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tv   Chasing News  FOX  July 12, 2016 12:00am-12:30am EDT

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>> now on chasing news. >> is loud music ground for a physical arrest at the beach? the arrest of eric was ugly, they dropped me on to floor, my handcuffs were so tight they were bleeding through. >> people need to stop questioning cops, the whole incident might have been avoided. >> the day donald trump cheated death. >> 5 people killed in a helicopter crash. >> a simple twist of fate may have saved his life. >> he cried in front of thousands, and showed a real face of fear. >> after it was closed sunday, after sustaining damage, connected to two days of heavy rain in the area. >> this is from governor krist to new jersey. >> smoking gun evidence he used to close lanes of george
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washington bridge. >> hank? they say that cops did them wrong. it was not called for. the arrest of eric was ugly. if you believe pictures he posted and scars he showed me, last thing. they come for a day of sun and sand. >> we're behind the lifeguard line. >> one man did have a problem with the music, he brought that
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complaint with a side order of racism. >> he approached us said i don't understand why us whites can't get along with you colored people, you are always messing things up for us, why is your music so loud. >> that is what he said, a stranger? >> yes. >> words were exchanged, eric admits to calling the man rude, the man complained to police about the music, the cop approached them and declared the volume of music to be acceptable. employeric said police asked what is up with music, he was the not playing about more since they had packed up, cops asked for i.d. and eric and others issue they say they asked why were necessary, that is when they said that cops moved in. >> i step over like this, i was tackled by cops, derrick grabs my right arm, another cop grabbed me by the neck they throw me on the ground, they
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handcuff me. they told me to stop fighting and stop resisting, i am already handcuffed, look at my hands they are still bleeding through, they are still cut. >> under arrest, and already in cuffs issue. i get strayed -- sprayed with mace, i don't know if it was to shut me up or keep my quiet. >> acknowledge this is eric a family side, they revered me to township attorney who said this is under investigation, but he could not say anything further because of this. looking at arresting officer's names neither is a full time cop in avon, they aresumer hires. -- they are summer hires. i asked if that presented any liability, he said not really. >> i don't know of any specific examples of where liability is
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attached to that. >> what happened at the end of the day to the question, the family is calling out for video, they say a number of people who shot cell phone video of the arrest that will back up their account, two sundays ago july 3, do have you that video? send it to us, we want to know what happened. >> this situation that escalated, people need to stop questioning cops, if they ask for an i.d., just show the i.d., that is resisting, not wanting to show your i.d., that gives them a sense you want to fight this, that cop is justified, preparing for a more serious situation, if he would have just given hymn him the i.d. -- him the i.d. it would have been phone. >> how loud is too loud, can
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someone not just ask to turn it down, does someone need to be arrest for loud music? >> last weekend, fans of walking dead met the cast in edison, new jersey, at walker soccer con. a photo shoot that took place about a month ago, the kids were seen taking pictures with toy guns. a lot of people were not happy about it but when they went to the walker soccer conthey got vip treatment they were very excited about that. >> i am chasing the day trump theated death, on october -- cheated death, october 8, 1989, three of his top executives were in a helicopter that crashed in
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a wooded area across garden state parkway, all 3 died issue one of steven hyde, a top executive in trump empire. and mark edinland regional marks to where i spoke with james coauthor of book, trump. trump! he wrote it is jack, a former trump executive, i spoke to james about the crash, he said it could not have happened at a worst time in trump empire, at the time trump casinos were cash cow of the empire, trump plaza was huge. and three executives who died on the plane crash, were masterminds of trump atlantic city casino. >> a critical time in his organization, he needed the atlantic city casino to work more than ever, he had to make
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the taj work, the economy was starting to slide. slide. >> were a burn of strange events. >> donald trump had a private helicopter, he had to move his executives they usually flew on a trump helicopter. >> for some reason they chartered a helicopter. >> the main rotor flew off and the helicopter went straight down. >> it was mechanical. >> he said trump shed a tear. hyde was very big in trump's empire, the real mastermind, he had a view national attic city, thousands of people were there. >> donalda circumstance lone at cas -- donald is alone at the casket, jackson said he is
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certain he saw a tear in donald's eye. he was there alone, he said like that he turned, he was on again. >> interesting to see this side of donald trump, humble, fearful side. >> a tear is really the lead of that story, a moment that people saw. >> it was sold for 75,000. >> the tear. >> i put up with harlem man congressman charlie wrangle and his office in harlum he served for 46 years, i had to ask him on brink retirement, what you most proud of in your career. hard to pinpoint one thing. >> i would say, the thing i'm most glad of is having the opportunity, you don't have to be greatest guy on the block. if you are in a position to do something. god knows in 46 years i have
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been. you do it, well, you are not a freshman. >> hot topic right now black lives matter movement, two black men shot and killed by cops, one in louisiana, one in minnesota. then in dallas, live officers shot, 5 killed, i had to ask him congressman rangel there is a nationwide uproar, a lot of racial tension, he said it dates back to slavery with america not really saying sorry are about the wrongs that were done to blacks, he said that this point, you know you have to get to the root of the problem. peal back the onion, layers, and figure out why people are so angry. >> as i see the shooting video, i think of the shootings and killings that have been done before the videos. whenever i see a police officer white or black taking advantage of a black person they believe
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could never politically or economically retaliate, i remember, as a kid that was done in allies late at night. >> congressman rangel, you are about to leave at a very interesting time in politics with a tight race between donald trump and hillary clinton, he said he has been a long time supporters hillary clinton. >> probably with all candidates put together has most public service than any of them could you are asking the wrong person, i fell in love with her in 1970s when i was on the judiciary committee impeaching nixon. she was a volunteer. >> he said trump shows you who he is as a person but trump speebs tspeaks to the divide. >> donald trump had people cheering, and saying terrible things, he just blows the whistle. muslims are bad, immigrants are
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bad, let's get america the way to what it used to be, i don't know what he is talking about, slavery or before civil rights but you can see the meanness in people that support him, they are so happy in their ignorance. >> you have to remember charlie rangel was guilty of 11 out of 13 ethic violations that congress, when him saying this treatment of blacks dates back to slavery there has been progress, we have a first black president right now. >> 11 ethics we -- violation show me one new york politician who has been as -- >> then calling donald trump a racist? >> this is not solving the problem. >> racism does not exist to a lot of white people. >> 99.9% cops are angels, they are awesome people, but things do happen. >> all right, ashley, thank you.
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>> having me pull my car over two blocks. >> hip-hop producer, pulled over by a police officer thursday. >> he decided to not put a front plate on. >> that hip-hop
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mackerel. >> it's all about the -- >> they are having me pull my car over two blocks.
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from where i was originally pulled over, they are in possession all of my paperwork. and everything. see what happens. >> hip-hop producer just blaze is blazing up airwaves this time not radio. periscope. >> i am pulling over to where i have been instructed to pull over. >> music man was pulled over by a police officer in a northern jersey thursdays, and decided to live stream it. born justin smith in paterson, new jersey, blaze said he rolled on the event as a precautionary measure, the first question that officer asked, if his car was legit. >> first thing out of his mouth, is my car legit. >> blaze rolling throughout, the exchange ended. >> you are all good, do me a
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favor get the front plate. >> yes. >> the events that unfolded in video are not what shocked me, more so the commentary from the audience, blaze is well-known in industry working with likes of beyonce and jay-z, he has a sizable following, there are more 50 thousand views, today, some comments were emotionally charged, nation is still realing from shooting death of castile, and alton in lead lead. >> josh turner, commented, tell the pig to get off you. >> another by tag, don't reach for [ bleep ] just blaze remain calm. did tell his followers to take
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precautionary measures, like keep your wallet on the seat next to you, not your pocket, live stream it all. 4 days later blaze blown away by ououtpouring on his video. >> to that officer, if you are watching this, you might be have peal people commenting, not mad at you just think about the way you approach people. >> the car is a lamborghini, registered in jersey, because it is so fancy and expensive he scoffed law and not put a front plate on, did the cop write him a tick gli ticket? >> he did not. >> he got a hip-hop break. >> holy mackerel, another rapper gets off. >> as your public figure in
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government, i know one thing have you a lot of lawyers that might be key to where governor chris christie's cell phone, look at this video. >> lawyer's brought up your cell phone again. >> i have one phone. i a.i unlike secretary clinton i only carry one phone, my personal phone. i said before, with all that stuff heard, i turned my phone to the lawyers at that time. >> lawyers, we all assume he meant andy mast reattorney who readed up internal probe in bridgegate mess, mastro was in court last week, that might have been out of date, he said he gave phone back to governor, but
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who has it now. it was reported they asked governor christie spokesman whether christie's personal lawyer, ray, has the phone. governor spokesman said yes, it is i in ray's possession, it is interesting it was with christie's lawyer, just not the one we thought, on to next mystery be a lot more questions to be answered before bridgegate goes to trial in september. >> we know parental brutality comes in many forms, including busting your kids chops with information that you know the floor them. like telling her daughter that -- married ciara. >> russell wilson got married to
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ciara. >> she broke down when she find out ryan gosling got married. >> what is wrong. >> this kid has can' capacity fr romance. >> no one is going over this bridge any time soon, part of the abutment wall had cleaved away from side of the river bank. >> governor christie does not care about new jersey this is the proof. >> got cone right here.
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>> coming up next, don't play with your food, unless you are a cow. >> that is what happened to a few cows in oakridge, washington, down the hill they went they
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>> my mom always said don't play with your food, how can you not playing whplaying -- with your n it is rolling down the hill, a couple of cows, they were
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rolling it down the hill they went they are happy cows. >> blond, bubbley, a mean mango mojito in edgewater, she is metropolis night bartender of the month. >> beautiful views of manhattan, there is no other place on this side of new jersey you get a better view of the city. >> read about it in this month's edition. >> alex, chases story, transportation trust fund, tough situation of jersey roads, state running out of money now a rough day for anyone that commutes on 202. >> no one is going over this bridge on route 202 any time soon it was closed sunday, after sustained damage connected to two days of heavy rain,
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department of transportation said this bring was not to -- bridge was not on their radar for repairs but now they have to fix it. i came out with lieutenant john who told me sunday night after heavy rain officer mike and an alert motorist noticed some holes in the pavement. >> he was conducting his investigation. looking around the area, he determined there might be some structural damage. 1 they came out, they made a determination that it not safe for travel. they found holes in pavement where water washed in but under the bridge they found part of the abutment wall had cleaved away from the side of the river bank, collapses and causing dot to immediately shut down this
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bridge, crews are out right now working on a plan, police chief said it will take almost two weeks at best. maybe 4 to 6 weeks to fix this. now it is tough time to be a driver in burnersville. not just this main route, route 202 is closed down. but, one of the main roads meeker road was already under construct for work approved as part of transportation trust fund. >> there will be some impact, we'll be somewhat fortunate it is summertime, school is not in session that is going to help us. but, certainly, every day commuter traffic, is going to. >> biggest loser is the guy that lives right there, if he has to go left he is done. >> river is that wide. >> this is guy governor christie to new jersey, he has not only
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given up on infrastructure but can -- canceled an event in new jersey. >> i don't think he washed out the bridge. >> the cop did the inspection, that is not the cop's job. >> we have smoking evidence right here. >> you found a cone. >> i found the cone on the bridge. >> i know have you been looking for them. >> where was the governor that night? i was going to say nothing like crappy weather, we had two massive thunderstorms to exacerbate problem that the bridge has, you have these thunderstorms it will widening particular holes, so road gets fixed by an emergency fund, the problem is still there. >> i think that hank's point is well taken, really in the
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absence of a transportation trust fund, in absence of a large cohere 1 coherent state w, the brings get fixed piecemeal only when necessary. look no further than congress for that. >> all right. thank you alex. >> world is turned to pikachu's playground, pokemon go is not all fun and games, armed robbers luring lone players, even the discovery of
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d'oh! (tires screeching)
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(grunts) (whirring) mmm. paper jam. okay, dad, i'm ready for take your daughter to work day. how come there's never a take your son to work day? 'cause boys are already on track to get all the good jobs. the dirty dozen? all guys. twelve angry men? uh, men! the x-men? mostly men. (bart and homer laugh) good one, dad. yeah. well, despite all that, today's going to be fun, dad! will there be lots of other girls there? just a few. for some reason, there's been a lot of infertility at the nuclear plant. after we show you the wealth of jobs in the steno pool, a hearty luncheon of bison with lake beaver will be served.


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