84 degrees. that refreshing air mass for the time being. temperatures for tonight, look at this, 50s in the burbs. mid 60s in the city. open up the windows let some fresh air in. the weather authority seven day forecast showing as we kick off monday it's sunny, warm, not that bad but then 90 tuesday. low to mid 99s by the middle and latter part of next week and it looks like heat wave number three. just like that. >> scott, you have a lot of people that facebook you and tweet you send us messages let you know what's going on. >> yup. >> we have somebody that had facebook in to lucy noland and she posted about it and it has been shared, oh, my goodness,
7:52 am
millions and millions of times. >> we'll show why. >> we'll have two people that will be here in our studio and they want to make difference in our community. they're trying to use social media to make the world a better place and they're going to do something similar to take pictures, picks for peeps. >> also a big change for broadway hit. we're talking about smash hiphop hamilton. may the ticket prices may be dropping slightly. >> you know what you're hearing as we go to break? >> what is it? >> new edition. >> if it isn't love. new edition as we go to break. >> you know all the lyrics to that one. >> idol i can perform this one. >> next break. >> you heard him.
7:53 am
7:54 am
7:55 am
♪ see, scott, here you ask and you get instant gratification. you are liking this morning thing. >> i so want to be able to take credit for that but scott is the smooth operator. >> welcome to good day. your request can be honored here. your request can be as well. the time is coming on 8:00 o'clock. 7:55. we need to tell you about the zoo in california proud to show off its newest attraction. it's the skeleton of a giraffe
7:56 am
with a very crooked and bizarre looking neck. that's the skeleton we were looking at pictures of the giraffe when it was alive. so the giraffe died of natural causes so that's the good news and since then the workers in santa barbara prepared her skeleton so she can could be displayed and the idea behind this is to teach people that being different it can be celebrated. >> there you go. there's picture of the issues that the giraffe had with the neck. >> she's got a book. aww. nina, how cute. look at -- i'll get that one for my kids,. >> the star and creator of the broadway smash hit hamilton has taken final bow. lynn manuel miranda end the his run as alexander hamilton after last night's performance the hiphop musical about the nation's first secretary has become a phenomenon since opening last summer. it won 11 years at the tony awards, a pulitzer prize and a
7:57 am
grammy. >> summertime growing today but there's one thing you may not be doing. coming up what you need to do experts say before you fire up the barbie. >> something you can do right now. send us your pictures. we want to show them. there's zach and his friends. no judgment here just having f fun. >> hi, margaret. happy birthday to my granddaughter mya15 years old. congratulations and happy birthday. >> from nile, hey, karen, bill, scott, great show. happy to be off on sunday. we're happy you're off and spending the morning with us. mc hammer. >> can't touch this! ♪
7:58 am
7:59 am
♪ this hour on good day a country in crisis as we grapple with numerous deadly shootings how do we as nation come together and actually change things? >> and social media could be one of those tools for change.
8:00 am
we've got the two local men trying to use social media and pictures to make the world a better place. they join us live in studio. and the standoff the shooter in dallas and police officers came to an end when a robot killed the gunman. so now there's a big ethical debate as technology becomes more engrained in our lives. ♪ >> from the fox 29 studios, this is "good day philadelphia" weekend. ♪ and just like that, the first hour filled with information, entertainment, breaking news done. the second hour ahead. >> good stuff. good morning to you once again and good morning to you. you are bringing us wonderful news. brings a smile to all of our faces, scott. >> yeah, i mean, it's not perfect 10. it's an ledge. it's off the charts on this sunday morning. i mean you have the humidity, we had pop-up storms yesterday. getting a break from that today. live look right now in the lehigh valley. nothing but sunshine, beautiful weather. we'll talk about the forecast coming up but first let's check in with sue serio and weekend
8:01 am
wendy. >> weekend wendy is surrounded by menagerie it is time for pet pa loose is a in chestnut hill. this is on germantown avenue. and it's a whole bunch of fun events for cats and dogs and they're owners as well. like a photo booth live music, a paw reader, that's right, not a palm reader arc paw reader, arts and crafts and so much more. it's happening from noon until 3:00 p.m. in chestnut hill. will the weather make us barking mad, scott? >> no, we'll be barking for joy, sue, because we're looking at beautiful weather. it's going to stay comfortable. the humidity is going to be low. a lot of sunshine but don't forget that sunscreen out there. no airport delays right now at the philadelphia international airport. 73 degrees. dew point right now at 60. winds out of the northwest at 5 miles per hour. look at the comfortable temperatures waking up this morning in millville 72. 70 pottstown. 69 in allentown right now. 61 in the pocono mountains.
8:02 am
so we've got you covered across the area in center city a chamber of commerce day. we're looking at 84 degrees. a lot of sunshine. sunny and breezy down the shore. 76 in the pocono mountains. very refreshing. coming up we'll talk much more about this new nice pattern but another heat wave brewing next week. back to you, bill. >> thank you so much, scott. our coverage of the dallas ambush continues. this morning dallas police headquarters has increased security after receiving an non muss threat. >> and people are continuing to mourn the loss of the five dallas police officers who were gunned down at a peaceful rally on thursday evening. officer lorne ahrens a 14 years veteran of the department. michael smith a 27 year veteran, patrick zamarripa and michael krol were all killed. >> we came down to keep piecely and to, you know, let it just be a calm gathering for the protesters. >> the suspect was killed by a
8:03 am
bomb carrying police robot. he had no criminal record or known terror ties but pile of weapons, bomb-making materials and attack ticks journal were found his in his home. >> the body of one of the five officers killed in the shooting was brought home on saturday afternoon remains of 43-year-old brent thompson transported in a procession from dallas to his hometown in texas thompson was an officer with the dallas area rapid transit authority he came the first person killed in the line of duty in dart's 27-year history. we're now hearing from the attorney for the officer -- her nan dough yanez accused of of killing four had a and dough castile last week. the attorney thomas kelly says the police officer reactioned to the actions of the driver and the shooting had nothing to do with race. philando castile's girlfriend who streamed the aftermath of the shooting on facebook life said he was shot several times while reaching for his wallet after telling police that he had
8:04 am
a gun and a permit to carry it. the officer during the shooting right now has been placed on administrative leave. there's so much that people are talking about. the protests and in the wake of last week's police involved shooting, protesters right here in philadelphia are demanding justice for alton sterling and ferlando castile and an toned what they're calling police brutality. let's get to jenny joyce a big protest ended up last evening. jenny, what do we know? >> reporter: good morning, karen. we know there are roughly 200 people involved in the protests. people here in the city of philadelphia showing their anger, voicing their anger, and criticizing police. >> calling police pigs after two fatal police shootings black men while a crowd marched from kensington to the 24th police district it was he is cored by
8:05 am
police. some protesters with the group philly for real justice say they felt suffocated by officers during the event sandwiched in the streets by a large police presence. officers say they were there for a reason to protect. they did not respond to the protesters who shouted at them and called them names. police allowed the group to express its feelings and the right to protest. >> they have right to be heard, and it's our job not only to protect one group of citizens, all citizens. >> it's tollly different area in which we're starting and as such there's lot of small streets just to have enough officers to ensure their safety. >> reporter: some of the protesters were against the divisive sent many hoping both sides, both police and protest protesters could unite. we are expecting protests and marches like the one last night to pop up in the coming days. karen and bill? >> so much, thank you very much, jenny. our coverage of the ambush in dallas and deadly shootings
8:06 am
continues on you'll fine the very latest on this developing story right there on the home page. happening now, there's a 13 year old girl who is recovering after she was stabbed inside of the home in germantown on the west side of her neck. police say that she way stabbed once. it all happened on marion street yesterday afternoon. no one has been arrested. the girl right now is listed in stable condition. and two people are in the hospital following this crash along philadelphia's ben franklin parkway. it happened at the parkway and 22nd street. currently we don't know what caused the crash or the current conditions of the victim. and in feltonville, about 5:30 this morning, police were called out to rising sun avenue about a disturbance and when the officers got there, they saw two guys shooting at each other. police say they first began over a fight over a woman and then it escalated to gunfire. no one was seriously hurt. one of the men was taking into custody and arrested. the other one ran away. >> philadelphia celebrated world refugee today with a festival at
8:07 am
city hall. hundreds of people turned out for a day full of food, music and dancing. organizers aimed to spread awareness of the challenges many refugees face today but also celebrate the contributions made made to our city. more than 100,000 refugees has made pennsylvania their new home since the 1970s. ♪ nice music right there, dancing, and a lot of good feeling and art in camden for leap academy's very first put tow recant art festival celebrating the charter school's new puerto rican art center that opened back in january. organizers hope it will bring people together throughout the city of camden. >> bring diversity and culture of the puerto rican community into the school and the research we do is because 50% of the children at leap academy are families of latino and puerto rican decent. so it's very important for the put terry can community here and not only they benefit but the
8:08 am
african-american community as well benefits. >> nicely done. great artists there. the students are about to show off their artwork as well with the display inside the building. beautiful. >> it is -- we know social media is used for so many things. share pictures of pets, babies, food, some of it good, some of it not so much. >> you share stories of inspiration and quotes. >> i do almost every day. >> what's this. >> two local men want to use social media to make major change they want to make the world a better place and they're joining us live in studio coming. >> there's something about that picture. we'll explain. >> but before we do that, what can we do in the world outside of social media to start a dialogue and actually get some change? it is so needed in our country. ♪ >> we always want to hear from you. karen, what is this. >> yesterday was cat day. we had guests to talk about that and a lot of you sent in pictures of your cats. this is a cat that looks like a dinosaur.
8:09 am
it's absolutely fabulous. thank you so much for sending this one in. i pondered this one was a suit, was she saved. you can let us no some more. absolutely stunning. >> you think it's a suit. >> it's cool. ♪
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8:12 am
look right now at old city. a little beatles for you on this morning. >> we continue to follow developing national crisis. protests taking place nationwi nationwide. this one in st. paul, minnesota, in reaction to the deadly shooting of philando castile. he was shot and killed during a traffic stop on wednesday and police say protester there is through fireworks, bottles and rocks at the officers. this comes as dallas, texas continues to grieve the loss of five its police officers killed in ambush by a shooter who said he was upset about the recent killings of black men by white cops. these are tense times. how do we get the dialogue going? where do we go from here? joining us this morning upper police department mike chitwood and chad lassiter professor from black men. >> gentlemen, thanks for joining us. >> good morning, bill. >> i hope you know i'm about solutions. i want to look at it from perspective starting with you superintendent. a lot of discussion about the
8:13 am
police. their role in healing kind of the divide that exists in the community. i'm curious from your perspective do police have roll in bridging that gap. >> police absolutely have role. major role is to protect and serve and that's what i believe the men and women in police do. protect and serve. >> i think we would agree with that. what about addressing these concerns and these tensions that exist? how do police help fix that? >> well, i can speak for upper darby police department. we try to be proactive in everything we do from hiring to training to interacting with the community. not only that, not only the police department, but the township itself. we reach out to the different communities. we have a mentoring program where i have 40 some officers assigned to every fifth grade in upper darby township to work witness kids as they get to that age where they're making the decisions on their own. we have community policing centers.
8:14 am
we have officers on bike. we have officers on foot. so our goal is always to reach out to the community and address those issues. not only from a police perspective from township wide perspective. >> you're shaking your head. you agree with this. i want your opinion on this but also now the active visits. a lot of animosity. a lot of harsh words out there. what's your role in active visit role in healing. >> i think the active visit roll is healing should be two fold in the sense it's from a therapist standpoint as well. one of things we don't talk about the trauma that occurs when african-american and latino males are killed in our democracy. but in addition to that, when police officers are killed and so we don't really focus on how we need to really have social intervention. we need to have social workers, psychiatrists, psychologists who are working in these communities to deal with trauma that exists before the shooting and trauma that exists after the shooting. the role of the active visit is to speak pry truth, power and to tell the truth and not cloud the truth. to tell the truth in way that it's compassionate, that it's something that people can
8:15 am
embrace and to it similar to what martin luther king did. he toll the truth with love. we have challenges in our community on all sides of the color line. we have challenges not all police but we also need to recognize when when see black and latino males we can't render them invisible. >> one of the things that bothers me as i watch lot of protests even see the anger and. two individuals can sit here haven't a discussion. you two individuals can try to heal. why aren't we doing a better job of doing that as community as whole? >> from my perspective i think that that's -- that's extremely important and that's the way to go and again i talk about upper darby. however, with that being said, what do we do with the stream mists? >> right. activisms great. activisms important working together with the community is absolutely number one priority. however, how do you feel with those individuals who are vent on creating turmoil and catastrophic events. >> i think that anger and the venom is not something that we
8:16 am
run away from. i think conflict oftentimes leads to chaos and chaos leads to comfort. you have to have people who are trained and conflict resolution, mediation conciliation to work with individuals. i think oftentimes we look at rage and we look at anger and we try to run it way from. james baldwin said to be black and conscious in america is in a current state of rage because of white supremacy not white people per se but the institution of racism which is prejudice plus power. sometimes equals out justice only on one side of the color line. >> do you think that police in general recognize that there is this divide between the police and the community? i see a lot of denial but it comes from elected officials, from people who are speaking out. >> from historical perspective i've been doing this for 52 years. and there's always been a divi divide. >> smart chiefs, smart chiefs, try and bring the community in. but there's that divide. but remember one thing. at the end of the day, there's 9/11 calls keep coming in.
8:17 am
people are still calling police for those that murder, rape, rob and pillage in our community much it doesn't matter what color you are. >> and we know we need to row lie on police. the things that you're doing at your particular department upper darby is essential but i think one of things that the community wants to know is why is it when some white officers approach some white males who oftentimes are armed they get the benefit of the doubt and it goes something like this. put the gun down peter. off lot to live for. put the gun away buddy. when we come across raheem or african-american latino we're just quick to shoot them hands up no weapon. i think that's the challenge that we see in the community. i just actually did some research around 30 videos i saw with white officers and white males and these white males that guns and they did not get shot when we look at what happened to eric gardner we don't want to talk about that i think that's not for me that's what the community is saying. >> i think -- unfortunately wee have to leave it there. a lot more to talk about. i think what we're doing here we are talking about it.
8:18 am
>> certainly. >> we are opening that dialogue and invite both of you back to continue that dialogue. one that needs to happen. >> thank you. >> thanks for having us, bill. >> thank you so much. >> scott we're continuing on holding to you allege throughout the morning. >> beautiful sunshine as we take live look at a time reading area. berks county, no weather concerns for today other than the high uv index so have that sunscreen handy, but otherwise as we take look at what's been happening over the past several hours, ultimate doppler with the clouds showing we saw severe weather across a part of the area yesterday and in fact look at cumberland county reports of trees down. also as we move toward mercer county some tree damage there so little bit of cleanup depending on where you live across the area. otherwise, take live look outside of our studios moving toward old city, also, toward penn's landing. beautiful weather on this sunday morning. 73 degrees. northwest wind 5 miles an hour that will pick up by this afternoon.
8:19 am
dew points dropping to 60 right now any time it's 60 or below it's really starts to feel pretty comfortable. temperature wise it's 70 as we move toward pottstown. 70 in trenton. mid 70s already in dover. high pressure building in behind that front. there's the front that is sweeping out all of the heat and humidity. so a lot of sunshine, dry conditions as we start the day and also end the day. once again a little breezy, 84 will be the afternoon high temperature. the pocono mountains, low 70s by one. 76 degrees by 5:00 o'clock. a beautiful day down the shore. we're looking at mostly sunny skies, 79 degrees and also breezy there. temperatures across the nation right now, it's 74 in memphis. we have 81 in houston and the big easy in new orleans. but look at the upper 80s already in phoenix and that's the heat that will give us another heat wave as early as next week. so don't get used to the nice weather. as far as that weather authority seven day forecast, you can see the 90s return tuesday and stick with us through at least next
8:20 am
weekend for heat wave number three. back to you. scott, what's your favorite thing to grill? >> ooh, steak. >> steak. all right. it is a great time to be grilling some steak right now but there may be something you are not doing. what you need to do before you fire up that barbie. >> and celebrating celebrity birthdays. arthur gut gum row the musician happy birthday 69 years old. >> how about this woman? beautiful woman. >> yeah. >> happy birthday. >> sophia vergara 44 years old. >> and another beautiful woman. >> jessica simpson. 36 years old today. that's who we're listening to as we go to break. happy birthday.
8:21 am
8:22 am
8:23 am
♪ >> in this your selection, kar karen. >> that's always my selection. the pocono mountain the lights flicking off and on. so exciting at the water park. things have the best time. thank you camelback mountain. good thing to do in the summertime much another thing is grilling. but, guys, there's probably one thing that you were not doing to your grill. our jenn fred kales you out and
8:24 am
gives you tips for your summer cook out. >> i'm jenn frederick and this is momologue and i know that the guys like to grill but, guys, you're doing it wrong and here's how i know. the dude from literally the book grill school is with us good morning. >> good morning. >> what are thee guys doing wrong and i love it when they get to do stuff wrong. >> they never clean their grill. >> what? >> you shall clean your grill. just like a saute pan but open. would you ever nook saute pan in your your kitchen, leave it dirty and cook on it again. >> heck no. why don't they clean the grill. >> it will burn off. that flavor. that's wrong. okay. when you have burnt carbon knifed stuff on your grill it's preventing the heat from getting to the food. >> okay. >> it's creating these off burnt bitter flavors. so just scrape the grill right after the food comes off. the grill will be hot all of the debris will come off real quick and then you're done and you're ready to go for the next grill session. >> it's a all they have to do. >> that's it. >> thanks for spilling and
8:25 am
telling the guys they're doing it wrong. >> sometimes we get it wrong. sometimes we get it right. >> mommies always have it right. >> easy fix. >> yes. i'm jennaphr frederick this is momologue and just scrape your grills, guys. come on! >> ♪ >> jenn, we're all talking about that right now. we're all guilty we don't clean the grill now we will. how about this? when britain's princess charlotte was born, charlotte became one of the popular baby names. but charlotte related to the excitement appears to be dying down a little bit. coming up there's a new posh baby name. >> the two local men trying to use social media to make the world a better place. they join us live in studio next. you're not going to want to miss it. >> some of your comments coming in. so many strong opinions because we have a very serious situation that's happening in our country. this one from angry al. until police stop using being black as a justification for using deadly force it won't change. >> and more comments. this one from keith.
8:26 am
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flip your thinking about buying your next one. >> welcome back. 8:28 bottom of the hour. let's get caught up to date on the top stories. police in st. paul, minnesota say several arrests were made and a few officers were injured after protesters began throwing rocks, fireworks and bottle at police. last night after a march outside
8:29 am
of the governor's mansion to show disapproval of the police involved shooting deaths of alton sterling and philando castile. demonstrators then started to block the interstate there and assault officers. in the bahamas ministry of foreign affairs and immigration is warning its citizens who travel to the united states to celebrate that country's independence day to be very careful. officials in the majority black caribbean nation travelers should avoid crowds and demonstrations. do not be confrontational and cooperate. and in your political coverage this morning, newt gingrich says he thinks donald trump is a necessary candidate on the international stage. and says that he believes trump will make his vice-presidential pick this week before the republican convention. but he added that he wouldn't automatically say yes if he was asked. governor chris christie is also up for consideration to be his vice-president. he'll be at a campaign appearance in virginia tomorrow. ♪
8:30 am
weekend wendy is all ready for art. her pallet is ready to go as well. she's going to allentown for a great event for the kids. it is called art ventures and it happens at the allentown art museum. every once in awhile now today is the day that it's going on from 12:30 until 3:30, and it's a lot of fun. art projects with theme art puzzles, books, activities and more. go to allentown art for more information. so what kind of weather picture are you painting, scott? >> i'm painting a lot of sunshine for your sunday, sue. pretty much area wide. the pocono mountains, lehigh valley there in allentown, center city and down the shore beautiful weather so don't forget that sunscreen. a live look outside of our studios. a nice breeze. the humidity is dropping. 73 degrees right now. dew point at 60. winds will be out of the northwest right now at five but picking up to about 10 to
8:31 am
15 miles per hour by this afternoon. 72 wilmington upper execs in allentown. 72 right now in millville. 73 in atlantic city. so whether you're staying in center city, look for sunshine, 84 degrees down the shore sunny, breezy, low 80s there. beautiful very refreshing in the pocono mountains 66 degrees will be the high temperature by this afternoon so the bottom line refreshing start out there. el-fresco dining maybe for your sunday brunch looking pretty good. might want to make reservations because we are looking at a beautiful day. a lot of sunshine coming up we'll talk much more about another heat wave that is going to be brewing. when to expect temperatures back in the 90s and feels like temperatures approaching the triple digits coming up. karen? all right, scott here's something we've been talking about trending right now there is a local man trying to get social media to bridge the divide between police officers and the community. we first told you about this story yesterday on good day. an degree fouks posted this picture with the chief of the winslow township, new jersey,
8:32 am
police department. he says he went to the police station to talk with the chief just about what's happening with all of the violence and what's going on across this country. the disconnect between some members of the african-american community and law enforcement. they came up with challenge they want people to take a picture someone they don't know maybe from different background and post it and use the hash tag picks for peace. they say they hope this is going to make a difference they're joining us right now this morning in the facebook page he wrote not every black person is a thug, not every white person is a racist. not every spanish latino person steals and not every police officer is dirty. it is a simple fact that sometimes people do really bad things for no good reason. so joining us this morning we have andre fooks and winslow township police chief. thank you so much for joining us this morning. >> thank you for having us. >> andre, i'll start with you. >> okay. >> how did you get march on into the police station? how did this all happen. >> it's crazy. i was out the night before and when all of the dallas shootings happened and you think about it,
8:33 am
i'm on the way to work in the morning in philly. i was like, okay, you have the alton sterling, fer hasn't dough shooting we have what seems to be retaliation shooting for the police officer deaths. i'm getting scared now. because you can't feel safe knowing that and everybody you look online everybody is like there's war coming. there's a war coming. all this a happening. how can i shut this down before it becomes serious because it's not in our area yet. we haven't had -- we've been lucky enough to not have that in our area. how can i switch it around before something bad like that happens in our area? if you wait it's too late. so i hit up a couple friends and i was like, yo, i want to make this movement, i want to start this movement but i need like support from the community. i want community support when i go in there. so hit up my buddy any gel and aaron and we literally as plane as i can say we walk into the police station. can we talk to you? the chief or a lieutenant or anybody? >> chief, what did you think? >> i thought it was awesome. him coming out the integrity they showed to me that day their concerns for our community which is a very diverse community in
8:34 am
winslow was fabulous. i believe some of the reasons that we don't have that in our community we do have a lot of partnerships that the police officers from our town make with our community members and our residents. so we don't have these problems that do occur. >> what did you guys say to each other? (laughter). >> he asked if we can talk in private and i brought him in my office and at that point i'm not sure if he knew i was the chief at the time or that was the chief' office. >> no clue. >> he came in and andre and his friends said we're in the here to confess for crime. >> seemed very awkward. i'm not here to confess. we walk in. can we talk to a police officer the lady the secretary was like, um, is there something wrong? >> and we're like, yeah, but not like you think. like we're not here to confess to anything. >> so we had a nice conversati conversation. he explained that he had some problems with what's going on recently in the news all over, and it bothers him and i explained to him it bothers us as well, and seeing anything on
8:35 am
the news the recently past week was really bothering as an american citizen. >> what do you want people to do? you came up with something. what is it, explain it to me. how did you come up with the together? >> well, it was -- it was like real like okay what's the end goal? i don't know how to solve these problems. how can we solve them. >> anything you guys wanted to i'm totally down for it if it's helping the community. all right, cool. we didn't actually have a set plan. until like two minutes before we left the office i was like can we snap this picture right and he got his secretary to snap picture. we went home and me and my friends what can we do? we thought at first take picture with police officer. but that's too like, n would be toe cuffing on the african-american community and the police officer. let's make it so everyone can do it all raises this is entire issue between everyone. social divide between officers and racism and everything. so we're like, let's do it. take a picture of a random person, post it hash tag picture peace, boom. and somehow this caught on.
8:36 am
i have no clue how it went like this. it's insane. >> when you saw caught i want to show you we have a thing we can show a bunch of different pictures it has been shared hundreds and hundreds and thousands and thousands and thousands and thousands more times. can you believe how much this has caught on and what people are saying now both of you starting with you, chief? >> i'm humbled. i can't believe it grew this big. in my office when we spoke that day, andre explained that he's very big on social media and has very large following and he will like to do something on social media. so it would catch on nationwide. and i thought it was a great idea. i supported him 100% and i explained i wanted to get involved with him, also. so with that being said, later that evening, and through the night, just through contacts andre was able to locate my cell phone number which was totally fine with me and we spoke on the phone about putting this on. i said shrewd the i'm a hundred% for it. he and i have been talking every day since every couple hours. >> you go from being a regular civilian now the police chief is
8:37 am
calling you all these people are calling you and i have to respond to these messages on facebook it's cool but when i told him high good following on social media, i only meant like, okay, i'll post something maybe like 60 likes a couple shares but this is insane. like i go to play basketball and i come back, and my phone is completely blown up. i have miss phone calls. i have messages. i have a bunch of mail that i have to read, e-mails. what is this? >> it's catching on. keep coming up with these good ideas absolutely that people want to see them. we did put it on our website as well and we can keep doing it and take it into your own hearts. go up to ron dom person v a conversation. have a dialogue. take a picture. picture for peace. thank you guys so much. gentlemen, absolutely amazing. thank you so much. >> thank you for having us. >> thank you for having us. that's hard to follow. we'll be right back.
8:38 am
8:39 am
8:40 am
♪ welcome back. time right now 8:40. whole fuss over the royal family and the princess. >> we're aware. >> her name charlotte became so popular that all the babies are being named little girls charlotte. but it's dropping little bit on the list. according to name berry. >> now olivia and amelia over taken charlotte as the most popular names for girls this year. rounding out the top five were ava and isla. >> thank you erika. >> what about for boys, scott. >> for boys we're going biblical
8:41 am
the top name so far this year is ezra and that's followed by asher, atticus, declan andly oliver. >> i believe on the other four i know all the ashers not too many atticuss a ton of declan as bunch of oliver. ezra i know a couple but i only know a couple. i know two. >> i know one declan. legislator in new jersey. you don't know little kids. >> that is true. good do to soccer field all the olivers and declans and griffins and all those people. >> a lot of parents name their children either through a family name or perhaps it's a spiritual meaning so i mean it's really up to the parents. >> how did you get your name? >> my parents liked scott. >> yeah. >> what does scott mean? >> it means that i'm full of j joy. >> everybody likes scott. >> that's exactly what you are. >> all right. >> bon jovi song always played at wedding and today's what happens when bo bon jovi actualy
8:42 am
tends the wedding. >> continue to send in your pictures this is a pick for peace. thank you for sending this one in, keith. we'll be right back.
8:43 am
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♪ last week' police ambush in dallas is raising some big
8:45 am
debate and also some interesting ethical questions as the investigation continues into the deadly ambush there's this debate to you sparked about whether the use of a killer robot to take out the suspect -- >> whether it was appropriate. dallas police chief says she used a beau robot usually -- usual -- it's believe the first time ever in u.s. law enforcement that a robot was used to kill a suspect. the chief says other options would have exposed officers to great danger after negotiations broke down during the standoff. >> so that does bring us to our instant reaction poll for this morning. what do you think about this one? we need your opinion. is it okay to use a robot to kill a dangerous suspect? you can vote in the good day weekend section of fox 29.colt com or vote on twitter using our hash tag fox 29 yes or fox 29 no. >> we will tally the votes and let you know what happens with that. as we take look outside things
8:46 am
still look good. i am trusting scott's 11 all day. >> i mean take look at this beautiful view along the parkway. i mean, a lot of stun shine, i'm sure a lot of folks are probably working out on those rockies steps as well at the art museum, but a lot of sunshine out there, have the sunscreen it will be breezy. the humidity is comfortable as well. as we take live look outside of our studios you can kind of see that breeze already going but the temperatures are comfortab comfortable. we have 73 degrees right now and look at the wind direction out of the north and west so that will bring drier air, dropping dew points down to 60 in philadelphia. we have some dew points north and west. reading in the upper 50s. 57 the current dew point reading in the pocono mountains that tells us that the air mass is drier. as far as area wide, 72 millville. 70 pottstown upper 60s in allentown. across the region for today, look at the temperatures in center city. 84. 83 down the shore. 76 degrees very refreshing in the pocono mountains.
8:47 am
we saw a frontal boundary move through that swept out the clouds, the humidity along with those thunderstorms we saw yesterday afternoon and evening. behind that system, look at that big area of high pressure. that will set up shop today across the area giving us beautiful wall to wall sunshine with nice breeze. 80 by 1:00. 5:00 p.m. temperature philadelphia 84. what about the lehigh valley. allentown a lot of sunshine. 78 by 1:00. 82 degrees by 5:00 in you're in the pocono mountains refreshing weather looking at a nice breeze, 76 degrees by 5:00 o'clock. a beautiful day down the shore. look at the forecast. upper 70s by 1:00. breezy, we're looking at a nice land breeze, 83 degrees by 5:00 o'clock, a nice break for now but the heat, the humidity it will build as we head toward next week and in fact we'll spell it out with the seven day forecast. a nice day today. tomorrow not that bad. those temperatures climb to around 87 degrees for your monday and then look at tuesday. 90, 91 wednesday.
8:48 am
another heed heat wave bill anderson as we move toward next week. it will feel like 100 degrees by the middle and latter part of next week. >> i am still okay with it. thank you scott. okay let's talk sports. phillies back in action against the rockies. fourth inning carlos ruiz, chooch, slaps it past the infield. tommy joseph scores. things look good. phillies up to two nothing but this inning tyler anderson goes deep to right for two run homer. that ties it up. next inning, it's over. the rockies took the lead, three more score. and the rockies beat the phils, eight-three. joining us this morning to talk phillies, sixers, the union, sports in general billy sean. good morning, sir. >> good morning everybody. >> just when we thought we were out the phillies are trying to drag us back in. >> yeah. >> should we just leave this alone. >> enjoy it but it's over. >> exactly. young guys come up tommy joseph
8:49 am
had a big game. four for four. we got to focus right now. everybody progressing in the right direction. the young guys, the pitching staff most importantly vinnie velasquez, aaron nola finding his groove after the all star breaks. at the end of the day it's really tough to make the playoffs in major league baseball. good day at the ballpark don't take it too seriously. >> oy had blast last sunday. >> we're excited about the sixers. >> hello. >> ben simmons. summer league this guy is a player. >> 12,000 plus filled up a ren in a last night in las vegas. the pr -- had pr for the sixers said it was the most amazing summer league experience he's ever had last night. it was one versus two ben simmons versus brandon ingram. simmons fills up the stat sheets, eight points, 10 rebounds, eight assists funny thing is this scouting report when he came out of college is exactly who he is right now. he's got elite passing skills. he struggles with the jumper but at the end of the day, folks,
8:50 am
relax. he's 19 years old. he's going to turn 20 july 20th next week. >> all right makes everybody on the court better. >> yeah. absolutely. he's got that, hey, look, i didn't say it, chris brusard said it from espn he's got magic johnson like skills. owe has elite passing skills right now. >> let's own it as the sixers excitement stars, darius stars looks like he's coming. >> yesterday his team is now going to the olympics you'll see his team in rio after the game which he won the mvp -- heart. >> big game filled up stat sheet as well he told the reporters i am going to the usa to play for the 76ers. that's it. it's a official. howard eskin, enough! darius is coming here to play for the 76ers. >> coming here. >> all coming together. >> quickly. grab the hat. folks, what is this about. >> it's coming together. that's right. that's the first place philadelphia union. mitchell innness teamed up --
8:51 am
>> three-zero victory yesterday. last night at stadium. union all they do is keep on winning baby. >> gun control can you pull up a picture for me. we got to ask. (laughter). >> that kind of resembles you on i-95. >> what is this about. >> shout out my people skull look at that. >> my man up there on the billboard. congratulations. pan it works. always a pleasure. you can check him out. philly we'll check out around the hou house. >> ♪ joining me this morning for today's around the house we have denise from the paint at home. good morning good morning. >> what do you have for us today? >> today i'm going to show you how to upgrade your fire pitt. there's some really simple kits that you can get that make it lock like you had a landscaper come design your whole backyard and put it together and do you care it yourself in one day. >> how? >> so easy these are the tools you need. you'll get yourself some gloves, and your going to order a kit which you actually just google
8:52 am
it. >> fire pitt kit. you want to find the kit. you'll need a wheelbarrow to get from it your car or backyard or wherever you're putting it you simply if you it together like a puzzle. there's no settlement, there's no mortar, it all fits perfect circle and insert this metal ring which is the fireproof ring that you'll put it in and that's it much that's how simple it is. >> we're sitting on a bench but you can use -- can i cook on this. >> y you can order the grill. there's like a griddle sort of thing that fits over top and you can roast marshmallows here all ready for you. you can roast marshmallows. you can do hotdogs. burgers you can put burgers on top of it so you can use it as a barbecue and a fire pitt. >> how much will this run for me to put this together. >> a couple hundreds. under $500 depends on the stone that you choose but i would say between 350 and 500. >> wonderful idea. really love it. thank you. >> thank you. >> ♪
8:53 am
8:54 am
8:55 am
♪ life is a highway -- i know this one, too. >> that's because there's hoy way going through wilmington, delaware. >> very observant. good segue. >> good morning wilmington, delaware. big haddonfield arts festival happening today. gorgeous weather no matter where you are. >> very good information. what else is trending? i'm alex holley and this is
8:56 am
a special ed dig of the trend. we have special guest. it's dory. >> let's first talk about this because living on a prayer we all know we hear it at weings and every band has their own version. >> right. >> what happens when john bon jovi is actually at your weeing. >> ooh. ♪ >> this wasn't totally by chance. singer at the wedding in florida was told john bon jovi wanted to sing with the band because he a ranged two of the songs for her group. she night what she was doing. >> of course she did. i don't know why i didn't think to do this with beyonce'. >> is beyonce' coming to your weeing. >> i should have invited. i'll have a wedding just so second come isn't hello. we'll talk about iron man but fresh new take. what do you think of this? >> marvel has revealed replacement for tone know stark you may remember the character played by robert downey, jr. for the last few years. stark is passing on the role to 15 year old black girl from chicago named rhe rhe williams.
8:57 am
she's a science genius studying at mit she builds iron man outfit in her dorm room. she's smart. he will be feature in the up coming comic. the news is getting a lot of positive reaction online for pebble who think it's a step forward when it come to diversity. she looks good. >> i agree, too. i love it. i love they did this. >> and i love that she's a college student and changing the world in her dorm room. >> i know. >> what were you doing in college. >> definitely not that. >> me either. we'll get it together now. that's look at your trend. thank you for joining me. >> of course. have good weekend. >> bye. and here are some of the picks for piece showing love the 17th district captain francis thank you monty g for that pictures. >> this one comes in from edith with her girls my picks and they're taking this wonderful picture together with her friend and trainer. >> take look at this one. you can see several people sending in this one comes from joanne stewart her and her friends.
8:58 am
>> and more. we will show them as it's a wrap. thank you so much for spend your sunday with us. have great day. thanks for the ride around norfolk! and i just wanted to say, geico is proud to have served the military for over 75 years! roger that. captain's waiting to give you a tour of the wisconsin now. could've parked a little bit closer... it's gonna be dark by the time i get there. geico®. proudly serving the military for over 75 years.
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i'm shannon bream in for chris wallace. three shootings in three days highlight tensions between law enforcement and race. now the country looks for a way forward. this is not who we want to be as americans. >> do not let this week precipitate a new normal in this country. >> hands up, don't shoot. >> protests in cities across the country as two incidents involving plaque men shot and killed by police. then -- a sniper takes deadly aim at law enforcement in dallas. >> he pressed killing white officers. he expressed anger for black lives matter. >> we will ask former philadelphia police commissioner charles ramsey about the relationship between police and minority communities, discuss


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