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tv   Fox Morning News at 4A  FOX  July 13, 2016 4:00am-5:00am EDT

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live from philadelphia. this is fox 29 morning news. my baby son, they took him. i'm so stupid. >> a family and community mourning the loss of another child after gun violence, the strong message from one heart broken mother hoping to bring justice. >> the pain we feel may not soon pass but my fate tells me that they did not die in vein. >> words of come from the from our president when he tries interfaith memorial service during last week's protest in dallas. what he is asking of all americans right now. and in delaware county police re ponds to a call of two men with a gun. it turns out to be a false alarm, why some of the community are still showing concern. >> good day everybody, it is wednesday, july 13, 2016.
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>> here is a really, really sad admission here. watch some of the major league all-star game. >> that means were you up really late. >> terribly late. sue serio, good morning to you. >> i saw the homerun by the kansas city guy, i saw that, and then -- >> yes. >> you know what? it wasn't a philly. all right, we've got a look at the number of the day we had a ten-nine-eight for today. more humidity each and every day. although yesterday still wasn't bad, we've got an area of rain that we're watching very closely that appears to be moving from the chesapeake bay into new castle county, delaware. now, there was some thunder and lightning earlier associated with this, so we'll keep an eye on that, another rogue thunderstorm out toward harrisburg, but we will talk about that later, as women. nothing going on here except it is casino after muggy morning, we have 72 degrees, with 87% relative humidity.
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we have sunrise at 5:44 this morning, and we have temperatures that are in the 60s in mount pocono, 69 in trenton, 70s just about everywhere else, wrightstown, 67, so with these temperatures, it is a muggy start to the day. high will be 88 degrees, little more humid, maybe pop up thunderstorm, mower detail coming up in the fox future cast and the seven day forecast, good morning, bob kelly. >> good morning, sue, 4:02, good morning, everybody, construction out there this morning, live look at 202, between 401 and route 29. shutdown on the vine street expressway, they've been working all night between the schuylkill and broad street. you work off the 30th street or spring garden interchanges, they should have that opened up by 5:00. same deal again for septa. again, we're casino of getting used to the delays. the keys will be get on before the glennside or ardmore stations, but if you are looking for something that's almost a guarantee, the market
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frankford, the broad street subway, there is free parking at the frankford transportation center, also down at the lot of the old navy hospital, which is really the nova care complex right now. free parking down here, in south philly. and the trains are running every eight to ten minute, it is almost a guaranteed bet, i don't think we've ever seen regional rail train eight to ten minutes, that's not packed, or bypasses any of the stations. no problems on 295 or route four it, weaver some construction out there near woodcrest, otherwise the bridges looking good. chris, lauren, back to you. >> to breaking news for you at 4:00 # three, shooting in north philly sends man to the hospital. mr. is say that man shot multiple times in the lower body. this is on the 2400 block of north vare street, around 3:00 a.m. he was taken to temple, no word on the condition at this time. and police have not identified a the shoe err, not just yet. >> more breaking news out of overbrook, woman and teenager shot inside of an apartment complex, happened at the month a vista apartment complex north 63rd street around 9:30 last night, we're told both
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were taken to penn presbyterian, in stable condition, right now police looking for that gunman. also the search on for kill they are morning, police say he killed a teenager and injured two others, as they left a basketball game on monday night. >> so family, friends, of course, are remembering him as a talented teen. fox 29's dave kinchen live at police headquarters with more on this, hi, dave. >> reporter: good morning, chris, lauren, been several days of heart break now, two full days of heart break after the death of this young man, in a southwest philadelphia, talking about 15 year old, meantime, police looking for leads, interviewing members of a rival basketball team, trying to find out who shot this 15 year old in southwest philadelphia monday night, tahere barnes, aspiring rapper, loved playing hoops, he and two friends shot around 10:00 p.m. monday as they left a basketball game watching at 61st and baltimore, someone showed up with a gun and shot tahere and two of his friends,
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tahere died at a hospital hours later after being shot in the face. his friends survived the shooting, including glenn butler, who was shot in the arm. you will hear from him in a moment. but first here is tahere's heart broken mother. >> everybody loved him. he was a good kid. he took my baby, my baby son, and he took him. so stupid. my heart is broken. my heart hurt, it hurts so much. >> my son got killed, right in front of me, and sad. >> i prayed that everybody that was out there, if you know something, say something, that was my son, he is your friend, you all be with every day, don't act like you don't know nothing. >> police say the shooting was root in the dispute in a fight after a game last week between tahere's team and another
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team. tahere's team won it at the buzzer, police are checking the roster of the rival team. they're interviewing players there, they're trying to figure out did this, who shot these kids, who shot this 15 year old kid. >> this basketball program they were taking part in has been credited with turning many lives around, positive part of the southwest community, now part of this tragedy, as well, chris, lauren. >> my goodness, dave, thank up. 4:06 is the time. in new jersey where man is facing trespassing and criminal mischief charges after police say he trespassed on to the roof of the belt view hotel in center city. twenty-eight year old ivan long and woman he was with made their way on to the roof monday. officers found the two up there with a smoke grenade, and suspicious liquids, police say, wong is a blogger and using the materials for photo shoot. >> guns drawn on two young black men, fitting inside after car. >> turns out they did not
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wrong. andly had the wrong power. steve keeley thon one now from the darby police station. hype, steve. >> reporter: yes, and the police did everything right. so when is no news making news? when it is good news for once in a great example of everyone both sides the police and the public should react when officers approach people, they were called to approach, and russian check out for a report of one or two of these guys armed with a gun, sounds similar to that awful recent national news headline, doesn't it? >> they had guns pointed at my son, and his friends, also, i don't think that our it was necessary until they found out more what was going on. first of all the two young men were still in the car, my son and his friend, so how would they know whether it was a prank call, a malicious call or whatever. they hadn't assessed it fully before they pulled the guns out on them, you know? >> all of the factors were there that officers safety in
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the beer one thing, officer safety, safety of the public. they approached the car with guns drawn. i wasn't there, but i will bet that you they were giving commands, it is my understanding that the people inside the car followed the commands. >> chris, lauren, police always get this information third hand, somebody from the public calling 9911 apartment or who passes onto police, and all they get is a report of somebody with a gun, so obviously, they are going to treat it the way they did. so cooperating, training, and a touch of both common decency and common sense, and we are able to tell a good police and the public interaction story, and we'll hear from the young giles in the car, just eating here at wendy's, when we see you next. >> see you then, steve, meantime, memorial and funeral services todd for the five officers shot and killed in dallas thursday night during public protest. today private funeral will be held for this gentleman here, michael smith. he will be burried in memorial
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park garden of armor, those that new him say he was by the bike kind of office, straight up guy, public memorial scheduled for brent thompson at 10:00 this morning at the potters how church in dallas, officer thompson was the only dart officer to die in thursday's massacre, the younger brother of officer thompson says, quote, he was a hero and we are mourning him. >> senior corporate lauren erin in plano this morning followed by burial as rest lynn by friends, called the larger than life dallas police officer. invitation for officer krol tomorrow evening, in plano, his funeral will be friday morning, at the same church. officer krol will be burried in his hometown near detroit. visitation for officer friday evening at the grand activity center in fort worth, his funeral services will be saturday, burried dallas fort worth national cemetery. >> meanwhile president obama
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and vice president abide end along with their wives joined for memorial service for the five officer we mentioned, former president george w. bush, his wife laura bush were there is there, president obama saying find the characture in your heart to open up. >> we are here to honor the memory and mourn the loss of five fellow americans, to grieve with their loved ones, to support this community. >> with their deaths we have lost so much. we are grief stricken, heart broken and forever grateful. >> former president george w. bush says that an americans should remember their shared commitments for common ideals as a means of bridging divisions. >> before landing in dallas president obama called the families of alton sterling and philando castile both killed in separate shootings last
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week that sparked the protests around the country one every which was in dallas. white house spokesperson says the president offered condolances on the first family behalf as well as the american people. >> 4:11, local police say this guy here pretended to be a gas worker, to get into an elderly woman's home. but she was onto his game. what he did when she called him out.
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>> excessive heat watch for two days, not today, even though hotter and little more humid, but we have the heat index thursday, friday, that will probably be in triple digits. meanwhile, it was a pretty terrific tours, it was 89 degrees, but still didn't feel that uncomfortable outside. smidge more humid. so we'll put tuesday down as pretty nice. now, as you walk out the door, temperatures are in the 70s. seventy-two, philadelphia, pottstown, allentown, dover, lancaster, reading, 73, it is 66 degrees in mount pocono. atlantic city has 07 degrees, but the dew points are still in the 60s, now, inching into that muggy range, but not into uncomfortable and oppressive just yet. at least not this morning. but, i think you will notice, by this afternoon, then, we'll get little stickier. now, watching, again there is rogue of rain that's moving across the chesapeake bay, moving into the state of delaware, we'll see if it
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costs the delaware bay and holds together, and i guess into salem and cumberland counties in new jersey, keep an eye on that, meantime, this is the forecast for today. sunny, humid, in center city, down the shore, sunny and breezy, and in the pocono mountains some storms popping up later in the day, and a high of 78. eighty-six is our high today. then 90s, 90's, 90s, thursday, friday, saturday, sunday, monday and tuesday, possibly, when we have all of those days in a row possible temperatures in the 90s, which means, heatwave number three could go on and on and on, bob kelly, and on. >> i just got a flip and fill pool yesterday on amazon, my prime day, all of that set up, ready to go. pool party, not a big pool, so the first three people to the house get a chance to have some fun. 4:15, good morning shall everybody, live look at 422 right near route 29. got the overnight work coming around the curve here. so look out. only the one lane is open, the
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cones are down, also working along 202 and route 401. the they're working downtown here, looks like all of the project in action here from last night, the vine street expressway shutdown, between the schuylkill and broad street until about 5:00 this morning, nothing really different with septa, the regional rails, again, i know the temperature is tough. best bet, get on before the ardmore villanova station, the closer you get to the city looks like ardmore tends to be that bypass station, only nine trains that actually did the bypass being packed yesterday. so, things are getting better there. the best pick, though, the mark frankford, the subway, there is free parking at the frankford transportation center. you can connect with the market frankford line, free parking down at the nova care complex, which is the old naval hospital there, in south philly, connect with the broad street subway. trains are running eight to ten minutes. that's a zero delay option for you. we have no problems at all in the whole week here.
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now, glennside to center city again had the motion packed trains, that were bypassing the station, we had nine of them yesterday hopefully things will get better as the reinforcements from maryland, amtrak, new jersey transit start to filth near the mix no problems this morning in and out of philadelphia international airport. looking up and over the bridges, chris, lauren, back to you. >> louisianna police say they've arrested four people planning to kill application, alter sterling, investigators found out about this plot monday after federal authorities raided a baton rouge home inside found several guns stole friend local pawn shop. no ammunition was found, but police say, they were actively seeking things to load into the guns. more roadway, growing concerns over the new dis patch system. officials have confirmed to us here at fox 29 that the system has dropped out three times in it first eight weeks in operation. >> so the first outage which lasted six minute happened in early june when a man shot folcroft police officer christopher dorman, after he
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responded to drug call. officials say, a second outage happened at the end every june, and third, this past weekend. dispatchers came up with back up plan, local leaders say waiting for independent report to figure out exactly what's going wrong with the new system. >> philadelphia police looking for this guy, you are going to see here, they say, he was posing as a philadelphia gas works employee, on friday, and not on -- knocked on the door of 96 year old woman who lives along east mt. airy, cript man street. so she was suspicious of this dude, and refused to let him in. but the guy pushed his way inside the home. police say he took a diamond ring, then ran off. >> a woman who died after she accidentally fell off a cliff of the grand canyon had ties to our area, 35 year old colleen burns lived in orlando, and was a graduate of cardinal o'hara high school in delaware county. posted this picture of herself at the grand canyon the night before she died. park rangers found her body
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400 feet where she slipped where she was standing, yelp orlando posted on twitter she was a part of their team working as a regional marketing director. >> temple university board of trustees voted no confidence in doctor kneel theobold, so the board every trustees says they intend to dismiss, this comes less than a month after the university removed it pro bows a mid financial shortfall. so the spokesperson says the decision to dismiss him is based largely on his handling of the school's budget. >> new claims have surfaced at late person stat football coach joe pap earn owe avoided a joyce dollars sandusky in documents unsealed by a (unidentified man testified in 2014 that he told paterno about sandusky sexual assault the day after it happened back in 1976. he said paterno told him he did not want to hear about it, that testimony part every
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litigation by penn state against an insurance company overpayment of claims foray buys by sandusky. >> a lawyer for paterno's family released a statement, it says, in part, the materials released relate to go joe paterno allege a conversation that occurred decades ago where all parties except the accuser are now dead. most significantly, there is extensive evidence that stands in stark contrast to this claim. >> in germantown, a woman's quick thinking probably saved the lives of her entire family. >> all right, so two connecting homes collapsed yesterday morning, this is on the 4600 block of germantown avenue, one of the homes was empty, the other was the home to denise wheeler, her daughter, and three grandsons, wheeler says she started seeing cracks in her walls, and they were getting bigger. firefighters inspected the home and evacuated everyone, and our cameras were rolling when she says to her home. >> i got my bible. right here. god is good.
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i found my bible. >> says that bible has gotten her through 14 long years of crimes and contribute lakes recalls, for now the landlord has found the family another place to stay. >> all right, good for her fate. >> some hope, right? 4:22 is the time. no spry cents the american all-star game, well, it was the american versus the national league, right? i guess, so we have, not really into sports that much, you know? >> all-star game. >> thank you. >> you know who this is? played last night in philly.
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>> last night the major league all-star game, no surprises, the american league wins again for the fourth straight year, to san diego, and it is eric who is america in the second inning off of johnny quaide owe, homerun, two hits, two rbi's, american league wins it. 76ers still playing in the summer league, brett brown, of golden state, and the sixers, not coaching just watching. ben simmons, three for eight, but they were all inside, he's got to be able to shoot little bit better. he had six assists,. the british open is the week at royal trune in
4:25 am
scotland. but the talk about the top four players in the world, not wanting to go to rio for the olympics. they there were health concerns with the zika virus. a tough decision. >> came down to very personal decision. again, i don't expect everybody to understanded, but trust that i believe i am making the right decision for myself and for my future, and for those around me. >> and that's sports in a minute. i'm howard eskin. >> top four golfers in the world, not playing in the olympics. >> the investigation into a report that linked phillies plater ryan howard to the use of performance enhancing drugs is finally coming to an end. >> according to major league baseball official, howard won't face any disciplinary. howard along with other professional athletes were named in a report by al-jazeera that hired an undercover athlete to ex pot doping circles. howard sioux the network for defemation, and has denied the claims made in this report. the report was first released
4:26 am
the first face suspensions from the league, but investigators have spent months verifying howard's denials. >> 4:26 this morning, good morning, dave kinchen, on very sad story this morning, hi, dave? >> very sad. learning more about the 15 year old who was shot monday night, after he left a basketball game. he died, now, hear how police are trying to find the killer, unique focus on this investigation, after the break.
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>> teenager loses his life over basketball game. two other teams witness the tragedy, while police search for the shooter his mother crying out for answers. >> and in delaware county police responds to call two men with a gun turns out to be alarm, some in the community still showing concern, however. >> all fun and games, sort of. not everyone want to be a part of the new pokemon go craze, some places around the city are work to go ban that app. >> good day everyone, wednesday july 13th, how are you? >> good, good. >> sure pleasant outside right now. >> it is, mild. >> gentlemen, if you're inclined to just hang out at this hour. >> right. >> everyone sleeping. >> they don't know what they're missing, yes. so it is comfortable now. it will start to get little more uncomfortable by the end of the day today, heat index
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is not going to be as extreme today as it will be for tomorrow and friday when we really expect the heat and the humidity to crank up. so we give you eight out of ten today. it is going to be more humid than yesterday. plus, we have this chance of showers, and you can see, that area of showers moving into northern delaware, kent county affected, as well, just isolated area right there. we'll keep an eye on it to see if it affect new jersey eventually if it holds together. 72 degrees right now in philadelphia, just a 3-mile per hour breeze out of the southeast, and 87% relative humidity, sunrise at 5:44, and high temperature of 88 degrees today. sunny skies, little more humid than it has been, with winds out of the south. we'll tell you about the heat watch, excessive heat watch that's in effect for tomorrow and friday coming up in just a few, bob kelly, get ready to sweat. >> what other time of the day can you come in from king of prussia to center city in 30 minute or the schuylkill?
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>> zoom, zoom. >> i just reminds myself of that every morning, the advantage every getting up this early, but coming into center city, the vine street expressway still closed, until about 5:00, both directions, between the schuylkill and i-95. coming in from south jersey, light volume so far. the headlights headed in toward the walt whitman bridge. again, with the vine expressway closed, you can use spring garden, 30th, or south, anyone of the number streets there, again, that's only until 5:00 a.m. there is an accident, 422, it is eastbound, heading in toward kop. right at the ramps for 202 out there, in the king of prussia interchange. same deal again today. i think we're kinds of getting used to it somewhat on septa, weaver all of the links to their new adjusted timetable on social media and of course on our website at the market frankford and subway lines are using shuttle buses until 5:00 but after that i think that's going to be the best bet with trains running every eight-ten minutes, chris, lauren, back to you. >> let's get to the breaking news out of north philly. police say man in the hospital
4:32 am
after being shot multiple times in the 2400 block of north revere streets about 3:00 in the morning? >> police say victim hit in the lower body currently at temple hospital. no word on his condition at this time. and, police have not been table ida shooter just yet. also, breaking out of overbrook this morning, where a woman and teenager shot found inside an apartment complex. this one happening at the month that vista apartment on north 63rd street around 9:30 last night. >> told both were taken to pen press by tear ya in stable condition. right now police looking for that gunman. 4:32, family, friends, came together, and demanded justice for 15 year old boy had was gunned down monday night as he was leaving a basketball game. >> police say that shooter still on the loose this morning, dave kinchen. >> yes, that's right. family, friends, got together to remember the victim while police got together to work in the investigation. what they're doing is they're checking the roster of a rival basketball team for leads, and the person who shot and killed the 15 year old in southwest
4:33 am
philadelphia monday night. tahere barnes aspiring rapper and loved place basketball. he and two friends were shot around 10:00 p.m. monday as they left a basketball game, they watched at 61st and baltimore in southwest philly, someone showed up with a gun and shot tahere and two of his friends, he died at a hospital hours later. his mother has a message for those who knew her son. >> do not come to my house in front of my door if you are not going to say who did this to him, and whomever did this to him, justice will be served. >> gun violence is crazy, it is crazy, you see, they carry guns like we carry wallets and id. everybody has a gun. it is mad. >> police say that the shooting was rooted in a dispute in a fight after a game last week between ta here's team and another team. tahere's team won the game at the go err, police looking for two males, one wearing shorts and a t-shirt, also, they are looking for another person wearing a red bandana covering his face. call police if you have
4:34 am
information. back to you. >> over something so stupid. >> so trivial. 4:34. guns drawn on two young black men sitting in a car. >> it turns out they did nothing wrong, and police had the wrong power. steve keeley joins us from darby police station to explain what exactly happened, steve? >> reporter: exactly what this country is talking about every day. two guys doing what millions of americans do every day, eating their fast-food in their car, but suddenly their dinner at wendy's went from good food to bad scene. because somebody see something, say something atmosphere, thought they saw these guys with a gun. >> we saw one of the undercover cops pull up over there. so we assumed something was going down in the store or something like that. and then like three more cop cars came, and they just got out, instantly started pointing guns at us, we didn't know what was going on. we was confused at first, like why are they pointing at us? told us to get out of the car, keep your hands up, stuff like. that will we obeyed them. we didn't do nothing, we were
4:35 am
just like, you know, let them do what they do, get it out of the way. so all that happened. they told us that apparently someone from across the street or in this area said that we had a gun, or we was sitting there for awhile, and went and got a pistol. the cops said they perfectly described a pistol which we didn't v so i was also confused, how does someone describe we had a pistol whether we didn't have anything. we literally sat in the car the whole time. >> really smart young man, and also an example of the fears and complaints from so many who say an experience like this is called driving while black. and also, great work from the police, who have to treat any call that there is somebody with a gun with caution, training, and ready for anything, and in this case a-plus all around, chris, lauren, coming up: his friends' reaction, as well, probably something these guys will never forget. but that's the world we live in sadly. >> sadly is right. steve, thanks. >> okay, so we've heard about this pokemon go craze, i
4:36 am
experience philadelphia yesterday with a friend trying to just go hang out, like hold on, but some people are saying it has been taken too far and they're over it already. >> you sound like you're one of them. >> ya. >> so a museums and sites around the country including right here in philly are banning players from using this popular app lawyer send talking about. national museum of jewish history what about a block away here in old city, one of the many places asking users to stay out, united states holocaust memorial museum, arlington national cemetery both in washington dc banning users from, they feel inapropriate for gang ers, so one user found the pokemon emitting poisonous gas at the holocaust museum. are you kidding me? information gas chambers, jews were placed in, unbelievable. >> the creators of the game are trying to revamp it so that they're not showing up in certain places, can you imagine when school starts again? if the kids are walking around school and that's all they care about in the gym, the
4:37 am
bathroom? the teachers will be like what's going on here? >> most younger people, well, already are distracted. of all ages these days, everybody just on their phones. >> yes, a 32 year old playing the game yesterday. all right, it is official, bernie sanders endorsing hillary clinton for president, but their rivalry is not over. where you can vote for the best candidate right here in philadelphia. downy put a gopro in a washing machine
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>> we may be knowing taupe's vice presidential pick. mike pence, newt gingrich, appear to be the frontrunners, new jersey governor chris christie still possible, as well, the presumptive republican nominee may announce as soon as friday. >> okay, on the other side, bernie sanders is finally endorsing hillary clinton as the democratic nominee for president, vermont senator stood side by side with clinton, pledged his political revolution would continue, but acknowledge clinton did win the delegates to snag the nomination. >> secretary clinton has won the democratic nominating process and i intends to do everything i can to make certain she will be the next president of the united state. >> well, well. many democrats were pushing for him to drop out of the presidential race, endorse the former secretary every state.
4:41 am
sanders promised to work to help clinton win in november calling her for and away the best candidate to confront challenges facing the country. >> so does she name him as runningmate? that would be interesting to see. >> it will be. >> yes. so bernie sands earns just endorsed his former rival hillary clinton as you saw. >> right. >> but he says, he still has one last chance to beat the democratic presidential candidate in a cheese steak contest. >> well, that would be so a prepare row at, right, since the dnc is here in philly starting on july 25th through the 28th. so, it is a type of show-down that will take place, where else, at pat's king of station, customers can vote for the hillary. what's a hillary? this is a cheese steak made with american cheese, provalone, and wiz, so you have three different kinds of cheeses, but without onions. right? or it can be the bernie. this is pepper steak with onions shall mushrooms, and wiz. the owners of pat's hopes the contest will bring the pair down to south philly to try out their sandwich, and you know everyone in town from out
4:42 am
of town is going to go right there, right in the corner there, south philly, pat's and genos, there will be lines. >> always lines. >> all right, 4:42 this morning, something in the water, many jersey shore goers may have never seen t what's happening right now?
4:43 am
(male off-screen announcer) what's it feel like to win the mustang instant game, with top prizes of a hundred grand or a new ford mustang? (woman) oh my goodness.
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woo! (male off-screen announcer) with instant games from the pennsylvania lottery, the instant you play could be the instant you win. keep on scratchin'. >> good day for water ice, right? so couple of officers offer the streets yesterday, and behind the counter, this is
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the rita's water ice on route 273, serving up some cold tasty treat. >> water ice tastes very nice. >> yes, my favorite flavors, cherry. how about yours? >> i don't know. it is hard to pick one. >> sue? >> i'm a mango girl. >> oh, really? >> i love that mango, ya. all right, so, here is the weather pattern we have in place, if you lived around here, and you linked the time, you heard the term bermuda high. i don't know if you can see it here, bermuda, tiny island, high pressure sets up around bermuda. with the clock weiss circulation, pumps in heat, humidity, through the southwestern part of the country, tends to kind of stay therefore day after day after day. we build up heat and humidity, we got some thunderstorms every once in a while, but looks like the bermuda high is setting up starting today. 72 degrees in philadelphia right now. seventy-two in dover. it is not excessively muggy at the moment, pretty nice outside actually. 66 degrees in doylestown, hazleton, also, with
4:46 am
66 degrees. we move out into new jersey, millville 70, medford lakes 68 degrees, seaside park was 73, down in lewes, delaware, it is 72 degrees, to start your day. we've been watching this area of showers moving into southern new castle county, delaware, and few part of northern kent county affected, as well. just call it rogue of showers, pretty isolated, and that's what's happening this morning. so, we will continue to watch that. there is last week's heatwave, wednesday, thursday, friday. got a lot cooler with the storms on saturday, we've been very pleasant, sunday, monday, tuesday. and today won't be bad. 86 degrees, little stickier than it has been. but, not as much as it is going to be tomorrow. and friday. and saturday. so, somewhere in there, we get heatwave three continuing through tuesday of next week. so, get ready to perspire over. you can say sweat, bob kelly, but perspire is a little
4:47 am
classier. >> yes. 4:46. extra old spice on there this morning, as you get ready to roll out of the driveway. looking good here, 422, just accident eastbound, right near the 29 ramp, look, still got the cones down, so be ready coming in from say royersford, or collegeville, head in the toward kop. all of the construction project, looks like, they've been in action last night, the ben franklin bridge, no problems at all, coming up and over, working on the whitman, the betsy, every night, on the overnight. but again, most that far work on the bridges, pack up and gone. still working along 202 here between the 30 bypass, headed into route 401, and then, as we go for fly, going to drop on down again, what button did i submit where are we going to go? we're going to go boom. to the vine expressway, shutdown between the schuylkill and broad street again until 5:00. coming into or out of the city, spring garden, 30th or south street would be your best options. and, later on today after 9:00 look out for work along
4:48 am
city avenue. crews will be working between 66th and 69th street, all just south of saint charles seminary. it will go down to one lane after 9:00. chris, lauren, back to you. >> bob, a rare weather phenomenon is creating almost tropical like conditions down the shore. >> chris o'connell traveled to ac to find out why. >> no, you are not in the bahamas. >> i thought i was in the mediterranian somewhere. >> no, this is new jersey. >> if you have been down the shore over the past week, you probably noticed it, too, the turquoise colored atlantic, and it is crystal clear, some say the water is cleaner than it has been in decades. from atlantic city, to brigantine to north wildwood where viewer nick took this video of dolphins playing while paddle boarding. jennifer sent us this video of the water in stone harbor. even lifeguards are in the g. >> a lot of people are loving it, asking a lot of questions
4:49 am
actually why it is so clean. >> so what's causing this crystal clear blue water this gift from mother nature? well, it turns out, the answer is the perfect storm of perfect conditions. >> there is this blossom of plankton, microscopic plant. >> our kathy orr says the bloom of plankton seen here from nasa satellite responsible for the color of the water, and recent drought limiting river run-off is making the ocean clearer than normal, making the atlantic more like the caribbean. >> run-off can make the watt area little merky. so, without the rain, and the runoff, you have this clarity of the water along with a beautiful tropical color. >> a phenominal many long timers have never seen before. >> it makes me feel better about letting my kids play in the water. >> cathy says the water is so nice, she took a last minute trip with her grand kids to enjoy it. >> it is something you only see down in clearwater beach or florida beaches.
4:50 am
so it was spectacular. so that was enough to invite me to come back and bring the grand kids today. >> the bad news is chances are the turquoise water may not stick around forever, wind and tides will most likely help dissipate the plankton bloom, so enjoy a little bit of the tropics while you can. in atlantic city, chris o'connell, "fox 29 news". >> well, that's tropical looking. >> yes. >> i'll take. >> so will i. >> let's go to ac! >> warm outside, might as well enjoy the water. >> in the next hour with her split with brad, secret wed withing justin, jennifer aston, headlines for years now, while the actress said she is finally fed up, chris murphy. >> she has had it. we're going to be in -- >> haddonfield. >> is that where we'ring. >> yes. >> so here is the deal. it will be on friday, of course, from 7:00 to
4:51 am
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>> top four stories, you were buzzing about, family, friends, came together to celebrate the life of that here barnes, that teenager died monday night after being shot in the face, while leaving a basketball game, at 61st and baltimore avenue. police believe that shooting stemmed from a fight that broke out last week, after ta here's team won a buzzer beater basketball game. louisianna police say they've arrested three people planning to kill police at protests for at on sterling, investigators found out about that plot on monday after federal authorities raided a baton rouge home inside, they found, several guns stolen from local pawn shop. police are still looking for a fourth suspect. a former employee of mow's southwest grill in middleton
4:55 am
charged foreplays g hidden camera in the woman's bathroom. louise and lopez arrested for the marines dent, another employee discovered that camera, it was turned over to state police for investigation. >> when hundreds every people arrive at the philadelphia international airport later this morning, democratic national convention, there might be a shortage of workers. employees at the airport are planning to go on strike during the convention. they want better scheduling, and they want to unionize. all right, let's talk things out dave kinchen covering a very sad story for us. >> very sad, 15 year old shot and killed after leaving basketball game. now, police say this has to do with a rivalry. how they're reaching out to people who may know something about this case after the break. ♪
4:56 am
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4:59 am
produces perseverance. >> two presidents try to comfort a sit and a nation at an interfaith memorial service for the five fallen officers killed during last week's protest massacre in dallas. what president obama is asking for all americans to do right now. >> and, in delaware county, police responds to a call of two men with a gun. but, it turns out, that's not the story at all. why some in the community are still showing a little concern. >> all right, coming up at 5:00 in the morning, 72 perfect degrees at 5:00 in the morning. if it could just stay dark all day, this temperature all day it, would be perfect, right? >> true. thanks for watching, wednesday, july 13, 2016. sue serio, if we could only have chris' wish, we would all be perfect. >> then you wouldn't get any vine miss d, because you get that from the sun, as well, i guess we will be okay, because we're prepared. because we watch the fox 29 morning news. and we get prepared for the day. it is a eight out of ten today. little stickier today than it was yesterday.
5:00 am
a chance of some showers and thunderstorms that we didn't have yesterday. weaver one area right in new castle county, delaware, we will look at that a little more leslie coming up. right now 71 degrees in the city, with 90% relative humidity, still doesn't feel that bad out there, though, even though dew points are up a bit. 5:44, is your sunrise time. we've got 72 degrees, up in allentown, even mid 70s in reading. so these temperatures are a lot warmer than they were yesterday at this time. seventy-four wilmington, 72 in wildwood. and we're going to start seeing this cumulative thing, with heat, humidity, building up each and every day, so mix every sunday, clouds, throughout the day, bit sticky by lunchtime, with 83 degrees, but still, not bad. high of 86 today. triple digit heat index is what we are talking about for tomorrow. we will talk more about that even though you probably don't want us to coming up. bob kelly? >> sue, good morning shall everybody, it is a wednesday, hump day, 5:00. and looking live at the benny, ben franklin bridge, coming


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