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tv   Good Day Philadelphia at 7A  FOX  July 13, 2016 7:00am-9:00am EDT

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>> plus, trouble brewing ahead of the convention? the vote that could have hundreds of airport workers walking off the job, as people arrive for the convention. >> and is the world's hottest game a security risk? the concern surrounding pokemonday go privacy policy, what the company is doing to fix it. >> all right, pokemon go. >> it is everywhere, yesterday walking down the street, i saw probably three people on their phones, sure enough, their screen up. >> never heard about it on friday, then all the sudden, bamm, today. >> it is everywhere. >> and today will be a good day to do it if you don't mint humidity, eight on a ten scale today. >> got to watch out for some pop up thunderstorms. >> could have a blizzard today, too? >> kind of ruled that out. eight out of ten for today. school is closed, it is summer time, bus stop buddy at the pool with muggy the dog. and ever present bottle of sunscreen, so off to see
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temperatures starting in the 70s. we had been watching few showers that are dissipating, in delaware, south jersey. so, we're looking ahead to 86 degrees for a high temperature, again, those pop up thunderstorms, i would say, any time after 2:00 p.m. start keeping an eye on the sky, tonight down to seven # degrees, another muggy night, few thunderstorms around, as well, what about thursday? the worse of the heatwave is coming. we'll talk more about it coming up. bob kelly? >> i need to find an app that matches my contact to the people that have a pool. heatwave coming up. >> pool friends. >> walking around, trying to find somebody you know with a pool. good morning shall everybody. >> use uber, who has a pool? >> live look, barely moving here on the schuylkill westbound up the hill, city avenue out toward belmont. reverse commute. more folks headed out of town at this hour than coming into the city. forty-two, starting to see some volume pick up as you head in toward the walt whitman bridge.
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otherwise, starting to see some sun glare getting ready to pop up over the conshy curve, blue route slow route one down to 9a you know the drill by now as far as the regional rails. same deal over the last couple of days. get out there early, and the closest train to the city will have better chan every seeing that bypass. they only had nine trains through the whole bypass, only nine, that's really not good if you are standing on the platform, one of those nine trains rolled by. the market frank forwards and the subway free marking in northeast philly, free parking at the nova care complex, and you can connect to either one of the lines, trains, running, every eight to ten minute, mike and alex back over to you. >> thank you, get ready for big changes, the philadelphia international airport, as the dnc approaches. >> some employees taking advantage and planning to go on strike during the democratic national convention. >> who else would be put on this but steve keelie? >> here we are in this time of super security at airports, would you hope, that the people have access to the actual airplanes, would not be
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in as low paid and as high turn over jobs as fast-food places employing high school kids. but, the folks who clean out those seat pocket, clean under your seat and clean those tiny airplane bathrooms, you can barely move in, barely getting by financially. same goes for the guys out here in the heat and humidity right now, handling everyone's heavy, but fragile, watch what you are doing there, luggage. or helping the handicap pushing them in airport wheelchairs, very long way, while short on appreciation and tips often. so, all of those folks, 1,000, of them, all here total at the philadelphia international airport, who have tried to educate the public, and the press, and public officials in the past, with plenty of informational pickets, now say, it is time for picket signs that read: on strike. and maybe strike while the iron and the weather is hot. mid summer, mid mass attention, democratic convention, that all happens real soon, and the inquirer's jane von bergen report the strike to vote among half the
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workers on one shift yesterday went 461 to strike, only five said no. so far, alex, mike, no date been set. but there is just 12 days left before the convention start. so what better time than now to finally grab some attention and grab some democratic power broker by the neck and say, hey, put pressure on the subcontractors that are our managers and get them to do something at least raise our salary to $12 an hour, not asking for the world here. >> police searching for the shooter they left a man in critical condition in philadelphia, 25 year old victim shot in his legs. this happened around 3:00 a.m. victim taken to temple hospital and is expected to survive. police say he's not cooperating with authority. there is no motive or description of the shooter yet. >> also, woman and teen found inside after apartment complex, happened at the
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market vista apartment complex on north 63rd street, this is around 9:30 last night. we are told both taken to press by presbyterian hospital. looking for the gunman. search is on for kill they are morning, police say he took the life of a 15 year old boy after basketball game. >> family and friends remembered the talented teen murdered, i was actually near the area yesterday, everyone is talking about there is they were just kids, just kids. >> yes, that's right a lot of people talking about there is some even wondering were protested started over this particular case here, 15 year old shot and kill, we can tell you, police and homicide division, they are going through the roster of opposing rival basketball team, they are looking for leads in the person who shot this teen on the southwest philadelphia monday night, tahere barnes aspiring rapper and loved playing basketball, the family says, he and two friends were shot around 10:00 p.m. monday as they left a basketball
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game. tah shear shot in the case, died hour laters his mother has a message for those who knew her son. >> do not come to my house in front of my door if you do not want to say who did this to him, and whom ever did this to him, justice will be is herred. >> gun violence is crazy, it is crazy, you see, they carry guns like we carry wallets and id. everybody has a gun. it is mayhem. >> well, police say the shooting was root in the dispute that dated back about a week ago between ta here's team and another team. ta here's team won that one at the buzzer. now, police have somewhat of a description, looking for two people, we know one person who had red bandana covering his face, if you have any information on this case please give police a call. >> hopefully get some answers there, 7:06. >> early this morning, some
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terrifying moment out of for folk virginia last night where throw men were gunned down inside a car. >> entire incident captured on facebook live, three men listening to music when you see they got shot. >> wow. >> victims are in the hospital recovering this morning. and the police say the. ... >> norfolk, virginia, 7:07. >> louisianna police say they've arrested three people planning to kill police to protest in retaliation for the death of alton sterling, found out about the plot after federal authorities raided baton rouge home, inside found several guns stole friend local pawn shop. police still looking for a fourth suspect. >> boy, that was close call. 7:07. president obama former president george w. bush paid tribute to the five dallas police officers killed last night, yesterday. >> quite a family, wasn't it?
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very inspirational. men in blue lost their lives keeping watch over what had been a peaceful protest last thursday night. five empty chairs along with american flags, representing the five police officers killed, while protecting the protesters. the president telling dallas it is their city that gives them and the rest the country hope that we can heal and move forward. but it was the words from police chief david brown that got a standing ovation, by using the lyrics of stevie wonder. >> i've got to say always i'll be loving you always. and there is no greater love than this. it is these five men gave their lives for all of us, it is my honor. >> i love that song by stevie
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wonder. >> it is a beautiful song. send lit the entire crowd gets up and stands and applause for him. by the way today president obama is back at the white house making a new push for law enforcement reform. there is that standing ovation as the president walks over. he is also hoping to build some pressure on more gun control. >> well, the people of texas and around the country will say their final good-byes to the fives officers shot and killed in dallas last night. chris murphy, is it three of the funerals today? >> and here are the five offers that's were killed in dallas. memorial and funeral services continues today for those officers shot and killed during a public protest as you mentioned. today private funeral will be hell for sergeant michael smith, officers who knew sergeant smith say he was a by the book officer and straight up casino of guy. and public memorial scheduled for officer brent thompson later this morning in dallas, officer thompson was the only dart officer who died in that massacre. the younger brother of officer thompson says, quote, he was a
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hero and we are mourning him. senior corporate lauren funeral in plano at 11:00 followed by a funeral. larger than life officer. and officer crol, funeral friday morning, officer krol will be burried in hometown every detroit. >> and patrick, fry evening, fort worth, his funeral services will be saturday morning, he will be burried in dallas, at fort worth national cemetery. so mike you're right, three today. >> it is very sad. and officer lauren, his wife, speaking yesterday about him. even though he was a large guy, he was like a teddy bear. she said even if he hadn't have been there that night, woe have wanted to be there, so she believed in being a public servant, being out there to help the community. he was so upset had he not been there to help. >> didn't he just get married two weeks ago? >> that was another officer. >> but he was married,
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officer, just to hear their stories and the life they lived, just very sad, it will be a very sad day in dallas. >> that's for sure. >> all right, 11 past 7:00. thank you chris for. that will temple university boards of trustees, they have issued a vote of no confidence in the college's president. >> intends to dismiss, comes less than a month after the university removed its probost a mid a shortfall. spokesperson for temple board of trustees says the decision to dismiss is based la largely on handling of the school us a budget issues. >> well, new claims about joe paterno. saying that he ignored a boy's complaints about abuse by jerry sandusky, all the way back in 1976. according to these document, that were released. >> then the document, unidentified man, testified in 2014 that he told paterno about sandusky's sexual assault back in 1976, than paterno said did he not want to hear about it, and that he had a football season to worry
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about. that testimony is part of litigation by penn state, against an insurance company overpayment of claims foray buys by sandusky. >> what about $93 million. a lot of money involved here. lawyer for paterno's statement released a saying this, in part, the materials released today relate to go joe paterno allege a conversation that occurred decades ago where all parties except the accuser are now dead. most significantly there is extensive evidence that stands in stark contrast to this claim in the documents. all right, 7:12. police now say a man and a woman who were taken into caution today did i on the roof of the bellevue hotel over on broad street, were up there, for a photo shoot. >> police say 28 year old man, his name is yvonne wong, and a woman he was with, made their way on to the roof somehow monday night. officer found the two of them up there, with a smoke
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grenade, and suspicious looking liquids. police say, wong is a blogger, and was using the materials for a photo shoot. he is facing trespassing, and criminal mischief charges. that better be one darn good photo. >> 7:13, there are gross concerning in delaware county over new dispatch system. officials have confirmed to us that the system is dropped out three times in it first eight weeks in operation. the first addage which lasted six minutes, happened in early june when man shot folcroft police officer christopher dorman after he responded to door call. second outage happened at the end of june, and third this past weaken. dispatch verse come up with back up plan, local leaders say waiting for independent report to figure out what's going on with the new system. >> let's take you down the shore, something is in the water. >> something good, though. people are letting -- >> oh, all right, explain it to me. >> rare weather phenomenon, creating almost tropical like conditions in the water. lauren, i want to go down the
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shore right now, because of this. >> i know, alex, so if you have been down the shore over the past week, probably seen these can you coast colored atlantic ocean, right? explanation apparently the water is cleaner than it has been in decades, several views sent us their pictures and videos of the clear, crystal blue water, so, where are they seeing this? all the way from atlantic city to brigantine to north wildwood and stone harbor. >> it does look like caribbean, so if you don't have caribbean money go get the caribbean experience down the shore, plankton seep here from massive satellite, responsible for the color of the water. >> okay? >> run-offer can make the watt area little murky. so, without the rain, and the run-off, you have this clarity of the water along with a beautiful tropical color. >> something you only see down in clearwater beach or florida beaches. so it was spectacular. so that was enough to invite me to come back, bring the grand kids. >> all right, kathy, we agree,
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it is exceeding, but wait, don't get too excited, i'll have to ruin this for you. the chance it will not stick around, the winds and the tides will come help dissipate the plankton, so the tropics are only here temporarily, guys. >> let's go right now. i'm ready. >> seriously. >> i'm serious. >> we could be down thereby noon? >> okay. >> i'm willing to go. >> do we need a shore house? >> no. >> just campout under the flashes. >> we can come back later this afternoon. >> i have a friends in the virgin islands, oh, i don't like to go in the water unless i can see my feet, so come down the shore. exactly. >> just fine here. >> okay. >> if we're in the going to the shore, we need to go take pictures with donkeys, i love this ideament jen trying to take pictures with 57 donkeys in three and half hours. >> can she do it? how many have you identified, jen? >> can you hear me and see me. >> barely hear you. >> but we see a dong.
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>> i hi, you do? >> how much is that donkey in the window? >> okay, can you hear me now? >> it's behind glass. >> what? >> we can hear you. start talking. >> now we want hear you. so what are you going to do? >> just go over to the dong. >> i come on over here. check this out. we were looking for south carolina, and new jersey, the question is did this store, this salon, which by the way looks amazing, did they pay to have them put in? i mean, this is casino of our home states here, people. i mean, come on. to have them in there? and here is the other thing, i want you guys to know this, hi, how are you, we just found one of the best places, kimmel, it is democrats, look at this picture, i would think the kimmel center, there will be lot of parties there, that would be one of the most prominent places, you want
7:17 am
your delaware, your new jersey usual pennsylvania there, and democrats abroad. like the democrats are in london and they get the best position? so anyway, checking these two off. and then -- >> north carolina. >> and yes, this he look great. the donkeys look great. >> once they're done, bring them around front. >> it is good to watch a donkey every day. >> anyway, keep on, keep ongoing. >> well, you can just -- >> let's do a wipe right over to sue. >> just take it, sue? >> and i did hear earlier this morning, that, please, folks from the mural arts program will be going around with paint brushes and paints to touch up the donkeys during the con svennson to make sure
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they're in tip top shape. high temperature yesterday 89 degrees. but it didn't feel too bad out there. humidity still wasn't oppressive. today it will be a little bit worse. we have temperatures mostly in the 70s this morning, 72 in philadelphia, but, our dew points are still in the 60s. once they inch into the 70s, that's when we get into the oppressive range. so, just plane old kind of muggy right now, future feels like temperatures, again, not as bad today as they will be tomorrow. triple digit heat index, in so many places, look at wilmington tomorrow, 5:00 p.m. 103 is what it will feel like. we will be well into the 90s with our heat index on friday, as well. that's why we have the excessive heat watch in effect for both of those days. not too much left to show you in the way of showers, let's get right to the seven day forecast, i think we'll still stay in the 80s, but jump into the 90s tomorrow. leap right back in there friday, saturday it could be official with heatwave number three. still hot on sunday, monday, tuesday, with the ever present
7:19 am
chance of showers, and thunderstorms. so, bob kelly, trying -- try the pool yet? >> yes, how can i get invited over to the party? 7:19. good morning, everybody, live look at the blue route, 476, delaware county, between mcdade and 95. again, here we go. that magic hour, where we start to see the backups, west on the schuylkill, the right, i should say, the vine expressway, westbound, heavy trying to get over to 30th street station. otherwise there you go, the magic seven, delays on the schuylkill, between the boulevard and belmont. also, some sun glare coming around the curve many same deal on 422, as funeral procession, for a fallen delaware firefighter, that's going to hit the major roadways, between 7:00 and 9:00 this morning, coming north, up through 113 route one and then staging at blue rock stadium, then at 9:00 headed back south down in toward delaware. so, look foreclosures and delays throughout the morning rush hour. with this funeral procession,
7:20 am
mike and alex being back to you. >> survey came out, comes out every year at this time, who has the best football fans, national football what i am talking becomes the study reveals that the eagles have one of the best fan bases in the entire league. >> but of course. >> four years of social media data, 15 years of attendance from nfl team fan bases, based on people's willingness to spend money and there is their social media equity. eagles fans came in fifth place. >> how many teams are there, 32, football teams? yes, so fifth is good. >> so the fan base is filling capacity with percentage of time that fans packed lincoln financial field for games landed at 102%. and then coming in second. >> the cowboys. >> ya. >> well, why don't you give me four, three, two and one? >> i don't know why they skipped four and three, maybe because, you know, maybe just don't care about them. >> well, dow care. >> who would be better than us? see, i think we're number one, so i want to know four, three, two.
7:21 am
two are the cowboys, number one. >> path tree at. >> wouldn't it be like the seahawks, their fan base? >> wouldn't doubt seahawks are probably three, i am guessing maybe four would be giants maybe? >> the giants? >> oh, ya. probably are. >> hey, ever wonder that's your beer? if it is clear, i don't really care. >> soon you will no longer have to worry about that. what brewers are adding to your favorite beer bottles, and cans. did you ever wonder what is in your beer? >> and it could be a big night for the villanova wildcat up for several espies, but wait until you see the bling bling, revealed on line for the first time yesterday. >> i didn't even know they got ranks. >> what? national champ, they better get a ring. >> college really? >> lottery numbers.
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when you can take your hands off the wheel to get out of a tight spot. when you can relax with your foot off the brake and stay put. and when you enjoy 400 horsepower that's both smooth and controlled. that's the more human side of engineering. this is the lincoln summer invitation, hurry in now to your dealer for limited time offers! lease an mkx for $349 a month or get 0% apr for 60 months and just announced $1,000 summer invitation bonus. so, are we still getting tweets about the fans? >> egg eels fans, wouldn't have to spend so much monday if i we didn't have to keep buying jersies? oh, chip kelly has them. maybe keep some people. >> soon know more about what
7:25 am
casino of calories you're consume whg chugging down a beer. >> so, what, we we will gather like a label to show us? now we'll feel guilty? >> yes, you will feel guilty or you can just ignore the label. the beer brewers have decided they are going to put labels on beer come 2020. so, it is still a few years off, and it is and higher bush, corona will have it, coors will have it, miller will have it, carbohydrate content, alcohol content, what it will not show you are the ingredients. that will be posted on line or if you buy an old-fashioned six pack in a cardboard box, it will be on the cardboard packaging if you want to see the ingredients. personally enjoy your beer, life is short, if you get a chance try belgium beer. first time ever i tried it, amazing, this beer left, really good. >> here is the thing, after a while it all gets blurry anyway? >> look, i guarantee you about
7:26 am
150 years from now, none of us will be talking about l calorie content of beer. >> no. >> and i think we just learned something about alec's beer consumption. >> i mean, from what i hear it get blur. >> i have one, and then -- >> oh, ya, you get one? >> one and walk away. >> hey, see you tomorrow. >> see you tomorrow. >> i don't know if anyone believes you. >> zero. >> the best of the best took to the field last night, in san diego, california for the major league baseball all-star game. how the loan philly did. oh, how did he do at the plate? >> oh, look at that. >> how the loan philly did at bat. >> how the loan philly did at bat.
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>> trouble brewing, airport workers strengthening a strike, just days away from the convention. and, the world's hottest game a security risk? the concerns surrounding pokemon go privacy policy, and what the company is doing to fix it. >> never thought about that. welcome to the show, coming up, seconds away from 7:30, on this wednesday. hi, sue. >> bus stop buddy better watch it, pokemon could get him right in the pool there.
7:30 am
not bad thing on a day like today. because we're going to be little more humid than we were yesterday, off it seasonable start in the 70s, but muggy the doak here for the humidity. we've been watching few areas of showers, seem to be dissipating this morning. so that's not an issue now. maybe later on with pop up showers, thunderstorms, but pretty tranquil, 87% relative humidity, seven it degrees. most of the temperatures as we mentioned in the 70s, 67 write town, 67 mount pocono, 73 wilmington, already up to 74 in dover, delaware. we will give that you eight out of ten, because now we have to cloud more humidity, and the chance of pap up showers and thunderstorms, the deal for today with high temperature of 86 degrees. sunset 8:29, bob kelly, yesterday it was 830. days are getting shorter. >> that's good, i start telling the kids they have to go to bed little earlier now. we'll work on that. 7:30 on a wednesday. hello malvern. live look at 202, northbound,
7:31 am
heavy wets chest testier, benny looking good, sun plashed here, coming in toward philly. starting to seat sun glare eastbound on the schuylkill from king of prussia into conshy, same deal on the turnpike, from ft. washington, in toward mid-county. now we have funeral procession, making its way north, out of delaware, eventually headed to the blue rock stadium. then we reverse and head back south at around 9:00. so watch for some stoppages and delays along the way into and through wilmington this morning. mike and alex back to you. >> president barack obama remembered the five police officers in dallas gunned down last thursday night during well i thought it was a very nice ceremony yesterday. memorial service. he wrote a speech 40 minute long, called the men heroes, went on to say this. this is the merry know. >> and today, in this audience, i see people who
7:32 am
have protested, grieving lost at police officers. >> i see people who mourn for the five officers we lost, but also, weep. >> in this audience, i see what's possible. >> so we have jill watkins, state senator anthony williams. >> so joe, we start with you. what did you think? >> i thought great speech. great speech. i thought that he sympethized, empathize dollars with the people of dallas in the loss of five police officers, who were doing their jobs, who were ambushed. i they he did great job of speaking to the heart of people of color, who were still grieving the loss of one man dead in baton rouge, another dead in minneapolis, killed by police officers. and i think did he a great job of bringing us together. comforted us and brought us together. >> balancing act for sure. >> yes. certainly was.
7:33 am
dow want it ask you, some people feel that maybe kind of politicize this speech. bring us alton sterile and castile for the five officers? >> absolutely speaking to the people in dallas, also speaking to the country. people all around the country watching that speech live. still the reason for the protest we have seen is because of the death of those two men, so he was so hard to speak about them, did just the right thing. >> senator, do you a grow? >> i think joe's a republican and my friends, quite effective how he analyzed the speech, i don't think anybody appreciates, well, we do appreciate, how challenging to write a speech at a funeral service, how personal that is. and also recognize the con consequences significant to the moment which i stood and which he stands. >> let's play another sounds bite from the president. i like what he said maybe the country needs a newhart.
7:34 am
>> can we do this? can we find the character, as americans to open our hearts to each other? can we see in each other a common humanity? and a shared dignity, and recognize how our different experiences have shaped us? and it doesn't make anybody perfectly good or perfectly bad. it just makes us human. >> is this a tipping point, senator? can we do this? >> well, evolution for america, it was very effective, how he used some of the phrases, or phraseology, of dr. king. to talk about character, and how we look upon one another, evolution from that time to where we are today as a nation, is very, very challenging. and i think that people need to understanded what is not only the present time, the
7:35 am
challenges are us looking at each other as equals, and partners in america what makes america the nation it is. >> interesting that you brought up how we look at each other at one point he talk about how it happened, police officer looking at someone out there, in the community, and how the community should be a police officer. >> in fact, did he mention -- >> he mentioned the hoodies, that the teens are wearing here. >> i think it comes with a open heart. we can learn to stand in each other's shoes lock at the world through each other's eyes so that maybe the police officer sees his own son in that teenager, with a hoodie, who is casino of goofing off but not dangerous, and the teenager, maybe the teenage letter see and the police officer, the same words, and values, and authority of his parents. >> what did you think that far one? >> wonderfully said. that he is where we need to be headed as country, and i think the president laid it on the line.
7:36 am
it was perfectly said. >> even at one point he said it seems as if at some point we expect so much of police officers, but very little of ourselves. i thought that was a very important question. >> absolutely, absolutely. >> so -- >> extraordinary global homerun. i think what people don't quite under stands is that they are looking at this nation all the world is looking at this nation right at this moment to see thousand can -- with local terrorism on the high, no different, those challenges of dom esiason i can terrorism challenge us, mental health issues challenge us. so very important how to hand thal moment. >> even lighter moment, too, when the police chief of dallas got up, there he mentioned stevie wonder, let's play that. >> the rainbow burns, the stars out of the sky, ain't that loving you. until the ocean covers every mountain high. and i have got to say always i'll be loving you always.
7:37 am
chief brown, i'm so glad i met michelle first, because she loves stevie wonder. >> nice moment, senator. >> that's such a great song. one of my favorite stevie wonder song. >> and it was such a sad moment, you know, so to have him put in a little where people could smile, just even little built, it was good to see. >> absolutely. >> hey thank you both for coming in. >> thanks for having us. by the way, senator, what are you hearing about the convention? are we ready? >> yes, we're more than ready. and we will be have the protesters here, part of america, part of the convention, we'll do itselfly, a prep re atly, and lot of cheese steaks and pretzels and cheer the eagles. >> senator, thank you very much. >> thanks so much. >> okay, listen to this: do you ever share your password when you are watching netflix?
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>> wealth, ya. >> do you? >> ya. >> you're going to jail. >> apparently, that's what i hear. >> you can go to federal prison. >> hold on, hold on. i'm also hearing, too, you may be safe from any jail time. so we have to figure this out. we'll break it down for you. should you be really concerned? prodders, shuckersers, and sniffers, all giant produce is triple checked. we're focusing on fresh... you don't have to guess. my giant. when you're the parent of a disabled child, you realize that the world can be a harsh place. but you also realize it can be a really loving, wonderful place. when i saw donald trump mock somebody who was disabled, i was appalled. you gotta see this guy... ahh, i don't know what i said, ahh, i don't remember! that reporter suffers from a chronic condition that impairs movement of his arms. it told me everything i need to know about his heart
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>> american league took the lead last night, they took the win. then our guy, got up to the plate, and did this. >> apparently no sound at the game last night. but it was a quiet crowd. >> in awe, mike, in awe. >> national league goes down four to two, eric, of your kansas city royals, who are the champions, most valuable player. >> wow. >> eric, first base, the kansas city royals. >> it. >> this guy. >> i texted her immediately. she wasn't happen. >> i ya. >> national champ, the
7:42 am
villanova wildcats, are giving fanned a chance to see the teams title ring. these things are joint. >> show us the bling. look at that, isn't that beautiful? so, this is the final four ring, or the victory ring, championship ring, hosted by men's basketball team twitter page, full ring ceremony would be held at hoops man ya in october. >> hoops mania. >> this is before college basketball starts. >> now will put on those rings probably and wear them tonight. >> now, are espies are tonight, basically the academy awards of sports, right? >> up for four awards. >> oh,. >> so, nominated for best game, best team. >> best game because of this shot right there. boom. >> buzzer beater jenkins, and then, coach jay wright up for best coach, best manager and chris jenkins, as i call him buzzer beater jenkins, for bet play. >> best play of the year. >> and surprisingly, or maybe not surprisingly, none of our four major pre february until teams, nominated for any awards, so villanova you got
7:43 am
to bring something home. >> thank you villanova for saving us this year. >> do you think you can go? >> oh, i bet the whole team is there. >> is this hollywood? >> not like the eagles, phillies? >> okay. >> is this in hollywood? >> yes, big time. got the red carpet and everything, ya. >> we're looking for donkeys. >> i want to see what archie is going it wear. >> you're obsessed with the espies. >> listen, we'll ride this as far as we can ride it. >> i'm riding a donkey today. i have dong its on my minds. >> all right. >> here's jen. oh, for the love. let's go. >> hey, guess what? i've been to the espies, and it is super fun. so we're here in old city. check it out at fifth and market street by the tv station. i have to say, this area, target rich in donkeys, we'll show you how many we found just right here, coming up.
7:44 am
7:45 am
7:46 am
>> 7:46, hello chester county, we got the back up here, northbound 202, the ups trucks, are on their way to sue's house, from everything she brought on line at prime day yesterday.
7:47 am
>> no major accident on the major roadways, just a lot of volume, something we've seen all week specially with the septa situation, extra volume coming in from the suburbs on the schuylkill, 422, the extension, and 309, everyone trying to avoid the regional rail mess, taking to the cars, and that's putting extra volume. if you can, the market frankford or the broad street subway i still think are your two best bets, free parking at the frankford transportation center, free parking at the nova care complex, down near south philly, and the trains are running every eight-ten minutes, so if you're going drive to sparking spot to take the regional rail, drive to one of the market frankford or subway stops, and give that a try. doesn't hurt to give it a try. even the eight to ten minutes is a bless whg it comes to the evening rush hour when we've had the big delays out of downtown, and funeral procession, through the morning, into and out of blue rock stadium, for firefighter tim, that procession will be leaving the blue rock stadium, and then headed south out of
7:48 am
wilmington, i know we got another heatwave on the way, all of the details coming up next in 15 seconds. with sue. >> oppressive heat is building, now, that the bermuda high has set up. we told you yesterday, it was going to. well it, has, it is off shore, and if you can see on this map, there is bermuda, a that's why they call this bermuda high. high pressure sets up off shore, bridges in southwest winds, heat and humidity are the result. looking at 72 degrees if philadelphia right now, 57 down in lewes, delaware, mays landing, 68, 70 in medford lakes, in valley forge, it is 74 degrees. in perkasie, we have 68 degrees to get you started this morning, few clouds
7:49 am
around, but just one little rogue shower in salem, new jersey, and that's all we can finds on the map right now. later on this afternoon, as we look at the future cast, though, lot of pop ups, one, 2:00 in the afternoon to the south of us, 3:00 in the afternoon, possibility, in philadelphia, and the suburbs, so, this could happen at any time this afternoon. because of a nearby disturbance, shall we say, for weather, and then it should be okay overnight. and then we get ready for the nine's for tomorrow. for friday, for saturday, for sunday, heatwave number three, could possibly last all the way through, mike and alex, the middle of next week, this could be a six day heatwave. >> a six day-er. >> that's a lot of heat. >> i've experienced them. >> so we're sending jenn fred out early before the heat really comes out. she can find all of these donkeys. >> before it gets too hot, before your donkey gets too hot. >> don't want a hot donkey.
7:50 am
>> oh, no. >> hey, jen. >> guys, here is a piece of advice. if you are you're going to do there is best to do it after 10:00 a.m. here is why. a lot of these places just aren't open. looking for the donkey right here at the independence visitors center, but it is inside, it is by the cafe, it doesn't open until 8:30. >> oh, poo. >> in the morning. so, ya, there has been couple of those, right, mike? so we saw the ones at the spa. we do know there is one inside the double tree ballroom. but again, we didn't want to ways time, it is hard to get in there. of course that's pennsylvania. and then there is one in the top of the tower. we did call ahead. the producing staff. so be there around 9:15. now, i will say, if you are walking around here, there is a ton. take a look at some of the pictures what i just did. i justice virginia, arkansas, some are near the new franklin hotel the oldom any hotel.
7:51 am
mike jerek is. >> that's right. >> and then there is over by the american liberty museum, sue serio, they say say hi to sue, i think arkansas, west virginia. i'm headed to the independence, trying not to breathe heavily as i walk/jog. now, there are some easy ones to find, right? so going up and down market street. >> oh, there go. >> there is virginia, ya, so this is like easy, right? will you nab selfie with me? will you be in a picture with me? no? no? >> get away from me. >> we don't know you. >> will you be in the picture? come over here. so here is virginia. >> like my little pony. >> virginia is for lovers. >> we want to show this. we do this. >> she is taking all of these pictures, the back of them. >> you can take some near the front. >> here we go, ready?
7:52 am
>> there we go. >> every single one of them, she is there. >> i'm trying to get the state in. i'm trying to get the state. >> there we go. to the face. >> two more down. >> seriously. all about the back of them? >> i bet there is one over basilica of saints peter and paul the liberty bell probably where she is headed next. >> and one by city tavern. >> yes. >> okay, i'm going to ask preston and steve about this. your spouse, does your spouse need to be your best friends? >> is that what theyy? >> i say no. i wonder what preston and steve will say, and cathy. >> i bet no. >> do you have to have a best friends as your wife or husband?
7:53 am
one american park is larger than yellowstone, yosemite, grand canyon and glacier national parks combined. and that's not the only thing you can only find in new york state. ♪
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i survived breast cancer. if the doctors hadn't caught it early i might not be sitting here. so i'm outraged that pat toomey voted to defund planned parenthood... ...which thousands of pennsylvania women depend on for cancer screenings. pat toomey was even willing to shut down the federal government to eliminate funding for planned parenthood. shut down the government over planned parenthood? i think we ought to shut down pat toomey. women vote is responsible for the content of this advertising.
7:56 am
>> writer for cosmo magazine opened up about her relationship with her husband, not her best friend, lovers him as a spouse, not friend. so, what do you think about this? the minute we get preston and steve on the line, let me know in my ear, and we start out with sue, bobby, who is bobby? billy. >> hey, bob. >> i billy, your husband, your best friends? >> he tells me that i am his best friends. >> oh, oh,. >> but i have girlfriends that i consider my best friends, and i don't know, what do you think? >> carry is my best friend, sure, i have guy friends, like chris murph. >> but i'm friends with billy, but my sister and i are very close, i'm best friends with her, i don't know. >> does billy now you're in the his best friends? >> he does now.
7:57 am
>> hopefully sleeping in today? >> poor bill. >> i i don't know if this is so important? >> sometimes you want them, you guys are really good friends, spend a lot of time together. >> right. really close. >> wedding receptions, you know, today i'm marching my best friend. >> but you're right, if you have girlfriends your best friends, why have another room? it is nos your best friend, then what are they? >> your lover. >> i know. >> your spouse. >> do you ever not talk? >> here is my problem, what's the line again from the movie? >> give it to me, i'll say it. >> we will hear me. nice try. one of my favorite movies, brown sugar, you know i love brown sugar. well, they are dating, they are dating, oh, that's god action you should marry your best friends because you get the buddy and the booty. >> preston, do you have to, your significant other, does
7:58 am
it have to be your best friends? >> doesn't have to be. i'm in a situation where it happened to be, and i realize that not that long ago i was casino of doing an inventory of my closest friend, mentally, and i'm like oh, my god, my wife is my best friends. which is pretty awesome. i don't think it has to be that way, i know plenty of people, guys, in particular, who have their best buddy, their confidant, their person they want to hang to and confide in. things that they maybe can't talk to their wife about. >> so close they start wearing the same shirts and snuff. >> yes it, happens. >> it does, same bra's, and making fun every you guys, same shirts. >> very similar. >> we are wearing the same shirts. >> he will, with same already. >> mine is red. it is a coke. >> humor them. >> glaucoma kicking in. >> here is the thing, steve, wouldn't you want them to be casino of like your best friends? because do you have spends a lot of time with them, a lot of hours. >> you know, i have told you
7:59 am
this, my wife is my best friend. i mean, honestly, when you talk about a best friends, somebody who my wife has my back all the time and likewise, and i have, you know, listen, i have friends and i have very good friends, and i do have a best friend, but there is the best, best friend, and that's my wife. i don't know if that makes any sense, but, you know what? someone, you just know, and i have said this, many time, i can walk into a room my wife could be there with a hatchet and they could be nine chopped up bodies on the flour and say okay, honey, they obviously agitate you, let's get in cahan on the run now. >> bonnie and clyde. >> also, had has to do, as well, how long you've known your best friend, too, because my wife and i moved here together. we're not originally from this area. we grew up in a different part of the country so my closest friends are my oldest friends and they are area further away from me now, don't see them all the time, so little different scenario, where casey grew up in the area, and he's got, you know, his buddies that he's known well before his wife.
8:00 am
so, i would admit do you have a best friend that you would consider this not your wife? >> that's the thing, wife best friends and i have my wife. this is just basically battle of semantics, so i think you have -- your wife or your husband is your wife or your husband. >> i'm your best friend, i sleep with you. >> but your a sleeping with your buddies, too. >> no, dow not. no, not since i got married. >> ya? >> we've all slept with your buddies. >> ya? >> so we learned something here, if steve is about to kill somebody he will not turn his head. >> that's it. i want that booty. >> oh, gosh. >> so see you next week. >> take care, guys. see you later. >> it is wednesday, july 13,
8:01 am
july 13, we'll do another hour. >> from the fox 29 studio. this is good day philadelphia. this is striking, dnc delays, hundreds airport workers walking off the job, convention starts in ten days, what will happen? >> going roge, singing group is apologizing this morning after mlb all-star performance, what one member held up that got him kicked out of the group. >> how the popular app got one man bus in the trouble with his girlfriend. plus, how much are you sharing every time you play without even knowing it? personal information? thrown it jail just for sharing? take a breath, don't freak out. why you may still be safe from any jail time.
8:02 am
>> starting wet n and traffic, national french fries day, thank you to chickie's and pete's. >> thank you, i still think french fries day should be on a friday. >> it makes sense, friday. >> when it is it is friday the 13th, but that's not the case this year. >> you know, this is wednesday the 13th. >> even scarier. >> master of the obvious. all right, let's get to the number of the day, which is a eight out of ten. notice every day this week, number keeps going down? that's because the humidity is going up. and so does the chance of showers and thunderstorms. it is not until later. get your pool time in. and keep an eye on the sky. like bus stop buddy along with his pal, muggy the dog. and of course the ever present sunscreen, off to seasonable start, we have couple of showers, that we were watching in delaware, south jersey, not much, though, it is mostly sunshine, 72 trenton, 76 degrees already, in dover, delaware, it will be a hot one there today, thinking
8:03 am
86 degrees, with that mix of sun and clouds today. and chance of pop up thunderstorms later on in the afternoon. >> good morning, as i try to swallow my crab fries with cheese, need something to wash it all down with, live look, schuylkill jammo, can go for big old bucket chickie's and pete's' crab fries, eastbound delays from conshy into downtown, we got that reverse commute delay, as you head on out toward king of prussia. hello south jersey. coming in on the freeway, some normal volume working your way into the walt whitman bridge. now, a crash easton road at 611 right at blair mill road. not that far from elbow lane day camp where i was there yesterday. and then, west on the turnpike, jammed up, willow grove into ft. washington, delays inbound on the schuylkill, 422, a lot of the suburban majors, like 309, the extension, 422, folks driving in, to the city, to avoid the regional rail mess, throwing in extra volume in there this morning. otherwise, you're going to phone your normal delays
8:04 am
thereon mass transit. mike and alex back to you. >> in 12 days big convention in our city of philadelphia. about nine, ten days, thousands and thousands and thousands of people will be flooding into philadelphia. >> we can also have big strike. philadelphia international airport workers say that they're planning on doing this. and, ya, this is time for the democratic national convention, steve? >> reporter: can you imagine a governor from another state having to carry his own luggage? god forbid, right? or hillary clinton, she will via lot of lug thank way, week? so we're talking about the people that handle the bags here. the people that also clean the airports, those discusting seat-back covers, and under the seats, and those tiny little bathrooms, and also, the people that help all of the handicap through the maze of terminals, gates, and overhead walkways here, these people hardly make any money at all. eight bucks and something an hour, at most, no tips often, and no appreciation often. so, not the glamour jobs like pilots, the executives in the
8:05 am
air-conditioned suites or the flight attendant, but the people who do all of the heavy lifting and loading. so, what do they want? they want at least living wage, just 12 bucks an hour, and the idea is let's strike while the iron and the weather is very hot. made summer, right at democrats are about to come here along with the world's media, maybe get some attention which they haven't gotten for all of their information al pickets, because it hasn't changed anything. the problem here, is these employees are not employed by the city of philadelphia, the airport, or the airlines. but, a series of subcontractors, who get contracts through all of those three, and so, that's why none of the people, really, have their names everywhere, from the city of philadelphia, through united and american airlines, they don't have any direct relation to these people, just through subcontractors, so, no strike date or time yet. but they voted here yesterday. and 500 of the thousand people on one shift, voted 461 in
8:06 am
favor of a strike, just five people voted, not to strike. and so, we will see what happens next, but these people have had it, they say no more informational pickets, that's getting us know where, maybe we need good old faxed strike like they did in atlantic city and the taj ma hill still on strike two weeks to the day as well. >> that's right. >> okay, see what happens, thank you, steve. we'll philadelphia that story, bernie sanders one. people maybe caring his own luggage. yesterday, he stood in front after giant flag and end doser dollars hillary clinton for prep of the united states. >> may also be caring, now that he's endorsed her off the campaign trail, secret service, everything, goes away. >> that's what they were saying, all done now. >> okay. all right, so, we'll follow that. >> big news yesterday afternoon, new claims that late penn state football coach joe paterno, we'll get to in a in just a second here, joe paterno ignored a boy's complaints about abuse by jerry sandusky way back in the
8:07 am
day. testified in 2014 he told paterno about the sexual assault back in 1976, and that paterno said did he not want to hear about it, and he had a football season to worry about. that testimony part of litigation by penn state against insurance company overpayment of claims foray buys by sandusky. >> but lawyer for paterno's family released that statement, and it reads in part: the materials for released today relate to go joe paterno allege a conversation that occurred decades ago where all parties except the accuse remember now dead. most significantly there is ex ten i have evidence that stands in stark contrast to the claims. now let's go to another school. temple university board of trustees, have issued vote of no confidence, in the college's president. board of trustees says they intend to dismiss, comes less than month after they removed it probost a mid a shortfall.
8:08 am
says the decision to dismiss theobold based largely on the school's budget issues. 8:08. >> member old qual services and funerals begin today pouring the dallas police officers. sergeant michael smith and senior corporate lauren airs will have funerals today in texas, also public memorial for officer brent thompson in dallas. he was dart officer killed in the shooting. the other two officers, patrick and michael krol will be laid to rest later this week. >> let's go out to san diego last night. they had the major league all-star game. a beautiful night out there. as it normally is. the american league won four to two with the game did not start without some controversy. so this group, called the tenors, i think there is four every them, so then went out
8:09 am
out there because the toronto blue jays are part of the major league baseball. they sang the canadian national anthem. here it is. >> but it is what happened while they were sing that is making national just. >> that's the point. >> ♪ >> three others went on singing oh, canada. not like all happened to have all lives mat nerve it, either. >> no, they changed the lyrics. >> yes. >> but can you read that little sign? >> all lives matter. >> held it up. >> then, ya. >> so the group then issued this statement, it said that they are deeply sore i had and embarrased by the one member
8:10 am
of the group who acted as a lone wolf, will not be perform withing them until further notice. >> well, it is now back to the three tenors. >> do you really think they didn't know? it seem like very close, that he would let somebody know? >> let's roll the tape again? can you re rack it? >> because the guy next to him, he turns and looks at him. >> watch the guy on the end. >> the show must go on, right? >> oh, yes. >> ♪ >> watch the dude on the far right. and these guys next to him, too. >> ♪ >> so the third guy, guy in the middle -- >> and with the suit on, looks like he's covered in water. >> yep, what's one him? he was just going rogue all over the place, shouldn't they all be dressed alike? >> you would think, he is a rebel. >> if you were in the group, and everybody else in the same, would you come out in a
8:11 am
shiny suit just like that. >> i need a shiny suit. >> you have one, that frank sinatra suit, you think it is blue, i think -- >> oh, no, no, no, i still have that one. >> you have another frank sinatra seoul? >> yes. >> must be night. >> i'll wear it tomorrow night. you going to the party tomorrow night? philly style? >> yes. >> i'll wear that. >> do you want me to wear the purple one? >> do you have a date? >> ya. >> now she said she is really fed up. more than ever, this is jennifer aniston, so not pregnant. and she is sick of the scrutiny. who she is unleashing on in a blistering newest a. and her powerful message to women everywhere. i kind of a grow with her this time. >> but first, you know what they say, got to catch them all. some other people are getting caught. how the popular app got one man in trouble with his girlfriend. plus, how much are you sharing every time you play pokemon go without even knowing it? >> you mean my personal information? >> personal information.
8:12 am
>> okay, jen looking for donkey. how often do you say that. >> we're looking for donkeys. we are rate here, the reading terminal market, and the big marriott downtown. we are looking for the one. do you think it is near the parking garage or in front, we're looking for the marriott donkey. we will tell you why coming up.
8:13 am
8:14 am
8:15 am
[ ghost voice ] the name your price tool can show you coverage options to fit your budget. oh -- ohhh! she slimed me. [ laughs ] >> 8: czars we will keep an eye on temperature all day long, not only temperature, mostly in the 70s, but dew point, which is mostly in the 406's, which means, we're kind of in the muggy range, and starting to edge into uncomfortable future feels like temperatures it, will feel like it the in the 90s today, triple digits tomorrow. and that's why we have an excessive heat watch in effect for thursday. when we get to 95 degrees, it feels even hotter than that, like 95, isn't hot enough? mid 90s again on friday, as the phillies get back into action, after l all-star bring, play the mets friday evening, staying in the 90s probably through the weekends and beyond. could be a six day heatwave, bob kelly.
8:16 am
>> yes, it is, 8:15. good morning shall everybody, coming up on 8:16 actually. jammo, around the wissahickon transportation center. that's because of some earlier police activity, there is a report, a suspicious package, everything is okay, everything is back to normal, everything has been cleared. how much shortstop and in the area, causing stoppage, crash along blair mill road, disable on the turnpike westbound at ft. washington, with a delay. and then an accident north on the new jersey turnpike exit four. >> let's get into there is pokemon go. >> it is kind of virtue reality app, everyone wandering around with their phones, you try to catch the pokemon, you find them in locations. >> say you have to go to the locations maybe here in philadelphia, maybe over to the art museum to capture one of the characters in. >> exactly, but the game can have unexpected con
8:17 am
consequence. >> what what. >> what do you men? >> one guy got caught cheating, captured a pokemon at his exgirlfriends' house. what other information is it gathering about you? >> but if one of the characters was at your ex-girlfriend's house wouldn't you have to go to get the characters? >> no, that's not how it works, it is where ever you are. so he was already at his ex girlfriend's house, see, right, anthony. >> there are characters everywhere, so it just happens to record where you are going or dumb enough to share it. >> because you take a picture, see the poke monday, you take a picture, that's how you catch it, oh, i just caught a peak chew. >> this is not helping. ironically the creators of this app were the ones that created keyhole government spying program. so the conspiracy theory, the cia was using as a track us, but adding more fuel on the apple version only, iso app.
8:18 am
when people installed it in some case it is actually gave full access to their google mail account. they can sends mail or your request or read your mail, get your password. app develop kearse say it was a mistake in the programming. they did fix it, but, if you are ones ever one of those affected i would un stall, redo it if you want to play. >> i was with quince when he was downloading pokemon go. trying to sign up, guess a password, why don't you just sign one your google account. can you do that? >> the only way you can sign-in, pokemon trainer account, no more access to deal that, so now it is only through google. checked it last night, it is updated and working properly where the permission also a lot less. first pretty scary. >> i had no idea that pokemon could actually speak. because, yes, pokemon spoke out yesterday releasing this statement. >> you mean the people behind pokemon. >> pokemon.
8:19 am
go, what? oh, pokemon only access basic google profile information specific lip, your user id and e-mail address, no other google account information is or has been assessed or collected. so basically saying everything is back okay, we next dollars it, we're keel. >> says it will low deuce google access to your basic profile data, right, so don't have everything. >> when people put these apps on their phones and look at different things, you are giving up access, not saying their intention to do, that but if you have a bad employee, someone on the team, they have the access, bad things can happen. i'm glad they fix philadelphia at least lowered it. >> another negative, people going to like arlington national cemetery, so the cemetery, they release a statement, too, we think it is an inch a prepare prepare reap at. >> we have ask visitors to refrain, inch a prepare reap at. >> see much more car accidents, people falling, tripping on the street, instead of paying attention, you think texting and driving,
8:20 am
pokemon and driving. >> guy ran into a pond and reported the whole thing while doing it, fell a a pond. >> where did you see him? >> oh, it was on another program showing it. >> well, maybe we can find it. >> maybe we can. >> yesterday i was walking down the street old city saw four, people, well, maybe three, standing and looking at places on the sidewalk. what were you were they doing? >> saw the screen, green and blue, like they're playing poke monday. >> jewish museum over there at fifth and market, quit coming in here, not appropriate there either. >> probably kids going in with parent hey i want to play. >> they put in front of people's homes, invade their driveways, nut. >> stop doing that. >> only at your house. >> nothing going on there. summer break or summer jobment one monday wants to know if she can force her daughter into getting work for the summer. i think it helps you grow as a person, doesn't it, summer
8:21 am
job, what do you think? >> think so too. also, i'm excited it is national french friday. >> celebrating with chickie's and pete's, what they're doing today to help you with crab fries and help a great cause.
8:22 am
8:24 am
>> that's a pretty one. >> independence beer garden. >> all of these modeling picks, okay, jen. >> california, got the hollywood sign on there. >> fun to do, if you do this, go up to the donkey, and with your eyes shut, your friend, your friend, with all of the stuff painted on the donkey. >> like pin the tail? >> one stolen? >> don't put that idea in people's minds.
8:25 am
>> they're very heavy, have heavy metal base. >> i'm sure they thought about it. >> yes. >> we'll check in with jen, she is going to the next donkeyment national french friday, chickie's and pete's', celebrating with 1 dollar crab fries for great cause. >> bob? >> you know it will be a good day when clicky and pete's truck pulls up. up there in the northeast, this is your second annual. >> as you know, mayfair, a lot of police families, harbison and lever i can, and we have always had a great partnership with them. so, this day, we like to sell all of our crab fries, all of our prices at 1 dollar. >> 1 dollar? >> 1 dollar. all of the money, all of the
8:26 am
money, goes to the police survivors fund. >> you their? is a dollar for crab fries, 5-dollar for your miller lite. >> okay. and all of that money, at all of the locations in. >> all locations, you know, you can check on line, all of the locations, you know, not in the stadiums of course, nothing open tonight, all-star. >> chance for dollar crab phase, 5-dollar miller, something to wash it down, then if you come by our station, here at fourth and market, up until 10:00, free crab fries. look at the big old bucket. this is like a kentucky fried chicken bunk, isn't it? crab fries bucket. look at this. >> we have it talk about this, if you watch netflix, and so many people do, sometimes you have to share your password, if you want, you know, with friends, family. >> other times you have those friends, hey, what's your netflix password, they just want to get on your account? >> ends up in federal prison?
8:27 am
now against the through do. that will we'll explain that to you, and i believe we have another donkey on broad street, looks like. >> am i who you are looking for? come on over. so the union league, they a good job, okay? i forget, which state this is. colorado. okay, again, a very prominent position, right out here, on broad street. you would think that pennsylvania, new jersey, or delaware, would be here. but it ain't. we'll see you guys in a little bit. i have to take my selfie. who wants to take a self we me? ♪ we buy any car dot com ♪ ♪ we buy any car dot com ♪ ♪ we buy any car dot com ♪ ♪ any any any any ♪ did you know trading in your car at a dealer could cost you money?
8:28 am
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8:29 am
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8:30 am
>> the big question every with is asking, are you tv compatible. >> what does that mean? >> do your viewing habit match up with your partner's viewing habits it is important in your relationship what you watch on
8:31 am
the screen affect your dating life. >> unreal. summer break or summer jobs. one mom wants to know if she can towelly force her daughter into the work force for the summer watch do you think? should kids have summer jobs? does it help them with their growth? sue? >> of course it does, they learn stuff there, too. look at our slacker, bus stop buddy. just hanging out by the pool today with the dog. he's work to go let you know that you need the sunscreen today, than we're off to seasonable start. we have just a couple of showers, that keep showing up, in part of new jersey, but for us, it is 74 degrees, and it is casino of muggy, not extremely so. 82% relative humidity, but, today, we expect to get up to 86 degrees, and today, we add the chance of a shower or thunderstorm, popping up. really, any time this afternoon, so if you're pool like bus stop buddy, gout to keep your eye on the sky. if you hear thunder of course get out of the pool t means lightning is nearby.
8:32 am
looks like somebody is having a very bad morning in this automobile. mr. bob? >> if you're having a bad start to the day it, could be worse. look at this guy. this is the ramp from columbus boulevard to i-95. conveniently located right below our traffic cameras here, but you just got shot down here, police just pull up, no words on if anybody's injured, or how seriously, but, this is right there in south philadelphia. otherwise, there is your speedometer readings, south on 95, jammo from the betsy on in, delays on the schuylkill, as well as the blue route. and look out wilmington, funeral procession, in and out of blue rock stadium, they will they're leaving the stadium area and headed south, back into lewes, delaware, at around that 9:00 a.m. hour. back to you. >> okay, so orange the new black, one of the five are you shows, about prison, right? >> yes, prison. >> well, if you watch orange is the new black, you use somebody else's password you could end up in that prison. >> yes. house of cards.
8:33 am
well, we all know someone or maybe we are that someone who logs in with a paid account with someone's password, may not want to do that. sharing passwords now federal crime. court ruling just made it illegal to share your password to subscription based services like netflix, hulo, the question now it is a federal crime. will netflix actually prosecute you? >> heather hanson, what say you? >> absolutely not. >> okay, we're done. >> listen, they under stand people will be sharing passwords, some ways works to their benefit. if you share with your child, go off to college, they are more likely to get their own password, i think they'll use technology to cut down, like you can't stream on four different devices at once. >> oh,. >> rollie, because you are taking something, that you should be paying for, and getting it for free. so, there is an argument ton made that what you are doing is wrong. they are not going to prosecute you. this law has been in week secretary since 1986.
8:34 am
but, the law needs to change to keep up with the times, a lot has changed since 1986. >> still get little nervous, couple of people, made example of them, stealing music files. >> early 2,000. >> and i think that there is a good argument to be made that is correct you need to be very careful with this, a lot of people sharing serious passwords, netflix passwords, all kind of stuff. but, the truth of the matter is netflix has come forward and said we won't prosecute our customers, really bad mark to go start sending their customers jail. i think the law has to change, because 1986 was a lot different in technology, all of this stuff wasn't around, now this law just doesn't fit the time. so i think this court maybe was pushing the legislature in that direction. >> can you imagine though, alex, like friday has friends over to watch orange why the new black? yes. >> and watching passwords, and there is a knock at the door. >> oh, boy. you better have my number. >> i don't know what i would do. >> flip.
8:35 am
>> orange is the new black. >> and i'm wearing orange now. >> you look good in a jumpsuit. >> you think so? it is called litsch field. >> litsch field? >> good to see you. >> good to see you. >> all right. do you know who john door he can bonn is? long snapper for the philadelphia eagles, been the the team for a long time. he is really scoring big on america's got talent. they are so i am press dollars, we'll show you what happened to him last night, that he may win the whole darn thing. >> so, they didn't want to go over to the donkey, but there is a little donkey for you. >> i wonder if there is an apple on it? >> oh, way over there. >> apple bottom jeans boots with the fur. right? >> ya. >> okay.
8:36 am
8:37 am
8:38 am
8:39 am
>> okay, stop, keep this one. >> i'm going to keep this one. >> are you sure? >> yes. >> i don't want to see it many i'll blind fold myself. show the camera. show the crowd. >> i'm going to draw this card. ladies and gentlemen, espn at it best. the cards you are thinking of, feeling it right now. it is none other than the ace of clubs. >> no way. i thought i stepped this up. ladies and gentlemen, right here before you, i drew an
8:40 am
entire deck of cards. and neo's card is inside. see that? see? >> what was it. >> right now. >> let me see it. >> okay. good. >> remember earlier i said it was inside? >> yes. >> ya. >> there you go. and, now, look, i i didn't want to do there is but just to show you, that five has been drawn on that the entire time. >> what? >> what? >> yes. so neo as you saw there, neo was special guest judge, and he was so impressed that did he that thing where he goes over, boom, golden buzzer, that means john now goes straight to the -- all on tape. now they're live shows. >> now we have a dill aim. >> what is the dilemma?
8:41 am
>> what if he does these live shows, and has to start eagles training camp last week of july. would he have to choose between his football career or imagination. >> what do you think he would pick? >> i mean, he could -- no, can't do that. >> where is america's got talent? probably new york, anybody know, staff? >> or california or something? >> no one cares. >> nope, here is the thing, when he came on the show, he didn't do anything like that. >> very cool. >> good luck. let's look for more donkeys, what do you say? >> let's do it. >> yes. >> okay, i have a major problem this pennsylvania donkey, one state, one state in perfect location, it is right here on broad street, at fitzwater, which is the state.
8:42 am
8:43 am
8:44 am
time is 8:44. a lovely view from blue mountain in the pocono mountains, i imagine sitting out on that deck, just enjoying the sunshine, the nice warm temperatures, and it
8:45 am
won't be as warm as it is here. today on your weather headlines, bit more humid than it was yesterday. but down right oppressive tomorrow, thursday. and heatwave number three, it looks pretty certain, that we will be able to string at least three in a row, with 90 degrees or above, together, sometime between tomorrow and feel liking it around 90 when it is 86, tomorrow, feeling like 1012 die 4:00 in the afternoon, even worse in wilmington, delaware, heat index friday, will be casino of hi, as well, so looking at this seven day forecast, there we have forecast in the 90s, through saturday, and sunday, but our forecast for good day drives you on friday, is for a lot of humidity, who cares? it is going to be wonderful morning in .
8:46 am
>> of course, bob kelly gets started at 6:00. there brand new mazda cx9. just go to we hope you've been entering every day to increase your chances because time is running out. let's face it. big give away of course on friday we have our huge party from 7:00 to 10:00 a.m. yes, the only people at the party, early in the morning. >> great stuff for the kids, the family lit, so bring them along.
8:47 am
>> dermatologist. >> all right, mike? we'll talk about it. >> all right. >> you know. >> all right, and what's wrong with you people? 8:47. let's find another donkey. what do you say? >> i say let's do it. jen is finding the dong. >> i she has an issue with the pennsylvania donkey. what is it? >> okay. the pennsylvania donkey, is right along broad street. near the double tree hotel. okay? but, check this out. hi, baby. check it out. i want to show you, so you see this right here? this is the image that you see if you are walking along broad street. guess what? you can't see the name. you can't tell it is pennsylvania. it is on the back. so this is the other side. the only way you're ever going to see the name of the state, pennsylvania, is if you're invited to some fancy pants party at the double tree, breakfast at the breakfast bar in there. i mean, common. >> i have a solution. >> so, yes? >> they need to be cocked at a 45 degrees angle, all of them. so you see both sides.
8:48 am
>> true. >> we should have all been on the planning committee for. >> this here is another issue i have. city hall, you know, they've got a democrat, sitting in city hall as the mayor for decades and decades. they should have a donkey on each and every corner. you have to go way into the courtyard to seat donkey. now, this is the thing i lining. louisianna, okay? see it right here on broad street, broad and fit water. and for once, it is got a very good place. it is at the philadelphia club plus, jazz, performing arts, music, louisianna, yes, i ' glee with this. >> 45 degrees angle? >> see this bolt right here? they're bolted in, because they doesn't want people cooking it. i didn't do. that will they don't want people really moving it. >> oh, my gosh, don't break it, if you break it, you guy. >> i'll buy this one. so we will head over to like
8:49 am
the franklin institute, we're going to go to the dinosaur museum, otherwise known as the academy of natural scient cents, a ton that way, because you know, done on broad street >> i see trumpet for new orleans. >> yes? >> guard even ya, they have the flowers there. >> and you have around the back, mardi gras. >> oh, they have the justice whatever, they've got big eagle on the back. you know, that's the other thing, go back to the pennsylvania thing, it is like just flowers, like don't we need like valley forge military, or pit burying, or the schuylkill river or the ben franklin bridge, or something? >> a picture of my face on the pennsylvania one. >> i don't think we should go that far. >> hey, thanks, jen, keep going. that's it. >> right there.
8:50 am
>> john f. kennedy, junior new documentary, look at this, new documentary coming out soon. where you can watch it, and the stars who wanted to be a part of it. i survived breast cancer. if the doctors hadn't caught it early i might not be sitting here. so i'm outraged that pat toomey voted to defund planned parenthood... ...which thousands of pennsylvania women depend on for cancer screenings. pat toomey was even willing to shut down the federal government to eliminate funding for planned parenthood. shut down the government over planned parenthood?
8:51 am
i think we ought to shut down pat toomey. women vote is responsible for the content of this advertising.
8:52 am
when you can take your hands off the wheel to get out of a tight spot. when you can relax with your foot off the brake and stay put. and when you enjoy 400 horsepower that's both smooth and controlled. that's the more human side of engineering. this is the lincoln summer invitation, hurry in now to your dealer for limited time offers! lease an mkc for $289 a month or get 0% apr for 60 months and just announced
8:53 am
$1,000 summer invitation bonus. by finding a policy to fit your budget. [ coughs ] sorry, tickle in my throat! water would be nice, but that would go right through me. ghost problems. >> all throughout the day, 1 dollar crab fries, at all of the chickie's and pete's' location action, and all of that mine goes to the f.o.p. survivors fund. 8:53, we got a line out front, got a line here on the vine street expressway, working our way into downtown, coming off of 95 into center city, back up on the benny, so casino of at that height of the rush hour here coming into center
8:54 am
city, delays on the schuylkill, from conshy, in toward belmont avenue. isn't accident easton road blair milker earlier crash west on the turnpike near ft. washington. mike and alex, back to you. >> getting a look into john fk den junior's life-like we've never seen it before. a documentary. >> new one, telling stories about their beloved friends, son of america's 35th president. so it will premiere august 1st on spike tv. after opening in select theatres july 22, the film shows vintage footage of jfk, jr., in the white house, posted him after his father was assassinated, also shares never told stories by many of his friends, including celebrity robert deniro and mike tyson. jfk junior life, plane crash in 1999, along with his wife and sister-in-law. >> i'll watch that, sure. >> very good documentary. >> so that is nature dollars by him. >> family in general, a lot of people fascinated. >> camelot, wasn't it? >> they call it the kennedy
8:55 am
curse. >> jennifer aniston, says, she is not pregnant. darn it. >> sick of everybody talking about her, what she looks like, if she is made, not, having kids, is she snot. >> well, she has newest a out in a magazine, whoa. pretty powerful message though for other women. >> and summer break or summer job? one mom wants to know if she can force her caught near the work force, so what do you think? should kids have summer jones? should parents be forcing their kids to have summer jobs? >> yes. okay, ready? whoa! [ explosion ] nothing should get in the way of the things you love. ♪
8:56 am
get america's fastest internet. only from xfinity.
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8:58 am
now, jen is riding around in this vehicle here. i can sense this is 16th and samson, there is happy
8:59 am
rooster, have you ever been there? >> i have not. >> i see dunkin' donuts over there, now 16th street, we're head the to the parkway to fine more donkeys. fifty-seven donkeys, she is trying to get a pick with everyone of them, looks like left on samson street. good day, it is wednesday, july the 13th, 2016. >> looks like you had a great time. >> hey, was the weather, ocean turned tour coast over the last couple of days, did you come back before that? >> water look unbelievable, it was amazing. >> caribbean water? >> caribbean water. >> because of the plankton. >> photo synthesis thing. >> makes it all beautiful. >> we both watched. >> jennifer aniston, you know, you kind of remind me of a
9:00 am
jennifer, don't youy? >> oh, my gosh, i never thought about it before. >> you know, about the same time, only i did get married. >> are you pregnant? >> no, not pregnant. >> you've had three children. >> did i have three children. >> he has had none, people are always asking, why don't you get pregnant. she has powerful message for everybody. she is fed up. she is fed up with answering the question. >> and are you tv cats be? you should be asking your significant other this. apparently your viewing habit important in your relationship. how what you watch on tv scene affect your dating life. >> it can? >> yes. >> must have summer item. what you need. take a look at this bag, it is pink. >> i've seen this. now, watch this. >> what? >> instant couch. >> no. >> it puffs up. air pouch. >> and then you sit on it, as a chair. >> like air hammock. >> well, the one on the video i've seen it, you got it much faster than this.


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