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tv   Good Day Philadelphia at 9  FOX  July 12, 2016 9:00am-10:00am EDT

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invited you. >> yes. >> absolutely. >> you didn't -- >> got lost in the e-mail. >> thanks, dan. >> i'm not a big fan. >> what is the deal breaker for you, i'm talking about if you tait somebody and they pull out a cigarette. wow, i didn't know you smoked. i'm dumping you. you drink too much. bite your nails. dirty males. and find a perfect mate embrace these deal breakers. don't toss somebody to the side. no, why it is important to, you know, to be picky but not too picky. hey, by the way, today iihop celebrates 58th birthday and sit free pancakes, what is going on, chris. >> it is next to free. 58 cents for a short stack are you kidding me what kind of deal is that. it is awesome. all you have to do is get in here and choose what kind of syrup you want. we will have fun coming up in a little will bit.
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hey, camp kelly, bob kelly, you are having fun already. >> go bob go, go bob go. >> we're here at the elbow day camp. they didn't have to tell me i have to get up the rock wall first. >> oh, no. >> oh, bob. >> there is a new you app, with children. >> what is wrong. >> nothing is wrong. >> you scared me. >> what did you want me to do. >> yesterday we talked about free slurpe day. >> 7-eleven. >> yes. >> july 11th, 7-eleven. >> we were talking bit. 7-eleven they have a new flavor because it is their 50th, called birthday cake doughnuts. i was talking bit all yesterday on the show. i was real excited. i get ready to go from 11:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. >> it is birth daze cake doughnut slurpe. >> yes you suck this liquid and it taste like a birth take
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cake. >> so how was it. >> here's the thing. the way my life works. i'm so excited. they have them all laid out, different flavors but they didn't have any birthday cake. nope. >> all out. >> after all that. >> i have a surprise for you, one of our interns. >> emily. >> emily, i believe went to the 7-eleven at ninth and market and here they are. birthday cake slurpes. >> people were sending me messages, so cold, rubbing it in. >> birthday cake doughnut slurpe. >> i'm nerve bus this. >> here we go. >> horrible. >> it taste like cream soda. >> horrible. >> no, it is not. >> it taste like cream soda. >> yes, it taste like birthday cake a little bit. >> do you need something to wash it downy don't think it is bad. you know i like anything sweet. >> the sweeter the better. >> thanks, mike.
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>> sure, no problem. >> there is a new app popular with the kid, breaking record though, but should you let your kid use this thing. the it is called lively, new explain it to me. >> so broadcasters broadcast live to fans and friend like when you are live streaming or something, facebook. >> pariscope. >> yes. >> lively has 2 million down loads and made by same company that makes the app musically, and they sing, dance and other things that have music to it. so lively rose to the number one slot in the app store surfaced instant messages, snap chat, google maps and instagram. that is how popular. but kid are doing it. kid are not aware i'm broadcasting this out to strangers doing all kind of stuff in my house, showing where i am. >> yes, you have to be careful. jen, have you heard about this darn thing. >> i haven't heard about it but kid have no filter, right. really popular app called musically and musically you
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lip sing songs. the brody and landry are both on and there was one song i got my glock in my roary. i said that is a gun and a really fast car. the problem is with these kid, they are, they have access to these new forms of the social media, before they really know what they are doing. other thing i think that the moms, dad, grandparents, baby-sitters they have no clue what these apps are. i am one of the few parents that follows their kid and other kid on musically because they were critiquing each other musically accounts. you want to see what they are doing. i want to see what my own kid are doing once or twice a week when they were involved in musically i would pull them aside and say do you know what you just said here. do you know i took a pill in a vees a they were doing that. do you know what this is about. i don't think it is a good idea. it just gives too much access. i have heard that there is, they are doing it when they
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get out of the shower. they don't realize what they are showing the world. >> it can go even for adults when you are live streaming one times we were at beyonce concert. we were showing video what it was like and i was talking to someone who i knew. let me give you my number forget ago this mike was live streaming. >> i put my number and mike says it is fine, i don't think anyone heard you. >> i'm at cops earth. my phonies ringing. i don't recognize this number. >> they say hi alex, just to let you know you gave out your number so please take down that video. >> i was like okay, thanks. go easy, with all this information. >> and to that end, a couple years ago brody and his buddy they were filming something, on you tube, right, his older friend had a you tube page. landry is running through the house in the bikini. the she's three years old, harmless, right. until they also used four
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square which is like a ge o tagging. i said brody, you have now told people where your sister lives. where she lives. he's like are they coming now. >> jen, thanks very much. >> do you remember that. >> i was videotaping beyonce concert and you are saying phone number tour friend. >> yes. >> hold on, we need a bell or something. where is bob kelly's bell. >> there it is. >> that is the door bell. >> what do you got. >> so number one thing on line shoppers look for alex is what? free shipping. free shipping, this week for wal-mart if you buy this weekend. here's a deal for you, how about the wal-mart pedicure kit. >> i need that. >> $36.84. >> oh, yeah. >> yes. >> how much is it normally. >> it is about 45 bucks. >> pretty good deal. >> today is national cow day, sue got a national cow bell.
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>> it is cow appreciation day. >> if you appreciate your cow yet today, anybody? >> i have. i don't eat any cows good you don't eat meat. >> appreciate them all year round. >> all right. twitter, i want somebody to take a picture with the cow today. >> let's go to you tipping after the show. >> that is not appreciated. >> we can go to chick-fil-a. >> we will not dough to chick-fil-a. >> controversy. >> chick-fil-a started this day because they have their eat more cows. >> yes. >> eat more chicken. >> yes. >> chick-fil-a started this. >> we should still appreciate cows. >> please on twit eras fast as you can take a picture of a cow, like a hundred cars. >> hurry. as fast as you can. >> there are cows on south street. >> okay. >> find a cow take a picture. >> take a pick. >> i bet someone will go to their kid little playroom ape find a little cow.
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>> or they have little beanie baby cows. >> that is true. >> let me see how fast i can get a cow picture in. >> read the next story, please. >> this probably applies to alex and i because i know alex, and i are a little picky. >> when it comes to men. >> i'm not picky. >> yeah. >> well, according to some experts, single men and women have to be able to be picky and have to have deal breakers. new study in the journal of the personality and social psychology says having preferences, can actually be helpful because it helps you sort out good from the bad when it comes to relationship. preferences are the deal breakers, could be anything from smoking, to height, religion, but it does warn if you have too many deal breakers it will cost some problems. >> you will not find anybody. >> you have to relax. you have to be strict in some areas. alex is stressing. she has to talk now. okay, here we go next time someone says your standard are too high, people said that to you and me i'm sure plenty of
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time. you say i know because it has to be. >> that is the key to my relationships is my standard are so low... >> no, i'm kidding. >> you went to the gym yesterday. >> yes. >> are you sore. >> what did you do. >> what was your work out. >> it was everything work out. >> which means we didn't do much. >> let's take you back to 2012, london, england the summer olympics. >> we will skip over that. >> you don't want to talk about that. >> is that what that is. >> yes. >> okay. what is a deal breaker? would you date a guy shorter then you? it the is almost i am possible. >> it has never come up. >> would you. >> have you ever dated someone shorter then you. >> no. >> have you ever.
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would you ever. >> i might. >> my deal breaker i think right now at this stage in my life is a person who absolutely does not want to have any children. because i'm still on the fence about it so if you tell me know then that means you take that away and i can't if i haven't decided yet. >> guys lie about that. >> really. >> i'm sure down the road we will have a couple kids. >> i know a guy about that living in florida i was like nope, had one done, don't want anymore. >> you would cross him off. >> because for me that is a deal breaker. >> maybe a little bit of time, they act like they agree, just so they can get you, once they think you have fallen in love then they will let you know real deal. >> that is something. >> he is like that is standard. >> that is why i say what steve harvey says, 90 day rule because your man is lying or trying to do all this stuff to get to you fall in love with
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him, he can't keep it the up for three months. >> if you are spend ago this much time, consistent it is hard to keep up with your eyes for that long. >> i agree. but i think a man knows how to do that. a man who knows how to lie like that, can keep it up, far past 90 days. >> true. >> call a doctor. >> something like kid you have to let them know. >> you have to let them know. >> is what your deal breaker, off the top have of your head, no way no how. >> i am not a big smoking. >> what about a drinker, you know, all the time. >> when you put it like that, he makes drinking so acceptable. >> but i have been told and i think people assume because you are single your standard must be just too high. >> they are not that high. >> really. >> i have seen the guys you hang around with good what are you trying to say. >> hopefully none of them are watching right now.
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>> geese. >> they have tv's in prison now. >> look at you. >> so let's go back, 2012, summer olympics, let'sably up some pictures. do you remember the gymnastics team, gabby douglas. i don't know side by side just yet. you have to set this up. and, what was her name mikhail lah, she was caught on camera when she won gold medals, and lets see. >> it was a strong side eye. >> not impressed. >> not impressed with these gold medals. >> this is the face. >> that went all over the place. >> people all over the world did her face and posted it and she did it for the president as i remember it, president obama. just like that. so i think maybe there has been some plastic surgery. >> really. >> i think she's 20 years old now. so there she is. >> did she get some injecting
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done. >> she's puffing up her lips but how can you really tell. >> i don't know. >> you know when you're mad and your lips get all small. >> she's showing them off. >> kacie mcdonald called and she want her face back, geese. now is she going to be on the olympics. >> she's retired. >> she's not going to rio. >> she's a singer. >> yes. >> i know what happened here? you know when you were little you made those faces, don't do that, they will get stuck like that. her face got stuck doing this, and she had to have surgery to fix it. >> do you think that is what happened. >> yes. >> just like that. >> don't do that or your eyes will get stuck. >> if a fly goes by that is what happens when you cross your eyes, you never heard that. >> where did you grow up. >> in texas. i grew up in texas. >> you are rolling your eyes and a fly goes by, they get
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flipped like that. >> anybody? >> no. >> all right. >> someone on twitter will have your back. >> hold on. >> you to have give him sometime. >> let me see if a cow picture has come in yet. >> tell this next story about kim kardashian. >> she had millions, has millions of dollars. >> from what. >> well, she has her reality tv show. she has a fashion line. >> yep good endorsement deals. >> yes good and new she has that app. >> she has the cover of forbes. it is the end of the world. >> it is called the new mobile moguls. >> she made a 160 million-dollar off of it. >> i am going to spit up. >> she pocketed 45 million. guess what? >> what. >> she want had you haters to know what she had to say and she said not bad for a girl with no talent. >> she's accurate about that. >> it is true. >> she knows how to make money
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off app. >> everybody has emojis, amber rose, steph curry and his wife. >> why? >> are you saying she's saying are you agreeing. >> she has no talent. >> but she is being sarcastic. >> but i think she's trying -- >> i think she knows. >> she's making it so. >> you don't have any talent. i'm not saying give her all these robs but the girl is making a lot of money from these apps. >> does that make it, you know, we should applaud you, commend you because you have a lot of money. >> i'm just saying how do you define talent f she find niche and is what next biggest thing that people will want to do would you say that is talent. businessman i'm making more than a man is. i will look up this. >> why is she fame us sex tape. >> now you are going back. >> but you have to. >> i'm just saying forbes found some type of reason for putting her on the cover. >> forbes wants to sell this stupid magazine.
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>> i'm not talking about what she did previously. >> let me take you back to 1958. >> tuesday throw back with mike. >> it is still true tv. >> yes. >> 1958, 58 years ago, i guess so. >> yes. >> 2016. >> yes. >> so that is when ihop was first started, this is what we want to do today. chris, do you think it is possible to stack 58 pancakes on top of each other. >> oh, brother. >> well, we looked into that mike and you may be surprised in a minute but first i want to tell you this is the deal for 58 cents. >> you can get a short stack and i have been work thong short stack. isn't that amazing. 58 cents for short stack. ray thornton you run about seven in the area. >> yes i do good mike says hi, ray. >> how are you today. >> how are you today is the
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question. >> he is all right. >> ihop has 1600 locations. >> 1684ihops located around the world. >> you represent seven in philly. is what your biggest location and busiest. >> busiest one is adams avenue and roosevelt boulevard. >> fifty-eight pancakes can we fit 58 pancakes on a plate. >> it would be quite complicate todd get 58 regular sees pancakes on a plate but we can do smaller versions. >> you have a great server name john maybe he can surprise us here. >> john can you surprise us with some pancakes. >> sure. >> ihop started in california, 58 years ago, how much was a stack then or short stack then. >> a short stack was 4 cents more than 58 cents, 62 cents for a short stack. >> you had a couple brothers that started. >> yes good where are they these days.
9:18 am
>> i don't know good they are counting their monday if i they are still around. >> yes. >> why is ihop so popular after all these years, what are you doing right. >> it is a breakfast. it is way most people start their day off and you have a good breakfast we have good customers coming in here. >> what if i eat this every morning. >> guys, this is 58 pancake, this is ridiculous. >> i need some help. >> go for it. we have brought our beautiful intern along, so get over here and help me out. can we get another plate. >> would you love that. >> that is 58 pancakes. >> i know alex holley she wanted me to bring some back. what if we brought you back maybe, i don't know, 39 of them. >> the one you do not touch. >> i'm take it. >> can you stack those in all
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one tower. >> it is like. >> that summer can eat i'll tell you that. >> she will eat it anyway. >> where you can take your children right new to have fun outdoors, learn about nature and get a little dirty. and then you have more shopping deals for us this morning, dan. >> how about a double hammock you know you want one now, bob kelly got one for $79.99. big sale today. >> those are ear buds. >> yes. >> yes.
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i survived breast cancer. if the doctors hadn't caught it early i might not be sitting here. so i'm outraged that pat toomey voted to defund planned parenthood... ...which thousands of pennsylvania women depend on for cancer screenings. pat toomey was even willing to shut down the federal government to eliminate funding for planned parenthood. shut down the government over planned parenthood? i think we ought to shut down pat toomey. women vote is responsible for the content of this advertising.
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jessica sent thus picture, of cow appreciation day. kiss the cow. >> hi jessica, thank you for that. look at this guy. >> this is from christine berry, cow appreciation day. >> yes. >> she went out and took a picture with the cow. >> shane says this is tanner brothers farm in richboro bucks county. >> okay. do you want to see animals, they do environmental century in wilmington delaware is a place where, well, the city, the river, and the marsh lands all come together. >> it is a great place to explore nature and they can catch stuff they knows and dragonflies, quincy harris is there. >> okay. >> johnny williams how are you doing. >> i'm good. >> so we're in the marsh here
9:24 am
what is that. >> i'm going to give these small little nets to catch whatever we can. these are small to attach contacted poles, dragon fly nets. different kind of things. it is pretty cool. kid like ate lot. >> when i first came here i said this feels like, this is like, summer camp are made of, you bring a lot of kid out here. >> there is summer camps here. we have camps throughout the year and other summer cam tops bring the kid down. >> those are nets. is there any technique. okay. >> the kid are making this look easy. did you catch any yet. >> no. >> how are you doing, are you having fun. are you having fun now? on. he kay. >> are you having fun. >> yeah. >> is this a dragon fly. >> so dragonflies are actually they live 9 percent of their life basically in water. they live in the water for
9:25 am
years and years and years and then they will split opened, spread their wings and fly off and then they only live a couple months. what dragonflies do after they lay their eggs in the water, you know, they swim. >> bring your family and friend down here. we're having a good time. i have to catch something. back to you in the studio. i will to have come back. i don't want to you hear you saying you didn't catch anything. back to you guys. >> i never would do that. >> is that how we sound. >> he called us winers. >> well, he does have i have point. >> he didn't catch anything. >> geese, yes. >> what did you say. >> is that right. >> listen to this, i believe that i have san, i have got sand in all of the wrong places. >> um-hmm. >> lisa's got another book out and she's here with her daughter. hey, dan. >> hi, how about this one, your battery runs out on your iphone, sue, right now on
9:26 am
amazon, again, big shopping day today how about $26.95 to get a case that has a battery wrapped in it, extend life of your iphone battery. cool deal. >> give us another deal after the break. >> you got it.
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>> on this black tuesday, this is prime tuesday, nickname black tuesday. >> okay, deals, what did you finds? >> how about this one? you get all tangled up, aware of the headphones? how about blue tooth air buds for 25.99 marked bound from 5.99 so you're not tangled up
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at the gym. good deal. >> you know how i don't get tangled up at the gym? i don't go. >> oh, it's been a while since you've been to the gym. >> ya, ya, ya. >> okay, full of stories from diet to go dating there is mother-daughter duo back, and they have tails to tell. >> best selling author, over books and print, including popular rosatto series, she and her daughter, fran cheesecakes also the writers behind the weekly chick wick column in the philadelphia inquirer, and now they've released their seventh book together. it is called i've got sands in all of the wrong places. a collection of true confessions that picks up where have a nice guilt trip, and does this beach make me look fat left off. tails of life, love, family, that have you laughing right along with them. >> so we have lisa and fran cheesecakes here with us now. >> yeah. >> thank you. >> how is the summer going?
9:31 am
>> going great. >> well, you have given us a lot to read on the beach, we always appreciate that. >> we actual dry have sands in all of the wrong places, delaware beaches, oh, man. >> and sue, recently you were in middle beach. >> i was, we were on vacation, that's when i really get a chance to read on the beach. do we have a picture of what i was reading? >> sue posted a page, oh, look. >> awe. >> thank you, that's me, yes. i cover up on the beach now, and, you know, just make sure i don't -- >> that was my as owes yo path book. >> you can never tell who is the sociopath. >> page turner, i stayed on that beach until i finished it. >> appreciate t. >> now, we have this is collection of essays, about sand in the wrong places. >> that we experience we as women we go through, my gosh, we cringe about, but then don't really share. >> exactly, put so much pressure on ourselves for everything to go perfectly it, never does, so you just have
9:32 am
to laugh about it, that's what these are about. >> from dieting to dating, i am the diet, she is the date, to the best tacos. >> so all kind of adventures that you talk about, what's one you find gets the most response? >> well, i did do really crazy things, by accident, which was that there was -- i drank some water that left in a unopened water bottle. when i look, finished it all, there was a dead mouse. >> oh,. >> yes, that happened christmas eve, when i was running to wegmans to get the last minute chocolate chip cookies. >> sure. >> and i was -- then called later, i think you might be really sick. >> ya. >> i got really sick. >> i bet did you. >> i had to go to the hospital. don't leave the caps off your water battles. >> did you wash out your mouth? what did you do? >> amazing, i need to get chocolate in my mouth. >> first thing she did, chocolate can fix things,
9:33 am
right? >> that's hilarious. >> what is it like, we were talking about this, very excited about this interview. >> thank you. >> sue has an only child. i am an only child. >> right. >> we're altogether here. >> yes, franchesca? >> exactly. >> what is it like working with your mom? >> you know what? we actually write the essays separately. i live in new york, she lives here. we write across state lines, the safest way to work with your parents, if you must, it is a joy, we love going on tour together. that's where we have the most fun, we love meeting readers, fun road trip. of course, being in the car with your mom is either really fun like singing along to taylor swift or it is a cage match. one or the other. >> what's it like? you share dating stories. ever awkward, okay, mom? >> ya. encouraging her more. i want her to get out there. i think she is so cute, adorable. >> right! >> and you?
9:34 am
>> well, we're does kinder come into all of this. >> are you on? >> i was for 24 hours before i was like this is not for me, clearly misunderstood. yes, it is, you know, i hate that we're the first introduction is a photo of yourself. i feel so stupid like doing the sexy selfie, swipe. you. >> said on the book it has to be between, you have to find the good photo between school photo and sports illustrated. >> we thought that was hilarious. >> like what's tasteful girlfriends cleavage like i need to know. somebody needs to tell me what that spieth spot of sexy and -- >> well, we think it is more of an expert now, so we have our mike jerrick, he's on tinder, he lovers to be on. so we present to you some photos. he want to be between school boy and maybe or dq -- gq? >> alter boy, gq? what do you think of this? >> i don't know about the power pose that you're doing,
9:35 am
it is not as welcoming, more inch testimony dating. >> but right is good, left is best? >> what about this one? >> hey. >> i think you're coming on strong with the pose there, handsome man, you don't need to work it. >> okay? >> don't try so hard. >> oh, what about this one? >> coy. >> oh, i got that point blast. >> let's bring some filters into this. >> oh, come on. >> cuteeccla. >> peace and love. >> final ones? >> i'm dog lover, must love dogs. >> swipe right. >> let's go for a dog walk together. >> are you going to get a tinder profile now? >> never know. >> i'm afraid.
9:36 am
>> so much fun. >> book signing so everyone can join in on the foon. >> at noons barnes and unable in philly and tonight on concord pike. >> in wilmington. >> right. >> doing the beach areas, too? >> we are. we feel these beach people. >> you're going to do it in the sands then? >> we've been known to do that >> all right, always great. >> appreciate it. >> 9:36. first teen vogue, now toys, how kids can be inspired by olympic gymnast gabby douglas while they play.
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sal ex, you buy something, then oh, my gosh, did i get the best deal? check out this free app, price gag err, so you're sure you're getting the best deal, will search the web for all of the best prices, show you by text if you want a text, where you should buy, you know, what he can actually it is you are looking for. so that way you're assured you'll got the best price today. >> nicely done. >> thank you. >> hey, let's go back to london, 2012, the gymnastics team. now, i'm not talking about what's her face. >> what was her face? >> mikael a. >> no. gabby douglas, just in time for the rio olympics coming up in a few weeks, getting her own barbie doll. >> she is two time olympic gold medalist, will continue to inspire young girls across the country with her new dolan barbies hashtag you can be anything line.
9:41 am
>> gabby, my own barbie doll. oh, my gosh, this is so exciting, so amazing, and such a huge honor to have my own barbie doll made of my own likeness. you know, go after what you want. one of my role models, domenique. >> remember domenique way back in the day. >> i saw gabby friday, watching the olympic trials. >> you were? >> yes. >> she is going back? >> fell off the beam one time, so dramatic, everyone huh! yes, she got back up, they claude, applauded her. >> she has grown into a beautiful young laid. >> i how cool is that? wonderful. >> she is 20. >> aspire other young girls. >> good luck to her in rio. 9:41, let's check back with january. i always get a little concerned about her when she is around men with shirt off. >> here's what's happening. they have to sell fudgey oney bars, fudgey1y bars, man, it is cold. how many do you have to sell?
9:42 am
>> i don't know the exact number but it looks like a lot. >> keep selling. i'll tell you what we are doing in spite of flyers prospect camp right here in stone harbor. and then they have to do some running and stuff. it is crazy out here. hey how's it going, hotcakes? hotcakes. this place has hotcakes. so why aren't they selling like hotcakes? with comcast business internet and wifi pro, they could be. just add a customized message to your wifi pro splash page and you'll reach your customers where their eyes are already - on their devices. order up. it's more than just wifi, it can help grow your business. you don't see that every day. introducing wifi pro, wifi that helps grow your business. comcast business. built for business.
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>> i got the best one for last. >> newcomb pewter, right? >> yup. >> listen to there is the think pad notebook on the
9:45 am
amazon prime site is usually 779 bucks, right now, for the next couple of hours, 199.99. >> what? >> that's the best deal i've seen so far this morning. do you have do it right now. >> do it right now. >> oh, my gosh. >> every single year, makes them do trivia, this year, part of the thing is they have to go do basically kind of like stunts, if you will, calisthenics, and then, he to shall they have to try to sell their fudgeywugy bars because they're trying to raise money for veterans in the area, who
9:46 am
are homeless. so, okay. how is it going? >> just started. >> okay? >> have you sold any of the fudgey bars? >> yes, actually, only have quarter left. >> do you think you're going to make the team? >> let's hope. >> say yes. >> what so far has been the hardest thing? >> filling fudgey1y. >> no one has any carbon the beach this morning. >> right? >> because i want to eat it all. so i have to sell them. >> okay, now, there are people here. hopefully they will buy some. don't splash me. what do you want, sandwich? >> you don't want any? >> sell them, just have them. >> have to get rid of them. >> tall all 40 if you want. >> thank you. >> okay. do you think you're going to win? >> yep. >> so far they're not doing very well. how cool is it to see these guys out on the beach? >> awesome. i took a day off to bring her down just to see this.
9:47 am
>> who is your current favorite flyer. >> judge chris. >> cute boys. >> oh, without a doubt. >> yes, and, you know, raising money to help veterans? >> yes, i do. >> you have got your sign. you have got everything. guys, here is the situation. we ask them how far down they run. we thought they were running until like those rocks right there, that little barrier. but no. they are running to the jet i. here is another, see, doing another thing. right up the beach right up there. i don't know if you can see it, but like i said, each and every station has a new physical obstacle, this team, i think, is the last team, so i'm kind of pathetic that i stopped in the interview. but pretty cool, right, guys? >> pretty cute? >> adorable. >> i got a text from carol, general manager over at
9:48 am
park -- >> hi, carol. >> hi, carol. >> at 18th and locust, and they have a contest, some of their servers, people that work at parks. >> yes? >> contest, who ever gets all 57 donkeys in a and a picture of yourself with the 57 donkeys around philadelphia, she will give them free dinner, bottle of wine. >> oh, i would be on that. >> so, this guy is apparently in the lead. >> 9:48. >> okay, so, friday. >> we will be in haddonfield new jersey. >> remember taking the mazda cx9 with us, why don't you come out and join us, live at kings court, along kings highway, main area in the town, and we will be there from 7:00 a.m. to 10:00 a.m. meet us there. could you win this beautiful car. this is your last chance, folks, go ahead, sign up, put in aloof your information, you don't want to miss this, we will be calling someone, and invite them down to come out and be on the show with us. >> we have about ten days left
9:49 am
in this thing. so just hit that red tab there. and we will give the car away at the party at the delment and that's on friday july 22, 7:00 a.m. to 10:00 a.m. >> bring your boom box. >> oh, we'll have a concert. >> dj? >> no, live performance. >> oh! >> you can't say any more, i can tell, that's the secret. >> plenty of parking. >> be there, trust me, you'll want this. >> so is this breakfast with bob? >> camp kelly. >> he'll zip line. remember, he was climbing the rock wall, now the kids are chanting. >> hey, zippy. >> duck, duck, goose, everybody give a live, from elbow lane day camp. take a lock at this crowd. i survived the rock wall and they judd had me do the zip line. wait until you see this line in warrington when we come right back.
9:50 am
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>> speaking of love check, here's dan. >> hey. i'm often asked should i become a member of prime or the wal-mart shipping service. here is the answer, if you are frequent on line shopper these are the best deals going, why, you get the two day free shipping all year around, here is my tip for you this morning. you can get 30 day pretrial on amazon prime, college student, listen up, 49.99. can't beat that deal, guys. >> these deals just keep getting better and about ther. >> dan, doing great job today. >> thank you very much. bob kelly, on tuesdays, he goes to summer camp. and we call it camp k.
9:54 am
>> camp kelly. good morning, everybody, i'm here, elbow lane day camp. i'm out hereby the pool, now, take a look at this rock wall that they have, above the pool, where the kids get chance to go to the top and splash in. you just saw me, climb the top of the rock wall, that set up the zip line. wait until you see what they just had me do. take a look. >> here we go. oh, oh. look out, look out, look out. >> oh! >> oh! >> i did it, i'm alive. >> this should be adult camps here at calm elbow. elbow lane day camp, oh, my
9:55 am
goodness. i tell you what, at the top of that zip line i definitely had second chances, if the kids weren't chanting, go bob, go, go bob, go, and george didn't have the camera going, i don't know what i would have done. here in warrington, all ages here, playing basketball, playing on the zip line, we have the rock climb, and they got the baseball going on, everybody give a wave, snack shack over there. you know i'll make a visit from young and old, they're here all during the summertime. anywhere from eight to 14-week program. why didn't we have a camp like this when i was in school? come on over here, what is your name? >> dillan. >> dillan. and what happened here? >> i was roller blading. >> were you roller blading? are you able to swim during the summertime? >> yes. it is waterproof. >> oh, waterproof, the new high tech ones waterproof. are your kids having fun here at day camp? >> yeah. >> elbow lane in warrington,
9:56 am
thanks to bob, now, one of our producers jody harris came here, when she was a little girl. i don't know if we're able to get that picture of of jody's camp day, but had the tennis, pools, archery, zip line, talk about a fun spot, i'm going to sign mike up up here to come elbow lane, day camp. what do you think, mike and alex, should we come to a day camp? the whole gang, what do you say? >> let's do it. >> do it. >> i like that zip line. jody harris, been working with us here at good day philadelphia for about 20 years, and she is on the right there. so, all grown up now. >> so cute. >> she went to that very camp. >> now her nephew is there. >> yes. >> couldn't be more cuter. i don't think she looks anything like it? >> i can see her in there. >> real cute, though. >> and she is single, it is jody -- >> oh, look at him! >> anyway. >> chris murphy?
9:57 am
>> hey, thank you, i hop, these are 58 little pancakes. >> fifty-eight pancakes? >> can i stick my fink nerve there? >> oops. >> hey, do you want to see, hear something funny? prime minister over there in england, david cameron? he resigned? so he resigns, and as he walks off his mike is still hollow, starts humming, listen. >> set (humming). >> ya, don't have to do this any more. >> like in and out. do, do, do. >> i'm out. >> that's a good pancake right there. >> very good. >> i hope 58th birthday, 58
9:58 am
cents for short steak. >> two, three pancakes? >> look it up. >> ♪ (vo) want to be happy with your next vehicle purchase?
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"the wendy williams show." how had. >> the kids have come to play today. you won't believe what i've come to tell you. with all due respect -- my girls are always turned out. i give it straight. >> now, here's wendy! [ cheers and applause ] ♪ >> wendy: thank you for watching our show. welcome.


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