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tv   Fox Morning News at 5A  FOX  July 11, 2016 5:00am-6:00am EDT

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demonstrations in philadelphia. protesters marching across the nations. of activists may be gathering later this morning. police unveiling disturbing new details about the dallas killer. he may have had a much did heea larry plan. >> on the days waiting for a train they whiz right past you snfrmg what we know about the latest plan and whether it will get you do work on time or not. if you're stuck on the somewhat platform you were in just misery. >> it was hot. sticky and humid. but today. >> pretty nice. >> the hour and a half wait, sue? >> you know what i just realized today is? 7-11. i wish we could give today an 11. but 10 is the max in our weather by the numbers.
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i think you will enjoy at least the weather today, if not your commute. we have month rain at all on radar and none in the forecast. let's check our temperature. 66 comfortable degrees in philadelphia at the airport. 4:43 your sunrise time, starting to get a little little later. 56 in mount pocono. 63 trenton, lancaster 60. let's see what wilmington has, 64. we have a great time in wilmington on friday, by the way, thanks to all of you who came out to visit us on a sticky day then's 68 in wildwood at the moment. north and northwesterly winds are the ones that are responsible for the lower humidity. of due points are down today. planning your monday will be at 70 degrees by about 7:00, low 80's by noon. by 3:00, we will have reached our high of 87 degrees. which is normal for this time of year. mid 80's by 7:00 and a nice long day to enjoy sunsets not until
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8:30. that's your weather for today. of course, it is july. you know the humidity is coming back. we'll tell you when coming up. bob kelly. >> you know what else with 6-11 comes today? a free small slurrpy. no problems on the blue route, schuylkill looking fine as we go outside and say good morning to downtown philly. the skyline, there's the art museum to the left with the old schuylkill river. it's summertime, last week, a lot of folks were on vacation. this is their first day back dealing with the spa situation. we have a lipping, to the new game plan on facebook, twitter and also up and our website. last week, the trains between glenside and center city had the most full trains doing the
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pass-by. a tip for today, get on before glenside, you'll have a better chance of grabbing a seat or train in the downtown. the norristown transportation center had plenty of parking available. as i mentioned last week's holiday made for a vacation week for many. so we -- i think we're going to see more folks today back on the roads and rails. chris and lauren back over to you. people riding septa regional rail can finally get release. >> steve? what are the a chances that this new schedule will's adhered to exactly to the minute all day? >> reporter: zero. probably they will admit that. if you notice, spa didn't send out a spokesperson or manager. i know they've been working non-stop but nobody talked to the media last night on television. that's why they would likely not want to be in a position to answer that question because they really can't.
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we understand that. we watched people last week from septa trying to do all they could to help people like thisty them, the next train is coming. of be patient, it's coming in ten minutes, i promise. i promise it will stop and it didn't come in ten minutes. when it did 30 minutes later. it blew past everybody and did not stop and we saw some irate people on live tv talking. it's nice to say they have a new schedule. they have 1700 or so additional seats from 18 rail cars, three locomotives, but that's not going to replace 120 still to be fixed rail cars. here are some of the passengers over the weekend after week 1 think about week two. >> i told my boss last week, i don't know, you know, what the new schedule will be, hopefully, probably just going to need -- it's frustrating to have the to figure it out on the fly. i wish they could have released
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them a little bit earlier. it's kind of been a pain like, you know, heading out to work, trying to remain consistent and, you know, just waiting at the train station for who knows how long? >>. >> reporter: if there's any benefit, sue gave today a 10, so if you do get stuck waiting, at least you won't be waiting in the heat and humidity today at least, but later in the week, more of that stuff coming too. week two, probably going to be just as miserable or more so than week one. chris and lauren. >> from the live picture, looks handcuff they're all preying. i know they're on their phones, looks like they're praying. thank you. 5:05, one firefighter taken to pen presbyterian after battling a firefighter. crews were called to the home around 1:15, the place was put under control in about ten minutes. firefighter was not seriously injured. following a shooting that happened overnight in east germantown.
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one man was rushed to the hospital being shot around midnight. of this happened on the 400 block of mechanics street. police right now, of course, are investigating. demonstrations continue across the nation and right here in philadelphia as people call for change and an end to violence. . this morning there's another black lives matter protest scheduled at city hall. dave, what time is this scheduled for. >> reporter: we're told 2:00. also 8:30 is when more groups will be protesting around city hall. the streets are clear right now with the exception of a little bit of traffic. but when rush hour hits, black lives matter is promising to stop traffic to get their message out. also end a message to mayer kenny. this one started in north philadelphia philadelphia and marched down market street to penns landing as police looked on, saying they were there just
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to make sure everyone was safe a it was among many nationwide. it was about black men killed in minnesota and louisiana last week. >> some of these cops for this wrongdoing, i think other ones will flee first before you do something like that but i believe i believe they're doing the it before they're not being held accountable for it. >> we're moving forward in strength and love and hope. >> in spite of what we've seen. >> we're hurting. coming together in different seasons around the world to push each other forward. >> we are helping ourselves right now. we are coming together and holding each other's hands and moving forward. >> reporter: the market street protest stopped in front of fox 29 to make their case known as they made their way down to penns landing. this morning's protest was organized by a group called philly showing up for racial
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justice which includes black lives matter affiliates and that starts at 8:00. back to you. >> thank you so much. in atlanta, long-time members of martin luther king junior's church say the new generation of social justice activists are on the rights but the new leaders should be better organized. yesterday was the fourth day protest in response to the recent fatal shootings of black men. confrontations between police and the protesters have been minimal as the protests have been largely peaceful. police only made about 12 arrests. atlanta's mayor praised his city's police for their response to the protest. in minnesota, protesters became violent during a demonstration saturday night. 21 officers and state troopers were hurt. hundred people arrested. changes need to be made across the country when it comes to staffing protests. dallas's mayor says he doubts his city's protocol will
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significantly change. in san francisco, faith leaders and politicians gathered on the steps of city hall for a black lives matter rally. the goal was to discuss the black lives matter movement and why it's so important. those who took part say they just want society to be one and recognized as human beings. >> our culture doesn't get the discrepancy, the disparity, the unfairness. we have to address that specially. >> the collection of faith leaders and politicians ended with call to keep working for social change in america. participants ended with the marriage around san francisco city hall. police disturbing new details about the dallas killer. evidence shows he might have had a much deadly plan, micah johnson apparently planned a bigger bloodier attack.
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police say a they found bomb making materials at his home. he even trained at an academy of combative warrior arts >> all i know is about micah johnson he was a military vet. came in to do basic hand-in-hand self-defense, never did any firearms with us whatsoever. that's all i know about him. >> during the standoff, johnson apparently wrote the letters rb in his own blood. it's unclear what he was trying to write. >> while authorities are looking more in the background of the shooter. many people showing a lot of support for the officers killed during the ambush. >> i wasn't sure what to expect and it's overwhelming. i didn't expect so many people and camera crews here. >> it mean a hot to us for people to have our back. on the flip side of it, you know, we love who we -- who we serve. >> one way dallas is showing its
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love is by leaving flowers, candles, balloons, signs and support in front of police headquarters. tomorrow president obama will travel to dallas to deliver remarks at an interfaith memorial service at the invitation of dallas's mayor mike rawlings. a search is on for the man police say shot a man and stole his car with the infant inside. this happened this weekend in front of a new jersey cemetery. penns grove police say the victim a 24-year-old man was shot multiple times, later died to a hospital. the infant was strapped inside the car seat when the gunman shot inside mints it's not clear that had the shooter knew at the child was in the car. the shooter remains hot loose. police in delaware caught the guy behind two attempted abductions in newark. officers say tips led them 235-year-old joseph rich, the newark swat team arrested him in wilmington. police say he tried to kidnap two different women in between a pair of apartment complexes in
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newark in early july. both women fault back and got away. he's charged with several fines. attempted car jack, kidnapping and failure to register as a sex offender. camden police looking for a man who co-could have information. of 48-year-old wallet davis gunned down on june 29 at this. police say this man approached davis some time before he was killed. desean henry, the man wearing the tank top has already been charged. his bill is set at $1.5 million. it's a game for the 90's. had a major come back and everybody everyone is looking through the phone, the pokemon obsession is taking over people's lives. the dark side that has a group of teenagers now under arrest. deadly
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notice what you don't see in this picture of the airport. you don't see that haze that was hanging over the region and most of saturday. skies are clear, the humidity is down, that started yesterday. it started actually late in the day on saturday. thanks to a cold front that came through. high pressure is in the process of building in. once high pressure moves
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offshore. that's when we can let in this warm front and the warm and humid air. it's july in philadelphia. you know it's coming back. i'll also had to deal with a little bit of a possibility of a sea breeze front today. if you're at the shore, we are going to probably give you a few extra clouds there today. probably no rain. so these are your comfortable temperature, 56 in mount pocono, 64 wilmington where we had a great time on friday. 68 in wildwood and 60 in lancaster. but the due points, that's the key to lower humidity. if they are down in the 50's, 61 is a due point in dover. we're really between that comfortable and pleasant arraign as you measure the moisture in the air. right now, there's no rain but these are the clouds we're tan on the futurecast possibility for this late this morning and early this afternoon,s seeing clouds on the beach, but that's all right. still got to wear your sun screen anyway. and that's probably the only
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hint of a problem we'll have with our weather. the stick factor, how sticky it feels today, very high on thursday re here's your seven-day forecast. 90's are coming backing they sure are. maybe by wednesday, pretty sure by thursday. so that means by saturday, we will be in the midst of heat wave three for 2016. it could happen on friday. if we get 90's all three days. of regardless, the humidity returns by wednesday. then we'll be talking 90's and pop-up thunderstorms thursday, friday, 90's last through the weekend as well. enjoy the comfort, bob kelly, while it's here. >> did you call that the stick factor? did you come up with that one? >> the night crew came up with that one. good morning, 5:17 on a monday. off to a pretty good start. in the 50's across the board on our major roadways. getting out of town no problem
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getting there. live look at i95 philly international, whenever we see those thunder boomers roll through there's the brief storages on arrivals and departures are the airport. keep that in mind. we're good to go this morning. game plan, three new train sets that were added by septa, added 1700 extra seats across the board for the rush hour. the trenton line will see about 300 of those seats. the trains between glenside and philly will see about 1400 of those seats. the trains between glenside and philly, center city, had had the most pass-by trains last week. in other words, the trains were packed and it passed by the station. so a little bit of relief again between glenside and philly. but the tip going to be for today to get on before glenside, if you can, to autograph yourself a see the or at least get on the train.
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the bottom line, we lost 30,000 because of the broken trains, over the weekend. they negotiated a deal to bring us 1400 extra seats. we're still short by a huge number. best bet if you're asking me for a tip. the market frankford or broad street subway. no problems at all last week. they're running trains every eight to ten minutes. you can park for free at the frankford transportation center and get the market frankford. you park free at the naval hospital and that will give you access to the broad street subway. people still coming to grips with what happened last week, two black men killed by police. five officers killed by a sniper in dallas. this morning, we're hearing one of dallas's finest who was injured when the sniper injured officers during the protest last week. >> as soon as we heard the shots go out, i saw my friends go down, all our first instinct as
5:20 am
police officers was to get them to safety. yes, cover yourself, make sure you're not, the next one to get hit. but to save them. it was difficult to do that, because we had bullets coming down and we didn't know where they were coming from at first so we didn't -- we weren't sure where to gain cover. >> that's dallas police officer sharing his story of survival. the officer was shot in the hand. he was able to bandage it up during the shooting and help his fellow officers and civilians during the shooting. a diver had to be rescued off the coast of southern new jersey. a crew member contacted coast guard in philadelphia around 10:45 sunday to report a man had been involved in a diving incident about eight miles east of barnegat light.
5:21 am
the coast guard was able to rescue. his condition unknown. a local man is changing the dialogue with one simple hash tag. >> they went to the within low township police department and asked to speak to a police officer. they asked to take pictures of random people of different race or a police officer and post them with the #picks for peace. >> andre and chief submit sitting down with mike and alex later that it morning. robbers are using the smart phone to lure victims. the ap came out last week shot to the top of the chart. they tracked down players on the augment theed reality game by walking around the city. >> if you find one you can set up a beacon to let other players
5:22 am
know where they are, that's how a group of teen robbed ten people in st. louis. of if you or a child you know is playing this, talk to them t literally, here's a head-up. you could become the victim quickly. if you're distracted. >> that's scary. >> you're walking around like this playing the game. then oncoming is a car with someone doing this texting while they're driving. that's recipe for disaster. >> warmer weather means it's if i'm for pedicure season. why you need to take a peak at your feet, ankles, toes, heels, all before you step into that nail salon. >> from may vantage point i can see that you have had the pedicure and recently. >> yes. >> they're not cheap but you can get pedicures and man cures and facials and massages all year long if you win the lottery.
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. people want to get pedicures, doctors have warning where you step into the nail salon. look at your feet to see if you have cuts, warts, because doctors say you can get an infection during the pedicure. careful. we're hearing new details
5:26 am
from hillary clinton about her proposed health care a plan. >> clinton said it would include a public option. clinton says something that rival bernie sanders had been pushing for. the proposed increasing federal money for communities health centers and out lying ways to access health care across the country as a step towards universal coverage. she also wants to expand medicare people 65 and old opt. donald trump's would make 18 million people --. >> see what happens? those in glass houses. that was karma coming back to get you with that slip of the tongue. >> lower premiums significantly for policies purchased by
5:27 am
customers. the plan would not have a big impact on those covered by employers and those on medicare. low income adults covered by medicaid would lose their newly gained benefits. of i hope you stayed with us. a new plan from septa that could affect your morning commute. >> people riding the regional rail may be easier. steve keeley tells you what this could mean for you. >> reporter: i chris murphy to take care of that foot you have, free pedicures, dip your toes on to the rails as a train goes by. we say that in jest.
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♪ . five days, five peaceful demonstrations here in philadelphia. where another protest is ready to pop up. septa released a new schedule that could affect your morning commute. whether it will get you to work when you need to be there. in the midst of nationwide protests over last week's police condition of who black men, why kevin hart is warning against race words it's monday, july 11th,
5:31 am
2016. it is 7:11. >> good day for a slurrpy. the phillies are not playing today, they're playing tomorrow in san diego. we got one guy, but ready for the all star game. >> happy about that shrug fest in colorado. today, we're doc side enjoying gate day for boating today. temperatures in the 50's and 60's. very comfortable start and will prove it to you with a ten out of ten the humid should stay low again today like it was yesterday which was delightful. 5:43 is your sunrise time.
5:32 am
you know the humidity is coming back. it's 56 in mount pocono, 57 in pottstown, trenton 63. so does millville. in wilmington where we had such a wonderful time, 64 degrees. 62 degrees atlantic city. winds are coming out of the northwest, which is why the humidity and the due points are low. planning your monday will be at about 70 degrees by 7:00, 82 by lunch. 87 will be our high today. reach that probably by 3:00. then in the mid 80's maybe dinner outside on the deck, bob kelly. barbecue on the grill. >> your deck, your grill. >> sure, come on over. >> come on. we'll put the info up to sue's deck and grill later on this afternoon. good morning, 5:32. pretty good shape in the 50's and 60's on the majors outside we go to a live look. malvern, 202.
5:33 am
kids from last week, the trains between glenside and center city had most past-by trains. a tip, if you can, try to get on before the glenside station to increase your chances to at least get on the train, the norristown high speedline had plenty of parking available. last week, because of the holiday, became a vacation week for many. i believe we're going to see more folks trying to deal with the spa situation today than last monday or tuesday, the two best bets, the market frankford and broad street subway. hook up free parking at the naval hospital or frankford transportation center and the trains are running eight to ten minutes. no delays at all last week. chris and lauren back over to you. >> thank you so much. one firefighter taken to pen presbyterian medical center after battling a house fire in the 5300 block of west berks
5:34 am
street. of crews called to overbrook around 1:15. that was put under control in ten minutes. firefighter was not seriously injured. breaking news out of east germantown. police left a shooting. coming up in about four, four and a half hours a big protest planned. >> demonstrations continue across the nations, dave kinchen is live in front of city hall. >> reporter: lauren and chris, in just a few hours, this area will be packed with protesters and they're promising to block rush hour traffic to get their message out and send a message to moyer kenny. the protests have been peaceful so far including this one starting in west philadelphia. 100 protesters walking about 40 blocks, police looking on to make sure everyone was safe. among many demonstrations nationwide demanding justice for two black men killed by police
5:35 am
in minnesota and louisiana last week. >> people need to understand, police brutality is targeted towards minority. brown and black people are dying at the hand of cops these people are getting away with it. >> ain't it right for me to have life too? why you want to take life away? i got a brain and spirit just like you. i was made from god just like you. >> black families we sit our kits down at 8:00, and 9:00 and we watch roots. now you have to go back in the world and understand where we came from and understand that you still have a difference to make. >> reporter: they stopped by the fox 29 studio to make the message known on the way to penns landing. live the protest in city hall starts at 8:00.
5:36 am
back to you. president obama is calling for more tolerance and speak for people on both sides. the president says officers must have a greater understanding of the people they're sworn to protect and those rallying against the police must have more respect for the officers who put their lives on the line to protect them. >> maintaining a truthful and serious and respectful tone is going to help mobilize american society to bring about real raining. that is our ultimate objective. >> the president went on to say it's important for americans to unite against injustices of all kind. thanks to loaner cars from maryland, amtrak and new jersey
5:37 am
transit, commuters could get to their destinations faster. emphasis on the word could. >> spa release a new summer schedule. steve keeley is in ardmore, there are a few passenger with you have they made it on the train yet. >> reporter: they did. all the seats empty. that train mostly empty. air conditioning you could feel it on the train. if you're up before the sun, you got a seat, a train and you are on time likely. second wave of people starting to arrive now. look at the pictures from last week. you'll understand why people probably got up a lot earlier to beat the traffic. as bob kelly shows you in an easy to do math and subtraction and addition situation for septa, this new situation where they have a train from maryland, one from new jersey and one from amtrak is not going to solve and replace 30,000 seats. one good thing out of this, as we come back to our live
5:38 am
picture, remember marcus a robinson? uber black car x he doubled his normal pay. the goal this week is to triple his pay. >> sometimes pad situations turn good for some people. >> he's cool, he took at the coat off. chilling. >> see what happens, steve keeley thank you so much. >>. let's get back to the breaking news out of germantown where police are investigating a shooting. 400 block of mechanic street before midnight. one man was shot and rushed to the hospital. at this hour, we don't know how he's doing. what was that keep an yap on that. the phillies end the first half of the season with one of the best defensive displays this season, they're almost back to 500. sports in a minute straight ahead.
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cocoa butter.
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. sports in a minute sponsored by rothman institute. fox 29 sports in one minute i'm sean bell, the phillies lost two out of three to colorado mostly because of bad pitching. it was last game going into the all star break and they had to go on a winning streak. code asche. line drive to right. two runs will come in, gives the phils a 2-1 lead. rupp is incredible type of game. rupp played to a bomb to center field. that was one of four.
5:42 am
best performance of the season by far. he also had four rbis, the phillies win 10-3 going into with the victory. >> the wimbleton, murray with a chance to beat big time and he got it done in wimbleton in the place he wants to win. that's sports in a minute. i'm sean bell. the phillies are 42 and 48. six games behind 500, they have basically the week off. back on the field hear at home against the mets friday. message from the heart. last week's police condition, comedian kevin hart is warning against something right now. we'll tell you about it.
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5:45 am
. looking at what's our weather maker for today. high pressure giving us a brief respite from humidity. that started yesterday and will continue today and probably most of tomorrow. but that high is moving eastward eventually it will move offshore. once that happens, warm front comes. we get south westerly winds and again. it gets humid. it's july. of course, you can expect that. that's what's going to happen. where hot and humid air hangs out all summertime long south and west of us. we'll get a taste of that. by late wednesday into thursday,
5:46 am
for sure. 66 degrees comfortable in philadelphia. more so in pottstown where it's 57, 56 mount pocono. 60 lancaster, that and wildwood we're starting off with 69 at atlantic city international it's psychobut these are the due points and that's the key to your comfort factor because the due point is your measure of moisture and when it's down in the 50's like what we have, you saw the previous map, we're in between pleasant and comfortable right now. delightful. all we're going to show you in the futurecast, a little bit of a sea breeze front as we call it. expect it only to be clouds from that and not any rain. put all that together in the seven-day forecast and tell you that we'll probably get another heat wave this week, looking pretty likely. upper 80's today and tomorrow, which is seasonal. then we get to about 89, maybe 90 on wednesday, you'll feel the difference wednesday, as the
5:47 am
humidity returns and then we're in the 90's on thursday, friday, probably saturday and sunday. as well. and a quick look at your shore temperatures for this week today and tomorrow, not bad at all in the lower 80's. bob, it's really nice today. >> looking good. of 5:47. good morning, not only is it 6:11 today, it's always national blue berry muffin day. ziploc packet some butter on that, put it in the microwave and we're good to go. as you heard from dave, a protest is schedule to start around 8:00. keep in mind if you're coming into downtown philly in that city hall area. of course, we'll stay on and keep you up to date. here's an early map here, the three trains that septa added over the weekend gives 1700 extra seats. the trenton line will see 300,
5:48 am
the stops between glenside and philadelphia will see the other 1400. bottom line, we lost 30,000 last week, added 1700, it's an improvement but it's not the final solution. the market frankford and broad street subway are your two best bets. bob's tip for the day. you can get free parking to at the frankford transportation center. 1900 spots maxed out last week. 1600 at the naval hospital. trains are running every eight to ten minutes's you can always again, if you park in the navy hospital, you can gain access to the broad street subway. outside we go, light morning so far along route 309 as we say good morning to fort washington. chris and lauren back over to you. in the midst of an protest over last week's police condition of african-american and the attack on law enforcement in dallas. kevin hart is warning against the dangerous of a media fueled race war. >> all on fellow celebrities to
5:49 am
use their platform to discourage further he is calculation. violence is not the answer those in the spotlight need to help come up with positive solutions. hart says he does not want to see a war in any way, shape or form but change in the justice system. he also says if everyone bands together they can be heard in a tasteful way. . another black lives matter protest thankfully they've all been peaceful. 5:49. >> a hate to pay, ditch the pay. that's the rule norristown theater is testing with their ticket prices. >> it's giving you the option to walk out with your money still in your wallet. this is no joke. it's paying a pay what you will rule. where you pay for a ticket after you see the show. that's interesting. the theater verizon will first
5:50 am
test this new payment approach on august 1st with the bloody bloody andrew jackson. right? >> what? >> i don't know, that's the name of the play. >> haven't heard of that one. i saw purge yesterday. >> the only ones i've seen is finding dory. good morning, everyone, happy monday. it's a good monday. >> you look thrilled. >> i am thrilled. i missed everybody. >> don't worry. here's alex holley with a preview of today's good day philadelphia broadcast. >> it's only been one week, but it's already tired of the long spa wait an crowded trains, why not try biking?
5:51 am
we'll see how long it will take to bike into the city. we're going to compare that. she's starting at conshohocken going to bike all the way into center city and william see if this is the better option. plus, did you know poke'mon is back? it's a '90s game everyone is abscessing over. poke'mon is the hottest ap you can download right now. i'm still trying to figure out. apparently there's an ap they can find where you are. >> the one good thing bounding kids -- at least it gets them walking. >> that's true. >> cheers to you, it's national mojitoday. we have a few unusual spins on the classic cocktail. and cubre libre. >> jen is biking in from conshohocken. >> we'll see it happen live on
5:52 am
the show. >> at least she picked a good morning. not as humid. >> yesterday was amazing. >> she may beat some of the people waiting for a train. >> we're going to compare. speaking of trains, biking now driving. we're driving you -- crazy. >> we could be. we have been going to all these different cities. this week, it's haddonfield new jersey on friday. we'll be there live from 7:00 until 9:00. you can wean a mazda cx 9. you go on to the website on the contest page, home page, a finalist once a week and the final show we have a big give away. >> and that is? >> friday. >> july 22nd. >> time flies. >> when you're having fun.
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. 5:55. was beautiful sunrise. new jersey transit is taking dlashgs push back long term rail projects, repairs and upgrades to a halt due to the state's
5:56 am
inability to fix it's depleted transportation trust fun. it wanted to add a rail line and an extension of the houston light rail line. charles ramsey says a solution between police and citizens exists, but it starts with both sides coming together. >> as long we continue to listen to extremes on both sides, and we don't engage in serious thoughtful discussion, it really results in solutions to our problems, so that there's not two sides of the issue. there's one and that is safe neighborhoods, in which there's also a sense of justice and fairness for the people who reside in those neighborhoods and for the police officers that work in those neighborhoods. that's the goal. and i think we're working toward it but unfortunately, we continues to have issues arise. >> and ramsey went on to say he fears one of the issues that
5:57 am
might arise is an incident either at the r and c or the d&c in philadelphia later this month. let's hope not. five days five peaceful protests here in philadelphia. where another protest is ready to pop up in the city. this morning. spa just released a new schedule that could affect your morning commute. what you need to know, live report from steve keeley straight ahead. septa
5:58 am
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. from the fox 29 studios, this is good day philadelphia. relief on the rails? really? septa just its schedules. will it make a difference kerr let's find out this morning? we'll put it to the test. steve keeley riding the rails. >> hate isn't going to fix anything. dividing isn't going to fix anything. loving each other will. >> powerful words from a dallas police officer injured last week. new details we're learning about the man police say carried out the attack? . marches and rallieses continues across the country as well as philadelphia, people call for change and an end to violence where people are planning to gather today in philadelphia at about 11:00 -- also as early as 8:00 this morning and we will be there. it's monday, so it's 7:11.


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