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tv   Good Day Philadelphia at 6A  FOX  July 12, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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three teens ambushed after a basketball game, one killed, two others hurt after a shooting in southwest philadelphia what police are saying about the possible motivation behind this attack, another teenager is dead. plus a bomb scare on broad street detective are investigating suspicious materials found at a famous center city hotel, whom police have in custody right now. i'm scared for my open life out here. >> and a sixth straight day of protest as begins police brutality here in philadelphia, what the city's top copies saying about his officer's response to these demonstrations. this is as police say they are investigating threats against them here in philadelphia. it is july 12th, 2016. good morning everybody welcome to good day philadelphia it is mike, alex, sue and bomb. >> thank you for that
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introduction. >> happy anniversary to the family feud. >> family feud is 40 years old. >> forty years old. >> wow. >> one of my favorite shows. >> you didn't mention that in the meeting. >> we could have have done a thing. >> you can do it again. >> richard dawson was my favorite. >> reruns of the game show network, he kissed every woman. >> every woman. >> but on the lips. >> he would sit there and go right in there. >> we will show footage of this guy. >> steve harvey doesn't do anything. >> no. >> kiss of death. >> yes. >> is what the number. >> it is not a ten today. >> ahh. >> it is a nine. >> okay. >> just a smidge more humid today then yesterday. so, it is a smidge. bus stop buddy is at camp today in honor of camp kelly
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which you will hear about later on, off to a pleasant start. temperatures in the 50's and 60's. don't forget that sun screen. we will need it once again. there is nothing to show you on radar so lets get to the temperature, in philadelphia, it is 67 degrees with the southeasterly win at 5 miles an hour. relative humidity up there this morning at 93 percent. 88 degrees, not too humid the rest of the day, we will get breeze necessary here and make it feel okay. it is humidity though coming back and so are 90-degree temperatures. we will tell you whether that he happens in the seven day forecast, happy tuesday bob kelly. >> right back at you, sue 6:02. we are getting up, out buckle up and lets go. no problems at all on the blue route 476. road are dry here this morning. ninety-five northeast philadelphia seeing delays from cottman down to girard, south jersey looking good, no problems for shaders. same deal another day for septa, again give yourself some extra time stations
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between ardmore, glenside, center city are egg packed trains and bypass, my two suggestions will be the same market frankford and subway. they are running every eight to ten minutes and we have had no problems at all in the last week and a half on the two big work horses of the septa system. mike and will alex, back to you. 6:03. it is tuesday, let's go. >> gunfire erupts after a community basketball game in south philadelphia. now one teen is dead and two others in the hospital. >> how many times have we done teenagers shot this summer. my goodness. so dave kinchen is on this dave, what happened? where was it. >> reporter: this was in southwest philadelphia we can tell you police tell thus started out as three teens being shot and is what being called an ambush and now one of them has died. police say gunshots rang out at 10:00 p.m. last night as teens were leaving a play ground after a community league basketball game at edgewood and baltimore, the intersection there. it was the 15 year-old who died after being shot in the
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face, originally listed in critical condition overnight the but has since die. investigators say a 14 year-old boy was hit with the bullet in his arm and a 16 year-old boy shot in the ankle , they were taken to penn presbyterian hospital and they are in stable condition. >> we are asking for public's help out. this is a solid neighborhood with a lot of people involved this looks like kid carrying something from the neighborhood here and just had an opportunity to go after these young men who were leaving the court and took an opportunity to shoot them, which is unacceptable. this is a positive program that works very well in this community. >> reporter: again, police say boys were definitely targeted but motive is not exactly clear here in terms of the why they were targeted. detectives do the not have any suspects at this point. they are still in the early stages of their investigation. again a 15 year-old boy shot in the face has died from his injuries, police, they are asking for any information, if you have any, give the tip line a call 215-686-tips.
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215-686-tips. back to you. >> thank you for. that we're following some developing news out of south jersey. crews are investigating what caused a fire at short hills restaurant. you know this place, long evesham road in cherry hill. blaze started around three hours ago under control in 30 minutes. nobody got hurt thank goodness. tense moments the at the bellevue as bomb squad and home land security raced to the scene. >> people on the roof. >> a man and a woman were found on the rooftop over the bellevue over on broad street in a restrict area, just not the supposed to be up there and they had suspicious items with them. >> steve is live outside at the bellevue and they left the scene there a couple hours ago. >> reporter: these guys had smoke bombs and chemicals, described as cause particular and possibly explosive which is why the fire department and bomb squad rushed over here at 7:00 last night. crime scene unit, home land security and a lot of uniforms
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cops left ten hours later 4:59:30 this morning. you have to wonder who in their right mind would even have that stuff and go up on a roof of what will be camp number one for hillary clinton and democratic party in less than two weeks here at the most iconic hotel on the most iconic road through philadelphia, broad street. look where we are, just two blocks from city hall. if you wanted a high up place to take pictures? well, you have observation deck under william penn pen and even if you are renting the most expensive suite here at hyat the bellevue no rooftop access allowed for the guests. the lets go to the video. police put this couple in handcuffs. they are not officially in custody, non-custodial interviews is how chief inspector joe sullivan who head up the home land security division of the philadelphia police, described the talking with these people. at this time he said no crime has been committed, we will see if things have change
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since the time has change, richard ross arriving to work within the hour an we will get some kind of an official statement from him when arrives where dave kinchen is at headquarters. >> thanks, steve. 6:07. another report of the threat made against philadelphia police officers. the thread made on social media targets three specific police districts. right now police do not believe threats are credible. same time though protesters took the streets for the sixth night in a row, police say for the most part protests have been peaceful. demonstrations have been going on in major cities across the country. groups are gathering begins police killings of african-american men. while things have been peaceful some protesters are getting verbally aggressive with the police. >> even some of the groups who they credit who really don't have any love for us have not been violent, you know, peaceful is a matter of opinion when you are that close to somebody's face calling them everybody but the child of god. >> none of us have guns.
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we're just peace. we're angry. we are saying peace, angry. i was angry up there but i want peace good groups who are organizing these marches say they will in the only continue their regular marches but they are gearing up for massive scale protestness two weeks with the democratic national convention comes to town and they are expecting protests for other reasons there. so they will be jim in with the other ones going on. >> how about in dallas today president obama will fly to dallas to deliver remarks at a inter faith memorial service, five police officers were gunned down during a protest last thursday as you know, at the hand of an army veteran declared he was on a mission to kill white people especially white cops. all this happening at a city protest the death of the alton sterling and philano castille who were also killed by police that same week on wednesday and thursday. well, pennsylvania officially has a new budget. but here's the problem... we
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have no way of paying for it. the deal lawmakers are working on right now to pay for the $31 billion spending plan. plus a murder mystery in the nation's capitol, and reward that is being offered to help track down whoever killed a well known dnc worker. (vo) shop all makes, models and colors in your neighborhood...
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>> that is a problem. >> they are discussing a 1 dollar a pack cigarette tax increase and expansion of casino style gambling. right now state's project revenue is hundreds of millions of dollars short. >> oops. >> we will see how that goes. >> 6:11 on this tuesday. >> powerful message from the dallas police chief, what he has to say to those protesting against his department. plus a celebrity judge, stepping up to help the family of one of the men killed, by police last week. find out, which celebrity judge is stepping in, to represent this family.
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[ fly buzzing ] did you know people can save over $500 when they switch to progressive? did you brush your hair today? yes, mom. why? hmm. no reason. 6:14. temperatures are in the too bad. we have reached 07 in wilmington at 6:14 in the morning. sixty-seven in philadelphia. fifty-five in mount pocono. checking our dew points they have inched up from yesterday, still in the comfortable 50's to the north of us, 65-degree
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dew point is starting to get in the muggy range. we were pleasant, comfortable sunday and monday, today a little bit more humid but you won't notice to it day with a future feels like temperature, in the 80's. even tomorrow it will feel like it is around 90ish, in much of the region but look at thursday's heat index, feels like temperature, in the triple digits. thursday, is probably the worst of the oppressive heat and humidity. nothing to show you on radar so lets get to the seven day forecast and see if we will get another heat wave. we will. we're predicting upper 80's for wednesday but we could hit 90's tomorrow an we could hit mid 90's by friday. so somewhere in there we will get heat wave number three. it looks pretty likely. we could see 90's extend into sunday and monday, of next week. that is your sticky, seven day forecast, bob kelly.
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>> sticky, sticky. good morning, everybody. no problems at all at the moment. live look at the schuylkill expressway right here near conshohocken curve, picking up volume, beginning of the morning rush hour. here comes the sun, sun glare 95 will hit us north bound working your way up toward the airport. we have mentioned 40th anniversary of family feud looking for your favorite guest, who agrees with me that mike jerrick would make the perfect host. >> they is. >> did you you see him. >> they is, going down the line split is so unsavory, he kissed every woman. >> why do you act like you don't do this. >> that was his stick. >> i'm talking about mike. >> i do not kiss women on the lips that i do not know. >> on the lips. >> never. >> we will not do it now. >> down the line we will go, conshohocken road at old elm road. we have an overturn dump truck in conshohocken. we will work fey yet over to
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brooke to get around that one as you work your way through conshohocken. coming from south jersey the freeway is looking good and no problems with the shaders, as you work your way in along route 73, mike and alex, back over to you. how about this police are learning even more about nikkei johnson, man responsible for killing five dallas police officers last week. investigators are investigating and reviewing hundreds of hours of video from police body cameras, dash cam video, surveillance cameras nearby. this shooting site. officials are still trying to uncover the meaning of the letters r-b, which were written in blood at the crime scene, apparently by johnson. they do necessity johnson was planning a larger scale attack because he had a lot of bombs in his house. meanwhile the dallas police, excuse me, association held a candle light vigil last night. >> it was called stand strong for dallas. more than a hundred people gathered to remember the
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officers. location was in the far from where the shooting took place. chief brown, the dallas police department, had this message for people who don't like police and want to see change. >> we're hiring. we're hiring. get out there protest line and put an application in. >> get off the protest line and put in your application to become a cop? funeral arrangements by the way are being prepared for the officers, all of them will be laid to rest, starting, tomorrow. hundreds marched for black lives matter last night in georgia, protesters in the atlanta are speaking out against deaths of the alton sterling and philando castille. 300 protesters chanted whose street, our streets. police made multiple arrests. funeral for alton sterling, the man fatally shot by police, will be held this friday in baton rouge. his death, was captured on video bye-bye staners has spark days of protests around the country. former tv judge is now representing the family of
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philando castille, judge hatchet has agreed to represent the family of castille and black man killed by a police officer in minnesota that was put on facebook live streaming and been seen across the country and world. judge hatchet ran for eight years in syndication until it was cancelled in 2008 and there have been reruns still airing. she's expect to speak about civil lawsuits and funeral arrangements later this morning. two bailiffs are dead after an inmate grabs a gun and begins firing in michigan. >> shots fired, one down, one down. we have an officer down. officer down. >> officer's shot and killed the suspect identified as 45 year-old, larry darnell gordon. they believe he was trying to escape from the berrien county courthouse when it happen. they were moving a man to the cell from the courtroom appearance when this happened. sheriff identified the victims as 61 year-old joseph van garo
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and six three-year old ronald candle. civilian and sheriff's deputy were also shot but they survived. in washington d.c., a $25,000 reward is offered for information in the murder of the democratic national committee worker. police say 27 year-old steph rich was shot multiple times walking just blocks from his home, early sunday morning. investigators say he have been an victim of an attempted robbery. >> he was expect to be here in philadelphia in two weeks. >> he was. >> 6:20. today marks one month since the pulse nightclub shooting in orlando. last night hundreds gathered in orlando to pay tribute to the victims. memorial service not only honored victims but first respond hours were on the scene within minutes that night. forty-nine people died, last month after a man opened fire inside of the pulse nightclub, and during the shootings the gunman called 911 and told dispatchers he pledged his allegiance to isis and called himself a solder for the terrorist organization.
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good morning i'm howard eskin. major league baseball all-star game tonight right here on fox 29. last night home run hitting contest and lets get to san diego. last years champion todd frazier, who is now with the chicago white socks. jean carlos stanton is amazing. he hit some monster home runs. sixty-two in three round. traveled 27,000 feet. his longest 496 feet. he is the champion of 2016. all right. eagles head coach doug pederson out playing golf for a great cause yesterday. it was in memory of former eagles running back kevin turner who lost his battle with als march 24th. in two weeks eagles will be opening training camp for doug pederson's first year as a head coach and his first year as a head coach in the nfl. >> i will be very nervous i think stepping out on the football field in a different capacity and different role. but i'm so excited to be,
6:25 am
leading the charge, and, getting these guys, you know, ready to play football games, and, you know, one thing to get into coaching and you want to have that control and you want to be on top of it that way. >> that is sports in a minute. i'm howard eskin. all-star game is tonight as howard mentioned there. it will be right here on fox. best players in the major league baseball will take the field. odubel herrera is only phillies player to make the roster as a reserve. you can catch the game right here at 8:00 o'clock tonight and then, stick around for fox 29 news at ten. by the way, on the back cover of the daily snews, it is his mom and dad. >> basking in the sun. >> yeah. >> they will be in san diego to watch their son play. >> his daddies here. you would think his parents, like daddy, what is going on. >> daddy.
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>> daddy. >> daddy, what is going on. >> one of the funniest parts of the all-star week the celebrity softball game, it happened again. >> actors, athletes, they teamed up for challenge. drew brees, played good with the football and bat. he got a home run. later, terry cruz tried to distract pitcher by batting shirtless. >> look at that. >> my goodness. >> it didn't work. >> he ended up striking out. the national league stars won eight-seven. >> man that guy is fit. >> that would have distract me. >> my goodness. >> my favorite drew brees moment, do you know what it is, drew brees, will you all right. >> i'm okay. >> drew brees was on oprah winfrey's show and when he came out, she says you have something on your face here. it was that bit mark good that is terrible. >> to you remember that. >> it happened. >> yes. >> august war.
6:27 am
>> did you that to me before. >> birth marks. >> no, a mole. >> i said mike, seriously. >> you do have little cute moles. >> it is, oh, man making that curve, making that curve, i was almost in the home stretch and got that rap. here's steve. >> it happens every time. >> mike, you know howard eskin is home stooge, he is king, he gets one minute for sports and then follow his one minute with two minutes of sports. >> i love it. >> anyway, we say alex, how many times have you heard us is a there should be a crime for being stoop filed there was the jails within overcrowded. who goes up on the roof with smoke bombs and dangerous chemicals? we will let you know. all giant produce is triple checked. we're focusing on fresh... you don't have to guess. my giant.
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those vine-ripened tomatoes are going to feel super fresh. they just came from one of our many nearby farms.
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we're focusing on fresh so you don't have to guess. my giant. a friendly game end in gunfire with one teen dead, why police think someone opened fire on a group of teens after a community basketball game. what were they doing on the roof of the bellevue? lots of questions this morning after police say they found suspicious materials, and camera equipment on the roof of the bellevue on broad street. but they have someone in custody. plus tensions remain high in philadelphia, protesters hilt the streets for the sixth straight night, why police say enlarger demonstrations could becoming in the coming weeks. good day it is july the 12th, 2016. sue serio, ladies and gentlemen. >> sue, i want another beautiful day, please. >> all right. >> since you asked. >> done. >> all right, yeah, completed. bus stop buddy is starting his
6:31 am
day at camp today, bob kelly, it is tuesday, so he is going to camp kelly. we thought we would put bus stop buddy in camp, canoes ready, sun screen, all set, temperatures in the 50's and 60's. we are off to another pleasant start. we have had a few clouds overnight. it wasn't as cool this morning as it was yesterday, you can see sunburning through those clouds this morning at 67 degrees. little bit more humid then it was yesterday but still a nice day today with a high temperature of 88 degrees. some places could touch 90 toe day but we do not see that heat wave, cranking up, until later in the week. we will tell you how hot and humid it will get in the seven day forecast, bob kelly. >> bus stop buddy out there to elbow lane day camp, sip lining they anticipate me getting on later today. we will see how that goes. hello chester county. route 340 and bypass we have a down tree branch here partially blocking the off ramp. penndot crews are on the way,
6:32 am
folks are on their way to philadelphia we are seeing that early morning rush from south jersey and walt whitman. we have an overturn dump truck at conshohocken road and old elm road. watch for local detours. schuylkill picking up volume in and around conshohocken curve and same deal again with septa today. give yourself extra time, closer you can get to the beginning of the line better off you will be to get on train. two best bets, still market frankford and broad street subway they are running trains every eight to ten minutes. mike and alex, back over to you. well, you know this phrase if you you see something, say something, home land security investigates a suspicious situation at historic bellevue hotel. >> right there on broad street. police say people were discovered on the roof, in a restrict area, with a bunch of stuff, and what was that stuff, steve. >> reporter: mike, if you saw a young man and young woman of the roof of someplace would you think all right, they are having a romantic interlude but the stuff that they had,
6:33 am
was smoke bombs, that is how police described them, and explosive or cause particular chemicals, that made the police call the bomb squad and the fire department just in case. however, this is at 7:00 o'clock last night. the hotel, the bellevue, hyat the the bellevue the official name new was not evacuated. why there was major precaution, alarm, there was no evacuation. so what were they doing up there? who knows. they know. they were apparently cooperating with the police, but police said as you see in our video they took this guy and girl in handcuffs, to be interviewed at a unknown location, central detectives likely, and asking them the questions but it was non-custodial interviews meaning they were not in custody officially. at this time chief inspector joe sullivan told us around midnight that no crime had been committed.
6:34 am
we will find out from richard ross in 15 minutes or so whether any crime was committed but they were described as chinese nationals. what that means is they are citizens of china can you imagine two americans caught on the roof in one of the most prominent buildings in beijing with smoke bombs and questionable chemicals is this? they wouldn't see a lawyer for eight years and sentenced to ten years of hard labor. >> we will stay on that story. >> closer to the dnc, all kind of things will be happening near city hall. >> two weeks away. >> now to reports of the threat made against the philadelphia police department. >> these threats were made on social media they target three specific police districts and police do not believe they are credible though, but still given with all that is happening recently. >> they are taking it seriously for sure. >> at the same time protesters took to the streets for the sixth straight night here in philadelphia police say for the most part those protests have been peaceful. the groups are gathering against recent police killings of african-american men,
6:35 am
police also expect larger protests when the dnc starts later this month. what is that july 25th? yeah. >> it is coming up. >> yeah. >> 6:35. gunfire erupts after a community basketball game in south philadelphia last night. >> now one teenager is dead now shot in the face and two others are in the hospital recovering. at this point police believe the teens were targeted. dave, it started with this community basketball game, and then they tried to leave afterwards. >> yes, we understand they were leaving afterward and that is when these three teens were shot and one of them has now died. police say gunshots rang out around 10:00 o'clock last night as teens were leaving a play ground after a community league basketball game at edgewood and baltimore in southwest philadelphia. it was the 15 years old being shot after being shot in the face. originally he was listed in critical condition after being hospitalized but has since passed away. investigators say a 14 year-old boy was hit in his arm with a bullet and a 16 year-old was shot in the
6:36 am
ankle, and they were transported to penn presbyterian. they are in stable condition. the police say the boys were definitely targeted. detectives tell me they do not have any suspects, just yet, they are still trying to put together and motive in terms of why they had been targeted. we do understand that there was some sort of an argument that started in another neighborhood that was carried over to southwest philadelphia where all of this happened. if you have any information, police ask to you give their tip line a call 215-686-tips. mike and will alex. >> got it, all right, dave. in southern delaware, federal investigation is underway, after a fire fighter, falls to his death from a helicopter. officials say he was taking part in the training exercise at delaware coastal airport last night. he is 46 years old. volunteer fire fighter as a matter of fact. his name has not been released. the minute we will get it, we will give you more information on that. we have to figure out how
6:37 am
that happened. new information is expect to rube released about what joe paterno known about jerry sandusky's child abuse. judge in philadelphia is expected to release documents involving what a boy told the late penn state coach in 1976, about sandusky molesting him. other record could shed light on claims made about other coaches who allegedly saw sandusky abusing a child in the late 1980's. sandusky is serving 30 to 60 years on a 45 count child molestation convictions. bill cosby made sweeping changes to his legal team after losing his bid to get sexual assault charges drop. comedian is switching lawyers to civil accusations across the country. he hired same firm that represented blake shelf even defamation case. family and friend, held a vigil for a teen who died after jumping into the delaware river. they gathered, at the penn treaty park. not far from where this happened.
6:38 am
they jumped in for the graffiti pier, that is section of the river last thursday, while playing with friend, and decided to jump in. emergency crew where is able to rescue him from the water but he died at the hospital. so his family says he didn't know how to swim at all. >> pay attention to your children and pay attention to where they are and spend as much time because tomorrow is never promised. >> so, the family says that they are in need have of donations to help with the funeral. if you would like to help go to fox for more information on. that. >> very sad. briel le visiting on our show a couple years ago. >> yes, we did lemon shot challenge. >> we did it with her. the community of glen mills, delaware county gathered to remember this young girl who passed away from brain cancer, earlier this week just six years old. >> brie ele is her name. she's being remembered for
6:39 am
having a tough fight with cancer. >> inspiring so many others good candles were lit in again it valley as they gathered to remember her. her fight against brain cancer started a viral social media trend. even eagles players did lemon shot challenge there. she made an appearance on good day in september of 2014, and she started lemon shot challenge to raise money for pediatric cancer research. >> we did lemon shot challenge on air with her. as we mentioned the eagles and a lot of other people around the city did it, and so a lot of people are remembering her now. >> nice vigil last night. >> we have raised over close to $40,000, through the lemon shot challenge, and brielle was really proud of that. >> before heading home everyone at the vigil drank a lemon shot in her memory. >> that is nice. >> 6:39. city of philadelphia protects its greatest artistic
6:40 am
treasures, vibration from his a construction project, at curtis center were putting the 100 year-old dream garden mural in jeopardy. >> alex holley. >> you ever seen this. >> i have not. >> you go in off of sixth street into the curtis building and that mural stairs you right in the face. it is beautiful. >> it looks beautiful. >> city department of licenses and inspections has halted all work inside the building because they are trying to save this mural a. it is a temporary work stoppage until something can be put in place, and shaking and crack and everything. >> and pieces are falling off. >> turf see it for myself. >> beautiful. >> it takes up the entire wall when they walk in. >> it looks pretty. >> a huge day for on line shopping, lets get this on here. starting next hour our financial expert dan will be tracking the best deals as they pop up, on amazon, amazon prime day. >> it is prime day.
6:41 am
and forbes released list of the highest paid celebrities, find out which one of these stars tops the list, can you guess?
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so, we're looking refreshing at bushkill falls in the pocono mountains this morning. we still need refreshment even though past couple of days has been warm, not too humid, it is still warm and still summer
6:44 am
time and at the beach for today the shore cast has a temperature of around 80 degrees, a little bit of the sea breeze, beach wind southeasterly at 10 miles an hour. that is where sea breeze comes from. 75-degree surf temperature right now. 67 degrees is the air temperature at philly international. fifty-five in mount pocono. sixty-five in dover. dew points haven't gone up too much yet but look at what happens today it will feel like 86 degrees tomorrow. we will see some feels like temperatures that are in the 90's, by thursday, it is so hot and humid, so oppressive we will have a heat index, feels like temperature in triple digits in philadelphia, wilmington, trenton, thursday is going to be a tough one. make your plans new to have a tough, tough, hot and humid day. thunderstorms, stretching from green bay, wisconsin all the way down to missouri, none of that headaching its way here today, tomorrow, probably just north and west of the city you
6:45 am
can see stray pop up thunderstorm, thursday a greater chance of pop up showers and then are storms in the afternoon and in the evening. so that is the deal for precipitation. let's talk temperature throughout the rest of the week, upper 80's today and tomorrow. we could reach 90. we will see what happens. it looks like 90's all the way through the rest of the workweek thursday, friday in the weekend saturday and sunday and possibility of course of heat wave number three, and this one could be a five or six or eight heat wave, bob kelly, lots of heat and humidity on the way. >> triple h's, here we go. good morning, everybody. here comes sun glare eastbound on the schuylkill coming around your conshohocken curve. put your shade on, flip advisor down. we are starting to see delays coming into center city. leaving town stack up. here's a live look at vine street expressway, single file working over to get to the ramps for 30th street station. delays on the freeway, route 73, heading in through mount
6:46 am
laurel. no accidents. the just sun glare and volume. we have a couple accidents though south on the extension right here near mid county between mid county ape lansdale interchange. later today right after 9:00 o'clock it will be tight along city avenue southbound between 66th and 69th street, we will take it down to one lane that is all just south of the saint charles seminary to give you a locate or. conshohocken road we have an overturn dump truck at old elm road and same deal today, you have got the goodies of it now on septa trains between glenside and center city, you see the most packed trains and they are the ones bypassing, the stations, so your best betties try to get on as early as you can at the beginning of the line to have a better chance of getting on that train. mike, back over to you. we have eight or nine days left of this thing. so you better sign up now. so, this friday we're going to be in haddonfield, new jersey.
6:47 am
i'll tell you exact location it is at king's court along king's highway, broadcasting live from 7:00 to 10:00 a.m., yeah, this friday. best part of the whole thing is we're giving away a car a mazda cx9, good looking unit there go to fox and click on that red bar to see right there, you can do it once every 24 hours. we will give it away at the dell, party at the dell. friday, july 26th. that is a week from this friday. man, it is finally here. would i get on line if i were... anyway, we will see you you at that party. lets look at the headlines. what are the trending headlines in philadelphia as opposed to the country, alex holley. >> you know i will break down top three topics buzzing on line and social media. let's start with the first one, protesters they took to the streets for the sixth night in a row here in philadelphia police say for the most part protests have been peaceful. demonstrations have been going
6:48 am
on in major cities across the country. groups are gathering over recent killings of the two african-american men. bomb squad police and emergency crews stormed the historic bellevue hotel on south broad street last night. authorities say two people were found on the rooftop with suspicious items. smoke bombs, cameras equipment and unknown liquid. little information has been released from this. there were officials on the scene until earlier this morning. home land security is investigating. one teenage boy is dead, and two others are recovering this morning after being shot in southwest philadelphia. police believe victims were targeted leaving a community basketball game. following a community league game last night, investigators say there was an altercation after the game last week involving some of the boys and the shootings could be connect. one of the boys, the one who died was shot in the face. now we will turn to top three national stories that everyone is talking about. today president barack obama will travel to will dallas to
6:49 am
deliver remarks at a inter faith memorial service 56789 white officers were gunned down during a protest last thursday at the hand of the black army veteran who declared he was on a mission to kill white people especially white officers. bernie sanders is officially endorsing hillary clinton. some people are saying finally. formal rivals will appear together in new hampshire so we will see what happens there. and people all across the area are going crazy over this new smart phone game, pokemon go app came out just last week, folks and it is topping the charts, everyone is already talking bit. >> alex? >> so now mike my concern is because people are so crazy, people keep asking me on twitter, are you on this? the fact that people are so crazy over this makes me either want to do it or really stay away. i don't think i have another thing i can get addicted to. >> alex holley i know you, you want to do this, i can see it on your face. >> you know i'm all about snap chat right now. plus i hear it drains you battery but it is fun.
6:50 am
>> you'll do it. >> maybe you should do it. >> i don't want to do it. >> get you running around town. >> you have to catch them all, mike. >> all right. >> you want to hear about take already swift, tell us, she's so stinking rich. taylor swift is a pop princess, is that what you would call her. >> i think you can call her that. >> now the highest paid celebrity in this country according to forbes magazine. >> more than other musicians or celebrity musicians. >> i'm talking somebody famous, okay. >> she has a new nickname tssizzle. >> more money, more problems. she's worth 170 million-dollar. she ranked just a space a have above her ex-boyfriend, which could be anyone of about 50 guys. >> mike. >> i'm just kidding. >> terrible. >> i'm talking to harry styles. >> young woman has just
6:51 am
dated, living life. >> let her live. >> he was, of course, in one direction. or celebrities making big bucks, on the top ten list include philly's own kevin hart and hello, adele, making a ton of money. lets get back to this pokemon go. >> i think you should do it. >> i see people walking around philadelphia with their head down. >> yes. >> bounce nothing to people. >> find out where one man was playing this little game and he got in trouble with his wife because of it. he is in trouble with his wife. >> is he playing with someone he shouldn't have been playing with. >> he was poking, pokemon. >> wife said go. >> go.
6:52 am
6:53 am
i survived breast cancer. if the doctors hadn't caught it early i might not be sitting here. so i'm outraged that pat toomey voted to defund planned parenthood... ...which thousands of pennsylvania women depend on for cancer screenings. pat toomey was even willing to shut down the federal government to eliminate funding for planned parenthood.
6:54 am
shut down the government over planned parenthood? i think we ought to shut down pat toomey. women vote is responsible for the content of this advertising. we have some breaking news, out of southern italy, at least four people are dead, dozens more are hurt after two trains collide, head on. >> this happened, in the southern region, of, i'm in the sure how to say that, and we will update you as more information become is available to us but two trains, head on collision. lets get back to this pokemon go thing. it is so many people are playing it. >> a lot of people. >> it is just annoying now. >> we have talk about it first yesterday, now people, are tweeting me say i'm down
6:55 am
loading, it is addicted, and ruining my life. >> one man, learning the hard way that there are some spots you should not play pokemon go. >> so, you have trouble putting your phone down while playing the game, while his wife was in labor. he posted this screen shot with the caption when your wife is about to have a baby and pokemon shows up and you have to low key catch it. >> i wonder where pokemon was. >> right there. >> okay. >> wonder where pokemon was nine months ago. tomorrow morning we're going to do our own version of the pokemon go, involving the donkey. >> remember yesterday we put out this challenge to everyone and we said if you can go to all of the dopping is all across philadelphia, take a picture of them. >> there there is 50. >> there is a few extra ones. >> one for every state. >> we need jen fred to get you you started. lets see if she can do this. >> is this possible to take a
6:56 am
picture of all 50 in a three or four hour show tomorrow, do you think you can pull this off? i beg of you to speak. >> we will ask her. >> we are asking her later. >> yes. >> you know what mike, i had someone who e mailed me and said after our challenge yesterday, they did it all. >> they have already went around. >> guess how long it took them. >> eight hours. >> no. >> three hours. >> five. >> five hours. >> so, ten per hour. >> yes, i don't know, but i think so. >> i ran into people on friday night doing the drinking game. they with go to each one and have a cocktail because most of them, in hotels but they would only do one drink per three donkeys that was their barometer. >> even still that is a lot. >> i ran into them on their 22nd donkey, they had seven drinks, seven cocktails. >> they were, lit up. >> they were lit. >> it was lit. >> it was lit.
6:57 am
>> here's where -- anyway jen will try to do that. that is where she has to go over a three hour period all 50 in one day. we will see if she can do it tomorrow. >> okay. three minutes before 7:00. we will take a break and come back and regroup.
6:58 am
6:59 am
three teens ambushed after a community basketball game.
7:00 am
one of them killed. what police are saying about the possible motivation behind this shooting at an event that is supposed to keep them safe. plus bomb scare on broad street, suspicious materials and camera equipment, found on the roof of a famous center city hotel. who police have in custody this morning. >> black lives matter, all lives matter, blue lives matter, this is about peace. >> tensions remain high on the streets, for anti police brutality protests here in philadelphia. plus the threats right now against the police department. let the savings begin, or calling this black tuesday, as amazon prime day inspired retailers across the country to offer special deals, we have them, yes, we are tracking the hottest sales as they pop up, throughout the show.


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