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tv   Fox Morning News at 5A  FOX  July 12, 2016 5:00am-6:00am EDT

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now the new interim schedule that is affecting your travel time. if you take the train to and from work. it has been such a headache. >> hopefully a solution is in sight though. >> that is right. >> good day it is tuesday july . thanks for waking up at 5:00 in the morning. >> good day yesterday and sue has another good day on top for us today. >> hi there sue. >> would you consider a nine, on good day. >> i sure would. >> yes. >> only reason for that ten again is because of it being a tiny bit more humid. look at bus stop buddy, will go to camp kelly today. it is not called exactly camp kelly. i don't remember the name of it the but bob kelly will tell you where it is, where he will be, later this morning. we are off to a pleasant start with temperatures in the 50's ape 60's and in precipitation on ultimate doppler, radar, so 50's, up in the pocono mountains. fifty-six in trenton. sixty-seven here in the city, atlantic city is 67. we are at 70 in wilmington but
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dew point is still are not that bad. we're in the 50's to the north of us, very comfortable. the once they inch in the mid 60's it will start get muggy but just a lovely morning out there. sunny and nice all day high of 88 degrees. sunset not until 8:30. that is your weather for tuesday. we will talk about the sticky change on the way in the seven day forecast, bob kelly, is what the name of camp. >> i'm going to camp elbow in warrington, pa, that is the same camp that our producer jody harris went to when she was a little tot and they have a zip line. i have never done one before. >> are you going to do that. >> yes. >> good thing about fox is we have a really good medical plan. >> i hope so, i got to check my policy before i helped out there. nine to 10:00 o'clock camp kelly and camp elbow in warrington. the southbound i-95 we are looking good in northeast philadelphia. a lot of police activity but
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it is open. westbound schuylkill expressway opened now, here at university avenue. it has been closed since about 3:30 this morning. you are not able to exit now at vare avenue but at least westbound side is opened, as of a few moments ago. coming from new jersey, nice and quiet long 55, 42, in problems for the shaders there heading to route 73, and mount laurel, new jersey. looking good on 476 and the pennsylvania turnpike, there is one left over work crew. they have been out here on 202 for most of the night, north bound side between 401 and the 30 bypass, and septa, another day, kind of the same thing, give yourself plenty of extra time for regional rails. if you are looking for something different and you just want to try something new, market frankford and broad street subway running trains every eight to ten minutes. the chris and lauren, back over to you. after a community basketball game in southwest philadelphia, one teen is dead, two others are in the hospital.
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>> at this point police believe those teens were targeted. dave kinchen live in center city with more on the investigation. >> reporter: that is right, police are telling us this appears to be stemming from the beef that started in another neighborhood, now you have a 15 year-old, who is dead, after being shot, and police say that the gun shots rang out around 10:00 p.m. as teams were leaving a playground after a community league basketball game at edgewood and baltimore streets. it it was the 15 year-old who died. he was originally listed in critical condition but died, we got that update in the last couple of hours. up investigators say a 14 year-old boy was hit in his arm with the bullet the and a 16 year-old boy was shot in the ankle. they were transported to penn presbyterian hospital. those two are in stable condition. >> we're asking for public's help here. we know there was a lot of people out there. we know this is a will solid neighborhood with a good basketball program and a lot of people involve. this looks like kid were carrying something from the neighborhood here and an opportunity to go after these
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young men leaving the court and they took an opportunity to shoot them, which is unacceptable. this is a positive program that works very well in this community. >> reporter: positive community, a stapel in that community as you heard lieutenant walker saying there. police say boys were definitely targeted but detective tell me they do not have any suspect in this case just yet. their investigation is just beginning here, and of course, now homicide division. they have pick it up here. a 15 year-old boy has died as a result of the shooting. if you have any information police ask you to contact their tip line 15-686-tips. back to you. dave, thanks very much. we have more breaking news out of south jersey. crews put on you a fire a hour and a half ago at short hills restaurant on evesham road in cherry hill. fire started around 3:00 in the morning and was under control in a half an hour no one was hurt. crews are on the scene looking for hot spots. if you see something, say something, home land security investigating a suspicious situation at historic bellevue.
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>> this is bizarre, people on the roof, with something suspicious, steve keeley is looking into this one live at the hotel, hi, steve. >> reporter: they left calmer then they arrived, talking about philadelphia police here about ten hours and just wrapped up their investigation on the scene. we don't know if they are going to come back but if there is some logical or innocent reason for a man a woman to be up on the roof of the cities most iconic hotel just before it the is full of some of the most powerful people governing this country police and home land security want to know this couple had items that raised big alarms for sure in this current environment. what police described as smoke bombs or explosive or cause particular chemicals and cameras. bomb squad, home land security, fire department, everyone else with a sworn duty to keep this city safe, showed up at 7:00. couple you see in our video put in handcuffs, cars and then put in interview rooms for non-custodial interviews meaning they were not charged at least not yet anyway with
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any crimes. chief inspector joe sullivan at last update late last night said no crime had been committed at this time. the hyat the bellevue staff says roofies not opened to guest, not opened to the public. so anybody doing anything on the roof will raise alarms for sure. good job calling the authorities. police and crime scene unit just left here at 4:30 chris and lauren and we will hear any new update from commissioner race when he shows up for work around 6:45 this morning over where dave kinchen and crew are. >> we will wait for that, thanks very much, steve keeley. now to reports of a threat made against philadelphia police officers, threat made targets three specific police district. right now police do not believe any of them are credible, however. protesters took to the streets for a sixth night. police say for the most part they have been peaceful. demonstrations have been going around major cities across the country. groups are gathering against
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recent police killings of african-american men. while things have been mostly peaceful some protesters are getting verbally aggressive with police. >> to have someone in your face, an inch from your nose calling you everything under the sun, you don't go through training and magically become a robot. these are people, we're talking about. i don't know how that resolves anything. >> commissioner ross says police are trying to keep those same protesters from yelling at officers faces from being injured by traffic along their routes. in south delaware federal investigation is underway after a fire fighter died during a training exercise, officials say he fell out of the helicopter in flight after stepping on to the skid. this happened at coastal airport in georgetown just before 7:00 o'clock last night. the fire fighter is with the lewis fire department but has name has in the been release. coming up on 5:08. president obama will travel to dallas to deliver remarks at interester faith service for the five white officers,
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gunned down during a protest last thursday, at the hand of the black army veteran who declared he was on a mission to kill white people. all of this happening as a city protest after the death of alton sterile and philano castille who were killed by police that same week. police are learning much more about micah johnson, man responsible for killing those five dallas officers. investigators are reviewing hundreds of hours of videos there police body cameras, dash cams and surveillance cameras near the shooting site. officials are trying to uncover the meaning of the letters rb which were written in blood at the crime scene. they do know johnson was planning a larger scale attack this tragic incident will in the discourage us from continuing the urgency in changing and reforming police nothing america. >> chief brown also had this message for people who don't like police and want to see
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things change. funeral plans announced for five officers seen here killed in looks thursday's attack in dallas. tomorrow services will be held for officer brent thompson and senior corporal lorne ahrens. public service for michael submit will be held on thursday. michael crow's funeral on friday. and services for patrick zamarripa is saturday. two bailiffs are dead after a courthouse shooting, a civilian and sheriff's deputy are also injured. this happened after inmates grabbed an officer's gun, and then started to fire off round, yesterday after noon. officers shot and killed the suspect identified as 45 year-old larry darnell gordon. they believe he was trying to escape from the ber beyond county courthouse. when it all happened bailiffs were moving the man from his cell for a courtroom appearance. >> the fight took place right outside the holding cell at
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the courthouse as they were getting him out of the holding cell, and they secured the door and then the inmate started fighting with the deputy and bailiff, and that is when the gun was able to be taken away. he was trying to escape. that is when he fatally wounded the two bailiffs. >> those two bailiffs identified as joseph and ronald. regional rail commuters testing new interim schedule. trains are running at new times and different intervals. this comes after a week after septa took a their of the regional rail fleet off the track because of structuring issues. septa is adding new trains leased out from other transit agency to the track. a total of 18 railcars are added this week. that equipment from amtrak, nj transit and maryland. >> the additional trains we have, moving from glenside to
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30th street. also from bryn mawr to suburban station. so it is a shorter, it is where we identified the problem, where we expect the problem. >> additionally septa says it is looking to lease additional cars from boston and midwest and may consider adding express buses. state of the pace operating under a new $31 billion spending bill. >> it the became law at midnight, without governor's signature, okay. big problem is, state lawmakers have not figure out how to pay for it. they are discussing a 1 dollar tax cigarette tax increase and expansion of casino styling gambling what they call syntax. right now state's projected revenues is hundreds of millions of dollars short. there is a new candidate in the race for delaware governor, john carney filed his candidacy papers yesterday one day before that deadline. within other also filed, setting up a primary contest but election officials say he
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indicated that he might withdraw from the race, later this week. we will keep an eye on that. bill cosby splits with his lead attorney? who is willing to fight for the comedian now. it is photograph that some are saying is a symbol of the past weeks protest, why this photo coming out of the baton rouge is getting so much attention.
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♪ >> yes, it is a beautiful morning. this is one of the last non-hazy mornings you will see for a while. i think by tomorrow we will be in the soup as they say. a beautiful sunrise as we get started on your tuesday morning. monday, was marvelous with a high of 86. low humidity. high pressure is still on shore. it will be for part of the day today but by tomorrow it will move off shore, we will head southeasterly wind but today's high 88. it the is dry right now. it is 68 degrees in philadelphia we are at 07 in wilmington. cloud cover there. it didn't get as cool as it could have, 64 degrees in dover, reading and lancaster this morning. dew points are in the 50's to the north of us. we're inching in the lower 60's. we are stuck between this comfortable and almost muggy situation, it will be still a nice day today but we will see
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some cloud around here and there as we look at the future cast, no precipitation in the offing and not as humid as it will be by the end of the week. lets get to that seven day forecast and tell you what we're talking about. 88 degrees today. eighty-eight tomorrow. and more humid. then feel difference between today's 88 and tomorrow's 88. then by thursday, we are into the 90's. we will stay in the 90's on friday, probably saturday and sun take as well which will make us ready for heat wave number three, 016. occasional thunderstorms on thursday late in the day and then on sun take late in the day and checking those shore temperatures our summertime seven day, lower 80's today and tomorrow. very nice and comfortable and then it starts to get sticky closer to the weekend. bob kelly. >> sue, good morning. 5:16 on this tuesday morning. a live look to the bennie n problems at all here coming in or out of the city.
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keep in mind later tonight we have a paul mccartney concert down there at citizens bank park. they are using the same stage that they used for billy joel the other night. so that makes it easy. they did the same thing last year but we will see extra volume, during that evening rush hour, and then, of course, once concert is over that instant traffic jam heading home. here's a live look at schuylkill expressway, westbound as they clean up what is left of an overnight accident, fuel spill. you can see the fuel is still on the roadway here. this is off ramp from the westbound schuylkill to university. but at least main line here is opened. if you are leaving south philadelphia, or coming in from south jersey you will be good to go. regional rail lines you know the drill by now but here's a tip, the trains between glenside, and center city of had the most scenarios, where these packed trains bypass the station. so if you can get on before glenside or lets say paoli line get on before ardmore you
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will have a better chance of getting not only on the train but also getting a seat. if you get a seat, the lucky you you play the lottery because that has not been the case for last week and a half or so. best bet broad street subway and market frankford line. they are running trains eight to ten minutes. they are work horses. if you drive to the station make it a broad street subway and or market frankford line. thank me later with the jelly doughnut. chris and lauren, back to you. a controversial bill on abortion restrictions set to head to the state senate floor sometime this week. bill would ban a abortion after 20 weeks in pennsylvania. that is compared to 24 weeks in the current law. the house passed the bill last month. governor wolf says he will issue a veto on this bill if it passes. judge sentenced former philadelphia school administrators to 2010 years in a probation for her role in the cheating scandal. evelyn cortez was found guilty on charges of tampering with evidence and criminal
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conspiracy. former principal of cayuga elementary school changed student answers and then remoted other cheating on state standardized tests. according to the grand jury investigation she enter classrooms, looked over student shoulders and tapped their books to indicate that they needed to change an answer. you are tapping me all the time. >> trying to keep you you in line. >> it is tredyffrin. >> you see her on tv taking down gown let in court and now judge glenda hatchet is putting down her judge's role. >> she has agreed to represent family of philano the castille, black man killed by a police officer in minute so the a judge hatchet ran for eight years in syndication until her show was cancelled in 2008 and has been in reruns since then. she is expect to speak about a potential civil lawsuit and funeral arrangements with the family later this morning. we have all her the saying, pictures they are
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worth a thousand words. well for one recent pictures now gone viral is doing just that. >> our producer candace saw this picture and it broad you a tear to her eye. it is attract ago lot of attention on line right now. it shows what appears to be a woman peaceful resistance to police. >> photo was taken by freelance photograph jonathan boxman. after the deaths of alton sterling and philando castille. she's iisha evans a license practical nurse, and this was her first time ever being involved in a protest. >> so they are comparing this photo taken by the photographer to that image of the lone protesters confronting the tank in the square in 1989, and guy just kept moving as etank kept trying to get by them. >> interesting. >> yes. >> federal prosecutors say that a new jersey chef accused of distributing child porn is now also accused of conspiring
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to sexually exploit children. alexander capasso was arrested in july 2015 after prosecutors say he changed pornographic images. new charges stem from photos and videos of children that authorities say they found in his home. capasso has been long part of the philadelphia area restaurant scene and he most recently opened crow and pitcher in rittenhouse square. bill cosby has hired a new legal time to oversee his civil situation. angela abruzo will now take lead on national suits involving accusation that is cosby drugged and maine less ted women. change comes after he lost his bid to get criminal sexual assault charges dismissed in montgomery county. eight year-old boy who fell in the pool on a cruise ship in new jersey has died. june 30th royal caribbean's anthem of the seas left the port in bayonne and was heading to the caribbean. that same day boy fell into within of the swimming pools where he stayed for at least
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eight minutes before he was rescued. the medical examiner says he died from his injuries on july . in a statement royal caribbean says they are heart broken and their thoughts and rayers are with that family. 5:22. suddenly starving. solution already in your refrigerators helping you curb your cravings and drop that unwanted weight. >> well, that is good. >> here are your winning lottery numbers, good luck. prodders, shuckersers, and sniffers, [ inhales ] all giant produce is triple checked. farm, crate, and store.
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a new study shed light on how dogs can detect diabetes by sniffing out as a breath. the these dogs, who are able to leather their owners when their blood sugar is low has been around for quite sometime. researchers found out chemical dogs may be detect now. researchers found a link between isoprene and low blood sugar. dogs were able to easily smell that chemical. that could improve technology to machine for blood sugar levels. >> trying to lose weight? drink more water. >> water. >> say it the one more time. >> water. >> a new study find staying hydrated and eating more water, with fruits and veggies could help with weight loss. researchers studied 10,000 adults from age 18 and 64 and found hydration and body mass
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index air associated. person with the higher bmi need more what the tore stay hydrated. >> what is wrong with you. >> let's talk money now, because it is amazon prime day. >> and that could mean pretty big deal for thousands of items. >> it features a variety of products, including electronic, kitchen appliance, jewelry. they launched prime day last year to celebrate its 20th anniversary as part of the company's effort to increase shopping in the summer. our financial advisor dan will be in the studio from seven to 10:00, telling you where you can find the best deals, and if you have any questions, just use that #fox 29 if day and he will help guide you to the answers. >> dan offers deals of his own. the his doubt are bought nine tickets to the paul mccartney show there at the ballpark. he said the other day, we only need five. do you want some tickets. >> that is nice. >> so, i could in the go so this gentlemen right over here bob abernathy, it was on his
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bucket list and thanks to dan, he is going. should be a great show. 5:27. steve keeley, good morning to you. >> reporter: what was this couple doing 15 stories up on the bellevue less than two weeks before hillary clinton and company set up camp here? with chemicals and smoke bombs.
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ghost problems. well, it it was supposed to be a friendly game of basketball end with bullets flying. three teenagers shot, one dies earlier this morning. altercation police say may be link to the shooting. bomb square on broad street detectives investigating suspicious materials found in the famous center city hotel, what we know so far. details about the final arrange also for louisiana person killed by two officers last week, alton sterling's family plans to lay him to rest. good day, it is tuesday, july 12th, 2016. >> bus stop buddy, he is a big fan of odubel herrera, lone philly to represent phillies in san diego on fox on this tuesday, july 12th, 2016. >> you are a wealth of information, sue serio. >> well, he is out in the wilderness, he has to find
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himself a tv set to watch the all-star game but yeah, camping buddy today in honor of camp kelly and bob kelly later on this morning. pleasant start. we're expecting sunshine that is why he has a full bottle of sun screen ready to go, temperatures in the 50's and 60's and we will give you a nine out of ten. today this will be a smidge more humid, so what a nice day we have in store, again in rain to show you on radar, temperatures 50's up in the mountains. sixty's every where else. 70 degrees in wilmington right now. dew points are still in the fairly comfortable range to the north of us where dew points are in the 50's, mid 60's in philadelphia, feel that little smidge of humidity today. 88 degrees should be our high. sunset not until 8:30. nice long day to enjoy the weather. we had such a nice walk my dog and i yesterday, bob kelly after i posted 800 pictures on
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ham on facebook. >> there you go after that walk how about a hammock. this is first item they suggested on amazon prime, amazon prime day. we will set it up. it has a nice little stand there. i will use that hammonk later today when i go to camp elbow in warrington, pa. we will see you between nine and 10:00 o'clock doing zip lining. ben franklin bridge looking good coming up a and over into downtown philadelphia sunrising. we are seeing cleaning up crew here, the penndot salt truck, sand trucks, the washer, washing machine cleaning up what is left of the fuel spill from an overnight accident. at least main line here is opened westbound just watch for delays from south philadelphia in towards university. later today city avenue route one there between 66th and 69th will go down to one lane. that will cause havoc during the day. nothing like havoc on the regional rails.
5:33 am
just a little tip train between glenside and center city of the most packed trains and then bypass the station. trying to get on before glenside, before the ardmore station there on the main line, and looking to try something different to take market frankford ape proud street subway again there is parking at end of the both of the lines, frankford transportation, naval hospital and they are running trains eight to ten minutes and we have in the had a problem at all on both of those lines. the chris and lauren back over to you. breaking news, gunfire, erupts after a community basketball game in southwest philadelphia, and shots fired, and a teen has been kill. >> a couple others are recovering at the hospital but police think those teens were targeted. dave kinchen live in center city with more on the investigation, hi there dave. >> reporter: we were talking to investigators with the homicide division, filling a police and they say it is an unfortunate ambush. now one of the teens has died. police say gunshots rang out
5:34 am
at 10:00 p.m. last night as teens were leaving a playground after a basket paul game at edgewood and baltimore. that intersection there. it was 15 years old who died after being shot in the face and originally listed in critical condition but has since succumbed to the injuries there investigators say a 14 year-old boy was hit in the arm by a bullet and 16 year-old was shot in the ankle. they were transported to penn presbyterian hospital. the two are in stable condition. police also say that the boys were targeted, detectives tell me they have not yet identified any of the suspects just yet, and a 15 year-old boy has died as a result of the shooting here. police are asking for tips. if you have any information give police a call on tip line 215-686-tips. 215-686-tips. chris and lauren. >> dave kinchen live for us, thank you. tense moments at historic bellevue hotel, home land security called into investigate this one. >> police say a man and woman
5:35 am
were found on the roof with suspicious items. steve keeley is live at the bellevue with more on this. >> reporter: all tourist know there is an observation deck at the highest point you can get to and place would you expect tourist to be with camera. no observation deck two blocks south on broad street at iconic bellevue at hyat, 15 stories up, no guests have access to the roof. it is in the a public place. anybody up on the roof will raise an alarm especially if you are up there with things that police described as smoke bombs and chemicals possibly explosive or cause particular. look at our video. that is why these people were happened cuffed. a man and woman right around 7:00 last night. also why the bomb squad, philadelphia fire department and home land security department all called out here, as ovulate last night chief inspector joe sullivan who never takes an hour off it seems these days in this environment says at this time in crime has been committed and they were doing non-cuss
5:36 am
toes qualification interviews as he described it, with this couple. we will likely find out any kind of logical explanation that they have had with police who finally just left here at 4:30 after being here for ten hours once we get an update next from commissioner richard ross when he shows up just before 7:00 where dave kinchen is over at headquarters. >> all right, steve, thanks. now to reports of the threat made against philadelphia police officers on social media. it targets three specific police districts. right now police do not believe those threats are credible. we will try to get answers. hundreds hundreds march for black lives matter. protesters are speaking out against the deaths of the two men, both men dying last week during separate the police shootings. one hundred row testers, whose street. our street. police made several arrest. funeral for alton sterling, black man from louisiana fatally shot by police will be held friday in baton rouge.
5:37 am
sterling was killed by two white the police officers. his death which was captured on cell phone video bye-bye standers has sparked days of protests from around the country. today marks one month since the pulse nightclub shooting in orlando. last night hundreds gathered in orlando to pay tribute the to these victims. >> so much happened in that last month. memorial service not only honored victims but first responders were on the scene within minutes. forty-nine people died last month after a man opened fire inside the pulse gay nightclub. during the shootings he called 911 and told dispatchers he pledged his allegiance to isis and called himself a solder for that terrorist organization. 5:37. coming up, there is in bad blood when it comes to taylor swift's bank account. she's loaded. we will tell you, all about that. get ready philly fans are gearing up for the eagles, coming up in just two weeks and why head coach doug pederson says he is a little apprehensive however, oh, to.
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mlb baseball all-star game tonight right here on fox 29, last night home run hitting contest. the let's get to san diego. that is todd frazier, now with the chicago white socks. what he last years champion. thinks jean carlos stanton, with the miami, whatever, he crushes it. sixty-two home runs, three round. traveled over 27,000 feet.
5:41 am
his longest 497. he is the champion this year. all right. eagles head coach doug pederson out playing golf for a great cause in memory of former eagles running back kevin turner, lost his battle on march 24th. in two weeks eagles will be in training camp for doug pederson's first year. >> i will be very nervous stepping out on that football field in a different capacity, different role, but i'm so excited to be leading the charge, and getting these guys ready to play football games. it is one thing if you get into coaching and you want to have that control and you want to be on top of it that way. >> that is sports in a minute. i'm howard eskin. he has that john gruden dew looking. >> yes. >> wild. >> 5:41. it looks like christmas in july where hail is raining from the sky, what? right now? >> yes. >> and we will play, winter
5:42 am
rest by paul mccartney, he has to play this tonight at citizens bank park. blank blank .
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5:44 am
here is, major clean up going on in montana, north dakota. so, we have some heat here, they had a hail storm so bad that snowplows had to be called into clean up the road.
5:45 am
montana highway patrol took those pictures in north day coat, severe thunderstorms produced hail the size of the baseball. locals reported broken windows, flooding and even siding ripped off of homes. >> what in the world, in july. >> hail? >> good morning. >> insurance companies going crazy. we have in our neighborhood high pressure in control, that is weather maker, that usually means good weather and it certainly has ever since it built in on sunday after those storms we haddon saturday. so sunday was nice. yesterday was nice. today should be nice until high pressure moves off shore. the once that happens between it starts to get more humid. we have a warm front and cold front on the way. cold front set to arrive probably on friday. we will see what happens but oppressive heat is building, that we can promise by end of the week. it will not feel as comfortable as it it does right now. so we have, no rain to show
5:46 am
you on radar, hardly any clouds throughout the day. we will see a few patches here and there but nothing to bother you at all as we look at future cast. we will look ahead to some other precipitation later in the week but with our average high of 87, we were so cool on saturday, because of those thunderstorms and then sunday and monday, ideal weather, today, not bad. up to 88 degrees. the 88 we will get tomorrow will be a lot more uncomfortable because of the humidity and then we will zoom in the 90's on thursday, friday, saturday, sunday as well, with a chance of the thunderstorm here and there especially on thursday and another chance with another frontal system on, sunday, as we check our shore temperatures it looks like the coolest day on the beach, will be the lower 80's today and tomorrow, abe then it starts to get hot ape humid there as well. it will be hot and humid every where bob kelly by end of the week. >> ac's cranking. good morning.
5:47 am
5:46. getting up and out on a tuesday morning, a live look at 42 freeway, no problems coming in toward philadelphia, at least at the moment, we are looking good as sun begins to rise, northeast philadelphia, a live look in the construction zone, headlight heading northbound past cottman to see crews out all during the day and through the overnight as they repave this stretch on the north bound side, 42 as i mentioned coming from new jersey looking good. no problems, coming down 295 as you head from 42 down toward that delaware memorial bridge. same deal with september, a lot of folks, you know, the main line, gang fromville know of, ardmore, glenside, that is the stretch of stations that seem to have stacked and packed trains and they see them bypassed. trying to get to the beginning or close to the beginning of the line that you can to have better chance of getting on one of those trains. the best pick market frankford and broad street subway not the just for morning rush hour because they are running trains every eight to ten
5:48 am
minutes but it has been a mess in the evening between that four to 6:00 p.m. of grid lock at the center city stations here but market frankford and broad street subway running trains every eight to ten minutes and we have had in delays so far, chris and lauren back to you. so they are dropping like mosquitoes, right. >> like golf balls. >> you are crazy. >> someone else says they are not going to the olympic. >> who is that jordan spieth. >> his parents are from pennsylvania. world's third ranked golfer spieth says he will in the play for u.s. in rye owe. he joins, other top golfers, they call the fab , four top four golfers in the world. >> give them to me are. >> jason day australia justin johnson who won u.s. open here in pennsylvania. jordan spieth from texas and rory mcilroy from ireland. all four, top guys in the world saying forget bit. can you blame them. >> so don't watch golf in the olympics, there is no one to watch.
5:49 am
>> golf has in the been there in more than 112 years. you have unpaid police officers in rio saying welcome to hell. >> wow. >> so why would you want to go play golf there. >> chris. >> you could go down there abe win the olympic. >> sure. >> chris murphy walking around. >> still some good players. >> yes. >> ricky fouler from marietta, california. >> yes. >> we all know kim kardashian is a big fan of mike jerrick. >> first of all, you know, she is in a reality show who but this. she's being recognized by forbes for her business sense, not just certain aspects. >> i think they should put chris jenner there she's responsible for all that. >> kim car dash than is on the cover. the kim kardashian hollywood, 45 million times, has made 160 million-dollar, since
5:50 am
launching in june 203. magazine estimates kim has personally pocketed 45 million-dollar, yes, she tweeted that her thanks to the forbes by saying it is a tremendous honor to be on the cover. i never dream that this would happen and i know my dad would be proud. >> indulge us with the shoulder pads, the imitation please of the kardashian. >> thank you, thank you. >> we call taylor swift, t sizzle. >> yes. >> taylor swift. >> yes. >> who calls her that. >> i don't but apparently someone does. she's on top of her game. country singer turns pop princess just topped forbes annual list of the highest paid celebrity. >> t swift has an annual income of one subpoena zero million-dollar a year. >> what happened to us. >> yes. >> if someone can cure cancer would that not than more worthwhile for our society. >> she's one space above her ex-harry styles, one direction, do you remember
5:51 am
him. >> and other celebrities, kevin hart in sixth lays, adele, hello, number nine and that is hello. >> they are calling this black tuesday because amazon prime is about every ten minutes popping up these deals for you. >> yes. >> so dan rick cot owe will just sit there and just keep spewing out the deals he find so you can jump on amazon prime. >> why. >> dan is a nice man. he haded extra tickets to the paul mccartney and gave them to this guy, to take his wife. >> paul mccartney is in town tonight at wells fargo. >> citizens bank. >> yes. >> that would be great. >> yes. >> i guess you weren't invited. >> okay. >> i know he is a beetle. >> yes. >> what else is going on,
5:52 am
mike. >> as soon as i find it... >> do you remember this picture there back in the day speaking of the olympics, unimpressed, mikayla maroon i from back in the day, she did that to the president. well, she has had it looks as if some plastic surgery, would you like to see what she looks like right now. >> that is a tease. >> yes. >> i have been in tv a long time that is a tease. >> you have to watch the show. you will in the tell when it airs. >> it might not air? it will air. >> you are not that kind of tease you deliver on your promises. >> you deliver, that is right. >> friday we will be in haddonfield. >> i don't believe we have ever done a live show from haddonfield but it will happen this friday and apparently that went away. >> broadcasting history. >> yes. >> first time there. >> yes. >> it is like edward r murrow goes to haddonfield it is had big. >> it is epic. >> all right. >> we find out who won the --
5:53 am
>> do we find out who won. >> we will not done yet. >> did we find out who won the power ball or whatever it was mega millions. >> in. >> did you? why are you asking it is next story here. >> get get your life together. >> it is okay. >> indiana's 540 million-dollar richer but they have not come forward. that is what mike is talking about. someone cashing in. >> told you, he would be back. >> oh, yeah.
5:54 am
5:55 am
5:56 am
someone is 540 million-dollar richer but only problem is they have not come for. single winning ticket was purchased at this speed way in cambridge city indiana. whoever bought it, came in at ten in the evening on friday. it matches all six numbers. winner can take either one time lump sum or a 30 year annuity. >> i have no idea the jackpot winner was in this store, and hopefully it is a fellow hughesser. >> yes. >> as for the gas station owners, they will get $100,000 for selling the tickets.
5:57 am
of course, we are your home for mega millions ape power ball drawing, see winning numbers live right here on fox 29 right after 10:00 o'clock news. friendly game of basketball end with bullet flying, three teens shot one a 15 year-old shot in the face pronounced dead. altercation police say may have been linked to the shooting. plus bomb scare on broad street detectives investigating suspicious materials found in the famous center city help tell, what this could mean for our city's safety. it's a taste so bold, yet so smooth,
5:58 am
it could only be called, black silk, from folgers. a taste you could enjoy, fresh brewed, or one cup at a time. black silk, from folgers.
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every coconut has a dream. to come out of its shell. to show all the world its true, inner beauty. and then, in an ironic twist, get covered up by chocolate and almonds. almond joy mounds. what every coconut wants.
6:00 am
three teens ambushed after a basketball game, one killed, two others hurt after a shooting in southwest philadelphia what police are saying about the possible motivation behind this attack, another teenager is dead. plus a bomb scare on broad street detective are investigating suspicious materials found at a famous center city hotel, whom police have in custody right now. i'm scared for my open life out here. >> and a sixth straight day of protest as begins police brutality here in philadelphia, what the city's top copies saying about his officer's response to these demonstrations. this is as police say they are investigating threats against them here in philadelphia. it is july 12th, 2016. good morning everybody welcome to good day philadelphia it is mike, alex, sue and bomb. >> thank you


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